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16, 17, 18 June 2009 | New Messe Stuttgart | Stuttgart | Germany

Source low-cost parts suppliers!

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Goudsmit presents new magnets

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Wave springs on show from Baumann

n European Automotive Components Expo 2009 will open its doors alongside Engine Expo and Vehicle Dynamics Expo at Messe Stuttgart on 16 June. And despite challenging times within the automotive industry, across all three shows there will be over 200 exhibiting component and manufacturing partner companies and several new product launches! This year’s European Automotive Components Expo is the place to discover new, potentially lowcost component providers within your supply chain, with several exhibitors from China, Hungary, Romania and Macedonia. From China, for example,

the Jiangsu Provincial Economic & Trade Office is attending for the first time. Indeed, representatives from 14 factories are confirmed to attend and discuss the possibilities of sourcing cost-effective component solutions. Something else not to be missed is the delegation from Hungary when it holds an open meeting at 10.30 hrs on 17 June on Stand 4316 – it promises to be a great opportunity to meet representatives from suppliers in the region. Elsewhere, a Macedonian delegation will introduce a web portal that serves as an interface between OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers. Exciting news is also to be confirmed

by The Auxin Group, which is returning to the show following a successful 2008 event. The firm plans to highlight its brand-new facility in Brasov, Romania. Throughout the exhibition hall you can expect to see the latest in automotive components, from electronics, springs and magnets, to suspension systems and powertrain technologies. The event promises to be the must-attend exhibition of the year for all engineers, purchasers and product specifiers. Read on to find out more about what’s new at European Automotive Components Expo 2009…

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VeNue iNfo

First light
n Lighting specialist Dreiha Komponenten GmbH will be exhibiting at European Automotive Components Expo for the first time, following visits by staff members in previous years. “Automotive lighting is an interesting subject at the moment,” suggests the company’s Azmi Mustapha. “LEDs are becoming increasingly popular, so we are keen to take advantage of this downturn by offering better value for money than bulbs. Also, LEDs offer much more design freedom, and better long-term

life and easier maintenance.” As well as exhibiting samples of exterior lights, Dreiha will be showing off its range of interior lights. “We are just finalising which products to take, but we have new ranges in the pipeline,” Mustapha continues. “We are currently a supplier for Toyota, so we are looking forward to meeting the European car industry face to face.” As well as car makers, Dreiha will be looking to expand into the tuning market.

Hungary: open for business
n A business-to-business meeting will be organised with the participation of the Hungarian delegation at 10.30hrs on 17 June in Hall 3 on Stand 4316. László Süveges-Szabó, business development director of sponsor ITD Hungary, says, “The aim of the meeting is to bring together potential business partners. The attendees will receive comprehensive information on the Hungarian exhibitors as well as about Hungary – a country which, even during this period of tremendous challenges, remains open for new forms of partnership, investments and bilateral trade.”
László SüvegesSzabó will open the meeting

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Meet new suppliers and manufacturing partners from around the

New forging facility in Romania
n The Auxin Group is returning to European Automotive Components Expo after an excellent event in 2008. Indeed, the organisation has just put the finishing touches to a large manufacturing contract with Bosch, based on people met in 2008. Tony Goffard, group export manager, enthuses, “It was really successful last year, so that is why we are coming back. We now have 600 workers spread across 11 factories in the four divisions of the group, with the headquarters in the Basque country in Spain. We have been growing steadily, with different types of business unit able to offer different skills.” Three years ago, Auxin opened a stamping facility in Poland, while last year a factory opened in Romania specialising in turned parts. “We are now opening a brand-new site in Brasov, Romania, which will specialise in cold forming and forging parts,” Goffard continues. “It will start small, with 10 or a dozen staff, initially supplying Delphi and Autoliv. And the more complicated the parts, the more competitive we are.” High-tolerance parts form the mainstay of the business, with the emphasis on safety or unit-controlled parts. Common-rail injection parts, brakes and airbag systems are all typical jobs for the consortium. For materials, each division has its speciality: pressure die casting concentrates on aluminium (Gabi SA); turned parts (Microdeco) are mostly steel and stainless steel; steel again for cold forging (Mafisa) and stamping (Teknia DEJ SA). “We can offer different materials for customers, and we think the breadth of expertise helps,” Goffard notes. “We are noticing that customers want us to get more involved with the design side. We will get initial drawings, and we will help to improve the part, lighten it and make it cheaper. We study the same part with different manufacturing techniques so we can find the best way to make it.”

The Auxin Group will be bringing a variety of samples created with different manufacturing techniques

EPMA returns ISO awards for Goudsmit
n The European Powder Metallurgy Association will be returning to European Automotive Components Expo after a successful debut in 2008, and will be joined by the MIM Expertenkreis. “We will be explaining the benefits of using the metal injection moulding process to the European components industry,” says marketing manager Andrew Almond. “It is often a better method of manufacture than forging or investment casting for near net-shaped components, as the process can be tailored with different powder or liquid mixes for specific component properties. It is ideal for producing small and complex-shaped parts, especially in automotive applications.” The EPMA and MIM Expertenkreis are keen to explain the environmental and cost benefits. “Like for like, costs can be reduced because there is no wastage with metal injection moulding,” Almond continues. “There is no flashing, and not as much tooling is required in comparison with, for instance, casting, so this also confirms the environmental advantages of MIM.” The EPMA rarely attends the same event in consecutive years, but with the automotive industry in its current situation, Almond is keen to get the message out. “2008 was very positive for us and we are looking to build on that success by promoting MIM to this year’s visitors.” n Dutch company Goudsmit Magnetic Supplies BV will be presenting an extended range of permanent magnets. The company has been awarded the prestigious ISO/TS 16949:2002 quality accreditation for the next three years, which is an ISO technical specification that aligns existing American (QS-9000), German (VDA6.1), French (EAQF) and Italian (AVSQ) automotive quality systems standards. This quality accreditation is a must for the automotive industry. Magnets are used in several positions in cars. Indeed, the number of applications that require magnetic sensors in particular is enlarging rapidly. From key lock to roof-top panels, loudspeakers to sensors, magnets are a necessity in modern automobiles. Safety is of the highest priority here, so the high quality of products is an important issue. Together with ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002 specifies the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. In addition, individual subscribing vehicle manufacturers have specific customer requirements. ISO/TS 16949:2002 was developed by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), in conjunction with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). The IATF consists of an international group of major vehicle manufacturers.

Web portal launch
With no flashing to clean away, complex components benefit from MIM

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n In June 2009, Cirko MES CE (The Mechanical Engineering Systems Centre of Excellence) will launch a web portal designed to serve as an interface between OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive component customers as well as a regional network of tool and die component manufacturers and service providers within the western Balkan region. This interface offers customers access to the capabilities of over 50 suppliers through an order management system that facilitates online tender submissions, supplier search tools and prompt and accurate responses to cost and material requests. Cirko also

offers customers rapid prototyping services, including product design engineering, 3D scanning, visualisation and printing, and product testing and analysis. Cirko MES CE is a spin-off of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Ss. Cryil and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. The centre was established to facilitate the use of technology solutions to improve the responsiveness of the country’s tool and die industry to its customers’ needs. The development and launch of the web portal is supported in part by the USAID Macedonia Competitiveness Project.

This includes support for developing the software for the interface and establishing an online database (or e-library) populated with technical specifications, drawings and planning tools intended to accelerate suppliers’ responses to requests for proposals. Cirko’s network currently focuses on Macedonian suppliers, although there are plans in the immediate term to expand the service throughout the western Balkan region. The organisation will be in the Macedonia Automotive Pavilion and will be available to answer questions about its services and/or respond to specific product requests.



Magnets are vital in modern cars




world including companies from China, Taiwan, Brazil and many more!

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Spring into action Chinese debut
n Baumann Springs (founded in 1886) is an internationally known company with 11 production plants in Europe, Asia and the Americas. On display at the event will be a selection of components for the automotive industry, including wave springs. The sales team will be on hand to assist visitors with any specific requirements. All Baumann plants are certified compliant with TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. As a clear advantage and benefit to customers, the company has a uniform IT platform for coordinated care and optimum communication in all aspects of daily business. n China Jiangsu Provincial Economic & Trade Office Europe – an official representation from Jiangsu Province, China – has organised companies from the province to attend the show for the first time. Weizhen Ji, a representative of the office, explains, “There will be staff from 14 factories from Jiangsu province present. We are looking for components importers, distributors and hopefully long-term partnerships.” With a population of 76 million and per capita GDP of US$5,700 in 2008 (nearly double the nation’s average) Jiangsu province is China’s top economic powerhouse, with the automobile industry being one of the key industries within the region. More than 2,000 companies in the province are producing automobile parts and components, with an annual turnover of US$25 billion. Opportunities are available for all kinds of collaborations, such as licensing foreign materials processing, investment, and so on. The office is a non-profit organisation funded directly by the provincial government. “We are well represented in Europe,” Ji continues, “with offices in Essex, UK, which is twinned with our province, as well as Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Germany. This gives us a good spread of languages.”
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baumann makes springs from 0.07mm wire diameter up to 60mm

Entry to European Automotive Components Expo also gives frEE Entry to the adjoining Engine Expo and Automotive testing Expo. Here is a selection of the highlights:

Measure for measure
n NanoFocus µsurf cylinder is an optical 3D surface-measurement system for high-speed non-contact 3D topography and roughness measurement of cylinder bores. The µsurf cylinder includes an angled optical insertion system matched to the geometry of the cylinder, thus allowing measurement in cylinder bores from 70mm diameter up to an insertion depth of 165mm. The system is fully motorised and can be joystick driven to any measurement point (radial, axial) within the cylinder bore. Besides evaluating ISO roughness values, extensive software tools are available to determine tribologically relevant 3D surface structures.

Polymers contribute to downsizing
n An electrically controllable water pump has been developed by GPMMerbelsrod for a new global fourcylinder diesel engine. Although conventionally powered by a belt, the pump has a special feature of being adjusted by vacuum depression. Therefore it can be activated in accordance with requirements to save energy. The controllable water pump also helps to quickly warm up both the combustion chamber and the various parts of friction, at the same time lowering fuel consumption and untreated emissions. The pump body parts of this advanced technology are manufactured with Vyncolit engineering material, which is significantly lighter compared with conventional metallic components and contributes to lighten the engine and again save fuel. Vyncolit is also showing the most recent development of a turbocharger housing developed in engineering phenolic materials. By introducing a phenolic housing, the development partner Woco could withstand the socalled containment test, one of the most critical tests. Apart from weight and cost reductions, other advantages are system integration and better performance.

The precision of the measuring head is in the nanometer range. The measurement results show absolute agreement with tactile methods. Due to its high spatial resolution and excellent reproduction of steep edges, the instrument can be applied in addition to and/or as a substitute for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The system is fully automatable for maximum user-friendliness. Optional software solutions offer remote interfaces to external programs for further data processing.

new sensors on show
Synotech and PCB Piezotronics Inc offer a range of sensors for automotive test ExHIbITOR and development applications. New products featured at the show include: a 6DOF wheel force transducer, a rugged, one-piece sensor designed to deliver highly accurate road load-data measurement and low-temperature-coefficient triaxial ICP accelerometers. Standard on-board filtering and high-temperature capabilities make these sensors ideal for powertrain NVH applications, or for any vibration measurement requiring tight control of amplitude sensitivity over a wide thermal range. Also available is the TORKDISC in-line rotary torque sensor system, designed for dynamometer and other test applications requiring a robust rotarytorque transducer where axial space is at a premium, such as powertrain development.

Reliability test
n TechnoLab GmbH is offering temperature shock testing using three different baths. With this novel test system the test objects can be alternately immersed into the test fluids. The temperature range of the accelerated tests is between -50°C and + 220°C within seconds. The testing objects are mostly electronic parts of engines and gear units up to 6 litres of volume in size, and weighing up to 20kg. The test cycles are user-defined and adjustable in depth and dwelltime. The temperature allocation is warranted due to an optimised system of intermixture of the fluid in the bath. In addition to this classical environment testing, TechnoLab is also offering the engineering for technology analyses. A further highlight of the system is the possibility of carrying out blowing-sand tests according to international aerospace standards.





16, 17, 18 June 2009 | New Messe Stuttgart | Stuttgart | Germany




Hotel Information
Hotels can be booked through the Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH website, or by visiting The reservations centre of Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH can also be contacted by phone, fax and email: Phone: +49 (0) 711 22 28 233 Fax: +49 (0) 711 22 28 251 Email:

The venue
Our 2009 event will once again run at the new exhibition halls located just a few minutes’ walk from Stuttgart International Airport. If you are flying in for the day this will be a real bonus in terms of time. By road you will find the journey to the Messe is well signed. If you follow the signs to Stuttgart Airport you’ll be heading in the right direction. The new state-of-the-art exhibition centre will provide you with a much better visitor experience whatever the weather, and a range of catering facilities will ensure that you are never far from a refreshment point and a place to relax.

Opening Times
tuesday 16 June 10.00hrs – 17.00hrs Wednesday 17 June 10.00hrs – 17.00hrs thursday 18 June 10.00hrs – 15.00hrs

Arrival by car
The new Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre is 13km away from Stuttgart city centre and located directly next door to Stuttgart Airport. Please follow the signs towards Neue Messe Stuttgart/airport.




Leinfelden- B24 Echterdingen

New Messe Stuttgart and Airport Filderstadt



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Arrival by plane
The airport terminals are approximately 200m from the trade fair site and can easily be reached on foot. At the airport you will also find the suburban trains (S-Bahn) S2 and S3 to Stuttgart main railway station. Travelling time: 27 minutes.

Arrival by train
Stuttgart is directly connected to 13 European capitals via the rail network (ICE, IC and InterRegio trains). From the main railway station to the new Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre: take the suburban trains S2 or S3, direction Stuttgart Flughafen/Neue Messe Stuttgart. Travelling time: 27 minutes.

Hall Overview

n	 Hall 1 Automotive testing expo n	 Hall 1 mAin ConCouRse CRAsh test expo n	 Hall 3 engine expo n	 Hall 3 euRopeAn Automotive Components expo n	 Hall 3 vehiCle DynAmiCs expo n	 ICS - ESV 2009


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