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       You are ALONE
       Posted by AlienResistance on Feb 4, 2013 in Testimonies of Freedom | 0 comments                                  Translator

                                 The CE4 Research Group                                                                 Bens Translator

                                 Testimony – 49

       The Testimony of Melody

       Dear Mr. Jordan,

       I do have a testimony, and its not of the caliber I’ve read on the site, but its significant, if                     Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien
       it will help. Well, I will just ramble out a bit of brain essence here. I was raised into a                          Abductions Stop and Can Be Terminated as a Life
       born-again Christian single parented family. I do practice meditation, not of any sort of                            Pattern In the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ
       religious type, but of a healthful insightful type, to “surf” my soul you can say. As I
       meditate, I try to see all of myself, to better myself, so I can live for the purpose I am
       here for (So memories start to rush over me when I go really deep). Now, when I was
                                                                                                                        Essential Info
       little, it started off being very bright and fun, to drastically “loner” and angry practically
       overnight. I used to draw people on operating tables, with holes in their bodies. I used to
                                                                                                                           UFO & Alien Deception
       write things when I was little, one like: This is the president, you are to have sex with so
       and so… Really sick things. I don’t recall an actual abduction. But I was very little, and I                        Recent Polls - Belief in Aliens & UFOs
       remember the loneliness and hurt, and used feeling it left with me. It was a sexual
       experience as well. And it IS pretty odd for that to happen to a 5 or 6 year old (These                             Secular Ufology Research
       memories started to flood me about a couple weeks ago). I had always had this impeding
                                                                                                                           Christian Ufology Research
       thing on my life, like a invisible knapsack on my back. And it was then when I remembered
       the initial feelings of it all. It was like, you are completely and hopelessly ALONE. And its                       Abductions Stop in Name of Christ
       like nothing can save you. And the feelings that rushed over me from the presences was
                                                                                                                           False Visions and Terrifying Dreams
       that of wanting full control and power over Earthen life. Every little noise I hear in my
       house is them. Every little spontaneous thing I hear is them. When I rest, the creaks in my                         Deceptive Extraterrestrial Message
       house seem to have screams in them, when I am more receptive to these things.
       Everything that abstracts my way of living is them. I am like a radio-head. When they do                            Bible on Extraterrestrial Life
       not want me to know a thought, a big noise erupts somewhere, whether it be the TV or
                                                                                                                           Strong Delusion - Bible Prophecy
       something falling to distract me from my precious inner discoveries. They work through my
       family, and everyone I know. They are here now, and are probably etherically touching me                            Stop Alien Abduction!
       or something. I once felt hands on my back, like doing something to my skin. (this was in
       bed). It felt like hands were coming out of the wall. They are already here, and already                            Testimonies of Freedom
       have control. And it is the ultimate battle. The night these feelings came back to me, I                            Guy Malone's Book & Testimony
       went downstairs to email a friend (at like 1:00am), and my sister was on the computer,
       and I told her I had to do something very important, and she was calling me crazy and told
       me I had lost it, and I clearly saw it in her too. Its as if were in their ”spaceship” already,                  Recent Posts
       and they are just not letting us see them, so we wont panic. America is gone. They have
       America….I am in it. Location matters much. Call me crazy, and lunatic….cause I felt                                Victory Over These “Creatures” in Jesus –
       alone, that no one would believe me. I am paranoid for legitimate reason that I have
                                                                                                                           Video Testimony
       experienced the pure power of Satan. And he has no real control other than what I don’t
       let the Holy Spirit have(which I am getting stronger in every day). That’s why its always a                         Little Humanoid Attacks Me On My Bed –
       tease and distraction, rather than a punch in the face, cause its my caliber of faith. It is                        Sleep Paralysis
       more real then any of us know it (Satan being a spiritual being, and God being so far up in
       the heavens running it all). God is here, and a light whisper. Satan is here, and a profound                        Levitation and Gray Aliens[9/25/2013 11:07:56 AM]
You are ALONE - Alien Resistance

       thing, that God is even using for us to wake up to see Him. After I recalled all these
                                                                                                          Tall Grey Stopped in Name of Jesus – I still
       things, I was curious to read other et experiences, to feel better, because I felt so alone. I
       clearly saw it going to work even while I would search. Working through people telling             don’t think my body left my bedroom
       other experienced people that they are special, and that we are connected to them and              In the name of Jesus, Get OUT of here!
       that they are coming for us to be reunited, and that some people’s missions here, are for
       to reunite galaxies, which are in our blood. I would only say these things, because
       everything seems to be a deception after this wave came over me. God has worked in my
       life through the impact of what I felt. The flesh. And Ive learned that to repent is to           Alien Resistance
       accept that you are wretched, and not to shew it. And then you learn God behind it all,           42 videos | 267 subscribers
       even the evil part. And Jesus almost seems like my brother, let alone my Saviour. And it is
       God who let me rise up through this to tell everyone that its ok, and the real purpose of
       life is to come to him through all the sin and wretchedness, and know that there is nothing         Subscribe
       you can hide. And the holy spirit is in us all, just waiting to be shaken. I seem egotistic.
       But I just wanted to say those things, and that in all essence, don’t be moved by anything,
       because it is all a test for us to accept and rise. Even though I walk through the valley of
       the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Jesus lives indefinitely, and
                                                                                                                  Ancient of Days Conference DVDs
       perfect love casteth our fear, and don’t take the word love for granted. It seems a little
       off topic to say those things, but this is what ultimately God had let grow in me through my
       “extraterrestrial experiences”, and now everything seems so profound and so simple, and
       be not conformed to this world, but be transformed. Even Satan is being used, for our
       betterment to grow in God. I need not say anymore.

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