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                         (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org

             Every student should have access to Higher Education
Our mission is to inspire, encourage and support Santa Barbara County students in their pursuit of undergraduate,
graduate and vocational education through financial aid advising and the granting of scholarships.

Many students in Santa Barbara County cannot afford to go to college or have limited awareness of how to pay
for higher education. Thousands of low and middle income students have demonstrated the commitment and
perseverance needed to succeed in college but lack the financial resources to get there.

Our goal is to provide college access for all motivated local students. The Scholarship Foundation has worked
hand in hand with our community for 47 years to provide scholarships to deserving students. Since 1962 we have
helped more than 22,000 Santa Barbara County students attend college.

                                   Student Spotlight

                                   Andy Lin
                                   “I am extremely fortunate to have had the Scholarship Foundation’s
                                   support for a number of years. After graduating from Dos Pueblos
                                   High School, I chose M.I.T. and soon found a penchant for
                                   Materials Science. After summer internships at DuPont Displays
                                                                                                            “Generous donors enable
                                   and IBM, I realized that I had to go beyond a Bachelor’s degree
                                   and pursue a Ph.D. in order to have maximum impact in this field.        the Foundation to make
  Andy Lin
                                      Now, I am at Stanford University. With hopes of soon bringing my
                                                                                                          educational opportunities
   solid oxide fuel cell research to the broad market, I completed a Master’s in Management Science          available to deserving
   and Engineering with a focus on entrepreneurship. I hope to either start a company or join a            students. These gifts level
   start-up team to realize my dream of converting research into products that have a significant,
   tangible impact on people’s lives.                                                                    the playing field and ensure
                                                                                                           college is within reach for
   Without generous contributions from the Scholarship Foundation and my sponsors, the Towbes
   Foundation and the BP Foundation, my journey would have been much more difficult. This                 all hardworking students.”
   support has allowed me to focus on my studies and I am deeply appreciative. I hope that in the
   future I will be able to sponsor a student and give back what has been so generously given to me.”           Patricia MacFarlane,
                                                                                                             2009-2011 Board President
                     Program Expansion: Financial Aid Advising and Outreach

       The Financial Aid Advising and Outreach
       program aims to increase access for
       students most in need of financial
       support for higher education. Many
       students and parents are overwhelmed
       by the process of applying for financial

                                                                                                                                                                         Photo Credit: Jen Bowman
       aid. This program offers hands-on
       counseling to apply for scholarships as
       well as complete the complex federal
       and state financial aid forms.
                                                             Children from the United Way’s “Fun in the Sun” summer program at Ellwood School show appreciation to
                                                             the Scholarship Foundation. The lead agency at this site was Girls Incorporated of Greater Santa Barbara.

    Exciting progress was made this year, as 17,325 students and parents         awareness project include Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara,
    in Santa Barbara County attended our workshops, presentations, and           United Way, Santa Barbara Cal-SOAP, and the César Chávez
    advising sessions on financial aid throughout the school year.               Leadership Institute.

    In addition, Outreach Manager Maritza Mejia produced an early                The need for Financial Aid Outreach and Advising program
    awareness program for the summer months that focused on students             services has been very strong and exceeded our ability to meet the
    in grades 5-8. Partnering with a number of local agencies that enroll        demand. Thus, the Scholarship Foundation has added an Outreach
    youth in summer camps and academic programs, Maritza designed                Coordinator staff position to concentrate on providing activities in
    and presented activities to young students about how to plan for             Northern Santa Barbara County. We are extremely grateful to the
    college and apply for financial aid. Some of the agencies that               Orfalea Foundations and the Santa Barbara Foundation for making
    collaborated with the Scholarship Foundation on this early                   this program expansion possible. Thank you!

                                                                                                                        Corporate Partner:
                                                                                                                        Santa Barbara News-Press
                                     Student Spotlight
                                                                                                                                                     The Scholarship
                                     Emanuel Zusmer                                                                                                  Foundation
                                                                                     “ You did a very                                                salutes the
                                     “The Scholarship Foundation of               important thing. You                                               Santa Barbara
                                     Santa Barbara is an organization              recognized my sons’                                               News-Press for
                                     we should be proud to have in our              achievements and                                                 their generous
                                     backyard. Their generosity enabled                                                                              support of
                                                                                encouraged him to keep
                                     me to take my focus off of finances                                                                             local students.
                                     and direct them solely on academics.        excelling. My heartfelt
                                                                                                                                                     Each year, the
                                     Due to scholarship support, I was             thanks go out to the
                                                                                                                                                     Santa Barbara
                                     able to realize my dream of                Scholarship Foundation                                               News-Press
    Emanuel Zusmer                   becoming a doctor.                          for giving my son such                 donates proceeds from their signature
                                                                                     a profound gift.                   Half-Marathon event to a special fund at
    As a UC Santa Barbara undergraduate I ranked first in the
    Department of Biology with Highest Honors. At University of                                                         the Scholarship Foundation for student
                                                                                  I have included the                   scholar-athletes. November 7th 2009 marks
    Miami Medical School I graduated in the top 5 of my class and
                                                                                Scholarship Foundation                  the 33rd running of the Santa Barbara
    earned the Alpha Omega Alpha award, the highest award a medical
    student can receive. I am now in my residency program at UC San              in my will in order to                 News-Press Half-Marathon. Thank you
    Francisco where I am training to become an anesthesiologist.                support others the way                  to all of the participating runners and the
    Having grown up in a single parent household, I am acutely aware              your donors helped                    Santa Barbara News-Press.
    of the financial struggles that families go through. Without the                  our family.”                      We appreciate all of our corporate partners!
    Scholarship Foundation’s help, I am not sure I would be where                                                       For more information on corporate partner-
    I am today. I look forward to the day when I can be a donor and                  Sincerely,
                                                                                                                        ship opportunities, please contact Rebecca
    help someone like me realize his or her dreams.”                          Naomi Zusmer Greenstein                   Anderson, Director of Development at

2                              Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org
                                    Past President Spotlight
                                                                                                      2009-2010 CALENDAR
                                    Ruth Nadel                                                                 Student Aid
                                                                                        OctOBer 1       Applications Available at:
                                    Ruth Nadel has been a life-long                                     www.sbscholarship.org
                                    learner and activist. In the 1930s                  NOvemBer 3      Santa maria college Fair
                                    she completed a BA degree and a                                     Allan Hancock college
                                    MS degree in Education. After that,                                 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
                                    family life with her husband and four
                                                                                        NOvemBer 4      Santa Barbara college Fair
                                    sons in Maryland and Washington
                                                                                                        earl Warren Showgrounds
                                    D.C. included involvement with
                                                                                                        6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
                                    preschools, the PTA and a variety
                                                                                        NOvemBer 13     Application Deadline for:
                                    of public policy organizations. Her
                                                                                        	               •	Fleischmann	and	Floro	Awards
                                    community service continued in the
                                                                                        	               •	South	Coast	Honors	Scholarships
                                    1960s when she moved to California,
                                                                                        	               •	Art	Scholarships
Ruth Nadel, February 2009           as Ruth won election to the Santa
                                                                                        	               •	Breitling	Awards	
                                    Barbara Board of Education.
                                                                                        JANuAry 29      Application Deadline for:
Ruth was instrumental during the Scholarship Foundation’s early forma-                  	               •	Undergraduate	Scholarships/Loans	
tive years, and she was selected to be the first President of the Board of              	               •	Medical/Graduate	Scholarships/Loans		
Directors of the Scholarship Foundation in 1962.
Returning to the Washington D.C. area in the late 1960s, Ruth accepted                  DecemBer 4	     Community	Leaders	Luncheon	
a job with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau. When she                      JANuAry 21      Art Scholarship reception
retired in 1989, Ruth chose to return to “professional volunteerism,”                   mAy 26          Awards ceremony
working with the Commission on Aging, the Citizens Advisory Council,                    JuNe 3          South coast Business & technology Awards
and producing a weekly national call-in on legislative issues for the Older
Women’s League. At age 92, Ruth continues to be very active. As she                           For MorE inForMAtion cAll (805) 687-6065
remarks, “Age is just a number, and it is unlisted.”

Santa Barbara Foundation:
A Community Partner
The Santa Barbara Foundation is the community foundation for Santa
Barbara County, and its mission is to enrich the lives of people through
philanthropy. For the last 12 years, the Santa Barbara Foundation has
made a large annual donation of over $2 million to the Scholarship
Foundation of Santa Barbara for scholarships and loans.
Prior to that, the Santa Barbara Foundation managed its own in-house
loan and scholarship program. Thus, for a number of years, Santa Barbara
County students who needed scholarship and loan assistance for college
had to complete two separate applications to apply to the two foundations.
In 1997, the Santa Barbara Foundation trustees evaluated their student aid
program and determined that it would be better for students if they could
apply to one local source for financial aid, rather than to two foundations. 2009 Scholarship and Loan recipients at the Annual Awards Ceremony
As a result, the Santa Barbara Foundation transferred the administration
of their student aid program to the Scholarship Foundation. Now students Although dozens of trustees and volunteers have served on the Santa
simply fill out one online application to access scholarship and loan awards Barbara Foundation’s Student Aid Committee over many decades, the
from both foundations.                                                       trustees involved with the student aid program in the 1990s made this
                                                                             crucial decision. Much thanks and gratitude is due to Isabel Bartolome,
       “The Santa Barbara Foundation is proud of the                         Bill Coulson, Bryan Gaggs, Agnes Grogan, Michael Lejeune, Judy
    millions of dollars we have granted to students over                     Markline, Jean Schuyler, and Bill Villa. Led by former Board chairs
                                                                             Marshall Rose and Joanne Rapp, these trustees made the important choice
    the years, and we are equally proud to have formed                       to turn over the daily management of the student aid program to the
    this collaboration with the Scholarship Foundation                       Scholarship Foundation.
            that allows us to be a successful donor.”
                                                                              We are sincerely grateful to the Santa Barbara Foundation for investing in
                                 - Marshall Rose, Former Board Chair,
                                      Santa Barbara Foundation
                                                                              the Scholarship Foundation as a community partner in student aid.

                                Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org                                           3
                                                      Investing in our Students… Investing in our Future
                                                              Thank You to our Generous Donors
AAUW- Santa Maria Branch          Ms. Sue Archbald                   Mr. & Mrs. Leon Bartholomew          Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Blum              Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cattaneo         Mr. & Mrs. Todd Dewell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aberle         Architectural Foundation of SB     Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bartlett          Mr. Seth Blumberg                   Cavalletto Charities               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Dexter
Sheila Abshere                    Ms. Diane Arnold                   Dr. & Mrs. Robert Baum               Mrs. Russell Bock                   Delfina Ceniceros                  Dr. Dennis Dierenfield
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Aceves           Ms. Gloria Arnold                  Suvi Bayly                           Dr. Eric H. Boehm                   Ms. Marjorie T. Chaney             Mr. & Mrs. Ray Dingman
Mr. & Mrs. John Adams             Joan Arnold                        Ruth M. Beach                        Ms. Sandra K. Bonace                Ms. Helen Chang                    Dr. & Mrs. Joe Dobbs
Mr. Denis C. Adler                Arthritis Foundation               Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Bean             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Boppell          Channel Fishing Club               Ms. Doris Dohn
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Adler           Dr. & Mrs. Mounir R. Ashamalla     Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Beaver              Dr. Michael Bordofsky, M.D.         Channel Islands YMCA               Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dolby
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Albrecht       Mrs. Barbara Ashmore               BEI Industrial Encoder Divison       David & Louise Borgatello           Mrs. Virginia V. Chennell          Hilary & Ned Doubleday
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Alcorn          Association of Old Crows-SB        Bruce Belfiore & Gloria Cavallero    Mario & Judith Borgatello           Chevron Humankind Employees        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Doudna
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Alegria            Chapter                          Charles Bell Charitable Trust        Mr. & Mrs. William Borgers             Fund                            Robert O. Dougan Bequest
Mrs. Betty Alexander              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Atamian         Ms. Harriet Benson                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bourbeau        Mrs. William D. Christopher        Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Dougherty
Alexander-Bee Trust               Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Ayling            Mr. & Mrs. William H. Berger         Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bowen          Ms. Helen Chuan                    Dr. & Mrs. James Dow
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Allen          B & B Foundation                   Mr. Blake Berris                     John C. & Shelby C. Bowen           Ms. Marian Chuan                   Dreier Family Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Allyn        Bacara Resort & Spa                Keith Berry                             Charitable Foundation            Citigroup Foundation               Mr. Ronald N. Du
Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority        Ms. Sandra A. Bacik                Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Berti          Mrs. Susan Bower                    City of Santa Barbara              Mr. Reece Duca
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Altman            Bernadette Bagley                  Berti Spechler Sarmiento McKay       James S. Bower Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. John E. Clancy          Josephine C. Duff
Mr. John Ambrecht, Esq.           Lawrence & Joan Rock Bailard         & Co. LLP                          Miss Ada-Marie Bowers               Maxine Clancy                      Mrs. Ian N. Dundas
American Scandinavian             Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Bailey            Mr. & Mrs. William Bertka            Boy Scouts Troop 1                  Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Clark, Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. Laurence F. Dunn, III
  Foundation                      Mr. & Mrs. David Baker             Dorothy G. Beverly                   BP Foundation                       Carnzu A. Clark                    Mr. & Mrs. John W. Durbin
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Amerikaner      Edward & Gladys Baker Foundation   Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bianchi              Ms. Dora B. Bradley                 Mr. Ernest M. Clark, Jr.           Dworman Foundation
Anait Foundation                  Janet Baker                        Dr. & Mrs. Edward E. Birch           Ms. Hannah G. Bradley               Mrs. Martha Clyde                  Jacqueline Dyson
Marjorie W. Anathan               Thomas & Cheryl Banigan            Ms. Virginia Birk                    Mr. James Bradley                   Mr. & Mrs. James Clyne             Ms. Barbara Easley
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Anderle            Bank of America Foundation         Mr. & Mrs. Ervin G. Birzer           Wendy Branch                        Krista & Rich Coffin               Ms. Jean Eastwood
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Anderson   Bank of America Private Bank       Jeannette Blair                      Soren Brauner & Patricia Saunders   Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cole                Dr. Alan Ebenstein
Rebecca Anderson                  Mrs. Ursula Banning                Mr. & Mrs. Wiley Blair, III          Maria Bregy                         College Access Foundation of       Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Eckert
Scott E. Anderson                 Frances J. Baron                   Blake Family Trust                   Mr. & Mrs. Harry Brelsford             California                      Chas V. Eckert, IV
Mrs. Gary Ansell                  Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Barone             Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blasingame           Dr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Brennan        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Collinsworth       Economy Supply Company
Ruth Appleby Administrative       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barry            Karl R. Blasius & Elisa J. Jorquez   Mr. & Mrs. John Broome              The Colmery Family Living Trust    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Edebo
  Trust                           Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bartholomew        Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bliss               Ms. Anita Brown                     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Compogiannis    Mr. Sam Edelman
                                                                                                          Ellen Brown                         Martin Conoley & Kathryn Mead      Mr. & Mrs. George W. Egan
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Monte Brown              Mr. Joseph E. Conway               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Egenolf
                                                                                                          Frank Singer Brownie                Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael Cooney       Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ehrnstein
                                                                                                          Kay S. Bruce                        Mr. Frederick Corey                Mr. & Mrs. David Eliason
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Brun            Dr. Bonnie Corman                  Mr. Virgil Elings
                                                                                                          Mr. Bob Bryant                      Wiley Cornell                      Mr. & Mrs. Neil Elliott
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bryson            Laura & Michael Corrigan           Ellis Family Trust
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. William Buckingham       John Cotton                        Ralph Ellison Trust
                                                                                                          Ms. Linda Buergel                   Mr. & Mrs. H. Keith Coulter        Elsaesser Family Trust
                                                                                                          Henry W. Bull Foundation            Ms. Jane Covert-Lannon             Ms. Dina Emerson
                                                                                                          Dr. Harry Burger                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cox               Dr. & Mrs. Frederick
       Over the years, legacy gifts of all sizes have played an important                                 Mrs. James Burke                    Cox Business Services                 Emerson, Jr.
         role in the growth of the Scholarship Foundation of Santa                                        Ms. Dorothy L. Burkhart             Mr. & Mrs. Harold Crane            Dr. & Mrs. Robert Emmons
        Barbara. We invite you to join the members below who have                                         Alphonse Burnand Trust              Gordon B. Crary, Jr.               Endowment for Youth
                                                                                                          Andrew Burnett Foundation           Crawford Idema Foundation          Ms. Erika Esau
           made a commitment to support students in perpetuity.
                                                                                                          Suzanne Burns                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Croninger       Linda & Al Estrada
                                                                                                          Mrs. Sue Burrows                    Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Crosby            Julie Evans
              Don & Sue Burrows • Mr. & Mrs. Ron Busch                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Busch             Mr. & Mrs. Todd Crow               Nancy Even & Joel Ohlgren
                                                                                                          Mr. Lawrence Butcher                Mr. John C. Crowell                Mr. & Mrs. Lendon Everson
            Carnzu A. Clark • Ed Graper • Naomi Greenstein                                                Mrs. Susan Butcher                  Tom & Sheila Cullen                Virginia J. Faber
             Norm & Jane Habermann • Steve & Patsy Hicks                                                  Buynak Law                          Mr. Jefferson D. Currier           Dr. & Mrs. Robert Failing
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. William M. Byrd          Mr. & Mrs. George R. Curry         Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Fairly
          Jim & Shirley Ann Hurley • Donald & Diane Jackson
                                                                                                          Mr. Ron Caird                       Mr. & Mrs. John Dachenhaus         Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Falcone, III
           Petar & Anna Kokotovic • Lida Light & Frank Blue                                               California Retired Teachers         Dancing Tides Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Ildefonso Fantone
        Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Logan • George & Sally Messerlain                                               Association-SB Chapter           Joyce & Mickey Danter              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fazio
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Refugio Camarena         Ms. Jean Davidson &                Ryan Fell
       Beverly Niemiec • Brian O'Gorman • Scott & Kathy O’Leary                                           Mr. Joe Campanelli                     Mr. Robert Feinstein            Mr. & Mrs. T.P. Fernandez
      Ken & Debby Pash • Helen & Robert Peteler • Ken & Jo Saxon                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ernest D. Campbell       Mr. & Mrs. John Davies             Vasanti Ferrando-Fithian
                Maryan & Richard Schall • Nancy C. Seed                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Campbell          Davies, Inc.                       Dr. Mary Elina Ferris
                                                                                                          Congresswoman Lois Capps            Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Davis            Mrs. Frank Ferry
               Jack & Anitra Sheen • Mr. & Mrs. Jay Smith                                                 Mrs. Genevieve Carder               Eileen C. Davis                    Mr. Jim Fiolek
            Clifford W. & Juliette Sponsel • M. Greg Stathakis                                            The Carey Group, Inc.               Janet Davis                        Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Firestone
               Dr. Ken & Joyce Stokes • Evelyn E. Sullivan                                                Mr. & Mrs. Eugene D. Carlisle       Deckers Outdoor Corporation        First Five Commission
                                                                                                          David & Leila Carpenter             Mr. & Mrs. R. Terry De Maria       Suzanne Fiske
                   Michael Towbes • Marilyn Van Donge                                                        Foundation                       Ms. Yvonne G. Degraw &             FLIR Commercial Vision
                Russ & Carol Wenzlau • Mr. David Yossem                                                   Carpinteria High School Boosters       Dr. Craig Prater                   Systems
                                                                                                          Carpinteria Lions Club              Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dehlsen             Ms. Shirlee Flohr
                                                                                                          Carpinteria Women’s Club            Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Delcastillo   Mr. Stephen Flowers
      If you have made a provision for the Scholarship Foundation in your                                 Cars 4 Causes                       Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Deley           Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Ford
                                                                                                          Carter Family Trust Foundation      Mrs. Constance Dempsey             Ms. Katherine M. Ford
       estate plans and would like to join the Scholars Circle, please let us
                                                                                                          Ms. Marybeth Carty                  Denver Foundation                  Ms. Merrilee Ford
      know. This is a partial list. If you have informed us of a planned gift                             Dr. & Mrs. Robert Casier            Jennifer Derwin                    Ms. Tisha Ford
            and would like to be recognized on this list, please tell us.                                 Estate For Gordon Caswell &         Ms. Mary R. Desmidt                Mr. & Mrs. Loren Forshey
                                                                                                             Blanche Calkin                   Ms. Nora Desruisseaux              Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
                                                                                                          Jack & Jane Catlett                 John & Anna DeVore                    Fortunato

4                                           Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org
                                                                    Thank You to our Generous Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Foss              Carla & Stephen Hahn Foundation    Incerti Family                       Ms. Ruth Kovacs                      Lathim Trust                         Lori Lewis, Esq. & Ron Perry
Lylie Francis                    Mr. & Mrs. James Hall              Mr. & Mrs. John Ingram               Jane M. Kramer                       Herbert & Gertrude Latkin            Liberty California
Stephen & Joy Frank              Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Halsey          Nancy B. Inman                       Mr. & Mrs. David Krieger               Foundation                           Mortgage, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Franz            Dr. & Mrs. A. Stevens Halsted      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Inskeep             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Krieger-Carlisle   Ms. Mina Ott Launt                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lightfoot
Ms. Jennifer Frazer &            Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hamilton        Invest West Financial Corporation    Elizabeth Kronen                     Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Lavenson             Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Liles
   Mr. Steven Phillips           Mrs. Fred Hamlin                   Italian American Foundation of SB    Patrica Krout                        Myra Thomas Lawrence                 Ms. S. Monique Limon
Ms. Elizabeth Frech              Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hampson         J & J Family Foundation              Dr. & Mrs. William J. Kucera         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lawson             Ms. Andree Lindow
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Fredrickson       Mr. & Mrs. John Hancock            Ms. Dixie Jackson                    Mr. Howard Kumin                     Betsy & Louis Lazarine               Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lindros
Ms. Julia Hayes Freedman         Ms. Lorraine Hansen                Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Jackson         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kummer             Carol & Robert Le Gassick            Dr. & Mrs. Morgan Lloyd
Mrs. Anna Freidell               Ms. Louise A. Hansen               Mr. & Mrs. James Jackson             Annette Kunze                        Mr. & Mrs. Greg Leach                Donald & Kathleen Logan
Mrs. Ward French                 Mrs. Phyllis Hansen                Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Jackson, Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kunze              Mr. David P. Leckie                  Dawn Long
Mrs. Esther S. Fritsch           Mr. & Mrs. David C. Hanson         Ann Jackson Family Foundation        La Centra -Sumerlin Foundation       Dr. Peter Leckie                     Ms. Beebe Longstreet
Erik & Judy Frost                Mrs. Donald Harcourt               Anne W. Jacobson                     La Cumbre Country Club               Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ledbetter          Ms. Andrea Lopez
Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Frost        Mr. & Mrs. Walter Harper           Elizabeth Bixby Janeway              Teresa M. La Fave                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lee               Mr. & Mrs. Don Louie
Estate of Catherine H. Frye      Ruthmarie S. Harpham                  Foundation                        La Tienda De Valle Verde             Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lehner             Sonia Loungway
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Fuette           Mrs. Robert F. Harris              Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jannotta              Ladeno Group, LLC.                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Lejeune        Marc & Pauline Lowe
Polonia Furlotti                 Ms. Mary Jane Harrison             Dow Jarvis                           Mr. & Mrs. David Lafitte             Mr. & Mrs. F. Scott Lemere           Mr. & Mrs. Richard
Terrie A. Furukawa, Ph.D.        Ms. Sue Harrison                   Mrs. Virginia Stewart Jarvis         Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lagerberg          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lemons               Lowenthal
Mr. Daniel J. Gainey             Mr. & Mrs. David Hart              Jefferson Scholars                   Ms. Alethea Lailan McGrath           Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A. Lenvik           Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Lowes
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gallup           Gene & Joan Harte                  Mr. & Mrs. Josiah Jenkins
Ms. Pearl Garcia                 Mr. Gerald Harter                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jenkins
Garden Club of Santa Barbara     Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Harter         Lilian M. Jensen-Tabibian
Janet Garufis                    Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hartman           Inger I. Jepsen                            Student Spotlight
Mr. Arthur Gaudi                 Mr. & Mrs. Stan Hatch              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Johannsen
The GE Foundation
Mary Louise Gee
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Hayes
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hayes
                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Barry Johnson
                                                                    Charles & Paula B. Johnson
                                                                                                               Chantel Braley
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gelb           Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hazard              Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gelles          Mrs. William Heaton                Ms. Gertrude Johnson                       “As a low-income student from a single parent household, I
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence George       Mr. Robert C. Hecht                Mr. L. Robert Johnson                      cannot thank you enough for helping to alleviate my financial
Mr. & Mrs. Ed George             Ms. Lorna Hedges                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter O. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Getto           Mary B. Hefner Living Trust        Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Johnson
                                                                                                               burdens. Due to the immense generosity from donors like
Mrs. Don Gevirtz                 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Heisinger          Jana Johnston, Esq.                        you, I am first person in my family to attend college. Drugs,
Richard Gilbert                  Mr. & Mrs. Olaf Helmer             Mr. David Jones & Sandra                   alcoholism, gambling
Mr. Rodney C. Gilmore &          Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Helzer           Tripp-Jones                             addiction, and mental illness
   Ms. Marie Elaine Robinson     Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Henley             David P. Jones, A.I.A.
Sally Giloth                     Mr. Robert Henning Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Leighton T. Jones
                                                                                                               are all issues that plagued
Mr. & Mrs. John Glanville        Mr. & Mrs. Art Henzell             Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Jones, MD                my youth and left me
David Gledhill &                 Ms. Lisa Hernandez                 Ms. Melissa Jones Hamilton                 feeling exiled from my
   Patty Jacquemain              Mr. Steve Hernandez                Jeff & Susan Jordano
                                                                                                               dysfunctional family. In
Glenda’s Party Cove              Mr. & Mrs. H. Edward Heron         Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jordano
Mr. & Mrs. Darwin Glenn          Lauren Ashley Herrera Memorial     May Judd Trust                             high school I armed myself
Mr. & Mrs. Luis Goena               Foundation                      K Patrick, Inc.                            with education and chose
Ms. Kimberley M. Golden          Mr. & Mrs. Montgomery R. Hester    Dr. Matthew Kaim                           to attend Smith College in
Ms. Amy Goldman                  Mr. & Mrs. James Hezlep            Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kambach
Eli Goldsmith                    Ms. Karen Hickman                  Ms. Sheila C. Kamhi
                                                                                                               snowy Northampton, MA.
Goleta Valley Art Association    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hicks           George C. Karlson Foundation
Ms. Hallie Goodall               Ms. Nancy Hight                    Mr. & Mrs. Roger Karlson
                                                                                                               During my time at Smith,
                                                                                                                                               Chantel Braley (center) in Varanasi, India
Mr. & Mrs. Dexter J. Goodell     Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hobbs             Mrs. Diana Katsenes                        I have pursued a multi-         with some of the local children.
Mr. Scott Gordon &               Mr. & Mrs. Rick Hogue              Ms. Gene H. Kaula                          cultural and tolerance-based
   Ms. Lizbeth Flynn             Ted & Andrea Hoelter               Ellen G. Keeter
                                                                                                               approach to education by double majoring in Religious and
Judge & Mrs. William L. Gordon   Mrs. Joanne Holderman              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Keller
Dorothy & Freeman F.             Mr. & Mrs. Mark Holland            Mrs. Robert Kelley                         Jewish Studies with a concentration in Faith and Politics. Smith
   Gosden, Jr. Foundation        Mrs. C. Warren Hollister           Mr. William Kelsey                         opened up a world of opportunities, and I have been fortunate
Mr. Kenneth E. Gould             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hoover          Mr. Howard Kendler                         to study Tibetan Buddhism and culture in India and to study
Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Graham        Ms. Diane Horowitz                 Mr. Donald Kennedy
Ms. Carolyn H. Grant             Gary & Corinne Horowitz            Nancy Kennedy
                                                                                                               Hebrew in Israel. I have excelled academically and personally,
Mr. Ed Graper                    Hazel Heath Horton Philanthropic   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Kern                  winning the Jewish Studies Department Prize in 2009 and
Ms. Ruth Green                      Trust                           Dierdre Kieckhefer                         maintaining a 3.80 GPA. Had I not been given financial
Dr. & Mrs. W. Michael Green      Housing Authority of the           Mr. & Mrs. David Kiefer                    assistance from the Scholarship Foundation, the necessities of
Mr. & Mrs. William Green            City of S.B.                    Dr. Dayton Kieswetter
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Greene        Elizabeth P. Houston               Mr. & Mrs. John Kilo
                                                                                                               full-time work would have undoubtedly impeded my ability to
Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Greer        Mary E. Howe-Grant                 Ms. Sherry Kimball                         make it into the top 10 percent of my class. After graduation
Ms. Cria Oline Gregory           Mr. & Mrs. Weldon U. Howell, Jr.   Dr. & Mrs. Laszlo Kiraly                   I hope to pursue a career in Jewish communal service, while
Mr. Myron Gretler Living Trust   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Huerta            Denise Kircher
                                                                                                               simultaneously maintaining my dream to write and illustrate
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Grewe       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hug             Mr. John Kirk
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Griffin          Dr. & Mrs. J. P. Hughes            Mr. & Mrs. William H. Kistler              religiously tolerant and culturally sensitive children’s literature.”
Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Griffin      Alice Hummel                       Kiwanis Club of Carpinteria Valley
Mr. & Mrs. William Griffin       Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hurley              Mr. & Mrs. Mortimer A. Kline, III
Ms. Loma Griffith                Ms. Margaret Hurley                Knapp College of Nursing Alumnae
Lucille M. Gruendyke Leemhuis    Ms. Alice Hutchins                 Mr. & Mrs. James Knight              Lanspeed                             Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Lenz              Mr. Arthur Ludwig
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guillermo      Hutton Foundation                  Knowlwood Tennis Club                Estate of Marjorie M. Laronge        Mrs. Jean Thompson Leonard           Ms. Lynn Luft
Ms. Judith Guillermo-Newton      Mrs. Arne P. Hvolboll              Joyce E. Koehler                     David & Tracy Larson                 Mr. & Mrs. Ilan M. Levi              Mr. Steven D. Lunny
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gulbransen       Eric Hvolboll                      Mrs. Joseph Koepfli                  Ms. Lauren M. Lastra                 Mr. & Mrs. Eli Levine                Chi Luong
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Habermann      Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Iannelli          Petar & Anna Kokotovic               Louise Latham                        Ms. Jodi Levine                      Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. MacDonald
Ms. Colette Hadley               Igniters of Santa Barbara          Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Kolman         Ms. Patricia Latham                  Ms. Betty Z. Levinson Trust          Dr. & Mrs. Peter MacDougall
Mary Haggerty                    Mr. & Mrs. John Illgen             Dr. & Mrs. Paul Kopp                 Van Latham                           Mr. John Lewis & Ms. Carrie Towbes   Mr. & Mrs. John MacFarlane

                                            Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org                                                                                     5
                                                                     Thank You to our Generous Donors
Dr. & Mrs. Tomas Machin        Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McAlister          Mr. Albert A. Melkonian             Ms. Beverly Morey                     Mr. Daniel Peters &                  Ms. Barbara Parker Robinson
Mackey Family Trust            Harold McAlister Charitable           Ms. Etelvina Menchaca               Mr. & Mrs. G.M. Morley                   Ms. Carole Christensen            Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Thad C. MacMillan     Foundation                          Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Mendes           Mr. & Mrs. Jim Morouse                Mr. & Mrs. David L. Peters           Mr. & Mrs. Kilburn Roby
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Magid         Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. McCalla          Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Merovick          Dr. Peter Morris                      Mr. & Mrs. James P. Peters           Mrs. Benjamin Rockwell
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Maher         Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCammon           Ms. Lindsay Merrill                 Mr. John Morrisset                    Mrs. Lee Peters                      Joe, Irene & Jose Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Mallen         Wendy P. McCaw Foundation             Mrs. Barbara Merritt                Christian & Nancy Morrow              Susan M. Peters                      Mr. & Mrs. David Roe
Jane F. Malmgren               Mr. John McClellan &                  Mrs. John Merritt                   John & Kathleen Moseley               Peters Family Trust                  Mr. & Mrs. Doug Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. John Mandle           Ms. Dorothy S. Reynolds Cox         Patricia H. Metropolis              B. Paul Moser Trust                   Mr. & Mrs. David Peterson            Woody & Lynn Rollins
Jennifer J. Mangan             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McCollum            Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Micheel            Mosher Foundation                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Petlow            Mr. James Romeo &
Mr. Irving Manning &           Ms. Sara Miller McCune                Ms. Joanne Miles                    Ms. Patricia A. Moylan                Dr. & Mrs. Joe Peus                    Ms. Chris D’Arco
  Ms. Jennifer Gibian          Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm McDuffie           Ms. Beverly Milkman                 MTD/Yaco Scholarship Fund             Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Pfadenhauer        Ms. Karen Romofsky
Manset Family Trust            Mr. & Mrs. Willard McEwen Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Frank Miller             Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mullaney               Marianne Pfaelzer                    Mr. & Mrs. Rick Roney
MarBorg Industries             Ms. Carrie Belle McFie                Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Miller          Linton Murdock                        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Phelps             Mr. Thomas E. Rook
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Marquez         McGowan Guntermann                    Ms. Janet R. Milligan               Mary & James Murphy                   Mr. & Mrs. Allen Roy Phillips        Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Rose
Timothy & Bernadette           Ms. Meaghan McGrath                   Ms. Edwina S. Mindheim              Timothy & Veronica Murphy             Tom & Catherine Pickett              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Rosness
  Marquez Foundation           McIntyre Foundation                   Mrs. Clarence Minnerly              The Myers Family Foundation           Ms. Charlene Pidgeon                 Shirley Ross
Mr. Dale Marquis               Mr. & Mrs. James McIntyre             Minot Enterprises, Inc.             Mrs. Raymond K. Myerson               E. Anne Pidgeon                      Mr. Douglas Rossi
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Marrs           McKeesport Properties LLC             Ms. Cynthia Clark Mitchell          National Security Technologies, LLC   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pierpoint          Rotary Club of Goleta
Mr. & Mrs. David Marshall      Mr. & Mrs. Phillip McKenna            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mitterer             Ms. Genevieve Nauman                  Mr. Gary Pitney                      Rotary Club of Santa Barbara
Anne Panos Martin              Ms. Meredith C. Mckittrick            Mr. & Mrs. Tom Modugno              Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nawoj                Pitney Revocable Trust                 North
Jon & Michele Martin           Mr. & Mrs. Eward F. McLaughlin, III   Ms. Bea Molina                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Nelson           Roy & Thelma Pitts Foundation        Morning Rotary of Carpinteria
                                                                                                         Andy & Yvonne Neumann                 Mr. & Mrs. Alvin H. Plack              Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                         Julie & Peter Newendorp               Plains Exploration & Production      Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rothstein
                                                                                                         Phuong T. Nguyen                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Pless          The Rottman Group
      Past Recipient Spotlight                                                                           Ms. Jill Nicholls                     Catherine Pollock                    Mr. & Mrs. George Rowley
                                                                                                         The Nichols Foundation                Mrs. Richard Polsky                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rowley

      Matthew Bond                                                                                       Mrs. Beverly Niemiec
                                                                                                         Mrs. Georgia Noble
                                                                                                                                               Gilberto Posadas
                                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. John Poucher
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Jean C. Roy
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rubin
                                                                                                         Nancy Noble                           Mrs. Heloise Power                   Britt Rudenstam
     “Your philanthropy has had an amazing impact on my life. Prior to                                   Mr. & Mrs. James C. Nonn              Dr. & Mrs. Elliot Prager             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ruiz
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Norqual               Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Pratt           Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
     receiving significant financial assistance from the Scholarship                                     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Norris              Mr. David Z. Presser                 Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Rusack
     Foundation, I was waiting tables at a well-known Santa Barbara                                      Northern Trust                        Mrs. Francis G. Preston              Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ruscio
                                                seafood restaurant and                                   Dr. & Mrs. Mead Northrop              Ruth Priest                          Mr. & Mrs. Russell Ruskauff
                                                attending SBCC. I had set                                Carolyn & Peter Novick                Mr. & Mrs. Clifden Purcell           Mr. & Mrs. Edmund P. Russell, III
                                                                                                         Nuveen Investments                    Mr. & Mrs. O. Thomas Purl            Nancy Diane Russell
                                                my sights on a business                                  Mr. & Mrs. Pierce O’Donnell           Quijano Family LLC                   Mrs. Evelyn Russert
                                                economics degree from                                    Mr. & Mrs. Donald O’Dowd              Dr. & Mrs. William A. Radasky        Mr. & Mrs. John R. Rydell, III
                                                UCSB in an effort to                                     Mr. Brian O’Gorman                    Mr. & Mrs. Morey Raffensperger       Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ryu
                                                                                                         O’Gorman & O’Gorman, LLP              Mr. Daniel Ramey                     Ms. Donna Saldin
                                                become a financial advisor.
                                                                                                         Kathy O’Leary                         Mrs. Gwen Randolph                   Santa Barbara Association of
                                                                                                         Prentice O’Leary &                    Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rapp                  Realtors
                                                   Scholarship awards from
                                                                                                            Paula Lutomirsky                   Ms. Bettie Ravel                     Santa Barbara Athletic Round
                                                   the George and Dale                                   Mr. Bruce O’Neal                      Raytheon                               Table
                                                   Cavalletto Scholarship                                Mr. & Mrs. William Oakley             Mr. & Mrs. Hugo R. Razo              Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
                                                   Fund allowed me to focus                              Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ochi                  Mr. & Mrs. Gregory C. Rech           Santa Barbara Certified
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ogella             Mrs. Mila Recsei                       Farmers Market Assoc.
                                                   on school and to accelerate                           Mr. & Mrs. John Oliver                Marian Reddan                        Santa Barbara Chamber of
     Matt Bond with his wife Saniata, and children my life. With your help,                              Mr. Dean Onishi                       Ms. Barbara Redlinger                  Commerce
     Kaliva and Noah.                              I transferred to UCSB                                 Orfalea Family Foundation             Richard & Jolene Reed                Santa Barbara City
                                                                                                         The Orfalea Fund                      Reichard Bros. Enterprises, Inc.       Firefighters Association
                                                   and finished my degree.
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Joaquin Ornelas            Reicker Pfau Pyle McRoy LLP          Santa Barbara County
     I decided to move to the Bay Area where I interviewed with nine                                     Mr. & Mrs. David Ortiz                Dennis W. Reilly                       Education Office
     companies and received offers from eight. I decided on a small                                      OSR Enterprises                       Ms. Christina L. Reimer              Santa Barbara County
     but tenured independent firm called SGC Financial. My business                                      M. Isabell Ostrom                     Ms. Jennifer Reinish                   United Way
                                                                                                         June G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust    Gertrude M. Reith                    Santa Barbara Foundation
     economics degree and training in basic accounting proved very
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Overall               RGL Fund                             Santa Barbara Home
     useful in management discussions and strategy sessions. I was                                       The Pacer Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. Adam Rhodes                 Improvement Center
     asked to become a partner in the firm after being there only five                                   Miles Paine                           Dr. Ann Rice                         Santa Barbara Host Lions Club
     years. I am now Managing Director at SGC Financial. I am very                                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Panizzon          Mr. James Rice                       Santa Barbara Mariachi
                                                                                                         PARC Foundation                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rickershauser       Festival
     fortunate to have received the assistance and guidance                                              Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Parent           Mr. Thomas P. Riederer               Santa Barbara News-Press
     of the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara.”                                                    Mr. & Mrs. William Parrish            Jane C. Rieffel                      Santa Barbara Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                         Mr. Charles Partridge                 Mrs. Paul Riemenschneider              Assoc.
                                                                                                         Mr. Kent Partridge                    Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rifkin               Santa Barbara Rotary
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Scott Partridge            Norman & Thelma Rigby                Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martin      Mr. Miles McLennan                    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Molina             Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pash                   Mrs. Mary Louise Riley               Santa Barbara Sport Fishing
Ms. Audrey E. Martinson        Mr. & Mrs. Jeff McLoughlin            Mr. & Mrs. Julio Molina             Mr. & Mrs. Roger Paul                 Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Riley               Club
Brett Matthews &               Suzanne McNeely                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Molley            Mr. Danny Paulin                      Mr. & Mrs. Noel Rivas                Santa Ynez Band of Chumash
  Ginger Salazar               Alice L. McRoberts                    Momentum 4 Life, Inc.               Ms. Marisa Pearson                    Ms. Gina Rivera & Mr. Joshua Evans     Indians Foundation
Matthews Salazar Imagitas      Charles McVicker                      Robert Monk                         The Peebles Sheen Foundation          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Robeck         Mr. & Mrs. Ken Saxon
  Foundation                   Ms. Teresa McWilliams                 Henry E. & Lola Monroe Foundation   The Peets Family                      Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Roberts            SBTech Ventures, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Maunz         Dr. David Medina                      Montecito Bank & Trust              Penfield & Smith Engineers, Inc.      The Roberts Bros. Foundation         Dr. & Mrs. Doug Scalapino
Mr. & Mrs. Irving C. Maust     Ms. Charleen Farley Mee               Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Montgomery     Mr. & Mrs. Fred Perutz                David Meldrum-Taylor &               Scar Properties
Ms. Mildred Mayes              Ms. Maritza Mejia                     Ms. Patricia Moore                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pesenti                 Barbara Robertson                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schall
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mayfield    Ms. Michelle Melendez                 Ms. Julie C. Mooy                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Peteler          Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Robins            Ms. Heather Schatz

6                                         Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org
                                                                        Thank You to our Generous Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schlagel       Pauline B. Shillam                    Mr. & Mrs. Peter Stalker, II       Katherine Tobin                     Vos Family Foundation               Nancy J. Williamson Unitrust
Schlinger Chrisman Foundation    Mr. & Mrs. Robertson H. Short, Jr.    Mr. & Mrs. Miles Standish          Mr. & Mrs. Donn Tognazzini          Mr. Ted Walberg                     Ms. Grace Willson
Schlosser Family Foundation      Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shorts             Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stapelmann         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Towbes           Mrs. Philip D. Walker               Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Wilson, III
Mr. & Mrs. Donald I. Schmidt     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shupe              Gail Stassinos                     Towbes Foundation                   Mr. & Mrs. Gene Waller              Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Wilson
The Schow Foundation             Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Siefe              M. Greg Stathakis                  Town & Country Women’s Club of SB   Wallis Foundation                   Mr. Travis Wilson
Everett Schroeter                Siefe Family Trust                    Margaret Staton                    Toyon Research Corp.                Amy Walsh                           Wine Cask
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Schroeter       Eleanor Simmons                       Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Steidl            Ms. Jenifer Tracy                   Joan Walsh                          Nancy & Darby Winn
Schuler Family Foundation        Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Simon            Mr. & Mrs. Alan A. Stephens        Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Trichler          Ms. Betty M. Walters                Mr. & Mrs. Albert J.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schultheis     Mr. Albert C. Simonds                 Mr. William Stephens               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tumbler           Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Warneke            Wintringham
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Schultz        Mrs. Eleanor Simpson                  Mr. Michael Stevens                Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation        Dr. & Mrs. Ken Waxman               Erik Wipf, DDS
Mr. & Mrs. Arent Schuyler, Jr.   Mrs. Sneh Singh                       Mrs. Sarah Stevens                 Mr. & Mrs. Marshall H. Turner       Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Webb         Dr. & Mrs. Vaughn Wipf
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schwartz         Leslee Sipress                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Stivers      Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Turner           Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Weber           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wolf
Mr. Arnold Schweigert            Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Skinner          Mr. James W. Stocker               Turnpike Center                     Mr. & Mrs. James Wedmore            Woman’s Service Club of
Science & Engineering Council    Mr. Eric Skipsey                      Mr. & Mrs. Abraham A. Stone        Mr. & Mrs. Sam Tyler                Kathleen M. Weinheimer                Goleta
Ms. Mary P. Scopatz              Mr. Peter Sklar & Ms. Suzanne Foley   Mr. Jeffrey Stopple                UCSB Retirees Association           William E. Weiss Foundation         Mr. Clifton D. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Scopatz       Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Skolnick        Andrea K. Stouffer                 UNICO National-SB Chapter           Ms. Andrea Welch                    Mr. J. Taylor Woodward, III
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Scorso            Arlie & Luella Skov                   Timothy Strand & Athena Sims       United Launch Alliance              Ms. Carolyn Welch                   Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wright
Mr. & Mrs. John Scott            Mr. & Mrs. C. Paul Slater             Rosalind Stubenberg                Elise Unruh                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Welch            Mr. Peter Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Keyes Scott           Mr. & Mrs. James E. Small             Dr. & Mrs. Jim Subject             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Utigard           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wells            WWW Foundation
Mr. Mark A. Scott                Mr. & Mrs. James Smith                Suburban Kiwanis Club of           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Valentich-Scott     Mr. & Mrs. David Wenner             Mr. David Yager
Mr. & Mrs. Robertson Scott       James A. Smith                          Santa Barbara                    Ms. Carol Lapham Valentine          Mrs. Carol Wenzlau                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yamin
Mr. & Mrs. James Searcy          Ms. Jane W. Smith                     Catherine Sugar & Gareth James     Valle Verde Retirement Community    Ms. Emily West &                    Mr. & Mrs. Norm R. Yetman
Ms. Joanne Sears                 Mr. & Mrs. Jay Smith                  Ms. Evie Sullivan                  Mr. & Mrs. John Van Aken               Mr. Amir Abo-Shaeer              Steven Yoneda
Mr. & Mrs. Harris Seed           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith              Mrs. Tom Sullivan                  Mrs. Walter Van Cott                West Coast Asset Management, Inc.   Ms. Janice Blair Yoshida
Mrs. Nancy Seed                  Nancy R. Smith                        Sutphen Family Trust               Mrs. Marilyn Van Donge              Mr. Roger Whalen                    Mr. & Mrs. E. David Yossem
Seed Mackall LLP                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Smith              Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Swalley          Patricia Van Every                  Ms. Julie Whalen Schuetz &          Mr. Paul J. Zak &
Mr. Brian Selander               Mr. & Mrs. Scott Smith                Mary Jo Swalley                    Ms. Coleen Van Nostrand                Mr. Martin Schuetz                 Ms. Lori Uer-Zaqk
Muriel Self                      Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Smith               Mr. & Mrs. Theresa Swann           Ms. Sandy Sutton Vandeman           Mr. & Mrs. Rich Whiston             Sandy & Ann Zeff
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Sensiper       Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Smith                Mr. & Mrs. John Switzer            Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Velez           Mr. C. Dana White                   Dr. & Mrs. Julius Zelmanowitz
Mr. Donald W. Seth &             The Smith Family Survivors Trust      Ms. Melanie Durston Szymanski      Venoco, Inc.                        Dr. & Mrs. Gerald White             Mr. Fred Zemke
  Ms. Lynda L. Millner           Smith-Walker Foundation               Tacoma Cat Hospital                Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Verboomen        Dr. & Mrs. Stewart White            Mr. & Mrs. Craig Zimmerman
SG Foundation                    The Ed Snider Foundation              Mr. Christopher Tai                Mr. & Mrs. Ed Vernon                Mr. & Mrs. Trent Whitehead          Mr. & Mrs. Steven Zola
Mrs. Arthur Shafer               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Solomon            Mrs. Robert M. Teeter              Ms. Jeanne T. Vesey                 Nancy Whiteside
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Sharp        Spacek Labs                           The Thatcher Foundation            Vietnam Veterans of America         Mrs. Elizabeth Whitney
James & Patricia Shaw            Mr. & Mrs. David Spainhour            Things To Do, Inc.                    Chapter 218                      Jan Whitworth                       Important Note:
Mr. & Mrs. Merlyn Sheets         Ms. Barbara W. Spaulding              Ms. Donna Thomas                   Mr. Daniel Villalpando              Jamila Wignot                       We’ve tried to list everyone
Mrs. William Shelchuk            Mr. John F. Spencer                   Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Thompson          Mr. & Mrs. Jim Villanueva           Wild Women of Goleta                who has given a gift from
Joyce Sheldon                    Eric Spiess                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Thompson      Mr. Nicholas Vincent                Mr. Justin Willett                  July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009.
Ms. Theora Shelley               Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Sponsel           Mrs. David Thomsen                 Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Vincent         Mrs. Alvin Williams                 Please forgive us if we have
Sheppard Mullin Richter &        Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Sprague             Walter & Holly Thomson             Vistas Lifelong Learning, Inc.      Ms. Kenda Williams                  made errors or omissions,
  Hampton                        Mr. Morris Squire                     Genevieve & Robert Thornburgh      Mr. Melvin Vogel                    Williams-Corbett Foundation         and let us know if we have
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Sherrill     Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. St. Clair       Mary Ellen Tiffany                 Volentine Family Foundation         Mrs. Helen Williamson               listed you incorrectly.
Mr. & Mrs. Lanny Sherwin         Warren & Mary Lynn Staley             Mr. & Mrs. David Tilton            Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Vos               Elizabeth Williamson                Thank you!

                                                                                     Thank you to the generous 2009 event sponsors
                                                                                       who helped us to provide scholarships for
                                                                                        Santa Barbara County students majoring
                                                                                            in business or technology fields.

           Steering Committee Co-Chairs                        Table Sponsors                  Cottage Health System               Montecito Bank & Trust            Santa Barbara Asset Management
           Joanne Funari, Business First Bank                  ABC-Clio                        Cycad Group, LLC                    Mullen & Henzell, LLP             Santa Barbara City College
            Jeff Carmody, Agility Capital LLC                  Agility Capital, LLC            Deckers Outdoor Corporation         Nasif, Hicks, Harris & Company    Santa Barbara Daily Sound
                                                               American Riviera Bank           Farber Hass Hurley, LLP             Neovia Integrated Insurance       Schipper Construction Co.
                  Founding Sponsor                                                             Fell, Marking, Abkin, Montgomery      Services                        Seed Mackall, LLP
                                                               Anderson Systems
               Santa Barbara Bank & Trust                                                                                                                            Select Family of Staffing Companies
                                                               AppFolio, Inc.                  Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort     Nevins Adams Lewbel Schell
                                                                                               Fidelity Investments                Northrop Grumman                  Seymour Duncan
              Executive Level Sponsors                         Athenaeum Capital Partners
                                                               ATK Systems                     FLIR Systems, Inc.                  NuSil Technology                  Sheppard Mullin Richter
                     Cox Business
                                                               Bank of America                 Frontier Technology, Inc.           Pacific Coast Business Times         & Hampton
           Investment Group of Santa Barbara
                                                               Bank of the West                Graphic Traffic                     Pacifica Commercial Realty        Smith Barney
                  MarBorg Industries
                                                               Brown & Brown Insurance         Habit Restaurants                   Rabobank, N.A.                    Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth
               Director Level Sponsors                         Brownstein Hyatt Farber         Hub International of California     Radius Group Commercial           Towbes Group
               Bartlett Pringle & Wolf, LLP                      Schreck, LLP                  Idea Engineering, Inc.                Real Estate                     Venoco, Inc.
                   Hutton Foundation                           Business First Bank             Invest West Financial               Raytheon                          Village Properties
                           SAGE                                Cabrillo Business Park          Jordano’s, Inc.                     Reicker Pfau Pyle & McRoy, LLP    Wells Fargo Bank
                    UC Santa Barbara                           Citrix Online                   Kathy J. Odell and                  Rich Graphics Printing            Westmont College
              Wyatt Technology Corporation                     Cogent Valuation                  Charles A. Bischof                Rincon Venture Partners, LLC
               Santa Barbara City College                      Community West Bank             Merrill Lynch-Global Wealth         Ring Revenue, LLC
                    UC Santa Barbara                                                             Management

                                              Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (805) 687-6065 www.sbscholarship.org                                                                                   7
             Deserving Students Depend on Your Generosity
   When you give to the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, you change lives. An investment in
    our youth demonstrates your commitment to providing motivated students a chance at college.

WAYS TO GivE:                                                                                                                              BOard OF directOrS
                                                                                                                                           Patricia MacFarlane, President
Start an Annual Scholarship Fund                                                                                                          Jim Knight, VP Administration
                                                                                                                                          Kathy O’Leary, VP Development
Make a pledge to support deserving undergraduate or graduate students attending vocational schools, two-year                          Fernando Velez, Jr., VP Student Programs
colleges or four-year universities. Each May, you will receive a letter describing the student(s) we have selected                       Gregory P. Bartholomew, Treasurer
for your scholarship award, keeping you closely tied to the impact of your gift.                                                                Lisa Rivas, Secretary

                                                                                                                                              Roger Aceves • Joan Arnold
Establish a Permanent, Endowed Scholarship Fund                                                                                              Gale E. Busch • Trudi Carey
In addition to the Annual Scholarship Fund donor benefits, we will invest your gift and use the earnings to                                Janet Garufis • Christie Glanville
provide scholarships for worthy undergraduate or graduate students in perpetuity.                                                            Geri Green • Alan M. Griffin
                                                                                                                                        Norman N. Habermann • Vicki Hazard
                                                                                                                                       Shirley Ann Hurley • L. Robert Johnson
Give Unrestricted Contributions                                                                                                          Diana Jessup Lee • Donald R. Logan
Your unrestricted gift will be used where it is most needed. The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara                                Dale J. Marquis • Suzanne F. McNeely
                                                                                                                                   David A. Medina, M.D. • Barrett P. O’Gorman
welcomes donations to support infrastructure and operational activities.
                                                                                                                                            Ken Pash • Thomas D. Pickett
                                                                                                                                            Ginger Salazar • Maryan Schall
Support the Financial Aid Advising and Outreach Program                                                                                      Jay D. Smith • Jean A. Smith
                                                                                                                                           Arthur Swalley • Richard V. Wells
Your donation will help provide workshops and counseling sessions for underserved students and families                            Julie Whalen Schuetz • Gerald R. White, Ph.D.
who may not know how to apply for all sources of financial aid.                                                                          Jan Whitworth • J. Taylor Woodward
                                                                                                                                         E. David Yossem • Craig Zimmerman
Become a Member of the Scholars Circle
                                                                                                                                        PaSt PreSident’S cOuncil
Name the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara as a beneficiary to provide a lasting legacy. Many planned gifts                     Joseph L. Cole, Immediate Past President
offer tax advantages to you and/or your heirs. We encourage you to work with your financial advisor to determine                      June I. Anderle • Leon P. Bartholomew
which assets to give, the best time to give them, and the type of gift arrangement that is most beneficial.                             John L. Davies • Dr. Joe W. Dobbs
                                                                                                                                       Nancyann Failing • Charles R. Greene
                                                                                                                                        Stephen M. Hicks • Carl E. Lindros
                                                                                                                                      Bruce L. Micheel • C. Brian O’Gorman
                                                                                                                                          Bruce O’Neal • Gerald B. Parent
        To help provide scholarships for local students please send contributions to:                                                     Joanne Rapp • I. Kenneth Saxon
                                                                                                                                            Peggy Timmons-Blasingame
                                  Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
                                                                                                                                          Hubert D. Vos • Richard Welch
                                   P.O. Box 3620, Santa Barbara, CA 93130
                                  (805) 687-6065 • www.sbscholarship.org                                                                     HOnOrary BOard
                                                                                                                                         Harold R. Frank • Marilyn Gevirtz
                                                                                                                                          Barbara Henzell • Helen Pedotti
            The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Charitable California Corporation.
                                            Tax Identification number 23-708-7774.                                                         Larie Smith • Michael Towbes

                                                                                                                                             adviSOry cOuncil
                                                                                                                                     Anthony Askew • Gayle D. Beebe, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                                         William J. Cirone • Valerie Fuette
                                                                                                                                         John D. Illgen • Patti Jacquemain
                                                                                                                                      Jose M. Ortiz, Ed.D. • Betty J. Rosness
                              The Scholarship                                     ORGANiZATiONAL EFFiCiENCY
                                                                                                                                     Andreea Serban, Ph.D. • Donn Tognazzini
                              Foundation of Santa                                 Program Expenses                         93.8%
                                                                                                                                               Henry T. Yang, Ph.D.

                              Barbara has earned                                                                                                      StaFF
                                                                                  Administrative Expenses                  2.5%
                                                                                                                                         Colette Hadley, Executive Director
                              the TOP 4 STAR
                                                                                  Fundraising Expenses                     3.5%       Cathy Alegria, Administrative Assistant
                              exceptional rating for                                                                                 Rebecca Anderson, Director of Development
www.charitynavigator.org      fiscal responsibility for                                                                                 Julie Evans, Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                                                        María González Gaona, Accountant
7 consecutive years by Charity Navigator,                                                                                                Hallie Goodall, Director of Finance
                                                                                                                                            Nicole Jones, Office Manager
America’s premier independent evaluator                                                                                                  Maritza Mejia, Outreach Manager
                                                                                                                                        Gabriela Perez, Accounting Assistant
of charities. Only 1% of rated charities                                                                        Fiscal year               Breana Scorso, Assistant Director
                                                                                                                ending 6/2008                   of Student Programs
have received this distinction.                                                                                                              Vicki Wedmore, Director of
                                                                                                                                                  Student Programs

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