Attachment J REPRESENTATIONS, CERTIFICATIONS AND OTHER STATEMENTS OF OFFERORS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT For all offers over $100,000, except for those in which the Offeror is located outside the Washington Metropolitan Area and will perform no work in the Washington Metropolitan Area, the following certification is required (see Clause 28 of the Standard Contract Provisions). The Offeror recognizes that one of the primary goals of the District government is the creation of job opportunities for bona fide District residents. Accordingly, the Offeror agrees to pursue the District’s following goals for utilization of bona fide residents of the District of Columbia with respect to this contract and in compliance with Mayor’s Order 83265 and implementing instructions: (1) at least 51% of all jobs created as a result of this contract are to be performed by employees who are residents of the District of Columbia; and (2) at least 51% of apprentices and trainees shall be residents of the District of Columbia registered in programs approved by the D.C. Apprenticeship Council. The Offeror also agrees to notify all prospective subcontractors, prior to execution of any contractual contracts, that the subcontractors are expected to implement Mayor’s Order 83-265 in their own employment practices. The Offeror understands and will comply with the requirements of The Volunteer Apprenticeship Act of 1978, D.C. Official Code sec. 32-1401 et seq., and the First Source Employment Contract Act of 1984, D.C. Official Code sec. 2-219.01 et seq. The Offeror certifies that it intends to enter into a First Source Employment Contract with the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (DOES). Under this First Source Employment Contract, the Offeror will use DOES as the first source for recruitment and referral of any new employees. The Offeror shall negotiate the First Source Employment Contract directly with DOES. Nothing in this certification or the First Source Employment Contract shall be construed as requiring the Offeror to hire or train persons it does not consider qualified based on standards the Offeror applies to all job applicants.

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