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									AUGUST          1,   1949
                                                                A Continuing Study of Major
                                                                                 Radio Markets
BROA                       STING
 [ha ias ..4         ,,dia and
                                                                                     Study No.   15
      7        ECASTiNG

                                                                               Z7et'ca                t

                                             ea,za       r494

               ghis      agency built the first special net-
                work to fit special markets. We are still
                 serving this account and many others
                 over regular networks and spot stations.

                 STANLEY Go BOYNTON   Builders   of custom networks       to completely domi-

                                      nate the market the client wants, without

                                         410 -411 FISHER BLDG.
                                           DETROIT 2, MICH.


                                            ITitt¢¢ntñ       at   a Sizti¢9

             amiatege                      N OOPERS
                                                     STATION           I   1   TIME RATE       260 TIME RATE

                    Compare                        WKMH                        $1.26              $   .81
     Costs per thousand                                                         1.80



     families before you                                                        1.34              1.34

                                                       D                       1.39               1.05

       buy the Detroit                                  E                      1.34              1.14

                                                       F                       1.47              1.38
                                          *Based on Share of Detroit Audience -May Hooper Report.

 WK'MH GIVES YOU MORE LISTENERS                                            1000        WATTS
 STATION          pecea
                         ANY OTHER

                  A BONUS of Ann Arbor,
                                            WKM N
                                              Fred A Knorr
                                                                           131Q KC                             Weed
                                              President and Gen. Mg.                                           and company
 Ypsilanti, Pontiac & Toledo!                                                                           National Representatives

Page 64 Detroit    August 1, 1949                                              BROADCASTING                 Telecasting
   By JAMES P. GALLAGHER                   And this is only part of the mar-   WEXL and WKMH. WEXL and                  comes from local advertisers alone.
WHAT'S in a nickname? Known             ket. Adjacent municipalities add       WKMH are located in suburbs.               It is hard, sometimes, to con-
                                        81,700 dwelling units, and unin-          All these except WKMH give si-        vince non-Detroiters that there is
for two generations as "The Motor       corporated areas increase this by      multaneous FM broadcasting. In           anything else sold in the city but
City" and during World War II           41,300, with an even higher ratio      addition, there are four exclusive       automobiles, and that it is not
as "The Arsenal of Democracy,"          of single, owner occupied units than   FM operations in Detroit. Three are      unique for someone to work any-
Detroit prefers to be called "The       the city proper.                       commercial -WDET (FM), WJJW              where but in the huge auto plants.
City Where Life Is Worth Living"           A Detroit News estimate gives a     (FM), WLDM (FM) -and one is              The city doesn't try to hide its de-
or "The Dynamic City."                  total of 577,000 dwelling units in     non -commercial, WDTR        (FM),       pendence on, and pride in, the
   But the clue to understanding        the city or a metropolitan area to-    operated by the Board of Educa-          sprawling factories that made it
and selling the Detroit market lies     tal of 700,000.                        tion.                                    world famous, but it likes to em-
in the fact that the people consider       And they are home -staying peo-                                              phasize the hundreds of other im-
it a good place to make a good life.    ple, too. Night clubs have rocky       1948 AM Billings                         portant segments of its economic
   The Detroit area's 2,725,000 resi-   going, but neighborhood taverns        Near $8 Millions                         life.
dents are home -owners. In the city     are numerous. These Detroiters            Just how big is this Detroit ra-          As one production man put it,
proper there are 326,111 single and     must be sold in their homes, which     dio market? In 1948, time sales of       "Nobody makes nuthin' until we
two -family dwellings, as against       explains the success of the out-       the eight AM outlets totaled $7,-        make the tools for them." And he
only 14,275 multiple units. So it is    standing radio and television sta-     800,000, with the billing of the three   was almost right. Tool and die
plain that any sales campaign di-       tions in the area.                     FM -only stations pushing the total      companies in the Detroit area cover
rected at the cliff- dwellers of the       The terrific Detroit market is      over $8 million. In addition, there      five full pages of type in the tele-
East will miss the heart of Detroit.    split among a relatively small num-    is a TV market that will add             phone directory, and are busy the
   A majority of Detroit's homes        ber of stations, thus making it pos-   up to better than a half -million        year around turning out the means
are owner occupied, with the per-       sible for each to show a very re-      dollars this year at a very conserva-    of production for industries all
centage rising each year, due           spectable listening public at any      tive estimate, based on 1948, plus       over the world.
partly to the post -war shortage        given time. The AM field is covered    growth in 1949. Breakdowns be-
of rentals but mostly to the charac-                                                                                      Founded in 1701 by Antoine
                                        by eight stations: WWJ (NBC),          tween local and national billing
ter and ambitions of the popula-        WJR (CBS), WXYZ (ABC),                 aren't quite so accurate, but a good     Laumet de la Mothe Cadillac, as
tion.                                   CKLW (MBS), WJBK, WJLB,                estimate would be that $3 million              (Continued on page 66)
BROADCASTING                  Telecasting                                                                               August 1, 1949      Detroit Page 65
                                                   WBL on Oct. 13, 1921, and finally       G. A. Richards' stations, and a        of WJLB. Now renewing a long
                  Detroit                          WWJ on March 3, 1922 -began to         few months later was elected to the     time policy of foreign language
     (Continued from page 65)                      broadcast regular    programs on        board of directors. Worth Kramer       broadcasts, WJLB is making a play
 a fort to contain the English in
                                                  Aug. 20, 1920, and has been in con-      assists him at WJR.                    for a major share of this immense
 the West, the city has been a center             tinuous. operation since that date.        The only network -owned and         market. In addition, this station
 of commerce ever since. In 1948,                 There has been a constant dispute        operated station in Detroit is        has been active in storecasting with
                                                  over whether or not WWJ ante-            WXYZ, bought by ABC in 1946.          FM broadcasts, several grocery
 the total retail sales in Wayne                  dates KDKA Pittsburgh, mainly            ABC retained most of the personnel    chains having installed FM re-
 County were $2,892,344,000, a gain               turning on what is considered "reg-      of the station and raised James G.    ceivers to pick up programs directed
 of 13% over 1947, which had been
 the biggest year in history until                ular programs." This was the begin-      Riddell, veteran of 18 years with     at the shopper. Eric V. Hay is com-
 then.                                            ning of a long line of firsts claimed    WXYZ,.to general manager. Harold      mercial manager.
                                                  by the station, which is now under       S. Christian, who doubles as com-        Latest addition to the Detroit
    Sales like this can only be made              the general managership of Harry         mercial and merchandising man-        radio family in the AM field is
 to well -paid workers, which is what             Bannister. They include the first        ager, has built both sales and a      WKMH, in west side Dearborn,
 the Detroit area specializes in. The             announcer, William F. Holliday, the      strong merchandising reputation.      first station to start up in this area
 average hourly rate of a factory                 first news broadcast, dance orches-        Since 1932, CKLW has been a         since 1932. Fred A. Knorr, presi-
 worker in Detroit had risen to                   tra, and many others.                    network outlet in the Detroit area.   dent and general manager,. was
 $1.71 by the end of last year, which                In 1918, Dr. Lee de Forest was        With studios in both Detroit and      elected Young Man of the Year
 gives a weekly paycheck for 40                   in New York City, where he was           Windsor, and offices in both cities   from Dearborn this year because of
 hours of $68.40. The high take -                 told by the government radio in-         CKLW is truly an "international       the station's efforts in behalf of
 home of the city's workers was re-               spector that there was no room in       affair." J. E. (Ted) Campeau is        community projects. Assistant gen-
 flected in federal bank records                  the ether for mere entertainment,       president of the Western Ontario       eral manager and commercial man-
 which show a jump of $20 million                 the air being needed for Navy com-      Broadcasting Co., holder of the li-    ager is Walter Patterson, a vet-
 since last year, and a gain in sav-              munication. Driven from New York,       cense, and E. Wilson Wardell is        eran of 19 years in radio.
 ings deposits of $5 million.                     Dr. de Forest tried to convince         commercial manager. Outlet for
    The metropolitan area's market                newspaper owners that they should        CBS until 1935, CKLW now is the       Detroit Industries
 of 2,725,000 residents tells only                 install broadcasting equipment,        Mutual and Canadian Broadcast-         Widely Diversified
 part of the story. Detroit is also                pointing out that every big city had   ing Corp. outlet. Like WJR, CKLW          Detroit is a city of many stories.
 the shopping center for much of                   an increasing number of owners of      broadcasts with 50 kw.
 southern Oakland and Macomb                       those queer contraptions called                                               It is the story of the gigantic auto
                                                                                             There are four independents, all    plants that are within its bound-
 counties just to the north, well                  crystal sets.                          showing solid financial strength in
 within the effective radius of the                                                                                              aries and in the cities that sur-
                                                                                          their billings and all appealing to    round it; of the thousands of tool
 Detroit stations. At the turn of the             Scripps' Radio Interest                  large segments of the market.
 century Detroit, of the wide shady                                                                                              and die shops; of the deep -laden
                                                  Dates From 1901                          WJBK has seen a phenomenal            lake freighters hauling iron ore
 streets and lovely homes running                    The first man to take to his idea    growth since its purchase by Fort
 out East Jefferson along the river -                                                                                            down the river, and coal back up;
                                                  was William E. Scripps, now head        Industry Co. in June 1947 and has      of the drug industry; the stove
 front, had a population of only                  of all the News' enterprises. He had    strong lineup of local favorites in
 285,000. But the invention of the                                                                                               works; the deep salt mines on the
                                                  been interested in radio since 1901,    participation shows and the De-        edge of the city.
automobile and the circumstances                  when he saw a demonstration by          troit Tiger baseball broadcast.
that induced Detroit to take this                                                                                                   But most of all it is the story of
                                                  Thomas E. Clark, who sent a mes-           George B. Storer is president of    rows of homes, each with its back-
new industry to its heart and make                sage to a point two blocks away in      Fort Industry, with Lee B. Wailes
it into the leading single industry                                                                                              yard and front lawn, where friend-
                                                  downtown Detroit. Mr. Scripps           vice president in charge of opera-     ly families talk across back fences
in the country, transformed a quiet               bought a small transmitter panel        tions. Richard E. (Dick) Jones,        Pnd by the garages that hold the
town into the fourth city of the                  for the News, and it was tucked         a young veteran of Detroit radio,      family cars. For Detroit not only
nation, and the third greatest                    away in a corner of the sports de-      is vice president and general man-     believes in making cars, it also
manufacturing center.                             partment. It mounted two oscilla-       ager of WJBK and WJBK -TV.             believes in buying them. In 1948
    Detroit's 144 square miles rise               tors and two rectifier tubes, similar      Being antedated only by WWJ         there were 551,000 passenger car
so evenly from the 11 miles of                    to the one Dr. de Forest had been       and WJR in the state of Michigan,      registrations in Wayne County,
frontage on the Detroit River that                selling to the Navy. Since Feb. 13,     WEXL, located in Royal Oak, a          which means that, with a little
the terrain appears level. There                  1925, WWJ has been the Detroit          northern suburb of the city, has       squeezing, the entire population
                                                  outlet for NBC.                         built up a strong following both in    could have been car- borne. Cars
is a man -made skyline though, in                    CBS in Detroit is represented by     the communities north of Detroit
the form of ranges of skyscrapers                                                                                                also accounted for the greatest
                                                  the G. A. Richards station, WJR.        proper and in the metropolis as        single retail sales total, coming to
and banks of smokestacks, culmi-                  Starting with an almost bankrupt        well. Under the direction of George    $440 million.
nating in the tower of the Penob-                 property in 1926, Mr. Richards          B. Hartrick, president, and Jacob         A retail market the size of De-
scot Bldg., 657 feet from the side-               built it into one of the most profit-   B. Sparks, vice president and part-    troit builds big business, and one
walk. This, in turn, is topped by                 able radio properties in the coun-      ner, since 1929 WEXL has concen-       of the city's biggest is the mam-
radio, for the WWJ -FM and TV                     try. With its 50 kw, WJR attracts       trated on music and news, with ex-     moth J. L. Hudson Co. -now the
operations are handled from the                   a high percentage of national ac-       tensive coverage of church services    largest in gross sales in department
top of this building, with the an-                counts. Harry Wismer, sportscas-        on Sundays, utilizing remote pick-     stores under one roof. Though it is
                                                  ter, has had a rapid rise in the or-    ups. Calvert M. Hill is commercial     also a tremendous buyer of white
tenna towering over the entire city.              ganization, and is now general          manager.                               space, Hudson qualifies as one of
    Commercial radio came early to                manager of WJR. In January                 John Lord Booth, a member of        the oldest consistent radio time
Detroit. WWJ, the Detroit News                    1947 Mr. Wismer also was named          one of the state's oldest families,    buyers in the area.
station     -at
              that time W8MK, later               assistant to the president of the       is president and general manager          For 15 years it has sponsored the

         Strauss Gants                J. E. Campeau                  Ben Haberman              Fred A. Knorr           Harold I. T                 Gordon Sparks
       Pres. & Gen. Mgr.            Pres.   i.   Gen. Mgr.             Gen. Mgr.             Pm.   & Gen. Mgr.            Co-owner                Program Director
          WJJW (FM)                         CKLW                       WDET -FM                    WKMH                  WLDM    (FM)                  WEXL

Page   66    Detroit       August 1, 1949                                                                             BROADCASTING                   Telecasting
        Harty Bannister                   John Booth                   Richard    E. Jones                 Harry Wismer                   James G. Riddell
        General Manager                 General Manager                General Manager                    General Manager                 General Manager
     WWJ WWJ -FM   WWJ -TV                     WJLB                    WJBK      WJBK -TV                  WJR   WJR -FM                  WXYZ   WXYZ -TV

early morning Minute Parade on          organizations as well as the manu-         Carl Georgi Jr., also a vice presi-      spots weekly on WJBK -TV and
 WWJ, devoted to classical and          facturer.                                  dent, buys all radio time.               three one -minute spots on WWJ-
semi -classical music. Another pro-        Chevrolet has been sponsoring              Across the street from the Gen-       TV and WXYZ -TV. Brooke, Smith,
gram on the same station is Home        the NBC-TV show, Chevrolet On              eral Motors Bldg. in the Fisher          French & Dorrance is agency for
Making Highlights, devoted entirely     Broadway, a half -hour drama. In           Bldg., which houses WJR, is an-          Hudson.
to promotion of the store's 10th        January the auto maker had an all -        other agency that goes back more            The McCann-Erickson Detroit
floor where items for the home are      out spot campaign to introduce new         than 30 years -MacManus, John &          office is origination point for an-
sold. Rounding out its AM schedule      models, using three spots a day            Adams. The late Theodore Mac -           other auto account, Chrysler -Ply-
is the Don Wattrick Sports Show         on 450 outlets for three consecutive       Manus, founder of the firm, was          mouth Dealers, buying Sammy
on WXYZ three times per week.           weeks. Some 300 of these were fac-         voted into advertising's Hall of         Kaye Showroom on 364 stations, one
    The store waited even less time     tory buys all over the country, and        Fame at the recent meeting of the        of the largest groups ever to buy an
to get into teleAsion. It was one of    150 were dealer pu:'chases in 14           Advertising Federation of Amer-          automotive program.
the first advertisers on WWJ -TV,       metropolitan areas. Henry G. Lit-          ica, for his services in pioneering        Automobile plants often use spots
and its Sketchbook show is the old-     tle, executive vice president of the       in the field of automotive advertis-     to summon men back to work after
est sponsored program in the area,      agency, handles this account.              ing. One of the agency's auto ac-        layoffs caused by strikes or ma-
having celebrated its second birth-                                                counts, Pontiac, just finished a spot    terials shortages. A heavy spot
                                        Local Chevrolet Dealers                    campaign on the 1949 model, but          program is used the day before, on
day in May. Still another TV of-        Also Active in AM and TV
fe ing is Man's World on WXYZ -                                                    future plans have not yet been re-       a spread of stations, listing those
                                           The Detroit Chevrolet dealers           vealed. Last fall Pontiac dealers        who are to report back and at what
TV, a 15- minute show featuring
topics of masculine interest. All of    are quite active, too, using two           bought the AM broadcast of U. of         time.     Briggs Body is a steady
the programs are produced by            spots per day on four local stations,      Michigan games on WWJ.                   user of this idea through McCann -
WolfeJickling- Conkey with the ex-      plus the Sunday half -hour of Ziv's           Principal radio buy right now is      Erickson, as is Ford Motor through
certion of Minute Parade which is       Wayne King show. To support the            the Champion Spark Plug sponsor-         J. Walter Thompson. Chrysler Di-
placed direct. Jim Christensen, ra-     market for trucks, Chevrolet is            ship of Harry Wismer's Roll Call         vision of Chrysler Corp. right now
                                        beginning a spot campaign of in-           on 216 ABC stations. John Mac -          is using only a one -hour disc jockey
dio and television director for the
agency, directs them. Ralph L.          definite length on 350 stations.           Manirs is account executive on           show on WJR. Paul Holder han-
                                        Plans call for one spot per day on         Champion. A local dealer, Packer         dles the C -P dealer program.
Wolfe, agency president, heads the
Michigan chapter of the AAAA.           each outlet. Henry T. Ewald,               Pontiac, is sponsoring a 15-minute       Lincoln- Mercury Using
                                        founder of Campbell -Ewald, is             newscast on WEXL, plus spots on          Heavy Television Schedule
    But the first and foremost in the   president and chairman of the              several other stations. Another
Detroit picture are the automobiles,    board. He is also founder of De-           auto account is Cadillac, but is not        At Kenyon & Eckhardt, Don Mil-
and radio advertising budgets de-       troit's Adcraft Club.                      a radio buyer. James R. Adams is         ler is account executive on the Lin-
voted to their sale. The use of ra-        Another facet of the Chevrolet          president and W. A. P. John, who         coln- Mercury business. Like Ford,
dio by the automobile industry has      story is that of individual dealers.       recently hit the pages of the Satur-     L -M has been active recently only
been a sporadic one, marked by fine     One, Grand River Chevrolet, is             day Evening Post with an article         in TV, sponsoring Toast of the
selection of new programs, develop-     using TV spots now, through the            on his recovery from a severe            Town on CBS -TV. This show is live
ing them into national prominence,      W. B. Doner agency, and plans a            heart attack, is chairman of the         in the East, plus Detroit and Chi-
and then unexplainedly dropping         TV variety show in the fall. An-           board.                                   cago, and kinescoped to the rest of
them in time for some other spon-       other, P. L. Grissom, is buying the           Hudson Motor Car Co. has a long       the network. K &E also has the De-
sor to reap the harvest. But there      AM broadcasts of the horse races           history of broadcasting, including       troit L -M dealers who are buying
are indications that the picture is     from Detroit's Fair Grounds,               such buys as the Paul Whiteman           spots on all three local TV stations,
changing, and it is perhaps worthy      through Luckoff, Wayburn & Fran-           Show. But the company had been           plus weather reports over WXYZ-
of note that the agencies handling      kel.                                       out of network shows since 1937's        TV.
auto accounts, both local and na-          Right down the hall in the Gene-        Kate Smith program until it re-              Packard Motor Co. has only one
                                        ral Motors Bldg. is the D. P. Broth-       turned this April with a 513-station,    show going now, a WWJ-TV pre-
tional, are all radio minded. Es-                                                                                           sentation of the George Scotti Show.
pecially do the motor makers seem       er agency, handling the Oldsmobile         one-time buy of the entire Mutual
                                        account. Olds also is using televi-        network to celebrate its 40th an-        Young & Rubicam, which just cele-
intrigued by television, for their      sion, in addition to a steady radio        niversary. At the same time the          brated its 18th year as agency for
cry has always been (even if mis-       schedule promoting the 1949 Futur-         Hudson Dealers of America launch-        Packard, handles the show.
takenly), "We've got to show 'em,       amie models. It sponsors the Doug-         ed a 700-station spot campaign that          Ford, in a surprise move in May,
to sell 'em!"                           las Edwards news program three             is still continuing two weeks out        announced that its entire effort on
    One of the oldest sponsor -client   times weekly over CBS -TV, utili-          of each month. This cooperative          the air was going to be concen-
relationships in Detroit is that of     zing eight stations in a 52-week buy.      program generally consists of five       trated on TV. The AM Ford Thea-
                                        In addition, 160 AM stations are           spots per week per outlet.               tre was dropped as of July 1 and
 Campbell -Ewald Co. and Chevro-                                                                                            the entire budget thrown to the
 let. At one time this agency had the   sharing in a constant campaign of             In addition, Hudson Dealers of
                                        musical spots, featuring the tune                                                   Ford Television Theatre, which is
 entire General Motors billing, and                                                 Detroit have just picked up the tab     to go to every other week in Octo-
                                        that Olds must have given thanks            on an across- the -board telecast of
 when GM decided to split up the        many times for, "In My Merry                                                        ber, with tentative plans for weekly
 business, C -E chose to retain         Oldsomobile." Mr. Brother is presi-        live and filmed news over WJBK-          operation after the first of next
 Chevrolet. Radio activity centers      dent of the agency, with Clarence           TV. The 15- minute program fea-          year. The Ford Dealers fell into
 on this account, for the agency        Hatch Jr. as executive vice presi-          tures Commentator Larry Ruppel.          line with this policy by dropping
 places time for many of the dealer     dent and account executive on Olds.         The factory also is sponsoring five             (Continued on page 68)
BROADCASTING                  Telecasting                                                                                   August 1, 1949       Detroit Page 67
               Detroit                      sense of the word. Last year, esti-
                                            mates of the value of the Wayne
                                                                                    Iwo flours occupied by Fort Indus-         of the Leonard N. Simons -Law-
       (Continued f rom page 67)                                                    try's WJBK and WJBK -TV.                   rence J. Michelson partnership.
                                            County factory product value were          Four major airports serve the            One of the foundation stones of the
 the Fred Allen Show at the conclu-         $7.9 billion. The highly paid work-     Detroit area. The Municipal Air-           firm has been the all -out effort of
 sion of this season.                       men of the factories didn't do badly,   port on the east side, just 10 min-         both the partners on behalf of
    The dealer TV offering, Through         either, taking home $1,530,000,000      utes from downtown, is one of the          every community welfare and pub-.
 the Crystal Ball, is being sponsored       as their share of the bounty. The       country's busiest, handling just air       lic service drive. Invariably, the
 by the 16 sales districts that have        high wages of the factories in the      freight and private plane traffic.         fund raising drives of Detroit's
 TV outlets in their area. (There           area have had their effect on the       With the increased use of four-            charities will list one or the other
 are 33 Ford sales districts, with 21       wages of every other trade and pro-     motored planes, all the passenger          as publicity and advertising chair-
 of them handled by the Detroit             fession. Employes of the Detroit        airlines moved out to the giant Wil-       man.
 office of J. Walter Thompson Co.)          Street Railway, a municipally           low Run Airport, site of the Ford             Marian Sanders is radio and tele-
  Eight of them are using TV spots          owned transportation system, are        B -24 building operations during the       vision director for S -M, assisted
 or short programs, including the           among the highest paid workers in       war.                                       by Rudy Simons, son of Detroit's
 Detroit Dealer buy of Baseball             their classification in the country.                                               famous songwriter and band leader,
 Scoreboard on WXYZ-TV, which                  And lest the use of 1948 figures     Airport Situation                          Seymour Simons. These two were
 gives the results of all major             bring the suspicion that 1949 fig-      To Be Remedied                             thrown headlong into the produc-
 league games seven days a week.            ures haven't kept pace, the April                                                  tion of filmed TV commercials when
 In the AM field, however, only one         25 issue of the Board of Commerce          The 30-mile trip from downtown
                                                                                    to Willow Run has been a sore point        a promised commercial for an early
 district is active in spots at present,    paper, The Detroiter, shows that                                                   TV client didn't come through.
 the Denver area using a schedule           whatever the rest of the country        with Detroiters and they are solv-
                                                                                    ing it in a typical way by making             Dragging a cameraman with
 on used cars.                              thinks of a recession, Detroit is too                                              them, the two utilized any props
    This picture is subject to change       busy turning out goods to worry         a tentative agreement with Canada
                                                                                    to build an international airfield         they could to do the job, including
 with practically no notice, however,       about it. With 498,000 factory work-                                               Marian's fiance and her own apart-
 and in view of the dropping of the         ers employed during the first three     just outside Windsor, only 12 min-         ment. The agency became experts
 Allen show, the budget may allow           months of 1949 (a gain of 24,000),      utes from Detroit.
                                                                                                                               on paste -up commercials through
 for more in the way of spots.              they had raised their weekly aver-         Such a city was bound to develop        clients' insistence that production
 Last year, when the 1949 Ford was          age pay to $66.89, with factory         some outstanding advertising agen-         costs be held to a minimum, one
 introduced, all 21 of the Detroit -        payrolls at $33 million weekly -in-     cies, agencies which have been con-        even offering $20 for the costs on
 handled districts used a large             creases over the same 1948 period       sistent radio users in both the na-        10 jobs! They still insist that it
 schedule of spots.                         of 5.1 %, 8.7 %, and 14.2%, res-        tional and the local fields. They          doesn't take a lot of money for the
    Getting a little car -sick? Let's       pectively.                              tend to the conservative side, with        small advertiser to get into tele-
 settle your nerves with another              Though department store sales         a minimum of account shifting,             vision if he will only use his budget
 quick look at this enormous market,        were down 5 %, most of this was         but are prominent in the creation          in the smartest way.
 big and active enough to soothe            attributed to the later Easter date,    of new commercial programs and
                                                                                                                                  The agency's oldest active radio
 the most ambitious salesman.               and in any case, the increase of        ideas, and able new business de-
                                            $21 million in bank savings, and        partments specialize in the develop-       account is Schmidt Brewing Co.,
 Heavy Trade Comes                                                                  ment of retail advertisers.                user of available spots before or
                                           $6.6 million in E Bond holdings, re-                                                after sports events. This account
 From Canada                               flected that Detroiters still had the
                                           wherewithal. With the slight down-       Cunningham's Promotion                     got one of the greatest bargains in
    Though Detroit is 1,000 miles                                                                                              radio history last fall when it
 from the nearest ocean, it still          ward movement of living costs, the       Proved Outstanding
                                           area's purchasing power is expect-                                                  bought a package deal of the AM
 ranks second only to New York as                                                     One of the most outstanding jobs         rights for the Stanley Cup hockey
 a customs district, largely because       ed to remain on the upgrade.             of radio promotion ever used any-          games. The first game of the series,
 of the city's heavy trade with Can-          The tobacco industry was one of       where in the country is the drug           instead of ending in one hour, went
 ada, the second largest customer of       the brightest spots in the 1948          chain sponsored Cunningham News           more than two hours overtime, and
 the U. S. Over the river to Windsor,      U. S. sales picture, producing 352       Ace, a series of 5, 10, and 15- minute    permitted more than 100 commer-
 Ont., soars the Ambassador Bridge,        billion cigarettes, and Detroit didn't   newscasts on every Detroit station.       cials. Naturally, copy wasn't writ-
 while the Fleetway Tunnel burrows         hurt sales a bit, buying one out of      These broadcasts have now passed          ten for even a great part of that
  beneath the water.                       every 25 packages sold. Produce          the 75,000 mark, and are still going      number, and partner Simons wound
    The river forms a natural har-         is another item that ranks high          at the rate of 117 each week. The         up dictating new ones over the
  bor, and the banks are lined with        in big business in Detroit, for the      high mark came in 1946, when the          phone to the waiting announcers
  wharves and elevators, helping           Produce Terminal reported the un-        News Ace "came zooming into your          at Olympia Stadium. Schmidt is
 to handle the north and south-            loading of 30,248 carloads of fresh      home" 185 times every seven days.         now buying spots on each of the
 bound ore, grain and automobile           fruits and vegetables.                      Using a unique plan of product         three TV stations, plus a steady
 shipping. Five major railroads             Large Market                            manufacturer cooperation, the firm        schedule of AM spots.
 service the Detroit area, plus sev-                                                has had unrivaled success in its              Simons-Michelson also placed
 eral smaller lines and scores of           Among Newly -Weds
                                                                                    field. The chain has now expanded         Benrus Watch spots before the
 trucking systems.                             Naturally, Detroit as a home -lov-   to over 100 sto:es in 17 Michigan
    Leading products include auto-          ing city, specializes in brides. The                                              World Series games last fall, on
                                                                                    cities. It is also a consistent buyer
 mobile bodies, parts and accessories,      city had 26,077 marriages in 1948,      of programs before and after lead-        every available station on a one-
 steel and pig iron, brass products,        and multiplying this by the national    ing sports events, including the          time buy. It instigated the Wheaties
 pharmaceuticals, heavy chemicals,          estimate of $4,900 in merchand'se       Paul Williams Sports Ace before           five -minute sports program before
 paints and varnishes, stoves and           and gifts that brides are directly      Tiger home games, and Football            leading football games all over the
 furnaces, electric appliances, ma-         or indirectly responsible for, shows    Panorama in the fall. Larry Michel-       country-pro, college, even high
 chinery, foundry products, tools,          a sub- market in Detroit of $127,-      son, of Simons -Michelson, handles        school or semi -pro if the game had
 dies, gauges, jigs and fixtures, add-      777,000, and not all in silver butter the Cunningham account person-              generated enough interest in a
 ing and calculating machines, soda         dishes! If it's baby foods or diapers ally, and is known as one of radio's
 ash, salt, cleaning compounds,                                                                                               specific area. Unfortunately, the
                                            you're selling, 48,148 new customers strongest boosters in the area.
 screw machine products and cut-            came to Detroit in 1948, only 2,000                                               football season was just a little
                                                                                     Each year Cunningham puts on             too late in the year to do a good
 ting tools.                                less than the all -time high of 1947. en anniversary sale backed by
    One of the important things to             While Detroit has its feet in the saturation use of radio. One year            selling job on a cold cereal, and the
 remember about Detroit is the              factories, it also has a place in its it bought all spots available on            idea was dropped.
large foreign -speaking population,         heart for the arts. The Art Center, every Detroit station. Another                   Pepsi -Cola is a heavy spot buyer
 a classification in which the city        just north of downtown, includes landmark came when it brought                    in the Detroit area. Dossin Food
ranks third in the nation. Ham-            the $4 million Italian Renaissance the Don McNeill Breakfast Club                  Products is the local bottler, and
tramck, a city completely surround-        style Institute of Arts, the white to Detroit and broadcast the hour-             at present is also using the Ty
ed by Detroit, has a population of         marble Public Library, and the long show on all six of the city's
over 300,000, mostly of Polish ex-                                                                                           Tyson 10- minute sports show.
                                           Rackham Memorial, center of the AM stations.                                          One of the outstanding success
traction. There are also strong na-        city's engineering societies.            At the same time, Cunningham
tionality centers of Italians, Slays,         A mecca for tourists as well as                                                stories in the food line is that of
                                                                                  jumped into the TV picture as well,        Velvet Peanut Butter. A compara-
Irish, Greeks and many others,             residents is the Ford Foundation sponsoring the area telecast of
though each year brings a more             in near -by Dearborn, where Henry Cavalcade of Stars in conjunction               tive newcomer to the field, Velvet
thorough breaking -up of the old           Ford recreated a replica of an age with nine drug chains in other                 now ranks as the largest selling
tendency to huddle together in             gone by in beautiful Greenfield cities.                                           brand in Michigan despite the com-
nationality groups.                        Village. Detroit has the largest         Simons -Michelson will celebrate         petition of national names. Daytime
   The market is big in every              Masonic Temple in the world, with the twentieth anniversary this year                     (Continued on page 70)
Page 68 Detroit       August 1, 1949                                                                              BROADCASTING                    Telecasting
                                                                              has a story to                         tell...

                                                                  It's a long story ... 29
                                                           years long, to be exact. It's the
                                                                    success saga of WWJ,
                                                               Detroit's first radio station,
                                                          and it includes the many success
                                                               stories of its multitude of
                                                   advertisers. It tells of WWJ's pioneer-
                ing days, when radio was in its swaddling clothes. It covers the intervening
                years when radio came of voting age, and both WWJ and Detroit reached
                their pre -war peaks. And it brings you up to the present WWJ and the
                immensely wealthy post -war Detroit that is currently breaking all produc-
                tion records to keep up with the nation's demand for new cars.

                Yes, the WWJ story tells advertisers, who themselves have a story to sell,
                how to tell it effectively and economically in the Detroit market. Get the
                WWJ story directly from us, or our national 'representative.

     FIRST IN   DETROIT...     Owned and Operated by THE DETROIT NEWS                                                       Basic NBC   Affiliate

     National Representatives: THE GEORGE             P.    HOLLINGBERY COMPANY
                       Associate Television Station        W W J.   T   V

                                                                                  AM   -   950 KILOCYCLES-5000 WATTS
                                                                                  FM- CHANNEL     246 -97.1 MEGACYCLES

BROADCASTING         Telecasting                                                                           August 1, 1949         Detroit Page 69
               Detroit                       Another "off- trail" advertiser is        n'    _k).       Searle Hendee, vice -       from the Bowery night club, plus
                                          the Southeastern Michigan Tourist            p`- asident   of the agency, is account      guest stars, in a variety show.
       (Continued from page 68)           Assn., which uses mid -week spots             executive on Gillette.
                                                                                   -                                                This association, whose members
  spots slanted to women and chil-        to buck up business in resorts that              The chief local radio account of         are in violent competition with each
  dren, and good nighttime chain          are having dull times, to pull out -          this agency, whose president and            other, joined hands two years ago
  breaks, are built around three child-   state residents into the Detroit area,       founder, Lou R. Maxon, is as well            in an endeavor to publicize their
  like characters, Fresh, Pure and        and Detroiters into the vacation-            known for his unpublicized chari-            Auto Row and to win business
  Delicious. They are now being put       land along the eastern shore, north          ties as he is for his meteoric rise          away from world -famed Livernois
  into visual form for TV presen-         of the city. The association claims          in the advertising world, is that of         Avenue.     One of the dealers,
  tation.                                 it can see a response the next week-         the Pfeiffer Brewing Co. Cur-                Krajenke Buick, in addition just
     Something different for a "differ-   end to spots placed on Wednesday.            rently, this company is using an             signed a 52-week contract with
  ent" product was the Simons -           Lee & Cady, wholesale grocer, uses           hour -long 1 a.m. show on WJR,               WJBK-TV for a televising of west-
  Michelson presentation of Richer        chainbreaks to 'satisfy retailers'           featuring records beamed at stay -           ern serials. Woody Pontiac, and
  Living for Benjamin Rich, promi-        demands for product backing up.              up- lates, plus a steady schedule of         Harley Buick are TV spot buyers.
  nent Detroit real estate dealer.        A   furniture retailer, Fenster's,           spots on 53 Michigan stations. The           In the AM field, chief spot buyers
  Faced with selling a large project       uses spot radio in three -day buys          increased advertising of this               are Lasky Furniture, Clark Auto
 of homes, the five -minute programs       when the store holds sales. Robert          brewery is in great measure re-              Sales, and Kowalski Sausage.
 dealt with psychological discussions      H. Powell is head of Powell -Giant,         sponsible for its recent vault into             A unique success story is record-
 of people's problems, with copy           with Pat Freeman in charge of               first place in beer sales in the state.      ed by the Broadway Market, one
 okayed by leading psychologists.         radio buying.                                On a slightly smaller scale is the          of the oldest markets in the area,
 The program ran until the project           One of the outstanding users of           spot campaign being used nation-             located in the heart of downtown.
 was sold out.                            radio in this area has been the              ally by Drewrys Ltd. for their beer         With the rise of supermarkets in
     Simmons & Clark, jeweler, is an       Goebel Brewing Co., which has               and ale. Both Of these accounts             neighborhood areas, business had
 old -time radio user. Other radio ac-    expanded distribution to the point           favor chain breaks and best avail-          been falling off badly. The 34 dif-
 counts the agency handles are            where it now advertises as "De-              able spots.                                 ferent concessionaires who had
 Thriftee Markets, Wrigley's Super        troit's National Beer." Through                  Stockwell & Marcuse is another          booths in the market held a meet-
 Markets, Koepplinger Bread, Scot         Brooke, Smith, French & Dor-                 Detroit agency that has been quite          ing and called in Mr. Luckoff, ask-
 land Woolen and Colonial Depart-         rance, Goebel sponsors the AM                active in the radio and television          ing his advice on the spending of
 ment Stores.                             broadcast of all Tiger games, at             field. Sam's Cut Rate, a 1pcal de-          a $25,000 appropriation.
     Not the largest agency in the        home and away, over the Goebel               partment store client, has spon-                Rather than buck the heavy ad-
 Detroit area, Powell -Grant would        network, a regional buy of over              sored the Detroit Symphony and              vertising in the Thursday after-
 have no close rival for the title        30 stations, including WJBK and              has been a large spot buyer in the          noon papers, he advised them to
 of "Most Radio Minded." This             WKMH in suburban Dearborn. In                past. The agency telecasts pictures         put their money in spots around
 company, with a branch in Cleve-         addition, the brewery is telecast-           of actual homes for sale for Homer          the Breakfast Club hour, three of
 land, places 85% of its $350,000         ing some 35 home games over                  Warren & Co., local realtor. It             which were open. Avoiding price,
                                          WWJ -TV. To round out baseball               claims a first in bringing a political      for their quality foods couldn't
 billing in AM and TV time pur-                                                        figure to the TV mike in Detroit in
 chases. Bill Gayek, secretary-treas-     activities, it is active in Chicago,                                                     compete with the chains on that
 urer of the firm, puts it this way :     telecasting the Cubs' games over             a paid telecast.                            basis, the spots stressed just one
    "We know that radio produces          WENR-TV.                                        Another advertising agency han-          special all week, with a reference
                                             Willard S. French is president of         dling radio accounts is Howard D.           to the convenience of "shopping
 results for our clients, and as a                                                     Steere Advertising with offices at
 result we have only one non -radio       the agency and Guy C. Smith is                                                           where you work." Each booth was
                                          secretary- treasurer. Other active           2812 Book Tower.         Howard D.          to be featured for a week. Results
 user in our list of accounts, and                                                     Steere is owner of the firm.
 that one is an industrial firm."         radio accounts are Iron -Rite Iron -                                                     were so good that the market has
                                          ers, of Mt. Clemens, Mich., now                                                          just signed to take two spots in the
                                          buying the five minute TV show,              Industrial National Bank                    fall around the Kate Smith show,
   Floyd Rice Account                                                                  Radio User
  Finds Radio Profitable                  Petticoat Lane on WJBK-TV and                                                            in addition to the regular purchase.
                                          using occasional AM spots, and                 In the institutional field, Stock-           The Twin Pines Dairy, a cooper-
     This preference for radio has        Youngstown Kitchens, who plan                well & Marcuse handles the Indus-           atively owned client of Luckoff,
  been built in part by the Floyd         using a TV test program in the               trial National Bank, which spon-            Wayburn & Frankel, has the Dr.
  Rice account, local Ford dealer, near future.                                      sors the local broadcast of the               Crane health program daily over
  which claims to buy and sell more       Hugh Hole is BSF &D radio                  Ronald Colman half -hour drama.               W%YZ.
  used cars than any new car dealer rector, with Clyde Vortman as di-                Another steady user of spots is the
                                                                                                                                               Lately, the dairy has
  in the world. About 75% of its buyer. This agency is housed in
                                                                       time                                                        bought TV spots.
                                                                                     Michigan Automobile Club, AAA
  budget is put into radio, especially Italian Renaissance mansion an     on         representative in the state. Wil-
                                                                                                                                      D & C Steamship Lines uses a
                                                                                                                                   heavy schedule of spots during the
  spots, with emphasis on nearness East Jefferson that once belonged                 liam Stockwell and Philip R. Ma,-             operating season on larger stations
  to sports programs. Occasionally to the Book family and was a land-                cuse head the firm, with Mr. Stock-          to promote excursions and cruises.
  it buy sports shows. The agency mark in Detroit's social life.                     well handling timebuying.                     WJR gets a large share of this bus-
  also handles the Plymouth Dealers                                                     One of the oldest firms handling          iness, aimed at tourist traffic from
  of both Detròit and Cleveland. The is Like home &D, Jefferson avenue
                                                                                     local accounts is Luckoff, Wayburn
  Detroit organization sponsors the is the           of Maxon Inc., which                                                         all over the Midwest. Another
                                                                                    & Frankel, which evolved from                 successful radio user is Cole & Ir-
  early morning traffic program, the housed old Barbour
                                                   in two buildings, one
                                                                                    Bass -Luckoff, founded in 1928. One           win Co., buying 10 spots daily to
 Listen and Live, built around music, which contains the family home                of the original partners, Louis               sell jewelry and radios.
 with a representative of the police search departments,media and re-               Bass, left Detroit and established                Boyer's Haunted Shacks, a chain
 department giving pertinent data hundred feet away, and a few                      a new firm, Bass -Luckoff of Holly-           of auto accessory stores, embarked
 on traffic, weather and driving building of George Harrison former
                                                                                    wood. Lou Luckoff, senior partner             on a saturation spot program on
 conditions for the a.m. drive to a pioneer Detroit broadcaster    Phelps,
                                                                        and         of L-W -F, is a strong supporter of           one station, WJBK, featuring an
 work.                                 adman,                                       radio, especially spots. He says:
     During last fall's Plymouth offices whichproduction executive
                                                      now houses
                                                                 facilities.            "We find that a consistent pro-
                                                                                                                                  eerie squeaking door commercial,
                                                                                                                                  and the copy, "High prices don't
 model changeover, the Detroit No. 1 radio account                                  gram of spots, properly used, can
 dealers used twice as much point tionally known agency of this na-
                                                               is the               go a long way in increasing volume.
                                                                                                                                  have a ghost of a chance at Boy -
                                                                                                                                  er's." Mr. Luckoff says the chain
 of sale display as they did radio, lette Safety Razor Co., which Gil-              The key phrase is, properly used."
 but when the 1949 Plymouth was sors most of the major sports        spon-                                                        has had remarkable success. Other
                                                                                    And he backs his statements with             leading L -W -F accounts are T. L.
 introduced this year, the program events of the year, including the                time buys, too.                               Grissom, local Chevrolet dealer,
 had swung to 100% radio. In Cleve- World Series and the Triple Crown                  Another leader in the local field          who broadcasts horse races from
 land, a saturation schedule was put of racing, plus the fights from                is the Rex Advertising Co., who               Detroit's Fair Grounds; Detroit
 on all stations, using over 400 Madison Square Garden. However,                    estimate their radio and TV bill-             Ice Assn., using TV spots to pro-
spots in two weeks. Two other ac- the billing of this account and pur-              ings as '70% of the agency total.            mote use of ice; Progress Bedding
tive auto acocunts are Park and chases of time are handled through                  Under the direction of Fred A.                Co., maker of Rest -O -Craft mat-
Jefferson Motors, Lincoln- Mercury the N. Y. office, under the direction            Epps, president, and Jack Trust-             tresses, using chain breaks around
dealers who buy a half -hour of Preston H. Pumphrey, and Ed                        man, v.n. in charge of radio and              high Hooter rated shows; Wolver-
newscast once a week.                  Wilhelm, time buyer. This is also           TV production, this agency has had            ine Potato Chips, with participa-
    An instance of a product catch- true of the recently begun spot                to change locations three times in            tion shows: and Borin Ice &. Fuel,
ing on with the use of radio campaign of the H. J. Heinz Co.,                      as many years, each time doubling
through Powell -Grant is Miracle- another giant Maxon account,                                                                   using TV spots.
                                                                                   space used. They are producing                    In addition to Industrial Na-
Power, an engine conditioning pro- which is being continued. (In spite             the half hour Club HADA TV show               tional Bank. radio has been used
duct made by the A. P. Parts Corp. of the recent N. Y. Times ad of the             for the Hamtramck Auto Dealers                by practically all of the institu-
of Toledo.                             American Newspaper Advertising              Association, which features talent                   (Continued on page 72)
Page 70 Detroit       August 1, 1949                                                                                  BROADCASTING                    Telecasting
                                    WJ BKDETROIT
                                             .         (now 'na.

                                                       IN              THE

       WJBK now ranks first in the U. S., in afternoons,                                       Billboard Mag.) chalks up a Hooper of 8.4 against
       among the 1110 "Independents" in cities served by                                       his network competition and on Sunday after-
       the four major networks-with an average share                                           noons, WJBK gets an amazing 44.4 of listening
       of audience of 18.3!                                                                    audience. No wonder WJBK was selected as key
                                                                                               station for all Detroit Tiger baseball broadcasts
       How come!               ...
                       Well, WJBK's "Jack The Bell-                                            and carries more local business than any other
       boy" (America's No. 1 Disc Jockey, according to                                         Detroit radio station!

                                                  efah in.               ¿'.al! .7(at3         vh aaailaGi[itin.

                                                 HOOPER STATION AUDIENCE INDEX
     CITY.     D12fl0tT, MICR.                              City Zone        MONTH                                         B    )MY, 1949

                                                              Total Coincidental Calls -This Period

                                                                      SHARE OF AUDIENCE
                                                                         c        E                                            öTwERs`      HOMES CALLED
                                     sivrs   Netw                 AMaBM     Netw     Netw Netw
        MON. THRU FRI.               16.7        5.9    1.1        7.2        1.9      37.3       1.3   23.5     20.8           1.0             2,595
        6:00 A.M. -12:00 NOON

        MON. THRU FRI.               22.5        4.1    1.6        21.3       1.3      27.6       6.8    18.6    18.2           3.5             3,821
        12   00 NOON -6:00 P.M.

        SUN. THRU SAT.               28.8        5.7   0.8         10.5       2.6      28.7       3.8    22.9    13.7          11.3             7.819
        6:0O   1A-10.30 P.M.

        17:00 NOON -6:00   PM
                                     27.2        8.7    1.7        44.4       1.1       5.0       8.9    15.4     9.5           5.3             1,490

        6:00 A.M. -6A0 P.M.
                                     17.2        7.2    3.1        28.6       2.0      27.6       8.2   7.2      10.2           5.9               667

        TOTAL      nano
                                     23.0        5.6    1.3        17.1       5.9      27.0       5.1   19.9     15.5           6.6            16,392

                                                               WJBK  DETROIT, MICHIGAN

                                      OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE FORT INDUSTRY COMPANY

                                   National Sales Headquarters: 527 Lexington Ave., New York 17, Eldorado 5-2455
BROADCASTING                      Telecasting                                                                                  August 1, 1949           Detroit Page 71
                   Detroit                         the words to a tune composed by a         as gAkéral sales manager of WWJ        of Trendle- Campbell in 1933, he
                                                   Detroit pianist, Carl Rupp, and           and WWJ -TV in April to form the       became vice president in 1946,
      (Continued from page 70)                     "MacDonald for coal, MacDonald            firm,of Denman & Betteridge, with      when the firm began to be known
 tional and utilities advertisers in               for coke, MacDonald for quality           Willian I. Denman, is another ra-      as Trendle- Campbell Enterprises.
 Detroit.     Commonwealth Bank,                   fuel" was introduced by Russ Mor-         dio and television veteran in De-        In 1936, Trendle created The
 through Ted Reeves, of Toledo, is                 gan's orchestra, then active in De-      troit. In lining up sponsors for        Green Hornet, still carried weekly
 a long -time user of spots.                       troit. The tune caught on, and for        WWJ-TV, Mr. Betteridge was sell-       by ABC as a sustaining program.
    Detroit Edison Co., electric power             years Mr. MacDonald was saluted          ing television a year- and-a -half      Challenge of the Yukon, latest of
 supplier to Detroit and suburbs,                  with it whenever he entered a club       before the first Detroit telecast.      the Trendle Trio, is currently being
 uses the H.C.L. Jackson (Detroit                  or dance. It is still used in spots.         Michigan Mutual Insurance Co.       sponsored three times weekly by
 News columnist) show, and was one                 Neff Radio Productions is the            is one of the agency's principal ac-    Quaker Oats Co., through Sherman
 of the first TV sponsors in the area,             agency.                                  counts, using spots 52 weeks a year     & Marquette, Chicago. The com-
 with its Kitchen Carnival show on                    The position as oldest consistent     on 25 stations in five states. An-      pany also owns and operates
 WWJ -TV. It has another TV show,                  advertiser on WJR goes with no op-       other outstanding effort was that       WTAC Flint, Michigan.
 the Jane Durelle Story Book, a                    position to the Ohio China Co. of        of the Thomas J. Doyle Co., a
 children's program five times a                   Monroe, Mich. Using participa-            Dodge-Plymouth dealer, in pro-          Jam Handy Organization
 week. This is in keeping with the                tions on the station's Mrs. Page          moting its Glitter -Glaze, an auto-      Has Detroit Headquarters
 utility's policy of spending 90%                 show, this company has used two           mobile polish. Through a strong            Detroit is headquarters for one
 of its budget in goodwill and public             spots per week for 18 years, re-          spot campaign over 17 years, it          of the country's largest producers
 service programs. The only sales                 newing each year, and going               was able to make Glitter -Glaze a        of TV visual presentations in the
 effort now going on is a spot                    through three different Mrs. Pages        common noun in the city, a la           Jam Handy Organization. The TV
 campaign throughout southeastern                 in that time. Finzel Agency of            Simoniz. Detroit and Toledo Philco      department of this company was
 Michigan on electric water heaters.               Monroe handles the billing.              distributors last year used nine         set up prior to 1941 by Jamison
 Campbell -Ewald is agency for Edi-                  Two of the largest spot buyers         half -hours per week on television,     Handy, president, utilizing all the
 son.                                             in the city are Speedway Petroleum        one of the heaviest TV buys in the      facilities which had been built up
   Fred Randall Co. places the Mich-              Corp. and Federal Department               U. S. Other active accounts of         over 30 years in the field of visual
 igan Consolidated Gas Co. sponsor-               Stores. Both of these 1,000 or            Denman & Betteridge are Silver -        training and commercial motion
 ship of the Lee Smits newscast                   more spots -per -year buyers are          cup Bread (Gordon Baking Co.)           pictures, including production fa-
 over WXYZ. Though the bulk of                    handled by W. B. Doner & Co.              and New Era Potato Chips. The           cilities in New York and Holly-
 Bell Telephone time is placed in                 Though a reluctant radio user at          agency also places the DeSoto           wood, as well as Detroit. A cita-
 New York, the Detroit office re-                 first, Speedway Gasoline now puts         Dealers of Detroit business, a buy      tion for the "skilled application of
 tains a measure of supervision over              '75% of its budget into radio and         of telecasting rights to the horse      commercial techniques to tele-
 local programs.                                  is planning a TV show for fall.           races.                                  vision" was made by the Television
    It is a doubtful honor in the ears            The King's Jesters' singing com-             No history of Detroit radio would    Broadcasters Association for the
 of many, but Detroit claims credit               mercial, "Speedway's Goin' Steady         be complete without recounting the      TV commercials of Lucky Strike,
 for the origination of the singing               With Ethyl," has aroused many             story of The Lone Ranger. This          produced by the company. In ad-
 jingle. In 1928 Cliff MacDonald,                 favorable comments.                       tremendously popular program,           dition, CCNY presented N. W.
 of the coal company bearing his                                                            with two others, The Green Hornet       Ayer & Sons Inc. their 1949 award
 name, in looking for something dif-                Federal Dept. Stores                                                            of merit for creating the most
                                                                                            and Challenge of the Yukon, was
 ferent for his ads, hit upon the                   Big Spot User                           created and developed by George         effective spot television announce-
 idea of making up a short song to                    Federal has had a 1,000 spot -        W. Trendle, who is now president        ment. This award was for the
 be used in spot radio. He wrote                   per -year contract for the past five     of Trendle- Campbell Enterprises.       Lucky Strike Square Dance com-
                                                   years, and formerly sponsored a          Mr., Trendle entered radio in 1930,     mercial produced by Jam Handy.
                                                   local AM amateur show for seven          buying station WXYZ, and operat-        Other Jam Handy TV commer-
                                                   years. With 12 stores in the De-        ing it with his theatre business         cial buyers are Chevrolet, Oldsmo-
                                                   troit area, Federal is planning a       associate, John H. King. The firm        bile, Curtis Publishing, Gruen
                                                   super -saturation in August, pre-.       was then known as the King-             Watch, and Standard Oil of N. J.
        UAW           MEMBERS                      liminary to opening a new store;        Trendle Broadcasting Corporation.           All of the Detroit stations except
                                                   150 AM spots a day will be used                                                  WKMH offer simultaneous FM
          Own and Operate                          and 30 TV, for two weeks. A pre-        'Lone Ranger'                            with AM broadcasts. WWJ -FM is
                                                   view, complete with columnists,         Sets Record                              one of the earliest stations in the
                                                   representatives of national manu-          Beginning in 1933, during the de-    country. In 1936, it began broad-
                                                   facturera and Powers models for                                                 casting in this medium which was
        WDET-FM                                    color, will be telecast. W. B. Doner
                                                   is president of the company, with
                                                                                           pression, the program was a hit
                                                                                          from the start. Gordon Baking Co.        so new that a News editorial said
                                                                                                                                   at the time:
                                                                                           (Silvercup Bread) began sponsor-
          In   the Detroit Area                    Charles F. Rosen as executive vice     ship in November of that year, and          "The News is happy to assist
                                                   president. They handle the bulk        continued until 1941. Now in its         in the revival of a craft which has
        EVERY OTHER FAMILY*                        of the agency's radio accounts.        seventeenth consecutive year of          languished with the perfection of
                                                      Another brewer with a big radio     broadcasting, The Lone Ranger has        commercial radio sets, the building
   has members                  in   the UAW       and TV budget is E & B. This com-      established a world record for half-     at home of receivers suited to the
                                                   pany, through the Doner agency,        hour radio dramas. The show              new frequencies. A few of these
           Gain Their Loyalty by                   has been placing a third of its        started on a three times a week          are now manufactured, and their
                                                   budget in air time, and is spon-       basis in its first year, and continued   names or advice and plans for the
        Advertising   on    Their Station          soring Tuesday night wrestling         without interruption until the           home construction of sets of the
                                                  matches, with a Friday wrestling        death of FDR caused the first            same sort, we shall put at the
                                                  show scheduled to start in a few        cancellation. Since 1941, sponsor-       public's disposal."
                                                  weeks. In addition, it is using 20      ship in most areas of the country           With FM receivers in the Detroit
        WDET-FM                                   time report spots per day on WJBK,
                                                  and has spots running continuously
                                                                                          has been by General Mills for their
                                                                                                                                   area estimated at 150,000, the three
                                                                                                                                   FM -only broadcasters are working
                                                                                          Brix,                and     Pyequick,
           ERP    52000 Watts                     in 10 outstate markets.                 through Dancer, Fitzgerald -Sam-         hard at their specialized task,
                                                     Other prominent Doner accounts       ple. In the South and Southeast,         using music, news, and especially
                                                  are: Annis Furs, now buying eight       the program is sponsored by              strong local programming of live
        Operated as   a     Public Service
                                                  spots per week on major stations,       Marita Bread, through Tucker,            talent. WLDM(FM) was recently
                                                  heavier during fur storage season;      Wayne & Co. Atlanta, Ga.                 appointed Detroit outlet for the
                                                  Enggass Jewelers, one of the oldest         The other half of the partner-       Michigan FM Network, which
                                                  spot buyers in Detroit; Faygo Bev-      ship is H. Allen Campbell, vice -        give it access to a continuing series
    LINE ED     AUTO       WOEKERS      C10       erages, buying top spot and chain       president and general manager of         of concerts from the U. of Michi-
                                                  breaks when available; Detroit Re-                                               gan, plus the programming of the
                 Radio Place                      tail Druggists Assn., which has         T -C Enterprises, who went to the        other 30 FM stations in the net-
                                                  five and 15-minute shows on four        sales staff of WXYZ in 1930 from         work. The Lincoln Broadcasting
                  Detroit 28
                                                  major stations simultaneously.          a Detroit newspaper. Within six          Co. owns and operates WLDM.
               VErmont      8   -3048             Doner also prepares copy for the        months he was salesmanager of the           WDET (FM), which was estab-
                                                  Big Bear chain of super markets,        corporation. It was he who first         lished in January of this year by
                                                  planning radio and TV shows later       sold The Lone Ranger as a network        the executive board of the UAW -
        OVER 350,000 MEMBERS
                                                  in the year.                            program, first with NBC Blue, then       CIO, works closely with many civic
                                                     Harry Betteridge, who resigned       with ABC. Made general manager                 (Continued on page 74)
Page 72 Detroit                  August 1, 1949
                                                                                                                        BROADCASTING                    Telecasting
                                                                                       j;           ,...   ;.N   ï   ,.

"Hi-Yo Silver!"                                                                        Sergeant Preston
                                                                                       and King     ... In
The Lone Ranger
                                                                                       The Challenge
Sponsored by
                                                                                       of the Yukon
                                                                                       Sponsored by

                            "The GREEN HORNET"

        The builders of "The LONE RANGER ", and "The CHALLENGE of The YUKON ", have another
     GREAT SHOW for sponsorship by a live -wire national advertiser -"The GREEN HORNET ". . . A LOW.
     COST Package Show that pays BIG Dividends in audience interest and product loyalty   Hop aboard
    this "GREEN HORNET" program and win a rich franchise across the nation, as have GENERAL MILLS
    and QUAKER OATS, riding the famed productions of our organization, over the years.

TRENDLE-CAMPBELL               Enterprises, Inc.           1800 Stroh Bldg., DETROIT 26, MICH.
    (Continued from page 72)
groups plus the many auto worker                                                                        Backgrounds of Area's Stations
locals. It is especially forward in
presenting programs on contro-                 HISTORY
versial subjects. During the recent             WWJ, WWJ -FM, WWJ -TV                  Detroit's introduction to this new      wave length with the newspaper's
Ford strike, the station offered its
facilities to both the company and                     622 W.   Lafayette Ave.         medium.                                  station, WCX. Both call letters
                                                        Woodward 2 -2000                                                        were used.
the union to present their sides of                       930 kc 5 kw                     Owned and operated by the Even-
the controversy. Ben Hoberman                         97.1 me 10.5 kw (FM)             ing News Assn., publisher of the           On April 29, 1927, WJR became
                                                     Channel 4 5 kw (visual)           Detroit News, WWJ is the only            the Detroit outlet for NBC Blue
is station manager.
                                               THE STORY of WWJ in Detroit is          Detroit AM station with a direct         network and was assigned 680 kc.
   Strauss Gantz, head of WJJW                 pretty much the story of radio in       newspaper tie -up. William E.            Later in the year the channel was
(FM) in down -river Wyandotte,                 the U. S., for this station began       Scripps is president of the com-         cleared of all other stations except
is another avid supporter of FM,               to broadcast regular programs on        pany, but direction of the radio and     KFSD San Diego. In September
and said this about broadcasting:              Aug. 20, 1920, and since that date      TV stations rests largely in the         1927, control of WJR passed from
"Radio, either FM or AM, without               has piled up an impressive group        hands of Harry Bannister, who            Mr. Jewett to the present owner-
good local programming, serves no              of "firsts" to support its slogan of,   claims his greatest achievement to       ship, with G. A. Richards in control
public purpose, and becomes either             "Detroit's First Station." Not          date was in getting transcribed an-     of the company. In 1929 WCX was
a glorified juke -box or merely a              content to rest on this distinction,    nouncements and singing commer-         absorbed and the station moved to
relay point."                                  WWJ was sending out FM broad-           cials banned at WWJ in February         the newly-completed Fisher Bldg.
   Since Detroit was hooked up to              casts as early as 1936 under the        1945. Mr. Bannister, who was a             WJR became the Detroit outlet
the eastern coaxial cable in Janu-             letters WENA, and WWJ -TV went          director of NAB until the station's     for CBS in 1935. The station had
ary, the growth of television in               into operation in March 1947, as        recent resignation, joined WWJ as       been granted 50 kw power, and this
this area has been rapid. The                                                          a salesman, was made sales man-         went into effect the same day.
latest estimate of the number of           ABC, and WJBK -TV handles Du-               ager in April 1935, and general            WJR has always exerted a spe-
sets by the Detroit Edison Co. is          Irlcnt and CBS. There is FCC                manager in November 1941.               cial effort in programming for
over 60,000, and TV men confi-             authorization for another channel,            WWJ is one of the original mem-       farm regions. A custom -built mo-
dently expect to hit 100,000 by            with sc./oral applications pending.         bers of NBC, handling network           bile studio travels throughout rur-
year -end. The three stations each            As exp:cted, the auto men jump-          programs since 19 -5. It has one of     al areas, originating broadcasts on
opened in a blaze of publicity, get-       ed into television with the opening         the most impressive plants in the       farms, at county fairs, 4 -H clubs
ting editorial and advertising sup-        of the first station in the city. The        country, built in 1936, right across   and other rural gatherings.
port from the Detroit newspapers,          fact that here was a way of actu-            the street from the News. But it          The station lost its president in
each of which put out a TV section         ally showing the product along               even outgrew this, and now the TV      June, with termination of the con-
at different times. Advertisers,           with a spoken sales talk caused a            end FM studios and transmitte -s
                                                                                        are atop the Penobscot Bldg., high-    tract of Frank E. Mullen, former
especially the key auto men, have          rush to TV by both local dealers                                                    executive vice president of NBC,
                                           and national companies. One sta-             est point in Detroit.
been eager to try to do a good                                                                                                 who also headed the two other
selling job via the new medium.            tion, WXYZ -TV, had an eight -                  Early in broadcasting history,      Richards stations, WGAR Cleve-
                                           foot opening cut into its studio             before the D -troit Police radio was   land and KMPC Los Angeles.
  All four TV networks are rep-            wall so automobiles could be driven          est iblished, WWJ offered the use of   Harry Wismer, nationally known
resented in Detroit. WWJ -TV is            directly onto the stage for com-             ;ts facilities to the department in    sportscaster, who had been serving
outlet for NBC, WXYZ -TV for               mercials.                                   a'prehending criminals. A con-          ^s Mr. Mullen's assistant, also
                                                                                       stant program of public service has     handles the general managership
                                                                                       been carried on ever since, result-     et WJR. Mr. Wismer has had
                                                                                       ing in many awards. Thomas E.           many citations as the nation's No.
                                                                                       Dewey made his radio debut in           1 sports announcer. Worth Kram-
                                                                                       1922 -as a baritone, not as a candi-    er, former program director of
                                                                                       date. In Edwin Lloyd (Ty) Tyson,        WGAR Cleveland and originator
                                                                                       WWJ has one of the most popular         of Wings Over Jordan, was made
                                                                                       personalities in radio. Ty joined       assistant general manager in July
                                                                                       the station in 1922 and became a        1948.
                                                                                       favorite of Midwestern fans.
                                                                                                                                 WJR-FM was originally slated
                                                                                          Willard Walbridge has just been      to take the air in 1941 but delivery
                                                                                       made general sales manager of           of the transmitting equipment was
                                                                                       AM, FM and TV operations, with          delayed and the "freeze order" of
                        BULL'S -EYE!                                                   Wendell Parmalee getting the post       April 1942 caused postponement
                                                                                       of sales manager of WWJ and             until after the war. The FM an-
                             on the                                                    WWJ -FM.                                tenna is located atop the Fisher
                                                                                           WWJ -TV was the first station       Bldg. WJR has an application in
                        MOST Listeners                                                 to go into operation in Detroit. It     for a television license.
                                                                                       has exclusive rights to the Red           Basic Class A rate is $1,000, one
                           For Your                                                    Wings hockey games, Tiger home          of the highest in the nation. Ed-
                                                                                       games, and it also brought U. of        ward Petry & Co. is sales repre-
                         Radio Dollar                                                  Michigan games to Detroit viewers       sentative.
                                                                                       from Ann Arbor using relay points
                                                                                       on high ground between the two
                                                                                       cities.                                          WXYZ, WXYZ-FM
                                                                                           Basic rate for the AM station is               WXYZ-TV
                                                                                       $800 per hour, and representative
                                                                                       is George' P. Hollingbery Co.                         1700 Stroh Bldg.
                                                                                                                                            Woodward 3 -8321
                                                                                                                                              1270 kc 5 kw
                                                                                                                                         101.1 me 30 kw (FM)
                                                                                                                                       Channel 7 27.9 kw (visual)
                                                                                                WJR, WJR -FM                   NOW a wholly owned and operated
                                                                                                    Fisher Bldg.               station of ABC, WXYZ traces back
                                                                                                    Madison 4440
                                                                                                   760 kc 50 kw                to 1923 when it began operations as
                                                                                                  96.3 me 24 kw                WPHG under ownership of George
                        ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN                                            "FROM the Golden Tower of the           Harrison Phelps, who also owned
                                                                                       Fisher Bldg." is a familiar phrase      his own successful advertising
                           Primary Coverage                                            to the listeners of Detroit from its    agency. In 1930, George W. Trendle
                                                                                       long use by WJR, most powerful          and his partner, John H. King, who
                       900,860 RADIO HOMES                                             station in the Detroit area. Started    had been operating a large chain
       More than half the total radio homes in Michigan
       with a retail buying power (1948) of over 3 -1/2
                                                                -   1,774,800
                                                                billion dollars.
                                                                                -      in Pontiac in 1922 by Jewett Radio
                                                                                       & Phonograph Co., WJR had a
                                                                                                                               of Detroit theatres, bought the sta-
                                                                                                                               tion and formed King-Trendle
                                                                                       working agreement with the De-          Broadcasting Corp.
                                                                                       troit Free Press to share time and         Mr. Trendle brought into radio
Page 74 Detroit        August 1, 1949                                                                                BROADCASTING                     Telecasting
a knowledge of showmanship that          casting,'" ne vlug            large      Assigned 640 kc, the new station   Mutual Broadcasting System, a
manifested itself in the creation of     number of indepen.         er mar-    was originally licensed to Essex      connection it still has. In addition,
new programs, including The Lone         kets for the service. _..c'V. Hay
                                                                   _           Broadcasters Ltd. as CKOK. This       it is basic outlet for the Canadian
Ranger now in its 17th consecutive       is commercial manager under Mr.       Canadian corporation was headed       Broadcasting Corp.
year of thrice -weekly programs.         Booth, assisted by William J. Jory.   by Malcolm Campbell. In 1933 the         Following the death of- Malcolm
He followed this with two other          Edward H. Clark is v.p. in charge     frequency was changed to 840 kc,      Campbell, Ted Campeau was
adventure dramas, The Green Hor-         of engineering. Represented by        then to 1030 kc in 1934 and to its    elected president and general man-
net, and Challenge of the Yukon,         the William G. Rambeau Co., the       present spot at 800 kc in 1941.       ager in 1947. Mr. Campeau also
which are still fed into the national    basic AM rate is $250.                Studios were set up in the Guar-      has been a member of the board of
ABC network by WXYZ. The sta-                                                  anty Trust Bldg. in Windsor and       directors of MBS since 1938. The
tion joined the NBC's Blue network                                             were expanded until today they        corporate licensee is now known
Sept. 29, 1936.                                CKLW, CKLW-FM                   take up almost two entire floors.     as the Western Ontario Broadcast-
   On May 3, 1946, all the stock                                               In addition, executive offices and    ing Corp., Ltd.
in the station was purchased by             Canada Trust Bldg., Windsor        studios occupy the 33d floor of De-
                                                    Windsor 4 -1155                                                     During 1948, CKLW added a 260
ABC, and it became part of the                 Guardian Bldg., Detroit         troit's Guardian Bldg.
                                                                                                                     w FM station. CKLW now has an
network's operations. Selling price            Cadillac 7200 (Detroit)
                                                     800 kc 50 kw                 J. E. (Ted) Campeau, station       application for a television license
was $2,800,000 in cash. James G.                 93.9 me 250 w (FM)            manager, was made vice president      before the Board of Governors of
Riddell, who had been with WXYZ          FOUNDED in the heart of the de-       and general manager in 1938.          CBC.
since 1930, was named station man-       pression in 1932, CKLW has been       During this time the call was
ager and now is general manager                                                changed to CKLW. CKLW became            Construction of its 60 kw trans-
                                         functioning in two countries ever                                           mitter has just been completed and
of all AM, FM, and TV operations.        since and is a prime example of the   a basic station for CBS in 1932
Harold S. Christian is commercial                                              and remained a Detroit outlet un-     CKLW will be broadcasting with
manager of the station and also
                                         international cooperation and                                               this power the last week in July.
                                         amity between Canada and the          til 1935. At that time, in conjunc-   E. Wilson Wardell is commercial
directs WXYZ's active merchandis-        U. S. In June of this year, CKLW      tion with WGN Chicago and WOR
ing department.                                                                                                      manager of the station. The U. S.
                                         quietly observed its 17th anniver-    New York, CKLW became one of
   WXYZ -TV went on the air Oct.         sary.                                 the original shareholders of the             (Continued on page 76)
9, 1948, with 101A hours of a com-
pletely sponsored premiere pro-
gram. A survey that night showed
79.8% of all Detroit sets to be
tuned to that channel. WXYZ re-
cently installed what is called the
largest Trans -Lux sign in Amer-
ica atop its home in the Maccabees
   Basic Class A rate is $660.
WXYZ is represented by ABC Spot

        WJLB, WJLB -FM
       David Broderick Tower
          Woodward 5 -2000
           1400 kc 250 w
        97.9 me 30 kw(FM)
AFTER a short time when foreign
language programs were stopped
altogether, WJLB, one of the city's
oldest stations, has returned to a
reasonable number of broadcasts
beamed at Detroit's enormous
foreign speaking population. Be-
cause of the lingual ban of several
Detroit outlets, this potential mar-
ket was being neglected and John
L. Booth, owner and general man-
ager, feels these people should
have a channel open to them.
   Founded as WMBC in 1924, the
station was first established in the                                                            COVERS 198 COUNTIES IN 5 STATES
Addison Hotel and in 1926 was
moved to the LaSalle Hotel. Dur-
ing 1928, 1929 and 1930, the station
gained national recognition
                                                                                                ...      PLUS 24 COUNTIES IN CANADA

through the work of its com-
mentator, Jerry Buckley, who
was fatally shot in the lobby of
the LaSalle in 1930. The murder
 was never solved. The station
 stayed in the hands of the original
 owners, Michigan Broadcasting
 Co., until 1939, when it was pur-
 chased by Booth Radio Stations
Inc. J. L. Booth is the son of
 Ralph H. Booth, who was president
 of Booth Newspapers, a Michigan
   During the past few years,
WJLB has been programming
sports heavily and carried Tiger
games until this year, as well as
football games of the Detroit Lions,
 Notre Dame, Michigan State, and
the U. of Detroit. A complete                Guardian Building, Detroit 16           Mutual System
schedule of wrestling and boxing
 also has been presented. WJLB-                  National   Rep.                         Canadian Rep.
 FM was established in May 1941             Adam J. Young, Jr., Inc.                    H. N. Stavin & Co.
 and lately has been active in store -
BROADCASTING                   Telecasting                                                                           August 1, 1949       Detroit Page   75
     (Continued from page 75)                         WLDM (FM)                   the only                   .plied and         troit and adjacent Grosse Pointe,
                                                                                   operated          UAW -CIO Broad-            Lincoln Park, Highland Park,
        WJBK, WJBK -FM,                             24750 Greenfield Rd.                                                        Berkley and from the WEXL stu-
                                                       Jordan 4 -5835             casting t.       After authorization
           WJBK -TV                                   95.5 me 20 kw               by the executive board of the                 dios. Upward of 50 remote broad-
                                                                                   UAW, the station took the air in             casts are handled by the station
            Masonic Temple                WLDM (FM) Detroit's first inde-         January 1949 and is now operating             weekly.
             Temple 3 -7900               pendently owned and, operated FM-       59 hours a week.                                 On April 3, 1948, WEXL erected
            1490 kc 250 w                 only station is officially known as
        93.1 me 33 kw (FM)                                                           Though WDET(FM) is a com-                  a 433 -ft. tower just outside the
     Channel 2 14.26 kw (visual)          Lincoln Broadcasting Co. It was
                                          formed Jan. 1, 1947, by three vet-      mercial operation, certain limita-            Detroit city limits in Ferndale and
  WJBK began as a 15 w station in         eran radio men -Ellis C. Thomp-         tions are placed upon it by the               put WEXL -FM on the air. Mr.
  Ypsilanti, Mich., Oct. 7, 1925, when    son, Harold I. Tanner, and John A.      statement of policy. It is a non-             Hartrick remains as president of
  the first license was granted to        Ross, all strong believers in the       profit enterprise in that time is to          the corporation, with Mr. Sparks
  Ernest F. Goodwin. It was sold          future of FM. A Colonial -type          be sold only to cover operating               as general manager. Calvert M.
  in 1929 to James F. Hopkins Inc.                                                cost, depreciation and to improve             Hill is commercial and promotion
  By this time power had increased        building was erected just two miles                                                   manager. Gordon A. Sparks, son
                                          north of the city limits, containing    the service. In any case, not more
  to 50 w.                                studios, transmitter and offices.       than 50% of the time is to be sold.           of the founder, has been associated
     The "Detroit Story" of WJBK          The general program policy is           Free time is given for the presenta-          with WEXL 19 years and now acts
  began in 1930 when Mr. Hopkins          based on good music, supplemented       tion of controversial issues and to           in the capacity of program direc-
  moved studios and transmitter to        by periodic news broadcasts. Live       political candidates.                         tor. He also delivers the two
  Highland Park, a separate city,         shows are also featured, with em-          An advisory council of com-
                                                                                                                                major newscasts each day. Anoth-
  completely surrounded by Detroit.                                                                                             er son, Garnet G. Sparks, is chief
  Here the station specialized in         phasis on choral and instrumental       munity leaders meets regularly to             engineer and has been with the
  foreign language broadcasts and         groups from industrial and busi-        advise the management of policies
                                          ness concerns, churches, and            to be pursued in furthering De-               station since 1926. Under his di-
  sports events, building up a large      schools.                                troit's community life. Naturally,            rection the new FM station was
  following among the large foreign-         Recently named Detroit outlet        many programs are directed to the             constructed and new equipment in-
  born population of Detroit and its                                                                                            stalled in 1949. The basic Class A
  suburbs.                                for the Michigan FM network,            half-million auto workers in the              rate is $100, and the station ac-
     On June 19, 1947, WJBK and
                                          WLDM (FM) presents concerts             area. A nightly news commentary               cepts no alcoholic beverage adver-
  WJBK-FM were sold to Fort In-           from the U. of Michigan, in Ann         is presented by the UAW, but is               tising. It operates on a 24 -hour
 dustry Co., just six days after FM       Arbor, and will broadcast the           purchased at regular commercial               schedule.
 broadcasts were made simultaneous        Michigan games next fall.               rates.
 with AM. WJBK then became De-              Though broadcasting was begun            WDET(FM) is proud of a
 troit Broadcasting Co., a wholly -       last December, WLDM (FM) al-            weekly discussion program pro-
  owned subsidiary of The Fort            ready numbers a list of 32 active       duced in cooperation with the                                 WKMH
  Industry Co. Owner and president        commercial accounts, and estimates      Mayor's Interracial Committee                    22264   Michigan, Dearborn, Mich.
 George B. Storer has been active         that it will have 100 by fall. The      which was set up to solve problems                          Logan 2 -4000
  in the field of radio since 1928 when   basic rate is $140.                     of inequalities due to race, color or                      1310 ke 1 kw
 he purchased WTAL (now WSPD)                                                     ancestry. The station works with
 Toledo, first of the seven -station                                              Detroit Public Library department            MARKING the first AM grant in
 group.                                              WJJW (FM)                    in presenting symphonic music                Detroit radio for 16 years, WKMH
     Shortly after the change of own-                 3044 First St.,             progams. It beams regular pro-               went on the air Dec. 29, 1946, as a
 ership WJBK decided to concen-                      Wyandotte, Mich.             grams at foreign groups, including           daytime station on 1540 kc with
 trate on sports, music and news,                    Wyandotte 1166               Polish, Italian, and Jewish.                 1000 w. Application was filed for
                                                     103.1 me   1 kw                                                           the present frequency, and this
 entirely in English. This was ac-                                                   A strong promotional campaign
 complished through the use of both       DESIRE of communities down              is carried out in behalf of both the         change took place Aug. 16, 1948.
 old and new programs. Jack the           river from Detroit for a station to     station and FM itself. Besides               Fulitime operation began in Octo-
 Bellboy (Ed McKenzie). rated one         promote their own school, sport and     using other media, WDET(FM)                  ber 1948.
 of the nation's top disc jockeys,        musical programs inspired found-        has access to all UAW publications              Under direction of President and
 heads the musical lineup. Mr.            ing of WJJW (FM) in September           in the area, with a 2,000,000                General Manager Fred A. Knorr,
 McKenzie joined WJBK in 1937 as          1947. This independent FM sta-          monthly circulation. These papers            the station has a strong program
 a transmitter operator and by 1943       tion, located 11 miles south of De-     print the station's program sched-           of public service and special events,
 was chief announcer and chief en-        troit, is owned and operated by the     ule, radio columns, etc. Sponsor's           while still implementing a steady
 gineer.                                  Wyandotte News- Herald, 70-year-        names are also listed. Display               commercial growth. WKMH
     On Sept. 1, 1948, Richard E.         old local publication.                  posters are in all local union halls.        brought the voice of Babe Ruth to
 Jones, then commercial manager              By concentrating on local pro-          Basic rate for this FM -only sta-         Detroit fans on his last appearance
 for CKLW, joined WJBK as gen-            gramming, live shows and on -the-       tion is $100.                                in Detroit, has broadcast Army and
 eral manager. WJBK -TV began             spot broadcasts, WJJW (FM) has                                                       U. of Michigan football games and
 regular programming Oct. 24, 1948,       attracted 75 sponsors. Strauss                                                       this year is carrying the Tiger
 and the next month Mr. Jones as-         Gantz, president and managing di-                                                    baseball games as part of the
 sumed the general managership of         rector, believes that the future of            WEXL, WEXL-FM                         Goebel network.
 all Fort Industry's Detroit opera-       FM lies in its ability to take ad-                                                      Bess Wright, a home economist
 tions.                                                                                       212 W. 6th St.,
                                          vantage of local talent and ideas in               Royal Oak, Mich.                  for 20 years, conducts a daily half-
    Operating on Channel 2, WJBK -        programming, and its ability to                         Jordan     4   -6523         hour beamed at housewives, oper-
 TV is the Detroit outlet for two         perform public service.                             1340     kc    250    w          ates a sponsored cooking school
 networks, CBS and DuMont. The               Last fall 31 local high school and           104.3   me    18       kw (FM)
 pressure of TV made new quarters                                                                                              three days a week and is director
                                          semi -pro football games were car-      LOCATED in the suburb of Royal               of a merchandising and testing
 imperative, and last January the         ried, all with commercial sponsor-      Oak, just north of Detroit, WEXL             group of 100 housewives known as
 entire operation was moved to the        ship. Some weekends saw as many         boasts of being the oldest inde-             the WKMH Homemaker's Insti-
 Masonic Temple.                          as five games broadcast. Wrestling      pendent station in Michigan, ante-           tute.
    WJBK is key station of the            matches are being carried from          dated only by WWJ and WJR. It                   WKMH's principal studios are
 Goebel Baseball Network, broad-          nearby Grosse Isle Naval Air Sta-       took the air in 1924, when it was            in Dearborn, 20 minutes from
 casting Detroit Tiger games, feed-       tion. Basic Class A rate is $60.        founded as WAGM by A. G. Miller              downtown Detroit, but it has
 ing 27 stations, with Harry Heil-        Radio Representatives Inc. repre-       and his son, Robert. It continued            opened Detroit studios in the Music
mann and Van Patrick at the mike.         sents WJJW (FM).                        under this ownership until 1929              Hall. Programs are fed regularly
Another key program is that of                                                    when Jacob B. Sparks and George              from these studios, as well as from
Joe Gentile and Ralph Binge, the                                                  B. Hartrick purchased the station            other studios in Wyandotte and
Early Morning Frolic, based on                       WDET (FM)                    and formed the Royal Oak Broad-              Wayne. The staff of 38 is directed
zany commercials and utter dis-                     12300   Radio Place           casting Co., a corporation which             by Assistant General Manager
respect for standard procedure.                      Vermont    8 -3048           continues to own and operate                 Walter Patterson, a veteran of 19
    Working closely with the De-                     101.9 me   52 kw             WEXL and WEXL -FM.                           years in radio. It includes News
troit Times (though, no direct con-       "WE HAVE dedicated WDET                   The station broadcasts music               Analyst Edward Schweikardt, a
nection exists), WJBK broadcasts           (FM) to a program of public serv-      most of the day. It is one of the            professor in philosophy and inter-
news every hour of its 16 -hour           ice. Judging from our mail re-          few privately owned radio stations           national affairs, who spent four
sched le, direct from the editorial       sponse, we're on the right track and    which does not broadcast commer-             years with the Mutual news de-
room of the Times. Station is             the listeners appreciate it." This is   cial programs on Sunday. The                 partment. National representative
repre ented by the Katz Agency.           a summary by General Manager            entire Sunday schedule is devoted            is Weed & Co., and the basic rate
The basic hourly rate is $250.            Ben Hoberman of the activities of       to broadcasts from churches in De-           is $175.
Page 76 Detroit       August 1, 1949                                                                                       BROADCASTING               Telecasting

    FREE     PEECH
        MI    E

Call or write
your nearest                                                       50,000
PETRY   office                                                     WATTS
iFGOODWI LL                   STATION, INC.   FISHER BLDG.             DETROIT
                     G.   A. RICHARDS         HARRY WISMER
                                              Asst. to the President
The Detroit MStory ..

   is BROADCASTING's 15th in
   a continuing study of major
   radio and TV markets

   further evidence of continuing
   efforts to make radio
   facts more accessible and radio
   time more easily bought

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