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					                      MoreNiche presents guide on
 How to Edit Your Affiliate Links in
    Ebooks Using Nitro PDF

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This is how your trial version of Nitro PDF should look your, once installed.

To start, click the Continue button.

Then using the Open button, open the ebook for editing. You can also press CTRL + O on your

See the open button (yellow folder) at the top of the window? Select the file and click Open.

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Once that’s done, the ebook should open and look like this.

Switch to the Insert and Edit Tab by clicking it - shown here with a red border:

Then click on the Link button - shown here with a red border.

Once you click this button, the mouse cursor will change to a “+” and you will be able to select
regions, such images or text.

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Linking an image
Simply select the area you want to appear as a link. This window will pop up.

What you see here are the default options. You can select the link appearance,
link color, line thickness, highlighting style, etc
As for link action – you will need to use the 2 option – Open a Webpage. Once all settings on
this form are set up, click the button – Next.

In this window enter your linking code and click ok.

You can get your linking codes from webmaster area. They are located here:


As the end result, around the image you will see the blue border. Once the file is saved and
viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the link is clickable and will open the Lovecentria website
with your cookies set! So now, every sale made will be credited to your account!

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Putting link around text
To put links around text, you have to follow the same principles.

Click on the Link button (shown with red border).

Select the text you want to link.

For example, for selected text you can set properties like these:

The result will be like this:

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Editing/updating existing links
Editing links in Nitro PDF is a little more complicated. To edit an existing link, take these steps.

Click on the Link button (shown with red border).

Select the area of the current link. In this picture below “the Mens-Network” is linked.

The next step is to click on the centre or right side of the link, which should result in following

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This menu is useless, since it doesn’t allow you to anything with the link. All options are disabled.
Now here comes the trick. You should click now with the left mouse button in this dots
surrounded area.

This will make the link look like this. Then this dialog will pop up.

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This is the “Create link” option, but we don’t need this, so click Cancel or hit the ESC button on
your keyboard.

Now, click again in this dotted area and the result should be like this.

The link now is selected! Use Right click, and this time you will be able to pick the Properties

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This will open the Link Properties window, which is pretty similar to link creation. This time, there
is two tabs.

In Appearance tab you can edit the link properties.

The other tab is Action. Click on it and click on the “open a web link” so it marked as selected.

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Now, if you click the Edit button, the link editing box will pop up. Replace it with your ID or
completely new linking code. Once your changes are made, click Ok for this window and Close
for parent window.

You can get your linking codes from webmaster area. They are located here:


The difference between inserting a new link and editing links is that your newly inserted link will
have blue lines around text and images, while old links will remain as underlined, unless, you
change it by setting the same Appearance settings as you used for your newly created links.

Once you have edited all the links, click on the save button (shown as diskette) or you can click

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