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					ROTARY CLUB OF CLAYTON Weekly Bulletin
April 19 2004
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Apologies Glenda Rose, Jim and Jean Cochrane, Tom Portelli. Makeups Nil At the last meeting John Barnes raised an item for discussion from our low membership and inability to attract new members. (We had 12 members present) He felt we needed more to be properly viable and suggested a merger with say Oakleigh may be a way. This brought a spirited response with Bill Sides strongly against the idea saying that despite our low numbers we achieved and any merger would dilute what we now do so not be productive and a few members would no doubt be lost. Richard Simmons posed some idea clearly from having thought a lot on the subject prior. Amongst his many good ideas was that of focussing speakers, perhaps one a month, putting less emphasis on projects and a bit more on value or return to members, maybe a bit less focus on overseas and more on community where we are seen and may attract members better and plan months ahead. Ed Allchin suggested demands may be a bit much now or complex and that we perhaps should be a bit more flexible in what is expected of members. Some do almost too much which can make others less able physically or time wise feel somewhat guilty or not be prepared to join and give up that order of time. Richard pointed out Rotary itself needs to look at itself citing the family fun day nil for kids and gave undeniably good reasons. Kelly suggested a bit closer to home and getting in at younger ages via school awards, teacher involvement and raising flag in the community. Bob Minter feels he is useless being now somewhat physically handicapped and that may be so for some projects but not others. It was pointed out experienced guys like him are every bit as valuable and can do as much or little as they chose, they have the ability to guide possible only with great experience and person contacts. Such people are very valuable to a club and should not feel guilty about their status but maybe we should back off a little. Ralph says people don’t always do the really right thing, people can get off side and we all need to work in such circumstances to re-arrange things so we don’t haemorrhage Tony thinks we should skew club activity more to Australia than overseas. Leslie thinks more fellowship functions are the way to go to give more back to members.

Vol 38 No.37

Discussion on Club and directions
Leslie Zuccaro

Desk Kelly Allen


Ed Allchin

Kelly Allen

Desk: Ed Allchin

Visitors: John Barnes

Warren agrees we need to look at ourselves and go back to Rotary basics. Kelly commented that if we merged members may move to clubs nearer their homes so may achieve less than hoped for in membership. Neil agrees we need work through any problems and act on the good ideas. He commented that the fellowship accompanying the travel fellowship visit was great and that sone tasks have perhaps been a bit demanding on the members. The discussion is to continue next week.

Coming Events
May 1-2 MUNA May 16th District Assembly May 18th Monash Raffle butts to be returned to Warren th June 26 District Changeover 20th August Teddy Bear Auction Box Hill Town Hall March 17 -20 2005 Conference Bendigo

Birthdays etc


Raffle Books.
Warren has raffle books for the Monash Community Raffle. Every book raises money for us which helps local charities etc. The more sold, the more is made! Books must be back in by 18 th May to Warren.

Words of Paul Harris
ON INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL "If there is any one of the many things in Rotary that seems to me to be appropriate at this moment, it is the promotion of international goodwill... It is quite natural that we should think of our nations as THE nations...and think that the culture and educational processes of the other countries are essentially wrong if they differ from our own... If we cannot encourage that feeling of tolerance in our own country and in every country, only God can save the world". Paul Harris speaking to the Rotary Club of Elgin, Scotland, June 2, 1934 as reported in local press. As the world began to change for the worse as war approached, Paul Harris's response was one of “'tolerance” of all peoples, of all cultures, of all political systems. (Harris had recently embarked on a tour of South Africa and this experience was still in his mind). Here again, Harris gives us the key word to the success of Rotary - Goodwill. For him, it was that simple. Contributed by Calum Thomson, RC of Longniddry, D1020,Scotland; History Fellow RGFH


TWELVE STEPS TO ROTARY’S CENTENNIAL Frequently, Rotarians ask what they should be doing in their Club, District and as individuals to help promote the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International. The official launching of Centennial activities was on February 23, 2004 and will continue through Rotary’s Centennial Convention in Chicago from June 18 to 23, 2005. The following twelve steps may provide guidance for Rotarians who wish to become involved in promoting and supporting this once-in-a-lifetime Rotary event. CENTENNIAL DISPLAYS OF ROTARY IN YOUR COMMUNITY Many clubs are collecting memorabilia, photographs of service activities, civic awards given to Rotary, and other interesting historical items to prepare attractive centennial displays for store windows, libraries and local museums. The rich history of Rotary in your community can be portrayed on high quality displays and posters to show how Rotary has been a significant influence to the quality of life in your community. Rotary International has produced a set of three colorful Centennial posters (at a cost of only $10) which can be incorporated into local displays. Cliff Dochterman Chairman Centennial Operations Committee

Rotaract Roster
In an effort to improve interaction between the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs I have once again tried to get a roster going for inter-club visits. Rotarians to visit Rotaract 12th April - Easter Monday (no meeting) was to be Jim and Jean 10th May - Warren 7th June - Glenda / Neil 5th July - Michael Emerald and Clayton Rotaract Clubs are about to start selling Entertainment Books as a fundraiser for various projects.

Many of you probably know about these books but for those who don't they are a discount voucher book for restaurants, movies, fast food places etc. Books are selling for $60 this year and it is quite easy to get your money back just by going to the movies and hiring a few videos. After that any savings are a bonus! Just a few of the places offering discounts are Village, Hoyts, Video Ezy, TGI Fridays, Fasta Pasta, McDonalds, the Aquarium and Museum as well as hotels and fine dining restaurants. To purchase a book or view a sample copy you can contact: Brad Knight (Emerald) on 0438 429 192 or or Robyn Kensley (Clayton) on 0412 376 937 or me by return email. Books will be available after April the 17th and sell out every year so if you would like to reserve a book contact one of the above people. Regards, Kelly Allen

District Changeover
This will be held at the Dingley International, Boundary Rd Dingley on Saturday 26th June.

District Newsletter
This is available from the 9810 website; it is informative, colourful and newsy but rather large at 1 megabyte. Clayton was the top in district for attendance! Keep it up!


An IT Husband
Starting the day with a conversation between a wife and a husband who happens to be a software engineer. Husband : (Returning late from work) “Good Evening Dear, I am now logged in”. Wife : Have you brought the grocery? Husband : Bad command or filename. Wife : But I told you in the morning. Husband : Erroneous syntax. Abort? Wife : What about my new TV? Husband : Variable not found…. Wife : At least give me your credit card, I want to do some shopping. Husband : Sharing Violation. Access denied… Wife : Do you love me or do you only love computers or are you just being funny? Husband : Too many parameters… Wife : It was a great mistake that I married an idiot like you. Husband : Data type mismatch. Wife : You are useless. Husband : It’s by default. Wife : What about your salary? Husband : File in use… Try after some time. Wife : What is my value in the family? Husband : Unknown virus.

Club Service

Club Extension and Retention The District 9810 Extension Committee facilitates researches and coordinates the chartering of new clubs throughout District 9810 and can also suggest initiatives to clubs requiring assistance in rebuilding their membership base. In recent years, charter members of new Rotary clubs have been a vital part of Rotary's membership growth. Other activities of this Committee during the 2003-04 year will be to investigate opportunities for a Younger Persons Rotary Club within the District, a Home Based Business peoples club and Breakfast clubs in business communities. Please contact Chairman John Henderson for further information on this important aspect of our District. Email contact:


The brilliant Jacki Weaver and Max Gillies are back!

Last of the Red Hot Lovers by acclaimed writer Neil Simon, returns in May to the Beckett Theatre at The CUB Malthouse, Southbank, presenting your organisation with an occasion to enjoy great theatre, super stars and a fantastic fundraising opportunity. The Story So Far…Barney (Max Gillies) is a 47 year old restaurateur facing the terrible midlife dilemma of a happy marriage and possible death without dishonour! Desperate for the love of, well, any other woman, Barney’s rendezvous with attempted adultery in his mother’s apartment, leads to three hilarious encounters with three red hot ladies (all played by Jacki Weaver). For her brilliant work in last year’s box office smash hit of this production, Jacki has recently been honoured with the GLUGS (Sydney Critics award) for most outstanding actress 2003. The combination of Jacki and Max, two of Australia’s legendary talents, with writer Neil Simon, “the patron saint of laughter” and leading Australian theatrical touring company HIT Productions, makes for an exceptional night of love and laughter in the theatre!
Last of the Red Hot Lovers – Beckett Theatre, The CUB Malthouse
      Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday Monday Tuesday 6 May 2004 7 May 2004 8 May 2004 8 May 2004 10 May 2004 11 May 2004 8pm 8pm 2pm 8pm 8pm 8pm Preview Preview Preview Matinee Preview Preview Opening Night


Entertainment Package
 Ticket to the play  Complimentary theatre program  After show supper, including champagne or wine  After show coffee & biscuits for Matinee attendees  After show meet and greet with the cast Tickets for the Evening package are scaled according to group size: 1-20 = $40.00 + GST 21-50 = $36:00 + GST 51- 100 = $33:00 + GST $5800:00 + GST

To purchase the show, 193 seats, to organise a gala event:

The Matinee show tickets are priced at $22.00 + GST across the board.
Please contact Kellie Bray on 9599 0808 or at your earliest convenience, to reserve your group booking to Last of the Red Hot Lovers. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity for your organisation to enjoy a chance to raise the roof with laughter and to raise some valuable funds for your group!


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