Cores Skills You Will Need In The IT Industry

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					Core Skills you Will Need in the IT Industry
The best kept secret of the IT Industry, is that you don’t really need to get a degree to get
a job in the IT industry. All your boss cares about is if you have the skills to do the job.
Your boss does not care if you got your Microsoft certification in Kuwait, taught yourself
code or if you graduated MIT, just as long as you can do the job and have the experience
to prove it. These may skills include being fluent coding languages like HTML 5, PHP,
jQuery, Java or SQL. Your boss may also like you to be familiar with mobile
development, cloud computing, information security, and social media.

Know your Coding Language
Know your languages. Your coding language skills will all depend on the niche you wish
to fill within the IT industry. If you are more interested in coding for the web then
                         HMTL5, CSS, PHP and Javascript are some languages you will
                         need to be fluent in.

                       If you are more interested in computer programming and database
                       management, then languages like C++ and SQL will be on your
                       need to know list. But unlike human language where you can
                       practice with another person, learning any coding language takes a
                       lot of practice, a lot of mistakes, and a lot of “how to” internet
                       searches. But your diligence will be rewarded.

                       Dumb phones are out, and smart phones are in. This means career
                       in IT may include developing apps for smart phones and
familiarity with mobile development for iOS and Android.

Cloud Computing
Everything is going to the cloud. “Cloud Computing” is a term for new distribution of
computer programs and software through internet browsers instead downloading them to
the hard drive of your computer. Abode did this recent with their popular Creative Suite.
In the future, you will not need to download Microsoft Word software, you will be able
open an internet window and open a new Excel
spreadsheet or Word document.

Another skill you may need in the IT world is
familiarity with information security. Data has always
been a valuable and vulnerable asset to individual and
companies. Information security is big and booming
business. If you know how to encrypt information or
to protect computers from malicious viruses, you will
be a valuable asset to any company.

But almost above all else you will need to be familiar, with social media. If you do not
know how to post a status on Facebook, create a blog, pin a post on Pinterest, retweet a
tweet or upload picture with Instagram, you may need to reconsider your career path.
Social media is a pervasive and effective tool to garner customers, and if you know how
to use social media to make money for you company you will likely remain a valuable
staff member.

So no, you don’t need to have a degree to have a career in IT, but you need the skills and
it doesn’t matter if you got them in a Microsoft training course in Kuwait. Of all the
above skills find your niche, do it well and you will have a successful career in the IT

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