PURPOSE Africa-Expo is a joint cultural-trade exposition with the fifty-five nations of Africa in order to present for the first time the cultural heritage of the continent and to provide an opportunity to sell each country’s manufactured products, arts, and handicrafts. All the funds earned from the events at the Expo will go to our charities: a children’s cancer ward in Johannesburg; an orphanage for little girls under five who have been raped by those who think that sex with a child will cure their AIDS in Rwanda; tribal women whose husbands have died of AIDS and who are the sole support of their families; a group of women attorneys in Nigeria who are working for rights for women and children in all African nations; and scholarships for poor American youngsters in the arts. No one who is on the Board of Directors receives any compensation. All are volunteers. No salaries are paid. There will be forty-five booths for non-profit groups which will be available gratis upon application. WHEN The Exposition will take place December 17-24, 2002. December 17-18 the booths, signs, and flags of each nation along with the decorations will be set up. December 19 all exhibitors will be taken by bus to the Cashman Hall, Las Vegas and given the opportunity to arrange their exhibits and goods in the morning. There will be a private showing of the Expo to the media and celebrities from noon until 7:00 P.M. December 20, 21, and 22, the Expo will be open to the public. December 23 all exhibits will be dismantled and exhibitors will pack up any left-over goods which will be either shipped back to their country or stored with the Expo which will sell them during the next few months and send the money to the owners of the goods. Entrance to the Expo will be free. WHERE The Expo itself will take place at the CASHMAN CONVENTION CENTER, owned by the City of Las Vegas in Nevada, U.S.A. Admission will be free and there will be national advertising and press releases in all major cities of the U.S. as well as press releases within Europe and Africa. The Expo entrance hall will be decorated with palm trees, life-size animals, waterfalls, and African huts to represent a beautiful African village. There will be 545 booths with handicrafts, books, art works, fabrics, and manufactured goods, etc. No two booths will sell identical items.


2 TUESDAY, December 17: All participants will be picked up at McCarren Airport and taken to their hotels on Fremont Street where they will have dinner and retire. WEDNESDAY, December 18: All participants will meet after meals during the day for an Orientation program where they will be given information and tickets they will need for their stay. They will be free afterward to walk around the closed avenue and undergo the “Fremont Experience” of bands, shops, and light exhibitions. THURSDAY, December 19: All participants will meet after breakfast and will be taken by bus to Cashman Center where their goods will be waiting for them at their booths and they can spend the morning arranging their booths. After lunch, the media, press, and celebrities will be able to tour the Expo and make their purchases until early evening. When Cashman Hall closes, all participants will be taken to their hotels. On the same night at 8:30 P.M. there will be a black tie CELEBRITY DINNER at an elegant Strip Hotel where important government officials (whose names will be announced in the future), celebrity actors and actresses, athletes, movers and shakers, socialites, the rich and famous will dine on exquisite food and wine while meeting guests from throughout the world. Tickets for the Celebrity Dinner will be sold in advance with the proceeds going to our charities. FRIDAY, December 20: All participants will be taken to Cashman Hall where they will meet the public during the entire day when the Expo will be open. In the evening, there will be another gala CELEBRITY DINNER AND FASHION SHOW where guests will dine on exquisite food and wines at an elegant Strip hotel while seeing some of the newest and most exciting fashions for men, women and children using African cottons, linens, silks and woolens. Designers will be African and African-American. Tickets for the event will be sold in advance and proceeds will go to our charities. SATURDAY, December 21: All participants will be taken by bus to Cashman Hall for the second day of the Expo which will be open to the public. In the afternoon, there will be a concert of rap, hip-hop, reggae, etc., music by famous musicians in the Cashman Theater which will be geared to a younger audience. Tickets for this event will be sold in advance and at the entrance. Proceeds will go to our charities. In the evening, there will be an elegant CONCERT at a Strip hotel with famous musicians of opera, ballet, jazz etc. Tickets for the event will be sold in advance and proceeds will go to our charities. SUNDAY, December 22: All participants will be taken by bus to Cashman Hall for the last day of the Expo which will be open to the public. MONDAY, December 23: After breakfast all participants will be taken back to Cashman Hall to pack up all unsold goods which be collected for future auction sale or shipped back to Africa. After packing, the participants will be taken to a luncheon reception at a hotel where they will meet the people who made the Expo possible.

3 TUESDAY, December 24: This day will be free for all participants. WEDNESDAY, December 25: Christmas Day will be free for all participants. THURSDAY, December 26: Morning: Sightseeing of City for Africans Afternoon-Evening: Excursion on Lake Mead for Africans FRIDAY, December 27: Trip to Laughlin, Nevada for Africans SATURDAY, December 28: Participants will board chartered bus to McCarren Airport and depart for their homes.  SPECIAL EVENTS:

1. An Art Exhibition by distinguished African and African-American artists. (Free to public) 2. Book Festival of works commissioned especially for the Expo and books by distinguished African and African-American writers will be on sale. 3. Poetry and Prose readings by distinguished African and African-American writers. (Free to public). 4. African and African-American Film Festival. (Free to public). 5. The world’s first Conference of African and African-American Nobel Laureates, scientists, writers, artists, and intellectuals. 6. African-inspired Fashion Show and Dinner. 7. Concert for Young People of famous artists. 8. Concert of Classical Musicians. 9. African Food Festival. 10. Children’s Story Telling. (Free to public). 11. Meeting Room for Bankers and Business People to meet with Exhibitors to Arrange for Future Business Deals (By appointment only). 12. A genealogy section chaired by an experienced expert who will show people how to research their African and African-American ancestors. 13. African wine festival.


14. Flags of all African nations will be exhibited. 15. Hospitality suite for media. WHAT EACH EXHIBITOR RECEIVES: 1. Free pick-up at Airport if arrival is December 17, 2002; 2. A booth consisting of a 10X10 draped space, with a draped table, two chairs, a wastebasket and a sign with the name of the participant or his business name; 3. Bags in which to pack the purchases of customers with Africa-Expo logos; 4. Storage of your shipment up to 45 days in advance of Expo; 5. Delivery of your goods to your booth; 6. Programs with you name given to every visitor of the Expo; 7. Shuttle bus each day to the Expo from your hotel and return trip to hotel; 8. Special security guards watch your goods when the Expo Hall is shut; 9. Storage and sale of left-over goods after Expo is over; 10. Free sightseeing trip of Las Vegas; 11. Reception with people who made the Expo possible; 12. Free boat trip on Lake Mead; 13. Free trip to Laughlin; 14. Bus from hotel to Airport; 15. Lunch each day at Cashman Center; 16. All business licenses, etc.; 17. Collection of sales taxes; 18. Availability of business charge cards (Visa, Masters, etc.) for participants or businesses which have none in order to increase sales at the Expo. HOTELS AND MEALS:


We have reserved most of the Fremont Street Hotels which have given us the most reasonable rates in the city. The hotel rates include breakfast each day and dinner. Each room has a private bath with hot and cold running water, heat or air conditioning. Room service is available at extra cost. All the hotels have restaurants, gambling casinos, and can arrange transportation and shows during your free days. These rates will be finalized and announced in late 2001, long before the Expo begins. Maximum occupancy of each hotel room will be 2-4 people. COSTS: Each booth will cost U.S. $1,500 and can be reserved now for $500 until all are sold. A second installment of $500 will be due March 2002. The third installment will be due September 2002. There will be no refunds unless booths are resold. There will be a 10% charge on all refunds to pay for extra costs involved with refunds. Participants may share their booths with another business, if desired. Since we want no duplications of goods sold in order to insure maximum sales for everyone, each participant will be asked to submit a list of goods he intends to sell and a description. 1. NO ENDANGERED ANIMAL SKINS OR IVORY WILL BE PERMITTED TO BE SOLD AT THE EXPO. 2. NO HUNTING TRIPS WHICH ENCOURAGE KILLING OF AFRICAN ANIMALS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC. 3. NO SMOKING WILL BE PERMITTED CONNECTED WITH THE EXPO. WITHIN ANY BUILDING

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