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1 Section        Comment                                                       Reviewer            Location      Action/Resolution

                                                                                                                 Done. (Some acronyms were first mentioned in table
     Status      Spell out first use of acronyms                               Greg Newby          Word
                                                                                                                 1 -- defined them in text)
                 "as distinct from Web services and from other
     1                                                                         Greg Newby          Word          Accepted
3                computational environments"
                                                                                                                 Accepted. Added reference, with GGF as publisher,
     1.1         OGSA document title and publication date                      Greg Newby          Word
4                                                                                                                as told by Greg.
5 1.1            revised -> superseded                                         Greg Newby          Word          Accepted
                                                                                                                 Was already spelled out in section 1.1 -- I
     3.1         spell out first use of MUWS                                   Greg Newby          Word          capitalized text there. "of" is not capitalized in the
6                                                                                                                WSDM MOWS spec, so I'm not capitalizing here.
                 suggestion: remove page break to group this list item
     3.1                                                                       Greg Newby          Word          Accepted (added page break on item)
7                with its sub-items
8 3.1            Seemingly unnecessary text                                    Greg Newby          Word          Accepted (removed unnecessary text)
                                                                                                                 Font seems to be the same (in the doc and PDF
                                                                                                                 files), but there is a line break before the section (I
     3.2         Font problem (section 3.2 heading)                            Greg Newby          Word          deleted all line breaks before sections -- they were
                                                                                                                 inconsistent throughout the document). Checked
9                                                                                                                with Greg, and seems OK.
                                                                                                                 Changed to "interfaces in OGSA". Thought about
                                                                                                                 "OGSA", "management" or "OGSA management",
                                                                                                                 but not all interfaces are OGSA-specific and not all
     3.2         "OGSA (?)" in table 1 heading                                 Greg Newby          Word
                                                                                                                 are management interfaces. However, given that this
                                                                                                                 document is about OGSA, mentioning OGSA is a
10                                                                                                               bit redundant.
                                                                                                                 The point (from comments by Andrea and Jeff Frye
                 some of these [resource models] seem of peripheral
     4                                                                         Greg Newby          Word          long ago) is that there should be no divisionism.
                 applicability to Grid environments
                                                                                                                 Stated this explicitly in a paragraph afterwards.
12 5             OGSA document title                                           Greg Newby        Word            Accepted (duplicate from line 4)
13 Authors       Editor is already a contributor                               Greg Newby        Word            Accepted
14 References    Problems on references                                        Greg Newby        Word            See "References" worksheet
                 Remove the notes scattered through the text (such as                            CMM comment     Accepted (revision will clear these notes -- closing
     General                                                                   Andrea Westerinen
15               explaining the MUWS acronym, or fixing fonts).                                  tracker         this item in advance)
                 Table 1 presents CIM as a resource level standard/
                 interface. The "interface" is really called "WBEM" (which
                 includes CIM and defines its encodings). Future WBEM                                            Good catch. Lacking a detailed glossary, I added an
                                                                                                   CMM comment
     3.2         releases will build on WSDM to define WS-CIM. Also,           Andrea Westerinen                 explanation as a footnote. Reflected also in the
                 CIM can (and should) be used for the mgmt of the OGSA                                           OGSA document.
                 infrastructure. This allows a single mgmt interface for the
16               resources and its mgmt.
                 It would be worhwhile to note that "control" is also known                        CMM comment
     General                                                                   Andrea Westerinen                 Will keep "control", since it's easier to understand.
17               as "configuration".                                                               tracker
                 In the list of CIM Schemas on pages 10-11, it would be
                 valuable to add the following:                                                    CMM comment   Accepted. Moved JSR77 (and SNMP) up to give
     4                                                                         Andrea Westerinen
                 - Application Server: Updates JSR77's CIM mapping, for                            tracker       context.
18               managing the J2EE environment
                 Recommend including WS-CIM in Section 5.1.1. WS-
                 CIM is the means to convey CIM semantics / the CIM
                                                                                                   CMM comment
     5.1.1       Schema using Web services. It is intended to build on         Andrea Westerinen                 Accepted, added to Section 5.1.2.
                 WSRF, WSN and WSDM. You have this listed as a gap
19               in Section 5.1.2.
                 In Section 5.2.1, CIM has also defined the semantics
                 behind a full RBAC model. It is worth noting that the                             CMM comment
     5.2.1                                                                     Andrea Westerinen                 Duplicate from line 28 (resolution there: added text).
                 CIM semantics address the concepts in XACML and                                   tracker
20               SAML today.
                 Wherever WSDM is mentioned in the gaps/issues
                 analysis of Section 5, CIM should also be mentioned (or
                 WS-CIM). The reasoning is that WSDM is model                                      CMM comment   Accepted, but added a blanket statement in section
     5 (whole)                                                                 Andrea Westerinen
                 agnostic but CIM provides a complete resource and                                 tracker       5.1.2. instead of "wherever WSDM is mentioned".
                 service mgmt infrastructure. Coupling the two leads to
21               complete semantics AND rendering.
                 Add people who made comments                                  Fred Maciel                       Done.
22 information
        A                                   B                                        C                  D                                      E
1 Section       Comment                                                      Reviewer            Location          Action/Resolution
                Two sections here need more elaboration. Section 3.6.3
                need more detail. I realize that much of the management
                detail will actually be provided by WSDM, but there are
   OGSA 3.6     several higher level capabilities that could be presented
                                                                                                                   Does not apply to CMM document. See also:
   (Resource    in more detail. The other is section 3.6.5. The goal of an
                                                                             Dave Snelling       OGSA doc
   Management architecture document is to elucidate not just the
                                                                                                                   ogsa-wg/2004/11/msg00029.html, (87)
   )            interfaces that are needed, but how they interact. The
                way in which WSDM builds on WSRF is an example of
                what I am referring to, but that example would not be
23              necessary here.
                In Section 3.6, Resource Mgmt Services, it is very
                possible and reasonable to use CIM for the management                                              Added the text to the explanation of the base
   OGSA 3.6
                of the OGSA infrastructure. The value of using the same                                            manageability model (though not CIM specific -- CIM
                basic model for resources and infrastructure is that the     Andrea Westerinen OGSA doc            is mentioned later).
                relationships (dependencies and component definitions),                                            See also
                as well as operational status, statistics, etc. would then                                         ogsa-wg/2004/11/msg00029.html, (88)
24              be consistent throughout the management stack.
   OGSA 3.6     o 3.6.2                                                                                             - Caption below table: Leave as is (Our style is
   (Resource     I would prefer the caption of Table 2 below the table.                                           above).
                                                                             Philipp Wieder      OGSA doc
   Management                                                                                                      - "WS-Resource" was already capitalized in the
                 Is should be WS-Resource (two times).
25 )                                                                                                               text.
   OGSA 3.6     o 3.6.3
   (Resource                                                                                                       References to WSDM already in the text (section
                 WSDM reference is missing.                                 Philipp Wieder      OGSA doc
   Management                                                                                                      1.1) in CMM document
26 )
   OGSA 3.6     o
   (Resource     Is Policy really a property? I would say that policy                                             OGSA-WG document-specific, does not apply to
                                                                             Philipp Wieder      OGSA doc
   Management                                                                                                      CMM document
                enforcement mechanisms are capabilities.
27 )
                In Section 3.7, Security Services, CIM also has a basic
                                                                                                                   The corresponding text in the CMM document
   OGSA 3.7     model and ontology for describing identities / principals,
                                                                             Andrea Westerinen OGSA doc            (5.3.7) already mentioned CIM, but added comment
   (Security)   credentials, roles, privileges, and authentication and
                                                                                                                   as additional details anyway.
28              authorization rules.
   OGSA 3.8     In Section 3.8, Self-Management, the concept of policies
                                                                                                                   Not added -- difficult to fit in the CMM document,
   (Self-       coupled with the ability to monitor and alert on SLOs is
                                                                             Andrea Westerinen OGSA doc            given that we do not perform a gap analysis and go
   management also supported by CIM (see the Policy, Metrics and
                                                                                                                   down to these details.
29 )            Event Models).
                In Section 3.9.6 on eventing, the CIM Event Model
                should also be highlighted, since Common Base Events
                                                                                                                   Comments were added to OGSA document. The
                in OASIS WSDM and CIM eventing are being aligned,
                                                                                                                   CMM document does not talk about eventing in
   OGSA 3.9     and there are existing implementations of the CIM
                                                                                                                   particular (!), and these contents are mentioned
   (Information Indication / Filter / Subscription classes. It is very       Andrea Westerinen OGSA doc
                                                                                                                   (albeit indirectly) in other points in the text, so will
   services)    valuable to tie together the semantics of the resource
                                                                                                                   not add this specific comment to the CMM
                and infrastructure models with the eventing
                infrastructure. If they are decoupled, mediation is
30              required to reconcile their data.
                The definition of "Manageable resource" specifically calls
   OGSA         out provisioning. Why only provisioning and not                                  Glossary
                                                                             Andrea Westerinen                   Does not apply to CMM document
   Glossary     monitoring, eventing, inventory mgmt (hdw and software),                         comment tracker
31              etc.?
   OGSA         As regards the definition of policy, there is also a                             Glossary        Does not apply (not defining "policy" in this
                                                                             Andrea Westerinen
32 Glossary     definition in IETF's RFC3198.                                                    comment tracker document)
                Would also suggest including CIM, the Common
   OGSA         Information Model from the DMTF, in the list of defns. It                        Glossary
                                                                             Andrea Westerinen                   Does not apply (glossary-specific)
   Glossary     defines an object-oriented model for resource                                    comment tracker
33              management.
                Entity: Because further definitions (Manageable entity
   OGSA                                                                      Olegario            Glossary        Does not apply (we don't define entity in the CMM
                and Manageable resource), I would define this like: Any
   Glossary                                                                  Hernandez           comment tracker document).
34              nameable thing like a resource.
                                                                                                                 Rejected. Current definition is longer and somewhat
     OGSA        Manageability: I would say: Is the capacity for managing Olegario               Glossary        difficult to understand, but is far sharper (that's how
     Glossary    a resource or service with related information.          Hernandez              comment tracker the term is used in, say, WSDM -- it goes beyond
35                                                                                                               the "-ility" suffix).
                 Resource: ...manageable resource (or simply resource)
                 is synonymous with manageable entities (note that one                                           Rejected for the CMM document (which is about
     OGSA                                                                  Olegario              Glossary
                 is singular and the second one is plural). Resource                                             management). We will review the definition of
     Glossary                                                              Hernandez             comment tracker
                 should be explicitly and clearly defined and not in terms                                       "resource" for OGSA v2.
36               of a third term.
     OGSA                                                                  Olegario              Glossary
                 Resource management: Please define DRM.                                                         Acronym was already defined in CMM document.
37 Glossary                                                                Hernandez             comment tracker
               Reference to:     Comment
           1 OGSA-WG             Not a reference
           2 OASIS               Not a reference
           3 WSDM                Not a reference
                                 URL mutable, need to list the author,
           4 OGSA use case doc   publisher. Suggested telling people (in the
                                 main text) where to find the current draft.
           5 WSDM MUWS           Need publisher and canonical URL
               WSDM MUWS part 2 same as above
           6 WSDM MOWS          same as above
               e-Science gap
           7                     Conference?
          e-Science gap
           8                     same as above
          analysis appendix
          Data Area gap
        9                        Add publisher info
       10 GMA (GFD-I.7)          same as above
       11 GMA (GFD-I.8)          same as above
                                 An email archive is a chancey reference –
       12 P2P requirements
                                 will it be there in 5 years?
       13 JMX                    Add publisher info
       14 DCML                   Not a reference
       15 GLUE                   Not a reference
                                 Not clear if paper (needs full reference) or
       16 GRIP
                                 Web site (not a reference)
       17 CIM Specification      Add publisher info
       18 WSRF                   Not a reference
       19 WSN                    Not a reference
       20 WSMF                   Not a reference
Questions and resolution
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text). Added
references to the OGSA document and the glossary instead.
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)
Added final GFD number, plus GGF document archive URL,
and GGF as publisher, as discussed with Greg.
Added extra info, changed to committee draft (most stable
document now)
same as above
same as above
Found a stable point where document is catalogued as an
official technical report (it didn't exist when the reference was
first written)
same as above
Added. As discussed with Greg, added as published in GGF
conference (which was the case).
Added (GGF)
same as above
No, it won't (the mail archive program changes URLs, as the
OGSA-WG and CMM-WG already experienced). But this
document is in the GGF pipeline, so it is put as forthcoming.
Added (JCP as publisher)
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)
Added full reference, plus "see http://" in text
Added (DMTF). The document does not have an author (it is
authored by the DMTF), so I didn't include authors
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)
Erased ("see http://..." added to main text)

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