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					Baton Rouge Chiropractic Office, Capitol Spine And Rehabilitation, Helps Migraine Sufferers Get

Baton Rouge, LA, 14-OCTOBER-2013 - Capitol Spine and Rehabilitation and Baton Rouge
chiropractor team members, Dr. Gerald O. Bell and Dr. Latresia G. Broussard-Bell DC, are pleased to
announce that migraine headache pain relief is available using the safe and gentle procedures offered
by chiropractic medicine practitioners. Although migraine headaches are not the most common type,
they are classified as very painful, and the sufferer also must contend with peripheral symptoms.

According to the Baton Rouge chiropractor team doctors, in conversation with an interviewer "The
causes of migraine headaches are not completely understood. Researchers know that the pain is linked
to contraction and dilation of the blood vessels in the temple areas of the head, but aren't sure what
causes this symptom. They do know many of the migraine triggers that can bring on the pain and
related symptoms. These include certain foods, stress, environmental factors and spinal misalignment."

"We work hard to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of migraines" they continue, "by
applying chiropractic techniques to remove those blockages which prevent your body from self-
healing. The specific methods that we use will depend upon the patient and the specific triggers
identified. We may do spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, and may recommend lifestyle
changes to reduce stress and avoid environmental problems."

The basic elements for chiropractic care include a drug-free, hands-on approach. We begin with an
extensive patient examination, followed by a recommended plan of action and implementation. The
understanding and participation of the patient is always required to ensure positive and lasting results.

Learn more about alleviation of migraine headache pain using chiropractic measures by visiting the
web pages here at http://www.capitolspine.com today. Members of the press and individuals who have
additional questions regarding the contents of this specific press notice are encouraged to contact
doctors Latresia and Gerald Bell at the location which follows

Contact Person Name: Dr. Gerald O. Bell, D. C.; Latresia G. Broussard-Bell, D. C.
Company Name: Capitol Spine and Rehabilitation
Address: 422 Colonial Drive, Suite B, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Contact Telephone Number: (225) 926-1900
Email: info@capitolspine.com
Website: http://www.capitolspine.com

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