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					Canyon High School Class of 1967 40th Reunion Newsletter
May 25, 2007

Welcome Back:

Hello to all members of the Canyon High School Class of 1967! Believe it or not, it been 40 years since we donned those purple robes and walked down the aisle to receive our diplomas from Mr. Hobart McDonald and hear those wonderful class prophesies! Have they come true? Has your life up to now been better than you might have dreamed in May, 1967? It‟s time we got back together and enjoyed each other‟s company - remembering the good ol‟ days, filling each other in on our recent life experiences, and renewing past friendships that will never grow old. I hope you are planning to come to Canyon on June 22-23, 2007.

The Reunion Committee:

Your 40th Reunion Committee gathered up quite by accident - Dana Reynard started harassing Mike Bellah about the possibility of a reunion, and Mike contacted Kathy Hufnagle Volanty, Susan Brantley Milligan, Lee Hicks, Andy Dorsey, Sherry Kirkman Watson and Pam Sternenberg Woodard (all living in Canyon) to see what could be done. Although we did not start soon enough to plan a BIG deal, we are going to have fun! And we ARE looking for committee member recruits for the BIG FIFTY!

Kuykendall‟s Musical Reunion Countdown:

Many of you who consented to let us print your email in the 40-Year Reunion Directory have been receiving some nostalgic tunes 1963-67 from the tune- meister Chris Kuykendall. Chris‟s day job includes being a Senior Research Assistant for the Texas Legislative Council. He came up with this great idea and it has certainly been popular with our growing email list! Just listening to some of the popular songs of the 60's really made many of you wax nostalgic on our email forum. Keep the tunes coming, Chris! If you know any of our classmates that would like to receive the daily offerings, please email Chris at chris.kuykendall@tlc.state.tx.us with their email addresses.

The Reunion Schedule/Activities:

Friday, June 22
7:00 pm

Registration and Informal Reception Hoffbrau Restaurant, 7203 West I-40, Amarillo, Texas (Food and refreshments on your own) 40-Year Classmate Directory will be distributed. Hosts: Mike Bellah, Andy Dorsey, Sherry Watson

Saturday, June 23
10:00 am

Tour of the new Canyon High School 1701 23rd Street - Canyon Meet at the north Main Entrance Hosts: Lee Hicks, Susan Brantley, Julie Brantley Petruccione Informal Patio Party - Mike Bellah‟s House Light snacks and plenty of time to visit! 2919 Mable Street - Canyon Hosts: Mike Bellah and Reunion Committee Registration and More Time to Visit Charlois Room and Terrace Room Holiday Inn, 1911 East I-40 (I-40 at Ross) Dinner - Mexican Fiesta Buffet Program MC‟s: Reunion Committee

1:30 - 3:30 pm

6:00 pm

6:30 pm 7:00 pm

The Scholarship:

The Class of „67 Scholarship was a great success! Without twisting any arms, we collected $1,420 in three weeks. On May 8, we awarded $450 to each of three very deserving CHS graduating seniors. We will have information about these winners at the reunion events. Even better than this news are our plans for a 2017 Scholarship. We‟ll present our ideas to you at the Saturday dinner! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!

Where to Stay:

You may want to stay at the East I-40 Holiday Inn in Amarillo for convenience sake, 2

but in case you want to stay in Canyon and can‟t get any of your classmates to put you up, here are some local lodging establishments for your consideration: Best Western Palo Duro Canyon Inn and Suites (our newest) 2801 4th Avenue Canyon, TX 806 655-1818 1 800-WESTERN Buffalo Inn (our oldest - not sure I would recommend this one, but it IS nostalgic) 300 23rd Street Canyon, TX 806 655-2124 1 800-526-9968 www.buffaloinncanyon.com Comfort Suites (newer hotel on the edge of south Amarillo) I-27 @ Hollywood 806 353-5100 1 800 424-6423 Goodnight Inn (Older hotel on the south side of Canyon - do you remember?) 24270 Highway 87 South Canyon, Texas 806 655-1132 1 800 654-7350 Holiday Inn Express (newer hotel in Canyon) 2901 4th Avenue Canyon, Texas 806 655-4445 1 800-HOLIDAY

Hudspeth House Bed and Breakfast Inn (a fun place to stay) 1905 4th Avenue Canyon, Texas 806 655-9800 3

Where to Eat:

Although there are quite a few restaurants in Amarillo and Canyon that are worthy of your consideration, here are a few in Canyon that you may not want to miss! Feldman‟s Wrong Way Diner - (consistently good food in fun atmosphere) 1701 5th Avenue Canyon, Texas 806 655-2700 ( you don‟t need reservations, but in case you want directions) Feldman‟s Field House - (newest in Canyon, west of WTA&M just off 23rd St) The food is good - not out of the ordinary, but you CAN BUY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES here - for the first time in Canyon since early 1900's! El Patio Mexican Restaurante (remember the old Cowboy Café?) 1410 US Hwy 60 (Hereford Hiway) Canyon, Texas 806 655-4300 Rock „n Roll Soda Shoppe (just sandwiches and sodas, but on the west side of the Courthouse Square!) 404 15th Street Canyon, Texas 806 655-3381 The Usual Selection of Fast Foods in a College Town: McDonald‟s, Wendy‟s, Pizza Hut, Schlotzsky‟s, Sonic, Subway, Domino‟s Pizza Delivery, and a myriad of oriental restaurants. If you find any new one‟s when you come, let me know!

Things To Do in Canyon:

I realize this has been an age-old question, especially for all of us who grew up in Canyon, but I thought the following things were worth mentioning for your 40-year trip down Memory Lane: 4

TEXAS! This outdoor drama has received international acclaim. You may have seen it (maybe even more than once!), but it HAS been improved during the last few years. It is worth the cost of admission just to see Palo Duro Canyon in all it‟s glory after one of the wettest springs in recent years. You can buy tickets for the performance and for the barbeque (provided by the Big Texan in Amarillo). Although your Friday and Saturday nights will be taken up with reunion stuff, this might be an alternative for spouses and kids, or come in a day early and go on Thursday night. Go to texas-show.com for seat availability and prices. 806 655-2181 The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum Remember in elementary school when they didn‟t have anything else to do with us in May except to go on a field trip to the museum? Well, you would not recognize the place! The PPHM is a fantastic place with many wonderful, interesting exhibits (I know you don‟t believe it, but it‟s TRUE). It‟s now the largest history museum in Texas! 2503 4th Avenue Canyon, Texas 806 651-2254 Go to panhandleplains.org for hours and current exhibits.

A Driving Tour:

If nothing else, I hope you have time for a short driving tour around Canyon. We have had record rainfall this spring, and Canyon, Palo Duro Canyon and the surrounding countryside are a beautiful lush green! Here are a few suggested stops for you on your driving tour. These are in no particular order, so you may want to organize them by location. The NEW Canyon High School - 1701 23rd Street The OLD Canyon High School - 910 9th Avenue The NEW Wal-Mart - Hunsley Road just west of the Amarillo Highway


The new Randall County Justice Center - affectionately called “LawMart” because it‟s in the OLD WalMart building - 1701 North 23rd Street. The “Drag” - go up and down 23rd Street and see how many places you remember! Your old home! The Varsity Theater - 2302 4th Avenue How many of you remember your first date in this now “historic” movie theater? It can‟t compete with the big MOVIE PLEX‟s but it is STILL in business! Tickets are $4 for adults and $3 for kids - not bad. Don‟t expect too many improvements, but I think you can let your memory do the rest! West Texas A&M - the campus is still growing. New dorms on Russell Long Blvd., new dairy facility, and a beautiful new Fine Arts Building one block east of 23 rd Street on Russell Long Blvd. The campus is beautiful, again partly because of all of the rain this spring! The Village Drive-in - now called the Ranch House Café - 810 23rd Street Oh the memories of vanilla cream Dr. Pepper‟s and Cherry Limes. The drive-in awnings are gone, but you can still see the “bones” of the busiest place around after school! Don‟t forget the Courthouse Square! Many of the stores are different, but I‟m sure you will recognize many of the buildings. Our courthouse is up for restoration, once we can pin down that illusive state grant! Also being built on Hereford Hiway and VFW Road is a new retirement community complex - just in time for you aging classmates who might like to move back to Canyon in the near future! Check it out!


We still have Class of „67 classmates that refuse to be found! Please help us locate the following CHS Class of „67 classmates! Charlotte Allen Baker Mary Angel Guilbert Mike Barnes Lea Chapman John Cook 6 Pam Haimes Ciscowski Neal Hughes Vickki James May Sue LaFever Hill Bobby Leonard

Phil Masterson

George T. Murphey Larry Parsons Cathey Phillips Calloway Kevin Prati Janet Rains Purson Donna Roe Anderson Kay Schickendanz Hoffman Sherman Smith Jack Stevens Nancy Stovall Underwood Lynn Watson Andrews


Where will you be in 2017? Well, we hope to see you here in Canyon for the 50 th Year Reunion of the Canyon High School Class of 1967! We hope to visit with you on Saturday night, June 23 about how we should plan for this big milestone! Your opinion is needed on who, where, what, when, how, and TECHNOLOGY! We should be utilizing more of the internet‟s capability to locate and stay in touch with each other. Although we now have a list of about 50 classmates‟ email addresses, we need to get more. How we do this will be included on Saturday night‟s program topics. A website for the Class of „67 is essential. In preparation for this discussion, PLEASE go to www.chsclass1966.com and look at the website that Mike Marrs and Ann Caraway (and others) implemented last year before their 40 th Reunion. This site certainly has a lot of the bells and whistles that we would like to see in a class website. I have talked to Mike, and he is willing to help us set up a similar site, and has in fact set up a short-term site at www.chsclass1967.com Please take a quick look to get an idea of how our website might look. What are your suggestions? Would you be willing to support it by keeping your information updated and supplying some news and photos at least annually? This is a key element in preparing for the BIG FIFTY. We need to make some decisions on June 23.

Who Is Coming....?

Many of you have been asking who has registered to attend the 40 th CHS Class of „67 Reunion. Well, here is the list as of May 29. For those of you who know classmates that may have not registered, we know it‟s human nature to wait until the last minute! But please, SEND YOUR REGISTRATION IN! We want you to come! Please encourage those whose names do not appear in this list. We want to 7

see them! Donna Crisp Barnett Susan Brantley Milligan Carolyn Wieck Kirkland and Sam Jack Swatzell and Beth Marilyn Wieck Parker and Red Hersey Williams, Jr. and Elva Art and Sharon McAnarney Bill Bell and Donna Chris Kuykendall Scott Russell and Lillian Katie Upshaw Johnson and David Deborah Johnston Lyon and Bob Kathy Hufnagle Volanty Mike Bellah and Charlotte Nancy Green Wright Jon R. Lair and Maria Patti Warren Teuton and Larry Eddie Baker and Sandy Tommy Thompson Dana Reynard and Peggy Vicki Daniel Eder and John Lorraine Taylor Mains and Joe Don Howard and Beverly Linda Taylor Cook and Gary Tommy Griffin Pam Sternenberg Woodard and Ed Edward Hinders Greg Backus and Dolores Andy Dorsey and Teresa Dale Westfall Mary Horodnyckyi White and J.W. Maribeth Oglesby Tyler and Kenneth Jan Haggard Cook and Tom Max Sunderman and Beth F. Ray Walker Charles Sykes Dwayne Bevers

Please send questions, ideas or information to any of the addresses below: Kathy Hufnagle Volanty - m-volanty@tamu.edu Susan Brantley Milligan - smilligan@suddenlink.net Mike Bellah - mikebellah@hotmail.com or CHS Class of „67, P.O. Box 672, Canyon, TX 79015


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