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Name and Address:
University of Szeged, Faculty of Juhász Gyula Teachers’ Training College 6. Boldogasszony Sgt. Szeged, H-6725 Hungary Tel.: ++36 62 420-495 Fax: ++36 62 420-953 http://www.jgytf.u-szeged.hu/

ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator: Gabriella Balog Molnár International Relations Office H-6720 Szeged Dugonics tér 13. tel.: ++36 62 544-009 fax: ++36 62 420 895 e-mail: gbalog@rekt.u-szeged.hu The "International Relations Office” in our Teacher Training College is in charge of coordinating the Eramus-Programs. Address: University of Szeged, Faculty of Juhász Gyula Teachers’ Training College Office of Foreign Relations 6. Boldogasszony Sgt. Szeged H-6725 Hungary Tel./Fax: ++36-62-544-772 Deputy Director-General of the College responsible for Foreign Relations: Dr. habil. Zsuzsanna Benkő e-mail: benko@jgytf.u-szeged.hu Head of the International Relations Office: Dr. Katalin Györke e-mail: gyorke@jgytf.u-szeged.hu The institutional ECTS coordinator: Miklós Krész, Lecturer Department of Computer Sciences 6. Boldogasszony Sgt., Szeged, 6725 Hungary Tel: ++36 62 546-080 Fax: ++36 62 420-953 e-mail: kresz@frakk.cs.jgytf.u-szeged.hu

Replacement: Dr. Klára Tarkó, Lecturer Department of Applied Health Sciences 6. Boldogasszony Sgt., Szeged, 6725, Tel./Fax.: ++36-62-544-737 Tel.: ++36-62-544-000/6232 e-mail: tarko@frakk.cs.jgytf.u-szeged.hu

B) Academic calendar
Academic Year 2001/2002 Term I. Date 8. September 9. September, 11 o’clock 10. September 10-21. September 10. September - 14 December 12 October 24-27. October 30. October 17. December - 25. January 14-18. January 26. January 28. January - 1. February Event Registering of 1st year students Opening ceremony at the Faculty of Juhász Gyula Teachers’ Training College Registering of 2nd - 4th year students First teaching day of term 2001/2002 Period of enrolling into courses Academic term Last day to enrol into courses - for those with a special permission from the departments Autumn Holiday Deadline of submitting Thesis Exam period State exams Diploma Awarding ceremony Permitted extension of the exam period Term II. Date 4. February 4 - 15. February 4-22. February 4-22. February 4. February - 10. May 25. February 25. February - 3. May 8. March 18-22. March Event Registration (apart from final year students) Period of enrolling into courses Teaching practice of final year students Education - Psychology practice of 2nd year students Academic term (apart from final year students) Registration (final year students) Academic term (final year students) Last day to enrol into courses - for those with a special permission from the departments Individually organised education practice of 3rd year joint honours students and 2nd year language teacher students (the aspects of observation are given by the individual departments) Spring Holiday Deadline of submitting Thesis School leaving ceremony Exam period (final year students)

28-29. March 31. March 4. May 6-24 May


13. May - 21. June 10-21. June 29. June 26-30. August

Exam period State Exams Diploma Awarding ceremony Permitted extension of the exam period

C) Registration procedures
If you travel with an Erasmus-scholarship to Hungary, you might need a visa, though people coming to Hungary from most European countries do not need a visa. Often they can stay here for three months without getting a residence permit. An entry visa called TM 6 is required for every foreign student arriving to Hungary to study who wishes to study for more than 3 months. We suggest that you consult the Consulate or Embassy of the Hungarian Republic, or a body accredited to represent Hungary in your country and ask them for the up-to-date travel information. After your arrival to Szeged you must apply for a residence permit. The coordinators in the respective institute will be of assistance to you in this case.

Registration at the Institute
Students must contact the Erasmus coordinator of the departments they are going to study at directly. The departmental coordinators will help in orientation and registration at the college. There are also patronising Hungarian students who help you in finding your way in the town and organise registration matters.

D) Getting to Szeged
After you have arrived at the Airport Terminal 2 ("Ferihegy 2") in Budapest, you can take the bus with the red Nr. 93 from the airport to the railway-station in Kőbánya (terminus) from where you can go on by train. Another alternative is to make use of Airport-Minibus-Service which takes you from the airport to the Western Railway-Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar) where you can take a train to Szeged. You can order Airport Minibuses either right in the arrival hall or by call 00/36/1/2968555. The fare is HUF 1300.- per person. If you travel by train to Hungary you arrive at Eastern Railway-Station (Keleti Pályaudvar). In this way you can take the trolley Nr. 73 which takes you to the Western Railway-Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar). The railway ticket between Budapest and Szeged costs HUF 1310.- (If you travel by InterCity-rail you have to pay a surcharge of HUF 320.- for seat reservation ticket). We suggest you to take an InterCity train because its more conformable, air-conditioned and faster. Tickets can be bought in advance at railway stations, tourist offices and in Budapest, at the MÁV Office (Budapest, Andrássy út 35. Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5-6 p.m. tel.: 00-36-1-322-8275). For information concerning national lines call: 00-36-1-461-5400, for international lines call: 00-36-1-461-5500.

Timetable of InterCity trains:
Budapest Nyugati-Station - Szeged Departure NAPFÉNY IC 07:05 DANKÓ PISTA IC 15:05 MAROS IC 19:05 Arrival 09:37 17:37 21:37


Szeged - Budapest Nyugati Station Departure NAPFÉNY IC 06:25 DANKÓ PISTA IC 14:25 MAROS IC 18:25

Arrival 08:57 16:57 20:57

E) Cost of Living
Average costs of living in Szeged, including room, board, and transportation, amount to $ 200-350 per month. It is worth noting that the university cafeterias always offer inexpensive meals. Living expenses are reasonable in Hungary as prices here and in other Eastern European countries are very favourable to Americans and Western Europeans. The official exchange rate is about 300 HUF to one US dollar. A few examples of prices: a meal in a modest restaurant costs about $ 3-4. Public transportation is inexpensive in general; for example, a round-trip ticket for the express train between Szeged and Budapest with the student reduction costs ten dollars. A local bus ride is a quarter. Even books in the English language and illustrated volumes that participants in some courses may want to buy, cost not much more than $ 15-20. CDs of classical music cost between five and fourteen dollars, while pop music costs slightly more. Some commodities, on the other hand, are more expensive in Hungary than in Western Europe or in the United States such as electronics and gasoline.

F) Accommodation
The college has a dormitory where you can live in double or triple bedroom during your stay. Teleki Blanka Kollégium Address: 5. Semmelweis utca (street). Szeged, H-6725 Price: HUF 800.- /person/night Tel.: ++36-62 456-089 or ++36-62-456-248 There is a possibility to rent a mansard room in Hotel Forrás: Forrás Szálloda 16-24. Szent-Györgyi Albert u., Szeged, 6726 Reception: Tel.: ++36 62 / 430 822 Mansard room with 3 beds: 1 person - 30.000 HUF/month 2 persons - 35.000 HUF/month 3 persons- 40.000 HUF/month You can live also in rented accommodation. A single room in a flat-sharing community costs about HUF 8000, plus utilities. A one-room-flat costs about HUF 20.000 plus utilities.

G) Health and Insurance
All students must have medical insurance when they register at the college. International students may prefer the insurance coverage from their home country. However, we strongly encourage you to buy the Hungarian medical insurance which costs only $30 a month. It entitles you to any medical service that Hungarians are entitled to. You can go to see a family doctor any time, medicine is available at a significantly reduced rate and all hospital costs are covered, too, should you need any hospital treatment. It is always advisable to have some kind of a travel insurance in order to be fully covered for the trip to Hungary and the first few weeks in the country. However, if you choose insurance from your home country, in most


cases you have to pay all your medical costs on the spot (which, in case of an accident can be enormously high) and then you get the money, or a certain part, back after you return home. In case of medical problems there is a doctor available for students and guest students of the college. Address: 18. Korda utca (street) Szeged, H-6725 Tel.: ++36-62-444-493.

H) Study facilities at the host institution
After you have arrived in Szeged you have to register at the college (6. Boldogasszony sgt.) and then you will get a student card. During your stay you have to pass exams which are laid down in a so-called study-contract signed by the representative of your institution as well as by the representative of the host institute. You will get a certification about your examination results. The University of Szeged makes it possible for you to attend lectures at other faculties of the university as well.

CENTRAL LIBRARY OF THE COLLEGE: Erasmus-students can borrow books at no cost or work in the reading rooms of the libraries. The central library of the college can be found at 10 Hattyas sor. You can use the catalogues there and then you can find the books and the periodicals in the libraries of the college. More information about book-list of the college after 1997 is available on the Internet (http://www.lib.jgytf.u-szeged.hu). Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: Friday: 8.00 - 16.00 8.00 - 13.00

DEPARTMENTAL LIBRARIES OF THE COLLEGE: See the descriptions of the different departments. CENTRAL LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SZEGED: You can also visit the central library of the University of Szeged. Address: 13. Dugonics tér Tel./fax: (62) 544-035 http://www.bibl.u-szeged.hu/ Opening Hours: Monday Tuesday-Friday Saturday Sunday Study period 13.00-20.00 8.00-20.00 8.00-19.00 Exam period 10.00-20.00 8.00-20.00 8.00-19.00 8.00-13.00


I) Other practical information
Opportunity of E-mail and Internet
You can make use of these at the Department of Computer sciences. Its address is: 6. Boldogasszony sgt. Computer cabinets are open till 9 p.m. Each of the computers has Internet connection, and software essential for education are also accessible.

Telephone and Post Office
In Hungary, there are two types of telephones: those that use coins and those that use cards. You can obtain a card (60 or 120 units) from the post office or from a newsagents. Telephone booths are blue. HOW TO CALL SOMEONE You need ten numbers if you are phoning anywhere in Hungary. From Szeged, if you call Budapest you need to use 06 in front of the number. Budapest itself uses 1 in front of the 7-digit number. If you want to call Debrecen, for example, dial 06 52 and then the 6 digit number you want to call. To phone abroad you need to dial 00 then the number of the country, then the number of the town and finally your correspondent's telephone directories, or by asking at the post office.

Post Office
The Main Post Office of Szeged is in the centre (1 Széchenyi tér, 6720). It is open from 8.00-20.00 on weekdays, and from 8.00-14.00 on Saturday.

Public Transport
The local transportation services are quite good. There are three tram lines (tram 1, 3 and 4), three trolley-bus lines (trolley bus No. 5, 8 and 9) and several bus lines that form a good public transport network. Vehicles depart in average of 10 minutes. In every term students and guest students of the college get free season-tickets from the Student Self-Government (Hallgatói Önkormányzat-HÖK) for the duration of their scholarship, which can be used on every Public Transport in Szeged. Those without a free season ticket can buy season tickets at ticket offices. An adult monthly ticket costs HUF2971. There is a possibility to buy a weekly ticket (HUF 860), a day ticket, a bunch of tickets (gyűjtőjegy) and a single ticket for one journey (HUF 85). Tickets can be bought from the drivers as well, but that costs somewhat more (HUF 105). You should show your season ticket to the driver when getting on the vehicle, or validate your ticket at a machine.

Shopping and Eating
Shops selling food are usually open from 7.00-20.00 in weekdays and from 7.00-13.00 on Saturday. Shops of miscellaneous items (clothes, electric items, books, etc.) are open between 9.00 and 18.00 during weekdays and 9.00-13.00 on Saturday. There are also small shops that are open from 6.00-22.00 every day, and you can find some non-stop shops as well (e.g. Kelemen utca. - in the centre, close to the main building of the college). We also have three shopping centres open all week: Tesco Rókusi körút, 6724 Szeged (tram No. 8, Bus No. 83) Cora Zápor utca, 6728 Szeged (Bus No. 79) Szeged Plaza 119 Kossuth Lajos sugárút, 6724 Szeged (tram No. 1)


Szeged Plaza has an entertainment centre as well, with cinema, bowling, pool and restaurants. Many excellent restaurants wait for those who wish to eat out. For example: Restaurant Gödör 103 Tisza Lajos körút, 6722 Szeged, ,Tel.: (62) 420 130 Restaurant Botond 13 Széchenyi tér, 6720 Szeged, Tel.: (62) 420 435 Restaurant Katedra Tisza Lajos körút, 6721 Szeged, Tel.: (62) 420 791 There are student restaurants (menza) and Milk bars where you can eat cheap and fast: Szote menza 11/13 Béke utca, 6722 Szeged Irinyi menza 4 Boldogasszony sgt., 6725 Szeged Boci Tejivó (Milk bar) Zrínyi utca, 6722 Szeged, (62) 423 154 For those who just want to sit outside in a terrace or inside at a table and drink coffee or tea and eat some pastries we can offer several cafes: Virág Cukrászda Kelemen utca, 6720 Szeged Átrium Cafe Kárász u., 6720 Szeged Millenium Cafe Dugonics tér, 6720 Szeged Cyber Cafe Dugonics tér, 6720 Szeged

Szeged, Hungary, has distinct seasons. Winters can be cold, while springs and summers are hot. Average temperature in Budapest in December is 4C; July, 22C. The climate in Szeged is usually a little milder. Bring proper clothes according to various seasons but try to avoid heavy, elaborate clothing. There is also plenty of clothing available in Hungarian shops and you may want to buy folk custom items, too, such as embroidered shirts, vest, or jackets.

Electrical items
Don’t bring electrical items along unless they can be switched to European current. Hungary uses 220 V 50 cycle electrical current.

Suggested miscellaneous items
 Prescriptions, generic brands. Bring a year’s supply if you are on a regular prescription. A note from your doctor explaining your medical condition can be helpful in case of emergency. (Eyeglass prescriptions and contraceptives can also be useful).  Travel clock, or watch.  Favourite CDs (Be aware that traditional Hungarian music is beautiful and the tapes and records sold in Hungary tend to be of very high quality. You definitely won’t be without music.)  Camera with some film supply. Colour prints and slides as well as video tapes are available in Hungary but tend to be expensive.  A lightweight laptop computer with your favourite software can be extremely useful.  Diary or journal, pictures of your family, scenes from home. Pictures can be useful if you want to tell about your family and home to your Hungarian friends. Pictures of yourself can also be useful in case it is required in some official places.  Cookbooks and favourite recipes from your country can be a great treat to share with Hungarian friends and host families.  Small gifts


It is very important that you carry all of your documents in your carry-on piece of luggage. Be sure to photocopy all documents and keep them separate from the originals.

The best way to bring money safely to Hungary is to have an electronic bank card. Visa Electron, Plus, MasterCard and EuroCard are the most popular in Hungary and you can easily find ATM machines in Budapest as well as in Szeged to draw HUF from your home account. You can also keep the bulk of your money in travellers’ cheques. We suggest buying American Express cheques as they are known world-wide. If you have to exchange money in Hungary, remember that changing money on the street is illegal and not worth taking the risk. Prices will be more than reasonable under the official exchange rate. Although it has changed to a market economy, Hungary still has proportions in its price and economic system and a standard of living which are different from the one you are used to. It may take a while to get used to the fact that even if you live within a tight budget, you will probably have much more economic flexibility and buying power than most Hungarians have. Banks in Szeged ABN AMRO Magyar Bank Rt. 9 Széchenyi tér, Szeged, 6720 Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 560 200 Fax: ++ 36 62 560 287, 560-289 6724 Rókusi krt. 42-64. (TESCO ÁRUHÁZ) Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 551 010 Fax: ++ 36 62 / 551 019, 551 012 6720 Szeged, Jókai u. 7-9. Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 551 520 Fax: ++ 36 62 / 551 526, 551 525 6720 Szeged, Klauzál tér 5. Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 551 420 Fax: ++ 36 62 / 551 432, 551 434, 551 439 ERSTE BANK H-6721 Szeged, 56. Tisza Lajos krt Tel.: ++36 62 560-560 Fax: ++36 62 560-561 BUDAPEST BANK Szegedi Fiók 6720 Szeged, 4. Klauzál tér Tel.: ++36 62 40 477-777 CIB BANK Rt. 6720 Szeged, Kiss Menyhért u. 1. Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 425 425 Fax: ++ 36 62 / 425 495 6720 Szeged, Mérey u. 6 / C Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 554 910 Fax: ++ 36 62 / 554 919


E-mail: szeged@cib.hu Ügyfélszolgálat: 40 / 242 242 CITIBANK Rt. A member of citigroups 6722 Szeged, 5. Gutenberg u. Tel.: ++ 36 62 484-784 Fax: ++ 36 62 425-011 BANK - AUSTRIA Creditanstalt 6721 Szeged, 18-20. Kossuth Lajos sgt. BA6CA Telephone bank: 06 1 301-20-40 NONSTOP BANK Company of Bank - Austria Creditanstalt First direct bank of Hungary Tel.: ++ 36 40 301-999 INTER-EUROPA BANK Rt. Szegedi Területi Fiók 6720 Szeged, Széchenyi tér 2. Tel.: ++ 36 62 / 425 311 Fax: ++ 36 62 / 420 598 POSTABANK Rt. 6720 Szeged, 17. Széchenyi tér Tel.: ++ 36 (62) 482 582 Fax: ++ 36 62 421-737 6722 Szeged, 57. Tisza Lajos körút Tel.: ++ 36 (62) 483-311 Fax: ++ 36 (62) 421-854 6726 Szeged, 16-20 Fő fasor Fax: ++ 36 (62) 432-367

Extra-mural and leisure activities
THEATRE National and repertory theatres can be found in Szeged where in addition to plays and operas, modern ballet performances can also be seen. The National Theatre is at 12. Deák Ferenc utca, and the Repertory Theatre (Tantusz Művelődési Ház) is at the corner of József Attila sgt. and Dankó Pista utca. Tickets are sold at 15. Kárász utca, in the pedestrian precinct. CINEMA Belvárosi miniplex - nagyterem (big hall): 14. Deák Ferenc utca Belvárosi miniplex - filmtéka: 14. Deák Ferenc utca Belvárosi miniplex - kamara terem: 14. Deák Ferenc utca Korzó: 9. Széchenyi tér Cinema City Szeged - Szeged Plaza: 119. Kossuth L. Sgt. Grand Cafe: 18. Deák Ferenc utca


SPORT FACILITIES You can get information about these facilities at the Department of Physical Education. Address: 2/4 Topolya sor. Swimming-pool: 33. Temesvári körút - Students and guest students have free admission in the evening from Monday to Friday from 20.30-22.30 and at the weekends from 19.00-21.00.

Programs for International Students
There are various programmes for International Students organised by Ágnes Bata from the Hungarian Studies Department of the University of Szeged. For further information please contact: Ágnes Bata phone: +36 (62) 544-685 bata@hstud.u-szeged.hu

College and University Clubs
Concerts, theatre performances, discos and folk dance parties are organised in these clubs. They also have a cafe or pub inside. JATE Klub 2 Toldi u. 6720 Szeged, Tel.: 62/321-245 Szote Klub 4 Apáthy u., 6720 Szeged, Tel.: 62/455-044 Tamási Áron Klub (TÁK) 6. Boldogasszony sgt., 6722 Szeged, Tel.: 62/ 546-070

J) Important addresses and telephone numbers
Police Ambulance Fire brigade Railway Station Ordering IC tickets Central Bus Station Gabriel Taxi National inquiry International inquiry Address 16/22 Párizsi körút 6721 Szeged 2 Szilágyi utca, 6721 Szeged 2 Napos út, 6728 Szeged Indóház tér, 6725 Szeged Mars tér, 6724 Szeged 92/b Fürj u., 6726 Szeged Telephone number 107 104 105 62/ 421 821 62/ 420-136 62/ 421 709 62/ 555 555 198 199

Emergency calls (Police, Ambulance, Fire brigade) are also for free. Further information for Socrates/Erasmus students can be found at http://pollux.bibl.u-szeged.hu/erasmus/guide/. If you want to know more about studying and living in Hungary, see http://www.tpf.iif.hu/socrates/info_en.html.


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