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									American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists

9 September 2008

Upcoming Events
16th – Tobacco Awareness: Training session – Noon – Mylan Center 19th – Heartburn Awareness: Training session – Noon – Location: TBA 25th – Operation Diabetes: Training session – Noon – 1905 27th – Tobacco/Community Awareness: PRT Tag-Day 30th – ASP Meeting – Noon – 3084

October (*Pharmacy Month*)
17th – Operation Immunization – WVU Health Expo – Morgantown Mall 17th – 19th – MRM in Pittsburgh 21st – ASP Meeting – Noon – 3084 25th – Operation Diabetes: Mini Health Fair – First Christian Church – Time: TBA

Tobacco Awareness Tobacco Awareness is a committee dedicated to providing information and resources to assist current tobacco users with their attempts at quitting, as well as helping to prevent nontobacco users from developing an addiction. This group participates in events throughout the community in order to spread knowledge about the dangers associated with tobacco products. Upcoming events include a training session for members and pre-pharmacy students, a PRT Tag-Day, and making Quit Kits (dates and times to be announced). For more information contact Hannah McCullough (hmccullough@sole.wvu.edu) or Peyton Morhous (emorhous@sole.wvu.edu). Operation Diabetes Operation Diabetes is a part of the WVU Academy of Student Pharmacists devoted to improving the health of those with diabetes and controlling the spread of further cases of preventable diabetes. Operation Diabetes provides educational and community service opportunities that are committed to these goals. We plan around two events monthly and have a wide variety of activities. We work with children, elderly, and whole families at various events ranging from schools to nursing homes including glucose screenings, educational puppet shows and other great programs. The activities provide an excellent real-world experience within the practice of pharmacy and will provide skills used in many patient-pharmacist settings. Anyone in ASP can participate in activities, though to do glucose testing, one needs to obtain training. Training sessions will be held at various times throughout the beginning of the semester, the first one being

18th – ASP Meeting – Noon – 3084

New Ticket System for ASP
For each hour of community service done through ASP, you will receive 1 ticket for a chance to win a prize. All of the tickets received from one general meeting to the next will be entered into the drawing. A new prize will be chosen each month. Next meeting's prize? $20 Olive Garden gift card!!

Thursday September, 25 at noon in room 1905. We will contact you when more of these dates become available. Operation Diabetes is a rewarding and fun challenge that benefits the pharmacy student as much as it benefits the people of West Virginia. For more information contact Jeremy Prunty (jprunty@sole.wvu.edu), Leesa Shine (lshine@sole.wvu.edu), or Julie Hull (jhull@sole.wvu.edu). Heartburn Awareness Heartburn Awareness will be attending a health expo in October (Date/Time: TBA). A training session for this event will be held on September 19th at noon (location: TBA). For more information please contact Caity Nutt (cnutt@sole.wvu.edu) or Marissa Poorman (mpoorman@sole.wvu.edu). Puppets Puppets are the WVU SOP's way of reaching the youth of West Virginia. While most patient projects are geared towards the adults, puppets are a way to reach out to the younger community. Puppets is also a fast, easy and fun way to get community service hours. We're sure to have a lot of fun this year! Contact Kris Clyburn (kclyburn@sole.wvu.edu) or Meena Agarwal (magarwal@sole.wvu.edu) if you have any questions. There will be a puppet training session the week of Sept 8th-12th. More details will follow when we get the room and time set up Community Awareness The Community Awareness Committee focuses on providing the public with education on various health topics. Each event we do centers on health promotion, awareness of health risks, and prevention of certain disease states. Through these events, our goal is to show the public that pharmacists are accessible, knowledgeable, and involved in many areas of their healthcare. Upcoming Events: PRT Tag-Day September 27th WVU vs. Marshall involving Alcohol Awareness (alcohol poisoning). Future events include cold/flu myths and facts, Halloween safety (possibly with puppets), and Medicare Part D educational board. For information contact Andrew

DeMotto (ademotto@sole.wvu.edu) or Leah Glasgow (lglasgow@sole.wvu.edu).   Operation Immunization This is a campaign designed to increase community awareness of immunization information and advise patients where they can obtain the proper immunizations. This campaign also promotes the implementation of immunization services in pharmacies. Currently, there are 48 states with legislation in place that allows pharmacists to administer adult immunizations. Thanks to the combined efforts of many students, faculty, and pharmacists, West Virginia may now be considered one of those states. Although we will not be administering immunizations this year, Operation Immunization will promote immunizations in local flu clinics, health fairs, and other exciting events. Additionally, we won the Region 2 National Award for 2006-2007. So please join us for the Operation Immunization training session (Date/Time: TBA) to learn how you can make a difference with immunizations…and receive 1 hour of community service!!! For information contact Tessa Rife (trife@sole.wvu.edu) or Beti Dubale (bdubale@sole.wvu.edu).
West Virginia University Academy of Student Pharmacists
Office President President-Elect MVP Secretary Secretary-Elect Treasurer Historian Publicist Social P-3 P-2 IPSF SPIN Operation Diabetes Officer Name Lindsay Zatezalo Ying-Yin Chen Jenna Merandi Mareesa Cunningham Alex Keblesh Ka Lok Hong Amanda Thiry Jessica Kreger Lori Hill Hollie Burdette Jessie Winter Kylea Goff Julie Hull Jeremy Prunty Leesa Shine Tessa Rife Betewoin Dubale Caity Nutt Marissa Poorman Leah Glasgow Andrew DeMotto Hannah McCullough Peyton Morhous Meena Agarwal Kris Clyburn Shari Sandor Olivia Grantham Heather Leezer Renee Chieco e-mail lzatezalo@sole.wvu.edu ychen@sole.wvu.edu jmerandi@sole.wvu.edu mcunningham@sole.wvu.edu akeblesh@sole.wvu.edu khong@sole.wvu.edu athiry@sole.wvu.edu jkreger@sole.wvu.edu lhill@sole.wvu.edu hburdette@sole.wvu.edu jwinter@sole.wvu.edu rgoff@sole.wvu.edu jhull@sole.wvu.edu jprunty@sole.wvu.edu lshine@sole.wvu.edu trife@sole.wvu.edu bdubale@sole.wvu.edu cnutt@sole.wvu.edu mpoorman@sole.wvu.edu lglasgow@sole.wvu.edu ademotto@sole.wvu.edu hmccullough@sole.wvu.edu emorhous@sole.wvu.edu magarwal@sole.wvu.edu kclyburn@sole.wvu.edu ssandor@sole.wvu.edu ograntham@sole.wvu.edu hleezer@sole.wvu.edu rchieco@sole.wvu.edu

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