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									Dear Pinecrest Friends,
Carolyn and I have returned from the Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Florida, where we had very profound experience. There were 6,500 people at that conference which was held at First Baptist Church, Orlando. That sanctuary, which seats 6,000, was packed. Carolyn and I viewed the conference from a slight distance from the sanctuary - in a gymnasium! We and 498 other people were referenced as “The Overflow” group. Even under those circumstances, the conference was fabulous. The conference theme was “Contending for the Truth.” Key speakers were Ravi Zacharias, Al Mohler, John Piper, John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, and R.C. Sproul, Jr. The focal issue was our Christian response to Postmodernism. Speakers addressed Postmodernism with regard to the world, philosophy, society, and Christianity. The challenge of science, relativism, and evil were considered as well. Though material was challenging, it was a great blessing. Carolyn and I purchased a set of conference DVD’s and there is good chance that we might show some of those at Pinecrest and we can all benefit thereby. It was great for Carolyn and me to have a break. The Ligonier’s Conference was a tremendous blessing. We took a couple of days to be at Ormond Beach on our way home. It is great to visit “down by the sea,” but it is our prejudiced opinion that it was greater to return home “up in the mountains.” We are thankful that God in His matchless grace allows us to be blessed by both. We look forward to sharing further with you the conference we attended.

In Christ, Chuck Evans

Next Precentor deadline is Sunday, April 15
From The Session The regular Session Meeting for March was held at the church on Tuesday night, March 20, 2007. Vice Moderator Jim Brice presided as Pastor Evans was not back from the Ligonier Conference in Florida. John Gibson reported that some Ushers were not appearing as scheduled. A new schedule went out the week of 11 March. All Ushers are encouraged to arrange a substitute if they are not available as scheduled and to notify the Head Usher (the one listed as usher number 1) of the change and/or the inability to arrange a trade. Easter Sunrise Service will be at 7:00 A.M. at Bonclarken with Associate Pastor Andy Ward preaching. Andy will be off on March 25, 2007. Andy reporting for Christian Education answered the question from the February meeting concerning the “new” Christian Education position in the budget. The money is to be used as financial resources for the activities for young children of the congregation and children’s scholarships to appropriate Bonclarken conferences. A motion was carried for Christian Education to change the language and put the line item in the appropriate place in the budget.

Several youth are expected to join the church as soon as Pastor Evans and Associate Pastor Ward can work out the worship service schedule. A motion was carried to bring “Becoming a Contagious Christian” to the congregation through existing Small Groups and the formation of two or three new ones with training for Small Group Leaders during this summer for a start date this fall when all groups are up and running. Anyone who would like to lead one of the new Small Groups, please contact Andy Ward. The Session had its third lesson on “Becoming a Contagious Christian” on Wednesday, March 21 and the study is going very well. The First Sunday Missions Project exceeded the goal of $2,000.00 by $50.00 to provide scholarship money for the female doctor in Pakistan. We now have a missionary of the week to pray for who is listed in the Sunday Bulletin each Sunday. The next First Sunday Project for the April, May, June quarter is Local Missions (Open Arms & Hendersonville Rescue Mission). Remember our Special Services on April 15  18 with Rev. Mark Tankersley. The financial situation is not good as we are $8,156.00 behind expenses as of the end of February and $12,223.00 behind budget. Remember the general fund budget is the source of finances to run the church. The schedule for the National Day of Prayer was approved subject to music and Pastor Evans’ text and sermon title to be determined. The Silent Witness, “Easter He Lives” buttons/ decals are in - will be distributed the week before Easter. Elder Seth Swift has submitted a letter of resignation because he feels that he cannot devote enough time to the ministry. The Session delayed acceptance until further dialogue with Seth. Building & Grounds Chairman Bob Brogi reports that he is planning a meeting of the Septic/Sewer Project Committee this week. The First Presbytery Meeting on March 13 saw Terry Wallace complete his term as Moderator. Also one of our sponsored missionaries, Jeff Osborne came under Presbytery care as a student of theology at Reformed Seminary. Rev. Mark McClamrock resigned at New Perth and that pastoral relationship was dissolved effective March 4, 2007. The Summer Presbytery Meeting will be at Reformation on Tuesday, June 5, 2007. Pinecrest will provide parking and shuttle service for the delegates. Three possible Deacon Candidates were identified and will be contacted on their willingness to serve. A motion was carried on proposal submitted by Ron McKnight to the Finance Committee to consider including in the 2008 budget, funds for Pinecrest to become part of the “Church Club Plan” paying for the subscription to the ARP Magazine for every church family, at the special Plan rate. Those already subscribing could reimburse the church if they desire. This was in response to the Synod Moderator’s plea at the Presbytery meeting to keep this fine ARP Magazine going. Living in the overflow of God’s love, Bill Stanley, Pinecrest Clerk

The family of Bob Strickland in his death, the family of Mary Kennedy in her death, Joan Thomas in the death of her cousin, Don Hemsoth, Doreen McCall, Phyllis Thornton, Carrie Wilson, Ken Woods, Karla Reese, Sam Osborne, Billy Young, Gordon Dow, Evalyn Coad, Al and Betty Brouwer, Jerry Walker, Randy Taylor, Wes Woodman, Violet Lodato’s daughter, Ruth Anne Gibson’s daughter, Dave Cattrell’s son, Florence Claus, Mickey Horner’s daughter, Foy and Jo Maxwell, Dick Hilliard’s step-father, Fred Ansel, Bruno Isings, Heidi Sprowls’ brother, Helen Danelson, Joan Thomas’ brother.

On March 4 we welcomed these new members: Brian Pugliese 3082 Wesley Way, Hendersonville, NC 28792 696-2018 Brian is a student at Hendersonville High School, in the Symphonic Band and is interested in the medical field. He grew up at Pinecrest Church and joins by profession of faith in Jesus Christ. His sponsors are his parents and grandparents. Robert Patterson
333 Thompson St., Apt. 217, Hendersonville, NC 28792

698-6935 Robert graduated from UNC, Chapel Hill and was president of RankinPatterson Oil Company in Asheville. He has two daughters and three grandchildren. He joins by letter of transfer from First Presbyterian, Asheville. His sponsors are Lake Pointe Landing. friends & Ken De Zwaan. Chris and Mary Herbert 422 Newton Place, Hendersonville, NC 28739 692-3222 Chris is self-employed in the show business industry. His hobbies are golf and hiking. Mary is an accounting administrator. Her hobbies are crafts, reading and outdoors. They have one son, Austin. They join by reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ. Their sponsors are Andy and Martha Scott. Larry and Janie McKinley 493 Mine Gap Road, Zirconia, NC 28790 692-8855 Larry graduated from the University of the South and Duke. He is a training coordinator, technical writer and editor. His hobbies are remodeling, birds, forestry and hiking. Janie’s education includes Mars Hill College and Western Carolina. She works at the Hendersonville Rescue Mission and loves living on the family mountain. They both join by reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ. Their sponsors are Bud and Nancy Rogers. Lucille Beaupre

333 Thompson St., Hendersonville, NC 28792 692-4672 Lucille is a licensed practical nurse and a loan officer in a bank. Her hobbies are bowling and swimming. She joins by reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ and her sponsors are Bob and Virginia Heinz. Chris and Claudette Stec Falling Creek Camp Chris graduated from Davidson College and works at Falling Creek Camp. His hobbies are canoeing and fishing. Claudette was born in South Africa and she works in Animal Care Clinic. Her hobbies are horseback riding and woodworking. The Stecs have one baby son, Andrew. Claudette joins by reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ and her sponsors are Gerhard and Antoinette van Graan. On March 11, we had another new member: Anne Graczyk 34 Lake Pointe Cir. Hendersonville, NC 28792 696-0655 Anne was born in Germany and came to the United States in 1954. Her hobbies are family, sewing, and exercise. She joins by reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ. Her sponsors are Bob and Virginia Heinz.

Notes of Thanks ~
We have been so blessed by the prayers, cards, and calls from so many friends at Pinecrest as I was recovering from surgery on my hand and wrist. We thank you so much for your concern and thoughtfulness. Sincerely, Evalyn and Jim Coad My sincere thanks to each of you for your prayers and concern for my recent knee surgery. It went very well and I am feeling great. Thank you, each member of Pinecrest. ~ Bud Rogers I am sorry I’ve been negligent in getting a thank you out to all of you dear folks at Pinecrest. First of all, I want you to know I love every one of you and do appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you’ve had for me. From November to recently I’ve been down with one thing or another. I appreciate Pastor Chuck’s visits, Bill Stanley delivering flowers from the church, all those who visited me in the hospital and care center. I thank those who sent me cards and made phone calls in my behalf. Most of all, I thank you who have prayed for me. I do appreciate all these blessings very much. ~ Alma Poston

Thank you for the flowers. They are beautiful. And thank you for your cards and prayers. ~ Barbara Goodall

PENNIES PENNIES PENNIES It’s time to think about Camp Joy - our special camps at Bonclarken. So start collecting your pennies for the “Pennies for Joy Program.” You can box them, roll them, sock them, bag them, or otherwise collect them and give to Martie Embry, Helen Pearce, or leave in the church office.

CIRCLE NEWS CIRCLE I ~ had 6 at their last meeting. Nancy Boyea led the Bible study. Next
meeting, and all subsequent meetings will be at the home of Albertine Doggette nd at 7PM on the 2 Tuesday of the month. CIRCLE II ~ had 9 members in March. Violet Lodato gave the devotions and Carolyn Evans led the Bible study. Next month the meeting will be at Nan Simpson’s home on April 10 at 9:45AM. CIRCLE III ~ no report CIRCLE IV ~ met with 16 present. Doreen McCall and Virginia Heinz gave the devotions and Nancy Rogers led the Bible study. Next meeting will be on April 17, 1PM, with Liz Kimberling as hostess. CIRCLE V ~ no report CIRCLE VI ~ had 7 members at their March meeting. next month, April 3, the meeting will be at church at 7PM. They have just finished Beth Moore’s “Patriarchs” and will donate the DVD’s and materials to the church library.

Men’s Fellowship Dinner
6:30PM, Monday, March 26 - Baby at Baby Back Joe’s Restaurant in the WalMart Shopping Center. Mr. Andre Massey will be guest speaker. Sign-up in the atrium.

March Fellowship Dinner
We are privileged to have pianist, Betty Jean Billingsley perform for us at our March 28 Fellowship Dinner hosted by the Pinecrest Choir. Bring your favorite covered dish. The dinner starts at 6:30PM.

Missions Committee Report with THANKS! Your Missions Committee is delighted and very grateful to the Lord
to report that our 1 Sunday-1st Quarter 2007 contributions from our Sunday School classes totaled $2058! Our goal was $2000 to provide a scholarship for a young ARP Christian female medical student who, along with two other young ladies, are nearing completion of their medical training. These three have committed to work in the Christian hospital in Pakistan which is administered by our church member and missionary Ron Brunson. We rejoice that our goal was exceeded! Ron Brunson reported that a continuing need at the hospital is for medical personnel, particularly female doctors. He had obtained pledges for

$2000 scholarships for 2 of the 3 young ladies and had asked us to provide for this third student. We thank you and the Lord for meeting this important need in our missionary effort in a very needy country. Thank you!

Walk to Jerusalem
What a great group of walkers we have at Pinecrest! We have already traveled our 6,677 miles and are now detouring in Egypt and are going to spend some time in the Holy Land. As we approach the Easter Season, it’s wonderful to travel to some of the places where Jesus walked before the Crucifixion and Resurrection. We hope that our Walk to Jerusalem has been more than a challenge to exercise and improve our physical health. We hope that you are reading our inserts each week and praying for others in different parts of our world. We also hope that the Walk to Jerusalem is a spiritual blessing in your life. Please continue to walk with us for the next few weeks as we seek to

“Walk with the King and be a Blessing.”

News from Bonclarken
As we all know, Bonclarken is the Conference Center of our Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination. It was purchased in 1922 when a committee of five determined that the Heidelberg Gardens, as it was known at the time, was perfect for the assembly grounds of our small denomination. Following the retirement of our own Jim Brice, who served as Executive Director/President for 19 years, Joseph W. (Chip) Sherer, Jr. was officially named by the Board of Trustees as President and began his tenure at st Bonclarken on January 1 . The Sherer family has a long history with the ARP Church, beginning five generations ago. Chip was reared as a Baptist in Starr, SC, where his father’s career in education took him in 1962, and there was no ARP church there. Following a family tradition, Chip is an alumnus of Erskine College and worked there in both admissions and later as Director of Athletics. He received his Master’s Degree at UNC in Chapel Hill. Most recently, he was the financial officer for a friend’s family business. We welcome Chip, wife Cynthia (his Erskine sweetheart), and their children Emma and Joseph to Pinecrest. - - Eleanor Richardson, Coordinator for the Ministries of the ARP Denomination, WOC

Praise for Answered Prayer
Kay & Dave Cattrell are overwhelmed by the power of God in answer to the many prayers for their son who does not need a heart transplant after all. May he recover completely. Doreen McCall feels deeply blessed to be a part of Pinecrest and all the prayers raised for her. God has heard and her compression fracture is

completely healed. Margaret & Jack Fenner are immeasurably thankful for the prayers for Jack and God’s merciful answers. Marge De Zwaan gives thanks to God for answering the many prayers for healing of her back. Lydia Woods gives everlasting thanks to God for answering the prayers for mercy and healing for Ken in his two recent operations. May God’s mercy and healing hand continue as he undergoes radiation treatment. Ann & Bill Stanley give thanks to God for the miraculous recovery of grandson, Dale, from a horrible automobile accident.

Visit to the Cove
We had 38 to travel to the Cove and see the Billy Graham Training Center. What a blessing to see the pictures of the massive Crusades led by the Billy Graham Team. We enjoyed seeing the Chapel and learning about this beautiful place dedicated to the Glory of God. We enjoyed lunch at the Black Mountain Bistro. Our next trip is on April 6 as we go to Bob Jones University to visit the Art Museum and Living Gallery Performance. We will leave at 10AM. We have 46 who have purchased tickets. This promises to be a very special and inspirational event. Our visit to Erskine College and Seminary has been postponed from March to April so that we can be there when school is in session. This trip will be announced in a few weeks.

$ $ $ TREASURY NOTES $ $ $ FEBRUARY 2007 Year to Date Year to Date Actual Budgeted Difference $59,591 $71,814 $12,223

Praise the LORD! Spring is here - and the time is near at hand to celebrate our LORD’s resurrection and His conquering of sin and death on our behalf to transform us into His disciples. st I wanted to touch on our Christian Education goals for the 1 quarter of this year. They are: 1. Sunday School - 10% monthly increase 2. Website - update and improve 3. Small Groups - implement evangelism curriculum in all groups We are still striving for increases in Sunday School and that will remain a goal for next quarter as well. Casey Johnson has done an awesome job on the website. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to and check it out. Also, if you have any suggestions or updates for the website, talk to or e-

mail Casey from the website. For our small groups, all of them are going to be starting the training in September for “Becoming a Contagious Christian.” The Elders are being trained right now, and the small group leaders will be trained sometime in the summer months. Although evangelism is not our strong point at Pinecrest, it is the heartbeat of the Church and our LORD’s primary interest and responsibility. Simply put, Jesus charges us to share His love, forgiveness, and salvation with people He has put in our lives. I am sure that I sound like a broken record on this subject, but you don’t have to look too far in the Scriptures to see how important this is to God. A recent example of this is from my sermon on Sunday, March 18. A passage that I referred to, but didn’t have time to really expound, was James 5:19-20: My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins. If, by us just being faithful to the LORD and sharing the hope He brings, we lead someone to Jesus - then that will cover a multitude of our sins. This is one of the few places in the Bible that mentions this. And what Jesus is trying to tell us is that sharing His love with others should be our utmost concern. It is not saying that we earn points with God. It is simply saying that if we are concerned about people’s salvation, then He is going to make up for our shortcomings and use us to reach people in spite of our weaknesses. If we have experienced His forgiveness, then we know that God’s saves unworthy people. We are people who have received grace from the Almighty - when we deserved punishment. And all He wants us to do is tell other people about how incredible His grace is. I hope you will prayerfully and strongly consider receiving the training for “Becoming a Contagious Christian” through our small groups; especially if you do not already belong to one. If God has saved you, PRAISE THE LORD! - and then tell someone else!

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION VOLUNTEER DINNER All CE Volunteers invited to dinner at Logan Roadhouse in Greenville, SC at 6:30PM, Tuesday, March 27. Cost is $5 cash/person. Come and enjoy fellowship with other Volunteers in our denomination. Call the church office to make your reservation.

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APRIL BIRTHDAYS Lillian Galloway Dotty Rucker Neil Aiken Ben Whitehurst, Nathan Berthiaume Jim Pearce Martie Embry, Pinkie Hinton, Parker Young Betty Simpson, Wesley Woodman Don Cattrell Rob Pitillo

13 18 19 20 23 26 29

Maggie Walker Argyle Bly, Arthur Claus, Sumiko Young Michael McCall Antoinette van Graan, Irene Eckenrode Sheri Clarke, Jean Koch John Andrews Rick Walker, Mikael Berthiaume

Weekly Youth Activities
*Sundays 5:30 pm Youth and Children’s Snack Supper 6:00 pm Youth Group Activities/Children’s Program **Thursdays 3:30 pm Kids Bible Club *NO Youth/Children’s Evening Activities Sunday, April 8 due to Easter **NO Bible Club Thursday, 4/12 due to Spring Break *NO Children’s Evening Activities on Sunday, April 15 due to Special Services

Upcoming Events
Kids Bible Club Passover Meal - 3:30PM, Thursday, March 29 Ladies Tea/Youth Mission Trip Fundraiser - 2PM, Saturday, March 31 Vacation Bible School Staff Meeting - 7PM, Wed. 4/4 Easter Egg Hunt for preschool and elementary ages 9-11AM, Saturday, April 7 at Pinecrest Yard Sale - 8A -1PM, Saturday, April 21 Forest Discovery Center Trip for children - 9AM-1PM, Saturday, April 21

SUNDAYS 8:30 am Early Morning Worship 9:30 am Sunday School for all ages 10:55 am Worship Service/Children’s Church 12:00 pm Coffee Hour st 5:30 pm Psalm Sing (1 Sunday of the month) 6:00 pm Evening Worship WEEKLY MEETINGS & EVENTS Monday 10:00 am IN STEP - 9:30 Super Challenge 4:00 pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm Cub Scout Pack Meeting rd 7:00 pm Care Callers Ministry - 3 st rd 7:00 pm Brice Small Grp - 1 & 3 st rd Tuesday 5:30 pm UCL Small Group 1 & 3 nd 7:00 pm Care Callers Ministry - 2



Friday Saturday

9:30 am 10:00 am 11:45 am 3:30 pm 7:00 pm 9:00 am 3:00 pm 7:00 pm 9:30 am 6:00 pm 8:00 am

Lake Pointe Landing Small Group IN STEP - 9:30 Super Challenge Luncheon/Bible Study/Prayer Rejoicers Small Group Choir Rehearsal Moms Club - 2nd Merle Thornton Small Group Purpose Seekers Small Group IN STEP Super Challenge only nd th Young Adult Sm Group-2 & 4 Men’s Prayer Group

MARCH DATES Monday, 3/26 6:30 pm Men’s Fellowship Dinner - Baby Back Joe’s Tuesday, 3/27 6:30 pm ARP Christian Education Volunteers Dinner 7:00 pm First Presbytery Elders Association Thursday, 3/29 7:00 am Senior Adult Spring Fling departs Wednesday, 3/28 6:30 pm Fellowship Dinner Saturday, 3/31 2:00 pm Ladies Tea/Youth Mission Trip fundraiser APRIL CALENDAR Palm Sunday, 4/1 10:55 am Easter Cantata 5:30 pm Psalm Sing Monday, 4/2 3:00 pm Moral Values & Social Concerns Team Tuesday, 4/3 10:00 am W.O.C.M. Board Meeting 7:00 pm Circle 6 - Pinecrest Wednesday, 4/4 7:00 pm Vacation Bible School Staff Meeting 7:00 pm Becoming a Contagious Christian Class Maundy Thursday, 4/5 7:00 pm Maundy Thursday Service Good Friday, 4/6 10:00 am Bob Jones University Trip departs Pinecrest Saturday, 4/7 9:00 am Easter Egg Hunt Easter Sunday, 4/8 7:00 am Sunrise Service - Bonclarken Amphitheater Tuesday, 4/10 9:45 am Circle II - Simpson home 7:00 pm Joint Meeting of Elders and Deacons 7:00 pm Circle I - Doggette home

7:00 pm Circle V Wednesday, 4/11 1:15 pm Circle III - Pinecrest Library 7:00 pm Becoming a Contagious Christian Class Saturday, 4/14 9:00 am Christian Education Team Meeting Sunday, 4/15 Special Services 8:30 & 10:55AM, 6:00PM Monday, 4/16 - Wednesday, 4/18 7:00 pm Special Services Tuesday, 4/17 1:00 pm Circle 4 - Kimberling home Saturday, 4/21 8:00 am Yard Sale - Mission Trip Fundraiser Monday, 4/23 6:30 pm Men’s Fellowship Dinner Wednesday, 4/25 6:30 pm Fellowship Dinner - Hosts Needed Saturday, 4/28 11:30 am W.O.C.M. Lunch with Judi Hodges 12:00 pm Youth Car Wash - Mission Trip Fundraiser Monday, 4/30 Bonclarken Work Week

with guest speaker, REV. MARK TANKERSLEY, Associate Pastor of Gastonia First ARP Church
Service Schedule Sunday, April 15 Monday, April 16 Tuesday, April 17 Wednesday, April 18 8:30 & 10:55AM 6:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM

Wednesday, 5/2 NO Wednesday lunch Thursday, 5/3 11:45 am Lunch 12:30 pm National Day of Prayer Service

JOIN THE FUN! Be a Vacation Bible School Team Member! 5:45-8:30PM, June 11-15 th For ages 3 years to 5 grade Teens, adults and seniors - with a heart for kids - we need you! Share your gifts with children and change lives for Christ. Be part of this year’s funtastic VBS! ***Here is where you will be needed: Group Leader Registration Skits Attraction Leader Games Crafts Photography Bible Drama Snacks Teen Assistant Leader Building sets Music Clean Up ***Look for Volunteer forms in Sunday’s bulletin.

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