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									LWE Annual Talent Show
Parent Meeting Oct. 1st or Oct. 2nd
Fine Arts Advisor: Tom Seabolt – seaboltt@ltisdschools.org Planning and Production Committee: Henrietta Garcia - haymz160@aol.com Maria Hathaway – hathaway@austin.rr.com Brad Smith – brad_smith@live.com Carolyn Smith – carolynsmith@live.com

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Talent Show Goals
• Teach theater etiquette to young students. • Help students develop self-esteem by performing in front of a large, live audience and receiving applause. • Inspire students who have acting talent to participate in theater productions. • Raise funds for the Fine Arts Department at LWE.

Talent Show Application
• ONE application for each act is due by Wednesday, Oct. 7th.
– Turn it in to the front office.

• Each act will audition on either Monday, October 12th or Tuesday, October 13th in the music room, #409.
– You will be notified by email which day and time you will audition.

• Acts will be chosen by the Talent Show Committee based on
– Evidence of preparation, – Appropriateness, and – Overall variety of talent.

• At auditions, each act will receive a written critique designed to coach and encourage for the final performance. • There is no financial cost to be a participant in the Talent Show.

Basic Rules for Applicants
• Students may participate in only one act. • Parent of each student participating in your act must sign the application. • Students must be prepared (well-rehearsed). • Act and song must be appropriate. • Act must not be any longer than 2 minutes in length. • Applicant must be a current student at Lakeway Elementary School.

Basic Rules (con’t.)
• Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders must be in group act of 3 or more students. • Talent Show production committee reserves the right to reject or approve acts based on appropriateness. • All acts must designate one contact parent.
• All communication will go through this person.

Auditions Oct. 12th or Oct. 13th
• Applicant must wear full costume to audition. • Any musical accompaniment must be provided by the participant on CD.
– Label with the song name and name of act. – If the song exceeds 2 minutes, you must edit the song to 2 minutes. – No cassette tapes.

• Burned CD copy is due at time of audition on Oct. 13th or Oct. 14th.
– Labeled with song name and name of act.

• Parents are not allowed into the audition room. • Please be on time.

Audition Evaluation
The following rubric is how your act will be evaluated at the audition on 10/12 or 10/13.
______ Act was on time ______ Act was well-rehearsed ______ Act was in full costume ______ Act was under 2 minutes ______ Overall talent ____________________________________ ______ Total Score

Show Information
• MANDATORY dress rehearsal begins at 5 p.m., Friday, Nov. 6th.
– Parents are allowed to accompany their child to the dress rehearsal.

• Two shows will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7th.
– 6:00 p.m., First Show – Students K-3rd grade – 7:30 p.m., Second Show – Students 4th-5th grade – 30-minute intermission between shows.

Night of Show Rules
• Stay for your child’s entire show
• Respect the children on stage and others around you.

• Parents are not allowed backstage during the shows. • On the evening of the show, all participants will stay in the green room before and after their performance. • Students cannot be picked up to leave until the end of their show.

Volunteers Needed
Please sign up to help make this an awesome and fun event. Volunteer Chairs
– Concession: _____________ – Decorations: ____________ – Set up: _________________ Set up starts at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 6th. – Clean up:____________ Clean up starts right after the show ~9 p.m., Nov. 7th. – Ticket Sales: ____________ – DVD Sales: _____________ – Photographer (during Rehearsal): _________________ – Building Readiness:____________

Talent Show Etiquette Guidelines
Please: 1. Arrive Promptly. 2. Do Not Speak During Talent Show Act Performances. 3. Encourage Young Children to Quietly Watch Each Act. 4. Leave Your Camera Flash Turned Off During Blackouts. 5. Turn Off All Electronic Devices. 6. Do Not Eat or Drink In the Gym. 7. Do Not Riffle Your Program. 8. Do Not Go Backstage. 9. Remain In Your Seat until the Talent Show Ends. 10. Purchase Talent Show Tickets and DVDs for your friends and family.

Support Your Theatre Program
Some purchases that were made possible by your campus support through talent show and plays’ ticket and DVD sales: • 4 Flipform stage risers ~$2800 • 1 DVD Duplicator (Copies 10 at a time) ~$1100 • 1 professional quality sound system including a mixing board, cd playerrecorder, 2 JBL powered speakers, two Shure handheld microphones, 4 microphone stands, & connection cables ~$4000 • 1 follow spot projection light and stand ~$700 • 1 professional quality strobe light and remote dimmer ~$120 • 4 t-bar light stands each with four stage lights and two control boxes ~1500 • 3 JVC handheld DV recording cameras and associated cables and hardware ~$2000 • 1 MacBook Pro Laptop Computer and Media Production Software ~$3000

Thank you!

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