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									40th Anniversary Tour Tour Marketing Alliance

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL: This proposal is proprietary to Clear Channel Entertainment and its affiliates and we reserve all rights to full confidentiality in all the information contained in this document. Recognizing that there will be additional details of both a legal and financial nature which will need to be negotiated and agreed upon and that such details are subject to the approval of Clear Channel Entertainment‟s corporate office, it is understood that neither Clear Channel Entertainment nor its affiliates will be obligated to each other until a written agreement approved by Clear Channel Entertainment‟s corporate office has been signed by both parties.

“It‟s Only Rock „N‟ Roll…
At the core of all rock and roll is the notion that people can do what they want to, when they want to, and how they want to, and the rest of the world be damned. More than any other rock act, the Rolling Stones epitomize this idea in their music, look, attitude, and behavior. They have followed this road, and get away with it. In the process, they are undoubtedly the most successful and influential band of all time. Dubbed as ”The Greatest Rock-N-Roll Band in the World!,” their 40-year career of hit records, classic songs, monster live spectacles has consistently reinforced that title time and time again.


No Security LP 1998 Charlie Watts Solo Album 1997 Long Ago & Far Away Rock n Roll Circus LP 1996 Stripped LP 1995 More Hot Rocks LP Exile On Main Street LP 1972 Hot Rocks LP Sticky Fingers LP 1971

Voodoo Lounge LP Steel Wheels LP

Get Your Ya Ya’s Out LP Let It Bleed LP Through The Past Darkly LP Beggars Banquet LP


1970 1969

Undercover LP 1983 Tattoo You LP 1981 Emotional Rescue LP 1980 Some Girls LP 1978

Singles Collection Box Set Dirty Work LP

Their Satanic Majesty’s Request LP Flowers LP 1967 Between The Buttons LP

High Tides, Green Grass LP 1966 Black And Blue LP It’s Only Rock n Roll LP Goats Head Soup LP 12x5 LP Now LP 1964 Profile LP

1976 1974 1973

December’s Children LP


Got Live If You want It LP Out Of Our Heads LP

Keep On Rolling…
In 2002, the Rolling Stones show no signs of resting on their laurels as the band will release a new album featuring some new songs along with a retrospective of their #1 hits throughout their career. Shortly after the release of the album, the Rolling Stones will also release their first ever Box Set. Their record label, Virgin, plan to execute a multimillion dollar media campaign surrounding these two releases on a world-wide basis.

Audience Demographics

Concert Attendees:

Ages 35 – 55 represents 70% of the audience
Ages 18 – 25 represents 15% of the audience Ages 25 – 35 represents 15% of the audience 60% M / 40% F

Album Purchasers:

50 plus represents 60% of buying public

18 – 25 represents 40% of buying public

THE Live Act
Every year the Rolling Stones* have gone on tour, it has always been the biggest musical event of the year. Top 15 Grossing Tours of All Time in North America
Ye ar/Act
T he R o lling St o nes * U2 Pink F lo yd T he R o lling St o nes T he R o lling St o nes * * N SY N C B ackst r eet B o ys T ina T ur ner U2 T he Eag les * N SY N C N ew Kid s O n T he B lo ck D ave M at t hew s B and U2 T he R o lling St o nes*

Ye ar
19 9 4 2001 19 9 4 19 8 9 19 9 7 2001 2001 2000 19 9 7 19 9 4 2000 19 9 0 2000 19 9 2 19 9 9

( i n mi l l i o n s )

12 1.2 10 9 .7 10 3 .5 98 8 9 .3 8 6 .8 8 2 .1 8 0 .2 79 .9 79 .4 76 .4 74 .1 6 8 .2 67 6 4 .7

*Past tour sponsors included Budweiser (1994), Sprint (1997) and Tommy Hilfiger (1999).

Tour Concept
So what do you do when you turn 40? YOU THROW A PARTY!
Working Tour Names: “The Life Begins at 40 Tour” “The First 40 Years Tour”
To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the Rolling Stones will go on a worldwide tour which will re-enact memorable moments in their 40-year career as well as continue their present new music and live spectacles, the likes of which only The Stones can do. Many tour stops will have one club date, one arena date and one stadium date, each representing a different face of the band! All the action will be captured in a documentary to be broadcasted on Network TV.

Tour Profile
Timing: # of Shows: Starts September 2002 US-40 shows in 15 to 16 cities (multiple shows in each city) Europe/Japan/China/ South America/ Mexico-50 shows in 25+ cities (multiple shows in each city) Markets: Major US and Worldwide Cities

Venues: Projected Attendance:
Media Support:

Stadiums, Arenas and Clubs 3,000,000 (1,000,000 US, 2,000,000 International)
No less than $10,000,000

A Groundbreaking Opportunity
An alliance with the Rolling Stones offers Sponsor the unique opportunity to harness the power and capture the magic of Rock „n‟ Roll‟s most recognizable “brand name” in a relevant, meaningful way, while achieving these important objectives:
• Generate top-of-mind awareness • Reinforce brand image through unique media/promotional initiatives • Drive product sales • Build retail/trade relationships

• Create dramatic impact
• Associate with the highest quality events

40th Anniversary Tour Tour Sponsorship Marketing Activation Platforms

On-Site Benefits*
• • • • • • • • • • •
Showcase Sponsor products in a relevant context through display and demo Allow consumers to interact with new and existing Sponsor products via dedicated sampling areas (where available) Make Sponsor a tour souvenir by creating/distributing Sponsoridentified premiums Distribute bounce-back coupons High-visibility Sponsor signage displayed throughout each venue Potential Sponsor PA announcement and/or video to be broadcasted prior to and after show Meet and greets with the Rolling Stones in select markets over the course of the tour Right to VIP hospitality area at each tour venue for clients (incremental cost for catering) Sponsor logo on title page of official souvenir program One full-page, color ad in official souvenir program Sponsor logo on all VIP passes and laminates

* Sponsor responsible for supplying displays, artwork and commercials. Prior approval of creative required if using artist name or likeness.

Off-Site Benefits
Entitlement – Above-the-title positioning (i.e.,“Sponsor Presents Rolling Stones”) – Sponsor name/logo integrated into official tour title utilized in all advertising, promotion and publicity materials Media/Advertising (at least $5,000,000 in media) – One (1) Logo in print ads – One (1) Audio identification in radio – Sponsor logo inclusion on all outdoor posters & flyers – Sponsor name on ticket headers – Major participation in press conference announcing tour Tickets – Complimentary tickets for each tour event – Potential for discount coupon/advance ticket promotion – Option to purchase additional tickets prior to public sale



Exclusive Promotions*
Use the Rolling Stones’ name and likeness to create pre-approved national, regional, or local market promotions such as:
National Sweepstakes Overlay – Enter for a chance to win autographed tour merchandise and a chance to meet Rolling Stones at their press conference or at a show
Advance Ticket Promotion/Ticket Pre-sales – Enter codes from Sponsor product on company website and receive special password for a chance to buy prime-seating tickets before public on-sale “If I Could Be Like MICK” Contest – Consumers submit their best Mick Jagger impersonation on-site at each tour stop or online – Consumers vote online to determine finalists – Finalists to be judged by the Rolling Stones – Winner and his friends are flown all expenses paid to future show where winner introduces Rolling Stones at upcoming show
* Subject to Rolling Stones' approval. Rolling Stones will not make personal appearances.



Exclusive Promotions* continued
“Buy the Stuff… Get the Stones” – Buy Sponsor products and earn points to receive Rolling Stones merchandise, CD‟s, tickets to upcoming shows and more
Biggest Fan Promotion – Consumers send e-mails to company website stating why they are the Rolling Stones’ biggest fan and, at select tour stops, the band invites winner to be their special VIP guest at the show


*Subject to Rolling Stones' approval. Rolling Stones will not make personal appearances.

Additional Opportunity

By participating in the tour, Sponsor will have the opportunity to further extend this association by participating in the official Rolling Stones 40th Anniversary Bash, a oneoff show featuring all-star acts. This show will be separate from the tour but occur during the same timeframe.

Sponsorship of the Rolling Stones 40th Anniversary Tour is an extraordinary marketing opportunity to form an alliance with the biggest band IN THE WORLD. Leverage the emotion, power and appeal of the association to break through the clutter and reach Sponsor’s target consumers. And, the unique live setting enables Sponsor to reach consumers at a place they have consciously chosen to be for a once-in-a-lifetime event with friends and family.

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