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									Tips for Time Management as a Student

One thing you learn quickly as a student is that time management is harder than passing
organic chemistry. While some individuals are good at using their time well, many of us
live life crisis to crisis. If you want to stop cramming for accounting degree exam at the
last minute, finishing that computer science degree poster at 3 a.m. or printing off the first
and only draft of your English paper the day it is due, learning how to manage your time
is essential. Sure, there is a perverse sort of thrill of working under a deadline, but
working and studying in such a way is not healthy and hinders your ability to create your
best work.

Here are some tips to help break you of your procrastination habit.

Stop trying multitasking and doing your homework at the same time. Schedule a four or
five hour chunk of time every day to focus on completing your homework. We are more
productive when we have time constraints.

Create a flexible daily schedule. The most productive people are consistent in their daily

                         habits. Consistency in your schedule (i.e. bedtime, lunchtime and
                        work time) helps you buffer out unproductive time. Also be sure
                        to schedule time to time to relax and sleep. As they say, all work
                        and no play make Jack a dull boy.

                        Create of list of three doable tasks to accomplish for the day.
                        Instead of creating a daunting to-do list, choose three things you
                        must get done that day. Be sure to remember to cross items off
                        you list once you complete them. Crossing items off the list
                        motivates you to continue complete your tasks and gives you a
                        great sense of accomplishment.

Learn to prioritize your tasks by most important versus most urgent. If you accomplish
tasks forever based on their urgency you will always be livening crisis to crisis. But if
you learn to complete the tasks that are most important first you are less likely to be
always running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Be Accountable and Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

If you are your own worst taskmaster, it helps to be accountable to others. If you need
help consistently completing homework on time consider getting a tutor, or a study buddy
to be with you during your study time to help you keep on task.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed and overloaded with tasks learn to be realistic in how
much you can actually accomplish consistently in one day. While it is good to challenge
ourselves, sometimes our high expectations of ourselves put us in a corner. Don’t
unintentionally sabotage your time management goals by be expecting too much of
yourself too fast. Give yourself time to learn, grow and make mistakes. Perfection is not
expected the first time around.

Every master of procrastination can become a master of time management. So if you are
daunted by your course load this semester for your accounting or computer science
degree, remember with proper time management even the most daunting of tasks
manageable. Now get back to work.

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