Application-Form-Sainik-School-Ghorakhal by punitd76


									                                       ADMISSION STRICTLY FOR BOYS ONLY

 (To be filled by the School Office)                                               (To be filled by the School Office)
 Form No        _______________                                                     Roll No _____________/GK
 Received Date ______________                                                       Category ____________
                                                                                    Checked & initialed by ________

                         APPLICATION FORM FOR ADMISSION : ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-15
1.      Class for which admission is sought - (VI or IX)         AND
                                  Day           Month         Year
                                                                                             Latest Passport size
2.      Candidate’s Date of Birth
                                                               P                              photo to be pasted
3.      Candidate’s Place of birth ____________ 4. Candidate’s Blood Group _______            and attested by the
                                                                                             Head of the institution
5.      Height ______ cms 6. Weight _____ Kgs. 7. Eye Vision R _______ L _______              where the student is
                                                                                              presently studying.
8.      Name of school previously attended with Class & Medium
          Session       Name of the School with complete            Class     Medium

9.     Name of the boy in Full (CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY)

                                                                                              LAST DATE FOR
                                                                                              SUBMISSION OF
10.    Father’s Full Name (CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY)                                             APPLICATION FORM
                                                                                               07th DEC 2013

                                                                                             EXAMINATION DATE
11.    Mother’s Full Name (CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY)
                                                                                               05TH JAN 2014

12. Full Name of the Guardian (CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY) (If Parents are not alive)

13. Relationship to the boy ___________ 14. Nationality __________ 15. State of Domicile (Parents) ___________
16. Religion ________ 17. Please Tick () your category in the box          General      Defence      SC       ST
      (a)       If you belongs to SC / ST category, please specify your Sub Caste/Tribe________________________
               (Attach photo copy of caste certificate issued by the competent authority).
      (b)      If you belongs to DEFENCE category, please furnish the following details :-
             Whether serving      Service         Rank       Date of    Date of  Name of the Record Office
             or Ex-service        Number                    Enrolment/ Discharge
             personnel                                     Commission

18.         Monthly Income from all sources Rs _________________
19.         Occupation of Father / Mother/ Guardian __________________/___________________/_______________
            (Government/ Private Service/Business/Farming etc. to be specified)
                                                                                                                ……. 2
20.     Registration Fee
          Bank Draft No          Date       Amount       Drawee Branch        Name of the Issuing Branch Bank
                                                                                    Name with Code No

        (Demand Draft made in favour of PRINCIPAL, SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL payable at State Bank
        of India Bhowali (Branch Code 01352) to be drawn/made at State Bank of India only).

21.     Permanent Address:-

                                                                                   P    I   N

22.     Address for Correspondence:-

                                                                                    P   I   N

23.     Land Line No. with STD Code __________________, Mobile ________________ & __________________
        e-mail ID if any ____________________________
24.     Choice of Examination Centre   - i) __________________ ii) ___________________ iii) ______________
        (Please see attached instruction page No 4 & 6 Sl. No 7)
25.     Has your son/ward appeared in entrance examination earlier? If yes, please give the following details:-
                            Name of the Centre                              Year            Roll Number      Class

26.     (a)    If you are willing, give the names of three choices of Sainik Schools in order of preference. (This will
        be considered only if vacancy exists in other Sainik Schools). Please see attached page No 5 & 7 Sl.
        No 14.

Choices :- (i) Sainik School ______________ (ii) Sainik School ____________ (iii) Sainik School _____________

        (b)       I hereby give undertaking that I am willing to admit my son/ward as FULL FEE PAYEE CADET in
        other Sainik Schools as indicated above and “under any circumstances will not seek inter-school transfer
        till the completion of studies of my ward from that Sainik School once he is selected/admitted”.

                                                                                   Signature of the Parent/Guardian

27.     Special achievement in sports and other fields:-

                                         DECLARATION BY THE PARENT
        I solemnly declare that the particulars furnished above are true and no information has been concealed. In
case any of the above information found incorrect at any time, I will have no objection for removal of my son from the
school and refund the scholarship amount if availed. Orders and Instructions given/issued from time to time by the
Principal will be binding on me.
Date _____/______/ 2013                                                           Signature of the Parent/Guardian
Place _______________
The following documents along with the application form are to be attached :-
(1) Application Form, (2) Hall Ticket (3) Bank Draft and (4) Self Address envelope with Rs 22/- postage stamps

                                                          HALL TICKET
                           SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL, NAINITAL, UTTARAKHAND - 263156
                                          FOR ENTRANCE EXAMINATION 2014-15
         Centre of Examination __________________________________ Roll No ___________/GK
         (To be filled by the Office)


1.       Name of the boy in full _______________________________________________________

2.       Father / Guardian’s Name_____________________________________________________

3.       Class for which admission is sought – (VI / IX) ______                      4. Date of Birth _____/____/__ _ ____

4.       Correspondence Address :-                                                                          Latest Passport size
                                                                                                             photo to be pasted
                                                                                                             and attested by the
                                                                                                            Head of the institution
                                                                                                             where the student is
                                                                                                             presently studying.
                                                 P    I      N

5.      Signature of the candidate

CANDIDATE FOR APPEARING IN ENTRANCE EXAMINATION                                                Signature of the Issuing Officer
                                                                                               Sainik School Ghorakhal, Nainital

                                              IDENTIFICATION FORM
                                                            FOR ENTRANCE EXAMINATION 2014-15
                             SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL, NAINITAL, UTTARAKHAND - 263156
                   Centre of Examination ___________________________________ Roll No _______/GK
                   (To be filled by Office)

1.       Name of the boy in full                 _________________________________                          Latest Passport size
                                                                                                             photo to be pasted
2.       Father’s/Guardian’s Name ___________________________________                                        and attested by the
                                                                                                            Head of the institution
3.       Class for which admission is sought - (VI / IX)                   ________                          where the student is
                                                                                                             presently studying.
4.       Date of birth       ______/______/________

5.       Signature of the candidate

                    IT FOR OFFICIAL USE                                                           Signature of the Issuing Officer
                                                                                                  Sainik School Ghorakhal, Nainital
     Please read the following instructions carefully before filling up the Application Form
1.      Sainik School Ghorakhal, Nainital is one amongst the 24 Sainik Schools administered by the Sainik
Schools Society, an autonomous body functioning under Ministry of Defence. These schools were
established with the primary aim of preparing boys for entry into Defence Services through National
Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and to bring public school education within the reach of common people.
2.      Vacancies (Approx)           For Class VI - 60     and                   For Class IX – 20
3.     Reservation 67% for Domicile of Uttarakhand and 33% for all Other States & Union Territories.
Out of total vacancies, 15% of the seats are reserved for SC, 7.5% for ST categories and 25% of the
remaining seats in each category for children of Defence service personnel and ex-servicemen.
4.     Date of birth Applications are invited as per the given format from boys born between dates
given as under for the academic year 2014-15, for appearing in All India Sainik Schools Entrance
Examination to be held on 05 Jan 2014 :-
        (a)    For Class VI :        02 July 2003 to 01 July 2004 (both dates inclusive)
        (b)    For Class IX :        02 July 2000 to 01 July 2001 (both dates inclusive)
        Note For admission to class IX the boy should be studying in Class VIII in a recognised school.

5.     Registration Fee Application has to be attached with a demand draft for Registration fee (non-
refundable) as under :-
        (a)    General / Defence Category                         -      Rs      600/-
        (b)    Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes Category        -      Rs      450/-.
 Note   The State Bank of India demand draft may please be made in favour of The Principal, Sainik
School Ghorakhal, payable at State Bank of India Bhowali Branch (Code No. 01352). Name of the
candidate alongwith Father’s Name to be written on the reverse of demand draft. Cheques, Indian Postal
Orders, Pay Order etc are not acceptable by the School. REGISTRATION FEE PAID ONCE WILL
6.     Scheme of Written Examination : Examination comprises of two papers namely Mathematics &
Language and Intelligence Test of V class standard for entry to VI class and two papers namely
Mathematics & Science and English & Social Studies of VIII class standard for entry to IX class. The
medium of Entrance Examination for class VI will be in Hindi or English but for class IX it shall be in
English only.
7.      Examination Centres Subject to availability of sufficient candidates, written examination Centres
will be at Almora, Bareilly, Dehradun, Ghorakhal, Gorakhpur, Kotdwar, Lucknow, Pithoragarh,
Roorkee, Srinagar (Garhwal), and Udham Singh Nagar. Allotment of examination Centre will be at the
discretion of the school.
8.      Last Date for submission of Application Form Applications completed in all respects alongwith
Hall Ticket, Identification Form & Demand Draft towards Registration Fee must reach the ‘Principal,
Sainik School Ghorakhal, PO : Ghorakhal, Distt. Nainital, Uttarakhand, PIN - 263156 on or before
07th Dec 2013 (Saturday). Incomplete applications will be rejected and no communication will be
9.     Date of Entrance Examination All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination will be held on
05thJan 2014 (Sunday) at the centres given on Page 4 & 6 at serial No 7 (except Sainik School Nagrota
10.    Fee      Total Fee including boarding, lodging and other charges is approximately Rs. 90,000/- for
the year 2014-15. Fee may be increased as per Sainik Schools Society existing rules.

                                                                                                 ……… 5
                                                   -    5 -
11.     Scholarship Scholarships are granted by the Government of Uttarakhand for the students of
Uttarakhand domicile, based on Parent’s Income & Merit. Boys who are admitted against the 25% quota
reserved for children of Defence service personnel/ex-servicemen including those of Uttarakhand domicile
are eligible for a limited number of scholarships granted by Ministry of Defence. However, diet subsidy is
provided for all Uttarakhand domicile boys including Defence Category children. In addition, all the boys
admitted except the Day Scholars (Staff Children) are provided with some financial assistance by Ministry of
Defence. Continuation of Scholarship once granted is subject to income/rank of parents, discipline and
academic performance of cadets.
12.     Repeater not allowed A boy can appear only once in the Entrance Examination for a particular
class for admission in Sainik Schools. For all disputes the legal jurisdiction will be at Nainital only.
13.     Application Form can also be downloaded from official website of the school
14.     List of the Sainik Schools
S.N           Sainik Schools         S.N          Sainik Schools          S.N         Sainik Schools
(a)    Amaravathinagar,Tamil Nadu     (j)   Gopalganj, Bihar              (s)   Nalanda, Bihar
(b)    Ambikapur Chattisgarh          (k)   Imphal, Manipur               (t)   Pungalwa, Nagaland
(c)    Balachadi, Gujarat            (m)    Kapurthala, Punjab            (u)   Purulia, West Bengal
(d)    Bhubaneshwar, Odisa           (n)    Kazahakootam, Kerala          (v)   Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
(e)    Bijapur, Karnataka            (o)    Kodagu, Karnataka             (w)   Rewari, Haryana
 (f)   Chittorgarh, Rajasthan        (p)    Korukonda, Andhra Pradesh     (x)   Satara, Maharastra
(g)    Ghorakhal, Nainital, UK        (q    Kunjpura, Haryana             (y)   Sujanpur Tira, Himanchal
(h)    Goalpara, Assam                (r)   Nagrota, J&K                  (z)   Tilaiya, Jharkhand

15      Courier services are not available from Nainital/Haldwani to Sainik School Ghorakhal and school will
not be responsible by Courier mail. PLEASE SEND ALL MAIL BY POST / SPEED POST ONLY.
16     Detailed marks list shall be supplied after 31 May 2014 to all the parents/legal guardians. All
parents/guardians are requested to sent a self addressed envelope affixed postage worth Rs 22/- for
sending the Marks by Registered post alongwith the Application Form. If the self addressed envelope with
postage stamps of Rs 22/- not found attached alongwith the Application Form, the marks will be sent by
ordinary post and school will not be responsible for non-receipt or for any delay in delivery of mark sheet.
Copy of the answer sheet will not be provided.
17    One box each to be left blank after First Name and Middle Name & Last Name in the Application
Form at Serial No 9 to 12 and in Hall Ticket at Serial No 4 respectively.
18      Parents are requested to fill the APPLICATION FORM ONLY FOR BOYS AND NOT FOR GIRLS.

                                                                  Sainik School Ghorakhal,
                                                                  PO : Ghorakhal
                                                                  Distt. Nainital, Uttarakhand – 263156
                                                                  website :

Note :- For any query you may contact school office on telephone No 05942 – 220051 & Mobile
        9411107817 between 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs &1500 hrs to 1700 hrs (except Saturdays, Sundays
        and holidays).


                                                                                                 ……….. 6
            LkSfud Ldwy ?kksM+k[kky] uSuhrky] mRrjk[k.M+ & 263156
                                   fn”kk & funsZ”k
  d`i;k vkosnu i= Hkjus ls iwoZ fuEufyf[kr fn”kk funsZ”kksa dks /;ku iwoZd i<sa A
1-     lSfud Ldwy ?kksM+k[kky] j{kk eU=ky; ¼Hkkjr ljdkj½ }kjk fu;af=r ,d Lok;r'kklh
ifj"kn lSfud Ldwy lkslkbVh }kjk lapkfyr ns'k ds 24 lSfud Ldwyksa esa ls ,d gS A jk"Vªh;
j{kk vdkneh [kM+doklyk] iq.ks ds ek/;e ls j{kk lsukvksa@lsokvksa esa izos'k gsrq Nk=ksa
dks rS;kj djkus ,oa ifCyd Ldwy Lrj dh f'k{kk tu&lkekU; Nk=ksa rd igqWapkus@miyC/k
djkus ds mn~ns'; ls bl Ldwy dh laLFkkiuk dh x;h Fkh A
2-   fjfDr;kWa ¼vuqekfur½ %&               d{kk 6 esa & 60 lhVsa                d{kk    9
esa &20 lhVsa
3-     vkj{k.k      fjDr lhVksa esa 67% mRrjk[k.M+ jkT; ds LFkk;kh fuokfl;ksa ds fy,
rFkk 'ks"k 33% nwljs lHkh jkT;ksa@la?k “kkflr izns'kksa ds fuokfl;ksa ds fy, fu/kkZfjr gSa
A dqy fjDr lhVksa esa 15% lhVsa vuqlwfpr tkfr ds fy, ] 7-5% lhVsa vuqlwfpr tutkfr ds
fy, ,oa izR;sd laoxZ esa 'ks"k lhVksa dk 25% lhV j{kk lSfudksa@j{kk dkfeZdksa ,oa
HkwriwoZ j{kk lSfudksa@j{kk dkfeZdkasa gsrq vkjf{kr gSa A
4- tUe frfFk o"kZ 2014&15 gsrq 05 tuojh 2014 dks vk;ksftr vf[ky Hkkjrh; lSfud Ldwy
izoss'k ijh{kk esa lfEefyr gksus@Hkkx ysus gsrq v/kksfyf[kr frfFk;ksa ds e/; tUes Nk=kss
ls fn, x, izk:i esa vkosnu i= vkeaf=r gSaA
      d{kk 6 gsrq &     02 tqykbZ 2003 ls 01 tqykbZ 2004 rd ¼nksuksa fnol x.kuh;½
      d{kk 9 gsrq &     02 tqykbZ 2000 ls 01 tqykbZ 2001 rd ¼nksuksa fnol x.kuh;½
 uksV %& d{kk 9 esa nkf[kys gsrq ijh{kkFkhZ ds fy, d{kk 8 esa fdlh ekU;rk izkIr fo|ky;
esa i<+ jgk gksuk vfr vko”;d gS A
5- iathdj.k “kqYd vkosnu i= ds lkFk v/kksfyf[kr /kujkf'k ds fMekaM Mªk¶V
¼vgLrkUrj.kkh;½@okilh Hkqxrku u gksus ;ksX; layXu djuk vko';d gS A
      ¼d½ lkekU;@j{kk laoxZ ds fy,                     &      :0  600@&
      ¼[k½ vuqlwfpr tkfr@vuqlwfpr tutkfr ds fy, &      :0     450@&
uksV %& fMekaM Mªk¶V ^iz/kkukpk;Z] lSfud Ldwy ?kksMk[kky ds i{k esa@uke ls
Hkkjrh; LVsV cSaad Hkokyh 'kk[kk ¼dksM+ u0 01352½ ij ns; gksuk pkfg;s A cSad
Mªk¶V ds ihNs vH;kFkhZ dk uke rFkk mlds firk dk uke vo”; fy[kk gksuk pkfg;s A
psd@iksLVy vkMZ+j ¼Indian Postal Orders½ fo|ky; dks Lohdh;Z ugha gksxsa A
iathdj.k “kqYd dh /kujkf”k fdlh Hkh fLFkfr esa okil ugha ykSVkbZ tk;sxh@Hkqxrku
ugha dh tk;sxh A
6- fyf[kr ijh{kk dh vk;kstuk          6oha ¼NBoha½ d{kk esa izos'k gsrq fyf[kr ijh{kk
izeq[kr;% nks iz'u i=ksa &] Hkk"kk ,oa cqf} dkS'ky dh ijh{kk] tks d{kk 5
¼ikWpohaa d{kk½ ds Kku ij vk/kkfjr gksxh rFkk 9oha ¼ukSohaa½ d{kk esa izos'k gsrq
fyf[kr ijh{kk izeq[kr;% nks iz'u i=ksa] foKku ,oa lkekftd v/;;u@Kku dh ijh{kk] tks
d{kk 8 ¼vkBohaaa d{kk½ ds Kku ij vk/kkfjr gksxhA izos'k ijh{kk dk ek/;e 6oha
¼NBoha½ d{kk gsrq fgUnh vFkok vaxzsth ysfdu 9oha ¼ukSoha½ d{kk gsrq dsoy vaxzsth
ek/;e gh gksxk A
7- ijh{kk dsUnz i;kZIr vH;fFkZ;ksa@ijh{kkfFkZ;ksa dh miyC/krk ds vk/kkj ij
vYeksM+k] cjsyh] nsgjknwu] ?kksM+k[kky] xksj[kiqj] dksV}kj] y[kuÅ] fiFkkSjkx<+]
:M+dh] Jhuxj ¼x<+oky½] ,oa m/ke flag uxj esa fyf[kr ijh{kk dsUnz gksxsaA ijh{kk
dsUnzksa ds vkoaVu dk Lok;Rrkf/kdkj iw.kZr;k fo|ky; ds ikl lqjf{kr gS A
8-     vkosnu i= tek djus dh vfUre frfFk Hkjs gq, vkosnu i=] ijh{kk Hkou izos'k i=] ifjp;
izek.k i= ,oa iathdj.k 'kqYd dk fMekUM Mªk¶V lfgr tek djus dh vfUre frfFk 07 fnlEcj 2013
¼”kfuokj½ rd ;k blls iwoZ ^iz/kkukpk;Z] lSfud Ldwy ?kksM+k[kky] iksLV
?kksM+k[kky] ftyk uSuhrky] mRrjk[k.M++ 263156 ds ikl igqWp tkus pkfg;sA viw.kZ
Hkjs gq, vkosnu i= fujLr dj fn;s tk;sxsa A Hkqxrku dh xbZ iathdj.k 'kqYd dh jkf'k fdlh
Hkh n'kk esa yksVkbZ ugha tk;sxh rFkk bl laoa/k esa dksbZ Hkh i=kpkj ugha fd;k
tk;sxk A M+kd dh nsjh ds fy, Ldwy ftEesokj ughaa gksxk A dksfj;j lsok
uSuhrky@gY}kuh ls lSfud Ldwy ?kksM+k[kky ds fy, miyC/k ugha gS dksfj;j lsok ls
Hksts x;s vkosnu i=ksa dh ftEesokjh Ldwy dh ugha gksxh A
9-    ijh{kk dh frfFk    vf[ky Hkkjrh; lSfud Ldwy izos'k ijh{kk 05 tuojh 2014 ¼jfookj½
dks ijh{kk dsUnz ¼i`"B la[;k 4 ds iSjk 7½ ij vk;ksftr gksxh rFkk ;g ijh{kk lSfud Ldwy
lkslkbVh ds orZeku fu;ekuqlkj lSfud Ldwy uxjksVk] tEew d”ehj esa vk;ksftr ugha gksxh A
                                                                            ------------- 7
10- “kqYd o"kZ 2014&15 ds fy,          vkoklh;] f'k{kk ,oa vU; O;; :0 90]000@&
¼vuqekfur½ gksxk A orZeku fu;eksa ds vuqlkj 'kqYd esa lSfud Ldwy lkslkbVh }kjk o`f}
fd;s tkus dh lEHkkouk gS A
11- Nk=o`fRr mRrjk[k.M jkT;+ ljdkj }kjk mRrjk[k.M+ jkT; ds LFkk;h fuoklh Nk+=ksa
ds vfHkHkkodksa dh vk; ,oa Nk=ksa dh ;ksX;rk ds vk/kkj ij Nk=o`fRr iznku dh tkrh gS A
os Nk= tks j{kk lSfudksa@j{kk dkfeZdksa vFkok HkwriwoZ j{kk lSfudksa@HkwriwoZ
j{kk dkfeZdksa ds iq= o mRrjk[k.M+ jkT; ds fuokfl;ksa ds fy, 25% dksVs ds vUrxZr izfo"V
gq, gSa] os j{kk ea=ky; }kjk lhfer la[;k esa iznRr Nk=o`fRr ds fy, ik= gSa A mRrjk[k.M++
ds LFkk;h fuoklh j{kk laoxZ lfgr Nk+=ksa ds fy, Hkkstu O;;@'kqYd esa NwV iznku dh tkrh
gS A blds vfrfjDr lSfud Ldwy ?kksM+k[kky ds vukokfld Nk=ksa ¼deZpkfj;ksa ds
ikY;ksa½ dks NksM++dj lHkh Nk=ksa dks j{kk ea=ky; }kjk dqN foRrh; lgk;rk iznku dh
tkrh gS A ,d ckj iznRr Nk=o`fRr dh fujUrjrk vfHkHkkod dh vk;@jSad] Nk= dk vuq'kklu Lrj
,oa 'kSf{kd izLrqfr@okf"kZd ijh{kk izkIrkad Lrj ij vk/kkfjr gS A
12- iqu% ijh{kk oftZr %& lSfud Ldwy lkslkbVh ds orZeku fu;e vuqlkj fdlh ,d fof'k"V
d{kk esa izos'k gsrq vk;ksftr vf[ky Hkkjrh; izos'k ijh{kk esa ,d Nk=+ ,d ckj gh lfEefyr gks
ldrk gS A lHkh izdkj ds fookn fo/kk;h U;k;f/kdj.k uSuhrky ds vUrxZr gksxsa A
13-   vkosnu izi= Ldwy csclkbV ij Hkh miyC/k gSa A
14-   leLr lSfud Ldwyksa ds uke o irs %&
        dzz0      lSfud Ldwy     dzz0     lSfud Ldwy            dzz0      lSfud Ldwy
         l0                        l0                            l0
       ¼d½      vejkorh]   rfey ¼>½ Xkksikyxat]                ¼Fk½     ukyUnk] fcgkj
                ukMw                    fcgkj
       ¼[k½ vfEcdkiqj]          ¼¥½ bEQky] euhiqj              ¼n½      iqaxyok]
                NRrhlx<+                                                ukxkys.M+
       ¼x½      ckykpMMh]       ¼V½ diwjFkyk] iatkc            ¼/k½     iq:fy;k] osLV
                xqtjkr                                                  caxky
       ¼?k½ Hkqous”oj]          ¼B½ dktkdqVqEc]                ¼u½      jhok] e/; izns”k
                mMhlk                   dsjy
       ¼M-½ chtkiqj] dukZVd ¼M½ dksMkxq]                       ¼i½      jsokM+h]
                                            dukZVd                        gfj;k.kk
       ¼p½      fpRrkSM+x<+]        ¼<½     dks:dksUM+k]  ¼Q½             lrkjk] egkjk’Vª
                jktLFkku                    vkU/kz izns”k
       ¼N½      ?kksMk[kky]         ¼.k½    dqUtiqjk]     ¼c½             lqtkuiqj   Vhjk]
                mRrjk[k.M                   gfj;k.kk                      fgekpy izns”k
       ¼t½      xksyikjk] vklke     ¼r½     uxjksVk] tEew ¼Hk½            fryS;k]
                                            d”ehj                         >kj[k.M+
15- dksfj;j lsok uSuhrky@gY}kuh ls lSfud Ldwy ?kksM+k[kky ds fy, miyC/k ugha gS A
dksfj;j ls Hksth xbZ Mkd ds fy, Ldwy ftEesokj ugha gksxk A leLr i=kpkj Hkkjrh;
M+kd@Rofjr Mkd (speed Post½ }kjk gh Hkstsa A
16- foLr`r vad rkfydk fnukad 31 ebZ 2014 ds ckn leLr vfHkHkkodksa dks Mkd }kjk
Hksth tk;sxh A leLr vfHkHkkodksa ls vuqjks/k gS fd vkosnu i= ds lkFk lkQ v{kjksa esa
Lo;a fy[kk :0 22@& dk Mkd fVfdV yxk fyQkQk layXu djsa] ftlls vad rkfydk iath—r Mkd
ls Hksth tk lds A ftu vfHkHkkodksa ds :0 22@& dk Mkd fVfdV yxk fyQkQk vkosnu i= ds
lkFk layXu ugha gksxk] mu vfHkHkkodksa dks vad rkfydk lk/kkj.k Mkd ls Hksth tk;sxh A
lk/kkj.k Mkd ls Hksth xbZ vad rkfydk ds u feyus ij ;k nsjh ls izkIr gksus ds fy, Ldwy
ftEesokj ugha gksxk A fyf[kr ijh{kk dh mRrj iqfLrdk dh ewy vFkok Nk;kizfr fdlh Hkh
vfHkHkkod dks miyC/k ugha djkbZ tk;sxh A
17-     vkosnu i= (Application Form) ds dze la[;k 9 ls 12 rd rFkk ijh{kk Hkou izos'k i= (Hall
Ticket) ds dze la[;k 4 dks Hkjrs le; izFke] e/; ,oa vfUre uke ds ckn ,d [kkuk ¼dks’B½ [kkyh
NksMsa A
18- vfHkHkkodksa ls vuqjks/k gS fd vkosnu i= dsoy Nk=ksa ds fy;s gh Hkjsa]
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