You Can Clean Silver With Ketchup

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					                You Can Clean Silver With Ketchup

When I stay at home for a little bit longer than I should, I start to think about strange things.
Yesterday, I was wondering whether or not I was able to clean by myself my silver brooch. I
haven't worn it since the wedding of my best friend. Her wedding was four years ago. I didn't have
any special detergent, so I had to think about something else.

I made a little online research and found out that I can clean my silver jewelry with ketchup. It
sounds strange, but now I can say that it really works! Besides, ketchup is very cheap and you
can find it everywhere. Let me show you how I cleaned my silver brooch and the other silver
objects I found at home. The first thing you have to do is...

1. Buy Ketchup From The Supermarket

There is no big difference between different brands of ketchup. They all use similar ingredients so
you can just pick the cheapest one for the purpose. You need ketchup because of the ascorbic
acid that tomatoes contain. Like any acid, it reacts to certain elements. Luckily, you can find such
elements on the surface of your silver objects.
2. Fill a Bowl With Ketchup

You need to do that because you have to place your smudgy silver things in it. You have to wait
for about ten minutes so that the acid in the tomatoes can react with the dirty silver. After that
period, remove the silver objects and continue with the next step of the cleaning operation.
3. Scrub Your Silver Jewelry

Use a piece of rag or whatever unused clothes you have. I used a piece of an old t-shirt that I haven't worn
for ages. Gently scrub the delicate surface of your silver thing. Be patient and continue rubbing until the dirt
spots are removed from it. For detailed surface you should be more patient because it's harder to clean it.

4. Rinse Out Your Silver

Use warm water to clean the ketchup and the dirty particles you have just scrubbed. Can you see the
difference already? If your answer is no, repeat again the whole operation. Ten more minutes with the
ascorbic acid from the tomatoes should do the trick!
If you have followed my four simple steps and you have ribbed patiently all the filth, your earrings, candle
holders or brooch should look like brand new. You have just saved some money that you would usually pay
to your local silver cleaners in Barking for instance. I hope my article was helpful to you and your old and
smeary silver brooch shines again on your beautiful neck!

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