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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Scott Brame


Dept. Geology-Bracken Hall Issue Alternative Transit Modes Comment 100+/- Faculty in the building and I'm the only one who rides a bike. I would like for you to encourage other other faculty members to use other modes of transportation to reduce the number of cars on campus. Some faculty members only live a block away and they still drive a single occupancy vehilce (SOV). There are campus barriers to being a bike rider, but I overcome them. The bike path near the library is virtually free from traffic, except for golf carts and service vehicles. The few bike paths that are on campus are very short. There are only 3 bike riders in my department and they are concerned with bike rider safety, especially crossing Hwy 76 from Pendeleton Road. They would like a bath path on and off campus. Once you're on campus, there really aren't many speeding cars to dodge. The primary obstacles are encountered in trying to reach the campus. Bikes are not allowed to use the sidewalks, which is good, but sometimes students use them. This is hazardous to pedestrians. There's a disincentive to riding bikes here at Clemson. I must have a permit to park on campus both night and day (or at least that's my understanding). I've been at other campuses where I rode my bike during the day, and was able to park my car in the evening for special events at no cost and without a permit. At Clemson, I have to purchase a permit to park during the evening. You do need a permit to park on campus both day and night, but it might not be enforced as strictly after 5:30 pm. Has there been talk of going to a gated parking system? I've seen that being used more and more and think that's the best way to control users. I would love for faculty to be provided gated parking areas. Students don't give a flip about tickets and enforcement isn't what it needs to be. Faculty have no where to park because the Hendrix Center is taken up by visitors. My office is in the VRC but I have to teach at Hunter. My problem is that I have to leave my parking space to go across campus and it's not there when I return. I'd like a place where you can drive to get a bike to ride in to campus. It's nearly impossible to ride a bike through Downtown Clemson. There are a lot of people who live near Hwy 123 & railroad tracks, and they aren't able to ride a bike to campus because of the dangerous route. Hwy 123 toward Seneca is a dangerous place for bike riders. Why are reserved spaces not working? I'd like to know that I will have a parking space in my assigned lot. If I have to pay to go to work, then I should have a parking space. The university wants faculty "outreach" to the community but I'm reluctant to do that because I know I will lose my parking space when I get back. Also, it makes it more difficult to use alternate transportation modes, such as CAT if I have to go off campus during the day. I don't think that the seniority system is fair in determining parking access. Why don't we have a system where faculty can park in their assigned lots, and in all other lots on campus? If I leave the campus, I can't find a space within a 5-minute walk to my building when I return. I wish I could park in a student lot, but I can't. The system needs to be flexible. To me, parking decks don't seem to be the solution at $15,000/space compared to $3,000/space for parking lots, especially since Clemson has plenty of land. Why don't we have lots on the perimeter where you can park and take CATS into campus? I teach campus planning and there are no buildings where parking is more than a 10 minute-walk away.

Meredith Deadroll

Cooper Library

Alternative Transit Modes

Scott Brame Scott Brame George Chumanov

Geology-Bracken Hall Geology-Bracken Hall Chemistry

Alternative Transit Modes Alternative Transit Modes Alternative Transit Modes

Bob Brookover Kent Marcus

Parking Council Chemistry

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Kent Marcus Kent Marcus

Chemistry Chemistry

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Scott Brame

Geology-Bracken Hall

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Scott Brame Andrew Scott Brame George Chumanov

Geology-Bracken Hall Geology-Bracken Hall Chemistry

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George Chumanov George Chumanov George Chumanov

Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry

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Bob Brookover

Parking Council


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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Meredith Deadroll


Dept. Cooper Library Issue Availability Comment Yesterday, I needed to be on campus at 11am and didn't find a green space until 11:20 near the library. There were other employees searching for spaces, too. If I could predictably get to the Library on CAT, I would use it. I dread driving back to campus right now, because I won't be able to find a green space. I think CAT should come every 5-7 minutes. If I have to drop off or pick up something, I'd like to be able to park legally for short term (need more loading zone spaces). My wife works for the State of SC and works right on Main Street in downtown Greenville. Her parking is provided by her employer. I'd like to know how much of my parking can be paid by Clemson? I've tried to take CAT, but the buses were too full, so I'm forced back into driving to campus again. I wouldn't mind paying $1,500/year to park in a garage if it was convenient and saved me time. The CAT bus goes to Seneca. Can it go to Bloom in the evening? Because the campus is divided into two sections, it's difficult to take CAT across campus. You have to take two buses to get across campus. Why don't we have a few buses make an inter-campus route, looping at the library? I'd be happy to close off all internal roads to cars, allowing access only to buses. Why don't we move students to outside the circle? I don't mind not parking right next to my building, but I can't find parking within a 5minute walk. Grad students fill out their forms as Graduate/Research Assistants and get green permits to park in faculty/staff lots. At some other campuses, they allow faculty and students to write parking tickets for infractions that they see. There's a small area on Sikes Road (Parkway Drive?) that should be closed to student vehicles during the day. There's only faculty parking there and students drive through the area. Also, that whole street past Hendrix could be blocked off for students during the day, allowing access after 4:30/5:00 pm. What is the timeline for implementing some of these suggestions? Has the University charged "you (the parking consultant)" with making recommendations and implementing the changes to fix the problems? What are the resultsof the occupancy surveys? Just because the overall campus is only 87% full, the lot I park in is at least 95% to 100% full. When will you start sharing analysis information with us? I live in Pendleton in an apartment. I would ride CAT if I could catch it more easily from Pendeleton. I now have a motor scooter and have to pay extra for the motor scooter permit, even though I'm not bringing my car to campus. Can I use my car permit for both my car and scooter? There are no motorcycle spaces reserved for faculty/staff. Enforcement has been kind enough to let me park in other motorcycle spaces. The university has shown poor planning for parking. They removed parking spaces in front of Brackett at Tillman Circle. They could have doubled the number of spaces with head-in spaces, but instead they created islands and removed spaces. I sold my car and needed a temporary pass for my new car and could only get one for 3 days for $6, but needed 6 days. Last semester, I bought a hangtag because I thought there was a push for hangtags over decals. I got charged $6 for the replacement hangtag. I felt doublevictimized.

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Andrew Duchowsky Andrew Duchowsky Andrew Duchowsky Bob Brookover Bob Brookover

McAdams McAdams McAdams Parking Council Parking Council

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George Chumanov George Chumanov Kent Marcus Bob Brookover Scott Brame

Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Parking Council Geology-Bracken Hall

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Andrew Duchowsky


Study Process

Kent Marcus Meredith Deadroll Meredith Deadroll Tom Alley

Chemistry Cooper Library Cooper Library Psychology-Brackett Hall

Study Process Study Process Alternative Transit Modes Alternative Transit Modes

Tom Alley

Psychology-Brackett Hall


Cathy Sturky Cathy Sturky

Faculty Senate-Cooper Policies Library Faculty Senate-Cooper Policies Library

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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Cathy Sturky


Dept. Issue Faculty Senate-Cooper Signage Library Counselor Ed User Groups Comment The lottery parking spaces are a good idea for morale, but I got a ticket in front of Lowery because I accidentally parked in a lottery space because the sign was far away from the space. Will the back road behind Tillman ever be open for parking? I have someone in my department who is handicapped and all of the close handicap spaces are taken up. Or is there somewhere else he can park? Parking should facilitate the service that faculty members provide. I know there are spaces available, but they aren't convenient, during peak hours. I've gone to off-campus lots and have had to search there, too, along with other faculty members. I've tried to take CAT, but it's taken 30 minutes to get to my office. My wasted time equals money. I used to get convenient parking for free, but now have to pay for inconvenient parking. Use my money to build more parking and, when it's built, replace the parking inventory previously supplied by the displaced lots. I've been at other campuses where students parked off-campus and faculty/staff parked on campus. There are some areas here at Clemson where student parking is more convenient than faculty/staff parking. For those of us that teach evening classes, students have the first opportunity to park in lots after 4:30 and makes parking for us difficult. I ask for 8:00 am classes so I can find a place to park. We're taking up valuable spaces to make the campus prettier (Tillman Circle and others). We lost 118 spaces temporarily for construction because the contractor bid lower to park his trailers there. It's difficult to have partnership meetings because there isn't enough parking for visitors that I'm meeting with. I end up picking them up at the Madren Center for the meeting and taking them back when its over. I had a meeting at the Development Center and there weren't enough visitor spaces. If I know that I'm having a meeting with someone, I'll ask Parking Services for a visitor's pass in advance. However, visitors have the same problem as everyone else in finding a space. Visitor parking is easy where I am because of meters, but the meters have taken up some of my parking. I'd like the issue of those of us that have to go on and off-campus frequently to be addressed. The bus system doesn't go from one side of the campus to the other, without changing buses and/or going around the campus perimeter - and that takes too long. Going to and from campus is more of an isssue for me than going across campus. Safety is always an issue and safety (security) factors need to be addressed in the remote lots. Staff members are more affected by search times because, unlike faculty, they are penalized for being late to work. I've been at UGA and Emory and they have wonderful things called parking decks. Why aren't there any garages here at Clemson and why aren't they being discussed here at these forums? I believe that parking should be provided with all new buildings, just like the plumbing and materials of the buildings. There is presently a limited number of 24-hour employee spaces. There should be more. Lottery spaces are a stupid idea, an inefficient use of space. State & service vehicles take up a lot of the convenient parking space. Page 3

David Scott

Web Smathers

Bard Hall


Web Smathers Web Smathers

Bard Hall Bard Hall

Transit System Fees

<remained anonymous P&A Building because he has children that are Clemson students> David Scott Counselor Ed Jim Jones Computer Science

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Jim Jones

Computer Science


Jim Jones Cathy Sturky

Computer Science


Faculty Senate-Cooper User Groups Library Psychology-Brackett Hall Bard Hall Bard Hall Availability Availability Transit System

Tom Alley Web Smathers Web Smathers

Web Smathers Cathy Sturky Cathy Sturky Becca Alley

Bard Hall

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Web Smathers Tom Alley Tom Alley Vance Baird

Bard Hall Psychology-Brackett Hall Psychology-Brackett Hall Horticulture

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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Cathy Sturky Becca Alley


Dept. Issue Faculty Senate-Cooper Policies Library P&A Building User Groups Comment I'd like to see a list of lottery space winners. In our parking lot, over 50% of the parkers are service vehicles. Some of them have been sitting there with flat tires and need to be removed.

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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Bill Hughes Bill Hughes


Dept. Facilities Facilities Issue Transit Transit Comment Between 6:00 am 7:00 am when I'm jogging, all of the CAT buses are empty. There are a lot of them, too. Is anyone looking at the ridership? If we build garages and charge staff, there aren't many off-campus park & ride lots that we could choose as an option. We need more off-campus lots that provide transit into campus. I would take transit, but CAT doesn't come to my community. I work off-campus, but have to drive into campus often. CAT doesn't go back and forth to the Research Park in Pendleton. Another solution would be a van that could stay at the Research Park to be used for on-campus trips. Meetings are planned around parking behaviors. It's good to meet here (Madren Center) because people know parking is available. It's difficult to plan conferences at Madren Center because the CAT bus doesn't provide transportation between the Madren Center and downtown. It also limits dining options for visitors. The Serene Parking Lot (E-4) is designed with spaces that aren't wide enough and I've had my car scratched from head to toe before. Daniel High School and the Berkeley Area are full of faculty & staff residents. Can CAT come out there? If transit was provided between the Madren Center and the Hendrix Center, more people would park at the Hendrix Center and parking is already too full there. We have a lot of career fairs and we have lots of visitors that come into the Hendrix Center parking area. Parking for faculty/staff is already full there. At the University of Baltimore, freshmen are not allowed to park on campus. Has the University thought about following the same practice to provide more parking spaces? Students wait at the lots for staff to leave their green parking spaces so they can park in them after 5:00 pm. Since I've been here, there are more students parking on campus. The issue is not where the spaces are, it's the fact that students park in staff/faculty spaces. The enforcement policy seems to be too liberal to really control students. Parking Planning has to include spaces to move equipment from place to place on campus (loading zones). The bus stops don't have nice seated shelters for older people. It seems to take to take me a long time to get anywhere on the bus system. I've received a lot of negative comments about us holding the forums here at the Madren Center because people will have lost their parking space on campus when they return and because they can't bring bagged lunches to the Madren Center. Resident Directors have employee parking access. At Bob Jones University there was a bigger parking problem and no freshman allowed. Students have assigned spaces and get a ticket if the space is empty. Has Clemson thought about going to that kind of system, especially since students are pretty much allowed to park anywhere? (Not certain the comment was interpreted/recorded correctly.) I see a fair number of children of staff/faculty who use their parents' employee parking permit instead of a student permit. I'm all for revoking those permits. The challenge in searching for a spot is that the campus is divided into sections and you have to go back to the perimeter road to get to another lot to begin searching for a space again. To comment on the amount of students fighting for a spot, I was one of the students waiting for staff parking spaces at 4:30 pm because CAT reduces the number of buses at 6:00 pm and the park-n-ride lots are dimly lit. Page 5

Sally Kudrow



Sally Kudrow Lorrie


Availability Access

Lorrie Lorrie Shelby Henderson Edwards Hall

Lot Design Transit Availability

Kate Williams Andy Nelson

Career Center


Arch Arts & Humanities Access

Maurice Schreidner

Student Union

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Debbie Charles

Brackett Hall

Barbara Bergman Barbara Bergman Barbara Bergman Lynn Boyder

Computer Center


Computer Center Transit Computer Center Transit Classified Staff Senate Access

Lynn Boyder Tom Jones

Classified Staff Senate Access Facilities Access

Jackie Ellis

Entomology Transportation Student Services

Access Enforcement Road Access

Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson

Student Services


Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Rebecca Atkinson Vanessa Weston


Dept. Student Services Parking Services Issue Transit Communication Transit PTMP System Transit Transit Transit Transit Transit Access PARCS Transit Transit Availability Comment At James Madison University, they had a central bus hub. We to improve communication and the exchange of information between parking services and the user groups. I hope that is a goal of this PTMP. If I knew when the CAT bus was coming, I would ride it more often. If we're trying to change the habits of parkers, the transit system needs to be strong enough to fill in the gaps of the parking system. As an employee, I couldn't park in the park-n-ride lot because buses don't start running until 7:30 am and I need to be at my desk at 7:30 am The breezeway is the last stop for the CAT system and sometimes empty buses ride past students. The CAT bus doesn't come to the ASB (Administrative Services Building). It's dangerous to cross Perimeter Road and makes it difficult for me to take transit. Why doesn't CAT do a complete circle of Perimeter Road? Please consider those of us wo have to provide service and support throughout the campus. If we had an indication of when lots are full (full signs at lot entrances, etc.), it would help us not go into large lots that only have one way in/out. We're in the Tiwett Building Area (Westinghouse Road) and there is no CAT service. Has there been talk about CAT going to Easley, SC? I used to park near the cemetery as a 3rd choice and now it has been eliminated. I would like the certainty of knowing that the parking will be available in the 2 or 3 lots that I use. The Strom Thurmond Institute has lots of visitor spaces that are filled with staff & students who are illegally parked. There isn't sufficient parking to handle special events. In order to implement some of these things, what kind of cost are we looking at that will be imposed on us as staff members? There might be a possibility for carpooling, if the information could be shared between potential riders. All new facilities will be LEED certified and requires 5% carpool spaces. "Preferred" parking benefits for carpoolers could include reduced fees as well as reserved spaces. If the goal is to promote a reduction in parking, won't that reduce the parking services budget? Staff doesn't have a problem with increased fees. They're expected. But, the method needs to be evaluated. Can a percentage based on salary vs. a flat dollar armount be considered? I only get an hour for lunch and CAT is not reliable enough for me to use during my lunch breaks. I live in Anderson and used to work in the Edwards Hall Bldg and park in the Wal Mart Parking Lot. Others in my department would take CAT, but can't because their supervisor wouldn't allow employees to be 20 minutes late. 8:00 am to 8:20 am are critical times. The new WalMart route in Central, SC routes are all on the east side of campus, none on west side. The drive behind the P&A Building is a maze to get in and out of. It's very difficult to get across campus in a vehicle. Disabled vehicles are constantly parked near Lahitsky Hall. Parking Services says there is no where else to put them. We offer classes to the outside community (seniors) and it's very difficult to hold classes for them because of parking difficulties (600 students). We could have more enrollment if we had more parking available (at least 30 spaces). There are faculty/staff & commuter spaces available near us. We see service vehicles everywhere and they're only used part-time (random trips to farms, etc.).

Bill Hughes Debbie Charles Debbie Charles Ellen Gideon Paula Sally Kudrow Lance McKinney Tom Jones Norman Ellis Trudy Houston Ellen Salzman

Facilities Brackett Hall Brackett Hall Human Resources Human Resources ITC Video Production Facilities Toxicology DCIT Strom Thurmond Bldg

Vanessa Weston Debbie Charles Tom Jones

Parking Services Brackett Hall Facilities

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Fees Shelby Henderson Edwards Hall Fees

Debbie Charles Laura Oglesby

Brackett Hall Pike

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Leslie Cobb Leslie Cobb Susan Azzarello Susan Azzarello

Nursing Nursing OSHER Lahitsky Hall OSHER Lahitsky Hall

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Dan Schmidt

Network Services - VP User Groups of Staff Senate

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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name Paula Porter


Dept. Serene Hall Issue Availability Comment There are a lot of students who park in our staff lot. There needs to be a system where staff/faculty are provided parking near their building, separated from students. The problem is worse in the mid-morning (10:00 am). There's also a problem with left over resident vehicles from the night before. At 8:15 AM Parking Services is busy issuing tickets to the left over vehicles. When they created the timed spaces at ________________, faculty parking evaporated. I've seen the campus go from students having crappy parking and faculty/staff having good parking to the opposite occurring. There should be roads dedicated to buses only (like Strom Thurmond) for timing and access benefits. The transit system IS NOT going to work if you don't provide transit access across the campus. The development between Strom Thurmond and The Library needs to be designed to allow for access across campus. Is it too late to change that if the project has already been adopted by the Campus Master Plan? Can the east/west access be provided under ground? There's a red bus line that goes out to where I live, but doesn't drop off at campus, so it's very inconvenient to ride it. I've heard that an on-campus daycare center is being planned, possibly at the old YMCA Building. Morrison Annex is another potential location. Why not make that a CAT or shuttle bus stop so that people with children in the day care center can park ther and ride the bus into campus? We've been asked if we're interested in partnering with the proposed daycare. I used to live in Washington, DC and now I live in Central. I would love to carpool if I could find a rider. I used to live in New York and I don't think Clemson has the mindset that's ready for carpooling. We have a lot of deliveries at the Library and staff that work varied shifts. Please be mindful that some of our staff do not work M-F, 9-5. You have to drive to Human Resources because CAT doesn't provide service there. You have to drive to the Madren Center because CAT doesn't provide service there. We could use smaller vehicles (as opposed to CAT) for on-campus routes. I'd like to see CAT go between campus and downtown. When you need to ride the CAT bus, you don't know where it goes, and when it goes there. The CAT bus stops have signs but they are brown and there are so many trees that I can't see them. I don't mind riding CAT but I don't want to leave my car parked at a Wal-Mart parking lot. Plus, it's designed to send students TO Wal Mart to shop, not transport park-n-ride users FROM Wal Mart to the campus. Employees from the Research Park are having to come on campus more often now and aren't used to needing a parking permit. Are there any transit routes that serve T. Ed Garrison, Swine Farm, etc.?

Leslie Cobb Leslie Cobb Dan Schmidt Dan Schmidt

Nursing Nursing

Availability Availability

Network Services - VP User Groups of Staff Senate Network Services - VP Road Access of Staff Senate The Union Road Access

Karen Donald

Laura Oglesby Tony Oliva Paula Porter

Pike Web Services Serene Hall

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Susan Azzarello Leslie Cobb Tony Oliva Terri Alexander Dan Schmidt Dan Schmidt Tony Oliva Terri Alexander Dan Schmidt Leslie Cobb Leslie Cobb

OSHER Lahitsky Hall Nursing Web Services Library Network Services - VP of Staff Senate Network Services - VP of Staff Senate Web Services Library Network Services - VP of Staff Senate Nursing Nursing

Master Plan Development Alternative Transit Modes Alternative Transit Modes User Groups Transit Transit Transit Transit Transit Transit Transit

Dan Schmidt Leslie Cobb

Network Services - VP of Staff Senate Nursing

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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name


Grad/Undergrad Issue Transit Transit Transit Comment The timing of the CAT buses in relation to when classes start. (Look at Berkley Place. It comes at 9:06 a.m. and arrives at Tillman at 9:28 p.m.) The red bus route drops off at Hendrix at 9:20 a.m. and Sikes at 9:22 a.m. dependent on traffic. At night, thre route times are better. So what I'm hearing is that the synchronization of the bus times and class times do not correlate well. Students can't get to class on time because even though the bus is supposed to be there at a given time, but isn't. Red route - Windixie. Correction: Stopped that as of this week. If students do choose to take the bus in the morning, the buses are full, mostly on the red route in both directions. Then they have to wait another 30 minutes and are late to class. It comes around 8:50 am. I've gotten emails from people on the South End of campus and have the same problems with the red route. People say the same thing about the blue bus. You have to arrive 30 minutes earlier. It's easier to park and walk than ride the bus at Sikes. The bus that circulates campus serves the lots pretty well, but doesn't come across campus. Perimeter Road works well to provide access across campus during the career fair. Lightsey Bridge Apartments are farther away than any other residential area. It takes 15 minutes to walk from Lightsey Bridge Apts to the Student Center. Lightsey Bridge Apts students has the lowest class attendance because of the 20 min walk and because there is no bus service. The fact that buses show up either all at one time or none at all affects ridership, even at the same bus stop. The blue bus drops people off at the same place that the Anderson bus. If you were to spread the times that the Anderson and Seneca buses drop off at this location, you wouldn't have such a problem. About 50% to 60% of the Anderson & Seneca bus riders get off at the blue bus stop. Why isn't there a left turn signal at Sikes Hall? It's a very dangerous intersection and people fly down the road (Hwy 93). The transit system seems to be easier to improve than the parking system. The parking system will only be improved with new parking garages. Why do staff/faculty get to park in the middle of campus? Is it preferntial treatment because of the needs of the faculty/staff? Students are paying a parking & transit fee totaling $175/year, where faculty and staff are only paying $25/year (if making less than $30,000/year and living 5+ miles away from campus). State legislature determines faculty salaries. If staff/faculty fees increase, will that decrease student fees? If students are paying for the new garage, why will faculty/staff get to use it? I think in the long term, parking fees should shift to a pay-as-you-go system. A lot of students accept the fact that they have to park on the perimeter campus, but one disadvantage is when students have to drop off things at their dorms (not enough loading zones). The 24-hour employee spaces are underutilized, mainly because of location. I think if we reallocate the spaces, they could be decreased in number. I don't know all the parking regulations and I think most students are guessing at what's right. I live in Bryan Mall and I park in the R-1 Lot (THE PIT) and it's a pretty good distance to walk at night. Campus Security does provide a ride to the lot, but it gets backed up. I wasn't aware that I could walk to the bus stop and a bus would come every 15 minutes. Lighting is poor in the R-1 Lot and that affects safety.

Transit Transit

Transit Transit Transit Transit Transit Transit

Transit Transit

Traffic Transit User Groups Fees/User Groups

Fees/User Groups Fees/User Groups Fees Availability FLEX SPACES Availability Enforcement

Pedestrian Safety Pedestrian Safety

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Stakeholder Input Forum
Stakeholder: Name


Grad/Undergrad Issue Pedestrian Safety Communication Communication Communication Communication Alternative Transit Modes Transit Communication Communication Communication Communication Comment I remember walking to the R-1 Lot and feeling unsafe and scared because it's full of trees and the walk is downhill and hard to do at night. Send an email to all the R-1 Lot users that the CAT bus provides shuttle service to the lot. Another communication method would be to temporarily put signs at entrances to the lots. The system map holds the most information, but parking isn't on it and the parking map is upside down and confusing. The CAT map is confusing and doesn't clearly show the bus routes. It could be GREATLY improved. A closer parking space would be a good incentive for students to carpool. Can CAT schedule the bus break times around the differences in class schedules during the week (M-W-F vs. W-TH schedules)? Why doesn't CAT utilize the student text messaging system to notify when buses are out of service? Using the text messaging system would be fine, if students are able to select which mailboxes they would receive messages from. If the GPS system won't be implemented for a while, what about broadcasting voice messages at bus stops? The university should provide better information about the CAT system at orientation.

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