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Annual Report 2008 - PEF


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									                                                Officers’ Report
      his year marks nearly 30 years of PEF    levels as CSEA’s and eliminating the merit-      executive order instituting many of the
T    working and fighting to improve the
lives of our members. Our message in the
                                               step process.
                                                   Our efforts also led to increased
                                                                                                principles of the final piece of our
                                                                                                campaign. The order creates a process to
annual report provides an opportunity to       assistance for our members working in            review the cost-effectiveness of large
recount our successes, recognize those who     high-cost areas of the state. In the previous    consultant contracts, as well as requiring
                                               contract we were limited to only minor           state agencies to make information about
                                               increases in salary adjustments. We made         contracts and the reasons for entering into
                                               this a focus of our contract efforts, built      contracts more publicly available. This is a
                                               coalitions around the issue with other           major stride forward in our goal of
                                               unions negotiating their contracts with the      protecting the job security of our members
                                               state, and now have achieved the largest         and ending wasteful and unnecessary
                                               single increase in location pay since the        contracting out.
                                               program was established.                             Based on the information provided from
                                                   We were able to build on our progress        our Go Public disclosure law we were able
                                               on across-the-board raises too. We made          to obtain data that allowed PEF to analyze
                                               sure, before negotiations even began, the        the state’s use of consultants and propose as
                                               state knew that we would not take a zero in      much as $750 million in readily achievable
                                               our contract. The results of these efforts:      savings. This information will be part of the
                                               across-the-board raises of 3 percent, 3          options we will press the governor to use to
                                               percent, 3 percent and 4 percent.                cut spending to address the state’s deficits in
                                                                                                this and the next fiscal year.
                                               Legislation                                          A smaller, but no less important anti-
      Kenneth Brynien, President                   Nearly a decade of legislative effort,       privatization effort is continuing at the
                                               mobilization, and political action was           New York State School for the Blind. The
helped achieve them as well as identify        rewarded when we achieved what can only          state Education Department is looking to
threats and challenges we will be facing in    be described as the crown jewel of our           abandon the operation of the school to a
the year and years to come.                    legislative efforts on behalf of our nurses —    private operator. We have mounted an
   Despite the change in governor and the      limits on mandated overtime. We believe          effort to preserve this educational asset and
economic and fiscal downturn of the state      that this is the first step in improving
in 2008, the past year has been a              working conditions that are part of the
remarkable year for PEF. In terms of our       vicious cycle that discourages people from
contract, legislative agenda, anti-            entering the nursing profession and creates
privatization efforts and budget fight back,   critical staffing issues in the workplace.
PEF has had significant successes in each           We were also able to work for the
area.                                          passage of another of our long-term
                                               legislative goals — permanent agency shop.
Contract                                       No longer will the public-sector unions be
    After nearly a full year without a         at the mercy of the Legislature and the
contract and intransigent state negotiators,   governor when the provision expires.
working directly with then governor Spitzer         We were successful in obtaining the
and his executive level staff, PEF was able    passage, in both houses of the legislature, of
to achieve a contract with across-the-board    bills that would have limited geographic
raises in each year, full retroactivity,       reassignment of our members, protected
complete grade-for-grade salary parity with    retiree health insurance and extended the
CSEA, a major increase in location pay, and    time injured workers could hold their jobs
retroactivity in our tuition benefit.          while recovering from injuries.
    The agreement continued our progress       Unfortunately, all of the bills were vetoed
toward salary parity with CSEA that began      by the governor.
in the previous contract. PEF started out
with a merit step for our members in grades                                                         Arlea Igoe, Secretary-Treasurer
                                               Anti-Privatization Efforts and
1-18, bringing our job rates for those         GO Public
grades up to those of CSEA’s. We continue                                                       maintain high quality services to the
                                                  As a direct result of our Go Public           disabled children. We have been successful
this progress by bringing the job rates of     legislative initiative, PEF achieved an
our members in grades 19-25 to the same                                                         to date, but our challenge will become

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L    REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                  Officers’ Report (continued)
more difficult especially in light of the         of $1.5 billion for the 2008-09 state fiscal   battles to protect our members’ job
state’s fiscal climate.                           year that targeted the state workforce by      security, as well as the benefits that we as a
                                                  reopening the state’s PS&T collective          union have won over the past 30 years will
Budget-Fightback                                  bargaining agreement to eliminate the April    be at the forefront of our efforts.
    Our uppermost concern is the                  2009 salary increase and to defer five days’        We as a union should be proud of what
employment security of our members and            worth of salary. The governor also proposed    we have accomplished not just in this past
we will use all options available to us to        modifying state retirees’ contributions for    year but over the last 30 years since PEF
protect their employment.                         health care based on years of service and      came into existence, and know that even
    Even in the face of an almost $5 billion      requiring state employees and retirees to      when we are faced with challenges those
deficit, we were able to thwart budget            contribute to the Medicare Part B              challenges also bring opportunity for
proposals that threatened our members. We         premiums. Through coordinated action           achievement.
worked with other unions to keep                  with a coalition of public employee unions          All of PEF’s achievements are the result
correctional facilities open and, through the     and New Yorkers For Fiscal Fairness as well    of the efforts of many, our leaders, our
efforts of our members, saved two of the          as intense lobbying we were able to thwart     staff, but it is you, our members, who have
five residential facilities in the state Office   those proposals.                               helped provide the key ingredient of our
of Children and Family Services (OCFS)                 One month later the governor              success.
that were slated for closure. All of this         submitted his Executive Budget for the             Thank you for the opportunity to serve
despite overwhelming odds against our             fiscal year beginning April 2009 with a        you.
success and, in the case of OCFS, an              budget deficit pegged at nearly $15 billion.
unprecedented push-back by the agency             The Executive budget contained many of
and a commissioner’s ideological bent             the same proposals targeting the state
against state-run facilities that runs so deep    workforce that had been proposed in the
she has left funded facilities vacant.            prior budget including the closure of
    Though we were not completely                 OCFS and DOCS facilities as well as
successful with all of the OCFS facilities,       additional cuts to the state workforce and
we will continue to work to maintain the          the potential of over 500 state employee
job security of our members, and if               layoffs.
necessary, bring all of PEF’s resources to
bear to ensure their job security.                Challenges to Come
    The governor also submitted budget               Given the current state of New York’s
proposals to close an additional budget gap       and the nation’s economy it is likely that

                                                          VICE PRESIDENTS

                                                               Patricia Baker
                                                                  Joe Fox
                                                               Lou Matrazzo

    2           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L      REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                 Secretary-Treasurer – Finance/Divisions
   n 2008 the Finance Department continued       capabilities that are offered by banks for       information on the member’s regional
I its hard work exposing the members to the
new systems that significantly impact PEF
                                                 divisions. The new program being tested
                                                 will dramatically reduce the work division
                                                                                                  coordinator, division officers and stewards,
                                                                                                  and what PEF membership offers.
across the spectrum of the organization – from   treasurers are required to do, while
Delegates, to Executive Board Members,           simultaneously allowing them to earn             2009 Regular Statewide Elections
Division members and PEF staff.                  interest income in their accounts. Almost           In March 2009, petitioning for all
                                                 everything will be done electronically.          Statewide Officers (President, Secretary-
    We are utilizing state-of-the-art banking    Division leaders will receive electronic debit   Treasurer, 3 Vice Presidents), Regional
technology that expedites cash depositing        cards and that information will feed into        Coordinators, Trustees and Executive Board
through the scanning of checks received, as      our system. We will be able to monitor           Representatives will begin. With the
well as utilizing “positive pay” technology      everything while offering more support           increase in membership, the number of
that negates the possibility of fraudulent       service to division members, such as writing     Executive Board seats will increase by 11 to
checks being paid. All our online banking        checks, preparing financial reports and          a total of 117. At the convention this year,
transactions were also set up with a “dual       doing bank deposits.                             the delegates will decide on how to
approval” restriction, which means that no                                                        apportion representation within their
one individual can access funds without          Expense Reimbursement via the                    departments.
someone else’s oversight and approval.           Web
    This switch was also aimed at allowing          In an effort to provide greater               Education
us to earn more interest income through the      convenience and quicker reimbursement for            The Divisions Department continues to
use of nightly sweep accounts for both PEF       your expenses, PEF is now able to allow the      help divisions with their finance and
and its divisions. In addition, PEF moved        submission of expense vouchers and               election issues. Along with council leader
more monies to be handled by our                 supporting documentation electronically          training and division treasurer training, staff
investment manager - Stacey Braun. Using         using the web. Because it's Web-based,           members are available to meet with leaders
their expertise we have diversified our          members can generate and submit reports          and treasurers to aid in the completion of
portfolio, resulting in reduced investment       anytime from anywhere, using an intuitive        reports and answer any questions in regard
risk and increased long-term investment          interface, and we communicate online             to division elections or division finance.
earnings. This resulted in an increase in our    messages regarding the status of submitted           PEF has purchased a new product to
unrealized gains of $186,000.                    expense reports.                                 utilize in these training and education
    In addition, PEF has started to use                                                           efforts. Webex Communications allows us
Purchase Cards for the majority of hotels,
conferences, registrations, and many routine
                                                 Divisions Communication                          to conduct training and education on the
                                                     In 2008, the Divisions Department            Internet. It is interactive and hands-on but
expenses i.e. office supplies, computer                                                           can be done from your home or division’s
equipment, advertising. By using the             began to focus on increasing PEF
                                                 Headquarters communication with regional         computer. There is no traveling involved
Purchase Cards PEF is able to earn more                                                           for PEF staff or members. Members will be
interest on cash and investments because the     coordinators, division council leaders and
                                                 treasurers. We believe if the divisions          able to view a training as well as interact
outlay of cash to pay the Purchase Cards is                                                       over the Internet connection.
only once per month, rather than depleting       become more informed and realize help is
our cash on a daily basis. To date we have       available for reporting issues, more of our
rolled these cards out to several directors      divisions will begin to comply with the
and the Regional Coordinators. These are         reporting
the same cards that Divisions will begin         requirements.
utilizing in the fall.                               This
                                                 communication effort
                                                 will include direct
Division Recordkeeping                           mailings to division
    Perhaps the most significant change          officers and stewards.
relates to recordkeeping changes for             It is our goal to bring
divisions - in the final stages of               all 232 divisions up-
development. It represents a radical             to-date with elections,
departure from the way we are currently          reports and funding.
conducting business.                             A direct mailing to all
    One of the goals of the banking change       current PEF fee payers
was to look for opportunities to move            is also planned. This
forward and leverage the more advanced           mailing will include

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L      REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                                            N.Y.S. Public Employees Federation
                                            Balance Sheet                    –   UNAUDITED
                                                    As of December 31, 2008

                                ASSETS                                                      LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS
Current Assets                                                          Current Liabilities
PEF Cash                                                2,690,224       Accounts Payable                                5,419,306
Legislative Fund Cash                                     291,781       Total Current Liabilities                       5,419,306
Accounts Receivable                                     1,397,204
Prepaid Expenses                                          295,502       Long Term Liabilities
Total Current Assets                                    4,674,711       Post Retirement Liabilities                     3,333,044
                                                                        Contingencies/Litigation                        2,444,050
Fixed Assets                                                            Capital Lease Obligation                           52,219
Land & Building                                          2,012,103      Total Long Term Liabilities                     5,829,313
Furn/Fix/Computers/Autos                                 2,399,631      Total Liabilities                              11,248,619
Leasehold Improvements                                   1,197,772
Less Accum Deprec/Amoritz                               (4,490,735)     Net Assets
Total Fixed Assets                                       1,118,771      Unrestricted Net Assets                           492,660
                                                                        Net Income/(Deficit) - Unrestricted               637,801
Other Assets                                                            Total Unrestricted Net Assets                   1,130,461
Other Assets                                              101,145       Temp. Restricted Net Assets                       274,600
Investment Securities                                   6,684,735       Net (Income)/Deficit - Restricted                 (74,318)
Total Assets                                           12,579,362       Total Restricted Net Assets                       200,282
                                                                        TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS                 12,579,362

                                            N.Y.S. Public Employees Federation
                   Income and Expense Statement – UNAUDITED
                                                    As of December 31, 2008

Income                                                                  Maintenance & Repair                             126,379
Membership Dues Income                                 24,168,036       Equipment Rental                                   6,317
Agency Fee Income                                       1,388,652       Minor Equipment Purchases                         41,492
Interest Income                                           195,664       Computer Fees                                     43,646
Rental Income                                              36,149       Advertising Expense                              239,783
Other Misc. Income                                      2,580,187       Photographic Supply                                1,961
Unrealized Gain/(Loss)                                    292,447       Books & Reference Materials                       79,567
                                                                        Insurance Expense                                 66,824
Total Income                                           28,076,242       Temporary Hire                                    17,732
                                                                        Steno/Transcripts/Court                           16,962
Expenses                                                                Miscellaneous Sundry                              34,182
Direct Services
Union Leave Expense                                       609,383       Total Operating Expense                         2,587,502
Staff Salary Expense                                    8,384,833
Payroll Tax Expense                                       683,254       Admin/Organizational Exp
Benefit Expense                                         2,887,360
Auto Allowance & Expense                                  202,581       Scholarship Fund Expense                           38,382
Staff Travel & Transportation                             177,122       Arbitration Expense                               115,697
P/R Travel & Transportation                             1,367,677       Contributions                                      23,189
State EOL Expense                                         563,775       Affiliation Fees                                  176,862
                                                                        Legislative/COPE Expense                          562,688
Total Direct Services                                  14,875,976       Divisional Fund                                   996,916
                                                                        Per Capita Fees                                 7,375,038
Operating Expenses                                                      Professional Fees                                 435,972
Reproduction                                               78,134       Depreciation/Amortization                         324,536
Printing Expense                                          372,246
Postage Expense                                           469,114       Total Admin/Organiz. Exp.                      10,049,281
Office Supply Expense                                      69,466
Telephone/Communication                                   189,238       Total Expenditures                             27,512,759
Rent Expense (includes Real Estate Taxes)                 595,818
Utility Expense                                            82,663       Net Income/(Deficit)                             563,483
Janitorial & Security Expenses                             55,978

     4            New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L    REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                          Membership Information Systems
       he Department of Management                regional offices off of the new system and      central location where members and press
T     Information Systems provides a crucial
link connecting PEF’s 58,000 members and
                                                  our front end application is currently in
                                                  testing to totally replace the legacy
                                                                                                  alike can get the most up-to-date
                                                                                                  information on what is going on at PEF.
staff. MIS provides this link through the         membership information system.                  With daily updates and a tremendous
support and delivery of Internet services, data        MIS has also worked closely with           historical archive our web site has grown to
services, PC services, networking, and            accounting in launching our accounting          over 11,000 pages (including the on-line
telecommunications.                               services into the 21st century. We have just    Communicator collaboration between PEF’s
                                                  recently worked with accounting to migrate      MIS and PR departments) and the
                                                  to Great Plains 10. In addition, we have        Membership Benefits web site complete
Computers, Hardware, and                          implemented a web based VPN solution to         with a visionary e-commerce
Software                                          minimize inconvenience to our division          implementation. In the coming year,
      We have completed our organization-         leaders while still giving them secured         development will begin on a new web
wide replacement of servers and desktops to       access to our business portal intranet which    content management system to better
replace older equipment purchased in              was also upgraded to the latest release. In     manage and present this wealth of
2001. We have migrated our Windows                order to meet our auditor’s requirements,       information to our members.
network to the latest Active Directory            we have also done all this with a new                We have begun exploring and planning
2003, moved our e-mail services to                security hierarchy to ensure accounting and     the migration of the Membership Benefits
Exchange 2007, and moved all user profiles        data privacy compliance.                        point of sale to accommodate the large and
to server based file serving and data backup.          Lastly, MIS has been                       ever increasing volume of sales. Our goal is
In addition to regular duties, MIS                exploring and has                                   to find a cost effective, expandable, and
completed 4,353 work order requests this          implemented the latest                              efficient system that we can tie to
year.                                                                                                  MIDAS to simplify the system and to
      To protect our network, we utilize the                                                           better serve our members needs.
latest McAfee Secure Content Management
server that provides real-time anti-spam                                                                 Telecommunications
filters, anti-phishing filters, anti-spyware                                                                  PEF continues to reap the
filters and full internet content scanning.                                                                benefits of our current
This system is updated constantly by a                                                                    telecommunication and WAN
live data stream and is able to prevent                                                                   infrastructure. We are now looking
even the newest viruses from entering                                                                     at leveraging that infrastructure to
PEF’s network. In addition, we utilize                                                                    further decrease our costs by utilizing
McAfee Corporate Virus Scan at the                                                                       IP Telephony as we begin to phase
desktop to prevent any rogue programs                                                                    out older telecom equipment at
and viruses from entering our systems.                                                                   headquarters and at the regional
The spam filter currently blocks over                                                             offices. In addition to cost savings, e-mail
25,000 e-mails per day. In addition, a            version of DocuShare and Informa to             integration will provide a new level of
sophisticated packet inspection firewall and      reduce the amount of paper storage and to       communication and accessibility.
fully secured AES encrypted VPN access            increase the availability of PEF information
keeps our network secure from the very            by utilizing the latest scanning, text          And Beyond...
serious threat of hackers.                        recognition, and data storage technologies           Over the next year, the extensive work
                                                  available. We will be building our new          that has gone into MIDAS will come to
Data Services                                     applications to take advantage of these         fruition in a large, expandable, and robust
     MIS continues to provide membership          products to automate the data collection        system to provide a level of data storage,
information via paper/electronic reports,         and repository usage such that this is as       access, retrieval, and manipulation that has
labels, and look-up formats. This is the          transparent and unobtrusive as possible to      not been available before. Information will
backbone for division elections, mailings,        the users. Tying these technologies together    be available across many PEF platforms to
member representation, and member                 with MIDAS, will give staff digital access to   seamlessly integrate the many areas of PEF
mobilizing efforts. We manage multiple            membership cards, insurance cards,              service including elections, political
databases and we are concurrently running         petitions, etc directly off of their computer   campaigning, and membership benefits.
our old legacy membership database system         systems.                                        Enhanced bandwidth will be deployed to
and the new SQL driven membership                                                                 regional offices to expand our WAN
database system, MIDAS-Membership                 Web Development                                 capabilities and to improve response time.
Information Database Application System.               PEF’s Web site continues to be a
We currently provide reports to our               crucial link to our members. It is THE

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L      REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
E xecutive O ffices
     PEF’s Executive Offices consist of the following departments: Public Relations, Purchasing and Maintenance, Civil Service
  Enforcement, Legislative, Convention, Human Resources and Education and Mobilization. These departments are responsible for
                                  carrying out the many directives and initiatives of the President.

           Executive Board and Convention Coordination
      he Office of Executive Board and Convention Coordination provides the               The Executive Board’s conference coordinator is responsible for
T     PEF membership, elected delegates and elected officers a hospitable
environment conducive to the business of PEF. The committee strives to provide
                                                                                      overseeing all aspects of the convention. The coordinator works
                                                                                      together with the convention chair and PEF staff members to arrange
assembly and meeting space fulfilling the highest needs of the body, with all         overnight room accommodations, assign meeting room space, design
considerations given to the location, accommodations, travel and the convenience of   the online and delegate credential registration systems, plan food and
all participants.                                                                     beverage functions and coordinate transportation. They also produce
                                                                                      delegate materials and publications, arrange for release time, design the
    Our goals are to ensure that conventions are planned three years in               plenary hall and vendor areas, and prepare delegate checks.
advance, recognizing each convention and location has particular                          The committee works in conjunction with the convention chair
needs. Additionally, we work to ensure, to the extent possible, that                  and the conference coordinator to prepare for the convention.
travel and logistical support for each convention meets the needs of                  Members of the committee organize information about local
delegates.                                                                            restaurants and vendors to be distributed to the delegates. They
    In addition, the office plans and provides administrative support                 arrange for social activities outside of the convention, such as local
for PEF’s executive board meetings, many leadership events and                        tours and group events. The convention committee is also responsible
meetings, and processes all requests for employee-organizational leave.               for selecting entertainment for the Farewell Dance.
    Planning and holding the PEF convention as well as PEF’s                              At the convention, PEF staff members register delegates, assist with
executive board meetings would not be possible without the                            housing issues, and work with hotel staff to set up the plenary room
coordinated efforts of many individuals including the convention                      and vendor area. The Executive Board’s conference coordinator
chair, the convention committee and convention coordinator, as well                   oversees all events and acts as liaison to the hotel staff and conference
as staff members from PEF’s executive offices.                                        center for any issues that may arise. Committee members help with
    The Office of Executive Board and Conference Coordination and                     registration and determine the plenary floor seating assignments. Both
Executive Board/Convention Coordinator obtains proposals from                         PEF staff and convention committee members provide assistance to
potential convention sites and with the convention chair, conducts                    the delegates whenever needed to ensure a successful and productive
inspections at all locations being considered. Sites are selected based               event.
on available meeting room space, overnight accommodations,
transportation and financial considerations. The information is
presented to the members of the convention committee who review
the proposals and make a recommendation to the executive board.
    The following upcoming dates and convention sites have been
finalized: September 13-16, 2009 at the Conference Center Niagara
Falls, September 12-15, 2010 at the Marriott Wardman Park, in
Washington, DC and September 11-14, 2011 at the Conference
Center Niagara Falls.

     6             New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L                REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                        Civil Service Enforcement/Research
      he department continued regular               Fiscal and Public Policy                        Employment Security/Contacting
T    monitoring of the activities of the
Department of Civil Service (DCS) and the
                                                        The department prepared analyses of the     Out/Privatization
                                                    impact on PEF members of the Executive              The department provided staff assistance
various state appointing authorities which is       Budget proposal, all related budget             to the Job Security Committee and worked
an important part of PEF’s ongoing efforts to       proposals, the enacted 2008-09 State            on several notable employment security
preserve the merit system.                          Budget, and Agency Reduction Spending           issues during the past year including:
    Most of the problems formally investigated      Plans. Armed with this information —
by the department involved salary                   summarized as “fact sheets,” flyers, and             • Received and analyzed three Office
determinations, reclassification/reallocation       postcards — PEF officers, member activists      of State Comptroller’s reports regarding the
inquiries, out-of-title work complaints,            and staff were prepared for another             expenditures for consultants in state
transfer issues, eligible list issues, canvassing   successful budget lobbying and fight-back       agencies for SFY 2006-07. This
violations, jurisdictional classification issues,   effort. This effort resulted in either          information was compiled into a report
civil service exam inquiries, early and regular     completely or partially achieving all of our    released in May 2008 that was shared with
retirement questions, and probationary              legislative priorities including keeping the    the Comptroller, the Division of Budget
terminations. In addition to the 91 cases we        OCFS Pyramid and Great Valley facilities        and the Governor’s counsel’s office to assist
formally investigated and closed from January       open, stopping the closure of four state        in our negotiations for a cost benefit
1, 2008 to December 31 2008, we responded           prisons, and restoring twenty-one positions     analysis procedure. The governor issued an
to more than 4000 telephone and e-mail              to the Department Agriculture and Markets       Executive Order in June 2008 establishing
inquiries.                                          to enable them continue annual inspections      a cost-benefits analysis procedure for most
                                                    of food stores. Staff also provided             state personal series contracts with an initial
Other notable Civil Service                         assistance to the OMH, OMRDD, DOH               focus on reducing information technology
Enforcement actions include:                        and DOT labor-management committees.            and engineering contracts.
     • Worked with the Legal Department
to develop a letter to the Civil Service                                                                 • Received and analyzed three Office
Commission in opposition of the                                                                     of State Comptroller’s reports regarding the
Department of Civil Service’s proposal to                                                           expenditures for consultants in state
move 37 titles and 1,983 positions in the                                                           agencies for SFY 2007-08. This
medical field from the competitive to the                                                           information was compiled into a report
non-competitive class. We were successful                                                           released in December 2008 that was shared
in keeping the Pharmacist tile series                                                               with the Comptroller, the Division of
affecting 355 positions in the competitive                                                          Budget and the governor’s counsel’s office
class. The Legal Department is preparing a                                                          to assist in our efforts to institute a
lawsuit on this issue.                                                                              consultant reduction plan as an alternative
                                                                                                    to proposed budget cuts.
      • Worked with PEF DOH leaders to
prepare and file an appeal to the Civil
Service Commission of the Division of               We continued to analyze the Governor’s
Classification and Compensation’s decision          and Legislature’s changes to the SFY 2008-
on the DOH Sanitarian reallocation                  09 budget during the fiscal year including
requests. The appeal was rejected by the            an analysis of state agency core mission
Commission. We will continue to provide             reports and the creation of options to
assistance as DOH reviews the Sanitarian            proposed budget cuts.
series positions with respect to the
implementation of the new Health Systems                Analyzed data obtained from the Office
Specialist series.                                  of the New York State Comptroller on
                                                    overtime in healthcare facilities operated by
     • Continued staff support to the Jeff          NYS and then updated PEF’s Save NY
Satz Statewide Civil Service, Joint                 Nurses whitepaper, which examines New
Affirmative Action, Career Mobility,                York State’s need for limitations on the
Statewide Labor/ Management Committee,              utilization of mandatory overtime. This
Information Technology, Veterans,                   updated report and other research material
Women’s and Teachers’ Committees and to             provided by the department helped get the
write and distribute The Enforcer newsletter.       mandatory overtime bill enacted into law.

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L        REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                              Human Resources and Education
      he Office of Human Resources and the        regional office lists are
T    Education Department operate under the
direction of the Director of Human Resources
                                                  updated regularly. Human
                                                  Resources staff also provides
and Education. Human Resources is                 staff support to the PEF
responsible for managing the personnel            Committee on Ethics and
functions of recruitment and selection, job       Responsibility.
analysis and design, labor relations, and
compensation and benefits. The Education          United Steelworkers,
Department is responsible for creating and        Local 9265 (staff
providing educational opportunities for elected
leaders, staff and members that enhance their
union skills, job skills and career mobility.         PEF and USW held
                                                  quarterly labor-management
                                                  meetings on March 12, June
Human Resources                                   26, September 25, and
    Of 150 staff at headquarters and in           December 18, 2008.
regional offices, 40 are management-              Matters discussed included
confidential and 110 are represented by the
United Steelworkers of America, Local
                                                  the success of the mentoring program,            Health Benefits
                                                  evaluation of providers for dental and               The PEF/USW joint committee on
9265. Human Resources staff enforces the          pharmacy benefits, availability for
collective bargaining agreement for PEF as                                                         health benefits meets quarterly. Issues
                                                  compressed work schedules, GPS systems           discussed included Blue Shield’s
the employer and ensures compliance with          for PEF vehicles used by Membership
the agreement as well as staff policies and                                                        inappropriately requiring pre-authorization
                                                  Benefits and Legal staff, sensitivity training   for outpatient mental health or substance
procedures. All aspects of insurance              for staff and officers, EAP services,
coverage for staff, including long term                                                            abuse visits; enhanced OTC drug benefit,
                                                  continuing discussions of ways to provide        dental plan analysis and Delta Dental
disability, term life, NYS disability and         additional lunchtime seating at
workers’ compensation, unemployment                                                                option, development of wellness programs,
                                                  headquarters, staff training regarding RIF’s,    Flexible Spending Accounts, prescription
insurance and related benefits are                and safety procedures following a fire in the
administered by the Office of Human                                                                utilization reports, a possible voluntary
                                                  building housing the Manhattan regional          prescription drug step therapy program,
Resources. Human Resources staff also             office. USW complimented PEF MIS for
manages the PEF Healthcare Plan which                                                              and the feasibility of implementing a
                                                  the roll out of new equipment and software       Medicare Part B offset/reimbursement
provides health, prescription drug, dental        throughout the state.
and vision care benefits for PEF staff.                                                            program.
                                                      Human Resources staff serves on the
    Human Resources also prepares and
updates job descriptions for the various                                                           Education Department
positions/job titles of PEF staff, negotiates                                                          The PEF Education Department has
the salary grade assigned to each title,                                                           had another successful year marked by new
follows up on probationary reports, and                                                            projects and additions to our existing
prepares and maintains the paper work for                                                          training curriculum. The training of
all personnel and payroll changes. Staff                                                           stewards, council leaders and the
represents PEF management at all quarterly                                                         membership in labor relations and related
Labor-Management, Career Mobility, and                                                             areas continues to be our primary focus.
                                                  PEF/USW joint committees on Health and               The newest versions of the PEF
Joint Health Benefits Committee meetings          Safety, Career Mobility, Workweek
with USW, and participates in quarterly                                                            Learning Guides are available from the PEF
                                                  Adjustment, Training and EAP; processes          Membership Benefits Department. Copies
Health and Safety meetings with USW.              staff contract grievances, disciplinary
    Human Resources staff arranges for                                                             can be printed directly from the
                                                  actions and maintain all associated records.     Membership Benefits website or hard
temporary services at headquarters, the               PEF and USW completed negotiations
Legislative Office, and the 12 Field Service                                                       copies can be obtained by requesting them
                                                  for a successor agreement. The PEF/USW           from the department. The titles of the three
offices for permanent employees on leave          2007-2011 contract was approved by the
and in short-term work overload situations.                                                        new guides are: Tabular Reasoning and
                                                  Executive Board and ratified by the USW          Quantitative Analysis, Interviewing and
Telephone services in all offices are             membership. The Executive Board also
administered by Human Resources with the                                                           Investigation Techniques, Arithmetic
                                                  approved the Management-Confidential             Reasoning with expanded practice
assistance of Membership Information              Benefits Synopsis.
Systems. The headquarters telephone and                                                            questions. An additional section dealing

     8           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L      REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
     Human Resources and Education (continued)

with Expanding Your Cultural Capacity has            The next New Council Leader Training        for claims in process or paid as of January
been incorporated into the Interviewing          is scheduled to be held May 8-9, 2009 at        21, 2009 was $1,081,109.
and Investigation guide.                         PEF Headquarters. As in the past, it will           Retroactive Voucher Alternative (VALT)
    In addition, a new workshop entitled         be a two day intensive training event.          Program – GOER has processed a total of
Expanding Your Cultural Capacity has been        Attendance is limited to newly elected          805 claims filed by 612 participants for
developed based upon the learning guide          council leaders and as well as those who        retroactive VALT applications. The total
and added to our offering of advanced            were unable to attend the November 2008         dollar amount for claims in process or paid
steward training. This workshop was              training. Education and Training staff will     as of January 21, 2009 was $101,725.
presented at the September 14-17, 2008           coordinate the conference and are presently         Current Fiscal Year Programs: April 1,
PEF Convention held in Syracuse to a             reviewing the training agenda which may         2008 – March 31, 2009 - These programs
standing room only attendance and                be modified to reflect information gained       apply only to expenses incurred from April
received very favorable feedback from those      from the feedback provided by those             1, 2008 through March 31, 2009.
attending.                                       Council Leaders who attended previous               College Tuition Reimbursement Program –
    The PEF Education Department hosted          sessions. Training staff will also moderate     Employees in the PS&T Unit can submit
a New Council Leader Training weekend            the panel discussion which invites              claims for up to two (2) courses. The
on November 21-22, 2008. New council             experienced council leaders to share their      standard claim rate will be up to $600 for
leaders are invited to participate in training   experiences as union leaders.                   undergraduate courses and up to $1,200 for
that is specific to their roles as PEF leaders       Following the format of the program         graduate courses. However, for a four-
and include the topics: This Is PEF,             entitled “Growing Up PEF” which was             credit hour undergraduate course, claims
Division Finances for Council Leaders,           developed by Sherry Halbrook in PEF’s           for up to $725 can be submitted. As of
Division Standards, Communicating with           Public Relations Department, work has           January 21, 2009 a total of 505 participants
Your Members, Forming a Safety and               started to develop a training program on        filed 1,033 CTR applications. The total
Health Committee, and Leadership 101.            the History of PEF. Our goal is to make         dollar amount for current CTR claims in
Thirteen Council leaders attended. After         this available on DVD, as well as in a live     process or paid as of that date is $416,703.
dinner an evening panel discussion with          training format.                                    Voucher Alternative (VALT) Program –
experienced Council Leaders, Best Practices          In addition, staff has begun the            Employees in the PS&T Unit can submit
of Successful Council Leaders, was               development of the design of a PEF              claims for up to $600 for reimbursement
moderated by staff.                              Leadership Institute to train new and future    for workshop and conference attendance.
    Training staff also acted as presenters at   PEF Leaders.                                    As of January 21, 2009 a total of 1,109
various training events hosted by the PEF                                                        participants filed 1,644 VALT applications.
regions. The workshops, “Interrogation and       Professional Development                        The total dollar amount for current VALT
Counseling” and “Basic Labor                     Committee                                       claims in process or paid as of that date is
Management” were offered to participants             The Professional Development                $160,761.
at the Regions 5 & 9 Leadership                  Committee (PDC) meetings continue to                Certification and Licensure Exam Fee
Conference held on October 24-26, 2008.          determine how the funds under Article 15        Reimbursement Program (CLEFR) – This
Education Department staff also attended         of the Contract will be allocated for           program was announced to the
the Region 12 Leadership Conference held         professional development training and           membership on October 1, 2008.
on November 7-9, 2008 and presented the          education programs.                             Employees in the PS&T Unit can submit
workshop “5 Keys to a Successful Labor               The PDC established retroactive and         claims for up to $600 per-fiscal year for
Management Relationship.”                        current fiscal year tuition assistance          initial licensure and certification exam fees.
    In addition, PEF continues its               programs as follows:                            As of January 27, 2009, GOER has
involvement in union skills training and             Retroactive Programs: April 2, 2007 –       received 182 applications. The allocated
provides assistance and training to the          March 31, 2008 - The deadline for               amount for this program was $112,500 and
membership such as:                              retroactive programs (4/1/2007 –                approximately $48,528 has been
    • Attending a meeting of the executive       3/31/2008) for the College Tuition              reimbursed.
committee for the “Union Leadership              Reimbursement Program and the Voucher               The Public Service Workshops Program
Institute” at the office of Cornell’s School     Alternative (VALT) Program was October          (PSWP) – The Public Service Workshops
for Labor studies in NYC on December 16,         1, 2008. The following is a synopsis of the     Program (PSWP) is going strong as we
2008.                                            success of these programs as of January 21,     move into 2009. Despite the current fiscal
    • Presented all five of the Basic Steward    2009.                                           situation in New York, these workshops are
Training Modules offered in several PEF              Retroactive College Tuition Reimbursement   continuing and being added to on a daily
Regions including Region 7 on September          Program – GOER has processed a total of         basis because this is part of an existing
9, 2008 and Region 10 on October 30,             2,704 claims filed by 1,216 participants for    contract with Rockefeller College.
2008.                                            retroactive CTR. The total dollar amount        Currently, we have 28 workshops scheduled

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L     REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
     Human Resources and Education (continued)
from now through April 2009. Workshops             Enhanced Voucher and VALT Programs for
are added on a continual basis as the need      Nurses — The committee has conceptually
is identified. Labor-Management Chairs,         agreed to fund enhanced Voucher and
Executive Board Representatives and             VALT programs for nurses and work
Council Leaders should identify                 continues on the draft program guidelines.
professional development workshop needs            Certification Courses for Nurses — The
of their members and discuss those needs        PDC is working with Rockefeller College
with their Agency PSWP Liaison.                 to establish courses that will address
    The following programs continue to be       certification issues for nurses in accordance
discussed by the PDC committee with an          with the Article 15.6 and the sideletter.
expectation that they will be announced in
the near future:
    Online Courses — In the 2003 – 2007
contract, the PDC funded the Binghamton
Online Courses which were free to PS&T
Unit state employees. For this contract
period, the PDC will be working with
Rockefeller College to provide the same
types of online courses offered through a
similar vendor. The courses are being
reviewed and we are hopeful that they will
be available in April 2009.
    Workforce Initiatives Programs — This is
a program that will be made available to
agency local or statewide Labor-
Management Committees that meet and
agree on training needs for
occupations/groups of employees in their
agency. The PDC is preparing the final
draft of the guidelines.
    Voucher Program — GOER has begun
putting in place the agreement with
colleges. It is anticipated that the program
will be in place for April 1, 2009.
    Labor-Management Training Program —
The PDC continues to discuss the labor-
management training curriculum and
delivery. In the meantime the joint labor-
management training program will remain
similar to last contract. If there is an
interest in having joint labor management
training by a Joint Labor-Management
Committee, the application, which must be
completed jointly by labor and
management, is available from the
Education Department or GOER. Once
the application is received a trainer will be
selected to meet with the L-M committee
and produce the training. As of this time,
we have received one training request from
the Office of the State Comptroller. A
trainer has been assigned to meet with the
committee and begin tailoring the training
for the agency.

    10          New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L    REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                                         Legislative Department
      he PEF Legislative Department is            flexibility to the SUNY board to enter into         longer than his or her regular work hours.
T    responsible for pursuing the legislative
and political agenda established by PEF under
                                                  certain contracts without oversight.
                                                      Division of the Lottery – Rejected a
                                                                                                      There are exceptions for emergency
                                                                                                      situations when mandatory overtime can be
the direction of the president and in             “monetization” proposal that would have             required, but in those cases the employer
cooperation with the Statewide Political          authorized the sale of future lottery               must first try to fill the need through other
Action Committee.                                 revenues in exchange for an upfront lump            measures such as voluntary overtime, on-
                                                  sum payment.                                        call staff, agency nurses and “floaters”. The
State Budget- 2008                                    Shadow Government – Rejected                    bill does not prohibit voluntary overtime.
    Each year when the governor submits a         proposals to expand the powers of                   The bill also amends the Education Law to
proposed budget to the Legislature, the           unaccountable public authorities such as a          protect nurses from being charged with
Legislative Department works with the             permanent authorization to use money                patient abandonment if they exercise their
Civil Service and Research Department to          from the Environmental Protection Fund to           rights under this new law by declining to
analyze the proposed budget and to identify       create the Pollution Prevention Institute           work overtime. The bill takes effect July 1,
issues of significant concern to PEF              and making permanent the loan powers of             2009 in order to give employers time to
members. Our priority is generally to focus       the Urban Development Corporation.                  prepare to comply. Signed Ch. 493, August
on proposals that may impact the job                                                                  13, 2008.
security of our members. Once we identify         Legislation
issues, we develop position statements with          Fourteen bills supported by PEF passed           S6457A/A9393A- Retiree health insurance:
supporting analysis and actively lobby            both the Senate and Assembly in 2008.                  This bill creates a task force with labor
legislators for changes in the budget.            Below is a brief summary of these bills and         representation to study and make
    Although the SFY 2008-09 executive            the subsequent action of the governor:              recommendations about the preservation of
budget was generally positive in its impact                                                           health insurance benefits for retired public
on the state workforce, it also presented a       GO PUBLIC:                                          employees. During the time the task force is
number of challenges for PEF members.                 The first item is actually not a bill, but it   to study the issue, the bill imposes a one-
The budget process was further complicated        is a direct result of a legislative initiative      year moratorium that prohibits any public
by declining revenue projections, which led       that PEF has advocated for several years.           employer from reducing a retiree’s health
Gov. Paterson to call for across the board        PEF has supported legislation that would            insurance benefits unless they negotiate a
cuts to the appropriations in original            require a cost/benefit analysis before state        similar reduction with the union that
executive budget documents.                       agencies contract for consultant services, in       represents its active employees. Veto No.
    As a result of several lobbying activities,   order to see whether the work can be                113, September 4, 2008.
which included PAL visits, Budget Lobby           performed at lower cost by State employees.
Day, meetings with legislators and staff, and     During the past year, PEF has provided              S6652/A9892 - Geographic reassignment:
testimony before the Senate and the               extensive amounts of data on this topic to              This bill affects situations where the
Assembly fiscal committees, the enacted           the governor’s office and the Legislature. In       state imposes geographic reassignment of
budget adopted by the Legislature                 June, 2008, Gov. Paterson signed Executive          state employees. It requires that, in cases
incorporated several amendments supported         Order Number 6 to implement a plan to               where an employee is to be involuntarily
by PEF. They included (partial list):             address this issue. The Executive Order             moved from his or her normal work
    Department of Correctional Services –         creates a process within the state                  location to another location outside the
Restored funding for all DOCS facilities          administration to review the cost-                  county or a contiguous county, the
targeted for closure: Camp Gabriels, Camp         effectiveness of large consultant contracts. It     employer must assign the lowest senior
McGregor, Camp Pharsalia, and Hudson              also requires agencies to make information          employee in the affected job title. Veto No.
Correctional Facility.                            about contracts and their reasons for               71, August 5, 2008.
    Office of Children and Family Services –      entering into a contract more publicly
Restored funding for Great Valley                 available. Although the Executive Order is          S7272/A10030: - Agency shop fee
Residential Center and Pyramid Residential        not identical to the bill that PEF supports,        provisions
Center. However, the legislature did not          it is a commitment by the state government             This bill removes a sunset provision and
restore funds for four other facilities slated    to begin looking at these contracts with a          makes the agency shop fee provisions of the
for closure.                                      goal of reducing the reliance on costly             Taylor Law permanent. Signed, Ch. 338,
    Department of Agriculture and Markets         consultants. Executive Order No. 6, June            July 21, 2008.
– Rejected the elimination of annual              4, 2008.
inspections of retail food stores in favor of                                                         S6533A/A9511A - CSE notice of NYS
                                                  S8637/A11711- Prohibiting mandatory
risk based assessments.                                                                               School for the Blind as an educational
                                                  overtime for nurses:
    State University of New York – Rejected                                                           option:
                                                     This bill prohibits a health care
language that would have given greater                                                                   This bill requires that committees on
                                                  employer from forcing a nurse to work

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L        REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                  Legislative Department
special education in school districts make         to clarify the law because of issues raised by   to children in the custody of residential
information available to the parents of            certain court cases. Veto No. 44, July 21,       programs operated or licensed by the State,
blind and deaf children about the services         2008.                                            primarily by OCFS. It establishes new
offered by the New York State School for                                                            definitions of abuse and neglect and
the Blind and the School for the Deaf. Veto        S8142/A10644 - TRS pension service               requires investigations and reporting of
No. 52, July 21, 2008.                             credit for PEF bargaining unit employees in      certain types of incidents. While PEF
                                                   SED:                                             supports action to protect the rights of
S6751/A9963 - NYSTAR Civil Service                     This bill would allow employees in the       children in residential programs, this bill
status:                                            PEF bargaining unit who are employees of         raises concerns about due process and
    This bill clarifies the civil service rights   the State Education Department and who           whether the rights of professional
of employees of the Foundation for                 are in the Teachers Retirement System to         employees are being fairly considered in
Science, Technology and Innovation                 obtain up to 200 days of pension service         cases where unfounded charges of abuse are
(NYSTAR). It makes it clear that employees         credit. Members who are in the NY State          made against employees. Certain parts of
will be civil service and treated for civil        and Local Employees Retirement System            the bill also apply to residential facilities for
service and collective bargaining purposes         already have this benefit. Veto No. 130,         children operated or licensed by OMH or
in the same manner as employees of a State         September 4, 2008.                               OMRDD.
agency, including staying in the PEF                                                                    In response to concerns raised about this
bargaining unit and being covered by the           S8373/A11439 - Pay bill:                         bill, the bill was amended to delete some of
same collective bargaining agreement.                 PEF pay bill. Implements the collective       the most problematic language, but the bill
There will be an exception for a defined           bargaining agreement. Signed Ch. 114,            continues to raise serious concerns,
category of research scientist positions,          June 17, 2008.                                   especially about the potential impact on
none of which are currently represented by                                                          OCFS employees. Signed Ch. 323, July 21,
PEF in this agency. Signed Ch. 105, June           S8676/A11730 - WTC rescue and recovery           2008.
3, 2008.                                           disability pension :
                                                       This bill amends the current law             Federal Issues - 2008
S1608/A1206A - Nurse presence during               regarding eligibility for disability pension        In February, the President of the United
operative procedure:                               benefits for members who participated in         States submitted his proposed budget to
   This bill requires that a qualified nurse       the rescue and recovery efforts after the        Congress. The Legislative Office worked
be present in an operating room for the            terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.      with AFT and SEIU to analyze the
duration of an operative procedure. Signed         It modifies the law to allow eligibility for     proposed budget, identify issues of concern
Ch. 158, July 7, 2008.                             members who did not have a pre-                  to PEF members, and lobbied our federal
                                                   employment physical but who can provide          representatives for changes in the budget.
S7792/A10381 - Civil Service examinations          medical records showing that they did not        Our priority, to focus on proposals that
missed due to military service:                    show symptoms of a disabling condition           reduced federal funding and may have
   This bill provides members of the armed         prior to September 11, 2001. Signed Ch.          resulted in the loss of quality services PEF
forces of the United State with the                489, August 5, 2008.                             members provide to residents in New York
opportunity to take a civil service exam if                                                         State.
they miss the exam date due to military            S6778/A10553 - Leave extension for civil            President Ken Brynien also sent letters
service. Signed Ch. 192, July 7, 2008.             service employees injured on the job:            to Senators Clinton / Schumer and New
                                                      Extends the period of leave for civil         York State Congressional Representatives
S7791/A10486 - Employment                          service employees who are injured on the         urging them to oppose the president’s
opportunities for disabled veterans:               job from a maximum of 12 months to 18            unacceptable budget that would negatively
   This bill would increase employment             months. Veto No. 45, July 21, 2008.              impact programs and PEF jobs that are
opportunities for veterans with disabilities.                                                       needed in New York state.
Signed Ch. 340, July 21, 2008.                        One bill, for which PEF has significant          President Bush’s proposed FY2009
                                                   concerns, passed both houses:                    budget would have resulted in a staggering
S6717/A9977 - Discipline mandatorily                                                                $19 billion in cuts (adjusted for inflation)
negotiable term and condition of                   S8534A/A11753 - Changes to laws                  in grants to states and local governments.
employment for public employees:                   governing child abuse and neglect, for           The president’s budget cut employment
   This bill provides that employee                children in the custody of residential           services, social services, education, health
discipline shall be a mandatorily negotiable       programs:                                        care, transportation, housing, Medicare and
term and condition of employment for                  This bill, introduced late in the             Medicaid. The president proposed these
purposes of collective bargaining of public        legislative session at the request of the        cuts while seeking to preserve his 2001 and
employees. While this has always been              governor, makes several changes to the laws      2003 tax breaks that benefit the wealthiest
assumed to be the case, this bill is intended      governing child abuse and neglect, relating      one percent and called for a sizable increase
                                                                                                    in military spending.

    12           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L       REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                   Legislative Department (continued)
Social Security                                 the tax subsidies for HSAs. PEF is opposed       significantly cut key Justice Department
   The president’s budget once again            to HSAs because these subsidies encourage        programs that fund state and local
repeated the President’s prior failed attempt   employers to drop their group coverage.          governments by more than 65 percent.
to privatize the Social Security system, and                                                     PEF supports restoring funding for justice
proposed spending $30 billion in FY 09          Community Services Block Grant                   programs such as the Edward Byrne
and $647 billion over the next 10 years to      (CSBG)                                           Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program
create Social Security private accounts.           The president’s budget eliminated all         (Byrne/JAG) to achieve further reductions
PEF is opposed to the privatization of          $654 million in funding for CSBG, which          in crime in New York state.
Social Security which could lower benefits,     funds community action agencies that                 The Senate and House reject the
increase retirement age and eliminate the       administer Head Start and provide housing,       president’s budget and passed a Continuing
disability benefit.                             nutrition, education and job services to         Resolution (CR) to fund the federal
                                                low-income people. PEF is opposed to             government until March 2009. The (CR)
Medicare                                        attempts by the federal government to            funds programs at Fiscal Year 2008 levels.
    The president’s budget reduced              eliminate the Community Services Block               Congress did pass the first Wall Street
Medicare by more than $178 billion over         Grant Program because this action may            Bailout/Tax Extenders Bill (H.R. 1424).
five years, by shifting extra premium costs     eliminate services to the neediest citizens of   The bill granted the Treasury Department
to moderate-income beneficiaries, hospitals     New York State and may result in the loss        up to $700 billion to spend on “troubled
and other providers. PEF is opposed to          of 21 professional New York State Jobs in        assets” (mortgages or mortgage related
attempts by the federal government to           the Community Services Block Grant               securities) and provided $150.6 billion in
reduce Medicare reimbursement to                Program that is administered by the NYS          tax breaks. The bill increased FDIC
rehabilitation hospitals such as Helen Hayes    Department of State.                             deposit insurance on most bank accounts
Hospital. PEF’s Legislative efforts have                                                         from $100,000 to $250,000 through 2009,
been successful and we will continue to                                                          but did not help at-risk homeowners and
                                                Employment and Training                          lacked corporate governance protections
lobby to protect the 250 positions in Helen         The president’s budget decimated
Hayes Hospital.                                                                                  and reforms including stronger shareholder
                                                employment and training programs at the          rights concerning CEO compensation and
                                                very time that unemployed workers need           board membership.
Medicaid                                        more help preparing for and finding new              In 2009, we will most likely see another
   The president’s budget significantly         jobs. Funding for employment and                 stimulus package to protect jobs, spur job
impacted already strained state and local       training programs would have been cut by         creation and create long-term growth.
government budgets by cutting Medicaid          $1.2 billion or an unprecedented 29              PEF will fight, along with AFT and SEIU
$18.1 billion over five years. The              percent.                                         to increase the Federal Medicaid Assistance
President’s proposed administrative changes                                                      Percentage (FMAP), secure aid to states for
included capping payments to government         Workforce Investment Act (WIA)                   infrastructure/highways, and assist in
providers, and cutting rehabilitation           Employment and Training                          funding other vital programs PEF members
services. These cuts would not have been           WIA programs would have been be cut           provide to New York state residents.
achieved by lowering health care costs but      by $484.4 million, a 13.7 percent
rather by shifting costs onto state and local   reduction. PEF supports improved funding
budgets. PEF supports improved funding
                                                and continued adherence to the provisions           Under Federal law, PEF cannot directly
to Medicaid and opposes cuts to the             of the Wagner-Peyser Act.
program.                                                                                         contribute to candidates for federal office.
                                                                                                 COPE is a voluntary fund to which we ask
                                                A Block Grant and Career                         members to contribute by payroll
Employer-Provided Health
                                                Advancement Account (CAA)                        deduction for this purpose. The money
Benefits                                            Block grant and CAA legislative              contributed by members is then sent to the
   The president again recycled his             “reform” was proposed again despite its past     COPE funds at AFT and SEIU to be used
proposal to impose a new tax on employer-       rejection by Congress. Although current          to support candidates for Congress who
provided health insurance and treat these       WIA individual training accounts are             support our interests. Membership
benefits as taxable income. Currently,          uncapped and frequently exceed $4,000-           participation in COPE continues to be
employer-provided health insurance is a         $5,000, Bush’s CAA proposal capped               encouraged.
tax-free benefit to employees. PEF opposed      training vouchers at $3,000 for each of two
this plan because it would be costly for        years. PEF is opposed to the formation of        PEF Political Action
workers, especially union members with          CAAs.                                               2008 was an important year in politics,
valuable health insurance benefits.
                                                Justice Programs                                 with all state and federal legislative seats up
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)                     The president’s budget eliminated or          for grabs as well as the Presidential
   The president again proposed expanding                                                        Election. The Legislative Department

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L     REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
               Legislative Department (continued)
coordinated communications and get out
the vote activities for approximately 30
endorsed candidates whose races were
designated as priorities. The campaign
included a mail program, in which every
member registered to vote in priority
districts received at least two, and in many
cases three, mail pieces in support of our
candidates for Congress, state Senate and
the Assembly. Each of these members also
received a prerecorded call from President
Ken Brynien urging them to get out the
    Working with the Mobilization
Department and the regional PAC
committees to recruit volunteers, the
Legislative Department also coordinated
several volunteer activities in support of our
priority candidates. PEF members filled
several buses sponsored by our international
unions, AFT and SEIU, and helped deliver
victory to Barack Obama in the
battleground state of Pennsylvania. These
members walked door-to door speaking
with other union members about why
Barack Obama was the best candidate for
working men and women. In addition,
prior to our endorsement of Barack
Obama, PEF provided a number of
volunteers for Hillary Clinton – then New
York’s Junior Senator – in the Democratic
presidential primary, ranging from bus trips
to New Hampshire to phone banks and
visibility activities across New York State.
    Volunteer activities were also
coordinated for Congressional, State
Senate, and Assembly candidates
throughout New York. From Buffalo to
Troy, and Watertown to Islip, PEF
members attended rallies, manned phone
banks, and canvassed their communities to
ensure that our candidates were ultimately
successful. PEF was a visible part of several
crucial campaigns. Ultimately, over 97
percent of PEF endorsed candidates were

    14          New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L   REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
        ember Mobilization is responsible for     Department, we spent time on recruitment         voice in support of mandatory overtime
M       working with PEF’s elected leaders and
staff to promote and implement the Member
                                                  of members for this year’s historic elections.
                                                  Department staff worked on the details of
                                                                                                   legislation. PEF has worked to build and
                                                                                                   maintain the excellent working
Mobilization program as well as help              many bus trips as well as election events        relationships among the coalition of
divisions empower the members to engage in        across the state. We were successful in          nursing unions. Now the same coalition led
union activities. Department staff travels the    putting hundreds of PEF activists on the         by PEF has achieved its goal of passage of
state, working with the regional coordinators     streets to work on numerous campaigns            the MOT legislation. They will continue to
and council leaders to assist PEF divisions in    across the state. Staff was also responsible     support nursing issues through a united
achieving fully mobilized status. The             for monitoring the PEF PAC database. This        effort to better the work environment for
department continues to identify divisions in     database will allow us to keep track of the      all nurses and protect patient safety.
each region that have achieved or are close to    hard work our political volunteers are doing         Following up on the passage of the
achieving full mobilization. Staff works with     to better the PEF’s political action agenda.     MOT legislation, PEF is closely monitoring
the council leaders and their designees,              The department also developed and            the state’s plans to implement the law and
assisting them in the charting process and        facilitated a number of trainings for            will continue to have on-going discussions
helping them to achieve fully mobilized status.   regional leadership conferences, the labor-      with the Governor’s Office of Employee
As of this writing, PEF has 189 fully             management conference and new council            Relations, NYS Department of Labor, and
mobilized divisions.                              leader trainings.                                state agencies to monitor the situation.
                                                      We are continually updating and                  The SWNC continues to provide
    The department spent time working on          refreshing the Mobilization page of the PEF      resources to the nursing sub-committees
many campaigns during the year. We                Web site. This is a great                           established by the DOCS, OMRDD,
started the year with the budget fight back       resource for PEF activists as                            and OMH labor-management teams,
and supported members in OCFS as well as          well as members wanting                                     contributes on-going resources to
DOCS. We also worked closely with the             to get involved. We                                          divisions with nurses, addresses
statewide nurses’ committee on planning           have included a web                                           their concerns and issues
and recruitment for the May nurses’ rally         photo album to                                                 including the development of
and lobby day regarding mandatory                 chronicle the many                                             action plans for steps proposing
overtime.                                         member actions                                                a geographic salary differential
     During the spring of 2008, we worked         throughout the year.                                         and documentation of
with OTDA Division 399 on the “Security                                                                      mandatory overtime and
is a Priority Campaign” that resulted in a        Mobilization/Nurse                                      inadequate staffing levels, provided
win for our members in Glendale.                                                                    support to the DOCS Wende Hub Nurses,
Management had removed security from
                                                     In 2008, what once seemed nearly              and the Region 1 Nurses Committee in
the building leaving our members                                                                   staging a February rally in front of Attica
vulnerable. Our leaders at Glendale formed        impossible finally occurred. Both the state
                                                  Assembly and Senate overwhelmingly               Correctional Facility addressing inadequate
coalitions with other unions as well as other                                                      staffing and mandated overtime, worked
PEF divisions and are confident that              passed legislation prohibiting mandatory
                                                  overtime (MOT) for nurses in New York            with the Sunmount DDSO Council
security will be returning.                                                                        Leader, nurses, and PEF activists to
    We worked with the Sunmount DDSO              State. The near decade long campaign
                                                  culminated on August 13, 2008 when               conduct a rally and highlight similar
Leadership in the development of a rally at                                                        nursing issues to those addressed at the
Sunmount DDSO. Many members were in               Governor Paterson signed the bill into law.
                                                  The new law takes effect in July of 2009.        Attica rally. The committee also sponsored
attendance to highlight the MOT and need                                                           a downstate nurses conference in the NYC
for geographic differential in that region.          During the past legislative session, the
                                                  voices of PEF nurses were heard loud and         area featuring guest speakers on topics such
We were fortunate that the DOCS L/M                                                                as Legal Issues for Nurses, Stress
conference was down the road in Lake              clear in the halls of the state Capitol. Their
                                                  efforts made a real difference, intensifying     Management, and Nutrition. We continue
Placid and the PEF members from DOCS                                                               to monitor discussions within Civil Service
PEF were able to attend in full force to          debate and leading ultimately to passage of
                                                  the MOT legislation. This was a major            concerning the potential reclassification of
support the members at Sunmount.                                                                   class standards for nursing titles.
    At the 2008 Convention in Rochester,          accomplishment that their rally attendance,
we worked closely with Vice President Pat         postcards, petitions, and letters helped to
Baker on the COPE Cup Campaign                    achieve.
challenge, Hundreds of convention                    At the rally in June, PEF nurses and
delegates joined COPE as a result of this         activists stood with members of other
effort.                                           nursing unions to show both the
    During the fall, along with Vice              Legislature and the governor that the
President Joe Fox and the Legislative             coalition was speaking with one unified

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L       REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                                                 Public Relations
      he Public Relations Department is PEF’s    Marketing and Advertising                      rally at the Pyramid Reception Center.
T    communications center and in-house
advertising agency. The PR Department
                                                    PEF leaders and PR department staff led     Media calls related to both issues were
                                                                                                answered by PR staff and resulted in
                                                 a coalition of other unions and worked to
focuses on helping PEF advance its goals of      conceptualize, write and place print ads       positive news coverage.
achieving stronger contracts, job security and   advancing the “End Mandatory Overtime”             PR staff created and placed several print
improved retirement benefits by advancing the    campaign for nurses. Print ads included:       ads calling for state budget restorations or
union’s views, activities and policies through      “End Mandatory Overtime” which              rejection of other budget proposals as part
the news media, community relations,             appeared in the Legislative Gazette and the    of PEF’s fight-back campaign. The PR
marketing and advertising.                       Capitol News.                                  department issued media responses to the
   This department produces revenue for PEF         “Nurses Lobby Day” which appeared in        governor’s State of the State address and his
through the sale of advertising space in The     the Legislative Gazette.                       Executive Budget address. We placed ads
Communicator, the Health and Safety                 PR department staff also helped secure      that focused on blocking a proposal to
Conference Guide, the Convention Yearbook,       positive stories on the “End Mandatory         privatize youth facility programs and
Convention Dining Guide and on the PEF           Overtime” issue on TV, radio and in print.     threats to other state services including the
Web site.                                           Our department designed t-shirts,           New York State School for the Blind
                                                 postcards, produced flyers, surveys and        (NYSSB). We also placed image ads
Major Activities                                 programs for the “End Mandatory                featuring our members on the job while
    The PR department advanced several of        Overtime” campaign. We secured media           promoting PEF’s “Go Public” campaign.
the union’s campaigns, including the state       coverage for the nurses’ rally. PR also        The ads included:
budget fight-back issues, as well as “Stop       provided support and secured widespread            “Welcome Paterson” which appeared in
Workplace Violence,” “Nurses – End               media coverage of nurses’ rallies at Attica    the Legislative Gazette.
Mandatory Overtime,” “Keep the Vision at         Correctional Facility and at Sunmount              “Budget Fight Back” which appeared in
the NYS School for the Blind,” “OCFS             Developmental Disabilities Services Offices    the Legislative Gazette.
Step-Down Rehabilitation,” “Stop Prison          (DDSO).                                            An OCFS ad, which focused on
Closures,” “Go Public,” and “Work                   The PR department produced flyers,          stopping the closures of youth facilities,
Conditions at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.”       fact sheets, stickers, poster boards, media    appeared in several papers across the state.
    We designed and produced a television,       advisories and releases to protest the         The ads appeared in The Olean Times
radio and print campaign around ‘budget          proposed closing of state Office of Children   Herald, Legislative Gazette, Adirondack Press
fight-back’, placed multiple print ads           and Family Services (OCFS) and state           Republican, the Citizen, the Daily Star and
relating to specific agency fights, reached      Department of Correctional Services            The Bronx News.
out to media outlets, produced                   (DOCS) facilities across the state. PR staff       Image ads also ran in the special Labor
promotional materials, organized press           coordinated media coverage for rallies at      Issue of the Legislative Gazette.
conferences and rallies, and photographed        the Hudson Correctional Facility, Camp             The PR department produced a full
several events including lobbying activities     Gabriel’s and Camp McGregor. Our               color 24-page booklet as part of a campaign
and legislative gatherings all across the        department also arranged interviews and        for the NYS School for the Blind. The
state.                                           responded with letters-to-the editors and      booklet features parents with their children
                                                 Op Ed pieces relating to the fight back on     sharing positive experiences at the school. It
Media Relations                                  proposed OCFS closings. PR provided            was distributed to every school district in
    The PR Department wrote and                  support and secured media coverage for a       the state, the state Board of Regents and
distributed dozens of media                                                                                      legislative leaders. The
advisories and news releases on a                                                                                booklet was designed to
variety of issues. Department staff                                                                              expand enrollment at the
either responded directly to or                                                                                  school while also securing
arranged interviews for PEF leaders                                                                              jobs at the facility. We also
and members. We also assisted in the                                                                             designed a promotional
editing and distribution of several                                                                              mailer with response card
letters-to-the-editors and Op Ed                                                                                 which was mailed to
pieces in various newspapers                                                                                     parents. The NYS School
statewide addressing core issues. PR                                                                             for the blind was featured in
staff initiated dozens of media                                                                                  two separate ads which
contacts and responded to scores of                                                                              appeared in the Legislative
press calls from newspaper, radio and                                                                            Gazette.
television.                                                                                                          The PR department
                                                                                                                 designed and printed

   16           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L    REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                   Public Relations (continued)
“Obama for President” campaign stickers as      developments affecting the union. We             Counterpoint: Should PEF be involved in
well as rally signs, pins and bumper            convert various items for uploading onto         Issues not directly related to work?” (Kevin
stickers.                                       PEF’s Web site including: The                    Jones/Jeffrey Kassel).
                                                Communicator, advocacy ads, info-line                We won third place in this contest for
Member Services                                 updates and press releases. Staff also           John Epting’s photo of bridge inspectors on
    Our department designed the layout and      reformatted and updated or archived              the cover of The Communicator.
arranged for the printing of the PS&T           current ad campaigns and back issues of              We also won honorable mention for the
contract.                                       The Communicator on the PEF Web site.            best use of graphics for the data center ad
    The PR department designed and                                                               and second place for the nurses lobby day,
produced three separate backdrop theme          Art Design and Production                        self mailer.
shows for the 2008 convention along with           In addition to producing the design and           Finally we won honorable mention for
PowerPoint presentations for the opening        layout of The Communicator each month,           the Saul Miller Award for best political
and guest speakers. We also created the         the department’s graphic artists and writers     action story, “Saving SUNY Hospitals,
table skirt graphic, podium art, yearbook,      conceptualized and produced all of the           Round 1.”
several brochures, a dining guide and           union’s graphics, slogans, placards, posters,
posters.                                        buttons and flyers.
    This department designed and produced          Staff created the artwork for virtually all
the 2008 state and federal legislative          of the union’s advocacy ads, promotional
agendas, I.D. badges and other delegate         materials, brochures, newsletters,
materials including the program guide and       informational exhibits, charts, and typeset
annual report for convention. PR handled        thousands of certificates, retirement and
all orders from the convention lapel pin to     special service plaques, forms and business
artwork for jackets, shirts, and other          cards.
division, regional PEF department and
committee giveaways.                            Community Relations
    The PR department produces PEF’s                The PR department promoted the
award-winning monthly magazine, The             union’s message reinforcing the need for a
Communicator. Department staff plans,           strong public sector workforce directly to
researches, photographs, interviews, writes,    the community throughout the year.
edits, designs and sells ads for the magazine       PR staff designed and prepared materials
which is published 10 times a year. The         for the annual Black and Puerto Rican
magazine keeps members, policy makers           Legislative Association’s informational
and the media informed on the union’s           booth, Somos El Futuro booth and PEF’s
most pressing issues. It’s also an outlet to    booth at the State Fair.
feature members on an individual basis—
on-the-job or in their community. The           Recognition
magazine covers training and labor-                The PR department won several awards
management issues as well as the many           for work in 2007-08:
services and benefits available to members.        The PR department was awarded three
PR designed and sold a new pull-out             awards in the AFT Communications
calendar for additional revenue. Ad sales       Network labor-journalism competition for
from The Communicator, the Convention           work done in 2007-08. These awards
Yearbook, and on the PEF Web site total         included original photo/illustration (Bridge
$214,211.00. Advertising revenues help          Inspection cover photo, October 07 issue
defray the costs of producing The               by John Epting); Public Relations Activity
Communicator.                                   (Data Center stop-the-move campaign);
    The Communicator staff also photograph      Web site design for
the majority of the events featured in the      www.thecommunicator.org.
magazine, as well as other publications and        The PR department won the following
informational exhibits. Our staff also          awards from the International Labor
assists with brochures and newsletters for      Communicators Association:
division leaders.                                  First place for “Stop Mandatory
    PR staff research and record weekly         Overtime for Nurses” television ads.
updates of the PEF Information Line to             We were awarded honorable mention in
keep members informed on the latest             the best editorial category for “Point-

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L     REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                       Purchasing / Facilities Management
      he purchasing and facilities department      cost-effective solution for our growing needs.       Major activities covered in the facilities
T    is responsible for providing support
services for a broad spectrum of organizational        • We upgraded a number of regional
                                                                                                    area include:
                                                                                                        • We installed one new rooftop HVAC
activities. The purchasing area includes:          offices with new Pitney Bowes equipment.         unit to replace the costly high maintenance
vendor and office lease negotiations,              This improves our efficiency and reduces         unit. In addition we replaced several split
centralized purchasing of equipment, supplies,     overall costs to process the mail which          unit condensers to increase our cooling
services and associated special projects           includes “Postage by Phone” for all              efficiency and provide a larger electrical
including coordination of major                    locations and creation of one master             energy savings. These new units come with
organizational mailings. The facilities section    account for equipment invoicing. This            warranties and high-efficiency electrical
covers: contractor coordination and                agreement also allows PEF to meet all new        components.
supervision, support of PEF events,                postal service requirements while saving
maintenance of the buildings and grounds,          over $4,150 per year.                               • We fine tuned the comprehensive
conference room set-ups, warehouse and                                                              maintenance contract for our HVAC
                                                      • We continue to realize substantial          equipment to help limit more costly
records management, including support for          savings from the use of a mail-house for
Membership Benefits and PEF Retirees,                                                               emergency expenditures and provide
                                                   special projects and non-profit mailings.        increased care for our aging equipment.
oversight of U.S. postal service specifications,   PEF saved over $62,000 by utilizing the
and supervision of the mailroom/copy center.                                                        Results provide increased care and
                                                   Non-Profit postal permit for last year’s         improved temperature controls for the
    Our main goal is to position our facilities    annual report mailing to the membership.
and staff for the future, eliminating waste                                                         headquarters facility.
where possible, and providing improved                 • We negotiated a new 10-year lease for         • Additional work was completed on
conditions and services for both our staff and     our Hauppauge location which will help us        the roof top building penetrations to insure
members. We rise to the challenges every day       to contain quickly escalating costs in this      the integrity of the rubber roof structure
and have experienced another year of almost        location. The new lease also included an         and the expensive equipment that is
constant change. We have instituted many           extensive office rehabilitation to update the    supported by these penetration structures.
equipment upgrades, completed renovation           office environment for both staff and
work and improved support services in a            members. Our new landlord covered 85%                • We completed a major drainage
number of regional offices. The competitive        of these expenses as part of the agreement.      project which rebuilt the main parking lot
economy requires a focused effort which keys           Our cost-effective long-term office leases   drainage catch basin. In addition, we
in on the details. We continually strive to        continue to provide thousands of dollars in      repaired a large section of blacktop to
work more efficiently and to reduce costs          substantial savings and include parking in       reduce blacktop erosion and improve water
effectively.                                       several expensive locations.                     drainage flow and distribution. This work
                                                                                                    was complimented by the completion of a
Purchasing                                            • Our vendor relationship with                major crack seal initiative and an overall
    Through the use of centralized                 Superior Business Products for office            parking lot sealing project with new line
purchasing, aggressive vendor negotiations         supplies, business equipment and furniture       stripping.
and competitive bidding, we continue to            has continued to generate valuable savings
achieve substantial savings. These savings         while providing exceptional levels of                • We also worked closely with British
totaled $144,038 for the past fiscal year.         customer service.                                American LLC to identify storm drainage
We are working harder every day just to                                                             issues related to catch basin overflow from
maintain these levels. Fine tuning                 Facilities                                       their parking lots. This resulted in modified
partnerships with our key vendors has                 Over the past several years, we have          repairs and reduced water infiltration and
resulted in improved pricing, delivery and         established a solid base for an active           erosion on our property.
service. We have experienced a substantial         maintenance log which
decrease in these discounts as labor, energy       documents repairs, changes,
and material costs continue to rise.               and contractor histories. We
    Several major accomplishments are              have forged stronger
highlighted below:                                 business relationships which
    • PEF continues to upgrade all Xerox           help us make more informed
digital copier equipment and software. We          choices and limit future
continue to benefit from a $25,000 per-            overhead costs. Maintaining
year savings based on the current contract.        an aging facility requires
Our organization is growing into leading-          increased preventative
edge digital technology with increased             maintenance with more
utilization. Overall, we are providing a more      specific and detailed care.

    18           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L           REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
       he Retiree Office continues to provide        and MIS to plan the roll-out of the third         conducted a political action plan to obtain
T     help and assistance to PEF retirees when
they encounter problems with retirement
                                                     pension payroll deduction.
                                                        Worked with the Retirees Dental Plan
                                                                                                       enhanced retiree health care coverage
benefits, whether they are pension or health         insurance broker to continue a review of             The 2008 AFT grant of $1,000 was
care. In addition, the Retiree Office is             the plan and the provider participation.          used to partially fund PEF Retiree political
frequently the first point of contact for retirees       Refined PEF Retiree constitutional and        action training for 50 retiree members from
who belong to the PEF Retirees dental plan.          organizational changes designed to:               across NY State in July 2008.
It is not uncommon for the Retiree Office to                   • Facilitate Retiree political action      Retiree participation continues to
answer 20-25 phone calls a day from retired                               mobilization efforts.        contribute to the revitalized Retirement
members, each call often requiring 10-15                       • Professionalize Retiree               Reform Committee.
minutes each to resolve.                                                  operations.                     The PEF Retiree Office assisted in the
    Although the PEF Retirees are not                          • Increase active Retiree               mobilization of PEF Retirees in support of
entirely self-funded, effective August 1,                                 membership.                  the PEF political action agenda. The PEF
2007 dues of $18 per year were assessed                 Continued an outreach program to               Retirees made a noticeable positive
and the administration of this process               inform active PEF members about PEF               contribution to PEF’s election campaign
continues to be one primary function of              Retirees, retirement, post retirement issues,     activities and the January 7th rally.
the Retiree Office. Due to congressional             and the need for advanced planning. One              Aside from supporting the PEF Retirees,
action in passing the Pension Protection             key accomplishment was a visit to Hornell         the Retiree Office makes every effort to
Act of 2006, the PEF Retirees are required           where the Director of PEF Retiree                 monitor the retirement landscape for issues
to file a report with the IRS. The PEF               Programs manned an information table              that may affect PEF members in future
Retirees have retained the services of Peter         that featured the latest printed brochures        years. When issues are identified, the
DeCarlo C.P.A., PLLC to assist in meeting            from the New York State and Local                 Retiree Office makes sure that the relevant
this new requirement. The PEF                                                                                PEF officers are made aware of the
Retirees have filed a report with the                                                                        potential impact. In this regard, the
IRS for tax year 2007.                                                                                       Retiree Office also makes every effort
    Additionally, the Retiree Office                                                                         to disseminate pre-retirement
works with and supports the PEF                                                                              planning information to active PEF
Retirees in a number of ways. Last                                                                           members, through the Executive
year, the Retiree Office worked with                                                                         Board, PEF Regional Coordinators,
the PEF Retiree organization to                                                                              and division leaders.
accomplish the following:
    The agreement with PEF to
provide the first year’s dues in PEF
Retirees for new retirees continues to
be an integral part of the ongoing
annual budget process for PEF
Retirees and PEF.
    The implementation of the first
ever PEF Retirees dues increase from $1.00           Retirement System and the Department of
per-month to $1.50 per-month did result              Civil Service. The information table will
in more fully self-funded PEF Retirees.              be available to other Regional or Division
During 2008 the PEF Retirees membership              meetings as the Regional Coordinators or
grew from 11,029 active members to                   Division Leaders request them from PEF.
11,273.                                                 The re-energized Region 9/mid-Hudson
    We now have a signed agreement with              Retiree chapter now meets four times a
the New York State & Local Retirement                year with meetings at four different
System, PEF, and the PEF Retirees for a              locations within the region. The chapter
third Pension Payroll Deduction for PEF              has included additional officers called
Retirees to enable the choice of using a             County Reps for each of the counties in
pension deduction to make a life insurance           the region.
premium payment. Programming at                         Several initial meetings have been held
NYSLRS is underway to put that                       in the Region 7/North
deduction into effect, and the PEF Retirees          Country/Adirondack Retiree chapter.
are meeting with PEF Membership Benefits                For the seventh year in a row, we

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L          REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
Labor Relations
  uch of the
Mtop priorityresponsiblity of carrying out a directive to make our members the
              of PEF falls to the Labor Relations Department. Labor Relations
encompasses the Contract Administration, Field Services, Health and Safety and
Legal Departments. The Contract Administration Department provides support for
all contract negotiations, assists the field representatives in implementing and
enforcing the agreements, and serves as the point of contact between PEF and the
Governor’s Office of Employee Relations. The Field Services staff carries out the
day-to-day administration and enforcement of the collective bargaining agreements
for both the public and private sector bataining units within PEF. The Legal
Department provides a variety of legal services to PEF and to individual PEF
members. The Health and Safety Department provides service, information,
technical assistance, research, and referral on health and safety matters.

                                                                 Field Services
     here are 30 professional full time labor                 options available in a particular situation.    team’s issues. These professionals identify
T    relations staff – Field Representatives –
working out of 12 field offices across NYS.
                                                                  • To act as a primary liaison between our
                                                              division operations and PEF headquarters:
                                                                                                              violations of the Taylor Law and function as
                                                                                                              PEF’s lead advocates in the filing and
   There are four regional supervisors of                     As an example, the reps regularly initiate      processing of improper practice charges with
Field Services, one of whom is the Director                   legal, research, mobilization, and public       PERB.
of Labor Relations. Each field office has                     relations referrals to the appropriate PEF         They brainstorm with division leaders on
administrative staff assigned to support the                  departments on behalf of our activists and      ways to use the mobilization model to
organization’s activity. The Field Services                   members.                                        correct injustices that cannot be adequately
Supervisors of PEF Regions are:                                   • To identify methods for correcting work   addressed through the grievance process or
                                                              site issues with our local leaders and work     PERB.
Regions 1-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tom Privitere            together to implement the resulting action
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TPrivitere@pef.org       plans.                                              Over the past year, PEF Field Services
Regions 5, 7, 9 . . . . . . . . Jim Kemenash                      • Identify violations of the contract,      staff has:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .JKemenash@pef.org          assist the stewards with the grievances and         • Responded to numerous requests for
Regions 6, 8              . . . . . . . . . . .Roger Scales   where necessary actually craft, file and        information and support;
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .RScales@pef.org      process grievances through Step 3.                  • Lodged many complaints with
Regions 10-12 . . . . . . . .Marvin Moschel                                                                   employers on behalf of our members’ best
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MMoschel@pef.org             Field Representatives also:                  interests;
                                                                 • Represent members at interrogations; .         • Filed and processed hundreds of
    Field Representatives share with our                         • Challenge notices of discipline;           contract and out-of-title grievances;
stewards the role of being the union’s front line                • Negotiate settlements of notices of            • Worked with elected leaders and other
defender of members’ rights and the lead                      discipline prior to an arbitration hearing;     staff in campaigns to prevent layoffs and
advocates for improving their working                         and                                             closures;
conditions. The reps work closely with the PEF                   • Function as lead spokesperson in the           • Processed hundreds of grievances
stewards in the agency/facility level in fulfilling           arbitration of all non-termination notices of   challenging notices of disciplines and have
these advocacy roles.                                         discipline. (PEF assigns an attorney to         reached dozens of negotiated settlements;
                                                              represent our members who receive a NOD             • Acted as lead advocates in hundreds of
   Critical components of a Field                             that seeks as a penalty termination.)           interrogations;
Representative’s activity are:                                                                                    • Logged dozens of Improper Practice
   • Expertise in the contract, the Taylor                        Field Representatives serve as the PEF      Charges with PERB;
Law, the NYS attendance rules, labor-                         advisors to the labor side of division and          • Trained stewards and activists; and
management, and mobilization. They are                        statewide labor-management teams. They              • Prepared numerous legal and research
knowledgeable of all the resources available                  assist in crafting the agenda and are key       intakes.
at PEF headquarters and use this knowledge                    participants in each L-M meeting, using
when discussing with leaders and members                      their advocacy skills to advance the labor

     20              New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L              REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                                          Contract Administration
      he Contract Administration Department         Contract Grievance Process                      Telecommuting
T    is responsible for negotiation and statewide
administration of the PS&T Unit Agreement.
                                                        Contract Administration is responsible
                                                    for the Article 34 contract grievance process
                                                                                                         With Contract Administration support,
                                                                                                    PS&T members have seen progress in
Contract Administration staff provide contract      at Steps 3 and 4. This includes: working        members’ ability to telecommute. In 2008,
interpretation assistance and advice to field       with Field Services to review and develop       OASAS, OSC and Tax & Finance worked
services staff and union leadership, serve as the   grievances prior to advancing them to Step      with PEF pursuant to the statewide
day-to-day liaison with the Governor¹s Office of    3 and Step 4; day to day contact with           agreement on telecommuting to implement
Employee Relations on labor relations issues,       GOER regarding grievances pending at            telecommuting programs. Contract
and review and arbitrate contract grievances.       Steps 3 and 4; and, representing the union      Administration has negotiated an agreement
The department also staffs a number of              in those grievances at arbitration.             with GOER to permit one agency to pilot
statewide joint committees including the Joint          Over the last year, PEF and GOER met        telecommuting for as many as ten days in a
Committee on Health Benefits, the Joint             regularly in the Triage and Expedited           pay period. PEF members are working with
Advisory Board for the Family Benefits and          Arbitration process. This process               Contract Administration in efforts to
Employee Assistance Programs, the Joint             supplements the “normal” Article 34             expand telecommuting to additional
Committee on Nursing and Institutional Issues,      arbitration procedure as a means of             agencies. .
and the Albany Parking Committee. Notable           resolving more contract grievances more
activities of the department this year included     expeditiously than would be the case in full    Health Benefits
the following:                                      arbitration. We have had significant success       Department staff is also responsible for
                                                    in resolving grievances pending at Steps 3      monitoring and assuring access to the
PS&T Unit Contract                                  and 4. As a result, we have begun to make       benefits provided to PS&T Unit members
    Contract Administration has been deeply         progress in addressing the longstanding         through the New York State Health
involved with the preparations for and              contract grievance backlog at                   Insurance Program (NYSHIP). This
conduct of negotiations for the 2007-2011           Steps 3 and 4.                                  includes staffing the Joint Committee on
PEF Contract. The Agreement was printed                 The Triage and                               Health Benefits. This year, major activities
at the end of 2008 and distributed to all           Expedited Arbitration                              of health benefits staff included:
PS&T Unit employees. With this printing,            process was scheduled                                   Participation in the vendor selection
we increased the physical size and print of         to sunset with the                                     process for the Empire Plan Mental
the Agreement, and we also, for the first           expiration of the 2003-                                 Health and Substance Abuse
time, included a comprehensive subject              2007 Agreement. However,                                  contract;
index to the Agreement to assist our leaders        the 2007-2011 Agreement                                         Assisting members who
and members with finding key provisions             makes this program a permanent                               encountered problems with the
within the contract.                                part of our grievance procedure.                       Empire Plan Prescription Drug
                                                                                                     Flexible Formulary, implemented on
Contract Resource Center (CRC)                      Parking                                         1/1/09;
     In the fall of 2008, the department               Contract Administration provides                Assisting members who encountered
launched the Contract Resource Center —             support to the Article 19 Albany Parking        problems with the NYS Vision Plan,
a new information resource on the PEF               Committee and to representatives                administered by EyeMed, which continues
homepage. The CRC provides an on line               negotiating with their agencies about           to generate numerous complaints;
version of the contract, as well as                 parking. PEF recognizes that accessible            Monitoring implementation of
information on each of the contracts PEF            affordable parking is an important quality of   negotiated health benefits changes on
has negotiated since 1979. In addition, we          work life issue.                                7/1/08 and 1/1/09;
have linked information from a variety of                                                              Coordinating the Labor Coalition on
                                                    Allegany County Contract Negotiations           Health Benefits, which meets periodically to
sources to help people find answers quickly.             A new bargaining unit of employees
For example, the “Attendance and Leave”                                                             discuss important health benefits issues,
                                                    who work for Allegany County joined PEF.        exchange information, and develop
section has links not only to the PEF               Contract Administration provides support
contract, but also to key sections of the NYS                                                       cooperative strategies;
                                                    to the team as they negotiate their first          Reviewing the HMOs offered to state
Attendance and Leave Manual. The site is            union contract. In consultation with PEF
updated regularly and will become a key                                                             employees; and
                                                    field staff and the Allegany bargaining team,      Preparing health benefits information for
component of how we share information               Contract Administration continues to
with the membership. In the first months                                                            The Communicator and the Health Benefits
                                                    support negotiations by drafting and editing    section of the PEF Web site.
since activation, the Web site has been used        proposed contract language, attending
by more than 7,000 different visitors.                                                                 Staff also handled hundreds of inquiries
                                                    bargaining sessions, and conducting             from members to ensure they received the
                                                    research.                                       benefits to which they were entitled.

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L        REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                                                Health and Safety
      he mission of the PEF Occupational        Project Coordinator on both studies, and is     January 22-23, 2009.
T    Health and Safety Department is to
achieve safe and healthy environments in
                                                funded through sub-contracts with the
                                                UM.                                             3. PEF’s office ergonomics program is
every PEF-represented worksite. We demand          We completed the fifth and final year of     offered on a continuous basis. Direct
that employers comply with all applicable       a workplace violence intervention study         training on laptop/driving ergonomics for
federal, state, and local health and safety     being conducted in OASAS’ Addiction             field staff and office ergonomics for support
standards and laws.                             Treatment Centers (ATC). CSEA is also a         staff was recently completed for OSC.
                                                partner in this project. A statewide meeting    Ergonomics training for DOL staff was
Scope of Service                                was held in October 2008 to share best          conducted in May-June 2008 in NYC and
    The department works with elected           practices that have resulted from the           for VESID in December 2008.
leaders, members, staff, and committees in      project.
four main activities:                              The second NIOSH-funded University           4. Infection Control Certification is an
1. Providing service, information, technical    of Maryland study is focused on co-worker       ongoing program conducted by PEF
assistance, research, and referral on health    violence. PEF is partnering with CSEA,          members and staff who are SED-approved
and safety matters;                             NYSCOPBA, and OMCE on this study.               trainers. The certification is required for
2. Enhancing skills, knowledge, and             The goal of the study is to assess the          licensed healthcare professionals in New
awareness through training and education;       prevalence of co-worker violence, examine
3. Developing initiatives to improve            existing policies, identify risk factors, and
working conditions of the membership;           develop model programs. A pilot of the
and,                                            survey has been conducted in OASAS.
4. Participating in national, state and local   Plans have been set to conduct the survey
forums that advocate for improvements to        in the Labor Department and efforts are
occupational health and safety through          also underway in DOCS, DOT, Parole,
legislation and political action.               and others.

Overview                                        Activities
   The hallmark of the health and safety        1. The NYS Department of Labor issued
program has been its ability to mobilize the    draft Workplace Violence Prevention
membership to design and implement              regulations, in response to the law signed
programs that address key hazards that are      on June 7, 2006. We have submitted
causing injuries and illnesses among our        written comments and testified at 3
members.                                        hearings on draft regulations. A major
                                                focus has been put into helping agency          York state. The curriculum was revised to
Funding                                         level and local health and safety               include changes mandated by SED and
    PEF was initially awarded a $221,933        representatives in developing workplace         DOH as a result of the Safe Patient Bill
Occupational Safety and Health Training         violence prevention programs.                   signed into law in August 2008. The
Grant by the NYS Department of Labor                  We have worked with leaders from          revised curriculum was made available to
Hazard Abatement Board (HAB). However,          OCFS to reduce workplace violence in the        PEF’s ICC faculty via download from the
due to state budget reductions the grant        juvenile justice facilities, especially Tryon   PEF Web site or on CD by request. An
was reduced by 3.35 percent to $214,498.        Residential Center.                             Infection control and barrier precautions
This grant covers August 1, 2008 – July 31,                                                     train-the-trainer course was conducted on
2009 and represents an increase of $14,498      2. We continue to offer a two-day indoor        August 22, 2008 in Albany, NY.
from the 2007-2008 grant.                       air quality course (IAQ) and a two-day
    The Membership Benefits Program has         mold assessment and remediation course in       5. The department is working with
provided significant funding for the Health     various locations around the state. These       researchers from Hunter College to
and Safety Conference, and for Indoor Air       programs bring together PEF and                 conduct a pilot stress/ cardiovascular effects
Quality and Navigator Programs.                 management representatives to educate           study within the Division of Parole.
    PEF continues to be a partner in a pair     participants on how to prevent and respond      $72,000 was initially appropriated by the
of five-year NIOSH (CDC)-funded                 to indoor air quality and mold problems in      Legislature for this project. However, due
workplace violence prevention intervention      state and leased buildings. A two-day mold      to State budget reductions the funding was
studies under the direction of Jane             program was held in Buffalo, NY on April        reduced to $54,000.
Lipscomb, Ph.D., RN, University of              16-17, 2008. Two-day IAQ programs were
Maryland School of Nursing (UM). Matt           held in Binghamton, NY on May 20-21,            6. An Infectious Disease Awareness
London from the H&S Department is the           2008 and in West Haverstraw, NY on              program was developed for members in

   22           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L     REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                    Health and Safety (continued)
non-healthcare environments to provide         protect their rights to workers’
information on their relative risks for        compensation benefits. The deadline for
exposure and infection from bloodborne         registration was extended for an additional
pathogens, tuberculosis, and influenza..       year, until August 14, 2010. Eligible
TB/BBP programs for OASAS, Parks and           members must complete form WTC-12
Recreation and VESID were conducted in         available at
April, June and December 2008.                 http://www.wcb.state.ny.us/content/main/f
                                               orms/WTC-12.pdf. See (The
7. Resolving the health and safety             Communicator)
impacts of occupational stress is an ongoing
program and provides strategies for            11. The department has been participating
resolving the significant negative health      in a coalition to promote safe patient
impacts of workplace stress. The               handling (SPH) and develop legislation
department has conducted the occupational      that will require facilities to implement
stress training for OMRDD at LIDDSO in         SPH programs. The goal is to prevent
May 2008.                                      injuries related to lifting and transporting
                                               patients/ clients.
8. The Navigator program was
established by the state AFL-CIO, and is       12. Health and Safety Department staff
designed to assist injured members in          continues to participate on the advisory
dealing with the workers’ compensation         boards of a number of the state-funded
system as well as mobilize members to          Occupational Health Clinics. These clinics
advocate for enhanced benefits and fight       diagnose and treat work-related illnesses,
cuts proposed in workers’ compensation         and perform a myriad of prevention
legislation. PEF has conducted more            activities. Many of our members have been
Navigator trainings than any other union.      patients of the clinics, and clinic staff has
The most recent programs were conducted        assisted PEF in evaluating and remediating
for Regions 7, 8 and 9 on May 12-13,           many workplace health and safety issues.
2008 at the Clarion in Albany, NY, Regions
1, 3, and 6 on June 16-17, 2008 at the
Clarion Riverside in Rochester, NY, and for
Regions 10, 11, and 12 on December 9-10,
2008 at the Affina Hotel in New York City.
Assistance to injured members is ongoing.

9. Asbestos awareness training is a
continuous program conducted by PEF
staff and is available upon request.
Asbestos awareness programs for Parks and
Recreation were conducted in NYC in
November 2008 and at Bronx PC in
February 2009. The program provides
information about how asbestos exposures
occur, health hazards associated with
exposure, and regulations that protect
workers and the public.

10. The department continues to promote
participation of affected members in the
Mt. Sinai medical monitoring program and
the newly authorized WTC workers’
compensation registry.
   The department is also encouraging
members who participated in WTC rescue,
recovery or cleanup work to register to

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L   REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
      he PEF Office of General Counsel             at the grade level of a Hearing Officer,        Correction Counselor title. With respect to
T    provides a variety of legal services to PEF
and to individual PEF members. These
                                                   grade 25, for Tier III Hearing Officer
                                                   duties. The lower court granted the
                                                                                                   the other titles, the Albany County
                                                                                                   Supreme Court dismissed our case, and we
services include providing representation to the   petition and ordered that the grievances be     then appealed to the Appellate Division,
union or individual members in civil suits in      remanded back to GOER for the                   Third Department.
the state and federal courts, in administrative    appropriate award of back-pay. The State            Regrettably, a 3-2 majority of the Third
proceedings before state agencies, and in          appealed to the Appellate Division.             Department affirmed the lower court’s
arbitrations under all of the collective               In affirming the lower court’s judgment,    decision dismissing our case. The majority
bargaining agreements negotiated by PEF.           the Appellate Division noted that during        found that since Class and Comp engaged
The Office also provides legal opinions to the     the time period when the employees              in an extensive study and review of the
officers and other departments within PEF on       presided as Hearing Officers and the            nature of the hearings conducted and the
a wide range of subjects.                          grievances were pending, the only title that    skills required, under the applicable legal
    We are currently representing PEF or           was classified to perform such duties was       standard, it was required to find the
individual PEF members in approximately            that of a grade 25 Hearing Officer. The         decision rational. Thus, the court stated
325 judicial, administrative and arbitration       court adopted our argument that GOER’s          that “constrained by the highly deferential
cases. While the majority of these cases are       attempt to circumvent its back-pay              standard of review that we must accord to
handled in-house, approximately 15                 obligations by retroactively applying a         “Class and Comp’s” determinations, we are
disciplinary termination cases are handled         salary grade classification that was non-       unpersuaded that Class and Comp’s
each year by NYSUT attorneys, through              existent when the out-of-title work was         classification determinations, which the
PEF’s affiliation with AFT.                                                                        record reflects as being undergirded by
    During the past year, this Office                                                              comprehensive study and analysis, can be
responded to approximately 45 formal                                                               characterized as wholly arbitrary or without
requests for legal opinions and opened 182                                                         any rational basis.”
new litigation files. Some of the most                                                                 The court never addressed our key
noteworthy cases are discussed below.                                                              argument that, given the nature of the
                                                                                                   overall duties of the Education Supervisor,
Assignment of DOCS Employees as                                                                    Plant Superintendent and Assistant
Hearing Officers                                                                                   Industrial Superintendent, it was irrational
    The Appellate Division, Third                                                                  for Class and Comp to find that
Department upheld the lower court                                                                  conducting Tier hearings was an
judgment in a case we filed on behalf of                                                           appropriate duty for those three titles. The
DOCS employees in various titles awarding                                                          court also ruled that the three job titles at
back pay for out-of-title work they                performed and the grievances were filed,        issue do not present the same type of
performed when they were assigned to               was arbitrary, capricious and lacked a          conflict as the Senior Correction Counselor
preside as Hearing Officers over Tier III          rational basis.                                 title, where the court found a conflict
inmate disciplinary hearings.                          Unfortunately, the court’s decision in      between the duty of counseling inmates on
    In the Article 17 out-of-title grievances,     PEF’s favor on back-pay was not the end of      the one hand, and imposing discipline on
GOER ruled that the employees’                     this matter. Shortly after the grievance        the other.
assignments as Tier III Hearing Officers           decisions were issued, Class and Comp, at           The two dissenting justices would have
constituted out-of-title work and sustained        DOCS’ urging, issued revised Classification     granted our petition and annulled the
the grievances. However, GOER also                 Standards which specifically permitted          revision of the standards. The dissent
ruled, based on the determinations of the          employees in the titles of Senior Correction    argued that, by revising the standards to
Division of Classification and                     Counselor, Education Supervisor, Plant          include the very same Hearing Officer
Compensation (“Class and Comp”), that              Superintendent and Assistant Industrial         duties that Class and Comp had previously
the duties were appropriate to grade 18,           Superintendant, to be assigned Tier III         deemed to constitute out-of-title work,
which is lower than the salary grades for          Hearing Officer duties. We then filed an        Class and Comp had improperly revised the
each of the grievants’ titles. As a result,        Article 78 proceeding challenging Class and     standards to validate out-of-title work.
none of the employees were entitled to back        Comp’s issuance of the revised                      Since two justices dissented, we had an
pay because each of their titles is above          Classification Standards to include Tier 3      automatic right of appeal to the Court of
grade 18.                                          Hearing Officer duties for the titles           Appeals, which is the state’s highest court.
    We then commenced an Article 78                referenced above.                               Our appeal was perfected in early 2008.
proceeding contesting the determination                Before the lower court decided this case,   Oral argument before the Court of Appeals
denying back pay, and argued that such             Class and Comp removed the duty of              was held on January 14, 2009, and are
employees were entitled to be compensated          conducting hearings from the Senior             awaiting the court’s decision.

    24           New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L      REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                          Legal     (continued)

2009-2010 Executive Budget                        class. These titles can be grouped in five         to submit to a medical examination by an
    The governor’s proposed Executive             categories: physicians, psychiatrists,             EHS doctor before being allowed to return
Budget for 2009-2010 contains a number            dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists.           to work. It also provides that an employee
of legislative proposals to close the budget      PEF surveyed the membership to get their           who was found unfit to return to duty after
deficit which we believe would violate the        comments, and by letter dated February 21,         such examination shall be placed in the
2007-2011 PEF/State collective bargaining         2008, we objected to the placement of              appropriate leave status. Section 72 sets
agreement. These budget proposals                 those titles in the non-competitive class.         forth the procedural requirements that the
include: (1) the elimination of the 2009              The Civil Service Department’s entire          state must follow before placing an
three percent salary increase; (2) the            rationale for placing the at-issue titles in the   employee on a leave of absence due to an
implementation of a five-day salary deferral      non-competitive class is that “nothing is to       alleged non-occupational disability. Those
(lag pay); (3) a new Tier 5 pension proposal      be gained by requiring the candidate to            requirements include a hearing where the
which would reduce the number of accrued          additionally take the state’s training and         employee can contest an EHS doctor’s
sick days which PS&T Unit members may             experience evaluation given the extensive          opinion by having his or her own physician
use for additional retirement service credit      and comprehensive process a candidate has          testify.
at retirement from the current 200 days           already gone through to become                         In this case, the employee voluntarily
down to 165 days; (4) the reduction of the        licensed/accredited in his or her field of         utilized sick leave and then attempted to
state’s share of health insurance premium         expertise.” That rationale is particularly         return to work. He was sent for multiple
contributions for prospective state retirees      alarming because PEF represents many               EHS examinations under Article 30, and
and variance of the state’s share of premium      licensed professionals, and this same              after each examination he was determined
based on years of service prior to                rationale could be used to support the             to be unfit to return to duty. The
retirement; and (5) the requirement of state      reclassification of many additional PEF            employee also submitted several medical
employees and retirees to pay a portion of        titles to the non-competitive class.               certifications from his personal physicians
the state’s expense for Medicare Part B               We appeared before the Civil Service           indicating that he was able to return to
premium reimbursement. The Office of              Commission to argue our objections in              work. PEF demanded a Section 72 hearing
General Counsel has worked in                     March 2008. At the end of the hearing,             on the employee’s behalf to challenge the
conjunction with the Contract                     the Commission voted 3-0 to place all of           EHS doctor’s findings after DOT, his
Administration Department to file contract        the physician titles and the psychiatric 1         employer, refused to provide a hearing.
grievances on each of the preceding               and 2 titles, in the non-competitive class.        DOT took the position that only
Executive Budget proposals, primarily             The Commission voted 2 to 1 to place the           employees involuntarily removed from the
under Article 46 of the PEF/State Contract        titles of associate psychiatrist, all dentist      work place, and not those returning from
which provides that during the term of the        titles and all veterinarian 1 titles in the        sick leave, are entitled to Section 72 rights.
agreement, “neither party will unilaterally       non-competitive class. By a vote of 2 to 1,            The Albany County Supreme Court
seek to modify its terms through legislation      the Commission rejected the Department’s           ruled that a state employee placed on
or any other means.”                              request to place the Pharmacist titles in the      involuntary leave following an EHS
    PEF and the other public sector unions        non-competitive class.                             examination is entitled to the due process
in New York will be vigorously advocating             The governor recently signed this              requirements of notice and hearing under
against these proposals in the Executive          change in classifications. Now that the            Civil Service Law §72. The court further
Budget. Additional legal steps to protect         administrative process has been completed,         held that Article 30 does not abrogate PEF
the integrity of PEF’s collective bargaining      we will file an Article 78 petition                members’ statutory rights, nor was it
agreement with the state will depend on the       challenging the non-competitive                    intended to supplant Section 72. The state
final outcome of legislative budget               classifications. This is an important issue        is appealing this decision.
negotiations.                                     for PEF and it will likely be litigated to the         Another Albany County Supreme Court
                                                  highest court in the state.                        Judge recently issued a similar decision
Reclassification of Medical and Health-                                                              upholding an employee’s entitlement to the
Related Titles to the Non-Competitive             Right to Return to Duty After Voluntary            due process requirements of notice and
Class                                             Sick Leave                                         hearing under Section 72 when seeking to
   We are preparing to litigate Civil                 The Albany County Supreme Court                return from voluntary sick leave. The state
Service’s wholesale reclassification of titles    issued a positive decision concerning the          is appealing both decisions.
in the medical or health fields from the          rights of an employee seeking to return to
competitive class to the non-competitive          work after having taken sick leave. This
class. In January 2008, the Department of         decision addresses the interaction between
Civil Service requested that the Civil            Article 30 of the PEF/State Contract and
Service Commission reclassify 37 titles           Civil Service Law §72. As you are aware,
representing almost 2,000 positions from          Article 30 provides that an employee
the competitive to the non-competitive            returning from sick leave may be required

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L       REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                              Membership Benefits Program
      he PEF Membership Benefits Program         consultations and 55 group education                     Utica
T    (MBP) mission is to serve dues-paying
PEF members by providing a wide range of
                                                 meetings.                                         •   REGION 7
                                                                                                          Curves - Ogdensburg
statewide and regional benefits. MBP Trustees       Please refer to the Web site                   •   REGION 8
for 2008 were Joe Fox, Chair, Kenneth            (www.buymbp.com) for more details, and                   Ballston Spa Country Club;
Brynien, Arlea Igoe, Patricia Baker and Tom      exclusions on these covered benefits. Our                Curves – Delhi; Curves – East
Comanzo. Benefits range from group               Web site also now includes new pages on                  Greenbush; Expressions of
insurance and legal plans to discounts on        the Voluntary Legal Plan and other                       Gratitude, Inc.; Finnish Line
movies, theme parks, department stores,          Insurance Programs.                                      Fitness Centers; Green’s
restaurants and much more (visit                                                                          Laundromat & Dry Clean; Health
www.buymbp.com for a complete listing).          Ticket Sales                                             Plex Fitness Center; J.D.’s Tire
MBP programs are evaluated on an ongoing             2008 was a record year for discount                  Kingdom; New 2 You
basis, with members’ suggestions playing an      ticket sales with $3.5 million sold and more      •   REGION 9
important role in determining new program        than 32,000 orders being processed. PEF                  Fitness Unlimited; Summit Hill
offerings.                                       members and retirees saved close to $2                   Athletic Club
                                                 million by purchasing amusement park, ski
                                                                                                       A new questionnaire soliciting member
Status of Current Benefits                       resort, Simply Certificates, video rental and
                                                                                                   suggestions will also be mailed to all
Insurance Benefits                               movie discount tickets from Membership
                                                                                                   members as part of the Year Round Guide
   One of the key insurance products             Benefits. This represented an increase in
                                                                                                   mailing in early 2009. For a complete
offered through our partnership with             sales of 23 percent in the last 2 years alone -
                                                                                                   listing of all regional benefits offered,
Hartford Life is our long-term disability        driven by a 60 percent increase in web
                                                                                                   specific to your region, please click on
program. As part of creating a greater           orders. As a result of the web order increase
                                                                                                   “Regional Benefits” on the
awareness of this valuable benefit and           the Program will be performing a dramatic
                                                                                                   www.buymbp.com web page.
encouraging participation, an open               overhaul of its Web site during 2009 to
enrollment was offered to all dues paying        improve its ease of use.                          Promotions
PEF members and fee payers - from                                                                      In 2008, Quarters 1 – 3, MBP
September through November. Promotional          New Benefits                                      continued to utilize a combination of on-
mailings were done announcing this special       New Statewide Benefits                            site visits, distribution of the 2008 Year
opportunity which resulted in 2,932 new             We’re continuing to respond to member          Round Entertainment Benefits, direct mail,
enrollees. Now 1 in 3 members’ income is         needs and requests. In the fourth quarter,        and The Communicator advertisements to
protected by this valuable benefit.              an Applebee’s gift card was added for the         get the word out about its various insurance
                                                 holiday season. Feedback and sales have           programs, entertainment discounts and
Free Benefits:                                   been very positive. In addition, another          other benefits. During the past year, MBP
    The following free benefits to dues          popular offering that began in December           attended 113 on-site visits, including new
paying members were communicated in              was the 2009 Entertainment Guide. PEF             member orientations, health fairs
mailings, ads and guides:                        Members can order the book direct for $21         membership meetings and conferences and
• $15,000 Accidental Death &                     ($35 retail value) and shipping is free           met with 3,898 members.
Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance,                  (multiple books are offered at $15). The              Member and leader feedback at the
• Assault Trauma and Attack Coverage             Trustees also approved Medieval Times for         August 2008 PEF Convention combined
(ATAC) which insures members when they           ticket sales to begin in the first quarter of     with an assessment of communication
are assaulted while on the job.                  2009.                                             material and channels began the use of
• Legal Defense benefit for any dues                                                               online-communication tools to expand our
paying PEF member, active in the state           New Regional Benefits                             communication capabilities. A new,
workforce who is subject to a criminal           New regional benefits in 2008 included:           shortened MBP url for online usage was
investigation as a result of discharging their   • REGION 3                                        introduced in the fourth quarter, 2008:
official, employer issued weapon as well as              Night Of Joy Vintage & Art;               www.buymbp.com. In December, the new
any member whose official state job duties               Uptown Fitness                            winter benefits guide was mailed to
involve working with children and are            • REGION 4                                        members. This, combined with an online
“hotlined.”                                              Player’s Sports, Inc.; Silhouettes        promotion in December 2008 (via The
• The financial counseling program                       24/7 Women’s Fitness                      Communicator), led to more members
through Stacey Braun.                            • REGION 5                                        ordering tickets online. We are continuing
           In 2008, Stacey Braun mailed                  Court Jester Athletic Club                to keep our brochures current by
45,271 postcards to various regions              • REGION 6                                        developing new printed materials aimed at
resulting in a total of 772 individual                   Curves – Watertown, Lowville,             heightening awareness on available

    26          New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L       REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
           Membership Benefits Program (continued)
PEF Travel Services                                                                 Internet booking. Experienced travel
                                                                                 specialists assist customers in selecting
   PEF Travel Services is a full service travel                                  travel destinations and offer a personal,
agency (owned and operated by                                                    hands-on approach to booking travel
Membership Benefits) which gives                                                 arrangements. Superior customer service is
members a five percent rebate on travel                                          the guiding principle behind the success of
packages. The agency has continued to                                            PEF Travel Services.
grow in popularity as evidenced by sales of
over $2.5 million dollars last year and paid
out $65,000 in rebates. PEF Travel                                               Please Note:
continues to focus its efforts on providing                                      PEF member union dues are never used to
excellent customer service and offering                                          fund the operations of the program or any of
members an alternative to do-it-yourself                                         the benefits offered.

                                   Membership Benef its You!

New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L   REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                                             PEF Regional Offices
                   ALBANY – Region 8                                                                                      HORNELL – Region 2                                                                                                                  POUGHKEEPSIE – Region 9
              (518) 785-1900 / 800-342-4306                                                                         (607)324-6060/7911 / 800-724-5001                                                                                                        (845) 473-5022 / 800-548-4870
                    FAX (518) 785-1814                                                                                      FAX (607) 324-3611                                                                                                                     FAX (845) 473-5053
                BINGHAMTON – Region 5                                                                                     LONG ISLAND – Region 12                                                                                                               ROCHESTER – Region 3
              (607) 785-1699 / 800-724-4998                                                                             (631) 360-4360 / (800) 832-5284                                                                                                      (585) 232-6980 / 800-724-5003
                    FAX (607) 786-5749                                                                                         FAX (631) 360-4373                                                                                                                  FAX (585) 232-6469
                 BROOKYN – Region 11                                                                                         MALONE – Region 7                                                                                                                   SYRACUSE – Region 4
             (718) 637-2019 / (866) 897-9775                                                                             (518) 483-5781 / 888-498-8532                                                                                                       (315) 471-2311 / 800-724-5004
                    FAX (718) 637-2024                                                                                         FAX (518) 483-5786                                                                                                                  FAX (315) 471-2382
                  BUFFALO – Region 1                                                                                       MANHATTAN – Region 10                                                                                                                    UTICA – Region 6
              (716) 853-3100 / 800-462-1462                                                                              (212) 227-3132 / 800-522-8700                                                                                                        (315) 768-0123 / 800-724-5005
                    FAX (716) 853-3109                                                                                         FAX (212) 964-3571                                                                                                                   FAX (315) 768-1360

                       PEF Headquarters Departments and Other Important Numbers
Departments                                                                                      Hot Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .555                                                                    AFT/Org. Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .518-869-8957
(518) 785-1900 / 800-342-4306                                                                    Legal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .241                                                                 AFT/Wash. DC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-238-1133
                                                                                                  Legal Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .785-1323                                                                         Corporate Benefit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-233-3394
Accounting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .261                           Legal Work Desk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .249                                                                                                                                Fax 785-0586
CeCe’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .201                       Law Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .294                                                                        Defensive Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .243
Conf. Room (A) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .210                            Legislative Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-724-4997                                                                                                                                        800-427-2365
Conf. Room (B) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .305                               Legis. Office Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .432-7739                                                                             EAP-members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-822-0244
Conf. Room C & D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .213                                Mailroom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .401                                                                      EAP-staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-252-4555
Conf. Room (Pres.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .203                            Membership Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .243                                                                             PEF Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .782-9045
Conf. Room (Trustees) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .250                                MB Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .302 or 783-5339                                                                                                             800-767-1840 / Fax 782-9768
Civil Svc. Enforcement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .280                              MIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .221                                                                   GOER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .518-473-8375
  Civil Service Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .279                           MIS Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .308                                                                      NYSUT/Albany . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .518-213-6000
Contract Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .223                               Phone Room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .499                                                                                                                                 800-342-9810
  Con. Admin. Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .785-0525                                  Public Relations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .277                                                                        PEF Info Hot Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-553-2445
Desk Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .785-4418                                PR Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .785-8174                                                                          PEF/PSTP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .328
Divisions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .231                     President’s Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .783-1117                                                                                                                                   800-342-4306
Divisions Finance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .232                           Retirees Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .289                                                                       Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .221
Education & Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .328                              Vestibule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .202                                                                   SEFCU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-727-3328
Fax Machine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .285 or 785-1814                                 Voice Mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .553                                                                                                                               518-452-8183
Field Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .228
                                                                                                 Other Phone Numbers                                                                                                                            SEIU/Wash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-424-8592
Health Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .283
                                                                                                 AAA/NYC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .212-484-3220                                                                                Thruway conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800-847-8929
Health & Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .254
                                                                                                 AFT/Organizing/Albany . . . . . . . . . . . . .518-869-8173                                                                                    UUP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .518-458-7935
   Health & Safety Fax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .239


                                                                                                                                                               ST LAWRENCE
                                                                                                                                                                                    REGION 7


                                MEMBERS                                                                                                       JEFFERSON

REGION 1 – Buffalo 4,614                                                                                                                                                                               WARREN

                                                                                                                                                                   REGION 6
REGION 2 – Elmira / Hornell 746                                                                                                         OSWEGO
                                                                                  ORLEANS                                        REGION 4                 ONEIDA

REGION 3 – Rochester 2,715
                                                                                                 MONROE         WAYNE                                                HERKIMER                         SARATOGA
                                                                                   GENESEE        REGION 3                                                                                                  REGION 8
REGION 4 – Syracuse 3,687

                                                                        ERIE                              ONTARIO     SENECA                        MADISON
REGION 5 – Binghamton 1,921                                                       WYOMING                                      CAYUGA                                                                              RENSSELAER

                                                                                             LIVINGSTON       YATES                                                 OTSEGO                             ALBANY
                                                 REGION 1                                                                                 CORTLAND CHENANGO                         SCHOHARIE
REGION 6 – Utica, 2,002                                                                                                        TOMPKINS                     REGION 5
                                                                                                  REGION 2
REGION 7 – Potsdam / Plattsburgh 1,532                 CHAUTAUQUA   CATTARAUGUS       ALLEGANY
                                                                                                      STEUBEN                                                       DELAWARE

REGION 8 – Albany 19,242                                                                                               CHEMUNG      TIOGA        BROOME

REGION 9 – Mid-Hudson 5,340                                                                                                                                                                                   DUTCHESS
REGION 10 – Manhattan / Bronx 6,170                                                                                                                                                     REGION 9

REGION 11 – Queens / Brooklyn / Staten Island 5,042                                                                                                                                     ORANGE

REGION 12 – Long Island 4,500

OTHERS 1,048                                                                                                                                                                 REGION 10
                                                                                                                                                                                              ➞                                                 SUFFOLK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    REGION 12
                                                                                                                                                                                        NEW YORK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                QUEENS          NASSAU
                                                                                                                                                                                                        D KINGS

                                                                                                                                                                                              REGION 11

      28                    New York State Public Employees Federation – 2 0 0 8 A N N U A L                                                                                                                       REPORT to the MEMBERSHIP

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