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					                                                            Strongsville High School


VOL. XXXVI, NO. 2                                                                     1st SEMESTER 2011-12

 THE PRINCIPAL'S PAGE                                                  DATELINE: Strongsville, Ohio

 As we begin 2012, I extend to you and your families best wishes for many blessings in the New Year. I hope
 that 2012 started off well and that your holidays were restful and fulfilling. We have now entered the third
 marking period for the 2011-2012 school year. I hope that all students experienced success in the first
 semester. I am eagerly anticipating all of the many activities planned for our kids during second semester. I
 hope that all of us in the Strongsville School Community may experience a year of happiness and fulfillment
 in the work we do together.

 Though we’re early in the second semester, it’s already time for the scheduling process to begin for the 2012-
 13 school year. Parents and students should begin considering and discussing what classes and levels of
 difficulty are appropriate for each student’s interests and capabilities. Any student interested in Honors or
 Advanced Placement courses are encouraged to talk to teachers and their guidance counselor to discuss which
 and how many Honors or A.P. courses are in the student’s best interest. Please check the school website for
 information pertaining to scheduling for classes. The High School Course Selection Guide is online as a
 reference for your use.

                                              Senior Activities
 Seniors received a newsletter with all the pertinent information concerning senior activities such as Prom,
 Senior Salute and Graduation. The Senior Newsletter is also on-line. As mentioned in the newsletter, all
 students must secure their own transportation to and from the Wolstein Center. The dates, times and details
 for all senior activities are included in the Senior Newsletter.

                                     Have a Great Second Semester
 I believe that together we will have a fruitful and enjoyable second semester. With parental support, the
 effort of our students and staff, and leadership that is caring and visionary, we will be a school community
 and team that values high levels of citizenship and student achievement. As always, if you need assistance or
 have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers, counselors, and administrators. We are
 here to help. Have a wonderful second semester.

                                                                       William R. Steffen

When visiting the high school, you will be asked to sign your name and provide your license plate number, and
then will be given a Visitor’s Tag by the greeter in the Main Entrance Hallway. You will also be asked to sign
out and return the Visitor’s Tag. Please, don’t take offense at this request. For the security of this large
building and the safety of the students, we have instituted this policy.

Employees of the district, but not members of the high school staff, are also asked to follow the above
procedures upon arrival at the high school and to sign out at departure.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding of this procedure.


Parent Conference Day is Thursday, March 1, 2012. The time is 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.

The high school Post Secondary Options meetings will be held at 12:30 and 5:00 in the auditorium.

                                 IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS

When calling your student in absent, please make note that ALL grade level attendance calls should be made
to 440-572-7101.

If your student needs to leave early and did not bring a note, please call 440-846-4072.

The Clinic has a direct number – 268-5918
Athletic Department – 572-7102
Guidance Department – 572-7103

                                   PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCES

Students who anticipate being out of school because of a family trip or vacation or college visitations must
secure a “Pre-arranged Absence” form from the Attendance Office. Student absences of this nature are not
considered as approved absence by the State of Ohio and Board of Education Policy.

The Pre-Arranged Absence form must be completed and returned to the designated administrator for approval
at least five days prior to the absence. All work should be obtained before the student leaves. The work is due
upon the student’s return. Tests and quizzes are to be made up on the one-day per day of absence schedule.
Ex: A student on a five-day pre-arranged absence missing a test on the third day of the pre-arranged absence
makes the test up no later than the third day after returning.

Students and parents are asked to follow the guidelines of the Pre-Arranged Absence request form in order to
receive credit for their work.

Pre-arranged absence days count against a student’s 10 days.
When you have a change of address or a new phone number, whether it is home or work, please notify all your
children’s school buildings. Please submit changes in writing to the Data Input Specialist, Mrs. Donna Turski.

                         STUDENT ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL
To report an absence please call 440-572-7101

Parents are responsible for informing the school of their child’s absence and the reason for the absence before
8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence. Parents/Guardians may leave a message the night before or prior to 8:30
a.m. The message should include the following information:
     Name of student and grade
     Date of absence and possible return
     Reason for absence
     Person calling
     Number where parent/guardian can be reached

Upon the student’s return to school following the absence, he/she must bring a note from the legal guardian
within 24 hours of the student’s return, giving the date(s) and reason for the absence if phone contact has not
already been made. Absences not confirmed through a phone call or accompanied by notes will become

             A NOTE FROM THE NURSE – Crystal Tackaberry, RN, CSN
              It is recommended that your student stay home if they are experiencing:
      Fever over 100° F
      Vomiting
      Diarrhea
      Frequent cough
      Persistent pain (ear, stomach etc.)
      Widespread rash

                    If there is any doubt, contact your doctor or health care provider.

    CONDITION:                                            WHEN TO RETURN TO SCHOOL:

    Conjunctivitis                                         24 hours after treatment starts
    Cough                                                  cough is no longer persistent
    Diarrhea                                               24 hours after last episode of diarrhea
    Fever                                                  24 hours after fever-free
    Head Lice                                              hair is treated and nit-free
    Impetigo                                               24 hours after treatment starts – sores covered
    Ring Worm                                              24 hours after treatment starts – sores covered
    Strep Throat                                           24 hours after treatment starts and fever-free
    Vomiting                                               24 hours after last episode of vomiting
                             A LETTER FROM OUR SUPERINTENDENT

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Strongsville School District understands that the decision to close schools due to inclement weather or
loss of utilities has an enormous effect on all of our families. The following information may help you to
better understand the process used when making the decision.

When inclement weather or loss of utilities impacts the District, we make the decision whether to close
schools based upon a careful analysis of all relevant factors including:
     Information on road conditions from our transportation staff, maintenance staff, and local safety
       Amount of accumulated snow and ice.
       Whether precipitation is expected to continue throughout the day.
       Temperature and wind chill. (minus 15 to 20 degrees)
       Impact on our bus fleet.
       Weather predictions from satellite systems, local radar, National Weather and NOAA Weather
       Storm timing.
       Building conditions (such as whether there is electricity and/or heat).
       Discussions with Administrators from area school districts beginning the prior evening.

As Superintendent of Schools, I am responsible for the final decision, based upon the factors above and
consultation with Mark Donnelly, Director of Business Services.

I try to make the decision by 5:30 a.m., so that we can notify local television and radio stations, post it to our
web site, and notify staff.

Even if weather conditions worsen we cannot reverse our decision in the morning without endangering
student safety. When we make the decision to keep the schools open, many parents rely on it and leave for
work. If we then send students back home, many will return to empty houses. Once students arrive at
school, we feel the safest plan is to keep them at school until the end of the school day.

Although we do our absolute best in this process by carefully considering all information, we know that
weather forecasting is an imperfect science and often no perfect decision exists. As always, our top priority is
the safety of our students. If you do not feel that it is safe for your child to get to school, use your best
judgment as to whether or not he or she should attend.

I hope that this explanation helps in understanding the process used to make the best possible decision for
everyone in the district.


Jefferey R. Lampert
                           STUDENT COUNCIL UPDATE
Please welcome the 2011-2012 elected officers of Student Council:

     President:                Brian Herrmann
     Vice- President:          Kelly Lynch
     Secretary:                Hannah Seawall
     Treasurer:                Brooke Gessler

Student Council’s first Blood Drive of the 2011-2012 school year was a great success! On December 13, 2011,
Strongsville High School students donated more than 120 usable pints of blood to the American Red Cross.

Our next endeavor will be the Winter Dance, which will be held on Saturday, February 11th from 7-10 p.m.
Tickets for the dance will be sold during all lunch periods the week of February 6th.

                                    MUSTANG PRIVILEGE
“Mustang Privilege” grants the qualified senior or junior the privilege of beginning their day at 8:08 am or
concluding their day at 1:32 pm providing that the following conditions have been met:
    Each applicant must have PASSED all five portions of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) to be eligible for
    Mustang Privilege. Eligibility begins with the semester following the passage of all five tests.

In addition to the above, juniors and seniors must meet the following criteria during the preceding semester:
     Earned a minimum of 2.0 GPA
     No suspensions or Corrective Learning
     No “incomplete” grades

Please remember the scheduling of classes will always take precedence over Mustang Privilege. The
approval and scheduling of “Mustang Privilege” is not correlated with student parking and DOES NOT
mean a parking permit will be issued to the student. Students granted “Mustang Privilege” must be in the
building on time for homeroom/second period (AM Privilege) or leave the high school at 1:37 pm (PM
Privilege). If a student wishes to use the Media Center during AM or PM Mustang Privilege, the student
needs to follow the Media Center sign up procedure and arrive at the Media Center on time and stay the
entire period.

Due to the space limitation of parking facilities, only seniors may apply for a parking permit. Information
about student parking permit sales will be distributed to next year’s seniors during the week of April 2,

Student parking at Strongsville High School is a privilege! In an effort to recognize and reward trustworthy
behavior, all applications submitted by current juniors wishing to be considered, will be screened by Mr.
Smithberger, unit administrator for the 2013 graduating class. Students may qualify for a parking permit if
they meet the following criteria:
     Must be a Senior
     Meet the Attendance Standards outlined in the Student Planner
     Have a 2.00 GPA during the preceding semester (Junior Year)
     Have no out of school suspension and/or corrective learning assignment during the preceding semester
        (Junior Year)
     No Incomplete grades
     Students involved in Post Secondary Option (enrollment verification required)
     Students Involved in Work Study Programs (enrollment verification required)
     All Fees and Fines must be paid in full

The following procedures will be followed for the issuance of SHS parking permits.

      Current juniors wishing to be considered for a 2012-2013 parking permit must pick up an application
      form from Mrs. Kovacs in the Assistant Principal’s Office during the week of April 16, 2012. All
      financial obligations must be cleared before a parking permit will be issued for the next school year.
      The Clerk’s signature on the application will be required as part of the application process.

      Exceptions to the Senior Privilege: In some cases students may be enrolled in an educational
      program offered in 2012-13 that necessitates issuance of a parking permit. Therefore, the following
      groups (current sophomore or juniors) must turn in the completed application to Mrs. Kovacs by the
      end of the school day on Monday, May 7, 2012.
           Students enrolled in Marketing Education, Cooperative Business Education (verification
           Students involved in Post-Secondary Options (verification required)
           Students involved in work-study programs through Polaris Career Center (verification
           Seniors

Students approved for parking privileges will be notified during the week of May 14, 2012 and may purchase
their permits beginning Monday, May 21, 2012 through Wednesday, June 6, 2012 from 2:30 – 3:30 in the
Assistant Principal’s Office.

When students report to purchase their permits, they must present photocopies of permanent Ohio driver’s
license, proof of liability insurance, student identification card, and a check or money order in the amount of
$78.00 made out to Strongsville High School. They should also have the make, model and license plate
number of the car(s) they will be driving.
              SENIOR NEWS

      During a special Senior Homeroom, held on January
5th, all graduating seniors were given our “Senior
Information Booklet.” It is also available on the website.
The Information Booklet contains important information
and dates for the end of the year activities. Seniors also had
the opportunity to review the spelling of their first, middle
and last name for their diplomas.
                                                                      IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR
     Josten’s was in the building January 11th and 12th to
                                                                         CLASS OF 2012 AND PARENTS
take orders for caps, gowns, and stationery products. Orders
                                                                  The last official day for seniors is May 31st.
may also be mailed to Jostens in Medina at the address in
                                                                  Seniors may elect to take second semester
the packet.
                                                                  exams, however they may be exempt from finals
                                                                  if the following conditions are met for second
      No student will be permitted to participate in the
Commencement        ceremony      unless    all  graduation
                                                                          A. They have NO corrective learning
requirements have been met and the student has ordered
                                                                              assignments, suspensions or
and paid for his/her cap and gown. Additionally all students
                                                                              expulsions during second semester.
must have passed all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test. In
                                                                          B. They have earned a minimum of a
addition to obvious grade and credit requirements, this also
                                                                              “C” grade (69.5%) for both the third
includes all financial and/or disciplinary obligations as
                                                                              and fourth quarter for that course.
                                                                          C. All fees and fines must be paid in
                                                                              full by May 4, 2012.
* Graduating Seniors are responsible for
                                                                          D. A student’s attendance must reflect
providing their own transportation to and from
                                                                              only 6 days of absence
the   Wolstein   Center   on    the    day   of
                                                                              (excused/unexcused) through May
                                                                              24, 2012
                                                                  If you have any concerns, please contact Ms.
                                                                  Vicki Turner at 572-7115

                               IMPORTANT DATES
                           FOR SENIORS AND PARENTS

   Monday April 2nd - Friday, April 27th                         Order Flowers – Approved Vendors
   Wednesday, May 21st                                           Senior Awards Assembly
   Friday, May 4th                                               All Fees/Fines to be paid
   Friday, May 4th                                               Prom – CSU Wolstein Ctr.
   Saturday, May 5th                                             After Prom – Rec Ctr.
   Thursday, May 24th                                            Senior Salute
   May 25th – May 30th                                           Senior Exams and Make-up
   Thursday, May 30th                                            Athletic Awards – 7:00 p.m.
   Friday, June 1st                                              Mandatory Commencement Practice
   Saturday, June 2nd                                            Flower Pick-up from Vendors
   Sunday, June 3rd                                              Mandatory Arrival at CSU BY 12:00
   Sunday June 3rd                                               Commencement at CSU – 1:00 p.m.

                   Please refer to the Senior Information Booklet for more details
                                          GUIDANCE NEWS


                                    COMMENDED STUDENTS

                Eric Bruckner               Bristee Das                     Caroline David
                Victoria Drazdik            Sara Gregg                     Brian Herrmann
                 Jaime Larsen             Avery Maddox                     Eileen McCafferty
               Alejandro Nicolette        Duncan O’Leary                    Hannah Patten
                            Christian Silva                           Shriya Srinivasan


                                           Alejandro Nicolette

                                    COLLEGE ENTRANCE TESTS

College Bound Juniors should register for college entrance tests this spring. Registration materials are
available in the Guidance Office. Test dates are listed below. The SHS Guidance Staff recommends
that all students take the optional Writing Portion of ACT. It is recommended or
required by many colleges.

                                AMERICAN COLLEGE TEST (ACT)

                                                              DEADLINE FOR
                               TEST DATE                      REGISTRATION
                               February 11, 2012              January 13, 2012
                               April 14, 2012                 March 9, 2012
                               June 9, 2012                   May 4, 2012

                                 Online Registration

                                (AND SUBJECT TESTS)*

                                                              DEADLINE FOR
                               TEST DATE                      REGISTRATION
                               March 10, 2012                 February 10, 2012
                               May 5, 2012                    April 6, 2012
                               June 2, 2012                   May 8, 2012

                                 Online Registration

            (SAT & ACT has “stand-by” testing available for a considerable penalty fee.)
Highly selective schools require one to three subject tests. They may be taken at the completion of a course
regardless of student grade level. Check the guidance website for more information and the links.
                                2012-2013 COURSE SELECTIONS

Yes, believe it or not, it’s almost time to begin making careful selections for next year’s courses. On
February 16th, in Alpha Homeroom, freshmen, sophomores and juniors will be receiving information about
next year’s course offerings. Students need to consult with teachers and parents before making course
requests. Parents seeking additional advice relative to these important decisions are urged to contact their
student’s guidance counselor. Beginning February 28th, students will be registering their course selections
on-line through their English classes. Counselors will be talking with students at that time. It is
IMPERATIVE that students and parents discuss course selections and make informed course choices,
because these selections determine the construction of next year’s Master Schedule. Thank you for your help
in getting course selection sheets completed on time.


Students will make course selections after obtaining information from counselors, having discussions with
teachers and consulting with parents. Each student will meet with counselors while selecting courses using
our on-line computer program. The first phase will immediately allow students to select classes online and
enable the guidance counselors to provide more individualized counseling to students. Parents can view and
make changes on the PASS System.

In the long-term, this module will enable parents to have an online view of course selections, attendance,
grades and class assignments. This information will be password protected. The phased in implementation
approach will provide parents, students and staff the time to identify needs and to properly design and train
students, parents, teachers and counselors on how to use the system to its fullest potential.

Our plan is to have a tentative schedule (a list of confirmed classes) for next year available to students when
they leave in June. Over the summer, we will develop the student’s final schedule based upon the need to
balance class sizes, student results on the Ohio Graduation Test and the available teaching staff. They will
receive this schedule when they return to school in August.

Students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators need to work in partnership to ensure student
progress. We appreciate your support of this ongoing effort and appreciate your feedback as it progresses.
Please contact your student’s guidance counselor at 572-7103 if you have any questions.

                                  POST-SECONDARY OPTIONS

The post-secondary options program is available to all high school students. Through this program students
may take coursework at college while still in high school. Students can receive high school as well as college
credit for these courses. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to this program. Counselors will
hold their mandatory meetings on March 1st, Parent Conference Day, to explain this program and answer
questions. Students may NOT participate in this program without first attending these meetings with their
parents. Declarations of intent to participate in post secondary options are due to guidance by March 30th. If
your child wishes to participate in post-secondary option during the 12-13 school year, please plan on
attending one of these meetings on Conference Day. Meetings will be in the Auditorium 12:30 and 5:00 p.m.
                                      SEMESTER FAILURES

New graduation requirements for students mean more courses are required in each subject area. If your son
or daughter fails for the SEMESTER in any of the following required courses, parents should plan on
sending their student to summer school (courses offered are on an as needed basis) or night school to make-
up the required coursework. Courses required for graduation include:
Social Studies-Modern World History/Non-Western Studies, American History, Government, Economics
Science-Physical Science, Biology
Physical Education
If students fail coursework, they may become ineligible to graduate in four years without making up needed
credits during summer school (mid-June through July) or night school.

                             ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTING

The Strongsville High Guidance Department will again serve as an Advanced Placement Test Center.
Students who receive high scores on these extremely difficult tests may be granted course credits upon
enrollment in college. The tests will be given from May 7th – 18th. This year the cost of each test will be
$87.00, a fee that students must pay in advance. Test registration materials will be distributed in AP
classes in early March. The deadline for registering and paying for tests is early March, and can be done
through the Guidance Office. (Fee reductions are available in cases of extreme financial handicap or for
students who are on Free or Reduced Lunch.) AP tests are available for Biology, Computer Science,
Economics, English, French, German, American Government, U.S. History, Math, Physics, and Spanish.
Further questions should be directed to Mr. John Young, counselor at 572-7114.

Grade Placement…
The minimum student course load is 5 credits per year. A student must carry a minimum of 5 classes per
semester. Therefore, a student will be promoted to the…
        10th Grade if he/she has completed a minimum of 4.0 credits
        11th Grade if he/she has completed a minimum of 9.0 credits
        12th Grade if he/she has completed a minimum of 14.0 credits
The above guidelines should be viewed as minimums. Usually a student will have earned more credits than
are needed for grade promotion. Some grade placements may be adjusted by administration and guidance to
insure students the opportunity to take the Ohio Graduation Tests.

                          March 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16, 2012

               Testing        7:20 –9:15 a.m.
               1st Period     9:30-9:53              5th Period     11:47-12:35
               2nd Period     9:58-10:21             6th Period     12:40-1:28
               3rd Period     10:26-10:49            7th Period     1:33-1:56
               4th Period     10:54-11:42            8th Period     2:01-2:25
                                       GRADUATION RECOGNITION

We have traditionally honored the Top 5% of the Senior Class at the Commencement ceremony, and we will
continue to do so. This is truly an accomplishment for students to reach this pinnacle of academic success.
In an effort to recognize the high level of achievement of the Senior Class, we will be expanding our senior
recognition to include more students who are excelling at high academic levels. In addition to the Top 5%,
we will be recognizing the following distinctions in the Commencement Booklet:

      Summa cum laude: The student maintains a 4.0 or higher Grade Point Average.

      Magna cum laude: The student maintains a 3.85 to a 3.99 Grade Point Average.

      Cum laude: The student maintains a 3.70 to a 3.84 Grade Point Average.

                                         REQUIRED OHIO TESTING

                                                 Ohio Graduation Tests

The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) is ONE state requirement for all students, including transfer students, who plan to graduate.
The Ohio legislature has established the graduation test in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science, Writing and Social
Studies. The Ohio Department of Education develops the tests, determines the criteria for passing, scores the tests, and
reports scores to each high school. Students must pass ALL five sections of the OGT to meet this graduation requirement.

The OGT will be given in the spring of the student’s sophomore year. Portions of the test in which the student is not
proficient will be retaken in the fall and spring of the junior year and again in the fall and spring of the senior year, if

The Strongsville staff will provide intervention to any student failing one or more portions of the test. This assistance may
include independent study assignments, tutoring, or placement in special assistance classes.

ALTERNATE WAY TO EARN AN OHIO DIPLOMA (Based upon current legislation)
Contained with Senate Bill 1 is a section of law that offers an alternative way to earn an Ohio diploma. If a student passes
four of the five OGT and meets all the following criteria, the student will meet the testing requirements for earning an Ohio
        Be within 10 points of passing the one failed test
          Has 97% attendance in each of last four school years
          Has not been expelled from school in last four school years
          Has a grade point average of at least 2.5 out of 4.0 in courses of test not yet passed
          Has completed high school requirements
          Has participated in those intervention programs offered
          Has letters recommending graduation from principal and high school teachers of the courses of the test not yet
                                       OGT INFORMATION

Seniors will be required to pass the Ohio Graduation Tests to receive a diploma and participate in
commencement exercises. Strongsville High School also mandates graduating seniors pass al 21 credits in
course requirements and fulfill all fee and fine obligations.

The five sections of the Ohio Graduation Test will be administered to all 10th grade students during the week
of March 12-16, 2012, beginning at 7:20 a.m. each morning. These tests are a more rigorous measure of
students’ high school achievement. The tests measure content learned through the end of 10th grade and are
aligned to the state academic content standards. These tests will include: multiple choice questions, 4-5
short answer questions (which may take several sentences to answer), and 1-2 extended response questions
(which may take one or more paragraphs to answer). Test scores are obviously very important to individual
students as well as the school district. School district results will be published in the media and on the
district’s state report card.

Approximately 620 tenth grade students will be taking the tests. In order to provide the required number of
tests sites, proctors and the best possible atmosphere for serious test taking, we will delay the start of school
for all students NOT taking the OGT Test. All 10th grade students should arrive to school and report to their
test location by 7:20 a.m. Alphabetical lists and room assignments will be posted for easy reference
throughout the building. All other students not required to complete any test, should arrive no earlier than
9:15. All testing will conclude at 9:15 and students will report to scheduled classes by 9:30. See alternative
schedule below. Get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast to be well prepared!

Transportation for high school students will not be changed because of the delayed start. Students not
required to test but needing transportation to school as usual, will report to the cafeteria for a quiet
supervised study hall. Student should bring work to complete and/or reading material and must remain in
this area until dismissed at 9:25. Going to McDonald’s is not an option.

We have designed the following special incentive for students to do well on the OGT.


    OGT – The state mandated OGT dates: March 12-16, 2012. The Reading test will be on Monday the 12th,
    Math on Tuesday the 13th, Writing on Wednesday the 14th, Science on Thursday the 15th and Social
    Studies on Friday the 16th. We have completed an OGT incentive plan. 10th grade students may be
    exempt from one or more final exams in June of their sophomore year under the following guidelines.
    This is a one-time exemption for 2nd semester finals in the sophomore year.


                  1.    Students must be passing both the 3rd and 4th quarter grading periods.
                  2.    Students in Basic classes must score proficient in that subject area of the OGT.
                  3.    Students in Regular, Honors or AP classes must score accelerated/advanced in that
                        subject area of the OGT.
                  4.    Students in English classes must score at the appropriate level in both the Reading
                        and Writing portions of the OGT.
                  5.    If any student passes all five of the OGT exams at the accelerated/advanced level,
                        he/she may waive all finals. This includes all electives such as Art, Music, etc.
                        (Students in Basic classes may be exempt at the proficient level)
                  6.    Students still have the option of taking any or all-final exams.
                  7.    Some 10th grade students are in classes that are beyond the testing scope and
                        objectives of the OGT. If these students are eligible to waive finals, they may opt out
                        of all finals except in those classes that have no objectives tested on the OGT. These
                        include students in Algebra II and Trigonometry. Pre-calculus and AP Statistics and
                        their Honors levels. AP History students must have taken the National AP exam to
                        opt out of the AP final.
   Semester Grades:

                 1.    Semester grades will be calculated 40%, 40%, 20% for all students taking finals.
                 2.    Semester grades will be calculated 50%, 50% for all students not taking finals.

    In case the State of Ohio does not supply results/data for this test in a timely manner, this waiver is
    null and void.

Please discuss this information thoroughly and make any necessary arrangements for a successful testing
week. It is imperative that all parents require their child to be on time and present at school during the
scheduled exam times the week of March 12-16. Thank you for your assistance and support.

Schedule for OGT Week:

Testing Period         7:20-9:15
Period 1               9:30-9:53
Period 2               9:58-10:21
Period 3               10:26-10:49
Period 4               10:54-11:42
Period 5               11:47-12:35
Period 6               12:40-1:28
Period 7               1:33-1:56
Period 8               2:01-2:25

                                          Discover Polaris!

The 2012-2013 Polaris high school enrollment process is off to a quick start. However, Polaris is still
accepting applications for next school year. Interested students are advised to enroll now as many
programs fill up quickly.

Applications must be submitted online at Interested students may visit the Polaris Web
site at for additional information. Discover Polaris!

              Career Tech Thursdays Give Prospective Students In-Depth
                             Look at Polaris Programs

Each winter, Polaris sponsors Career Tech Thursdays for sophomores who are interested in a Polaris
program but need more exposure to that program to help them make an informed decision. Students
participating in a Career Tech Thursday may choose to spend a half day in the program or programs (a
maximum of two) of their choice.

During each visit, students will participate in structured activities to gain a more through
understanding of that program. This “hands-on” approach helps students select the program
that is the best fit for them.

All visits take place from 7:50 to 10:50 a.m. The following is a list of upcoming Career Tech
Thursday dates:
                                        February 2, 9, 16, 23
                                           March 1, 8, 22
                                           April – TBD

All Career Tech Thursday visits should be scheduled through the High School Guidance Office in
coordination with the Polaris Enrollment Office. All requests should be made no later than the Friday
before the scheduled visit. Contact Cindy Crisler, Polaris Enrollment Counselor, at (440) 891-7732 for
additional information.

                      Polaris Seeks Hall of Fame Nominations
Polaris Career Center is currently seeking nominations for its Hall of Fame, which recognizes outstanding
former students who have achieved career success and had a positive impact on the community. In addition,
it honors business and community representatives who have given their time, knowledge, and expertise to
help improve programs and make Polaris the great place it is today.

The nomination deadline is Friday, February 24, 2012. Nominations can be submitted via the Polaris Web
site at In addition, nomination forms can also be printed off of the Web site, completed,
and faxed to the attention of Doug Miller at (440) 891-7642 or e-mailed to The official
induction ceremony will take place in the spring. For additional information, call (440) 891-7609.
                                                                 test preparation
                                                                    or practice
                                                             in a particular subject?

                                                                 Strongsville High School
                                                                       Media Center
                                                               is pleased to announce that
                                                              The LearningExpress Library
                                                                    is available--FREE!

                                       LearningExpress Library offers
                          Elementary, middle and high school students plus adults
                                   interactive online skill-building courses
 in math, reading, and writing; essay writing practice with instant scoring featuring state-of-the-art
instant diagnostic grading that pinpoints the writer’s strengths and weaknesses; and a broad range of full-
length practice tests that are based on official exams, such as the SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement
(AP) Exams. Additional programs are available to help students sharpen their resume writing and
workplace skills.

        A complete listing of available tests is on the back of this sheet and on the website.

1) Go to:                                    3) Click: Grades 9-12
2) UserName: think                                           4) Click: LearningExpress Library
      Password: infohio                                      5) Click: “New User” button to create an account
(check the box to save password on the computer)

The LearningExpress Library is available to all Ohio residents through the state’s public libraries, K-12 schools, colleges, universities,
                                        and community colleges, and adult education centers.

                               All citizens of Ohio are free to take any test once they have established an account.

This pilot project is funded by the State Library of Ohio and the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN), with an additional Institute of Museum and Library Services
  (IMLS) Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant to Libraries Connect Ohio, a collaborative project of the State Library of Ohio, OPLIN, OhioLINK, and INFOhio.

                                                                   Ohionet is also a partner on the project.

            For more information, contact the Strongsville High School Media Center at 440.268-5515

                                Elementary, Middle, and High School Resources
                                SAT and ACT Preparation
                                Basic Skills Remediation
                                Writing Improvement Program with Instant Essay Scoring

ACT Practice Tests/Preparation Course                         Grammar Practice Exercises
SAT Practice Tests/Preparation Course                         Grammar Skills for Writing Course
PSAT Preparation                                              High School Writing Program
                                                              Practice Essays
Biology Practice Test                                         JOB SEARCH
Calculus Practice Test                                        Job Search and Networking Skills
Chemistry Practice Test                                       Workplace Skills
English Language and Composition Test                         Interviewing
English Lit and Composition Test                              Creating Resumes/Cover Letters
European History Practice Test
U.S. History Practice Test                                    JOB & CAREER TEST PREP
                                                              Air Traffic Controller
BUSINESS WRITING SUCCESS SKILLS                               Civil Service
Business Writing Courses                                      Ohio Civil Service
Grammar Practice/Courses                                      Commercial Drivers’ License
Vocabulary & Spelling Practice/Courses                        Cosmetology
H.S. MATH SKILLS IMPROVEMENT                                  Emergency Medical Services
Basic Math                                                    Firefighter
Algebra                                                       Law Enforcement
Data Analysis & Probability                                   Military
Geometry & Measurement                                        Nursing and Allied Health
Quantitative Comparison                                       Plumbing
                                                              Real Estate
H.S. READING SKILLS IMPROVEMENT                               Teaching
Reading Comprehension Course/Practice
Reading Diagnostic Tests                                      U.S. CITIZENSHIP PREPARATION
Synonym & Antonym Practice
Vocabulary & Spelling Course/Practice
Word Analogy Practice
                                STUDENT RECOGNITION
                                    1ST SEMESTER

PRINCIPAL ROLL       Marta Kotsubaev       Alicia Weninger        Chad Foell
      4.0+           Jaime Larsen          Matt Wentz             Rebeccah Fravel
HONOR ROLL           Jacob Lawson          Heather Wernke         Sarah Fravel
     3.50 - 3.99     Jesse Leary           Sarina Wills           Alexandria Frost
MERIT ROLL           YoonJae Lee           Colin Wilson           Alexys Fulkerson
     3.00 - 3.49     Jacqueline Leonti     Kate Windnagel         Sophie Gadoury
                     Michael Lewis         Austin Wirtz           Sara Gandolf
GRADE 12             Joshua Lilly                                 Xiao Gao
PRINCIPAL’S ROLL     Katherine Lincoln     HONOR ROLL             Morgan Gecking
Thomas Anderson      Kelly Lynch           Jared Abston           Brooke Gesler
Alexandra Bader      Avery Maddox          Widad Abuzahrieh       Stephanie Gowan
Khrystyna Baleshta   Emily Marconi         Jennifer Andrella      Emili Grendze
Jessica Barth        Kimberly Marko        Matthew Arendas        Ellen Hamilton
Bryce Blake          Anne Maskow           Brady Armitage         Robbie Handloser
Madison Bluemel      Eileen McCafferty     Megan Arthur           McKenzie Hart
Eric Bode            Alyssa McClearnon     Nicole Barnes          Alyssa Hebeisen
Eric Bruckner        Bridget McDonald      Megan Bell             Luis Herrera
Mallory Buckley      Brandon Moore         Angelica Benko         Kelsey Hocevar
Allison Budzick      Jarrod Nadzan         Dillon Blevins         Ryan Hovanec
Hannah Caldwell      Jonathan Nelson       Bianca Blois           Brittany Hoyas
Alena Casella        Jacob Nestor          Cara Bores             Richard Jones
Ryan Chae            Duncan O'Leary        Anthony Bost           Shannon Jordan
Matthew Chandler     Ross Palenik          Ryan Boukzam           Adam Kaiser
Katherine Chen       Hannah Patten         Mackenzie Bowen        Samantha Kalinowski
Emily Cobb           Forrest Perron        Jessica Bradford       Abigail Karanouh
Megan Cohara         Erin Peskura          Kayla Brighter         Daniel Kasian
Catherine Connolly   Erin Pfeil            Nikki Brown            Madison Kawiecki
Kristen Cornelius    Madeline Raabe        Shannon Browning       Joseph Kay
Bristee Das          Andrew Radosevic      Ryan Bubar             Megan Kelly
Caroline David       Kayla Reed            Ashley Buehner         Meredith Kinder
Gurpinder Deol       Edward Reehorst       Daniel Bun             Katherine King
Kaustubh Desai       Lauren Reitz          Nicolina Cancelliere   AnnMarie Klima
Matthew Dorocak      Jenna Rovniak         Aaron Caputo           Zachary Kolman
Katelyn Dougherty    Aleese Sarrouh        Alexis Castros         Erica Komanecky
Victoria Drazdik     Erin Schmitt          Courtney Chaney        Andrew Koszkalda
Giana Embrogno       Angela Schon          Brooke Cicerchi        Ellen Krebs
Kathleen Esarove     Hannah Seawall        William Cicerchi       Wyatt Krizman
Jared Filut          Kyle Shepherd         Jennifer Cipra         Rebecca Krywyj
Brian Garanich       Jessica Shiepe        Emily Cohen            Daniel Kubick
Kristen Giesler      Kimberly Short        Kristina Colling       Megan Larson
Maria Grecol         Christian Silva       Gina Cooney            Jordan Leanza
Sara Gregg           Aubrey Sinclair       David DeColibus        Benjamin Lebrun
Elena Griffo         Hannah Smith          Nicholas DePalma       Danielle Lepin
Ashley Harker        Shriya Srinivasan     Scott Dewyre           Brian Lipovits
Mona Hassan          Sarah Stalder         Kelly Dobeck           Nicole Lisi
Taarika Hegde        Daniel Stewart        Kyle Doty              Zachary Lors
Brian Herrmann       Carolyn Thomas        Colin Dunning          Ryan Maatz
Mary Hess            Catherine Tippy       Alyssa Ellsworth       Lauren Macatangay
Nate Huber           Stacey Tome           John Ezinski           Stephen Markovich
Samuel Jackson       Erica Toth            Faith Ezzo             Rachel Maykut
Alison Jakubecz      Ariele Traut          Kayla Feierabend       Mark McCullough
Brian Kammer         Courtney True-Smith   Joseph Ferrante        Allison McGhee
Danielle Keating     Lauren Vagt           Erin Fiesler           Samantha McLaughlin
Jeffrey King         Rachel Walcoff        Jeremy Fine            Sean McManus
Amanda Klosowski     Samara Weerasuriya    John Flaherty          Ashley Meier
James Metrakos        Alexandra Traczyk    Terry Hugo               Allison Sender
Sean Meyer            Daniel Trepke        Luke Hutter              Justin Sieving
Margo Miller          Catherine Trihas     Jaylan Jolly-Fryer       Amarpreet Singh
Michael Miller        Jeffrey Trunzo       Colin Jones              Brennan Singleton
Robert Morris         Leah Valentin        Rachel Kaiser            Kristen Smith
Sergiy Motryuk        Melissa VandenPlas   Kevin Keener             Molly Smith
Kevin Mott            Andrew Vargas        Sean Kelbach             Nathaniel Smith
Justine Mroczka       Allison Vassanelli   Myles Kerr               Alexandra Smolinski
Katelyn Mundson       Nicholas Verbos      William Kerr             Taylor Snavely
Erin Nestor           Joseph Viscomi       Emily Kopec              Lyssa Specht
Alejandro Nicolette   Grace Wahba          Ryan Kovachick           Nicholas Spronz
Deena Nijem           Bradly Wanda         Edward Koziol            Alexander Strawser
Hytham Nofal          Allison Washko       Timothy Kurnick          Emily Szunyogh
Kirk Nordbusch        Megan Waskowski      Dominic Lang             Rachel Thoman
Eric Novak            Dallas Wayne         Victoria Langley         Nina Vinci
Rebecca Oblak         Emily Williams       Vincent Lazar            Justin Walter
ReynaLynn Palanca     Jacob Williams       Soares Ledward           Nicholas Whitticar
Sunny Patel           James Williamson     Alexandra Long           Ryan Wido
Katy Pautz            Aurora Winwood       Daniel Ludwig            Heather Williams
Steven Petz           Kyle Wolfinger       Brandon Lumsden          Logan Yantek
Megan Pleskovic       Jenny Ylagan         Kathleen Lyon            Brittany Zach
Jason Pogozelski      Kelsey Yoelzadeh     Michael Macsay
Carlye Pollack                             Cody Madama              GRADE 11
Kali Potopsky         MERIT ROLL           Stefanie Madunicky       PRINCIPAL’S ROLL
Kenna Poulsen         Brice Anderson       Aloysius Marcinek        David Arney
Taylor Powers         Corey Anderson       Nicholas Matuch          Darshana Balasubramaniam
Austin Pritchard      Joshua Anderson      Allison Maxwell          Allyson Beechy
Ryan Przeslica        Rachael Arula        Taylor McKnight          Kristina Bogardy
Caitlin Raymond       Arshak Asriyan       Kendalyn Melillo         Sarah Bowers
Jessica Reese         Matthew Barth        Paul Minko               Allison Brosky
Olivia Regotti        Abanoub Bekhet       Christopher Mir-Salimi   Taylor Brown
Lauren Richnavsky     Taylor Berila        Joseph Monahan           Roxana Buda
Kyle Robertson        Holly Blaha          Melyssa Montgomery       Heather Campbell
Gina Rossi            Crystal Bove         Nicholas Moskowitz       Bryan Carolin
Timothy Russell       Emily Branic         Judy Mualem              Trevor Chapello
Kyle Salvage          Tyler Bruce          Elija Mwase              Emily Ciborek
Leah Sandercock       Marissa Cardona      William Myers            Eric Collins
Matthew Sartschev     Alexis Colabianchi   Thanh Nguyen             Ahmad Dahman
Sara Schempp          Cristian Croitoru    Ryan Nicewander          Grace D'Amico
Briana Schrage        Bianca Cruz          Shaun Nolan              Claire Deegan
Brooke Schuerger      Max Cuevas           Morgan O'Connor          Mitchell Delventhal
Nicole Shaw           Samantha Dietz       Vincent Oddo             Jeffrey Ding
Riley Sheppard        Shannon Djilas       Maura O'Donnell          Meghan Esarove
Katerina Siamidis     Corey Dohar          Rachel Ortega            Patrick Ferguson
Parry Simmons         Mallory Doherty      Kyle Overton             Erik Fogwell
Tia Simpson           Emily Donelan        Natalie Pankiw           Kelly Fraser
Kassidy Smith         Jordan Ferree        Kritika Paul             Carter Frazee
Marissa Smith         Katelyn Foley        Calvin Peters            Michael Gaydos
Emily Specht          Abbigayl Forman      Karl Peterson            Bradley Gershkowitz
Mckenzie Sperber      Cassandra Gavala     Michael Petruno          Ashley Gleske
Rosemary Starcovic    Javin Gentry         Sara Phillips            Jason Gorges
Alexa Szabo           Sarah Gerges         Christina Poyma          Courtney Griffith
Kaitlyn Taddie        John Germani         Stephen Ramsay           Stephanie Hage
Muhammad Tayeh        Danielle Gesler      Daniel Regrut            Bradley Hajdin
Nisha Thaker          Alexander Green      Troy Reid                Samantha Hartsough
Kristen Thomas        Mitchell Hawk        Samuel Rohaley           Danial Hayek
Matthew Tish          Julie Herb           Brandon Rounick          Michael Hinton
Kyle Toma             Katherine Hild       John Sabolik             Alex Iammarino
Benjamin Tomek        Brianna Hill         Joseph Schuld            Megan Janosky
Mitchell Torok        Ali Homan            Jeffrey Schultheis       Robert Jansen
Melissa Johns           Alyssa Boose         Richard Osburn        Briana Capone
Kathryn Kesicki         Alison Boron         Jennifer Pack         Spencer Cappelli
Kaitlyn Kotlarz         Zack Bruvarny        Isabella Pirl         Briana Cavett
Evan Kuminski           Natalie Camardo      Ben Potoczak          Daniel Chips
Caitlyn Largent         Jacob Carruthers     Emily Poyma           Kenneth Cogan
Kelly Largent           Justin Cebula        Nathan Przeslica      Matthew Comstock
Ryan Lawler             Tyler Cendroski      Jacob Puntel          Jennifer Cook
Thomas Leung            Brady Cernelich      Elizabeth Ragland     Matthew Danish
Noah McGreal            Caitlyn Claridge     Rachel Ragone         Wesley Davic
Elizabeth McNeeley      Daniel Coski         Jacob Roman           Brian Devorsky
Laura Mikkila           Cade Coulter         Ryan Ruch             Madeline Dixon
Laura Montemagno        Michael Cuppage      Giustino Rudnick      Anthony Ferrante
Andrew Ong              Justin Domann        Daniel Ryan           Larissa Fisher
Evan Ostrowski          Catherine Donahue    Matthew Schomisch     Madison Franklin
Sean Owen               Drew Donnelly        Savannah Sherman      Matthew Gajoch
Adrian Padin            Taylor Farmer        Dominic Short         Anthony Gasparro
David Palmer            Kara Gaspar          Lexi Sinisgalli       Justin Gauden
Raj Patel               Jason Gerz           Mitchell Soja         Michael Gerges
Rebecca Petro           Sabrina Gloeckler    Lori Stenger          Christina Gilmore
Kimberly Pillari        Jason Gray           Kaitlyn Strebelow     Austin Gimza
Brittany Pirozzoli      Emily Griggs         Lindsay Sullivan      Taylor Grahl
Kenil Pobari            Benjamin Grossi      Kyle Swann            Donald Gregg
Adam Pochatek           Adam Gundlah         Jennifer Taggart      Simrit Grewal
Ryland Puzzitiello      Michael Haddad       Joshua Taylor         Nicole Guist
Leah Ramos              Joelle Hall          Logan Thomas          Casey Gulden
Eric Richardson         Samantha Hargis      Brett Tomcko          Ryan Hannan
Christopher Rodgers     Ashley Helal         Tara Valco            Carly Heinbaugh
Olivia Sagan            Jacquelyn Holder     Kaitlin Vapenik       Brandon Hendrickson
Brian Salazar           Dana Hoopingarner    Alexsandria Vitanza   Marissa Hicar
Alexander Sarrouh       Sabrina Horsham      Taras Voronyuk        Mitchell Hitchcock
Tatiana Sedlak          Mallory Hutton       Melissa Waldren       Kirby Hockaday
Samantha Semelsberger   Jenna Jakubik        Sarah Walko           Brittany Horstmann
Hayley Smith            Jordan Kelley        Eric Weiss            Taylor Ingram
Megan Smith             Shannon Kelley       Rachel Wells          Nicholas Isernia
Dustin Stout            Jessica King         Kyle Wieder           Stephen Jakubowski
Kirby Suntala           Anthony Kowalski     Bradley Wiemken       Youngjoo Jeong
Marisa Supanich         Emily Kraker         Clay Williams         Desaraye Johnson
Lauren Synk             Matthew Krause       Mitchell Zacharyasz   Gabriela Johnson
Praveena Tondapu        Brendan Lange        Collin Zevchik        Eugenia Kafantaris
Matthew Truesdell       Megan Largent                              Anthony Kapferer
Sarah Tuckowski         Jennifer Lash        MERIT ROLL            Adam Kerr
Rebecca Vargo           Samantha Leeseberg   Anne Abraham          Joshua Kidd
Ross Vasko              Christopher Leight   Ziad Allan            Patrick King
Jasmin Weideling        Nicholas Lemr        Alexis Amato          Kristen Kirkwood
Hannah Weisbarth        Jacob Lockhart       Riya Amin             Heather Klein
Anna Wiese              Hallie Mach          Mallory Arthur        Vitaliy Kolb
Victoria Wojton         Courtney Maddocks    Liyana Asmar          Jordan Kosar
Alyssa Wolfinger        Kathleen Maguire     Nicholas Bertram      Kevin Kovachick
Diana Yavorski          Samantha Metrakos    Patrick Bishop        Taylor Kreidler
                        Carli Middeldorf     Cole Blancett         Louis LaQuatra
HONOR ROLL              Jamie Miles          Nicole Blough         Sarah Lawson
Aziz Ahmad              Jacob Mizerik        Mary Bochin           Jeannie Leary
Adriana Amato           Michael Moran        Julianna Bodziony     Nathan Lors
Paige Amodio            Courtney Mundy       Veronica Borucki      Melissa Loy
Dena Assad              Steven Nam           Allison Branigan      Haley Luther
Deena Ayyash            Joseph Nolan         Aaron Brodie          Katie Mackovjak
Mallory Bar             Breanna Novak        Meghan Brooks         Christina Martin
Jenna Barrus            Joshua Novak         Caitlyn Brown         Cody Mastnardo
Skylar Benjamin         Kristina Ohmer       Emma Brown            Madison Matuszak
Matthew Bischof         Matthew Oprea        Bradley Byke          Lukas Matyas
Kassandra McCormick   Eric Brink             Michael Murray         Hannah Fragapane
Daniel McDivitt       Jeffrey Brink          Shannon Novak          Cristalle Ganter
Kelsey McHale         Clay Caruso            Emily Ogle             Jereme Gelske
Kelly Mencini         Rachel Chen            Katie Palko            Brandon Godinsky
Kamal Morra           Caitlyn Choe           Neel Patel             Madison Graham
Victoria Morris       Alyssa Church          Cameron Perisutti      Kayla Green
Demari Muff           Elizabeth Clifford     Madison Phillips       Jacob Gregg
Matthew Mullally      Michael Diemert        Molly Potoczak         Aimee Haluska
Michael Myers         Kevin Dorocak          Lauren Rebholz         Joseph Hattery
Haya Nofal            Christopher Dular      Kaitlin Rizk           Kelly Hayes
Sima Omercic          Elizabeth Ehrnfelt     Nicole Roberge         Keri Hill
Nicholas Panzero      Elizabeth Erdelac      Joy Schaeffer          Eric Hirsch
Benjamin Pasenow      Hannah Evola           Zachary Schmidt        Justin Hocevar
Ashka Patel           Lydia Fawzy            Ariel Schrage          Brandon Horsham
Sunny Patel           Andrea Fowler          Shivani Shah           Stephen Hruby
Dylan Phillips        Ryan Frank             Zachary Sluzala        Morgan James
Austin Previt         Sarah Gabay            Mathangi Sridharan     Michael Jones
Matthew Psellas       Alyssa Gibson          Matthew Stauder        Natalie Korlatowych
Lena Qasem            Katelyn Gonczy         Kyle Stewart           Matthew Kubulins
Carlton Reinhart      Caroline Granger       Nicholas Stewart       Tony Machnik
Michael Rizzo         Blake Green            Hashim Syed            Trevor Mancuso
Kirk Salvage          Nicolette Griesinger   Karen Tan              Spencer Martineau
Ian Satterwaite       Dean Hayes             Callen Therrien        Jeremy Meyerson
Kara Schirripa        Joseph Herold          Alyssa Trojan          Haley Mikula
Taylor Schneider      Amanda Herrera         Meredith Uhlir         Thomas Murach
Anthony Sebok         Jon Hickman            Emma Valentin          Hannah Noser
Tony Shamatta         Carson Hinckley        Austin Wilson          Daniel O'Brien
Husna Shariff         Eric Huber             Rebecca Wojton         Kevin O'Neill
Melissa Shoff         Claire Jackman         Michael Yanetta        Joseph Otcasek
Jayson Smith          Elizabeth Jackson      Kaitlyn Yatson         Thomas Papish
Nicholas Smith        Madison Jupina         Sora Yu                Riyaz Patel
Abigail Stadalsky     Ameera Khan            Alina Zaremba          Heather Patterson
Eric Steciw           Sean Klemme            Elias Zarzour          Marisa Pawlowski
Michael Stehlik       Melissa Kling          Zoe Zwolenik           Alyssa Pejic
Matthew Stephano      Hayley Klosowski                              Margaret Pinkevitch
Benjamin Szymczak     Sara Klypchak          HONOR ROLL             Stephen Potter
James Thacker         Hanna Knauss           Vibha Alangar          Abbigail Reno
Katie Thomas          Thomas Krokey          Bradley Anderson       Marissa Rinas
Timothy Tipton        Anubhuti Kumar         Sarah Atoulikian       Austin Robinson
Sarah Torok           Andrea Larsen          Stephen Barnes         Bernadette Rowe
Carly VanCucha        Jennifer Lawhead       Sarah Baskey           Anthony Rudnick
Jenna Vonderau        Grace Lee              Jacob Belz             Heather Schmitt
Derek Wedel           Zoe Legato             Evan Bluemel           Hannah Schnaterbeck
Jacob Wetherill       Sean Lincoln           Courtney Brewster      Matthew Schroth
Melissa Wilson        Alissa Lisi            Madeleine Butcher      Jordan Sedivy
Sarah Yacobian        Katarina Liska         Zachary Cales          Stefani Shamrowicz
Andrey Yevtushenko    Paige Mackulin         Ann Chrysler           Dylan Smith
Kenneth Young         Hannah Maxwell         Bren Chua              Rebekah Soos
Hannah Zablotney      Natalie Maxwell        Adam Covey             Warren Spragg
Kristen Zeszut        John Mazzeo            Alexandru Croitoru     Charis Szabo
                      John McNelis           Isabella Cromleigh     Justin Thai
GRADE 10              Nicholas Mendenhall    Gabriella D'Abato      Alexis Thomas
PRINCIPAL’S ROLL      Mackenzie Mihalik      Gwen D'Amico           Kelly Trimper
Samer Abusway         Nathalie Milbrandt     Mary-Catherine Dixon   Vrinda Trivedi
Megan Allen           Lauren Miller          Brandon Donelan        Sarah Vapenik
Salman Arif           Kevin Monahan          Nathan Doty            William Venter
Chiara Banez          Patrick Monnius        Lindsay Dunbar         Elizabeth Vidoli
Nathan Bianco         Patrick Moran          Jacqueline Fabec       Heather Wade
Katarina Bischof      Concetta Morino        Brady Fine             Matthew Williams
Kelsey Bittinger      Andrea Mott            Nicole Fogwell         Kallie Wilson
Kara Zeszut          Hannah Kovach         Niki Taylor                Kathryn Hartig
                     Amanda Kubick         Jonathan Telep             Nora Hassan
MERIT ROLL           Leslie Laneve         Prasad Thakkar             Jack Hentosh
Andrijana Akovic     Nicole LaPerna        Jacob Thomas               Julie Hild
Alexis Albro         Jordyn Lappin         Maria Treudler             Rachel Hinton
Samantha Andress     Michael Laufik        Emily Trihas               Kaylee Hopkins
Daniel Andrews       Ellen Lavelle         Lien Vannuyen              Samantha Hudson
Michelle Arendas     Sara Leahy            Amanda Vennetti            Paige Ingram
Brandon Bailey       Taylor LeHoty         Paul Warren                Andjela Jevtic
Brett Baker          Jeremy Lemon          Molly Washko               Daniel Kerr
Robert Begley        Michael Lemon         Michelle Watson            Gabryelle Konn
Brent Biernacki      Zachary Lombardo      Jordan Weideling           Justin Kwiecien
Yana Bobyk           Kendal Lyon           Luke Wellman               Reese Laurell
Merideth Boehnlein   Aaron Mains           Alyssa Wienclaw            JangBok Lee
Tyler Borges         Samantha Mallin       Alex Wilson                Amanda Lindamood
Alex Boyd            Samantha Mansour      Helena Wilson              Andrew Makovec
Angela Brendza       Christopher Marflak   Madeline Winget            Colin McKinley
Amber Brihan         Julia McGregor        Jesse Wynn                 Madelyn McMillen
Bradley Campbell     Kelly Michaels        Ryan Yee                   Jeffrey Miles
Kelly Church         Emma Middeldorf       Sarah Young                Hannah Moretti
Craig Cochran        Adam Moore            Leanne Zappia              Justin Nadzan
David Cola           Bryan Moore           Zack Zatezalo              Cassandra Nemeth
Michael Congeni      Aaron Musser                                     Katie Oldenburg
Heather Cormier      Kelly Novak           GRADE 9                    Kate O'Malley
Jack Cortelezzi      Madeline Novak        PRINCIPAL’S ROLL           Julia Oppedisano
Blake Cortright      Cassidy O'Boyle       Kevin Allen                Carter Ostrowski
Samuel D'Amico       Samantha Ortenzi      Noelle Armitage            Mary Owen
Nicholas DeLisio     Emily Osburn          Emmanuel Bagirov           Shaheen Pahldad
Kayla Dicks          Miranda Peck          Kylen Bailey               Mary Papandreas
Luigi DiRienzo       Adriana Perta         Robert Berardi             Riddhi Patel
Andrew Donnellan     Mary Peters           Anna Brantley              Shyla Patton
Alyssa Dreiman       Marcus Phelps         Grant Brighter             Shane Platt
Arica Fiorini        Rachel Pogozelski     Matthew Bringman           Haley Pobari
Laurel Foell         Aimee Pohan           Madison Brown              Zachary Prebel
Allison Fox          Elizabeth Pohan       Elisabeth Bruckner         Lindsey Pritchard
Jessica Frost        Violetta Praslova     Mason Chapello             Sarah Puntel
Kaitlin Gairing      Fadi Rabadi           Samuel Chuna               Samantha Ramsay
Kayla Georgio        Rebecca Reed          Emily Clapper              Andrew Rebholz
Bridget Gibbons      Kevin Rowan           Kelly Claridge             Celine Rivera
Ariana Gonzales      Rachel Rudolph        Amanda Coon                Amber Rodriguez
Abigayle Gootee      Jordan Ryan           Jason Cosma                Dominick Rongone
Dana Gore            Laila Said            Sarah DeGirolamo           Calisher Rosenwasser
Trevor Gorfido       Noor Samman           Brooke Delventhal          Adrienne Ross
Tyler Gorfido        Mikayla Scherry       Haleah DeMio               Alex Ruch
Emily Greywacz       Mason Schoch          Ellen DeWitt               Andrew Rygalski
Samantha Hartman     Brianna Schultz       Timothy Doyle              Rachel Schirripa
Nicole Heina         Austin Simpson        Catalin Dragomirescu       Christopher Schomisch
Zachary Henkels      Ian Simpson           Horia Dragomirescu         Jonathan Sedlak
Derek Hesse          Karissa Smith         Poornarchita Dwarakanath   Drew Shepherd
Kyle Hocevar         Shannon Smith         Brian Eliason              Samuel Sherman
Timothy Jett         Yanu Sou              Adam Eyerman               Mitchell Shimko
Alexis Johnston      Carli Stefanik        Lauren Fechtel             Hannah Singerline
Emily Jones          Alexandra Stelnicki   Lindsey Fechtel            Rebecca Slavik
Jenna Jordan         Marianna Stepanov     Jeremy Foust               Ashlynn Snyder
Tyler Kaszian        Courtney Stephan      Alexandrea Futo            Taylor Spaulding
Mackenzie Keith      Matthew Stephan       Nicole Gaydos              Taylor Stroemple
Ryan Kerr            Jack Stone            Jeffrey Geiss              Caleb Thomas
Jessamine Klefman    Amy Strawser          Jada Gerz                  Sara Tilisky
Amanda Kluck         Kyle Suts             Marissa Hamm               Venkat Tondapu
Nicholas Koprowski   Edward Talpas         Emily Harker               Peter Trepke
Maria Vargo           Hannah Mott            Victoria Brandt         Dean Miller
Chiron Wey            Martin Munshower       Theresa Buzzelli        Nicholas Miller
Katelyn Wisniewski    Joseph Noble           Ashley Byrge            Stuart Miller
Olivia Worthington    Kaitlyn Nolan          Kiera Byrne             Melanie Minut
Zachary Zoloty        Rachel Nordbusch       Briana Calloway         Kathleen Moser
                      Ryan Overton           Christopher Carr        Samantha Mraz
HONOR ROLL            Sarah Perron           Jasmyne Curry           Chad Mroczka
Joseph Amato          Michael Pichette       Matteo DaDante          Adam Muntaser
Brooke Anderson       Austin Platt           Garrett Daugherty       Bruce Naylor
Abhishek Bhatt        William Poffenberger   Alexandria Derkacs      Grant O'Bryon
Jacob Bokar           Grant Powers           Samantha DeTullio       Trenton Ohmer
Amanda Budzick        Alexandra Previt       Thomas Donato           Nathan Olee
Alyssa Cavett         Megan Rahm             Patrick Drennan         Kathryn O'Rourke
Noebe Caychingco      Matthew Redinger       Elizabeth Duke          Robert Orszycki
Joseph Chandler       Morgan Reik            Dominic Estremera       Michael Painter
Erin Chips            Kai Richards           Cameron Ferguson        McKenzie Palmer
Alyce Clayton         Brandon Roberts        Andrea Fischer          Anna Panzero
Bobby Cole            Jasmine Rodriguez      Dana Fowler             Stephanie Paoli
Angelica Corrado      Dimitri Rousos         Erin Franczak           Jeffrey Pearce-Nims
Griffin Crossmock     Imad Salti             Rachel Frawley          Kyle Prijatel
James Cubberley       Leah Satterwaite       Erin Friedmann          Roger Puzzitiello
Lucy Cummins          Caricia Scheeff        Daniel Frigeri          Emily Ragland
Timothy David         Roman Sembay           Samantha Girardi        Halle Raymond
James Diaz            Andrew Semelsberger    Jasmine Godoy           James Reese
Vincent Dindia        Allison Semmelroth     Ana-Cristina Gonzalez   Quienton Reid
James Ellis           Noah Sheppard          Julia Grady             Isaac Reyes
Mamdouh El-Mahdy      Marissa Shinners       Devin Halladay          Lauren Ridgeway
David Erdelac         Emily Sindyla          Aaron Hartke            Johnathan Risner
Adam Fader            Francis Skupnik        Gregory Heiser          Drew Robertson
Ronnie Farah          Alden Smith            Camryn Hill             Katherine Robinson
Moira Fraser          Clement Smith          Allison Hinton          Hannah Sartschev
Asia Frazier          Phillip Spronz         Emily Hodges            Jacob Schneider
Richard Fulkerson     Danielle Stewart       Matthew Hurley          Aleah Siry
Laura Gabay           Blake Strozyk          Meredith Jones          Aleina Soueidi
Gregory Gershkowitz   Paige Thompson         Bryan Kapsar            Dana Specht
Sarah Gorges          Kaitlyn Trimper        Devon Kelley            Katherine Stone
Nicholas Gyurky       Mackenzie Tymoszczuk   Alyssa King             Jahnahn Taghiani
Hayley Hammerstrom    Jared Unger            Emma Klippel            Julia Thacker
Alexandra Hovanec     Joshua Vago            Sarah Kostalnick        Kaitlyn Tingler
Cassandra Hovanec     Nicole Veselits        Devin Kovach            Karla Toth
Darian Hugo           Kenneth Whitlock       Caitlin Kraker          Alexander Uhas
Zachary Johnson       Julia Wright           Kayla Kren              Ali Usmani
Matthew Kahle         Kerri Yarber           Adam Kruczek            Alyssa Vaccariello
Maxx Kalal            Gabriel Zarzour        Elias Lahham            Kayla Vasquez
Jordan Karpinsky      Adam Zibert            Christopher Lake        Brenda Vazquez
Kaylie Kirkwood                              Casey Lally             Robert Wauschek
Patrick Kovachick     MERIT ROLL             Erinn Lampert           Alexandra Wiemken
Katherine Kurnick     Christopher Abraham    Miranda Lemmer          Spencer Wiese
Kelly Lamb            Justin Abston          Mark Lipovits           Adrianna Williams
Rachel Lawler         Stephanie Anderson     Shannon Lloyd           Nicole Wilson
Lauren Licursi        Alexander Barnes       Kelly Maguire           Sarah Winrod
Alycia Link           Alexander Barth        Connor Martin           Judith Winter
Zachary Matuszak      Cheyenne Baum          Olivia Matuch           Devon Wolfe
David Mayell          Jacob Berry            Nathan Mazzone          Austin Wright
Madeline McKinley     Declan Bialowas        Michael McCafferty      Yaroslav Yavorski
Emma Medrano          Mark Bischof           Kevin McDonald          Issraa Zein
Matthew Mendenhall    Madeline Blankenship   Michael McMillan
Sean Moore            Isabel Bourquin        Danielle Miller
                         DEPARTMENT HIGHLIGHTS

                                   MATH FACTS
The Math Club has had a great start, with guest speakers including Dr. Ed Meyer showing students how
mathematics is used in risk management and financial markets and SHS graduate, Pam Castricone, who
gave an overview of her career as an actuary. The officers of Math Club created and ran a Math Scavenger
Hunt for the December meeting. The club has been sponsoring the Ohio Math League since October. Team
scoring leaders are Teddy Reehorst , Jon Nelson and Jeff Ding. The officers this year are: President: Jeff
Ding, Vice President: Shriya Shrinavasan, Secretary: Eric Bruckner, and Treasurer: Chris Silva. Our next
meeting is scheduled for February 15 in room 616 after school. Please see Mr. Dillon, Mrs. Lamberty or Mrs.
V. White if you have questions.

On February 7, the Math Club will sponsor the American Math Contest 12. Students must be in Math Club
and have participated in the Ohio Math League to take part in this national scholarship test. Top scorers
get to take the prestigious American Invitational Math Exam.

On February 25, students have the chance to partake in the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Statewide math contest. Scholarships are available, as well as the chance to take the Ohio Invitational Math
Olympiad. Students must register on their own for this contest by going to and going to the
Contests page. Contact Mr. Dillon for details.

The Ohio Math League is a series of 6 monthly contests sponsored. The next contest is February 14, then
March 15 in room 614 at 2:35 to 3:05.

Mu Alpha Theta is getting ready to select students for membership in our branch of this National Math
Honorary. If your student feels he/she qualifies and has not heard any information, that student should see
Mr. Dillon or Mrs. V. White in the Math Office. Juniors must have a 3.8 Math GPA, and seniors a 3.7 Math
GPA to qualify. This year’s officers are President Eric Bruckner and executive committee Bristee Das, Alice
Lee, and Shriya Srinavasan.

Alyssa Hoslar has been chosen as one of six high school teachers from across the United States to be a
facilitator for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics summer institute on centering mathematics
instruction on reasoning, sense making and the new Common Core standards for Mathematics.

Fred Dillon has had several articles published in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, co-authored
with Dr. Erik Tillema from IUPUI. Fred has also been selected to read grant proposals for the National
Science Foundation and with the selection committee for the Knowles Foundation Scholarship awards in

This spring English 9 and 10 teachers Josh Sorge, Meghann Redd, Kelly Smalley, Kelly Rose, Lyssa
Stonitsch, Mandi Williams, Kim Craigs and Chris Crawford are hosting week-long theater residencies with
Great Lakes Theater Festival. After reading “Othello”, “Julius Caesar” or “Romeo and Juliet”, students will
perform the play under the direction of professional actors. In October, Linda Lackey and Heather Keirn-
Swanson’s English 11 students participated in a similar program after reading Arthur Miller’s “The
Crucible”. This is Strongsville’s 17th year of participation in the Great Lakes Theater Festival residency

The Foreign Language Department is happy to welcome Mrs. Maria Schleich to our team this year. Senora
Schleich comes to us from Albion and Center Middle Schools, where she taught Spanish and French. This
year, Senora Schleich is teaching Spanish II. We are excited to have her join us this year!

Mrs. Kelli Izzo, Mrs. Luci Jordan and 17 French students had an outstanding time on their June trip to
Paris, the Riviera, and Rome. While overseas, the students visited the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles,
the beaches of Nice, the Colusseum, the Sistine Chapel, and the ruins of Pompei. What an amazing
experience! Again and again, the Strongsville students were complimented on their outstanding attitudes
and behavior. They were truly outstanding examples of our community.

Miss Vicki Kellar and Mrs. Sara Sebring led 20 Spanish students this summer overseas to explore Spain.
The group had the opportunity to see many famous mosques, cathedrals, and even a flamenco show. It was
an outstanding opportunity for the students to put their Spanish skills to use in a real world setting and an
unforgettable trip for everyone!

                       SCIENCE SPECTRUM

   The physics students welcomed John Agostinelli (University of Toledo) to the physics lab during 1st
    semester. He introduced the students to the various fields of engineering. Physics students also made
    mousetrap powered cars.

   Forensic students studied decomposition rates with a chicken carcass, analyzed blood spatter patterns
    and determined age, race and gender based on skeletal remains.

   Some CPE Science students created element advertisements and researched elements necessary for life.

   Chemistry students made crystal holiday ornaments as one of the labs they participated in this year.

   Biology II used classic conditioning to train their classroom animals to respond in a certain way to a

   Some Biology students created self-sustaining ecosystems and vertebrate/invertebrate collections.

   Anatomy students finished the quarter by dissecting fetal pigs.

   Biotech students created a living machine which, after 5 months, is still a self-sustaining ecosystem.

   Environmental Science students performed water quality studies of community streams using chemical
    test kits and bio-analysis of pollution-sensitive organism counts!
                          MARKETING EDUCATION &
                   DECA, an Association for Marketing Students
Welcome to Marketing Education! This course will prepare you for a career in marketing or business.
Students are required to participate in all aspects of the Marketing Education Program. The mission and
philosophy of Marketing Education is…
    · To develop competent works for the major occupational areas of marketing, management, and
    · To broaden the scope of career technical education through classroom instruction, on-the-job
        training, DECA activities, and employability skills.
    · To instill in our students the social and civic responsibilities that accompanies their right to engage
        in business in our free enterprise system.
    · Prepare students for further education, at junior colleges and universities in the marketing and
        management fields.

DECA prepares the next generation to be: academically prepared, community oriented, professionally
responsible, and experienced leaders. We pride ourselves on innovation, integrity, and teamwork.

We are looking forward to District Competition January 31st and State Competition March 16 and 17th in
Columbus, Ohio. Continue checking our class website for updated information.

Recruitment for next year’s junior DECA class will begin in February and applications can be picked up in
the guidance office.

         The Strohigan staff of Strongsville High School has had a very busy first semester. As in past years,
the staff started the school year with their typical business agenda. The staff began the planning of the
upcoming school year’s annual yearbook and had a successful blood drive battle with Brunswick for winning
the 3rd year in a row and earning $4500 in scholarship money. The yearbook staff’s 2nd blood drive will be
February 21, 2012.
      The 2011-2012 Strohigan Editors are: Jordan Ferree and Katie Tippy Co-Editors-in-Chief, Nina Vinci
Senior Editor,
      Yearbook purchases can be made online at or by calling 1.866.282.1516.
Order forms are also available in the main office or on the yearbook website. All books will be shipped from
the Josten’s plant to each purchasers home. There are many add-ons offered that can make the book a bit
more special for each student. Please take the time, if you haven’t already done so, to look at the website
and purchase this year’s book. The last day for ordering this edition is 15 May 2012.
      In May, the Yearbook will be hosting a new and improved version of an old favorite; Mr. Mustang. The
competition will be held on Wednesday, 16 May 2012.
      Also, the deadline for senior pictures for inclusion in this year’s edition of the Strohigan is 23 February
2012. Pictures must be taken at a Woodard Photography Studio for inclusion. This is a FREE picture
sitting and takes approximately 10 minutes. Please call any of their 7 locations today so you will not be left
out of the yearbook

      Any questions regarding the yearbook can be submitted by email to or by
calling SHS and leaving a voicemail at 440.268.5630

    Club Picture Day                                            February 7, 2012
    Yearbook Blood Drive                                        February 21, 2012
    Deadline for Senior Pictures in the Yearbook                February23, 2012
    Mr. Mustang Competition                                     May 16, 2012
                                   SOCIAL STUDIES
The Social Studies Department is proud to announce that for the second year, SHS participated in the
American Legion’s Americanism and Government Test. This was administered as a pilot to students in Mrs.
Papish’s AP Government classes and Mr. Tumino’s senior-level social studies. In addition, for the first
time, students in Mr. Cicerchi and Mrs. Jordan’s Honors U.S. History classes participated. Six students
were awarded U.S. Savings Bonds from the Berea Unit 91. They were seniors Taarika Hegde and Luis
Herrera, juniors Bradley Hajden and Victoria Wojton, and sophomores Elizabeth Clifford and Kevin
Dorocak. Five of their scores were high enough to move on to the district level. Congratulations to these
fine students.

The Psychology classes had several real-life experiences this semester. Dr. Cecil Brennan, Professor of
Allied Studies at John Carroll University, spoke to the class in November regarding clinical psychology and
Mr. Nic Maier, school psychologist, spoke about psychological testing. Law Enforcement Officer, Kevin
Piazza, again returned to SHS to address the government students from Mr. Cook’s, Mrs. Papish’s, and
Mrs. Tollis’ classes about aspects of Ohio law.

The Honorable Judge Mark A. Comstock again returned to Strongsville High School to conduct court.
As part of a junior-level in school assembly, students were able to watch real court proceedings with real
cases pending before the Berea Municipal Court. After the proceedings, Judge Comstock and Clerk of
Courts and SHS Alumnus, Raymond J. Wohl, answered student questions.

The Honors Psychology class had a rare opportunity. In November, along with their instructor Mr. Tumino
and Guidance Counselor and former Social Studies Teacher, Mrs. Barnes, they got a behind scenes tour of
the Center for the History of Psychology. After a tour of the main gallery, Ms. Dorothy Gruich guided
students through the collection of rare books, documents, artifacts, and other primary source materials.
Students got to hold an early copy of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin and a copy of Thomas Hobbes’
Leviathan. Students got to see many of the artifacts from the experiments that they learned about in their
classes, including Phillip Zimardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, Stanley Milgrim’s “Shock Box”, B.F.
Skinner’s “Skinner’s Box”, Harry Harlow’s Monkeys and many others.

The Social Studies Department made several curriculum changes for this school year and is planning some
for next year. The old “Global Studies” class was reconfigured this year into two separate semester courses.
One semester focused on European History while the other semester was called Non-Western Studies. This
course took a thematic look at various regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East,
and Oceania. The majors themes covered within each unit included geography, politics, economics, and
culture. Additionally, each of these two semester courses ended with a “Capstone” Project that involved
research and an oral presentation. This will reinforce the skills the students are learning in their
English/Language Arts classes and are being required as part of the Common Core Standards the State of
Ohio has adopted.

Next school year, the department will be revamping the Business Law course and adding some additional
units to it. The new name of this revised course will be Practical Law. The goal of this semester course is
to improve students’ understanding of the fundamental principles and values underlying the legal system in
the United States. The course is designed to provide a practical explanation of the basic areas of law,
including business law, criminal law, consumer law, family law, torts and civil liberties. Upon completion of
the course, students will have an improved understanding of the roles that law, lawyers, law enforcement
officers, and the justice system play in our democracy.

The Social Studies Department would like to congratulate Mr. George B. Pana on his retirement from
teaching effective at the end of the 1st semester. Mr. Pana plans on pursuing a Masters degree in Christian
Leadership. He spent over 35 years in education, with thirty of those being spent at SHS. Among the course
he taught were U.S. History, World History, American Government, International Relations, and AP US
History. In addition, Mr. Pana served as a track and football coach at various levels. We wish him well.
Finally, we would like to enthusiastically welcome back recent retiree Mrs. Debbie Wakefield back to SHS.
She has agreed to return to the department to replace Mr. Pana for the second semester.
                                      ART DISTINCTION

The Art department has been busy getting work ready for a number of art shows. The Scholastics Art Show
was held earlier this year and the following students placed. Matthew Schroth – Printmaking –Gold Key;
Alicia Weniger, Emliy Specht, Samantha McLaughlin and Allison Vassanelli. The Strongsville Chapter of
the National Art Honor Society went to Crystal Waters on Saturday, January 14th and taught acrylic
painting to the residents.

The Music Department at SHS has been very busy so far this year!

The Marching Mustangs had another successful season entertaining the thousands of people at our football
games, outdoor events and the Parma Band Spectacular. Our Orchestras did a fantastic job with the
Elementary Preview and October Pot Luck Concerts. The following students also made the OMEA All State
Orchestra Katherine Chen, violin; Karen Tan, violin; Patrick Monius, viola. The Choral department
entertained at local events and city gatherings, and performed the national anthem at Cleveland Browns
Stadium. All of our groups celebrated the holidays with their three holiday concerts and the school assembly
before the holiday break. The pep band has been performing at all the home boys’ basketball games, a
hockey game and participated at the opening of the new Strongsville Chick Fil A.

                           CHORAL NOTES
The SHS Choral Department has completed a fantastic first half of the school year!

All groups have presented outstanding concerts beginning with our Kids in the Ville Singing Camp; Meet
the Choirs, Fall Choral Concert, and our Holiday Extravaganza/Assemblies.

The Mustang Express has been very busy representing SHS at the Westlake, Medina and Brush Showchoir
Invitationals. They have performed for the Rotary and Chamber of Commerce Christmas Luncheons to the
delight of all in attendance. The “Bootiful Showcase of Showchoirs” was a huge hit again many thanks to
Mrs. D’Amico and Mrs. Wells for all their help!

Mustang Express will be competing with all the top showchoirs in Ohio at Cuyahoga Falls, Twinsburg and
Solon in the near future. We wish them the very best of luck!

Cantorum has been just as busy with many local and civic events during the year. On December 4th,
Cantorum had the huge honor of singing the National Anthem at the Cleveland Browns game. A big thanks
to Mr. Foust for arranging this event! They along with Women’s Chorale had a fabulous Choral Workshop
with faculty members from B.G.S.U. at Bay Village High School. They are currently preparing for O.M.E.A.
contests on January 28th and March 9&10th.

The entire Choral Department will be traveling to NYC April 18th-22nd! They will be competing, singing in a
beautiful cathedral and seeing Broadway musicals! Our former SHS grad Corey Mach is on Broadway in the
musical “Godspell”. We can’t wait to see him!

SHS preliminary judging for the coveted SHS Teen Idol will be Saturday February 4th – noon till 4 p.m.

SHS Teen Idol will be Saturday March 24th at 7:00 p.m. Mark your calendars now for a great show!

A huge thank you to the SHS Choral Boosters for all the help and support! We appreciate it!
                                          SHS CLUBS
The local SADD chapter of Strongsville High School has been busy. Like past years, we started the school
year with our typical business agenda to attend to, the planning of upcoming events and a social calendar
that is now underway. To start the year off, SADD took on the task of making sure Homecoming would be a
safe, fun-filled event.    We once again made our anti-drunk driving campaign with posters and
announcements to increase awareness. Next on the agenda was Red Ribbon Week. Posters, red ribbons, and
wristbands filled the hallways, delivering the friendly message; “Drug free is the way to be”. During the
month of December, SADD constructed and strung up the ‘Chain of Life’, which was made up with a link
from each student. This symbolized that one person’s destructive decision could result in a break in the
chain. In the months to come we will be preparing for fundraisers, our anti-smoking month, the Spring
Fling dance, and our annual Prom festivities. SADD will continue to do everything in their power to keep
the inner walls at Strongsville positive, safe, and drug free.

Key Club is the oldest and largest service organization for high school students. It is a self-governing
organization that elects its own officers, determines its own service activities and establishes its own dues
structure while teaching leadership through service to others. As members of the Kiwanis International
family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.

At Strongsville High School, Key Club members participate in a wide variety of service projects throughout
the school and community. Annual service projects include helping out with the Harvest Festival at the
Historical Society, participating in the Halloween Hullabaloo at the Metro Parks Chalet, and Breakfast with
Santa and the Easter Bunny at the Recreation Center.

These examples are only a small portion of what Key Club hopes to accomplish throughout the year.
Members are required to attend at least three meetings a year, complete 25 hours of community service, and
participate in at least one service project with our club. Officers are elected in the spring to serve for the
next year and plan all the club’s activities. Officers have the opportunity to engage in many district and
divisional events with the Ohio District of Key Club International. New members are always welcome, and
should see the website for membership materials. Become a part of an international organization. Join Key
                                          SHS PTA NEWS

                            Please support PTA by becoming a member!
             Sign up to receive information via email regarding PTA sponsored events!

    PTA extends our thanks to the parents and staff who have supported the efforts of SHS PTA
     throughout the first semester.

    The PTA sponsored After Prom Committee is working to present another outstanding event on May
     4th-5th. Contact Carla Hoopingarner 238-9314 or Debbie Krywyj 572-3055 if you are interested in
     helping out. There is a volunteer meeting in early March at the high school. Volunteers are
     urgently needed to help out with the decorations for After Prom. Please contact Barb
     Budzick (440)212-1347 or Come one, come all!

    Thank you to the many parents and students who have volunteered their time and efforts to support
     our fundraisers during the first semester: Open House, Conference and student Bake Sales,
     Student Parking spot raffle, 50/50 raffle (Varsity Boys Basketball Games), Final Score Jackets, Gift
     Wrapping at the Mall, Marco’s Pizza Day, and Holiday Cookie Trays for the staff.

SHS PTA meetings are held at SHS and are scheduled as follows for the remainder of the year:

Thursday, February 9th at 9:30 a.m.

Thursday, March 8th at 9:30 a.m.

Thursday, April 19th at 9:30a.m.

Thursday, May 10th at 11:00 a.m. at J Bellas. This is our Installation Luncheon.

Attention Parents of High School Seniors
Each year PTA awards scholarships. Many units require that parents are PTA members. Please make sure
you are a member of a PTA unit. Contact Barb Handloser at to find out if you are a
member of SHS PTA. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to a fun
filled 2nd semester. Thank you for your continued support!


Strongsville City Schools is now a part of Scholastic Sponsors Association! This NO-COST program
generates cash for our district by placing small, school-approved ads on our website. Every “click” counts, so
be sure to check out our family-friendly sponsors and take advantage of their special offers and
coupons. CASH FOR YOUR SCHOOL + SAVINGS FOR YOU!                                           See more at
                                 STRONGSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL PTA
                                   MEMBERSHIP FORM 2011-2012

Parents Name(s): _____________________________________________                  SHS Staff:  yes
Address: _____________________________________________________     Zip Code: 44136    44149
                                                                   CIRCLE YOUR ZIP CODE
Phone: ________________________________________________________________________________________
               Home                        Mom – Work &/or cell          Dad – Work &/or cell
E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________________________
        Only those parents providing an e-mail address will receive monthly SHS and PTA information.


       Name of Student(s)            Grade
1. __________________________/_____________ If your child is a SENIOR, check the schools attended:
2. __________________________/_____________  Albion            Center  Allen  Chapman  Drake  Kinsner
3. __________________________/_____________  Muraski  Surrarrer  Whitney  Zellers  St. Joseph/John
4. __________________________/_____________

       MEMBERSHIPS:             INDIVIDUAL ($5.00)             FAMILY ($10.00)            ALUMNI ($5.00)

                                    Make checks payable to: SHS PTA
                           MAIL TO: Strongsville High School PTA Membership
                            c/o 9757 Woodhurst Drive, Strongsville, OH 44149

       **Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your membership card(s)**

                 Questions?? Contact: Monica Lash 440-234-8923 Cell Phone: 440-227-5744

                                               For PTA USE ONLY
  Cash $          Check#                    Amount $                  Date Received:             Card(s)  yes  no

                                    VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
       ______     Spring conference day - Thur., March 1st 2012 send in baked goods or help at the PTA table
       ______     Help sell 50/50 raffle tickets at home varsity basketball games
       ______     Help sell Parking raffle tickets, during lunch hours, for PTA parking spot (once each quarter)
       _______    Send in salad/baked goods for Staff Appreciation Day in May 2012
       _______    Assist with set-up/clean-up for Staff Appreciation Day in May 2012
       _______    After-Prom – Friday, May 4, 2012 - Be on a committee or be a chairperson (open to all grade level parents)
       _______    AS NEEDED: Please indicate any interests or areas of expertise you have:

                       THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
Dear Parents and Friends of Strongsville High School:

Plans for Strongsville High School PTA’s 2012 After Prom “A Night at the High Seas“are well under way!
Approximately 650 students attended last year’s After Prom. Once again, all Strongsville High School juniors and
seniors are invited to attend After Prom as a safe, alcohol and drug-free activity. Students do not need to attend Prom or
have a date to attend After Prom; however they may bring a guest to After Prom. Tickets will be on sale for $15.00 a
person, advance sale only, the week before Prom (April 23-27) in the cafeteria during all lunch periods. This year’s After
Prom will be held at the Ehrnfelt Recreation Complex from midnight Friday, May 5, 2012 until 4:00 a.m. Saturday,

Your participation is an integral part of making After Prom a success. It takes the help of many parents to
ensure the success of an event of this size and scope. Parent volunteers are needed to work the night of After Prom, as
well as to assist in the preparatory work leading up to the After Prom Party. We hope you will volunteer your services in
some way! Without parental involvement, there is no After Prom Party! A parent volunteer meeting will be held in
March; additional information will be forthcoming. Please check the high school PTA website along with local cable
television. Come learn more about the many committees we have! Planned activities for this year’s After Prom include:
casino, DJ/Karaoke, basketball, volleyball, bingo, inflatable games, food, prizes and fun!

As in past years, the After Prom Party is funded solely by donations. We receive no money from the Strongsville
High School or the school district. Your support is critical to the success of this event. Over the years we have relied
heavily on donations from our local businesses. In today’s difficult economy many businesses no longer are able to
donate additional funds to our cause. We are asking parents to please consider a minimum donation of $15.00 to
help us meet our expenses to provide a safe, fun activity for our children. Please consider what contribution you can
make to help make this event a successful one for our juniors and seniors. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Sponsorships are again available this year. This year’s After Prom theme is “A Night on the Seas”. Please complete
the bottom portion of this letter and return in with your donation by April 15, 2012. Checks should be made
payable to: SHS PTA After Prom.

On behalf of the Classes of 2012 and 2013 and the After Prom Committee, we sincerely thank you for your generous
support. If you have any questions, please contact any of the chairs. Working together, we can make this a truly
memorable and successful event for our students.


Barb Budzick (440.212.1347), Carla Hoopingarner (440.238.9314) and Debbie Krywyj (440.572.3055)
After Prom Committee Chairs
Checks payable to:        SHS PTA After Prom

________Donation enclosed or Sponsorship: _____$500 Black Beard Level ______$400 Blue Beard Level

______$300 Black Bart Level______$200 Captain Hook Level ______$100 Jack Sparrow Level

_______Yes, I would like to help with “behind the scenes” preparation for After Prom

_______Yes, I would like to help the evening of After Prom

Name: ______________________________________________________Phone:_________

Mail to: SHS PTA After Prom
         20025 Lunn Road
         Strongsville OH 44149
        Thanks to the generosity of
          Bob Serpentini &
           of Strongsville,
      Strongsville High School
                   kicks off its
            Annual Car Raffle
                    to benefit
        Strongsville High School
    SECOND PLACE: $700
    THIRD PLACE:      $300
Date and time of drawing will be announced via
 school channel and morning announcements.

 Contact the Athletic, Choral, SIMB Boosters,
 Student Council, or Main Office to purchase

    Special thanks to Bob and Kathy Serpentini.
                                    FALL SPORTS BRIEFS
We are now into 2012. Let’s take a look back at what was accomplished in the fall sports season of our
student athletes and teams. The Lady’s soccer team brought the state championship trophy back to
Strongsville. Coach Felton, his staff and the soccer program has compiled 4 state championships.
Outstanding!! The boys cross country team won 3 tournament events and Mike Miller made it to Columbus.
The girls cross country team competed in the regional championships and Natalie Camardo represented
SHS as a state qualifier. Boy’s golf got to the districts individually and Paul Minko made it to the State
tournament. The girls’ golf team was the 2011 NOC champions going 10-0. The boys’ soccer team was a
district semi-finalist. The volleyball team finished 2nd in the NOC. The most valuable players of the year
were Ashley Meir girls’ soccer, Bryan Wolanski boys’ soccer and Ali Jakubecz girls’ golf. Coaches of the year
were John Felton and Nancy Vaughn. Lastly, our student athletes represented SHS with 45 seniors, 29
juniors, 17 sophomores and 10 freshmen who are honored as NOC All-Academic Team.

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY                            6th in NOC – Regional Qualifier
               NOC All Conference:                    Mike Miller
               State Qualifier                        Mike Miller

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY                           5th in NOC – Regional Qualifier
                NOC All Conference:                   Natalie Camardo
                State Qualifier:                      Natalie Camardo

FOOTBALL                                   5th in NOC
                       NOC All Conference:         Corey Dohar, Ryan Przeslica and Zak Lors (2nd)
                       NOC Honorable Mention       Zak Lors

BOYS GOLF                                     2nd in NOC – District Qualifier
                       NOC All Conference:            Justin Hill, Matt Krause, Ryan Maatz, Sean Meyer,
                                                      Paul Minko
                       State Qualifier                Paul Minko

GIRLS GOLF                                   NOC Champions (10-0) – District Qualifier
                       NOC All-Conference:        Jennifer Andrella, Taylor Ingram, Nicole Lisi,
                                                  Marisa Mindyas, Emily Williams,
                       NOC MVP                    Ali Jakubecz
                       NOC Coach of the Year      Nancy Vaughn

BOYS SOCCER                                 4th in NOC – District Qualifier
                       NOC All-Division Team        Chris Mir-Salami, Jarrod Nadzan, Mario Suarez
                       NOC MVP                      Bryan Wolanski
                       NOC Honorable Mention        Jared Abston, Brandon Lumsden

GIRLS SOCCER                                 NOC Champions, State Champions
                       NOC All Conference:        Ashley Meier, Ali Sender
                       NOC Player of the Year     Ashley Meier
                       NOC Coach of the Year      Jon Felton
                       NOC Honorable Mention      Elena Griffo, Alexis Manoa

GIRLS TENNIS                               4th in NOC
                       NOC Honorable Mention:      Katelyn Dougherty, Kelly Peskura, Rachel Walcoff,
                                                   Samara Weerasuriya

VOLLEYBALL                                 2nd in NOC – District Qualifier
                       NOC All Conference:         Maria Grecol, Shannon Jordan
                       NOC Honorable Mention       Kelsey Bittinger, Taylor Powers
A special thank you is also extended to the football cheerleading squads for their support of our football
teams, as well as signs for the fall sports teams. A special thank you to the cheerleading advisors, Kristin
Sharkus and Crystal Queen, is also warranted for the tremendous dedication and commitment they
provided. Also, a big thank you is also extended to our excellent Marching Mustangs under the direction of
Dave Harbart, Bill Bedford, Chris Chidsey, Dave Eby, Wes Scott, and Terri Harbart.

                   Northeast Ohio Conference All-Academic Award Winners

This prestigious award is presented by the Northeast Ohio Conference to athletes involved in
the athletic program who achieved a 3.4 GPA.


NAME                          SPORT                      NAME                           SPORT
Jennifer Andrella             Girls Golf                 Michael Miller                 Boys CC
Eric Bode                     Boys CC                    Joe Monahan                    Football
Matt Chandler                 Boys Soccer                Brandon Moore                  Boys Soccer
Emily Cobb                    Volleyball                 Kevin Mott                     Football
Catherine Connolly            Girls CC                   Jarrod Nadzan                  Football & Soccer
Kristen Cornelius             Cheerleader                Eric Novak                     Football
Matt Dorocak                  Boys CC                    Duncan O’Leary                 Football
Katelyn Dougherty             Girls Tennis               Kyle Overton                   Football
Jacqueline Fabec              Volleyball                 Ross Palenik                   Boys CC
Alexys Fulkerson              Cheerleader                Erin Peskura                   Girls Soccer
Elena Griffo                  Girls Soccer               Taylor Powers                  Volleyball
Ashley Harker                 Volleyball                 Austin Pritchard               Football
Taarika Hegde                 Girls Tennis               Kayla Reed                     Girls Golf
Alison Jakubecz               Girls Golf                 Dan Regrut                     Football
Richard Jones                 Boys Soccer                Kyle Robertson                 Boys Golf
Shannon Jordan                Volleyball                 Leah Sandercock                Girls Soccer
Jaime Larsen                  Girls CC                   Mario Suarez                   Boys Soccer
Jacqueline Leonti             Cheerleader                Catherine Trihas               Girls Tennis
Michael Lewis                 Boys Soccer                Rachel Walcoff                 Girls Tennis
Nicole Lisi                   Girls Golf                 Megan Waskowski                Girls Soccer
Kelly Lynch                   Girls Soccer               Samara Weerasuriya             Girls Tennis
Rachel Maykut                 Girls Golf                 Emily Williams                 Girls Golf
Ashley Meier                  Girls Soccer               Austin Wirtz                   Boys Golf
Sean Meyer                    Boys Golf


NAME                          SPORT                      NAME                           SPORT
Paige Amodio                  Girls Soccer               Matthew Krause                 Boys Golf
Darshana Balasubramaniam      Girls Tennis               Michael Moran                  Football
Zach Bruvarny                 Football                   Matthew Oprea                  Football
Natalie Camardo               Girls CC                   Kimberly Pillari               Girls CC
Eric Collins                  Boys CC                    Ben Potoczak                   Football
Matthew Gajoch                        Football           Ryland Puzzitiello             Football
Adam Gundlah                  Football                   Ryan Ruch                      Boys CC
Rob Handloser                 Boys Soccer                Matthew Schomisch              Boys CC
Marissa Hicar                 Volleyball                 Tony Shamatta                  Football
Mallory Hutton                Cheerleaders               Savannah Sherman               Girls Tennis
Alex Iammarino                Boys CC                    Dustin Stout                   Football
Taylor Ingram                 Girls Golf                 Sarah Torok                    Girls CC
Claire Jackman                Volleyball                 Alyssa Wolfinger               Girls CC
Kathryn Kesicki               Girls CC                   Mitchell Zacharyasz            Football

NAME                           SPORT                       NAME                            SPORT
Sarah Baskey                   Girls Soccer                Andrea Mott                     Volleyball
Kelsey Bittinger               Girls Soccer                Emily Ogle                      Girls Soccer
Clay Caruso                    Football                    Alyssa Pejic                    Girls Soccer
Elizabeth Ehrnfelt             Girls Soccer                Stephen Potter                  Boys CC
Elizabeth Erdelac              Girls CC                    Heather Schmitt                 Volleyball
Nicolette Griesinger           Girls Soccer                Matthew Schroth                 Football
Andrea Larsen                  Girls Soccer                Jordan Sedivy                   Football
Alissa Lisi                    Girls Soccer                Ian Simpson                     Boys Soccer
Concetta Morino                Girls Soccer


NAME                           SPORT                       NAME                            SPORT
Angelica Corrado               Girls CC                    Justin Nadzan                   Boys Soccer
Timothy Doyle                  Boys CC                     Cassandra Nemeth                Girls Golf
Kathryn Hartig                 Girls CC                    Grant O'Bryon                   Boys CC
Paige Ingram                   Girls Golf                  Rachel Schirripa                Girls Soccer
Gabryelle Konn                 Girls CC                    Drew Shepherd                   Boys Soccer

                                            ATHLETIC HOTLINE

For information on upcoming athletic events, driving directions, cancellations, and schedule changes, please
call the HOTLINE NUMBER – 572-7110, then press 6 for athletic information.


Daily athletic schedules and complete season schedules for our athletic teams are now available on the
internet at two locations:, click on Ohio, click on Strongsville High School and the daily
schedule will appear. Individual sport schedules may then be selected at the bottom of the daily schedule
page. You can also access this information through our high school athletics webpage at
Scroll over the Schools icon in the upper-left of the screen to High School (click this) and then find the
athletic department icon. Some of the preseason materials are also available through the athletic site.

                                        ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY

GRADES 9-12: To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in a member school and have passing grades
in a minimum of five one-credit courses (physical education does not apply) in the immediately preceding
grading period. For eligibility purposes, summer grades may not be used as a substitute for failing grades
received in the final grading period of the regular school year or for lack of enough courses taken the
                                  IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES

Monday, March 5               7:00 PM               Athletic Boosters Meeting
Wednesday, March 14           7:00 PM               Spring “Meet the Mustangs”
Tuesday, March 20             7:00 PM               Winter Awards Night
Monday, April 2               7:00 PM               Athletic Boosters Meeting

                                     ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME

The Strongsville Athletic Hall of Fame is taking nominations for enshrinement. Nomination forms can be
picked up in the Athletic office located at Strongsville High School. They are also available on the
Strongsville High School Athletic website. Any questions may be directed to Paul Moses at 440-572-7102 or
can be emailed at
                                                   LOOKING AHEAD
February 20 ......................................................................................................Presidents' Day - NO SCHOOL
March 1 ..........................................Teacher/Parent Conference Day 11:30-3:00 & 4:30-7:00 - NO SCHOOL
March 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16 ...................................................................Ohio Graduation Test – Delayed Start
March 28...................................................................................................................End of 3rd Grading Period
April 6 - 13 ..................................................................................................................................... Spring Break
April 30 ...............................................................................................11th Grade Academic Awards Reception
May 1 ....................................................................................................9th Grade Academic Awards Reception
May 4 ............................................................................................................................................... Senior Prom
May 14 ................................................................................................10th Grade Academic Awards Reception
May 21 ................................................................................................12th Grade Academic Awards Reception
May 28 ................................................................................................................Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
June 3 ................................................................................Commencement – 1:00 p.m. CSU Wolstein Center
June 5 - 8 .....................................................................................................................Underclass Final Exams
June 8 ...............................................................................End of 4th Grading Period - Last Day for Students

                                                       MISSION STATEMENT


ADMINISTRATION for 2011-2012

        Mr. William R. Steffen                               Principal
        Mrs. Vicki A. Turner                                 Assistant Principal – 12th Grade
        Mr. Mark E. Smithberger                              Assistant Principal – 11th Grade
        Mrs. Doreen R. Mathas                                Assistant Principal – 10th Grade
        Mr. Stephen M. Breckner                              Assistant Principal – 9th Grade
        Mr. Paul M. Moses                                    Athletic Director


        Mrs. Christin Maichrye                               A-CO
        Mrs Stephanie Barnes                                 CR-HA + Ombudsmen
        Mr. John Young                                       HE-LO
        Mrs. Tracy Davidson                                  LU-PE
        Mrs. Tara Brzuski                                    PF-SR
        Mrs. Julia Williams                                  ST-Z

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