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									The Various Ways of Grilling Pork
A barbeque pork recipe can be one of the most difficult things to perfect. It isn’t just time spent working
on the flavors, or figuring how hot for how long—it’s also trying to master the different subtle ways that
wood, sauce, meat and presentation can work together to make a mind-blowing bbq pork recipe.

The Most Important Part of Barbeque
Naturally, the most important part of barbeque is the meat. Different meats
bring different things to the table—beef tastes rich and full, deer tastes a little
wild and pork is…indescribable. One of the hardest things to decide is whether
you want to focus on a certain cut of meat or learn the niceties of several. I’ve
found that one thing that makes the biggest difference regardless of the cut is
how the meat is marbled. This involves the most guesswork as you can’t see inside the cut, but it can be
one of the most rewarding when you get it just right.

Time and temperature are hard to figure out. Not only does pork take longer to cook thoroughly, but it
also acts differently than other meat does. But when you finally get it right, it’s really right.

Then there comes the hard part. Granted, it takes a long time and a lot of work to finally get the meat to
where it is perfect. But then what do you do? With barbeque, cooking the meat isn’t even half the
battle. That’s where the real work starts.

Discovering the Perfect Balance of Ingredients for Sauce
Discovering the perfect balance of ingredients for sauce—regardless of what the
ingredients are—is what takes the most time in perfecting barbeque. Whether you cook
it in a pit for the day or throw the cut on the grill in your back yard, seasoning the meat
right is what will make your cooking stand out from all the rest. Oddly enough, it’s
usually the small and simple things that will make the biggest differences when all is
said and done. Just the right amount of salt, not too much sugar, a little more of this or
that, and a little less of that. It’s always a balancing act, and when you adjust one thing, it’s often
enough to change how all the other flavors interact. It’s truly an art form.

When most people start looking to take their barbeque to the next level, one of the first things they do
is to go to the store, pick their favorite meat and a good sauce. Most people try to enhance the overall
flavor of their meat once they’ve gotten it to the point they want it to be, and this is probably one of the
best approaches to take.

Giving Your Recipe Personality
But whether you’re buying a sauce off the shelf or making it yourself,
your sauce will give your barbeque pork recipe the most personality.
The most unique flavor and texture characteristics. Pork can be one of
the hardest meats to get just right, but that means that it also has the
potential to be the most expressive and interesting. Because although it’s difficult to perfect, it lets each
individual trait come express itself. A perfect bbq pork recipe is a culinary accomplishment that is years
in the making.

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