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MangoTix Mobile Ticketing System Whitepaper


									MangoTix – Mobile Ticketing

How Does It Work
The following diagram illustrates the closed-loop mobile ticketing process. This process is involved in both pre and during event activities.

Utilising its patented rapid application development platform, JMango has developed a unique mobile ticketing application called MangoTix. With seamless and effortless client integration, the MangoTix application is a complete 360 degree mobile ticketing solution, allowing users to order, pay for, receive and redeem tickets to events. The MangoTix application can work across a variety of different clients, from large ticketing houses to boutique agencies, individual events, promoters and anyone else seeking a unique ticketing solution on the go. The solution is also environmentally friendly, with a secure paperless ticketing option for the eco-minded. Like most JMango applications, the MangoTix can be simply and easily bolted onto existing payments services, allowing immediate and secure integration. The first step in the process is to download the mobile application for the event, which involves the user making the request (1) for the application (either via the third party website or an opt-in SMS message). The MangoTix provides system integration API to allow third party websites to connect directly to the system and send the application as well as create and issue mobile tickets. A message containing the download link is sent to the participants mobile (2), where they can start purchasing tickets or accessing event information. Once the application is on the mobile, users are able to purchase tickets directly from the main menu (3), using a credit card which is processed via the secure payment gateway. Once the transaction is proved, a unique encrypted 2D QRCode image will be sent to the users' mobiles (4) as well as AIMIA is the first client to use JMango’s Mango Tix application for 15th Annual Awards program. The MangoTix application has been incorporated into AIMIA’s JMango mobile application, allowing those who download the application or visit the mobi site (iPhone, Windows Mobile) to purchase paperless tickets seamlessly from their mobile. In addition to the MangoTix feature, the AIMIA mobile application also provides the latest news on the Awards nights as well as details on the nominees, contact and event info. It will also enable push and pull communication, allowing users to pull additional content as well as AIMIA to push event reminders, competition details, post event content pack etc. any guests' mobiles that the users have purchased tickets for. This QRCode is stored both within the actual application as well as their SMS Inbox. On the day of the event, the user will present their unique QRCode ticket and swipe this code at the entrance (5) for a quick entry process. The entrance scanner verifies the ticket and updates the ticket status (6) accordingly, which can then be used to trigger additional communication such as welcome messages or call to action initiatives.

AIMIA Client

MangoTix Features
Mobile Client Download
• The mobile application is compatible with all the mobiles supporting Java game and application downloads (i.e. J2ME MIDP 2.0), including Symbian OS phones, Nokia series 60, 40 2nd edition, SonyEricsson, Motorola etc. • MangoTix also operates with other PDA phones such as iPhone and Windows Mobile through a seamlessly integrated mobi site, that is activated automatically using handset detection technology • In downloading, MangoTix provides webservice integration and a SMS channel to allow mobile users opt-in for download from third party website or directly from their phone via SMS shortcodes

System Integration
• The JMango MangoTix application is a complete 360 degree ticketing solution • MangoTix provides webservice interface to allow integration with existing websites or the development of standalone desktop mobile-ticketing software. These include: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Creating mobile tickets Sending mobile ticket to users and guests Real time ticketing updates Sending mobile application to a phone to purchase tickets, access event information

Mobile Ticket Validation
A stand alone desktop system is placed at the entrance and is used to scan the QRCode tickets:

Web Management Interface
• The MangoTix mobile application provides a easy-to-use web interface to manage events, create and issue mobile tickets • Provides full reporting on ticket status and ticket holders, including the ability to create intuitive paths for enriched use experiences • Features a content management system for publishing event information, news and other types of event content via both Push and Pull mobile channels ◦ Ticket holders receive message (SMS or JMango application) on their phone via Push channel ◦ Ticket holders can also request the latest news and event information on demand via the mobile application • Send ad-hoc messages via SMS and JMango mobile application to ticket holders, such as event alerts, location/time updates • • Fully configurable payment gateway integration Content management system for mobi site to create and manage event information • Has the ability to build fully customised and branded ticketing solutions, including media rich interface to with corporate imagery/branding as well as audio, video and other interactive media

◦ ◦

from mobile phone screen or from ticket print

• • •

Can work offline or online to provide flexibility in system setup Fast scanning action less than 2 seconds to validate Allows for optional TV screen display to show ticket holder's information; name, title, company as well as optional photo

• •

Scanners can be setup in a network to allow multiple entry points Updates ticket status in realtime in online mode or in batch in offline mode to provide post entrance value added messaging

Ticket Receipt Via SMS

Mobile Screenshots
Mobile Ticket Receipt Via JMango Application

Receive ticket via SMS

Mobile Receipt

Mobi Site on iPhone

Purchase Ticket On Mobile Phone
Access event info Buy tickets

Contact Us
For more information on JMango’s unique MangoTix mobile ticketing solution, please contact Ilan Oosting or Allan Bennetto on the following: Ilan Oosting (CEO): Download Mobile Application View pricing information Allan Bennetto (Marketing Director):

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