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Complimentary admission tickets
Contact: Jette Bösch Tel. +49 511 89-39000 Invitations pay off – and the biggest payoff comes from enclosing a complimentary admission ticket. That’s because a personal invitation is the most effective advertising for your tradeshow stand and the decisive catalyst to inspire your customers to attend the event. Use complimentary admission tickets as a tool for customer retention and maintenance as well as to generate new leads and potential customers. This handy marketing tool is available in two options: Printed tickets, ideal for enclosure with a mailed letter or for presenting to your guest at a face-to-face meeting. The new eTickets, on the other hand, are perfect for inexpensive e-mailings or lastminute invitation campaigns. You can order your own individual imprint on both kinds of ticket. You can order an unlimited number of tickets for your visitor promotion campaigns. The obligatory visitor promotion charge means there are no further charges for tickets actually used to gain admission. At DOMOTEX, LIGNA and didacta only the tickets actually presented at the turnstiles are charged for. We also offer special “VIP cards” as well as attractive, flat-rate ticket packages for these shows. Due to the mandatory registration of virtually al tickets we are able to provide you with the usage data for your guests who have registered online at the end of the show; this information is available in OBS+. This allows you to recontstruct which of your guests actually attended the trade fair, giving you a valid basis for evaluating your own invitation campaign as well as for follow-up mailings directly after the event. We are happy to provide you with more information and advice on your invitation campaigns – contact us!

We recommend using our Deutsche Messe mailing service to mail your complimentary admission tickets. This includes a comprehensive set of services for your direct marketing campaigns. Our mailing kits include selected advertising materials to add extra impact to your invitation. (For further information, see “Advertising your trade fair appearance,” pages 10 –19.) TIP:

Printed ticket



Contact: Sanja Silovic Tel. +49 511 89-31107 Exclusive service for your guests: Give your best customers the royal treatment with a PREMIUM PASS. Your guests will profit from a number of exclusive services: •“Express lane” at all entrance gates • Free wardrobe and luggage checking service* • Shuttle service on the exhibition grounds* • Access to the Premium Lounge, featuring workstations, snacks and beverages as well as competent advice on touring the show* (*These services are available to your guest and an accompanying person). We will be pleased to personalize your Premium Passes on request. Please be advised that the PREMIUM PASS is not available for all shows!

Exhibitor passes
Contact: Maike Kunze Tel. +49 511 89-33226 Every exhibitor receives an automatic contingent of exhibitor passes from Deutsche Messe granting his stand personnel free access to the exhibition stand during the running event. The number of passes depends on the size of the stand. If you require exhibitor passes in excess of your free contingent, you can order these at the prices listed in OBS+. During the stand assembly and dismantling periods, no exhibitor passes are needed to gain access to the exhibition grounds, with the exception of DOMOTEX, for which special exhibitor passes will be mailed to you to cover the final two days of the stand assembly period.

Parking permits
Contact: Marion Kisser Tel. +49 511 89-33594 Zaneta D’Errico Tel. +49 511 89-33401 Ample car parking is available on the periphery of the exhibition grounds. During tradeshows, special parking lots are available for buses, trucks and vans. To the south of the exhibition grounds there are also parking facilities for RVs/caravans and mobile homes, including restrooms and showers and hookups for electricity and water. We recommend ordering your full-event parking permits in advance, although you can also buy them during the show. 22 The prices for full-event parking permits depend on the length of the event – see OBS + for further details (including on daily parking rates).

Parking permit for display in windshield Ticket for exit gate

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