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   Survivial: The Liberty          Yahshua in preparation for The WAR OF ALL
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                                     SATANIC SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE AND HEIRARCHY CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE[9/25/2013 10:37:44 AM]


                                   This is a collection of Derek Prince teachings
                                   from Derek Prince Ministry. I hope this blesses a
                                   great number of people, as it has blessed me.
                                   The teaching range from deliverance and how to
                                   deal with demons, to how important the work on
                                   the cross was.

                                   Derek Prince was born in India of British parents.
                                   He was educated as a scholar of Greek and Latin
                                   at     Eton      College     and     Cambridge University,
                                   England, where he held a Fellowship in Ancient
                                   and Modern Philosophy at King's College. He
                                   also     studied      Hebrew        and    Aramaic,      both at
                                   Cambridge University and the Hebrew University
                                   in Jerusalem. In addition, he speaks a number of
                                   other modern languages.

                                   While serving with the British army in World War
                                                                                                      INTERCESSORY PRAYER ALERT ! By Augusto Perez, 11 - 3 - 2011 - PDF
                                   II, he began to study the Bible and experienced
                                                                                                      DELIVERANCE> Prayer Of Renunciation of Religions, Cults and Sects PDF
                                   a life - changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Out
                                                                                                      DEMONOLOGY : The Study of Demons- CIA Manual by Stewart Best PDF
                                   of this encounter he formed two conclusions:
                                                                                                      Daily Warfare Prayer PDF
                                   first, that Jesus Christ is alive; second, that the
                                   Bible is a true, relevant, up - to - date book. These
                                   conclusions altered the whole course of his life.
                                   Since then, he has devoted his life to studying
                                   and teaching the Bible.

                                   His daily radio broadcast Derek Prince Legacy
                                   Radio         (formerly    Keys     to    Successful Living),
                                   reaches more than half the world and includes
                                   translations        into     Arabic,      Chinese,    Croatian,
                                   Malagasy, Mongolian, Russian, Samoan, Spanish
                                   and Tongan. He is the author of over 40 books,
                                   over      450      audio      and      150    video   teaching
                                   cassettes, many of which have been translated
                                   and published in more than 60 languages.

                                   Derek's main gift is explaining the Bible and its
                                   teaching, in a clear and simple way. His non -
                                   denominational,            non - sectarian    approach       has
                                   made his teaching equally relevant and helpful to
                                   people from all racial and religious backgrounds.

                                   September 24, 2003 Derek died in his sleep at
                                   his home in Jerusalem of heart failure following a
                                   prolonged period of declining health.
                                                                                                      Warfare Prayers and Decrees (PDF)
                                   On      the     October     30th    2011     interview    of the   Prayer Against Terrorism. Alexander Backman (MP3)
                                   Omega Man Radio Show hosted by Shannon                             Prayer Against Terrorism. John Eckhart. (PDF)
                                   Davis , Steve Quayle recommended the teachings                     Our Father in Original Aramaic. Alexander Backman (MP3)
                                   of Derek Prince and stated that his 23 year - old
                                   son was transformed by being given the wealth of
                                                                                                                              YOU CAN ADVERTISE HERE
                                   knowledge and wisdom contained herein.

                                   Listen to the Omega Man Radio show Podcast

                                   Files on this page include:
                                   1. Derek Prince - And the End Shall Come
                                   2. Derek Prince - Basics of Deliverance
                                   3. Derek Prince - Casting Down Strongholds
                                   4. Derek Prince - The Cross in my Life
                                   5. Derek Prince - Deliverance & Demonology
                                   6. Derek Prince - Do you Know how Valuable you
                                   Are ?[9/25/2013 10:37:44 AM]

                                   For more free archives go here

                                   Do not forget to direct others who are in need of
                                   this knowledge and wisdome to this site.

                                   Contact me with any questions that you may

                                   Benevolent Blessings in These Times of

                                   Soldier of Yahshua,

                                   Alexander Backman

                                   "For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war :
                                   and in multitude of counsellors there is
                                   safety."(Prov 24:6 [KJV])

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