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Shabana Hoosein, a student in the master’s program in ecology and evolutionary biology at UAlbany,
checks out blooming plants in the biology department’s greenhouse.

                     UAlbany       University at Albany Magazine
               Features            Fall 2013, Volume 22, Number 2

                6   The Value of Higher Education
                    University at Albany President Robert J. Jones and alumni
                    who serve as leaders in education make the case for
                    the continued value of a college degree.

               14   The RNA Institute: Distinguishing
                    UAlbany in Life Sciences Research
                    At UAlbany, researchers are working toward a deeper
                    understanding of RNA and its potential in developing
                    therapeutics effective in the treatment of drug-resistant
                    infections and other diseases.

               18   Getting Down to Business
                    The University’s new School of Business boasts
                    spaces and technologies designed to meet the
                    needs of students preparing for 21st-century
                    entrepreneurial and workplace opportunities.

               20   Three Literary Masters
                    A new book, an international literary prize and a commission for
                    an operatic Roscoe are the most recent achievements from a trio
                    of authors with New York State Writers Institute connections.

               24   Something to Cheer About!
                    Just in time for the start of football season, UAlbany’s
                    long-awaited multi-sport stadium opens. The men’s
                    and women’s soccer teams will compete there, too.

                       2        From the Podium
                       3        Gifts at Work
                       4        Out and About
               12-13, 19        Alumni Profiles
                      26        Ask Geoff
                      28        The Carillon (Alumni News and Notes)
                      48        Last Look

Mark Schmidt

From the Podium
By Carol Olechowski

     InauguratIon Week
     Join us for a week of special events commemorating the inauguration of
     the University at Albany’s 19th president, Robert J. Jones, Ph.D.
     the following events are open to the public:

     Sept. 21                                                     Sept. 25
     all day, Science Library Atrium: Celebrating Students        4:30-8 p.m., Lecture Centers and PAC:
     and Faculty of the University at Albany, 1844-2014.          A Celebration of Research, Scholarship and
     (The exhibit continues during regular Science Library        Creative Activity at UAlbany. Free.
     business hours until May 1, 2014.) Free.                     Sept. 26
     7 p.m., Bob Ford Field (multi-sport stadium), Great Danes    4:15 p.m., PAC Recital Hall: Seminar, New York State
     football: UAlbany vs. Central Connecticut State. Purchase    Writers Institute Visiting Author Gilbert King. Free.
     tickets at or call (518) 442-Dane.     Sept. 28
     Sept. 23                                                     10 a.m., PAC Main Theatre: Installation Ceremony
     6 p.m., Page Hall, downtown campus: A Dialogue               for President Robert J. Jones, followed by reception
     With the Tutu Sisters. Free.                                 (registration required).
     Sept. 24                                                     8 p.m., SEFCU Arena: World Within Reach
     7:30 p.m., Performing Art Center (PAC) Main Theatre:         Speakers Series (registration required).
     An Evening With Three-Time Tony-Nominated
     Broadway Star Carolee Carmello ’83. Purchase tickets at      For additional details, link to or call (518) 442-3997.         

Price Heads SUNY Student Assembly
Tremayne Price, B.A.’12, has been installed as president of the   of student life on each of the system’s 64
State University of New York Student Assembly for 2013-14.        campuses. As president, Price serves as a
Price, a native of Elmira, N.Y., earned a bachelor’s degree in    member of the SUNY Board of Trustees,
public policy and management from UAlbany. He is currently        with full voting privileges, and as a voting
pursuing a master’s in educational administration and policy      member of the board for the Higher
studies at the University.                                        Education Services Corporation (HESC).

The Student Assembly president, elected annually in the spring    In congratulating Price, Chancellor Nancy
by his or her peers across the SUNY system, heads a body          L. Zimpher noted, “Trey brings leadership experience to the
committed to empowering SUNY students throughout New              post, as well as a deeper understanding of how students can get
York State and nationally, and to ensuring the highest quality    the most out of their higher education and help shape SUNY
                                                                  for future generations.”

                                                                                          A Milestone for Five Quad
                                                                                          Five Quad members – past and
                                                                                          present – gathered April 27 at
                                                                                          the Albany Hilton for a banquet
                                                                                          celebrating the ambulance
                                                                                          squad’s 40th anniversary.
                                                                                          Here, guests pose for a photo
                                                                                          commemorating the occasion.

2     UAlbany Magazine    •   Fall 2013
                                                                                                              Gifts at Work
                                                                                                                           By Carol Olechowski

BRINK 5K Honors Alum
Jordan Arnold, B.A.’97, and David                       clear my head. On one of those runs, I
“Brink” Brinkerhoff, B.A.’01 met while                  was thinking about how often Brink ran
serving on Five Quad “and became fast                   the loop, during college and while at the
friends.” Arnold recalled: “We were                     academy. Brett Morey, B.A.’98, one of
steady shift partners on the ambulance.                 Brink’s best friends, and I had already
Brink had a tremendous work ethic.                      been talking about how we would honor
He was sharp and really funny. He was                   his memory.” A scholarship funded by “a
also a genuinely good person; helping                   charity run on the loop, held as close to
others came naturally to him.” The two                  April 25 as possible so that Brink’s family
“remained close and saw each other                      could look forward to something positive
regularly” even after Brinkerhoff left                  around that day every year,” seemed a          endowment. “They took on this event
to attend the New York State Police                     fitting tribute. “It had the BRINK 5K          with amazing spirit and limitless
Academy and Arnold went off to law                      name before I finished that run.”              dedication. It says so much about Five
school at Vanderbilt University.                                                                       Quad that the volunteers didn’t even
                                                        The course, a certified 5K, “includes a
Arnold clearly remembers April 25, 2007,                portion of the loop, so that runners get to    know Brink, and yet they honor him
the day Brinkerhoff – by then a state                   trace Brink’s footsteps. It’s a challenging,   like family, year after year. It’s deeply
trooper who had returned to UAlbany to                  multi-terrain course that also cuts around     satisfying to know that the values he
complete his degree in political science                Indian Lake.” The race is open to anyone,      stood for and the contributions he made
– died in the line of duty. On receiving                “and every year, the pack includes active      will be honored at UAlbany forever,”
the news that his friend had been shot                  and retired New York State police, as          said Arnold.
during a manhunt, “I grabbed a suit,                    well as active and alumni members of           Last April, more than 250 runners
left work and drove to Brink’s house just               Five Quad.”                                    participated in the BRINK 5K. A
south of Albany,” said Arnold. “Later, I                                                               highlight of the 2013 event – the
                                                        Arnold credited Five Quad volunteers
stayed near the uptown campus and ran                                                                  awarding of the first David C. Brinkerhoff
                                                        for their work in building the scholarship
the [Perimeter Road] loop each day to                                                                  Memorial Scholarship to sophomore
                                                                                                       Brendan McCann, a criminal justice
                                                                                                       major and Five Quad member – was
                                                                                                       “incredible,” Arnold observed. The race’s
                                                                                                       tagline, “Run Toward It,” was developed
                                                                                                       because “first responders – police, fire,
                                                                                                       EMS – run toward danger.” It also
                                                                                                       ties in with the award: “Through the
                                                                                                       scholarship, we want to help each year’s
                                                                                                       recipient run toward his or her goal,”
                                                                                                       explained the New York City resident.
                                                                                                       Arnold, a Manhattan District Attorney’s
                                                                                                       Office prosecutor who led the
                                                                                                       development of the office’s Financial
                                                                                                       Intelligence Unit, noted that the BRINK
                                                                                                       5K has reconnected him with UAlbany.
                                                                                                       “I spent some of the most special years of
                                                                                                       my life at the University,” he said.

                                                                                                          For more information about
                                                                                                       the David C. Brinkerhoff Memorial
From left, Mike Brinkerhoff, Karen Howard, Barbara Brinkerhoff-Anslow and Roy Brinkerhoff                  Scholarship, please link to
present a ceremonial check to Five Quad member Brendan McCann, right, the first recipient           
of the Brinkerhoff Scholarship.

Out and About
By Christine J. Binney, B.A.’05, M.A.’07

Bunshaft Lecture                                                                   Celebrating Philanthropy
Photo: Mark Schmidt                                                                Photo: Mark Schmidt
Jonathan Rochelle ’85, director of Product Management at                           UAlbany’s most loyal donors were invited to University Hall
Google Apps, shared his advice for becoming and staying                            in June to meet with President Robert J. Jones and The
innovative during the second annual Bunshaft Lecture in                            University at Albany Foundation board for a reception
April. Rochelle co-founded, built and sold two technology                          to celebrate philanthropy at the University. Prior to the
start-ups, one of which was acquired by Google and used as                         reception, guests were treated to an informational talk by
the foundation for Google Docs.                                                    Nobel laureates Ada Yonath and Jack Szostack, who
University at Albany President Robert J. Jones and Jonathan Rochelle ’85 pose      discussed the origins of life.
with Caryn Bunshaft ’82 and Albert Bunshaft ’80, who established the Bunshaft      Jack Szostack and Ada Yonath pose with President Jones. The two were
Endowment to provide information to the student community about a broad            the keynote lecturers for Albany 2013: The 18th Conversation, a four-day
range of topics related to careers in computing science.                           symposium sponsored by the University’s departments of Chemistry and
                                                                                   Biological Sciences and the National Institutes of Health.

                                                 Business Leaders Breakfast
                                                                 Photos: Mark Schmidt
          Capital Region business and community leaders gathered at the main campus April 25 for breakfast and a
         conversation with President Robert J. Jones. The event was hosted by Omar Usmani, executive partner with
             Aeon Nexus, sponsor of the event. Attendees included delegations from Afghanistan and Mongolia.

                University at Albany Foundation Board Member                 Delegations from Afghanistan’s government and from the Mongolian
                     Omar Usmani welcomes attendees.                       University of Science and Technology meet with School of Social Welfare
                                                                           Dean Katharine Briar-Lawson, Stephanie Wacholder and President Jones.

 4     UAlbany Magazine         •   Fall 2013
Summer Alumni Gatherings
Photos: Courtesy UAlbany Alumni Association
The Alumni Association took full advantage of the beautiful summer
weather by hosting a variety of alumni events.                                                          Magazine
                                                                                                        Fall 2013, Volume 22, Number 2
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                                                                                                        Vice President for University Development
                                                                                                        Fardin Sanai
                                                                                                        Director of Development Operations and
                                                                                                        Assistant to the Vice President
                                                                                                        Cecilia Lauenstein

                                                                                                        Editorial Staff
                                                                                                        Executive Editor
                                                                                                        Carol Olechowski
                                                                                                        Art Director/Designer
                                                                                                        Mary Sciancalepore
Football alumni met July 13 at Normanside Country Club in Delmar, N.Y., for an afternoon of golf
celebrating a new era of UAlbany football in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Conference.        Jill U Adams; Christine J. Binney, B.A.’05, M.A.’07;
                                                                                                        Paul Grondahl, M.A.’84; Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93;
                                                                                                        Geoffrey Williams
                                                                                                        Janie Airey; Cecilia Lauenstein; Gary Gold, B.A.’70;
                                                                                                        Suzanne Lance; Mark McCarty; Colleen Piccolino; Mark
                                                                                                        Schmidt; SUNY; Times Union; UAlbany Alumni Association
                                                                                                        Jennifer Casabonne, M.S.’03; Deborah Forand;
                                                                                                        Agostino Futia, B.A.’01, M.A.’08; Lisa Gonzalez, M.A.’03;
                                                                                                        Mailing Coordinator
                                                                                                        Pushpa Royce
                                                                                                        Web Editor
                                                                                                        Melissa Fry, M.B.A.’12
                                                                                                        Business Manager
                                                                                                        Lillian Lee

                                                                                                        The Carillon
In August, alumni enjoyed a pre-game gathering at McFadden’s in Flushing, N.Y., before catching         Editor
a Mets game.                                                                                            Melissa Samuels
                                                                                                        Class Notes Editor
                                                                                                        Julie Maio
                                                                                                        Art Director/Designer
                                                                                                        Mary Sciancalepore
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                                                                                                        Cover: Today, escalating tuition costs, mounting student debt,
                                                                                                        stagnant graduation rates and uncertain job prospects are
                                                                                                        calling the value of a degree into question. In this issue of
                                                                                                        UAlbany, University President Robert J. Jones, Ph.D., and
                                                                                                        five other high-level education professionals testify to the value
                                                                                                        of their own college experiences and encourage young people
                                                                                                        to prepare for life by pursuing post-secondary studies.
In July, Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) gathered at Brown’s Brewing Co. in Troy for a party
featuring beer and food pairings. Attendees included Brian Fessler ’06, ’07; Casey Crandall ’07, ’12;
Jacob Crawford ’08, ’09; Leah Rotella ’11, ’13; and Jillian Pasco ’10, ’12.
               THE VALUE OF

              Education            By PAUL GRONDAHL, M.A.’84
                    UAlbany President Robert J. Jones joins four other college and
                university presidents and a school district superintendent – all UAlbany
                        alumni – to discuss the importance of higher education.

6   UAlbany Magazine • Fall 2013
The University at Albany’s downtown campus

                 ith higher education under intense scrutiny,     of Labor Statistics. A 2012 study by the Georgetown
                 the value of a college degree is being           University Center on Education and the Workforce
                 questioned like never before. For generations    found that, between 2010 and 2012, people with
    of Americans, attending a four-year residential college       bachelor’s or graduate degrees gained 2 million jobs,
    was part and parcel of the American dream, a path that led    while those with high-school diplomas, and those with
    to a career with upward mobility and often a rise in social   less than a high-school education, lost 230,000 jobs over
    class, as well. For working-class families, in particular,    the same two-year period. That same study confirmed
    a college degree was the great equalizer and a portal to      that, on average, college graduates still earn nearly twice
    opportunity. Now, however, naysayers point to escalating      as much as high-school graduates over the course of
    tuition costs, mounting student debt, stagnant graduation     their working careers – a stark wage disparity existing
    rates and uncertain job prospects as arguments against        since 2005. At the same time, such narrow assessments of
    the primacy of a college degree.                                                  return on investment fail to recognize
                                                                                      the less-tangible benefits of a college
    College presidents are battling
                                                  “the ultimate purpose of            degree, such as civic engagement,
    on many fronts against the forces
                                                  higher education is to give         societal contributions and a richer
    undercutting higher education. For
                                                   students a broad base of           understanding of the world.
    this article, University at Albany
                                                 knowledge and skills, rather
    President Robert J. Jones, Ph.D.,                                                 “The ultimate purpose of higher
                                                   than to train them for a
    and four college presidents and the                                               education is to give students a broad
                                                   specific job,” said Jones.
    superintendent of a large suburban                                                base of knowledge and skills, rather
    upstate New York school district –                                                than to train them for a specific
    all UAlbany alumni – added their                                                  job,” said Jones, who attended three
    voices to this important discussion, conceding that national forums since May to discuss the “perfect storm”
    they have never felt such intense questioning about the of forces challenging higher education. “We need to
    importance of higher education. “Unprecedented” and prepare students who possess analytical and critical skills
    “crossroads” are among the words they used to describe and also have the entrepreneurial ability to shift jobs
    such disturbing trends as declining government funding, several times. We need critically engaged citizens who
    a boom in online learning and concerns that high tuitions can reinvent themselves for jobs that, in some cases,
    are pricing middle-class families out of the market.          don’t even exist today. I get worried about this growing
                                                                  trend of trying to commoditize higher education. We are
    On the other hand, the presidents cite statistics to
                                                                  a four-year public university at UAlbany, and we’re not
    bolster their argument. For instance, despite a lingering
                                                                  meant to be a technical school that offers training for a
    recession, the unemployment rate for college graduates
                                                                  specific job.”
    with bachelor’s or advanced degrees was 3.8 percent
    compared to 7.4 percent for high-school graduates, Jones said a president’s challenge is leading large and
    according to a May 2013 report from the U.S. Bureau complex institutions that are not very nimble and tend to

                                                                       “there is no doubt in my mind that the
                                                                    higher education landscape will be shaped
                                                                      and re-shaped in unprecedented ways in
                                                                          the next 10 to 20 years,” Jones said.

                                   move at a glacial pace, ruled by committee.     saw it as a great opportunity,” she said. “I
                                   But ever-accelerating workplace and             loved it at UAlbany, and it led me to pursue
                                   societal changes require a swift and agile      a career as a leader in higher education.”
                                   response. Jones is endeavoring to bring the

                                   methodology of academia and the demands                  alifornia State University, San
                                   of corporate America into closer alignment,              Bernardino, President tomás
                                   and he has a sense of urgency about the                  Morales, M.S.’78, Ph.D.’98,
                                   task. “There is no doubt in my mind that        whose career in higher education spans
                                   the higher-education landscape will be          38 years, puts it plainly: “There is no
                                   shaped and re-shaped in unprecedented           way I would be where I am today without
                                   ways in the next 10 to 20 years,” Jones said.   my Ph.D. from UAlbany. The return
                                                                                   on investment has been huge for me.”

                                               ary ellen Jukoski, M.S.’74,         Morales, who raised three children with
                                               president of Mitchell College in    his wife of 41 years, Evy, worked full time
                                               New London, Conn., concurs          as an administrator at the State University
                                   that rapid change is inevitable, but she        of New York at New Paltz when he began
                                   believes that higher education cannot afford    graduate school part time at UAlbany. It
                                   to abandon its bedrock principles. “As with     took him eight years to complete his Ph.D.
                                   health care, media and other industries,
                                                                                   in educational administration and policy
                                   higher education is at a crossroads today,”
                                                                                   studies. Born in Puerto Rico, Morales
                                   she said. “But we cannot forget that we
                                                                                   grew up in the South Bronx in a lower-
                                   need to have an educated citizenry for the
                                                                                   middle-class family. His father worked in a
                                   continued success of our country. Today’s
                                                                                   Farberware factory, and his mother was a
                                   college students are the future leaders
                                                                                   crossing guard; they made great sacrifices
                                   of our nation, and they will require a
                                                                                   to send Morales and one of his brothers to
                                   liberal-arts foundation and the ability to
                                                                                   college. His other brother chose to join the
                                   communicate articulately, to think critically
                                                                                   military and later served with the New York
                                   and to work well with others in a team-
                                   oriented workplace environment.”                City Police Department.

                                   Jukoski added, “I don’t have all the answers    At San Bernardino, situated in a financially
                                   about the future direction of higher            challenged county in southern California,
                                   education, but I have a strong belief that      fewer than one adult in five has a
                                   the residential-college experience has value    baccalaureate degree. The college’s motto,
                                   and that it has a place now and will have       “Transforming Lives and Communities
                                   a place in the future.” As the daughter of      Through Higher Education,” is more
                                   first-generation immigrants from Europe,        than a slogan to Morales. He is testament
                                   Jukoski, who grew up in Massena, N.Y.,          to the transformative effect of a college
                                   near the Canadian border, understands           degree, and he wants to ensure that future
                                   firsthand how a college degree can open         generations of students from humble
                                   many doors. “My parents always stressed         backgrounds such as his still have that
                                   the value of higher education because they      opportunity to attend college.

8   UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
                                                                                        tomás Morales, M.S.’78, Ph.D.’98
     robert J. Jones, Ph.D.                     Mary ellen Jukoski, M.S.’74
                                                                                        President, California State University,
  President, University at Albany                President, Mitchell College
                                                                                                   San Bernardino

Next year, Morales will assume the chairmanship of the         But he refuses to be an apologist for higher education:
American Association of State Colleges and Universities.       “The American model of public higher education is the
“We are going to have to embrace change and control            best ever developed in the history of the planet. That’s
our destiny as a higher-education industry,” he said. “I       why we pull the best and the brightest students from
am on other national organizations, and we are talking         around the world to U.S. colleges and universities. I
about this issue constantly. I would not say we are not yet    believe if we fiddle with that too much, we’re going to be
pushing the panic button, but we are all looking at how        in trouble. College is the last organized place society has
best to serve students, how to increase student success        for inculcating leadership.”
and how to reinforce the value of a baccalaureate degree.”
                                                               Pastides grew up in a working-class family in New York

                                                               City and graduated with honors from highly regarded
          niversity of South Carolina President Harris
                                                               Stuyvesant High School. He had many choices for
          Pastides, B.S.’75, said a college degree has
                                                               college but chose UAlbany, where he majored in biology,
          never been more important. He added: “But
                                                               “because it was a high-quality education at a very low
don’t just take my word for it; ask business leaders and the
                                                               cost.” A New York State Regents Scholarship covered
innovators in our technology sector. They will tell you
                                                               nearly his entire tuition. At the University, “I made
a bachelor’s degree is now the minimal entry point for
                                                               lifelong friends, and it was one of my best choices and
getting a decent job. There is simply no better pathway
                                                               among the most formative experiences of my life. It
to earning a healthy lifetime living than a college
                                                               all started for me at Albany,” said Pastides, who went
degree.” Pastides noted the current rate of 35-40 percent
                                                               on to earn a master’s of public health and a Ph.D. in
of Americans earning a bachelor’s degree “is not good
                                                               epidemiology at Yale University.
enough,” and the U.S. is losing ground to China, India,

Brazil and other countries that are robustly subsidizing
                                                                   oseph S. Brosnan, M.S.’69, ed.D.’81, president
and placing a premium on higher education.
                                                                   of Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania, grew
Pastides said his biggest concern remains rising tuition           up lower-middle class in Levittown, Long Island.
costs resulting from cuts in government funding, and his          Neither his father, a plumber, nor his mother, a
top priority is to devise ways to hold the line on price.      secretary, had gone to college, but they were committed

                                                                                             L. oliver robinson, M.S.’94, ed.D.’96
            Harris Pastides, B.S.’75             Joseph S. Brosnan, M.S.’69, ed.D.’81
     President, University of South Carolina      President of Delaware Valley College
                                                                                                 Shenendehowa School District

      to ensuring that Brosnan and his brother and sister would      high-school diploma. I also quote the statistic that shows
      enjoy the benefits of higher education. After earning a        that a high-school graduate will only be able to earn
      bachelor’s degree from Marist College, Brosnan was             67 cents to every $1 earned by a college graduate,”
      accepted to Columbia University for graduate school but        said Brosnan.
      chose UAlbany because the tuition was more affordable.
                                                                     But he cautioned that the irrefutable evidence of a
      He praised provost Susan Phillips, who chaired the
                                                                     college degree’s superior value will be moot if colleges
      committee that reviewed his dissertation on determinants       and universities cannot rein in costs and control rising
      of student success in college, noting that the University      tuition rates. “Affordability is the most important issue
      “gave me access to a great education.” Added Brosnan,          facing higher education,” Brosnan said. “The economic
      who received fellowships that provided tuition waivers         model we’re working with now is broken. We have to
      and stipends: “Albany really launched my career                find a more affordable model. My bottom line is that yes,
      and provided me with a great network of colleagues.            higher education has value, but if college is no longer
      It opened up a door that helped me get hired in the            affordable for families, the question is irrelevant. That
      SUNY System at Potsdam, where I worked eight years             is why continued federal and state support of post-
      as an administrator.”                                          secondary education is so important.”

      A veteran of 40 years in higher education, Brosnan said                oliver robinson, M.S.’94, ed.D.’96, is
      this “is one of the most critical periods I’ve experienced.”             superintendent of the Shenendehowa School
      He added that the pressures and challenges of being a                  . District in Clifton Park, an Albany suburb.
      college president are underscored by the fact that the         Eighty-five percent of the 740 students who graduated
      average tenure for a president has dropped from eight          in the high school’s Class of 2013 will attend a two- or
      years to five in the past decade. “We used to emphasize        four-year college. That rate of college-bound students
      the intrinsic value of higher education and how a well-        continues to increase, but Robinson said parents, with
      educated person would have a better, richer life. But I        growing concern, are questioning higher education’s
      make the economic argument much more often now.                value. “The parents I talk with are still afraid their
      I’ve seen studies that show a person with a college degree     children will lose a competitive edge in the workforce if
      is going to earn anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million          they don’t get a college degree,” Robinson observed. “But
      more over the course of a lifetime than a person with a        they also want to get the biggest bang for their buck. I

10     UAlbany Magazine       •   Fall 2013
think colleges need to add more skills-oriented classes to their
liberal-arts cores. Students need to come out of college with
skill sets that are marketable, and that’s a legitimate concern
for parents. I am hearing a lot of concern from parents who
say they’re spending a lot of money and taking on debt, and
the kids are coming out college educated but grossly under-
skilled for the labor force. Parents want to see their children
get practical experience while they’re in college, through
internships and other workplace opportunities.”
Robinson’s parents were adamant that he and his seven
siblings would all have a chance to attend college, and they            Jukoski congratulates a recent Mitchell College graduate.
did. Robinson, the youngest, earned a bachelor’s degree in
economics at Brown University, and his graduate degrees in
educational administration and policy studies at UAlbany, he        parents only went to school through the sixth or seventh grade,
said, were a sound investment. “The practical nature of my          but they encouraged me to go on to college and graduate
courses at UAlbany gave me direct skills that applied in my         school. The only thing intentional in my entire career was to
field. The biggest benefit was that they prepared me to be a        get a Ph.D. and to become a scientist. Everything else that has
school administrator,” added Robinson.                              happened, from working with Bishop Desmond Tutu in South
                                                                    Africa to becoming the president of this University, has been
Jones, who grew up poor on a sharecropper’s farm in Georgia,
said his parents instilled the value of education at a very young
age in him, his brother and sister. “My parents made sure we        “With a college education, all kinds of unintended,
went to school and did well,” he said. “I remember they went        exciting things can happen in your life. Once you acquire
to PTA meetings after working in the fields all day so they         the credentials, the world is an open door, and you can
could meet with our teachers and check on our progress. My          go anywhere.”

         a high-school graduate will only
         be able to earn 67 cents to every
         $1 earned by a college graduate.

 Alumni Profiles

        Larry Bortstein, J.D.,
        B.A. ’91

         By Carol Olechowski

         From Typewriter to Personal Computer

            arry Bortstein arrived on the University at            political-science major, who minored in English and history.
            Albany campus in 1987, “the dawn of a new era          “It was an exhilarating time to be studying technology.”
            in computing. I literally came to Albany with a
                                                                   From Nancy Belowich-Negron, who worked for
     typewriter and left with a PC.”
                                                                   Disabled Student Services and now directs the University’s
     Now one of the preeminent legal experts in his field,         Disability Resource Center, Bortstein “learned perseverance
     Bortstein was named the top information-technology            and toughness. She is an incredible person, and the
     attorney in the New York City area for 2013 by Lexology,      number of students she’s helped throughout her career is
     a firm that rates attorneys around the globe. Chambers        remarkable. I’m forever grateful to Nancy for the time
     USA, publisher of “the world’s leading guides to the legal    she spent with me.”
     profession,” has recognized the New York-based Bortstein
                                                                   Through Belowich-Negron, Bortstein has supported the
     Legal Group (BLG) in the “Technology and Outsourcing”
                                                                   Disability Resource Center Scholarship Fund. “I have very
     category for three years.
                                                                   fond memories of Albany, and I want the school to be
     Bortstein, who earned his J.D. from Brooklyn Law School,      great,” he notes, adding that he tells friends whose children
     served as senior technology counsel at American Express       are UAlbany students that “their children are getting a
     and global head of technology law at Lehman Brothers.         phenomenal education.”
     After Lehman’s bankruptcy in 2008, he founded BLG, a law
                                                                   Although he hasn’t visited UAlbany recently, the Great
     firm specializing in technology transactions with a focus
                                                                   Danes basketball fan would welcome the opportunity to talk
     on the financial-services industry. “We bring expertise and
                                                                   with students on campus. “Albany is a hub for technological
     dedication to a unique area of law,” Bortstein says of the
                                                                   investment and innovation in New York State,” Bortstein
     firm, which recently opened a London office.
                                                                   observes. “That’s exciting for me. I really got the bug at
     “Albany instilled in me an appreciation for the utility of    Albany, and I still get excited by technology.”
     technology, and the classes I took helped me understand
                                                                   For more information about Larry Bortstein and BLG,
     how I could apply it in the real world,” recalls the former
                                                                   please visit

12    UAlbany Magazine    •   Fall 2013
                                                  Deborah Rosenbaum, B.S.’81
                                Taking Time to Give Back
                                                                               By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93

              hile a student at UAlbany, Deborah          Even though her full-time stint is over, Rosenbaum
              Rosenbaum was hungry for additional         remains active in the Say Yes organization. She also
              experiences that could enrich her           maintains strong ties to the UAlbany community
education. Her experiences included an internship in      … from annual trips with close alumni friends to
a senator’s office, student teaching and independent      occasional trips back to campus. Rosenbaum credits
study – all while earning her degree in business          UAlbany with providing a foundation for her
administration.                                           well-rounded life and career.

This hunger continues today.                              “I got a great education and opportunities for
                                                          great experiences,” Rosenbaum noted. “Life is
In July of 2012, she took a six-month leave from her      about experiences.”
job as an account manager in graphic-arts solutions
for Xerox to volunteer her talents to the Syracuse
chapter of Say Yes To Education, a nonprofit education
foundation designed to increase high-school and
college graduation rates for urban youth. During this
time, she helped Say Yes cultivate new relationships in
the Syracuse business community. Her efforts will not
only enhance fundraising for the organization, but will
also help attract mentors and create internship and job
opportunities for youths in the Say Yes program.

“It’s such an important organization,” explained
Rosenbaum, when asked why she chose to volunteer
full time for Say Yes. “I believe that education is the
key to ending the cycle of poverty.”

The best part: Her leave was not only approved
and encouraged by Xerox – it was paid in full
through the company’s Social Service Leave
program. Through a rigorous application
process, Rosenbaum was one of only 11
Xerox employees nationwide selected to
take part in this program last year.

“It’s such a unique program; I was very
fortunate to be part of it,” said the mother
of four and native of Manlius, N.Y.
“Xerox is truly committed to fostering
stronger communities.”

     Distinguishing UAlbany
     in Life Sciences Research
      By Jill U Adams
      Photos by Gary Gold ’70

     Professor of Chemistry
      and Biology Daniele
      Fabris is the director
        of the RNA Mass
       Center, part of the
         RNA Institute.

14   UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
Muscular dystrophy, antibiotic                                          BIRTH OF A NeW INSTITUTe
resistance, breast cancer, arthritis.                                   The story of the RNA Institute begins
                                                                        with a coincidence – a conglomeration of
These disparate diseases have                                           UAlbany and Capital District scientists

something in common, something                                          whose research focused on RNA and
                                                                        who nurtured their shared interests
beyond biology gone wrong.                                              through the Hudson Valley RNA Club.
                                                                        It continued with a strategic vision, a
“Central to all that bad biology is RNA,” says Paul Agris, director     recognition that UAlbany could not
of the newly christened RNA Institute expansion at the University       compete against the country’s top
at Albany.                                                              research universities in genomics
A quick primer for the non-biologists out there: RNA is a kind of       and proteomics.
middleman between DNA and proteins. Our genes are made of DNA           Lynn Videka, then UAlbany’s vice
and represent the blueprint for all our features and predispositions.   president for Research, saw that by
Proteins are the workhorses of the cell; they include enzymes,          fully engaging this RNA research, the
hormones and structural components.                                     University could get ahead of the game.
The job of RNA is to “transcribe” the DNA information and “translate”   A senior scientist was needed to
it into proteins. In the realm of scientific research, however, says    provide leadership.
chemistry professor Dan Fabris, “RNA is a little neglected.”
                                                                        Enter Agris, who had spent years at
Some researchers have studied RNA their whole careers. Agris            North Carolina State University as
became intrigued with RNA in graduate school. Others, such as           researcher, professor and department
biology professor Ben Szaro, came to RNA late, by following a           chair. There, he formed the RNA
research question to its core.                                          Society, which brought together
                                                                        Research Triangle Park scientists to
Szaro studies how neurons send out projections in order to connect      share data and methods. But his efforts
to other neurons. “When connections are lost between neurons,           to establish a formal RNA center never
disease results,” he explains, naming neurodegenerative diseases        gained traction.
such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Alzheimer’s. Focusing
on neurofilament proteins, which provide structural support for         Former Duke postdoctoral fellow Scott
neuronal projections, Szaro studies how nerves can regenerate. “We      Tenenbaum, now at the College of
originally focused on proteins,” Szaro says. “Then we focused on        Nanoscale Science and Engineering,
DNA. Then we realized, nope! It’s the RNA that is the major central     called Agris to come take a look at
point by which the neurons decide how much protein to make.”            UAlbany. Agris took up the challenge

RNA Institute Director Paul Agris looks on as biochemistry student Seoyeon Hong works on a UV-visible spectrophotometer;
Hong consults with her mentor, postdoctoral fellow Kimberly Harris.

and, in 2009, started working on formalizing the RNA                  “Two-thirds of the research in my lab is disease-oriented,”
Institute, hammering out new faculty lines and new facilities         Agris says, and includes rare and neglected diseases, such
while still doing research at NC State. He moved to                   as multi-drug-resistant infections. Agris has identified a
UAlbany full time in 2010. At that time, senior faculty slots         bacterial RNA target for novel antibiotic drugs, which
were filled first by Fabris and later by Marlene Belfort, who         would be effective in treating drug-resistant infections that
was previously at the Wadsworth Center of the New York                confound current antibiotic arsenals, such as multidrug-
State Department of Health.                                           resistant tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant staph
                                                                      infections (MRSA).
Since then, two new junior faculty have been hired, and two
more are on their way. “We’re using the institute as a way            The vast majority of pharmaceuticals on the market are
to recruit great faculty,” Agris says, adding, “The institute         designed to target proteins in the body. Take, for instance,
wouldn’t be here without the desire of UAlbany faculty in             the top two prescribed drugs of 2010: Hydrocodone binds
the first place.”                                                     to neuronal proteins that dampen pain signals, and lisinopril
                                                                      binds to an enzyme in blood vessels to lower blood pressure.

ReSeARCH AND APPLICATIONS                                             Fabris says RNA has the potential to be a much more
                                                                      efficient target for therapies. Here’s why: To provide enough
How niche is RNA research? It’s not exactly a poor stepchild
                                                                      drug to interact with most copies of a particular protein,
to genetics and protein research: Indeed, researchers in the
                                                                      the dose is often high enough to produce other effects –
field have been the recipients of more than 30 Nobel Prizes,
                                                                      including toxic side effects – on the body. But a single strand
eight of them since 2006. Still, with perhaps one exception,
                                                                      of RNA can code lots of the same protein, so in theory one
it’s been largely limited to very basic research in cell biology.
                                                                      might get more effect with lower doses. It’s comparable to
Viewing RNA as a road to therapeutics has been slower to
                                                                      shutting down production of widgets at the factory, rather
catch on. That one exception is the potential of a type of
                                                                      than trying to track down and pull the product from store
RNA that silences, or turns off, genes.
                                                                      shelves later.

16    UAlbany Magazine     •   Fall 2013
                          After working in the Mass Spectrometry Center lab, student Yik Siu pauses for a photo with, clockwise from left,
                                                                         graduate student Rebecca Rose; Agris; Fabris; Harris; and Hong.

INNOVATION RULeS                                                     financially support undergraduate research in the labs.

Making RNA the focus of an institute is novel in itself –            Seoyeon Hong, a biochemistry major, learned about research
and UAlbany covers the spectrum, from biophysics of the              opportunities from a friend and, after working about 10
molecules to cellular functions. The RNA Institute has               hours per week, for credit, during her junior year, spent her
proved innovative in other ways, too.                                summer in the Agris lab. The work sharply contrasts with
                                                                     her coursework experience, where she followed standard
The research facilities, located in the Life Sciences                written protocols to obtain expected data. Doing real
Research Building, include specialized laboratory spaces,            research in a real lab is beyond what’s in a textbook, she says.
such as an advanced computational center and an advanced             “We sometimes get data we can’t explain.”
instrumentation lab. Agris is adamant that these facilities are
of a programmatic nature, much more than “core facilities,”          When that happens, Hong consults with Agris or
because they also house potential collaborators for anyone           postdoctoral fellow Kimberly Harris to troubleshoot. Or
investigating RNA. “They’re not just instruments, but staff          she combs through the scientific literature for alternative
people, too,” he says. “Thus, the institute engages in full-         methods or interpretations.
fledged, long-term collaboration with investigators on papers
and on grant proposals. It is also a necessity to make the           Hong is undecided about her future, but continuing research
institute economically sustainable.”                                 science is an option she’s considering.

Another way the RNA Institute distinguishes itself is                Agris, too, got his start as an undergrad. “I came out of that
through its commitment to undergraduate research. No                 experience motivated to look for things that were new – not
lip service here: The institute supports graduate students’          just what everyone else is doing.”
and postdoctoral fellows’ travel to present at national
                                                                     You know what he found: RNA.
and international meetings. Individual faculty members

Getting Down
to Business
After years of planning and fundraising and months of construction,
UAlbany’s new School of Business building opens this fall.
The 96,000-square-foot LEED-certified structure, designed
by architect Perkins+Will and constructed by
Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management,
was completed at a cost of $64 million –
$9.75 million of it from private sources.
To date, 81 percent, or nearly $8 million,
of the private funding has been raised.

Designed to accommodate
21st-century teaching and learning,
the School of Business includes:
• one trading room • 17 classrooms,
including a specialized executive-education
classroom, a computing classroom and
an honors/enhanced classroom
• one business center • one Student
Services suite • five labs • one research
computing lab • one graduate student
lounge • one faculty lounge
• 11 seminar rooms • two interview offices
• five conference rooms • 10 group-study
rooms • Office of Career Services
• 50 faculty offices • one café and
seating area

18    UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
                                                         Alumni Profile

Gary Gold ’70
                Stacy J. Kanter, B.S.’79
                The Art of the Deal
                By Jim Sciancalepore, M.A.’93

                “I love puzzles,” said
                Stacy J. Kanter, partner
                at Skadden, Arps, Slate,
                Meagher & Flom LLP, one
                of the largest law firms in
                the world. “I enjoy working
                through a challenge
                and bringing something to
                a successful conclusion.”

                It’s this love – and a unique
                combination of problem-
                solving and people skills,
                underscored by tenacity
                and perseverance – that
                has made Kanter a
                nationally recognized leader in the legal community.

                She was recently named a “Dealmaker of the Year” by
                The American Lawyer magazine, which honored Kanter
                for her work in guiding Realogy Holdings Corp. through
                a successful initial public offering (IPO). The task was
                a multi-year, multi-layered challenge as she helped the
                real-estate giant (parent company to brands such as
                Century 21 and Coldwell Banker) navigate the intricacies
                of a debt restructuring during a real-estate downturn
                … and ultimately raise $1.2 billion dollars, making it the
                biggest private equity-backed IPO of 2012.

                In her work for Realogy and other clients, Kanter
                employs expertise that intersects law and business,
                building on a foundation she formed as a business
                major at UAlbany.

                “I was looking for a quality education from a public
                university, and UAlbany was my best choice,” she
                explained. She also credits experiential opportunities
                at the University – such as serving as an R.A. and
                on student boards – with helping to foster her
                leadership skills.

                The mother of two currently lives and works in
                Manhattan. She is both co-head of her firm’s Global
                Corporate Finance practice and co-chair of its
                Global Diversity Committee.

                Whatever puzzles are coming her way in the future,
                Kanter is ready.

           Three Literary
                             Masters            By Paul Grondahl, M.A.’84
                    The following profiles, excerpted from stories published by the Albany Times Union
                                  in May and June 2013, are reprinted with permission.

Joseph E. Persico, B.A.’52                                      Papers (housed in Lexington, Va.) and the Eisenhower
                                                                Papers (Johns Hopkins University) online from his winter
Merging History and Biography                                   home in Mexico. Persico still takes research notes in long-
                                                                hand on 3x5 index cards and files them in a large box kept
At age 78, Joseph E. Persico took on the most demanding         under his bed. When the box is full, he starts writing. “The
assignment of his career: a sweeping history of President       under-the-bed box worked its magic again,” he said.
Franklin D. Roosevelt and his interactions with the military
commanders he appointed to lead American forces in              Roosevelt’s Centurions probes the machinations of FDR as
World War II. “I told my wife this book was either going        commander-in-chief and adds profiles of the deep bench
to keep me alive or kill me,” said the author, now 83.          of talent the president recruited. “He made some brilliant
“Well, I’m still here.”                                         choices,” said Persico. “[George C.] Marshall was FDR’s
                                                                stout oak and a selfless man, universally respected. Hap
Roosevelt’s Centurions: FDR and the Commanders He Led to        Arnold became the founding father of the U.S. Air Forces.
Victory in World War II was published May 28 by Random          The team Roosevelt appointed was so good that they stayed
House. The magisterial work merges an expansive military        in place throughout the war, while Churchill was firing
history with an intimate political biography. The 650-page      generals left and right.”
volume includes 70 pages of bibliography and source notes.
                                                                Persico was critical of FDR for contradicting commanders
Persico’s research techniques are a curious hybrid of old       and choosing North Africa for the initial campaign
school and new technology. “The material that can be found
online now is miraculous,” he said. He read the Marshall

20    UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
                                                                              Coming Attractions
                                                                             Through the New York State Writers Insti-
                                                                             tute’s Visiting Writers Series, Man Booker
                                                                             International Prize winner and UAlbany
                                                                             professor Lydia Davis will give a reading
                                                                             Oct. 1 at 4:15 p.m. in the University’s
                                                                             Performing Arts Center Recital Hall.
                                                                             Other literary luminaries appearing
                                                                             this fall include:
                                                                             Sept. 26
                                                                             Seminar and reading by Pulitzer Prize-
                                                                             winning nonfiction author Gilbert King
                                                                             Oct. 5
                                                                             Reading by bestselling nonfiction author
                                                                             Bill Bryson
                                                                             Oct. 8
                                                                             Seminar and reading by fiction writer T.C.
                                                                             Oct. 18
                                                                             Reading by U.S. Rep. and author
                                                                             Luis Gutierrez
                                                                             Oct. 23
                                                                             Seminar by Ava Homa and Kaziwa Salih,
                                                                             writers of the Kurdish Diaspora
                                                                             Oct. 24
                                                                             Seminar and reading by Iranian fiction
                                                                             writer Goli Taraghi
                                               John D’Annibale/Times Union
                                                                             Oct. 25
                                                                             Reading and film screening: A Celebration
in the European theater: “Churchill saw the Mediterranean
                                                                             of Swedish Author Stig Dagerman
as the lifeline of the British Empire, and he was focused on                 (1923-1954)
preserving it. He was very persuasive and had so much military
expertise that FDR went along with him. It turned out to be
                                                                             Oct. 29
                                                                             Seminar and reading by fiction writer and
a bad decision because the American campaigns into North
                                                                             essayist Douglas Bauer
Africa, Sicily and Italy postponed D-Day and the invasion of
Normandy by at least a year and extended the war.”                           Nov. 14
                                                                             Lecture by religious studies scholar
Still, FDR “was the right commander-in-chief for the time,”                  Robert Orsi
Persico said. “It’s hard to argue with victory.”
                                                                             Nov. 21
                                                                             Seminar and reading by Native American
                                                                             fiction and nonfiction writer David Treuer
                                                                             Dec. 3
                                                                             Seminar and reading by novelist Ayana
                                                                             Each event is free and open to the public.
                                                                             For times and locations, and for more
                                                                             information about NYSWI Fall 2013
                                                                             programming, link to

                                                                                                                                   Janie Airey
 Lydia Davis Painting With Words
 University at Albany professor and writer-in-residence          to embrace many a kind ... They have been called stories
 Lydia Davis, who has published a chapbook of observations       but could equally be miniatures, anecdotes, essays, jokes,
 of three cows that graze across the road from her rural         parables, fables, texts, aphorisms or even apophthegms,
 Rensselaer County house, is the 2013 winner of the Man          prayers or simply observations.”
 Booker International Prize. The prestigious literary award,
                                                                 In the first sentence of “Cows,” Davis, 66, writes: “Each
 presented in London last May, carries a cash prize of
                                                                 new day, when they come out from the far side of the barn,
 £60,000 (roughly $91,000).
                                                                 it is like the next act, or the start of an entirely new play.”
 “She is a unique fiction writer who writes very short stories
                                                                 Davis, recipient of a 2003 MacArthur Fellowship, is also an
 that are highly reflective, kind of ironic and sometimes
                                                                 acclaimed translator of classic works of French literature
 comical. They play with the very concept of what
                                                                 into English. She was named a Chevalier of the Order of
 storytelling is,” said Donald Faulkner, director of the
                                                                 Arts and Letters in France for her translations of Proust
 New York State Writers Institute at UAlbany.
                                                                 and Flaubert.
 “This is a wonderful tribute and great recognition of a
                                                                 “She is an excellent editor, great teacher and sympathetic
 brilliant writer,” said fiction writer and UAlbany faculty
                                                                 reader who has helped a lot of young writers,” Faulkner
 member Lynne Tillman, who shares an office with Davis
                                                                 said. “She’s not a prima donna on any level.”
 and teaches a fiction workshop with her. “She’s very
 observant of the world around her. I think of her as            After she won the MacArthur grant, Davis chose to
 making paintings with words.”                                   remain in the classroom. “I’ve realized I miss working with
                                                                 undergraduate students because they make me laugh and
 Sir Christopher Ricks, chairman of the Booker Prize judges,
                                                                 their writing can be very exciting and unexpected,” the
 said that Davis’ fictions “fling their lithe arms wide
                                                                 Writers Institute Fellow told the Times Union in 2005.

22    UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
William Kennedy
Roscoe’s Operatic
William Kennedy finds it fitting that his
novel Roscoe, a fictional reconstitution of
Albany’s legendary Democratic political
machine, is going to be turned into an
opera by composer Evan Mack.
“I think Roscoe would approve because he
led a grand, operatic life,” Kennedy said
of the title character, Roscoe Conway,
the fixer and bagman who wants to quit
politics after 26 years of carrying out                                                                              Suzanne Lance
the machine’s chicanery. The New Yorker
                                                              Kennedy, founder and executive director of the New York
praised the novel – set in Albany on V-J Day 1945 –
                                                              State Writers Institute, said Mack approached him. He
as “thick with crime, passion and backroom banter.”
                                                              listened to the composer’s work and liked it.
Roscoe was published in 2002 and reached the New
York Times bestseller list.                                   It is the first time that the Pulitzer Prize-winning author,
                                                              who has sold movie and stage options for his novels, inked a
Last June, Mack announced a two-year development
                                                              deal for an operatic rendering of his work.
deal with Kennedy to render the fictional portrait of the
O’Connell-Corning machine into a new American opera.          “The world of opera is a new musical incursion for me,” said
“The novel had been sitting on my desk for a while. I read    Kennedy, who is known for singing popular tunes at parties,
it a few months ago, and it hit me in the gut that this is    sometimes while playing ukulele, and for performing in a
an opera,” said Mack, an Albany-based award-winning           barbershop quartet.
opera composer and professor of music theory and piano at
                                                              Kennedy reads at Skidmore each summer as part of the
Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs.
                                                              Writers Institute. At 85, he is rewriting two plays and
“Roscoe” will be Mack’s third full-length opera and his       “fiddling around with a new novel.”
second collaboration with librettist Joshua McGuire. Mack’s
operas have been performed around the country. He figured
it will take about one year to create the opera.

                                                                                                                                                    Mark Schmidt

                           Something to
  Cheer About!
The UAlbany family is cheering the completion of the University’s long-awaited multi-sport complex.
                                                                                                                                                            used by permission
                                                                                                                                                            Times Union, photo

Ground was broken April 17, 2012, for the complex, which features seating for a total of
8,500 spectators, as well as chairback seats and luxury suites. The total construction cost
of $23 million includes $3.5 million for the new track facility.
Great Danes football and men’s and women’s soccer will be played at the complex.
To view a webcam video of the construction process, link to

                                                                  Vice President for Athletic Administration and Director of Athletics Lee McElroy, left,
24     UAlbany Magazine      •   Fall 2013                                    and Deputy Athletics Director Rick Coe, right, check out the press area.
                                                                                                                                                                         Mark Schmidt
                                                                                      Student-athletes attend the April 2012 groundbreaking ceremony.

                                                                                                                                                                        Colleen Piccolino
                                                               Mark Schmidt

                                                                                      Coach Bob Ford, who has announced he will retire after the end of
                                                                                        the current season, poses in front of the field named for him.
Colleen Piccolino

                                                                                                                                                                         Times Union, photo used by permission

                    A state-of-the-art video screen is mounted atop the scoreboard.           Great Danes football players will enter Bob Ford Field along this ramp.
                     The two dotted screens on either side are also video screens;
                            the four white rectangles are advertising boards.
Ask Geoff
By Geoff Williams, University Archivist

Home Sweet Home
     B    y the early 1960s, noted
          architect Edward Durrell Stone
     was designing and building the first
                                            and periodic New York State fiscal
                                            problems – one major reason was
                                            repaying the bonded debt that Gov.
                                                                                          PA rt 2
     of the University at Albany’s uptown   Nelson Rockefeller had accumulated
     campus dormitory complexes.            while expanding every campus in
     Dutch Quadrangle was partially         the SUNY System simultaneously.
     occupied in Fall 1964, two years       In the mid-1960s, University          dormitories, and most of the
     before courses were held on the        President Evan Collins required       groups disbanded. A grouper law
     new campus.                            every fraternity and sorority to      imposed in the mid-’70s prevented
                                            sell, or give up the lease on, its    fraternities and sororities from
     In many ways, the uptown
                                            house and relocate residents to the   having houses in Albany, and the
     campus dorms were similar to
                                            uptown campus dormitories. Fully      era of small-group housing owned
     those on Alumni Quadrangle.
                                            occupied dorm rooms paid off the      or rented by the organizations and
     All had communal spaces where
                                            quadrangles’ construction.            the school was over.
     students could congregate, but
     rooms were now gathered around         The Greeks’ move to campus would      The housing situation retained
     central suites. Each suite had         have long-term consequences,          the status quo until 1988, when
     an individual washroom, rather         though. The anti-establishment        Freedom Quadrangle opened
     than shared bathrooms down the         atmosphere of the time made it        across Fuller Road. Projected to
     hall. (The Indian Quad low-rises,      difficult for the Greeks to fill      cost $6.8 million, Freedom Quad
     the exceptions, are now being                                                represented a distinct departure
     remodeled to include en suite                                                from all former housing at the
     bathrooms.) Gone, however, were                                              school. Driven by demand for
     such amenities as the beautiful                                              more amenities in student housing,
     molding that characterized Alumni                                            the project represented the first
     Quad, as the pressure to build                                               campus residences based on an
     on a massive scale as quickly and                                            apartment model. Each unit had a
     inexpensively as possible meant                                              fully equipped kitchen. Arranged in
     the elimination of molding and                                               four clusters of buildings, Freedom
     woodwork. The Stone dormitories                                              Quad provided accommodations
     would be the last residences to                                              for 410 graduate and upper-division
     have dining halls. By 1972, the last                                         undergraduate students.
     of the uptown campus residence
                                                                                  An even more ambitious project, the
     hall complexes, Indian Quad,
                                                                                  apartment-style Empire Commons,
     was completed.
                                            Members of Gamma Kappa Phi            opened in 2004. The complex,
     No new construction of residence       gathered at Herkimer Hall for this    consisting of 26 buildings on 25
     halls or academic buildings would      photo published in the 1968 Torch.    acres on the western side of the
     take place on the campus until                                               campus, houses 1,200 graduate
     the late 1980s. While there were                                             and upper-level undergraduate
     many reasons for the halt in                                                 students. Each building designated
     construction – including the ’70s                                            for undergraduates has 12 four-
     decline in student enrollment                                                bedroom, two-bath apartments.

26    UAlbany Magazine    •   Fall 2013
                Housing options have expanded on and near the uptown campus over
                the past 25 years, as evidenced by the aerial photo, below, of Freedom
                Quad; the Empire Commons picture, right; and the interior and exterior
                shots of Liberty Terrace, below, right.

                                                                                                                                           Mark Schmidt
                                                                                                                                           Mark Schmidt
Gary Gold ’70

                                                                                                                                           Mark Schmidt
                The Liberty Terrace floor plan depicts the
                apartment-style layout of the complex.

                   Graduate accommodations include           $66.2 million, continues the

                                                                                                                                           Mark Schmidt
                   four bedrooms and four baths              trend of apartment-style
                   per unit. All Empire Commons              living. The 500-bed complex,
                   apartments include kitchens, living       which opened in Fall 2012 on
                   rooms, and washers and dryers. A          the east side of the campus,
                   commons building houses exercise          overlooks the pond behind              “swing space” to house students
                   and mail facilities, vending rooms,       Indian Quad. A typical apartment       while older uptown-campus
                   staff offices and meeting areas.          layout features four single bedrooms   dormitories – the oldest opened
                   All rooms provide high-speed              and two baths. Liberty Terrace has     nearly 50 years ago – can be gutted
                   Internet access – an amenity since        a number of commons areas. Like        and remodeled. The complex
                   retrofitted into older residence          Empire Commons, it includes weight     also boasts another distinction:
                   halls at considerable expense.            rooms, which are being retrofitted     It’s environmentally sustainable.
                   The $59 million cost of Empire            into all uptown housing. UAlbany’s     Equipped with a geothermal
                   Commons’ construction was funded          Student Housing Corporation            heat-pump system, Liberty Terrace
                   through tax-exempt municipal bonds.       manages the complex.                   is expected to reduce energy
                   UAlbany’s newest student housing,         Although much smaller than Empire      and water usage by 50 and
                   Liberty Terrace, built at a cost of       Commons, Liberty Terrace affords       45 percent, respectively.

     Alumni News & Notes

                                                                                             Clarkson University in May. Helen was able to
                                        41 In November 2012, at the ages of 94               spend Mother’s Day with family before returning
                                                                                             to Bay Shore Atria in New York. Another one
                                        and 96, respectively, Vincent Gillen and his
                                        wife, Margaret, celebrated their 70th wedding        of her grandsons graduated from UMASS
                                        anniversary. Vince reports that he tried to get      Amherst – now all five of her “varsity” are out of
                                        to the reunion, but was not able to make it.         college, leaving the “junior varsity” five to follow
                                        He called Charlie Quinn, Shirley Tooker,             in the years to come. Helen did her “Queen
                                        Buzz Miller, Josie Autilio, Janet Risacler           Elizabeth” wave from a convertible in West
                                        and Harvey Klaus and found them all to               Islip’s Memorial Day parade and participated
                                        be in reasonably good health, but they were          in the after-parade festivities. Her work with
                                        also unable to attend the reunion. If you have       historical societies, Atria programs and planning
                                        a news item please contact Vince, who now            for the 36th County Fair keeps her busy. Sam
                                        lives in New Bern, N.C., at (252) 638-1048.          Dickieson reports from Seneca Falls, N.Y.,
                                        Norman Baldwin’s wife, Louise Owire ’43,             that all is well with him and his wife, Dorothy
                                        passed away in 2003. He has since moved              ’47. They are looking forward to their 66th
                                        into a retirement home in San Francisco, Calif.      wedding anniversary. edna Wylie is continuing
                                        Norman, now 93, is still the secretary for the       her work at her retirement community. Both of
                                        Stanford School of Business’ Class of 1947.          her grandchildren are college students. Jane
                                        Miriam Newell Biskin is the author of many           O’Brien is well and enjoys seeing her five
                                        books and remains active.                            children and 11 grandchildren. Isabel Cooper
                                                                                             Baker’s grandson from Glens Falls, N.Y., earned
                                        Class notes councilor: Vince Gillen,
                                                                                             first place in a recent pentathlon, and will enter
                                                                                             Syracuse University in the fall. He plays lead
                                        47       College of the Atlantic commemorated
                                                                                             trombone in the All State Youth Orchestra.
                                                                                             Isabel and Robertson Baker ’49 have five
                                        its third president, Dr. Louis Rabineau, by          grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
                                        dedicating The Lou                                   Ruth Doran from Baldwinsville, N.Y., is holding
                                        Rabineau Educational                                 her own but not traveling. eileen Abrams
                                        Studies Center April 5.                              Pettersen and Wanda Tomasik Methe live in
                                        An avid educator who                                 the Cohoes area, are doing well and see each
                                        had previously served                                other often.
                                        as chancellor of the                                 Class notes councilor: Eleanor Holbig Alland,
                                        Connecticut Commission                     
                                        for Higher Education, Lou
                                        served as president of
                                        COA from 1984 to 1993.                               49       A note from your class councilor: I
                                        Lou’s intellectual curiosity, humor, openness and    am sad to report that some of our classmates
                                        astute ability to engage experts in a wide variety   have passed away recently. They are: Annette
                                        of fields have been credited with saving the         Gardiner DeLyser (6/15/13), Horty
                                        college while it was in a state of turmoil.          Zeilengold Schmierer (6/15/13), Joe Amyot
                                                                                             (1/4/13), Jeanne Valochovic Carpenter
                                        48       A note from your class councilor:
                                                                                             (1/24/13), Joe Carosella (9/7/12), elsie
                                                                                             Landau Finkelstein (1/21/13), George Frank
                                        Donald Sayles has summed up the feelings             (2/12/13), and Larry Appleby (5/31/13).
                                        of the Class of 1948 by wondering what kind          Bonnie Lewis Adkins notes that her
                                        of news people of our vintage might have             granddaughter, Dee Hertzberg, has moved from
                                        that’s worth being published in The Carillon.        Paraguay to Madagascar, where she is serving
                                        Since most of the men had started college            as country director of Mission for the Peace
                                        in the early 1940s, then served in World War         Corps. Bonnie and Lee have finally finished
                                        II, they are now approaching some 90 years           remodeling their living quarters in Middlebury,
                                        of age. However, Don reports that he can still       Vt. They have a new living area with a bedroom
                                        walk, see, hear, drive, sail, swim, read and do      alcove. Now, classmates traveling through the
                                        yardwork. There are limitations about work,          Vermont/New England area have a place to stay
                                        though. In army training, the march lasted           free of charge. Bonnie states, “We are looking
                                        50 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break.           forward to our 65th reunion in 2014 and seeing
                                        Now any energy demanding work calls for 10           all of our classmates.” Doris Hoeninger
                                        minutes’ work and 50 minutes’ rest. He says          Andersen writes from Grand Rapids, Mich.,
                                        that he does value the magazine and mentions         that her husband, Dan, a V-12 graduate of
                                        his happiness about the new football stadium,        Union College, celebrated his 88th birthday May
                                        which will be opening this fall. Helen Kisiel        30. She keeps in touch weekly with Ruth
                                        Schick traveled for four days from Long Island       Leiger Fishburn, who lives in Good Samaritan
                                        to Potsdam for her grandson’s graduation from        Village in Kissimmee, Fla. Lena Sorcinella
28   UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
Capuano sounded so happy when              also attends regular meetings of two       teaching French at Gloversville High       garden club. With two grandsons,
she wrote about the birth of her great-    book clubs (a true librarian!). In May,    School in 1988. Being involved in          three great-grandsons and the rest of
grandson, Brady, born April 9, 2013.       he attended the high-school                church activities, the local library and   their family, Janet and her husband
Brady’s father, Marine Staff Sgt.          graduation of a granddaughter.             playing bridge regularly keep her          celebrated their 60th wedding
Wesley, is stationed in Japan and          Richard Foster reports from Sarasota       active and out of trouble. It was great    anniversary in July. Audrey Schmay
Okinawa, but made it home three days       that he has little to complain about. He   to receive a nice, long letter from        Jones reports that her husband, Art,
before the birth. Lena states: “Spring     still plays for Vesper services and        Janet Lewis Hanson. She graduated          92, is in poor health but great spirits.
is unbelievably beautiful here in          enjoys singing with the Harmonaires,       from Fort Edward High School with          He is receiving skilled nursing care in
Altamont. It’s great to be alive and see   playing bridge two or three times a        Marea Battershall Reid-Roberts,            the Vermont Veterans’ Home in
the beauty all around us.” Doesn’t she     week, and attending theater often. It      Bob Nichols and Ursula Neuhaus             Bennington. Audrey has a room in the
sound happy?! elsa Moberg Cox              was great to receive a letter from         Schiff, all of whom attended NYSCT.        “Dorm” and comes and goes as she
writes that she is so busy in southern     Mary Jane Peris Fredericks, who            At Albany, Janet lived with nine other     pleases. Congratulations to Audrey
California that she does not even think    was the editor of our yearbook, The        girls on Western Avenue, in a house        and Art on celebrating their 60th
of traveling elsewhere. She did travel     Pedagogue. She and her late husband,       connected to Pierce Hall and called        wedding anniversary in May. Audrey
to Arizona for a week to visit her son     Charlie, made many moves around the        “New House.” The girls have remained       keeps in touch with Betty Uline
and grandson. Elsa is very involved in     United States, including California and    close all these years, although some       engineri, Helen Califano Belanger
church activities, serving as a circle     Delaware, before settling in               have passed away. Janet served as a        and Glenyce Jones Trainor. Bob
leader for a women’s group and as          Gloversville, N.Y., near their Johnstown   librarian in the Hudson Falls, N.Y.,       Kaiser proudly reports his grandson
deacon, and administering communion        roots. Charlie passed away far too         Central School for 30 years and retired    Alex graduated from St. Michael’s in
to shut-ins. She may make plans to         young in 1982, but Mary Jane states        more than 20 years ago. She keeps          Winooski, Vt., in May, and his
attend our 65th reunion and again          that she was fortunate to be left with     active as a guide and archivist of         grandson Zachary graduated from MIT
bring her daughter Kristen. Don            four terrific daughters. Her family now    photographic materials for the Fort        with a degree in graphic arts. Bob
Dickinson continues to be involved in      includes seven grandchildren and four      Edward Historical Association; Janet       Kittredge and wife Diana are on the
his church library in Tucson, Ariz., and   great-grandchildren. She retired from      also belongs to AAUW and a local           go, as usual. In January, they spent a

                                                       Did you hear
                                           what’s happening?
                                           A Message from Lee Serravillo ~ Executive Director, UAlbany Alumni Association

       W    ith this fall comes a new
            stadium, new fountains and a
       new School of Business building.
                                                             stroll by the fountains will now be
                                                             a stroll through (yes, through) the
                                                             fountains with exciting new multi-
                                                                                                                   access to a great education at an
                                                                                                                   unbelievable value to the cutting-
                                                                                                                   edge research that is creating new
       This is an exciting time for UAlbany                  color LED lighting. The business                      knowledge for the future.
       as we will have access to the types                   building will host collaborative
                                                                                                                   Of course, our tailgate party prior
       of facilities worthy of UAlbany’s                     programming with business leaders
                                                                                                                   to the big game on Saturday is
       stature.                                              from every industry.
                                                                                                                   always a can’t miss. Only this year
                                                                                                                   the live music, food and games will
       What does this mean                                   You’ve got to see this!                               take place in the shadow of our new
       for alumni?                                           I invite you to join us as we embark
                                                             on this next era of the UAlbany
                                                                                                                   state of the art facility. Who knows,
       As your university grows, so                                                                                maybe your image will even end up
       does its reputation as a leading                      journey. Homecoming Weekend                           on the new scoreboard?
       public research university. Our                       (october 18-20) will provide the
                                                             perfect opportunity to experience                     Attend the game, tour the facilities,
       development is symbolic of the
                                                             this new excitement. On Friday                        come home. Trust me, you will
       growing prestige of UAlbany and in
                                                             night, you are welcome to a wine-                     not be disappointed. Please visit
       turn the value of your diploma. It
                                                             tasting reception and tour of the           
       also allows us to build school pride
                                                             new business building.                                for detailed information about
       for future alumni (some people
                                                                                                                   Homecoming Weekend. And,
       call them students) as they will                      Saturday’s tour of the campus will                    as always, please contact me at
       watch their first Colonial Athletic                   show you what’s new and remind               to find
       Association football game being                       you of what was. I guarantee you will                 out how you can stay connected
       played on the brand new Bob Ford                      be in awe of what goes on in these                    and collectively, we can make
       Field here on campus. A previous                      facilities every day, from providing
                                                                                                                   UAlbany stronger.

Alumni News & Notes

                                                                                   which consists of martial arts, dancing     has now taken up the responsibility of
                                                                                   and healing arts and an osteo class.        caring for her 96-year-old husband.
                                                                                   Freddy Laemmerzahl Miller                   One daughter has moved from
                                                                                   traveled to Fountain Hill, Ariz., to        California back to Trumansburg, N.Y.,
                                                                                   attend her grandson’s high-school           to be of assistance. Milli and her
                                                                                   graduation. Oklahoma had some               husband celebrated their 60th
                                                                                   terrible tornadoes and floods in May,       wedding anniversary in April. In June
                                                                                   but Freddy said she was lucky and           Joe and Joyce Zanchelli had two
                                                                                   missed the devastation. Anne Sulich         occasions to celebrate: their 62nd
                                                                                   Raser, who lives in Los Angeles,            wedding anniversary and the high-
                                                                                   continues to participate in the             school graduation of their grandson
                                                                                   Women’s Health Initiative at UCLA as        Patrick, who lives in Mechanicsville,
                                                                                   she has for the past 20 years. She is       Va. He will be attending Virginia
                                                                                   also part of the California Teachers        Commonwealth University starting this
                                                                                   Study run by USC. Both activities keep      fall. By now, you should have received
                                                                                   her hopping, keeping regular                a survey letter from our reunion
                                                                                   appointments and filling out lengthy        committee concerning our 65th
                                                                                   questionnaires, but she feels her           reunion, which may be our last. It
                                                                                   efforts are worthwhile because the          would be of tremendous help to our
                                                                                   research these studies publish adds to      committee if you would return it to us.
     Paul Dybas ’12 joined other alumni for an accepted-student                    our general knowledge about health          Please explore all possible means to
                                                                                   issues. Jerry Reisner and Estelle           attend. WE NEED YOU! It was great to
    reception in Syracuse in March. He was one of 33 alumni who                    proudly report that two of their            receive news from so many “new”
  volunteered to share their experiences and enthusiasm for UAlbany                granddaughters have graduated from          classmates for this edition; I am very
       at spring admissions receptions in New York, New Jersey,                    college. One is employed by the             grateful for your cooperation.
                   Connecticut and Massachusetts.                                  federal government and one is a CPA.        KEEP IT UP!
                                                                                   Jerry states that he is finally retiring    Class notes councilor: Joe Zanchelli,
week at the Palm Springs Film           a cruise through the Panama Canal.         from substitute teaching and jokingly
Festival, and in May they flew to       About once a month, they travel from       says that he is now dependent upon
Spokane, Wash., to attend the
graduation of their granddaughter,
                                        Fresno to San Francisco to visit family
                                        and dine in their son’s restaurant, the
                                                                                   Estelle for extra income. Estelle
                                                                                   continues to donate blood and to date       50       A note from your class
Hannah, from Gonzaga University.        Tryptych. Gloria Maistelman                has given 32½ gallons! Good going,          councilor: elise DeSeve and
Bob couldn’t help bragging about her    Herkowitz and husband have their           Estelle! Ursula Neuhaus Schiff              Irwin Baumel remained in touch
achievements: graduating summa          house in Albany on the market and          received a lengthy write-up in The          after graduation. When both were
cum laude and receiving both the        plan to move to an independent             Piper, the newspaper of the Glenridge       widowed, they traveled together
president’s four-year leadership        retirement community. Gloria says in       Retired Community, where she lives.         to South America. Thereafter, they
medal and the Honor Society medal.      order to “keep moving or you lose it,”     The article was a tribute to Ursula         passed the spring and fall in Elise’s
In November, Bob and Diana will be on   she takes classes in Gentle Ballet, NIA,   upon her retirement after serving for       condo in Washington, D.C., and
                                                                                   more than seven years as coordinator        summer and winter in Irwin’s home
                                                                                                                               in Whittier, Calif., enjoying the best

     2014 Excellence Awards
                                                                                   of ushers for the Glenridge state-of-
                                                                                   the-art theater. From the article, it was   of both locations. They have taken
                                                                                   obvious that Ursula’s diligence and         several trips abroad: three weeks
                                                                                   organizational skills were instrumental     in northern Italy, where they visited
                                                                                   in developing a professional group of       Sparky Vaughn in Florence, and
                                 CaLL For                                          ushers. Betsy and Jake Schuhle
                                                                                   report that four generations of
                                                                                                                               three weeks in northern Spain, plus
                                                                                                                               a trip to visit some of Elise’s family in
                               noMInatIonS                                         Schuhles gathered in May to celebrate
                                                                                   Betsy’s 85th birthday. In mid-March,
                                                                                                                               Alaska. They also took a weeklong trip
                                                                                                                               to London, followed by a week in Paris.
                                                                                   she traveled solo to North Carolina to      Elise has been retired from teaching
                                      Recognize alumni and                         celebrate the 90th birthday of a            for 20 years. Irwin has been out of the
                                     friends of the University                     beloved cousin. Jo Ann Joplin Stutz,        line of fire for about the same period
                                       for their outstanding                       widowed since 1976, writes from             of time. Fortunately, the income from
                                         achievements and                          Winter Park, Fla., that her three           his real-estate properties is being
                                                                                   children, six grandchildren and three       managed by one of his daughters,
                                       service. More details                       great-grandchildren all keep her            making travel possible. Irwin and
                                      and nomination forms                         entertained and involved in all those       Elise have made three round trips
                                          are available at                         “landmarks of evolving lifelines.” Jo       by car between Washington, D.C.,
                                                                                   Ann says that having spent time with        and California, visiting state capitals
                                                                                   the U.S. Foreign Service in such “hot       and friends. Another trip is planned
                                     excellenceawards.php.                         spots” as Iraq, Sudan, Morocco and          for September, beginning in San
                                                                                   Lebanon – before they were as “hot as       Francisco, where Irwin will celebrate
                                    The nomination deadline
                                                                                   they are now” – she thrives in the heat     his 89th birthday watching the
                                       is Oct. 18, 2013.                           of Winter Park all year. Millicent          Giants beat the Dodgers (hopefully).
                                                                                   Robinson Tubbs reports that her life        Irwin reports, “We are in pretty good
                                                                                   has taken quite a turn. Instead of          health for octogenarians and hope to
                                                                                   volunteering with several groups, she       squeeze out a few more good years.”

30     UAlbany Magazine         •   Fall 2013
                                                                                                Alumni News & Notes

In April, Ben and Gloria Jackson          possible. Earline had a great trip last     college, and one is a junior at the          transferred from the University of
attended the spring concert of the        August to Scandinavian countries, with      University of Mary Washington in             Vermont. Kitty also reports that her
New Albany Symphony Orchestra in          several days on the fiords of Norway        Virginia. Vickie is grateful that her five   mini-quilt group just finished a
New Albany, Ohio. It was the first time   (“Absolutely beautiful”) and felt very      children are healthy and remain              Quilt of Valor and is sending it off to
they were able to combine a visit with    much at home in Denmark, where              involved with their children and with        Afghanistan. Each wounded soldier
Benita and her family and a concert       her last name is among the most             her, whether she is at her winter home       receives a quilt when he or she is
since she became a member of this         common. In May, her oldest grandson,        in Yuma, Ariz., or in her summer home        taken to the hospital. It is theirs to
community orchestra. In an interesting    Dylan, graduated from the College of        in Olean, N.Y. “I am very blessed,” she      keep and was made by a quilter in
coincidence, the conductor’s father       Environmental Science and Forestry at       writes. evie erdle eisenhard states          the United States. Jane Minckler
was the conductor of the Saratoga         Syracuse University. Harold “Sparky”        that she and her husband now live in         Jennings writes that, this spring, she,
School for the Performing Arts when       Vaughn served on the host committee         Ashburn, Va., just west of Washington,       her daughter and son-in-law visited
Benita spent the year there while in      for the University at Albany reception in   D.C., in Ashby Ponds. She says there         her niece in her beautiful, huge house
high school. Lila Lee Harrington          Washington D.C., in honor of the new        are lots of interesting things to do         on the outskirts of Tucson, Ariz. Jane
wrote from Ames, Iowa, while visiting     president, Dr. Robert Jones. He would       there, which keeps them busy. Cheryl,        said they saw many interesting sights
her daughter, Leslie, and family for      like to continue playing tennis but has     one of their daughters, lives close by       and had beautiful weather. She also
two and a half weeks over Mother’s        run out of partners, which he realizes      and works at the United States               reported that Mimi Gorski Blake’s
Day. She attended her grandson            is subject to various interpretations.      Geological Survey in Reston, Va. She         husband fell, which necessitated a
Andy’s high-school graduation             Daughter Karen just returned from           ends her email with, “so many                partial hip replacement, followed by
and enjoyed family time together.         a month in Florence, Italy, where           interesting things to do daily … we          rehab. Anna Morrissey Karpiak had
In February, they were blessed to         she and a few friends stayed in the         are always busy.” Tom Holman                 a lovely four-day trip to the Catskills
spend a glorious week in Sarasota,        Vaughn family apartment, as they did        reports that he’s still avoiding Long        with the members of her St. Pius X
Fla. From Ames, Lila will fly back        a year ago. Her architect daughter,         Island winters by spending them in           Senior Club. She said, “It is so much
to her Saratoga Springs apartment         Christine, came near the end. In June,      Naples, Fla., and St. Maarten. He was        better to travel with people you know
at Prestwick Chase and resume             Sparky will join much of the family in      in New York City in March to help            and like (as well as those with whom
work on the in-house newspaper,           California to take part in the wedding      entertain his nephew and his nephew’s        you have so much in common) rather
The Chase; review Belva Plain’s           of a grandson, Matthew Scaglione,           daughter, who came from Japan for            than alone.” True, Anna. Dave Manly
Heartwood for Book Chat; check on         son of daughter Connie.                     her first visit to the United States:        alluded to some maladies and
the bluebird houses’ and interview                                                    “Good to see the Big Apple through           medicines but says retirement living
                                          Class notes councilor:
residents. She hopes to visit Maggie                                                  the eyes of a 15-year-old.” On May           at Hilton Head is still wonderful. He
                                          Audrey Koch Feathers,
Winne in Oneonta this summer. Lila                                                    18, Kitty Kloser Irons welcomed              continues to fill the pulpit at nearby
keeps in touch with Jeanne Walsh                                                      Megan, her oldest granddaughter,             churches while up north, more often
in Norwich and Audrey Feathers
in Glens Falls. “Hello to all my ’50      51      Howard Swartz, husband of
                                                                                      home from South Africa, where she
                                                                                      had spent the second semester of her
                                                                                                                                   preaching than officiating at weddings
                                                                                                                                   or funerals. “Life is good with caring
classmates. Life is good.” Marjory D.     Goldie Brenner Swartz ’51, made             junior year. Her younger sister Erin has     wife Jean in our 48th year of
Lyons continues an active life with a     a generous contribution to The Goldie       joined her at St. Michael’s, having          marriage.” Maureen Davis Mullin
major focus on the theater. On May 4      Brenner Swartz ’51 and Howard
and 5, she appeared in a short play,      Swartz Scholarship Fund on Mother’s
the comedy Dead to Right by Jon           Day, in memory of Goldie and in
Frangipane, a member of the South         dedication to all mothers past, present
Florida playwrights group active in the   and future. Goldie, who passed away
Fort Lauderdale area. “A wonderful        June 1, 2010, was the mother of their
cast party,” Marjory wrote. In March,     two sons, Mark and Barry. Howard
she attended a University at Albany       misses Goldie very much.
Alumni Association event where she
met the new president, Dr. Robert         52      A note from your class
Jones. She brought the Class of 1950      councilor: Jeanne Seymour earle
Pedagogue Yearbook, which Dr. Jones       has some happy news. Her son Chuck
found intriguing. She was the judge       was married in September 2012 to a
for the young-adult category of entries   “very wonderful young woman” and is
in the South Florida Annual Writing       now involved in settling into a new
contest. It was the 15th year of the      apartment. Best wishes, Chuck.
contest, which began when she was         Although Jeanne is no longer subbing,
president. Some years ago, Marjory        she is still working three days a week
taught young-adult literature at Nova     at the Putnam Valley Library,
Southeastern University, where she        overseeing her large property and
currently works online with doctoral      taking care of her health. Vickie
students. She will be in Washington in    eadie eddy brings us up to date on
July and plans to see Sparky Vaughn       her oldest daughter, Pamela, who was
and other friends in the area. earline    named a full professor in the higher
“Ken” Sorensen wrote that nothing         education department at William and
much has changed – “which is              Mary College. She also received the              President Robert J. Jones and Nishtha Modi ’12 chat during
probably a good thing” – since she last   Senior Scholar Award from the Council
wrote. She still walks every day; does                                                      the fifth annual Celebration of Vital Volunteers April 20.
                                          for the Study of Community Colleges.
Tai Chi daily; does volunteer work;       She and husband David have three                Modi, Samantha Hiza ’13 and Jennifer Pollard ’13 shared their
and, best of all, travels as much as      children; two have graduated from              compelling volunteer experiences with more than 125 volunteers.

                                                                                                                             in Hilo, Hawaii. It was held in a pagoda
                                                                                                                             with all the Hawaiian traditions.
                                                                                                                             Sounds beautiful. Jean and Smitty are
                                                                                                                             planning a 22-day cruise later this
                                                                                                                             year from Rome to Athens, Cairo, and
                                                                                                                             home from Istanbul, with more stops
                                                                                                                             in between. They will celebrate their
                                                                                                                             61st wedding anniversary this year.
                                                                                                                             Jean also states, “Our reunion last
                                                                                                                             year was wonderful, and we wish
                                                                                                                             more of you would attend.” Marilyn
                                                                                                                             Johnson VanDyke, class president,
        Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy honored seven distinguished individuals for their                     and Joan Roeder Barron, class
       outstanding contributions in the areas of political science, public administration, leadership and                    councilor, attended UAlbany’s
      continuing professional development at its annual Alumni Dinner and Awards Ceremony May 17.                            Department of English 2013
                                                                                                                             Recognition Ceremony during
     Left to right: Dean David Rousseau; The Honorable Bonnie Jenkins, M.P.A. ’88; The Honorable John
                                                                                                                             graduation weekend. They presented
        McHugh, M.P.A. ’77, The Honorable Addie Russell B.A. ’00; Brian Fessler B.A. ’06, M.P.A. ’07;                        the Class of ’52 Scholarship to English
              Peter Brusoe, B.A. ’03, M.A. ’04; Edward Murphy, M.P.A. ’81; George P. Richardson;                             major Samuel Joseph Gorenstein.
         Assistant Dean R. Karl Rethemeyer; and Department of Political Science Chair Julie Novkov.                          They met Samuel’s parents and
                                                                                                                             brother after the ceremony and
expresses regrets that she missed our      Belmont, Mass., so they relived old                                               learned the Gorensteins are from
                                                                                   got a good review in The New York
60th reunion, but she had accepted a       times. She adds that SUNY Albany is                                               Guilderland. Samuel is planning to
                                                                                   Times. Let’s hope we soon see it on
job teaching French at Santa Ynez          getting well known on the West Coast                                              study improvisational performance
                                                                                   Broadway. Congratulations to Joe
High School. Two of her sons live          and that the four years she spent at                                              in New York City. Marilyn proudly
                                                                                   Persico on the publication of his 12th
there, one of whom also teaches at the     Albany were four of the best years of                                             announces that her grandson,
                                                                                   book, Roosevelt’s Centurions and the
high school; the other is a professor at   her life. Joan Bennett Kelly spent                                                Alexander Aust, completed his first
                                                                                   Commanders He Led to Victory in
UC Santa Barbara. With her in the high     two weeks with “the kids” because                                                 year as director of Brubacher Hall,
                                                                                   World War II. The book, which deals
school were her grandchildren Abigail      her daughter turned 50 and her                                                    which is now leased to The College
                                                                                   with FDR’s relationships with his
in 9th grade; Alice in 12th grade;         granddaughter turned 21 – milestones                                              of Saint Rose and houses first-year
                                                                                   military commanders, has already
and Maureen and her son in the             both. She attended a track meet in      garnered favorable reviews. The 650-      students from CSR. Alex has a
classroom: “We were running the            Binghamton and two lacrosse games       page volume includes 70 pages of          bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oneonta
show.” She had an interesting              in two different states. Those Kellys   bibliography and source notes and         and a master’s in student living from
conversation with Joan Baez this year.     sure do get around. Joan’s oldest       took Joe four years to write. Nancy       Saint Rose. A nice, long email from
Ms. Baez and her sister, Mimi, were in     granddaughter has the lead in an        Frey Pettinelli sent her usual            Bill Wiley tells us that he retired
Maureen’s class when she taught in         off-Broadway play, Blood Brothers; it   “tongue-in-cheek” humorous                as president of his Townhomes
                                                                                   response. She starts her email, “Well,    Association coincident with him and

                                                                                   this just in … I have just won the        his wife moving to a great Hilton Head
                                                                                   lottery for the sixth time this year …    senior community that provides all
                                                                                   I’m pretty much set for life now …”       kinds of trips, activities and diversions.
                                                                                   She surely has fun with her “news.”       Their “kids” are spread up the

          to our new Alumni Association                                            Shirley Feinstein Rosenbaum               East Coast: two in Florida with two
                                                                                   sounds very involved. She’s an active     granddaughters (one working for Best
                  Board Members                                                    member of the League of Women
                                                                                   Voters (LWV) and a board member
                                                                                                                             Buy and the other a very talented
                                                                                                                             middle schooler); and one in Marietta,
                                                                                   of both the Virginia state and local      Ga., with two grandkids, a boy who is
                                                                                   leagues. This year, she was trained       Bill’s namesake, a great Cub Scout
                                                                                   as a coach for the Membership             and superior lacrosse and soccer
                                                                                   Development Learning Program for          player, and a girl who is a joy and a
                                                                                   LWV. She also continues to perform        good soccer player. She’s also a
                                                                                   in the Morgantown Community               flautist and sings like a bird! A
                                                                                   Orchestra. Good to hear from              daughter in Indianapolis has two
                                                                                   Kathleen Cody Sengle, who                 daughters. One, an electrical engineer
                                                                                   celebrated two granddaughters’            working with an aerospace company
                                                                                   college graduations: one in nursing       in Dayton, is taking a leave to
                                                                                   from Pittsburgh, and the other in         attend the University of Arizona to
                                                                                   industrial design from Pratt. She hopes   get her master’s; the other is an
                                                                                                                             anthropologist from Grinnell College.
        Catherine Provost ’05                Elizabeth Ukpe ’07                    to attend her 65th high school reunion
                                                                                                                             Bill’s oldest daughter, who has her
                                                                                   in Cazenovia in July, then spend a
          Senior Manager of                Merchandising Manager,                                                            doctorate in art history, has worked
                                                                                   week in Maine in August. Kathleen
         Alumni Engagement,                    Moda Operandi                       also hopes to get together with           most of her career as a development
          National Society of                                                      classmate Barbara Anderson                consultant for universities, hospitals
          Collegiate Scholars                                                      Hadden sometime this summer.              and other entities. Joyce Leavitt
                                                                                   Jean Faville Smith celebrated her         Zanchelli and husband Joe had two
                                                                                   daughter’s wedding on Valentine’s Day     reasons to celebrate: Their grandson

32      UAlbany Magazine          •   Fall 2013
                                                                                                 Alumni News & Notes

Patrick, who lives outside Richmond,       of us went on to earn more degrees;         Linda Hopkins McGrath tells us that          ’53’s secondary teacher with the
Va., graduated from high school            some went to teach in secondary             all is well in Naples, Fla. Fortunately,     greatest longevity! When questioned
and will be attending Virginia             schools; others found jobs where they       she enjoys good health. She plays a lot      whether or not she is still teaching, her
Commonwealth University in the             could use their talents; and others         of golf and bridge, and works with the       reply was: “Yes, I am still in the saddle
fall, and they celebrated their            went into the military. Since that          boards of her homeowners association         and loving it, but many changes are
62nd wedding anniversary. Joyce            sunshiny day of our graduation, some        and country club. Linda has two young        on the horizon all around, including
and Joe continue to enjoy life in          no longer are with us. Reading the list     grandsons, ages 2 and 5, and family          teaching and medicine. Probably this
Saratoga Springs, N.Y., where              of those who have passed on, one is         visits are high on her list of activities.   will be my last year. The poor district
there are a number of activities           reminded that we are no longer those        She sends warm greetings to her              has put up with me for 50 years.” It’s
to keep them busy.                         young graduates who had the world           former classmates and has high hopes         this reporter’s opinion that the
Class notes councilor: Joyce Zanchelli,    before them. Our class of close to 300      that a 60th reunion becomes a viable         Webster, N.Y., educational system has                          has lost 96 – almost 35 percent. Let        undertaking. Irene Brezinski                 indeed been lucky to have Betty there
                                           us remember them with those lovely          McDonald’s travel with husband Dan           for that length of time! Betty, you
53       A note from your class
                                           words from “Follow the Gleam,” the
                                           Torch Night Song: “When the sun sets
                                                                                       has become limited because of Dan’s
                                                                                       glaucoma-induced blindness, but they
                                                                                                                                    amaze us! Janet Norton DeFabio
                                                                                                                                    tried changing her address but went
councilor: It has been 60 years since                                                  still keep busy at the nearby University     back to her beloved Florida. “In
                                           on college days, resplendent with love
the Class of 1953 graduated from                                                       of South Alabama, enjoying the music         January of 2012, I sold my home and
                                           you’ve won; when you leave all the
what was then New York State College                                                   programs and the great recreation            moved to North Carolina (near
                                           friendly ways to those who will after
for Teachers. What good times we had                                                   center there. Irene and Dan still live at    Charlotte and one of my three
                                           come. We will follow, follow the gleam,
getting to know one another in Frosh                                                   the same address in Mobile, Ala.             daughters!). I stayed until June 1,
                                           torches alight, all through the night;
Camp, participating in rivalry, being                                                  Despite their attempts to bribe their        2012, when I moved back to Florida!!
                                           we will follow, follow the gleam, of the
awed by the faculty, and doing our                                                     children with room and board and             Mayflower Moving loves me and I love
                                           Great Fires of S.C.T.” Millie Foote
student teaching. Students today have                                                  other benefits to live in Mobile, the        Florida!!!” As with a lot of us, Janet’s
                                           Frandino Sheerin was the first to
trouble believing that women students                                                  children continue to live in Phoenix,        activities have been scaled down in
                                           respond to our call for news from the
of our time had curfew – and that,                                                     Austin, and St. Croix. Irene writes a        the last few years. After eight years
consequently, the men had a curfew,        class. She’s still full of that pep she
                                           exhibited as a student and walking          column for their diocesan publication        as a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish
as well. So many of the upper-                                                         Catholic Week, a kind of non-                Fundation, she is now planning to
classmen were WWII veterans; how we        three miles a day! She reported that
                                           she, Ruth Dunn Reed and Joan                denominational affair called “Reading        begin participating in the volunteer
admired them. A great number of us                                                     and Renewal.” Irene went on to say           program at Golisano Children’s
were first-generation Americans and        Allen Balfe enjoyed a mini-reunion at
                                           Ruth’s home in Rome, N.Y., last year.       that the McDonalds love company and          Hospital in Fort Myers. Janet is still
were fulfilling our parents’ dreams of                                                 would enjoy seeing any alums who             ready to get back in the saddle! In
seeing their children succeed through      “We still try to meet at least every year
                                           or two at one or another’s homes.”          venture to this lovely area; as an           March 2013, her family gathered for
education. There we were on the old                                                    enticement, she added that there             a second time in Myrtle Beach – and
campus, where you could move from          Millie recently directed the Neil Simon
                                           play “Lost in Yonkers” for a local          are beaches nearby. Unless we hear           they have decided to come together
one building to the next via the elegant                                               differently, we have to list Betty           annually. Janet went on to say, “I even
peristyles. As freshmen, we had to         community theatre in Orleans on Cape
                                           Cod. She manages to stay involved in        Coykendall-Hart as the Class of              went horseback riding with everyone
wear our red beanies, and we gave
homage to Minerva in the rotunda of        either acting or directing as often as
Draper Hall. We were required to           she can. She proudly told us that she

                                                                                           all-alumni Wine tasting
answer questions from our handbooks        is blessed with 18 grandchildren and
when stopped by upperclassmen –            has her first “great” on the way! Can’t
                                           help but wonder if Millie wins the prize
especially the dreaded Sophomore
Yellowjackets. Proudly, we performed       for having the most grandchildren!
                                           Rosie Keller Hughes and Bob
                                                                                           at the new School of
in our Big-4 productions and cheered
for our Red Devil teams. Was there
ever a better life? Because our class
                                           Hughes are quite proud of their
                                           son, who won an Emmy in April as
                                                                                           Business Building
was relatively small when compared to
today’s classes, we knew one another
                                           producer for a documentary, Signs
                                           of the Time, about the signs used in            oct. 18,
and greeted our classmates when
encountering them. We got our mail
                                           baseball. This is the first year that the
                                           Hugheses haven’t gone on a major
                                                                                           5-7 p.m.
in The Commons and met there for           trip, but they hope to get back in the
noontime dancing. If we had extra          swing next year. They’ve traveled to 61         Start off the
funds, we could eat at “The Boul” – or,    countries; they set a goal to visit 100,        weekend activities
even better, go to Joe’s Delicatessen      but time has marched on and is
                                           running out. During some of their               at the all-alumni
for indescribably wonderful
sandwiches. The years went swiftly         foreign travel, they have researched            Wine tasting and
by and, with great surprise, we were       their genealogical roots. Rosie has             get your first glance
graduating. One never expected the         13,971 relatives on her family tree,            at the new School of Business. Connect
sadness as we watched our class            thus far. Both Bob and Rosie agree
officers walk off into the dark with our   that the Internet has been the greatest         with alumni from all classes, while enjoying a
banner on their backs as Torch Night       tool in their quest. Hank Koszewski             sample of new York wines and cheeses.
came to an end. We were expected to        stopped in Rochester on his way to              tours of the building will be available
grow up now … to put into practice         Toronto a year or two ago and regaled           throughout the evening. register at
what we had learned. We were well          Bob and Rosie with his life in Hawaii.
prepared for the world after State; no     Hank should be getting a stipend for  
better education could be found. Some      promoting our beautiful 50th state!

Alumni News & Notes

(and I have the pictures to prove it!).”   genealogy and has used the Internet       and Marie were both volunteering in
Doing physical or adventurous things
seems to be a theme in our class of
                                           in her quest. The Hoffman Labs
                                           email, her son’s website, is how we
                                                                                     the Education building, so he knew it       54       Gerry Holzman has
                                                                                     wasn’t true. (Mark Twain would have        started a blog about
senior citizens. For his 80th birthday     connected with Marie. She told us all     enjoyed this situation, as he is           the quirkiness and
last year, Bob Hughes was given a          about her son and his wife, something     quoted as having said, “The reports        unpredictability of
flying lesson. It had always been his      we all tend to do; talk about our kids;   of my death have been greatly              life by relating some
secret wish to learn how to fly. He        they live in New Hampshire. No            exaggerated.”) In the late ’90s, Marie     unusual, and oft-times
loved the whole experience: a half-        grandchildren, but her son produced       ran for Poestenkill town justice and       humorous, moments
hour of instrument instruction, then an    two computer books, “one adopted          became the first woman judge in town.      in his 43 years of
hour of soaring over the beautiful         by some college as a textbook.”           After that, she tried a seat on the town   chiseling and gouging
countryside of western New York, from      Her daughter-in-law, Kelly Kreiger        board for four years. At the end of that   as a woodcarver.
Rochester to Canandaigua. Bob’s            Hoffman, worked in the computer lab       stint, Marie wanted more time to           He updates the blog
flying time included takeoff; he would     at SUNY in the early 1980s. Now she                                                  weekly on Mondays and
                                                                                     volunteer at the New York State
have handled the landing, too, if the      works for Agilent Technologies. Marie                                                hopes that by telling
                                                                                     Library, so she didn’t seek re-election.
wind had not been so strong that day.      retired at 55 in 1986 from Algonquin                                                 a few of his own stories, readers will
                                                                                     She was (and still is) active in Capital
Another item was checked on Bob’s          Middle School in Averill Park, N.Y. She                                              come away with some useful ideas
bucket list: He is thinking of taking      was happy to report that she did not      District Genealogical Society. Marie
                                                                                     has bad knees, which got her out of        for surviving and even flourishing in
another lesson this year! Marie            die several years back, as reported by                                               this increasingly perplexing world.
Hoffman earned a chuckle for her           the alumni magazine. Paul Ward            the State Library, but she gets around
                                                                                                                                More information: http://www.
comment: “Please condense as you           straightened that out before Marie        pretty well and is still driving. Her
                                                                                                                       Dick Bailey
see fit. A keyboard encourages me to       even knew her death had been              health is good. She had some laser
                                                                                                                                sends regards to all 54’ers from sunny
‘talk’ too much.” No condensing was        incorrectly reported. It was another      eye surgeries and the usual little
                                                                                                                                northern California. This summer, he
needed. Marie is very interested in        woman of the same name, and Paul          things that all of us get. Joyce Turner    and his partner, Geri West, plan to visit
                                                                                     Ogden loves her location: “I’ve been       the Boston; Geri’s son is a professor
                                                                                     retired out here in Olympia, Wash., for    of astrophysics at Boston University.
                                                                                     about 17 years. I love not having to       They will also be in the Finger Lakes
                                                                                     shovel snow (used the shovel just four     area visiting some of Dick’s relatives.
                                                                                     times since arriving) and don’t mind       Art Stone is still working steadily
                                                                                     the rain that comes and comes from         at his costume company, making
                                                                                     about September 25 to July 5. So if        costumes for dance studios all over
                                                                                     anybody is traveling this way they can     the United States and many other
                                                                                     leave their umbrellas behind and enjoy     parts of the world. He also is still
                                                                                     our NON-humid version of summer
          Who says U
                                                                                                                                putting out a magazine about dance
                                                                                     after those dates.” Joyce went on to       teachers. Art currently is teaching at
                                                                                     say that she has happily shared a          conventions in Chicago and Phoenix,

         can’t make a                                                                house with her “never-married
                                                                                     daughter,” and they’ve done a
                                                                                     marvelous job of taking care of each
                                                                                                                                but only ballroom dancing. At his age,
                                                                                                                                he is thrilled to still be doing what he
                                                                                                                                loves. ed Osterhout and his wife,

       difference at UA?                                                             other. Her daughter has had cancer
                                                                                     since 2007, and the doctor is
                                                                                     confounded every month when she
                                                                                                                                Carol, are still actively participating in
                                                                                                                                Volunteers in Mission. They completed
                                                                                                                                their 17th annual mission to Salem,
     Get involved on a level that’s comfortable for you.                                                                        Maine, to work on poverty housing
                                                                                     walks into his office yet another time.
                                                                                                                                this past July. Ed spent his 80th

                                                                                      According to Joyce, Olympia is a great
                                                                                      place for gardeners. In April, she had    birthday moving his mother-in-law
                                                                                      about 17 different kinds of flowers       into a condo; he also helped move
                                                                                      in blossom; in May, there were            his daughter and son-in-law to New
                                                                                      about a dozen – plus the multiple         Mexico. Ed’s house was recently
                   The possibilities are endless.                                     rhododendrons. “The downside, of          remodeled to make it accessible for
                                                                                      course, is that when the sun DOES         their 42-year-old multiple sclerosis-
                                                                                                                                afflicted son. Barbara Vanderveer
                                                                                      shine, I’m out there wearing out my
     • Join a board committee.             • Assist at alumni events,                                                           retired from Finger Lakes Community
                                                                                     back and shoulders pulling weeds.”
     • Help plan a milestone                 such as Homecoming and                                                             College, where she held a really
                                                                                     Your councilor wants to thank all those
       class reunion or an affinity          Big Purple Growl.                                                                  interesting part-time job as manager
                                                                                     who contributed to the first of her
                                                                                                                                of the computer help desk. The
       reunion.                     • Mentor students or                             class notes, but she is expecting an
                                                                                                                                retirement lasted over the winter.
     • Host or assist with planning young alumni.                                    even greater response for the next         Now, Barbara works as a docent
       an event in your area as a   • Represent UAlbany at                           alum magazine! The Class of ’53 was        at Rose Hill Mansion, a restored
       regional volunteer.            Admissions receptions                          a great participatory group. Don’t let     Greek revival mansion owned by the
                                      or college fairs.                              me down; live up to your great             Geneva Historical Society. She also
                                                                                     reputation! Help me do a good job          has spent time working at The Center
                                                                                     keeping us connected! Stay well and        of Concern and the affiliated food
          Contact                                       enjoy each moment!                         pantry. In addition, Barbara made
              or 1-800-836-2586 for details.                                         Class notes councilor:                     time to visit her daughter in Willsboro
                                                                                     Rose Mary (Rosie) Keller Hughes,           Bay, N.Y. James Thompson turned
                                                                                             80 last fall and had two parties in

34      UAlbany Magazine          •   Fall 2013
                                                   Arash Alaei, second from left, and Kamiar Alaei, second from right, pose with UAlbany Alumni
                                                   Association President Timothy Murphy ’77, left, and University President Robert J. Jones, right,
                                                   after receiving the Citizen of the University Award at the 2013 Excellence Awards Gala in April.
                                                   The brothers were among 15 alumni and friends of the University honored at the annual event.

honor of the milestone. The first,
mostly for family, was at his son’s
home in New Jersey; the other was in
Latham, N.Y., for a limited number of
friends. James sees Bill Floyd once
a month for lunch, so he celebrated
at the Latham party. James also got
the chance to visit his son, a Navy
captain in Washington, D.C.; his son
and family in New Jersey; and his
daughter and her family in Vermont
this past year. He and his wife enjoyed
their summer season at Tupper Lake,
N.Y., with their travel trailer. Gertrude
Smith Daly reports that she is 80
years old and is in pretty good health.
She is still working with the Hudson
River Shakespeare Company, where
her daughter is the general manager,
her son is the artistic director and
Gertrude is the treasurer. The company
is in its 15th year of operation. John
Centra is still consulting with a former
employer, Educational Testing Service.      Vincent de Paul Society and at the         house there. Phyl Weaver spent four         reunion in Maine this past summer,
He also is conducting an evaluation         nearby St. Francis Retreat House;          weeks in Laos and Vietnam this past         with family members traveling in from
study of online teaching and learning.      Jim also helps out at the retreat          May. Anne Sichel has moved from             New Mexico, New Hampshire, Florida,
He and Nancy spent their 12th year          house. They have been residents of         Michigan to a lovely retirement home,       California and Europe. Bradford and
wintering in Charleston, S.C. Bonnie        Easton, Pa., for more than 50 years,       North Hill, in Needham, Mass. She has       Ingeborg Miller celebrated their 48th
Brousseau had major back surgery            and Jim is entering his 49th year as       been playing duplicate bridge, and          wedding anniversary May 14 during
in June, so she wasn’t able to travel       the public-address announcer for           enjoyed the weather this past spring        a trip to South Carolina. They were
this past summer, but is hoping that        Lafayette College athletics. They’re       season. Joseph Stella has been              able to visit the fantastic 9,000-acre
this year will be better. John Cooper       also preparing for a grandson’s            keeping busy attending graduation           Brookgreen Sculpture Gardens on
and his wife followed their visit to the    wedding and a granddaughter’s              ceremonies for his his granddaughter,       Pawleys Island. The gardens contain
Oregon Shakespeare festival with a          departure for Pennsylvania State.          from Drexel Medical School, and             more than 1,000 bronze and stone
trip to central Oregon this past June. In   Stu and Myra Macnofsky went to             his grandson, from Johns Hopkins            statues, all done by American artists.
August, they headed to Alaska to visit      San Diego. From there, they took a         University. Joseph notes that he and        Bradford and his wife even spotted
Denali, also known as Mount McKinley.       trip to California Berkeley for their      his wife, Madeleine, are fine and strive    some alligators on their visit. Arline
Aside from traveling, John has been         grandson’s graduation and attended         to keep pace with their active family.      Lacy and George Wood report that
delivering meals on wheels. Trying to       their granddaughter’s graduation from      They also enjoy the pleasures of            they lead a pretty relaxed life with
keep alive intellectually, he has sent      the University of California. They also    retirement, mainly golf, bridge, cultural   no bumps in the road. They hoped to
off a scholarly article on Milton for       stopped over in Santa Barbara and          events, reading, and visiting family and    spend time at their house at Babcock
publication. John also enjoys spending      Paso Robles along the way. eileen          friends. Mimi Webb enjoyed a family         Lake in Petersburg, N.Y., this past
time with his one granddaughter, who        Sloth retired this past July after
just turned five. Bea and Jim Finnen        serving as a minister in the Methodist
are doing well and staying involved in      Church for 23 years. She is planning
their community. Bea belongs to two         to move to Jacksonville, Fla., after she
book clubs and volunteers for the St.       and her husband, Sven, purchase a
                                                                                              Class reunions: Make
                                                                                               new Memories and
                                                                                                relive old ones!
                                                                                          It’s coming! reunion 2013 (Classes of 2003, 1988,
                                                                                            1973 and 1963) is just right around the corner.
                                                                                             Follow the crowd and head back to campus to
                                                                                          rediscover ualbany. Bring your great Dane spirit
                                                                                            and celebrate your milestone reunions with us.

                                                                                                           For details, visit

Members of the Class of 1954 met in May for their annual get-together.

Alumni News & Notes

summer. Frank Giannone spent three         mom’s college generation (two before      granddaughter’s wedding in Colorado.       of Barcelona by Lotta, a Swedish
months in Maui last winter, as he and      me) reminisce about their days of         Jan Garvin Gillespie is pleased            exchange student who was in Nancy’s
his wife, Laura, usually do, enjoying      education and pure fun. I admire that     with her new home in Hilton Head           high-school Spanish class when she
the sun, sand and sea. Laura was           you do make the effort to get together    Island, S.C. In addition to pursuing her   used to teach. In February, Nancy
recovering from back surgery, and          every year.”                              interest in genealogy, she enjoys the      and John spent a day with Charlie
the Hawaiian weather was just what         Class notes councilor:                    company of her daughter’s family, who      and Doris Hische Brossy at Disney
she needed. They are now settled           Bernice Gunsberg Shoobe,                  live nearby. The 2013 recipient of the     World in Orlando for a long-overdue
back in Rochester, N.Y., hard at work                           Class of 1955 Award, Josiah Boehike,       mini-reunion.
getting their gardens back into shape                                                wrote to express his gratitude for our
and maintaining their 118-year-old
historic house. If you would like to see   55 A note from your class                 generosity as he pursues a master’s
                                                                                     degree in the University’s curriculum
                                                                                                                                61       A note from your class
                                           councilor: Dee Montalbano’s book,                                                    councilor: Thanks, everyone, for
some scenes of their home, visit their                                               development and instructional
                                           Crossing Seventy: Moments in                                                         keeping in touch and sending in your
website at www.berkeleymansion.                                                      technology program. As a student
                                           Outrageous Aging, has been published                                                 class notes. It is always good to hear
com. If any of you are visiting in the                                               teacher, he won praise from his
                                           as an e-book and is currently available                                              from you. If you are not receiving my
Rochester area, please call Frank and                                                supervisor for his creative teaching
                                           from, “cheaply,” she           methods. Take a moment to pencil in        emails, please send me your current
Laura and they will share a bottle of
                                           says. And, as a by-the-way to her         2015 for our class’ 60th anniversary.      email address (melandsis@yahoo.
wine and memories of things past.
                                           email, she added that, after two years,   Details later.                             com). Sissy and I have been enjoying
Rose Mary Zongrone reports that
                                           her request for citizenship has been                                                 our four granddaughters, a winter
because they had such a good time at                                                 Class councilor: John Orser,
                                           granted by the Italian government. In                                                month in Florida, vacations in Ireland
the 25th reunion years ago, a group                                        
                                           2012, Dee and Nancy Bush had a                                                       and Las Vegas, and keeping active
of classmates decided to meet for
lunch on an annual basis. They have
been meeting for 34 years as of this
                                           reunion at Nancy’s oceanside North
                                           Carolina home – an affectionate and       56      Margie Kelleher Shea writes
                                                                                                                                in the yard and in my organizations
                                                                                                                                (Rotary, US-China Friends and
                                           laugh-filled visit, they agreed. Joan     that she and George (Jerry) continue       Character Education). Minerva Janet
past August. This year, they met in
                                           Rogers writes that her husband,           to enjoy cultural and political life in    Woodward Beardsley has lost 55
May, when Buz Neumetzger was
                                           Ray Peterson, died in 2012. Joan’s        New York City.                             pounds over the past year. Dr. Peter
visiting from Florida. This year’s group
                                           home is Cape Vincent, N.Y., and she       Class notes councilor: Vivian Benenati,    A. Spina was named president
included Dottie Potochnik; Mary
                                           spends her winters in Florida. Dottie                          emeritus of the State University of
Lou Ricci; Bernice Shoobe; Barb
                                           and Custer Quick are delighted with                                                  New York Institute of Technology at
Usborne; Rose Mary Zongrone;
Buz and her daughter, Cheryl; and
good friend Lucretia Zongrone. A note
                                           another grandchild, born in 2012. In
                                           June, Ada and Mel Gollub took a
                                                                                     59      A note from your class
                                                                                                                                Utica/Rome May 6, 2013. He served
                                                                                                                                as president there from 2003-2008.
                                                                                     councilor: Our Facebook page,              This is his second such honor; he
from Cheryl Neumetzger: “I would           Baltic Sea cruise. Wilma Thorton          formerly “Green Gremlins of Albany
                                           was delighted by the same cruise                                                     was named president emeritus
like to thank you for your card and                                                  State,” is now titled Class of 1959,
                                           in May. In June, Wilma attended her                                                  of Monroe Community College in
birthday gift. It was nice to observe my                                             SUNY Albany. The page can be found         Rochester in 1999. Judith Bacon
                                                                                     here: Herb        Bleezarde spent a lot of time on
                                                                                     Piper and I are the only two there, so     the beautiful Taconic Golf Course in
                                                                                     far. Log on and send us a greeting,        Williamstown, Mass., this past spring.
       CalenDar of events                                                            responses, “likes” or pictures. For
                                                                                     the next “Alumni News” for Class of
                                                                                                                                She also enjoyed summer theater
                                                                                                                                and Tanglewood and notes that the
                                                                                     1959, please send information to           Berkshires in the summer are glorious.
     September                                                              or            Judith invites anyone to come visit!
       23-28 – Celebrate & Advance UAlbany                                           to Alumni Association, University at       Irv Freedman retired 16 years ago
                                                                                     Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue,
          24 – An Evening with Broadway’s Carolee Carmello ’83                       Albany, NY 12222. Jane Bruskawicz
                                                                                                                                from SUNY-Administration, where
                                                                                                                                he was vice chancellor for Capital
                                                                                     Stephan is a medical technologist
     October                                                                         and has been a member of the
                                                                                                                                Facilities and general manager of the
       11-13 – EOP Reunion                                                                                                      State University System Construction
                                                                                     New York State Society of Medical
                                                                                                                                Fund. Jackie, Irv’s wife, who graduated
       18-20 – Homecoming and Reunion and Family Weekend                             Technologists for more than 30 years.
                                                                                                                                after us but knew most everyone in
                                                                                     She has been employed full and now
           18 – GOLD Reunion, Albany                                                                                            our class, also retired just before Irv
                                                                                     part time for 45 years and is also
                                                                                                                                as executive director of the Large City
           18 – All-Alumni Wine Tasting at the School of Business                    blood-bank technologist certified
                                                                                                                                Boards of Education. Since then, they
                                                                                     through the American Society for
           19 – Touchdown Tailgate                                                   Clinical Pathology. Her grandson,
                                                                                                                                have strived to be model grandparents
                                                                                                                                to six wonderful kids (three from
           25 – Atlanta Alumni Reception with President Jones                        Derek Treonze, also will be a graduate
                                                                                                                                China), and they spend lots of time
                                                                                     of UAlbany, and she couldn’t be
                                                                                                                                at their house on Brant Lake. Irv and
     November                                                                        any happier.
                                                                                                                                Jackie hope to hear about others in
            8 – UAlbany vs. Siena Basketball Game                                    Class councilor: Miriam Russell,           their classes. Janet Beardsley had
                                                                                                 a great winter in Florida and learned
                and Pregame Party
                                                                                                                                how to play mah jong. Next winter,
           11 – Culinary Institute of America Dinner and Tour
                                                                                     60      John and Nancy Lou Ryan            she is going to learn how to play
          For additional events and details, visit                                   Gnan enjoyed a pleasant 21-day             pickleball; it is all the rage in Florida.
                                                                                     transatlantic cruise in May, stopping      Her grandson is now 13, and her
                                                      in Gibraltar; France; and Italy, where     granddaughter is 11. They are the
                                                                                     they visited Florence, Pisa and Rome.      delights of her life. Janet expects to
                                                                                     They were treated to a royal tour          do the Great Escape with them this

36      UAlbany Magazine          •   Fall 2013
    New graduates played the Great Dane Toss, won prizes and learned
           about GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) at the Alumni
          Association’s GOLD tent at the May Commencement Picnic.

coming summer. Jan Goodermote              Rubin Bernstein is sorry she was
Newport and her husband are now            not able to make the 50th reunion.
completely retired. Due to health          She has such fond memories of her
considerations, they sold their house      days as an undergraduate at Albany,
in Poestenkill, N.Y., last fall. They      but unfortunately, she has been out of
had lived there for 48 years. They         touch with many of our classmates.
now own a townhouse near Hudson            She does see Connie Herodes and
Valley Community College, which they       Barbara Dolansky every so often,
love. Two of their three children live     as they all live in the Poughkeepsie
locally, so they are able to see them      area. Nancy and Sandy ’58 celebrated
frequently. Their youngest son and         their 50th anniversary. They have
his family, including the two youngest     three daughters and five grandsons.
grandchildren, live in Charleston, S.C.,   They have been fortunate to enjoy
so they travel now primarily to visit      retirement. Donna Steele Parks
there. Jan and her husband have been       still lives in “God’s Country” a.k.a.
privileged to have three grandsons;        Watertown, N.Y., where they have
unfortunately, the first was killed at     snow but no tornadoes or floods! She
age 16 nine years ago by a drunken         has been married 52 years; Donna          New York State Association of Black       Raleigh, N.C., although two years were
hit-and-run driver. Every year on          and her husband have five children        and Puerto Rican Legislators, which       spent on assignment in Nice, France.
his birthday, their family and friends     and nine grandchildren whom they          was held in conjunction with the          He now stays busy with three nonprofit
ring the Salvation Army bells in his       happily enjoy during their retirement.    Westchester Black Women’s Political
memory. After having majored in social                                                                                         organizations. He is in his third year as
                                           She still enjoys her horses (and also a   Caucus’ 32nd Annual Leadership
studies at Albany, Jan received an                                                                                             secretary of the United States Power
                                           very spoiled springer spaniel), and she   Breakfast. Alice is the executive
up-close-and-live dose of government                                                                                           Squadrons® District 27 (mostly North
                                           has been reading John Sullivan’s book.    director of the Center for Law and
in action following Christopher’s death.                                                                                       Carolina). Dave volunteers two days
                                           Donna had a great time reconnecting       Justice in Albany, N.Y. She also is an
With great effort and time, the family     with old friends at the 50th reunion,                                               a week at Saint Saviour’s Center, a
                                                                                     adjunct professor at UAlbany, and         venue for several different services for
succeeded in having a law passed           and she wishes good luck and good         has taught at Russell Sage and Siena
that makes “leaving the scene” the         health to you all. Joan Valesente and                                               low-income families and the elderly.
                                                                                     College over the years.                   He also is a founding member and the
same degree felony as is DWI in            Bob sold their home and purchased a
New York State. Their intent was to                                                  Class notes councilor:                    current administrative officer of Global
                                           townhome a few blocks away on the
encourage drivers to stay with the                                                   J. Sheril McCormack,                      H20, a charity that provides clean
                                           marsh in Hilton Head, S.C. They enjoy
victim and get help, as opposed to                                                           water in poor countries. In November
                                           beautiful sunsets from their deck,
leaving the scene in order to “sober                                                                                           2012, Dave and his wife, Carolyn,
up.” They also advocated strongly for
                                           but not all the remodeling projects.
                                           Their children and grandchildren all      65      Dave Simons retired from          spent two weeks in Uganda,
widespread implementation of the           live nearby, so they can visit often.     IBM Corp. in 2005 after 42 years of       where the GH20 team saw the
ignition interlock device, knowing that    Joan and Bob celebrated their 51st        service. Most of that time was spent in   completion of seven new wells and
its usage could be a significant factor    anniversary this past summer and
in preventing DWI-related deaths. The      note that life is good.
only member of our class with whom         Class Councilor: Mel Horowitz,
she maintains close contact is Dave
Murphy. Jan never knew Dave when
they were fellow students, but they
started their teaching careers together    62       Hannah Schnitt-Rogers
at Bethlehem Central. She does often       and husband Steve welcomed their
think of others from that bygone era       first grandchild in February. Robert
and would love to hear from people         Sweeney relocated from Asheville
she knew then. elaine Frankonis            to Flagler Beach, Fla., and would
is living a relaxing life in western       love to find classmates or an alumni
Massachusetts with her daughter            chapter there. Fran Shepherd

                                                                                          great Dane Pregame
and family, experimenting with             and husband spent a joyful time
suburban farming, continuing to blog       in Florida with her Albany roomie,
sporadically, and learning math and        Linda Zucconi Dellea. Sheril Joan
                                           McCormack spent three weeks in
science concepts she never knew as
her 11-year-old grandson explores the      Belgium, Holland and Scotland in April.                     oct. 19, 1-3:30 p.m.
excitement and innovations of home         Hannah Schnitt-Rogers, Carole
schooling. Joan and Carl Herman            Pixie Wilbourn, Linda Bosworth                get into the ua spirit, and check out the new
are well and enjoying retirement. They     and Sheril                                    multi-sport complex before the Homecoming
spend 10 weeks in Florida, where           McCormack all
                                           met and stayed
                                                                                       football game. enjoy food, fun and entertainment.
they play a lot of golf and spend time
with good friends. Joan continues to       at the Algonquin                                   Free parking in the Dutch Quad lot.
be involved with two choruses: one, a      Hotel in New York                                         registration required.
community mixed chorus; the other, a       City; they did some
Sweet Adeline chorus. Other than that,     serious theatre                                        For a detailed list of activities
golf, quilting and Italian class keep      attending. Alice            Alice Green      visit
her busy. She wishes the very best to      Green was an honoree at the 42nd
everyone in the class of ‘61. Nancy        annual Legislative Conference of the

Alumni News & Notes

the rehabilitation of five old ones.       for Finance and Administration,           diverse organization of public health
These wells will provide clean water       assistant dean for Instructional          professionals in the world” with more
for approximately 20,000 people.           Support Services, and in other posts      than 20,000 members.
Carolyn officially retired Feb. 28 of      in a career spanning three decades at     Class councilor: Rick Corcione,
this year. The next morning, they left     the college and The City University of
for three weeks of skiing in Colorado.     New York.
Now that she is retired, they are
able to spend more time on their           70 Your co-councilor, John                73       Pryor Cashman partner
boat. They have four children and six                                                Kenneth Schulman was honored              President Robert Jones (left) had
                                           Michalke, ended his rewarding 40-         by Ronald McDonald House New York
grandchildren between them.                                                                                                   an opportunity to speak with past
                                           year career as an associate economist     as a recipient of its 2013 Hope Award
                                                                                                                              UAlbany president Patrick Swygert
66      C.W. Sullivan has retired as
                                           with the New York State Department of
                                           Labor in Albany this past October. He
                                                                                     for his distinguished leadership and
                                                                                     dedication as a volunteer. The Hope           at the Washington, D.C.,
distinguished professor of arts and        started with the department in October    Award, which represents optimism,            alumni reception in April.
sciences from East Carolina University,    1972 as an unemployment insurance         faith, promise and positive expectation,
Greenville, N.C., after 34 years. C.W.     reviewing examiner. After bouncing        is the most prestigious recognition       harrowing and hilarious melodrama
and his wife, Sheree Scarborough,          around different state departments,       the organization can bestow upon a        from Pulitzer Prize- and Academy
now live in a log cabin near Floyd, Va.,   he returned to the labor department       volunteer.                                Award-winning author Sidney Howard.
and he teaches in a summer graduate        and was primarily involved in extensive
program in children’s literature at
Hollins University in Roanoke, Va.
                                           reports and research projects relating
                                           to the state’s unemployment insurance     75 Paul Morton has been                  76     Nate Salant has been
                                                                                                   elected a fellow in the    appointed to the NCAA D2 National
Class councilor: Gary Spielmann,           program. He plans to catch up on                                                   Championships Committee. Nate is in
                                           reading, long-neglected hobbies, doing                  College of Law Practice                                                                                                     his 21st year as commissioner of the
                                           volunteer work, and traveling to visit                  Management. He will
                                                                                                                              Gulf South Conference.
68      Diane Call has been
                                           family and friends.                                     be inducted at the
                                                                                                   college’s annual Futures
appointed president of Queensborough
                                           Class notes coucilor: John Michalke,
                                                                                                   Conference in Chicago      77       John Gionis was awarded
Community College. She has been                                                      Paul Morton in October. Paul is the      the Legal Eagle award for Civil and
the interim president since July                                                                   chief operating officer
2010. Prior to that, Diane was             72     Adewale Troutman is the            of Boston-based law firm Burns &
                                                                                                                              Criminal Litigation by the Long Island
                                                                                                                              Pulse magazine in April. John’s
Queensborough’s provost and senior         American Public Health Association’s      Levinson LLP. Harry Feiner was           practice encompasses commercial
vice president for academic affairs.       (APHA) newly elected president.           the scenic and lighting designer for     litigation; personal and catastrophic
She also has served as vice president      APHA “is the oldest, largest and most     the production The Silver Cord, a

        Donna Ashcraft, M.A.’87, Ph.D.’88
         Donna Ashcraft, professor of                       research findings and theories in
         psychology at Clarion University                   the areas of personality and social
         and one of the “founding                           psychology, as well as scenes from
         mothers” of the Women’s                            the novels and surveys of readers,
         Studies program there, recently                    Deconstructing Twilight separates
         published Deconstructing Twilight:                 myth from reality regarding the
         Psychological and Feminist                         series’ depictions of women,
         Perspectives on the Series. Using                  men, romantic relationships and
         feminist and psychological theory,                 motherhood. A social learning
         the author examines the behavior,                  perspective is employed to                         women’s studies
         relationships and gender roles                     demonstrate the effect the novels                  text. Her Personality
         depicted in the popular Twilight                   can have on gender role formation                  Theories Workbook is
         series, and includes perspectives                  and the development of relationship                currently in its 5th edition, and
         from both fans and detractors of                   scripts in young-adult readers.                    she is working on the 6th. Ashcraft,
         the series. The book discusses                     Social psychological concepts are                  who received her bachelor’s degree
         whether the character Bella, and                   used to explain and integrate the                  from Buffalo State College, has
         the series in general, is antifeminist             discrepant views of fans and critics.              taught at Clarion since 1988. For
         or an example of modern feminism,                  Ashcraft also edited and wrote                     more information about purchasing
         and whether the relationship                       three chapters for Women’s Work:                   her books, visit www.peterlang.
         between Bella and Edward is                        A Survey of Scholarship by and                     com, or
         healthy or maladjusted. Integrating                About Women, an introductory             

38      UAlbany Magazine          •   Fall 2013
injuries; real estate; trusts and estates; and criminal law, including
white collar crime cases involving fraud. He has successfully tried
to verdict cases in both state and federal courts in the New York
metropolitan area. John McHugh, secretary of the Army, received
the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rockefeller College Alumni
Dinner and Awards Ceremony May 17. Allison Berg is happy to
announce the birth of her grandson, Trace Martin Petriccione, on
Jan. 1, 2013. Stuart Gelberg was selected as a Top Long Island
Legal Eagle for the third consecutive year by Pulse magazine.
Recognized as a Top Attorney by Newsweek magazine and
featured in its final print issue, Stuart was also selected as a Top
Attorney by New York magazine in its December 2012 special
double issue.

78      Steve Basset recently formed the Steve
Basset Band and has released an acoustic debut
album, So Beautiful. He uses his love for the
Grateful Dead, the Beatles and Willie Nelson to       Steve Basset
inspire his folk leanings. He has been a supporter
of the Salt Lake City music scene since moving to Utah in 1994.
You can listen to and see Steve perform at www.reverbnation.
com/steveabasstet and

79      Johannes Froebel-Parker was part of a live online
interview this past June at a new program/website for authors

                                                                             It only takes a minute
helping authors and future authors. More information:

80        Patricia Nugent has been featured in a new
collection of true narratives, I Wasn’t Strong Like This
When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse.
                                                                                 to make a gift
                                                                              that lasts a lifetime.
In this collection, nurses remember their first “sticks,”         Patricia
first births and first deaths, reflecting on what gets            Nugent
                them through long, demanding shifts and keeps
                them in the profession. More information: http://
       Michael Levy was elected judge
                of the 15th Judicial Circuit by the Virginia General
                Assembly on April 3, 2013. He has served as a
                judge in the 15th District Court for the past four
Michael         years and took his new seat on July 1, 2013. Tom
Levy            Burke was faced with a great surprise when two
UAlbany Roof and Maintenance Division staff members, Scott
Thomas and Brian Edwards, found his high-school ring, lost 36
years ago on Colonial Quad. They mailed the ring back to Tom
immediately – and he was very impressed by their sincerity and
the lengths they went to to return it.

81      Joshua Bloom has been elected chair of
the Executive Committee of the Bar Association of
San Francisco’s (BASF) Environmental Law Section
for 2013. Joshua’s environmental and natural
resources practice involves counseling, litigation            Joshua
and transactional work. The mission of BASF’s                  Bloom
Environmental Law Section is to serve and educate both attorneys
and the general public about environmental law. Ian Farrell
has been appointed assistant vice president of Development
for Colleges at Virginia Tech. He brings to the position extensive
experience in university development and fundraising. Most
recently, he served as director of regional development at
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he assumed responsibility
for a major-gifts program. edward Murphy, president and
executive director of Workforce Development Institute, received
the Distinguished Continuing Professional Education Leadership
Award of Excellence at the Rockefeller College Alumni Dinner and       
Awards Ceremony May 17.

82       Lauren Solotar has been promoted to president and chief
executive officer of May Institute in Randolph, Mass. Lauren began
her career there in 1996 as chief psychologist and vice president
of Clinical Services. May Institute is a nonprofit organization that

Alumni News & Notes

provides educational, rehabilitative      during Homecoming/Reunion Weekend                               mediation-
and behavioral health services to         this Oct. 18-19.                                                law; she
thousands of individuals with special     Class councilor: Dave Schaffer,                                 teaches
needs and their families every year.                                            law clinics
                                                                                 Michael Shaps            in both.
83       Maritza Martinez has              84   Karu Hangawatte, a
                                                                                 Michael Shaps was recognized
                                                                                 this past April at Fenway Park
been awarded the 2012 Director’s       professor of criminal justice at the      before the start of a Red Sox
                    Community          University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)     game as the 2013 Most Valuable
                    Leadership         has been                                  Educator by the Massachusetts
                    Award. Maritza     appointed                                 Teachers Association and the
                    is the director of by the                                    Boston Red Sox. A school
                    the Educational    government                                psychologist for 19 years, he is
                    Opportunity        of Sri Lanka                                                                        In London on business last spring, Saks
                                                                                 currently working in the Waltham,
                    Program (EOP)      as the next                                                                         Fifth Avenue senior executives Thomas
                                                                                 Mass., Public Schools. To watch
Maritza             at the University  ambassador                Karu Hangawatte                                             Ott, B.S.’88, left, and Ronald Frasch,
                                                                                 the video of Michael receiving his
Martinez       at Albany. EOP, which   to France and UNESCO, with                award, visit: He B.S.’70, right, came across a familiar
               provides admission      oversight authority of Spain and          is featured about four minutes in.        name on fashionable Savile Row. We’re
opportunities for low-income New       Portugal. From 2010-2012, Karu                                                       glad they shared the moment with us!
                                                                                 Class councilor: Patty Salkin,
York state students, also supports     served as a commissioner of Sri
students in academic, financial,       Lanka’s Lessons Learned and                                                             U.S. News and World Report as a top
social and personal matters. Maritza
demonstrates leadership through
                                       Reconciliation Commission, a post-war
                                       presidential commission. As an expert         86   Gordon Plutsky is the chief
                                                                                                                               physician in the Southwest. Phoenix
                                                                                                                               Magazine also recognized Dave as
her personal involvement with the      commissioner, he investigated and         marketing officer at King Fish Media          “Top Doc” in gastroenterology for
students. Under her leadership, the    analyzed the national issues occurring    in Salem, Mass. King Fish Media is            the metropolitan Phoenix/Scottsdale
EOP at UAlbany has been recognized     between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil    a leading content-marketing agency.           region.
as a model program in New York         Eelam and successive governments in       Gordon also is an adjunct faculty
State public higher education. A note
from your class councilor: Fellow
                                       Sri Lanka.                                member at Endicott College in Beverly,
                                                                                 Mass., teaching marketing strategy
                                                                                                                               88       Donna Barket has been
classmates, it is hard to believe that
we graduated 30 years ago. The
                                           85   elizabeth Donovan works          and digital marketing to master’s
                                                                                 students. Jennifer Manner has been
                                                                                                                               named a Woodrow Wilson Indiana
                                                                                                                               Teaching Fellow by the Woodrow
                                       as a clinical program director at Ave                                                   Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.
style of our class obviously set the   Maria School of Law in Naples, Fla.       hired by EchoStar Corp., a leading
                                                                                 global satellite services provider and        With the $30,000 stipend, Donna
tone for the decade that would later   She previously worked as an assistant
                                                                                 developer of hybrid video-delivery            will complete a special intensive
become famously known as “The Big      clinical professor at Ave Maria School
                                                                                 technologies, as vice president of            master’s program at Purdue University
’80s.” Please think about returning to of Law in Ann Arbor, Mich. Her areas                                                    to will prepare her to teach math
campus to celebrate that golden era    of focus are human trafficking and        Regulatory Affairs. Jennifer, who has
                                                                                                                               and/or science in Indiana’s urban
                                                                                 more than 20 years of experience
                                                                                                                               and rural public schools. Bonnie
                                                                                 as a telecommunications policy and
                                                                                                                               Jenkins, coordinator for Threat
                                                                                 regulatory executive,
                                                                                                                               Reduction Programs with the United
                                                                                 formerly was the deputy
                                                                                                                               States Department of State, received
                                                                                 chief of the FCC’s
                                                                                                                               the Distinguished Alumna in Public
                                                                                 Office of Engineering
                                                                                                                               Administration and Policy Award at the
                                                                                 and Technology. Joan
                                                                                                                               Rockefeller College Alumni Dinner and
                                                                                 Solotar was honored by
                                                                                                                       Joan    Awards Ceremony May 17.
                                                                                 the National Organization
                                                                                 for Women, New York
                                                                                 City, with a 2013 Women of Power              90       Thembayena
                                                                                 & Influence Award. She is the senior          Dlamini, who earned her

      annual Homecoming                                                          managing director and head of the
                                                                                 External Relations and Strategy Group
                                                                                                                               Ph.D. in economics at
                                                                                                                               UAlbany, was appointed
                                                                                                                               ambassador to Russia from

     5k run and 2.5k Walk
                                                                                 for Blackstone.                                                                        Dlamini
                                                                                                                               her country, Swaziland,
                                                                                     87   James O’Sullivan joined
                                                                                                                               this past year. She is pictured here
                     Saturday, oct. 19                                           the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley
                                                                                                                               shaking hands with Vladimir Putin.
                                                                                                                               Michael Rosenblut, president and
                                                                                 Charitable Trust as a program director
                                                                                                                               CEO of the nationally acclaimed Parker
   to benefit the ualbany Cancer research Center’s                               this past March. James, who leads
                                                                                                                               Jewish Institute for Health Care and
                     Fund for Memory and Hope.                                   the trust’s IBD & Crohn’s Program,
                                                                                                                               Rehabilitation, was named Business
                                                                                 also serves as a senior adviser to
                                                                                                                               Person of the Year by the
                   timing, prizes and giveaways.                                 its Israel program. He comes to the
                                                                                                                               Queens, N.Y., Chamber of
                            event is open to all.                                trust from Rockefeller Philanthropy
                                                                                                                               Commerce this past March.
                                                                                 Advisors (RPA). Prior to joining RPA in
                  For details and registration, visit
                                                                                 2008, James worked at the John A.
                                                                                 Hartford Foundation. Dave Schaeffer           92       Ken Rosenberg was
                                                                                 is a physician based in Phoenix, Ariz.        sworn in as president-elect            Ken
                                                                                 He recently was recognized by the             of the Essex County Bar          Rosenberg

40      UAlbany Magazine          •   Fall 2013
Association (ECBA) this past April. The ECBA     private sessions with people or
is the largest county bar association in the     organizations interested in making
State of New Jersey.                             the courageous and empowering
                                                 decision to do “life work” to create                             Miguel aguilera,
94      Meredith Celentano has been
                                                 successful outcomes and balance
                                                 in all life areas.                                               M.a.’98, Ph.D.’04
named chair of the 2013 Philanthropy
Day by The Association of Fundraising
Professionals Long Island. Philanthropy          97 Chuck Bennett was                                           “explaining our
Day, which will take place in November,
focuses on harnessing the latest advances
                                                 commissioned in April as a U.S.
                                                 Foreign Service officer. He currently                              World”
in development, learning best practices          is serving a two-year tour as vice
and new techniques, and networking with          consul at Embassy Kingston in                                 In an email from Tempe last
accomplished members of the development          Jamaica.                                                      spring, Arizona State University
profession. Meredith is the assistant vice                                                          (ASU) Associate Professor of Religious Studies
president for Development and Alumni
Affairs at Hofstra University.
                                                 98 Lauren Rudolph was featured                     Miguel Aguilera confirmed that good things
                                                               in Nyack News and Views              do come in threes.
95       Atlanta-based accounting firm
                                                               for recent artwork and
                                                               accomplishments. In 2011,            Aguilera published The Maya World of Commu-
Moore Colson CPAs recently announced the                       inspired by her daughter,
admission of Michael elliot as a partner                       Lauren opened Little Light           nicating Objects: Quadripartite Crosses, Trees, and
                in the firm’s tax services                     Art Studio for children ages         Stones (the University of New Mexico Press)
                practice. Moore Colson is        Lauren        3 through 6. After the birth         in 2010. That same year, the ASU School of
                                                 Rudolph       of her son, Gabriel, in 2012,
                a full-service accounting                                                           Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Stud-
                firm located in Atlanta, Ga.,    Lauren’s creative spark was reignited. Her         ies faculty member was tenured. And last May,
                providing tax and assurance      paintings are typically portraits, and she
                                                 plans to continue to expand as an artist.          he received the Zebulon Pearce Distinguished
                services, management-
   Mike Elliot consulting services, lender                                                          Teaching Award, named for an 1899 graduate
                services, estate and financial
services, information-technology audit
                                                 99       Rachel Santarlas                          of the Territorial Normal School at Tempe,
                                                                                                    now ASU. In accepting the award, Aguilera
                                                 recently was promoted to
services and corporate accounting. Carmen        counsel in Wolff & Samson’s                        acknowledged the “professors, colleagues,
Pena has launched a new business that            Intellectual Property and Media                    students, relatives and Maya consultants” who
uses her passion and the unique skills and       and Technology Groups in West
knowledge she’s gained over the years to                                                            have inspired him. “I try to bring to my teach-
                                                 Orange, N.J. Previously an                Rachel
help people of all ages and at all stages        associate at the firm, Rachel          Santarlas   ing what I admire most in many of them: a
of life. She has developed a universal           counsels both domestic and international           vivid interest in explaining our world and our
message of personal awareness and                clients in a variety of areas, including those     place within it.”
growth, “Life Conversations with Carmen:         in the fashion, perfume, clothing, music
Life’s Big Questions & Practical Ways to         entertainment, media, Internet, spice,             His students attest to Aguilera’s success as both
Live Your Best Life Now.” Her intention          food and beverage industries, as well as           teacher and mentor. One noted: “Dr. Aguilera
is to conduct seminars, small-group and          nonprofit organizations.
                                                                                                    has influenced my scholarship and teaching
                                                                                                    in profound ways. While these have been
                                                                                                    critical to my professional development, my
      Build new connections with                                                                    interactions with Dr. Aguilera have resulted
                                                                                                    in strengthening my character, as well. He has
     the UAlbany Alumni Group on                                                                    instilled in me ethics that guide my work and
                                                                                                    interpersonal relationships. Most of all, he has
                                                                                                    taught me that honesty and personal account-
                                                                                                    ability are key for being a good researcher,
                                                                                                    teacher and human being.”

               Through this free network of UAlbany alumni, you’ll                                  Aguilera learned those same lessons at UAl-
               find inside connections to jobs, industry experts and                                bany. Anthropology faculty Marilyn Masson
                            business partners. Use it to:                                           and (now emeritus) Gary Gossen – to whom
        • Leverage the power of the UAlbany alumni network to                                       Aguilera dedicated his book – co-chaired his
          connect with other alums and their non-alumni contacts.                                   doctoral dissertation committee and “taught
                                                                                                    me what it means to be a scholar. They gave
        • Present yourself and your professional capabilities.
                                                                                                    unselfishly of their time in guiding and men-
        • Search LinkedIn’s job database and connect with UAlbany                                   toring me. Without them, I doubt I would
          alumni at companies around the world.                                                     have attained a tenure-track position, never
        • Accelerate your career through referrals from                                             mind Distinguished Associate Professor status,
          UAlbany alumni.                                                                           at Arizona State University,” Aguilera said.

                   To register, visit                                                                           – Carol Olechowski
                   and search for “UAlbany Alumni.”

Alumni News & Notes

                                                                                  as debt and equity financings. Matt
00 Addie Russell, a member of             01 Michael Schnipper was                Ammerman has created a startup
                                                                                  company called Apprenda. His
                                                                                                                           05     Angelo Maddox has moved
the New York State Assembly, District    promoted from attorney to partner this                                            to expand his business, Fresh & Fly
116, received the Distinguished          past February by Nixon Peabody LLP       company utilizes a software platform     Clothing, formerly Young Fresh & Fly,
Alumna in Political Science Award at     in Boston. Michael’s practice focuses    that enables large businesses to         to 13 South Pearl Street in Albany, N.Y.
the Rockefeller College Alumni Dinner    on the representation of both public     develop and deploy their own cloud
and Awards Ceremony May 17.              and private companies in business law
                                         and transactional matters, including
                                                                                  applications. Cloud computing moves
                                                                                  applications from individual desktops
                                                                                                                           06        Samantha Williams, who
                                                                                  and puts them on servers that            works in the Tax-Exempt East office,
                                         mergers and acquisitions, as well
                                                                                  users access remotely via network        has been promoted from in charge
                                                                                  connections. Some of Apprenda’s          to senior at the Bonadio Group in
                                                                                  clients include JP Morgan Chase and      Albany, N.Y. The Bonadio Group is

     Proud to be ...                                                              Diebold. Apprenda is a Clifton Park-     upstate New York’s largest provider of
                                                                                  based company, and Matt believes         accounting, consulting and financial
                                                                                                                           services. Matthew Cueter has

                                                                                  that the Capital Region was helpful in
                                                                                  the success of his startup.              joined Rawle & Henderson LLP as
                                                                                                                           an associate at the firm’s New York
                                                                                  02       Karen Schwimmer has
                                                                                                                           office. Matthew’s practice focuses on
                                                                                                                           the areas of construction, insurance,
                                                                                  joined the law firm Porzio, Bromberg     products liability, premises liability,
     Celebrate UAlbany                                                            & Newman P.C. as an associate. She       toxic tort litigation and professional
                                                                                  will be based in Porzio’s New York       liability. Stephanie Amann-Winokur
     EOP’s 45th Anniversar y                                                      City office and is a former member of    and Lyle Winokur purchased their
     Reunion: 1968-2013                                                           Wagner Davis P.C. Karen represents       first home in Albany. Brian Fessler,
                                                                                  clients in commercial real-estate        specialist with Questar III State Aid
     Oct. 11-13, 2013                                                             transactions.                            and Financial Planning Service,
                                                                                                                           received the Young Alumnus in Public
     For information and online registration,                                     03     Peter Brusoe, campaign            Administration and Policy Award at the
     go to or                                                  finance and lobbying data analyst for    Rockefeller College Alumni Dinner and
                                                                                  Bloomberg, L.P., received the Young      Awards Ceremony May 17. or contact Patrick Romain                              Alumnus in Political Science Award at
     or Latonia Spencer at (518) 442-3200.                                        the Rockefeller College Alumni Dinner
                                                                                  and Awards Ceremony May 17.
                                                                                                                           07       Ralph Underwood is currently
                                                                                                                           the senior accountant at Dormitory
                                                                                                                           Authority, State of New York (DASNY),
                                                                                                                           in Albany. Priya Anand is fashioning
                                                                                                                           an acting career in India. She recently
             Expand your                                                                                                   starred in the Vashu Bhagnani’s
                                                                                                                           Priyadarshan-directed movie
            profEssional                                                                                                   “Rangree.” She has starred in nine
                                                                                                                           other films and finds that acting is a
            nEtwork with                                                                                                   way to discover herself. Monika Nizio

                                                                                                                           married her law school sweetheart this
                                                                                                                           past September. She has been working
                                                                                                                           as a real-estate attorney in Miami
                                                                                                                           after graduating from the University
                                                                                                                           of Miami Law School. Katelyn
                                                                                                                           Primomo graduated from Albany Law
                                                                                                                           School this past year, passed the bar
       Networking can be key to your personal success, and your alumni                                                     and was admitted. She is currently
       association is making it easy for you to expand your professional                                                   working for The Legal Project as a
                                                                                                                           domestic violence attorney. Katelyn
       network with UCAN, the UAlbany Career Advisory Network.                                                             was married in January 2013; her
          • apintoanonline,worldwidenetwork
           T                                                                                                              new name is Katelyn Primomo-
            of UAlbany alumni professionals.                                                                               Millwood. Amy Bourdeau recently
                                                                                                                           received her master’s from the
          • etfeedbackonyourcareer                                                                                  University of Phoenix online while
            strategy and goals.                                                                                            working full time at Capital Living and
                                                                                                                           Rehabilitation Centers. She started
          • stablishnewbusinesscontacts.                                                                              there in May 2010 and previously
          • evelopnewknowledgeresources
            D                                                                                                              was with Leverpoint Management
            and more.                                                                                                      LLC for three years. Amy planned to
                                                                                                                           sit for one of the C.P.A. exams this
                                                                                                                           past July or August. Marc Pallozzi
         Learn more at                                                    graduated from Albany Law in 2012
                                                                                                                           with honors and is currently working

42     UAlbany Magazine          •   Fall 2013
for Gilberti, Stinziano, Heintz & Smith    commercial litigation. She previously    Gaines, Gruner, Ponzini and Novick       Partners in Health program, which
P.C., an environmental law firm with       worked with the firm’s corporate         LLP, based in White Plains, N.Y.         has helped bring emergency medical
offices in Albany, Syracuse and New        department concentrating on mergers                                               care and supplies to survivors of the
York City. After completing a master’s
degree in criminal justice at UAlbany in
                                           and acquisitions, as well as venture-
                                           capital deals.
                                                                                    10      Vimmi Bhaskar has been           massive earthquake that struck Haiti
                                                                                                                             in 2010. Julie Parlato recently was
                                                                                    hired as a senior for the small
2008, Dianna Maneksha relocated                                                                                              appointed regional preparedness
to Boston, where she works as a crime
analyst for the transit police. The
                                           09       Caitlin Root has been
                                                                                    business advisory team within The
                                                                                    Bonadio Group. Previously, Vimmi         associate for the American Red
                                           promoted to staff accountant by          worked as a senior staff member          Cross Northeastern Region. Julie will
rock-music duo she co-founded, Satin
                                           Lumsden McCormick. Caitlin joined        with Crow Horwath LLP.                   oversee the disaster-preparedness
Kittens, has played to large crowds
                                           Lumsden McCormick as a general                                                    curricula in the community, as well as
in both Boston and New York City.
Amanda Munk lives in Albuquerque,
                                           ledger analyst serving the company’s
                                           commercial business team. A
                                                                                    11      Benjamin Parsons has been        CPR skills for the general public. In
                                                                                                                             addition, she will manage up to five
N.M. She married Peter Munk in                                                      appointed by Civil Service Employees
                                           certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, she                                              full-time AmeriCorps state members
2011 and had a daughter in August                                                   Association President Danny Donohue
                                           is specially trained as a QuickBooks                                              and approximately 90 volunteers
2012. She works in the microbiology                                                 as a state legislative representative
                                           expert. Diana Mauro received a                                                    across four chapters and 17 countries.
department of a medical laboratory.                                                 in the union’s Legislative & Political
                                           Juris Doctor degree from the Roger                                                Chol Majok welcomed new United
Karen Granger graduated from the                                                    Action Department. Ben is working
                                           Williams University School of Law
Basic School of the New York State                                                  alongside fellow UAlbany alumnus         States citizens at a naturalization
                                           during commencement ceremonies
Police Academy this past May. She is                                                Joshua Terry ’05, who has been with      ceremony held in the U.S. District
                                           this past May. Diana was a member
assigned to Troop D in Oneida.                                                      the department since 2007.               Court in downtown Syracuse this past
                                           of the Criminal Law Society, Phi Alpha
                                                                                                                             April. Chol recently was hired as the
08       Alicia Garofalo has been
                                           Delta and the Student Bar Association.
                                           She completed a legal externship         13      Luis Gabriel Sanchez             scheduler for Syracuse’s mayor. He
                                                                                                                             is an immigrant from Africa, and his
promoted to paralegal at the law firm      with the Rhode Island Medical Legal      (Gabe) traveled as an observer/
of Harter Secrets & Emery LLP. Alicia’s    Partnership at Hasbro Children’s         volunteer to Haiti with Dr. Robin        journey to the United States was not
litigation work focuses on design          Hospital in Providence, R.I. She also    Rose, leadership programs director       an easy one. More information:
malpractice, product liability and         worked as a summer associate with        at Brown University. They visited the

                                                                                              Christina Esposito,
                                                                                              B.A.’00, Ph.D.
                                                                                              Congratulations to Christina Esposito,
                                                                                              who recently attained tenure at Macalester
                                                                                              College in St. Paul, Minn. The associate
                                                                                              professor of linguistics researches the
                                                                                              interaction between phonation and prosody
                                                                                              (the rhythm, stress and intonation of speech)
          Classes of 2004-2013                                                                and languages, such as White Hmong,
                                                                                              Zapotec, Gujarati and English, that use
   Don’t Miss the Sixth annual                                                                different voice qualities
                                                                                              to make phonological
        goLD reunion                                                                          contrasts. A summa
                                                                                              cum laude graduate of
                                                                                              the University at Albany,
             Join hundreds of other recent graduates,                                         where she majored
          meet up with old friends and see what’s new on                                      in anthropology and
         campus at the sixth annual GOLD (Graduates of                                        linguistics, Esposito
              the Last Decade) Reunion, oct. 18-19                                            completed her doctoral
         Check out some of the exciting events:                                               studies at the University
         • GOLD Friday night get-together at                                                  of California, Los
           Professor Barley’s                                                                 Angeles.
         • Tailgate Party Saturday afternoon
         • Great Danes Football vs. the Towson Tigers
         • Great Danes Great Bash at WT’s, with                                                       For a complete list of class councilors:
           free food and drinks for all alumni
                         For details, visit
                                                           or call the Alumni Association at
                                                                                                                    (518) 442-3080.

Alumni News & Notes
Deaths                                           elizabeth Conklin Possemato ’52, Dec. 17, 2012
                                                 Jeanne Corigliano McCarthy ’53, March 6, 2011
                                                                                                  Robert M. Mirett ’73, Oct. 4, 2012
                                                                                                  James R. Williams ’73, May 9, 2013
                                                 Robert C. Taber ’53, April 29, 2009              Mark A. Zelinger ’73, June 7, 2012
1930s                                            Barbara Coretty Feibke ’56, May 8, 2013          Krish Lakshmi Kanthan ’74, May 29, 2011
Margaret Mulligan Noon ’31, April 20, 2010
                                                 Robert e. Jennings ’56, Jan. 10, 2008            Joyce Savage ’74, March 19, 2013
Ruth Lecaro Peckham ’34, Jan. 26, 2012
                                                 David L. Kenyon ’57, Jan. 11, 2012               Pamela Reid Olson ’75, May 10, 2010
Beatrice Burns Montgomery ’35, Aug. 30, 2010
                                                 Margaret Kraus Todd ’58, Aug. 31, 2009           Mary Kupic Walsh ’75, Nov. 18, 2012
ethel Bayley Scofield ’35, Jan. 1, 2009
                                                 Thomas H. Watthews ’58, March 12, 2013           John H. Deane ’76, March 3, 2010
emma Mead King ’36, Feb. 5, 2011
                                                 Frank A. Burdick ’59, Jan. 19, 2013              ernestine V. Herring ’76, Feb. 5, 2013
Luella Wersen Taylor ’36, Aug. 21, 2008
                                                 David J. Pitkin ’59, Feb. 13, 2013               Michael K. Ringo ’76, Jan. 28, 2007
Jane Miller elia ’37, Dec. 13, 2012
                                                                                                  Andrew F. Britt ’77, April 16, 2013
Norma Fletcher Oakes ’37, Oct. 15, 2012          1960s                                            Thomas C. Castellano, Ph.D. ’77, Sept. 9, 2009
Alice S. Bennett ’38, Feb. 1, 2013               Charles H. Bollenbach ’60, May 2, 2013           Marcella L. Stewart ’77, April 29, 2012
Dolores Leffler Corcoran ’38, Dec. 30, 2008      Terri Boyd ’60, May 24, 2012                     Heide U. Brandes ’78, Oct. 13, 2012
elizabeth Allen Derr ’39, June 27, 2010          Nellie Hemingway Brewster ’60, May 22, 2011      Marion J. Burke ’78, April 15, 2013
Mildred King Hopke ’39, June 26, 2009            Jeannette S. Lafayette ’61, Nov. 29, 2010        Sydney Schwartz Katz ’78, June 9, 2012
Margaret Hora Mach ’39, June 13, 2011            Carol Clifton Turner ’62, May 9, 2012            Kenneth B. Kochmann ’78, March 8, 2013
Anne Kalichman Parnes ’39, Jan. 17, 2013         Gladys Barnes ’63, May 5, 2013                   August Sellitto ’78, March 21, 2008
eleanor Wise Wood ’39, Jan. 12, 2013             Margaret Sorenson Shafer ’64, April 30, 2013     Charles R. Hancock ’79, Oct. 29, 2012
                                                 Lorraine A. Underwood ’64, April 14, 2013
1940s                                            Linda King Aukett ’66, March 1, 2013             1980s
Norman W. Arnold ’40, April 26, 2013
                                                 Francis Collins ’67, Dec. 6, 2012                Michael P. Duffy ’81, March 7, 2013
Mary Koonz egan ’40, Feb. 4, 2013
                                                 William H. Frueh ’67, Feb. 9, 2013               Henry J. Chaya ’82, Jan. 29, 2013
Sadie Flax Schneider ’40, Sept. 16, 2011
                                                 Sondra B. Grady ’68, Jan. 1, 2013                Andrew R. Fairhall ’82, April 2, 2013
Yolanda Richardson Smith ’40, June 2, 2011
                                                 Barbara J. Pedersen Page ’68, Nov. 28, 2012      Margaret Kavanaugh Scarey ’82, Oct. 14, 2008
enes Novelli Burns ’41, March 25, 2011
                                                 elaine Tuccillo ’68, Nov. 16, 2012               Katherine L. Skigen ’82, Aug. 28, 2012
Marion Simon Kehl ’41, Dec. 15, 2012
                                                 John D. Leuallen ’69, July 5, 2012               ernest T. Friers ’88, Jan. 16, 2013
James e. Gillan ’42, Aug. 28, 2012
                                                 John Longo ’69, Dec. 3, 2012
Mary Menihan Starkey ’42, May 10, 2013                                                            1990s
                                                 Alan F. McBrien ’69, March 12, 2012
Barbara Bowker Butler ’43, Jan. 15, 2013                                                          Daniel J. Rice ’90, May 21, 2013
                                                 Kevin M. McClune ’69, March 7, 2013
Paula Nosal Rouffa ’47, Oct. 27, 2012                                                             Angelo W. Casabianca ’92, Nov. 13, 2009
evelyn Stephan Foley ’48, May 3, 2009            1970s                                            Gregory J. McGarry ’93, Feb. 10, 2013
Lawrence Appleby ’49, May 31, 2013               Mildred S. Resnick ’70, March 1, 2013            Aaron P. Brown ’97, Sept. 21, 2012
Jeanne Valachovic Carpenter ’49, Jan. 24, 2013   Dorothy e. Danner ’71, Feb. 8, 2013
Annette Gardiner DeLyser ’49, June 15, 2013      eva S. Greene ’71, Feb. 15, 2013                 2000s
elsie Landau Finkelstein ’49, Jan. 21, 2013      euphemia Virden Hall ’71, July 6, 2012           Michelle Martineau Lake ’00, Jan. 19, 2013
George Frank ’49, Feb. 2, 2013                   Frank S. Winoski ’71, May 13, 2012               Tracy M. Laverty ’07, March 6, 2013
Joyce Dickerson Horsman ’49, Aug. 4, 2010        Joseph Bowman, Jr. ’72, April 10, 2013
                                                 Pamela Beninati Derrick ’72, Oct. 21, 2012
Pauline Thompson Hill ’50, Nov. 27, 2012
                                                 Carl e. Pope ’72, July 25, 2009                  Faculty/Staff
                                                 James F. Blackwell ’73, Jan. 24, 2012            Joseph Bowman Jr., B.A.’72, M.L.S.’74, M.A.’75,
Gerard R. Brophy ’51, Feb. 7, 2013
                                                 Susan Hanson Fisher ’73, June 21, 2011           Service Associate Professor, Department of Educational
Robert W. Bell ’52, March 24, 2013
                                                                                                  Theory and Practice, and Chair, Center for Urban Youth
                                                                                                  and Technology, 1994-2013, April 11, 2013
                                                                                                  edward D. Davis, Professor, Mathematics and
               Annette Gardiner DeLyser ’49, ’55,                                                 Statistics, 1968-1998, Feb. 8, 2013
            a member of the UAlbany Alumni Association board from                                 Andrew R. Haas, Associate Professor, Computer
           1991-2002, passed away June 15. Annette served as class                                Science Department, 1989-2013, Jan. 23, 2013
           councilor (1984-2010), Class Council vice chair (1989-91),                             Veronica Henighan, Business Manager, Alumni
              and alumni representative to The University at Albany                               Association, 1988-2013, May 2, 2013
                                                                                                  Walter Knotts, Professor, English Department, 1953-
           Foundation (2000-03). Annette was a UAlbany Benevolent                                 1991, Feb. 23, 2013
             Association board member (1985-2010) and president                                   Ross M. Miller, Assistant Professor, Finance
          (2001-2003), and in 2010 was named the first “Eunice Baird                              Department, 2004-2013, May 20, 2013
             Whittlesey Director Emeritus” of the association. A past                             Gordon S. Purrington, Assistant Professor,
           president of the UAlbany Phi Delta Alumnae Sorority and a                              Educational Administration and Policy Department,
                                                                                                  1972-2001, April 27, 2012
           member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International,
                                                                                                  elisabeth Hollister (Holly) Sims, Professor,
           she received the University’s Excellence in Alumni Service                             Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, 1989-
              Award in 1994. The Alumni Association is grateful for                               2013, May 5, 2013
                   Annette’s many years of service to UAlbany.                                    John e. Tucker, Professor, Psychology Department,
                                                                                                  and Director, University Counseling Center, 1963-1987,
                                                                                                  June 4, 2013

44      UAlbany Magazine      •   Fall 2013
Weddings                                                             UAlbany
                                                 2007 – Matthew
                                                                     Here are the best ways to reach us!
                                                    Rozea and
                                                  Lindsay Booth,          ADDRESS, E-MAIL, PHONE
                                                   May 18, 2013                OR JOB CHANGES
                                                                                Mail: Pushpa Royce
                                                                     Office of Development Services, UAB 209
                              and                                               University at Albany
                hton Navins
   2006 – Creig        ay 4, 2013
                                                                             1400 Washington Avenue
                 ey, M
   Margot Kearn                                                                  Albany, NY 12222

                                                                        ALUMNI NEWS AND NOTES
                                       1990 – Steve
                                                    n Balet and        Lee Serravillo, Executive Director
                                    Mindy Borisof
                                                 f, March 23, 20           Mail: Alumni Association
                                                                                 Alumni House
                                                                               University at Albany
                                                                           1400 Washington Avenue
                                                                                Albany, NY 12222
1976 – Robert Kulikowski and                                                    Ph: (518) 442-3080
                                                                               Fax: (518) 442-3207

Christopher Collins, Feb. 7, 2013

                                                                         LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
                                                                             Mail: Carol Olechowski
                                                                           Editor, UAlbany Magazine
                                                                        University Development, UAB 214
                                                                              University at Albany
                                                                            1400 Washington Avenue
                                                                                Albany, NY 12222
                                                                               Ph: (518) 437-4992
                                                                               Fax: (518) 437-4957
                1990 – Randi Cohan Giambruno
               and husband Peter, a daughter, Ava,
             May 6, 2011, and a son, Zak, Jan. 3, 2013

                                   1990 – Keri R
                                                 eitman and
                                  husband Bria
                                               n Schnapper,
                               a son, Alexand
                                              er, Sept. 6, 20

                                               2003 – Amanda
   1996 – Danie                                Brazee and husband
   Olden an   d wife                           Guy De Launière,
  Kerrey, a daug                               a son, Dominic,
        C laire,                               May 2, 2012
    Jan. 24, 2013

Authors and Editors

Carl Cusato, B.a. ’66, recently                                 Peter Pollak, M.a. ’70, Ph.D. ’78, has released his third
released his second book, Lifestones,                           novel, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge. The novel begins with
a science-fiction romantic comedy.                              the main character waking up in a small hospital in upstate
Cusato’s book is a hybrid between a                             New York unable to remember who he is or how he ended
novel and screenplay; he has called                             up near death. The remainder of the book explores the main
it a “movel.” Lifestones centers on a                           character’s attempts to figure out who tried to kill him and
male nano-physicist whose wife and                              why. More information:
child were killed in a car accident. The
movel is a quick read for ambitious                             Sherry Penney, Ph.D. ’72, has published three books; the
urban professionals. More information:                          latest is Next Generation Leadership: Insights from Emerging                                         Leaders. Co-authored with Patricia Neilson, the book deals
                                                                with 21st-century leadership and how generations X and Y
Lawrence epstein, B.a. ’67, M.a. ’68, Ph.D. ’76, is             view leadership and what kind of leaders they want to aspire
the author of a new book, The Basic Beliefs of Judaism: A       to be. Penney’s other books are A Very Dangerous Woman:
Twenty-First-Century Guide to a Timeless Tradition. The novel   Martha Wright and Woman’s Rights and Patrician in Politics:
                   provides an organized explanation and        Daniel Dewey Barnard of New York. More information:
                   analysis of the central Jewish articles of
                   faith. Subjects covered include the nature
                   of God; the natural world; the Jewish        John amodeo, M.a. ’73, has a new book on Amazon.
                   people; why good people suffer; the          The Captain’s Coin tells the story of an immigrant 13-year-
                   Jewish ethical foundations of living; love   old escaping the web of starvation and
                   and marriage in the Jewish community;        death in his native County Cork, Ireland,
                   and death and the afterlife, among others.   during the potato famine. Michael Brady,
                                                                young, naive and afraid, sets foot in a
                                                                strange city, intent on survival. His story
richard Matturro, B.a. ’68, M.a. ’69, Ph.D. ’73, has            will resonate with anyone who has had to
published Janey, the completion and central novel in his        re-examine the direction of his or her life
tri-city trilogy. The novels, set in the                        while readjusting to the realities of life’s
neighboring upstate New York cities                             challenges. More information:
of Albany, Schenectady and Troy,                      
are about three women who share
an aversion to all things feminine,                             Susan katz, B.a. ’75, is the author of Start Your Career:
especially motherhood. These women                              5 Steps to Finding the Right Job after College. This book
face unexpected detours that bring                              provides a guide, through a series of steps and tips, for
them to a place where myth and reality                          college students seeking to begin professional careers.
collide. More information:                                      In five steps, Katz demonstrates how to turn a college                                        degree into a personally satisfying career. The book’s
                                                                advice ranges from identifying skill sets to creating a
                    richard Morgan, B.S. ’69, recently          network and preparing for job interviews.
                    composed a book of poems entitled           More information:
                    Sea Glass Soul. His third book of poetry,
                    it also includes art drawn by Pat Morgan.   ed Moser, B.a. ’77, author of seven published books, has
                    The poems were inspired by the              written a new book on American history. A Patriot’s America
                    authors living on an island off the         from A to Z is a riveting primer for everyone interested in this
                    Jersey shore. More information:             nation’s past, featuring heroic events and creative individuals
                               who surmounted great difficulties to accomplish great
                                                                things: traveling to the moon, defeating the Nazis, wiring
                                                                the planet, setting the first large democratic republic and
                                                                largely banishing starvation overseas. More information:

46    UAlbany Magazine   •   Fall 2013
Bassey essien, M.S. ’77, ed.D. ’81, has written a memoir          Denise garofalo, B.a. ’81, M.L.S. ’82, has had a
titled Voice from the Mangrove Swamps.                            book chapter published in Robots in Academic Libraries:
The book describes Essien’s early                                 Advancements in Library Automation. Her chapter is titled
struggles working with his mother in                              “Empires of the Future: Libraries, Technology and the
the village farms; canoe fishing with                             Academic Environment.” More information:
his father on the ocean; laboring in                    
Nigeria’s mangrove swamps; working in
Lagos as an apprentice photographer;                              Jeff Laing, Ph.D. ’82, has written Bud Fowler: Baseball’s
and later pursuing an education in                                First Black Professional, the first full-length biography of the
America. More information:                                        first African American to play in organized baseball. After                                        the color line became impregnable in the 1890s, Fowler also
                                                                  organized and managed numerous all-black touring teams.
Johannes Froebel-Parker, B.a. ’79, M.a. ’82, M.S. ’85,            His 35-year-long career in the national pastime mirrored the
is the author of The First Kindergarten, the third novel in his   social, political and cultural turbulence of the Gilded Age.
Ahnentafel series. In this historical
novel, which includes a great deal of                             Daniel guyton, B.a. ’00, has recently been published. His
biographical information, Froebel-                                new play Mrs. Claus Gets Menopause, was selected by ArtAge
Parker joins through literature the                               Publications’ Senior Theatre Resource Center from over
lives and contributions of two of                                 300 submissions, and is featured in ArtAge’s newly released
the world’s greatest proponents                                   2014 catalog.
of children’s education. More
                                                                  Lisa Bundrick, M.S.W. ’04, has had
                                                                  another children’s book published.
Patricia nugent, M.S. ’80, offers                                 Wonderful Words is written to help
300 vignettes about caregiving                                    enhance a child’s self-esteem by
and loss in her book They Live On: Saying Goodbye to Mom          teaching him/her the meaning of
and Dad. The book, published in 2010, offers vignettes            selected “wonderful words” and
portraying the stages of caring for and saying goodbye            encouraging the child to think about
to a loved one, as seen through the eyes of a daughter            how these “wonderful words” may
and her terminally ill parents. More information:                 apply to him/her.
                                                                                      Jean Chodkowski, M.a. ’05, is the
teresa Sutton, B.a. ’80, has published her first book of                              author of The Anatomy of Horse Race
poems, They’re Gone, with The Finishing Line Press.                                   Handicapping: Or How to Have Fun at
It is about the loss of both of her brothers in 1980                                  the Track. The book, based on cognitive
from cardiomyopathy. More information:                                                psychology research concerning decision-                                                               making, is written for people who enjoy
                                                                                      horse racing, whether it be following
Sharon Sobel, B.a. ’81, had a                                                         the Kentucky Derby or simply going
book, Draping Period Costumes:                                                        to the races on a regular basis. More
Classical Greek to Victorian,                                                         information:
published by the Focal Press
in March. More information:                                       Harry Dancler, B.a. ’09, is the author of A Father’s Journey.                                             From now until December 31, Dancler will be donating 100
                                                                  percent of the proceeds from the sales of his debut novel
                      Vince aiello, B.a. ’81, is the author       to The One Fund Boston. The compelling contemporary
                      of Legal Detriment. In this novel – a       story of unparalleled love, personal conflict, forgiveness and
                      thriller involving a San Diego law firm     self-discovery examines the consequences for his family of
                      – a robbery, a murder and a descent         a man’s long absence from his Newport home. The book is
                      into madness all come together with         available in paperback and e-book formats from numerous
                      a shocking outcome. It is published         distributors.
                      by Sareth Publishing House. More

Last Look
By Christine J. Binney, B.A.’05, M.A.’07
Photos By Mark Schmidt

For its 169th undergraduate commencement on May 19, UAlbany welcomed Republic Records founders
Monte Lipman, B.A.’86, and Avery Lipman, B.A.’88, back to campus to deliver the keynote address.
From their humble beginnings booking campus concerts and working at the campus radio station, the
Lipman brothers went on to build Republic Records into one of the largest music labels in the country.
As a surprise for the 2,250 students at the ceremony, the Lipman brothers brought Cassadee Pope,
Season 3 winner of “The Voice,” onstage to perform two songs.

Clockwise, from left: Cassadee Pope greets the crowd; Monte Lipman ’86, UAlbany President Robert J. Jones and Avery Lipman ’88
are robed and ready for commencement to begin; graduates celebrate their big day.

     At the May 18 graduate ceremony, 683 master’s degrees,
     153 doctoral degrees and 30 graduate certificates were
     conferred. The graduates
     represented 22 states and 27
     countries, including Argentina,
     Bangladesh, France, Israel,
     Mongolia, Romania and Taiwan.
     Photos: Island Photography

48     UAlbany Magazine     •   Fall 2013
   ualbany’s very first
  benefactor made a gift
   with lasting impact.

             You can, too.
   Three months after the December 1844 founding of
 the New York State Normal School, known today as the
University at Albany, developer and philanthropist James
   Wadsworth left a bequest of $300 designated for the
school’s first library. Today, Wadsworth’s generous legacy
   lives on in UAlbany’s three state-of-the-art libraries,
  which collectively house more than 2 million volumes.

            Like James Wadsworth, you can
              invest in UAlbany’s future.

    For information about including the University
     at Albany in your estate plans, please contact
                 Lori Matt-Murphy
               office of gift Planning
            University at Albany, UAB 226
     1400 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12222
                  (518) 437-5090 or
               (888) 226-5600, toll free.
                                                                                        Non Profit Organization
                                                                                             U.S. Postage

                                                                                         Burlington, VT 05401
                                                                                           Permit No. 378
      1400 Washington Avenue
      Division of University Development
      University Administration Building 209
      Albany, NY 12222

 Homecoming 2013
Family & reunion Weekend ~ oct. 18-20
We’re just a month away from the biggest annual      Sorority Coffee Hours – G.O.L.D. Reunion – Legacy
gathering at UAlbany! Bring your Great Danes         Reception – Great Danes Great Bash at WT’s.
spirit, and we’ll do the rest. Take in the vibrant
autumn colors as you enjoy the weekend’s             Bring family, friends and classmates,
festivities: Wine-Tasting Reception – 5K Race –      and share a weekend of memories, fun
Alumni Breakfast – Great Dane Pregame with food      and excitement! For details,
and entertainment – Football vs. Towson Tigers –     visit

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