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  By Emily Goulet
     May 2009
Highland Park Elem.
              King Tut
    King Tut or Tutankhamen was given the
crown of pharaoh or king of Egypt when he
was only nine years old. We are not for sure
but from what we know his mother is Kiya and
father is Alhenaten. As I said we don’t know
for sure. We also think he had two children,
both females. (their names are unknown) He
oddly died at the age of 17 but nobody has
figured out how he died.
This is what
scientists think King
Tut looked like.
          Howard Carter
    Howard Carter was
born on May 9, 1874 in
Kensington, London.
He is noted as the
primary discoverer of
Tutankhamen's tomb.
He started studying
ancient Egypt when he
was 17 years old.
History of the First Excavation
      In 1922 a team of British archaeologists
 led by Howard Carter excavated the tomb of
 Tutankhamen. They found many beautiful
 artifacts. Some of them are alabaster jars of
 Tut’s organs, mask of King Tutankhamen,
 King Tut’s tomb, King Tut’s guard, and
 Ancient Egyptian senet, which is and ancient
 Egyptian game.) and much, much, more.
History of Second Excavation
     In 2007 a team of Egyptian archaeologists
decides to check to see if Howard Carter and
his crew missed anything in Tut’s tomb. The
excavation was led by Zahi Hawass. They
found eight baskets of 3,000 year old doum
fruit. Carter had missed a couple of things.

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