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					September 25, 2001 Christopher Wendell, Theatre~Intime

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BAC, BodyHype, Expression, Naacho, Muse, PSAT, PUP, Quipfire!, Stripes, Wym'On Stage, Intime, PSC Ballet Folklorico, DiSiac, Mime Co., Triangle, Sympoh, Raks Odalisque, Jugglers, One Hope Drama


Next Meeting Next meeting time set for 6pm, Tuesday, October 9th in Frist. Chris Wendell will lead and will advise of the exact room location once it is scheduled. He will also try to arrange food with Paul Breitman.


Crises Response Many PAC members have suggested that the groups, either individually or collectively, make an effort to contribute to relief assistance in the wake of the September 11th tragedies. Several ideas were discussed. - It was suggested that groups donate a portion of their ticket prices to a disaster relief organization for upcoming performances. Quipfire and Intime donated their entire revenue for their show that ran the weekend of the events. Realizing that every group has different financial situations, each group is encouraged to make whatever contribution they can. - Many people also felt that PAC as a collective should do something in response to recent events. A PAC benefit show, with a similar format to Tiger Night, was suggested. It could include performances from all the PAC groups, as well as other means of raising money, such as a dinner or a silent auction. Caroline Barnard, Becca Lemme, Jeny Schanbacher, and Amanda Brandes will explore the feasibility of putting together such an event and report back next meeting.


PAC Bulletin Board Please remember that the PAC board in Frist is only for PAC group announcements. If you see unrelated flyers up there, you may take them down. Also, if there is no room on the board and another group has posted multiple flyers you may remove some of the excess flyers to make room for yours, but please be considerate. Also, Becca Lemme has volunteered to spruce up the

board and make a nice boarder so that other groups will be less likely to post in our space. IV. Eating Concerns Peer Educators Jeny Schanbacher has offered her services as a Peer Educator to PAC Groups in setting up sessions with the ECPE team for those groups who are interested. The sessions last around 15-20 minutes and address issues of body image, diet, health, and fitness. V. Tiger Tickets Chris Wendell reported on a meeting that he had with Dean Dunne concerning student group eligibility in the Tiger Ticket program. In order to get your performance qualified to be part of the program you MUST meet with Dean Dunne and register it (this is NOT the normal DOSL event registration). In addition, you must be using the Campus Box Office System in order to participate. Dean Dunne emphasizes that this is a trial year and that if there are too many administrative difficulties or security problems it will not be continued. Please do NOT advertise any events as “Tiger Ticket Eligible” until you have met with Dean Dunne and received approval. Further details will be presented at the Leadership Summit, Friday, October 5th in the afternoon at Frist. To participate in Tiger Tickets, your group MUST send a representative to the Tiger Ticket session. VI. Poster Tear-Downs Dean Dunne said that he will have a representative from Buildings and Ground to answer our questions about poster burns on campus at the Leadership Summit. Hopefully that person will be able to shed more light on the schedule so that groups do not waste money printing ads that people will never see. VII. Wym’On Stage Leadership The group Wym‟On Stage is suffering a leadership problem at the moment because their registered president with the DOSL is not a currently enrolled student. Other officers of the group will be meeting with Dean Dunne to discuss the issue and ensure that the group maintains it‟s recognized status. PAC groups are reminded to consult the DOSL‟s website and handbook concerning who can be officers of student organizations (specifically as applied to graduate students and non-enrolled students or those on Leave). VIII. Charge Accounts Cliff Sofield reported that Dean Dunne is looking for a student to investigate the creation of student group charge accounts at common vendors such as Kinko‟s,

Pequod, Home Depot, etc. The idea is that each group would have an individual account with a list of authorized users. That account would then be paid automatically from the group‟s 541 account via the DOSL. Cliff, Jessie, and Leslie have volunteered to visit vendors and investigate procedures for setting up such accounts. IX. Misc. Announcements.  Please remember to use the most updated PAC list. Better yet, send emails from the PAC email account. Username is „arts‟ and the password is „pac2000‟.  Darryl Waskow would like to come to the next meeting to brief us on new changes at 185 that will affect student group usage of the shop and other technical items. Chris Wendell will contact him to advise him of our next meeting time.  Please send Chris agenda items for the next meeting (cwendell@).

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