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									 On the Move
              Lawrence                         Rick Pak,
              Bruhmuller,                      KeyPoint
              ClearSlide                       Credit
             The San                           Union
             Francisco                          The Santa
             sales en-                          Clara finan-
             gagement                           cial institu-
             platform pro-                      tion named
vider appointed Lawrence        Rick Pak vice president
Bruhmuller vice president       and small business admin-
of engineering. Previously,     istrative division manager.
he held an executive posi-      He has served as a small
tion at Symantec.               business administrator for
                                13 years.
              Greene,                          Suzy
              Aerohive                         Papazian,
              Networks                         EHC Life-
              The Sunny-                       Builders
              vale cloud-                      The Milpi-
              enabled                          tas-based
              Wi-Fi and                        provider of
routing tools provider                         shelter and
named David Greene              housing opportunities
senior vice president and       for the homeless named
chief marketing officer. He     Suzy Papazian to its board
is former CMO at River-         of directors. Currently,
bed.                            she serves as corporate
                                secretary and an attorney
              Peter Kang,       at San Jose Water Co.
              tional                           Suzanne St.
              Association                      John-Crane,
              of Korean                        EHC Life-
              Lawyers                          Builders
               The pro-                       The Milpi-
fessional association                         tas-based
for lawyers, judges, law                      provider of
professors, legal profes-                     shelter and
sionals and law students        housing opportunities
of Korean heritage named        for the homeless named
Peter Kang as its overseas      Suzanne St. John-Crane
president. He serves as a       to its board of directors as
partner at Sidley Austin in     chairwoman. She is an ex-
the Palo Alto office.           ecutive director at CreaTV
                                San Jose.
              Kress,                           Doug
              Nvidia                           Sugimoto,
              The Santa                        Cushman &
              Clara visual                     Wakefield
              computing                        The New
              technol-                         York-based
              ogy pro-                         commercial
vider named Colette Kress                      real estate
executive vice president        services firm named Doug
and chief financial officer.    Sugimoto senior director
She is a former executive       of the company’s Silicon
at Cisco Systems.               Valley office. Recently, he
                                was senior vice president
              Nat Mani,         at DTZ.
              The San Jose                     Brian
              manu-                            Taptich,
              facturing,                       Bitcasa
              engineering,                      The Moun-
              testing and                       tain View
              material                          provider of
management services                             secure infi-
provider named Nat Mani         nite storage tools across
chief executive officer.        all devices appointed Brian
Before his recent appoint-      Taptich chief executive
ment, he served as presi-       officer. He is former vice
dent of the company.            president of international
                                development at Zynga.

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