Newsletter for the Week of October 14-18_ 2013 by JenBatte


									                                                                           Ms. Batte’s
                                                                  For the Week of October 14 - 18,

   Important Dates                                 Classroom News
  Monday, October 14th – Wellness
                                                  Cookie Dough should be delivered at some point this
             Check Day
                                                   week! I will give you more info on this as I receive it!
   Thursday, October 17th – Fall
                                                  Our Fall Party will be on Friday, November 1st at 1:30
        Picture Retake Day                         p.m. Ms. Turner traditionally allows the K-2 students
                                                   to dress up in their costumes on this day and we have
  Thursday, October 17th – Report                  a parade throughout the school. I will send more
          Cards go home!                           info home as I receive it to verify that this is still her
  Friday, October 18th – Wear a tie
      to school for “Tt Week”!                    We still have several students who haven’t turned in
                                                   their class t-shirt money. (OVER HALF OF OUR
  Thursday, October 24th – Blood                   CLASS!!) Please be sure to do so as soon as
    Drive, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.;                 possible—making payments is perfectly acceptable!
                                                   Thank you!
    Health Fair/5th Grade Music
      Program, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.                   Please visit and “follow” our Classroom Website—
                                         ! You can
  Friday, October 25th – Crazy Cap                 “follow” by e-mail or through Google Plus and
         Day for “Cc Week”                         Twitter, if you have a Google or Twitter account.
                                                   Look along the right-hand side of the site to find the
                                                   “follow” links. If you “follow” our site, you will be
                                                   alerted every time a new post is made. I post info
          Birthdays                                and/or pictures a couple times each week. You can
                                                   also find fun learning websites for your child to “play”
       Roger – October 13th                        on at home, as well as printable copies of the
                                                   newsletter and calendar, and more info on the stories
                                                   that we read each week. 

Literacy Tip: Try writing our weekly sight word (or one your child is struggling with!) on index cards
and taping them to doorways and mirrors at home. Have your child read the word each time they
enter or exit the room! 

Ms. Jen Batte                          E-mail:
Watt Hardison Elem.                    Webpage:
300 Gibson Street
Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
       Lunch Menu                                          What We’re Learning
Monday: Stuffed Crust Pizza or Breaded
Pork Chop; pasta salad, green beans, fresh
                                              Reading: Our Focus Stories this week will help us to answer the
                                              question: How do animals and people communicate? Both stories fall into
orange wedges, and blueberries
                                              the genre of realistic fiction. Our first text this week will be Amelia's
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Sandwich or
                                              Show-and-Tell Fiesta, written by Mimi Chapra and illustrated by Martha
Breaded Cheese Sticks; baked potato,
                                              Aviles. At her very first show-and-tell, Amelia may have made a big
Romaine salad, carrot sticks w/ dip, Gala
                                              mistake! Seeing a basket filled with all sorts of small objects makes
apples, and sliced peaches
                                              Amelia worry that she has brought the wrong item to share with her new
Wednesday: Tacos or Chicken Fajita;
                                              classmates. The most precious thing of all from her island home may not
refried beans, veggie boat, taco trimmings,
                                              be the right thing in her new American school.
fresh strawberries, and tropical fruit mix
                                                 Next, we will read Mice Squeak, We Speak, written and illustrated by
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets or Lasagna w/
                                              Tomie dePaola. Three children describe a menagerie of animals and the
Breadstick; garden salad, corn, bananas,
                                              sounds they make. They bear the message that every living thing has
and pear halves
                                              something to utter, but only humans talk.
Friday: Mini Burger Sliders or Ham &
                                                 Our Focus Skills this week will be blending and segmenting onsets and
Cheese Flatbread; waffle fries, broccoli
                                              rimes, reading with expression, understanding characters and author's
trees & carrot sticks w/ dip; fresh fruit
                                              choice, as well as analyzing and evaluating a text. We will also be
cup, and grapes
                                              focusing on the letter ‘Tt’ and its corresponding phoneme, /t/.

                                              High-Frequency Word: we (Please continue to practice all of our Sight
                                              Words at home!)

                                              Letter: Tt

                                              Oral Vocabulary (Amelia's Show-and-Tell Fiesta): foolish, frowns, ruffled,
                                              special, treasures, tropical

                                              Selection Vocabulary (Mice Squeak, We Speak): chatter, coo, snore,

                                              Math:     As we get back in the swing of things

       Related Arts                           this week, we will review identifying, writing, and
                                              matching numbers 0-5 to sets. We will also work on
                                              identifying the different ways to make the numbers
           Schedule                           4 and 5. This is the precursor to addition—as such
                                              the vocabulary “plus” and “equal to” and their
                                              corresponding symbols will be introduced! 
               Week B

Monday: Art                                                         Important Info
Tuesday: Music                                        The students have noticed the guinea pig that Mrs.
                                                    Hines adopted for her 1st graders and have approached
Wednesday: Library                                  me about getting a class pet. I made a deal with them
                                                     that we could adopt a pet, given that they meet my 2
                                                              conditions—which are as follows:
Thursday: P.E.
                                                    1 – Every student in our class knows all of their letters
Friday: Art                                                        and sounds by Christmas.

                                                   2 – Our class receives a Golden Award (from any Related
                                                    Arts teacher for best behaved class—awarded weekly).
**Please make sure that your
child wears tennis shoes on P.E.                   I’m hoping this will be a big motivation, and if so, we will
days!                                             have a new addition to our “family” after Winter Break! 

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