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Silent Auction


									Silent Auction
ConCeption III will be hosting a silent auction. Here is how it will work. Take your auction items to the ticket sales desk. They will give you a silent auction form (or fill them out in advance to save time at the show). You will need two copies. One copy goes with the item for auction and the second will stay at ticket sales for our records. Silent Auction Bid Form
From the Collection of: Item Name Min Bid $ 1st bid $ 2nd bid $ 3rd bid $ 4th bid $ 5th bid $ 6th bid $ 7th bid $ 8th bid $ 9th bid $ 10th bid $ Note:

Bidders Name

Bidders badge Number

Bids must be higher then the previous bid. Highest bidder wins. If you are the highest bidder pick up you item after 1pm on Sunday at the event ticket sales desk. Please pay for your item by 3pm so we can close out the sale. If you are the seller, please pick up your cash at the event ticket desk after 3pm on Sunday

On the second copy, the copy that stays at the Event Ticket Sales desk please put your full information on the back. I.E. Your Name, Your address (in case we will have to mail a check to you after the show) Your Phone number Your Badge Number The Event Ticket Sales desk will then confirm that there is a bid sheet for each item that is going to the auction. Once this is complete the Event Ticket Sales Desk will then send a runner to the auction area (Exhibitors Room) to place your item in the auction. All auction items are to remain in the auction area until the manger of the Event Ticket Sales picks up all the items and returns them to the Event Ticket Sales Desk for payment from the highest bidder.

Costs: It will cost you $0.25 filing fee for each item listed this fee is paid when the items are turned in to the event ticket sales to go into the silent auction. This fee is paid up front. If the item does not reach the min bid the item is returned to you. Any item that is sold over the Min bid is subject to an additional fee of 10% of the difference between the final price and the min bid. Example #1. The Advanced Civ game has a min bid of $70.00 it sells for $80.00 Your fee is $0.25 plus the difference from the sell price and the minimum bid. In this case that is a difference of $10.00 so the auction receives an additional $1.00 on this sale. Example #2. The AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual has a minimum bid of $15.50. It sells for $17.50. You pay $0.25 filing fee plus 10% of the difference between the Min bid and the sell price. In this case you pay us and additional $0.20 (10% of $2.00).

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