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					Are online degrees legit?
As technology has increased so has accessibility of information. This has been the case with education
as well.

The Value of Online Degrees
Years ago it would have been absurd to think about getting an
online degree but now it is becoming more and more common
because of learning management software that is allowing
schools to provide online classes. A major concern that is coming
up though is whether or not the online degree is recognized in the

It is very important to make sure that you are choosing an accredited online school when you are
looking for an online education. There should be an official organizational accreditation backing your
education and you can find out on the website or by calling.

Even with the right accreditation many employers may turn their nose up at the sight of an online
degree. It may be to your advantage to get an online degree that is associated with a brick and mortar

Find an Accredited University
Many employers feel like online degrees are not personal enough
or applicable enough but if you find an accredited university to get
your online degree with there is still required face-time. Things are
a lot more interactive and require students to be much more

Many online credits don’t transfer because they are not recognized by other institutions. This can be in
lieu of the fact that many feel that online classes are easier.

This depends wholly on the institution that you attend and the types of classes they offer. Sometimes
online classes are actually harder.

This may not be seen by your employer which makes it imperative that you choose a recognized
institution that is known for quality classes.

Online Degrees in the Job Market
One way that an online degree may be seen as less than legitimate is that the student is not face to face
with other students. This holds back learning and future networking as well.
Many online schools offer benefits in order to allow effective networking and face time but it is not the
same as traditional students. There still is an extra needed effort but if students push themselves they
will be able to succeed.

While many of these things factor into employers seeing online degrees as
less than up to par, there is still an influx of online degree recipients who are
showing their abilities in the market place.

Ultimately time will weed out those can’t use their education effectively
whether that is a traditional student alumnus or online alumnus. The market
is a perfect place to test the abilities of students who are choosing an online degree over a standard
traditional one.

Concluding Thoughts
So in conclusion, it really is important to check the accreditation of the school and institutions involved
themselves. Also checking with your desired future employers to see if they have accepted people with
online degrees before is important.

Society can pre judge all they want but it is results that prove the efficiency and knowledge of students.
There are more and more students contributing to the name of online degrees and this number will only
continue to grow.

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Description: Years ago it was an absurd idea to get an online degree, but now it's a more common pursuit among college students and prospective job candidates.