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The Bethlehem Star - Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church


									    The                           Bethlehem Star
                                  Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                  1206 C Avenue
                                  Vinton, Iowa 52349

                                                   (319) 472-3784                                   October 2012
                                            The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
                                            Marlys Crane, Parish Assistant        

From the Pastor’s Desk…..
Now you are the body of Christ and individually                     But when we know ourselves to be members of
members of it. --1 Corinthians 12:27                                the body, it is just what we do. God blesses us
     Thanks to all who participated in the                          when we do it generously and joyfully. It is
photography for the new church picture                              good for the body. It is good for us.
directory and especially to Julie Lindahl and
Marlyn and Ann Jorgensen and all the others                         Pastor Urlaub
who helped in getting this done. It is always a                                                +++
huge effort by those who work on the project                                  Council President’s Message
itself and by those who take the time to come                       Have you ever decided to do something a little
and be photographed or submit a photo. Such a                       different just for the adventure involved? This
book helps us see that what St. Paul wrote to the                   summer I took a train ride from Mt. Pleasant to
people at Corinth is true also for us: It is one                    Baltimore, Maryland to visit family and friends.
congregation, yet there are many members, and                       It took 27 hrs to get there with a layover in
our congregation is just one member in the                          Chicago and in Washington, DC. It was a great
ELCA. The ELCA is just one member in the                            experience and I wanted to share the top five
whole Church.                                                       things I learned while traveling.
     At this time of year we are asked to think
about our part in the life of the church—what we                    1) God has created a very beautiful and
do individually and what we do together. The                        diverse country. The view from the train is
leaders of the congregation ask members to                          very interesting because it is a view that you can
consider gifts to the church, at this time                          only see from the train. It is behind everything
primarily financial gifts and later gifts of                        and it is all beautiful—the farm land, the
service.                                                            mountains, even the cities—big and small.
     The Financial Secretary reported that in
2011 ninety-five envelope holders at Bethlehem                      2) A small kindness can lead to a wonderful
contributed using those envelopes between zero                      learning experience. I spent most of my time
and ninety-nine cents for the year. In the human                    in the sight-seeing car sitting at a table with four
body there are small parts, like cells, that do                     seats. If I noticed people looking for a place to
much more than their size would suggest. A 99                       sit, I offered to let them sit with me. I met: 3
cent gift can be great if it is significant to the                  people from Iraq and learned a lot about their
giver. In the body every part has a function to                     country, their customs and why they love
contribute and only when every cell or organ                        America. A Brazilian musician on his way to
does its part is the body healthy. We simply ask                    the Brazilian Music Festival in Utah and he
every member who wishes to be part of one                           played some fantastic music for me. A young
body and to benefit from being part of the body                     woman on her way to visit her father who she
to contribute as God has enabled them.                              hadn’t seen in 10 years. A woman who was
     It is tempting to think of giving to the                       going to Pittsburgh to take her niece off of life
church as an obligation, duty, tax, or charity.                     support. A young mother and her 10 year old
son who were headed to DC to visit the              Monday, Oct. 15th at the Pizza Ranch at
museums.                                            11:30am. All are welcome.
3) Even though the number of homeless and           France in September, 2013
needy has increased, there are still people         Pastor and LuAnn will host a tour in France on
who see their need and respond to it. I had 8       September 4-14, 2013.           An informational
people ask me for money during my layover in        meeting will be held in Augustana Hall on
Chicago. I saw 4 people buy meals for people        Sunday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m. Janet Tollund, a
that wanted money for food. That’s a 50%            vice-president of Group Travel Directors, will be
response rate. I talked to a young homeless         the presenter. She will also accompany the
woman who comes to the train station daily and      group next year as guide on the tour. Brochures
someone always buys her a meal, usually her         are available at the church or by emailing or
only meal of the day.                               calling Pastor Urlaub. Anyone who has interest
                                                    in the tour is encouraged to attend.
4) We go through difficult times so that we                                +++
can use our experiences to help others. A           Food for Thought Small Group is calling all
family friend died the day before I left for        readers. Would you like food, fun, discussion
Baltimore. When I got to Baltimore, I spent         and fellowship? We meet the 3rd Thursday (6:30
time with her best friend and others who she was    p.m.) of each month at local or nearby
very close to. I was able to use what I learned     restaurants and discuss the book of the month.
from dealing with my mother’s death to comfort      When dining out of town, most of us carpool
these friends during this difficult time.           from the church parking lot, leaving at 5:45 p.m.
                                                    Our schedule for the next three months:
5) God is good all the time! All the time God
is good! No matter what you are doing or where      Oct. 18: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
you are, God is with you and is doing wonderful     Restaurant: To be determined.
things in your life. Take time to notice, thank     Nov. 15: The Messenger by T. David Bunn
Him and pay it forward.                             Restaurant: To be determined.
                                                    Dec. 20: The Shepherd’s Prayer by Richard
Grace and peace to you!                             Barry.
Marta Bauer                                         Restaurant: To be determined.
Council President                                   We would love to have new members join us.
                       +++                          If you have questions call Linda Wallace at 472-
“One Year to Live” is a 44-hour event with an       5638.
opportunity for small group follow up. The                                +++
event encourages men to seriously look at their     Prayers:
lives, to make significant decisions about their    Health: Sharleen Overton, Julie Clingman,
spiritual and worldly journey and to work with      Bonnie Poldberg, Sharon Weiss, Al & Sue
other men at holding each other accountable for     Hughes, Paul & Helen Anderson, Arlene Carls,
those decisions. One Year to Live is an             Lois Martin, Ardeth Ramsey, Scharlene
opportunity for men to explore the difference       Anderson, Don & Helen Burmeister, Tim
their Christian faith can make in their lives as    Jorgensen.
they relate to their families, people at work and   Nursing Home Residents: Lily Bearbower-
others in their communities. See the flier on the   Vogt, Joanne Sagan, Marv Mostrom, Norma
bulletin        board        or       go       to   Jean Anderson.          and     see   Funeral: Linn Bearbower on August 29, 2012.
“events.”                                           Birth: Jack Zander Emrich born on September
                       +++                          23, 2012. Weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches
Miriam Circle Bible Study Group will be             long. Parents are Brandon & Kaitlin Emrich.
studying from the ELCA magazine “Gather” on         Grandparents are Mark & Kim Emrich.
New Addresses:                                       this interests you, please contact Rachel at
Aaron Kelley- 709 – 12th Ave. Amana, IA 52203 or 472-3784.
Pastor Jo Kinnard- 405 Floral Dr. NW Cedar
Rapids, IA 52405                                     LYO: October 27th LYO will travel to Luther
                     +++                             College for the Christian Youth Fest 100
Daily devotional booklets are available for          Wells Tour. Workshops during the day and
October - December in the literature rack in the     possibly the ropes course. There will be a
gathering area along with other reading              concert in the evening featuring AGAPE, Lost
materials. There are two devotional booklets,        and Found, And Rachel Kurtz. Money raised
Portals of Prayer and Christ in Our Home.            goes to support ELCA Wells project. Talk to
Make time each day to be in communion with           Rachel Dickinson and Debbie Sampson if you
God through God’s word and prayer.                   are interested in going or chaperoning.
                     +++                                      The BASKET FUNDRAISER is back!
          Flowers for Worship in October             If you would like to donate a theme basket full
                                                     of goodies for the LYO to sell in a fundraiser,
          7    ____________________                  please have it to the church no later than 9:00am
          14   ____________________                  on October 7. We will take bids on the baskets
          21   Dean & Nancy Beckman                  on October 7 and October 14. Person with the
          28   ____________________                  highest bid will take the basket home on October
                       +++                           October 3 - 5:30-6:30pm LIGHTs
                                                                    6:30pm SS teacher’s meeting
                Youth Corner
 Rachel Dickinson, Coordinator of Youth Ministries
                                                     October 7 – LYO basket bidding
LIGHTS: Pre-school – 4th grade meets the first       October 14 – Children’s Sermon – Julie Barnes
Wednesday of the month. October 3rd 5:30-                           Begin hat and mitten collection
6:30pm at Inn 2. Join us for a Bible lesson,                        LYO basket bidding
craft, games, food, and fun! There will not be       October 19 - Sunday School movie night
choir practice this week.                            October 27- LYO–Luther College 100 Wells
SUNDAY SCHOOL: Sunday School teacher’s               October 28 – Noisy Offering
meeting is October 3rd at 6:30pm.                                            +++
         We will begin our hat and mitten                        Adult Sunday School
collection on October 14. We will collect hats       Adult Sunday School classes will begin on
and mittens until November 11. We will also          October 7, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. Our first study
collect Thanksgiving items for the food pantry       will be a six week look at the Book of Psalms.
this month.                                          Each of these weeks is a separate session, and
         Noisy Offering will be collected on the     not dependent on what was studied the week
last Sunday of each month. Save your coins,          prior. So please come when you can. It is not
grab a can and help us collect it!                   necessary to be in class each week to keep the
         Movie Night!! October 19 at 6:30-           thread of what is being studied. Following the
8:30pm. Wear your comfy clothes and bring a          study on Psalms we have options for studies on
pillow or sleeping bag and a snack to share.         Isaiah or Mark, but we are also open to
We’ll watch a movie and eat some snacks!             suggestions of topics of interest. Phil Borleske
         We have a wonderful problem in the          will continue leading the class the last Sunday of
Sunday School. Our Preschool-Kindergarten            each month to answer questions or address items
class is overflowing with kids! We are looking       of interest as they are expressed or offered to
for one or two people to be teacher aides in this    him. We welcome all participants and hope to
classroom. The aides will not need to plan           see you there.
lessons, but instead assist the children in their
activities and help the teacher as needs arise. If
            Team Christian Life                     1 p.m. Bethlehem will rent a space at this
Benton County Food Bank Donations                   craft/bake sale and we will get more info to you
The donations of canned goods during the month      in the November newsletter (which comes out in
of August added up to between 80 and 100 items      late October) and future bulletins to let you
of food which was taken to the Benton County        know how you can help. We hope to have many
Food Bank. They were very appreciative of the       of our fantastic Bethlehem cooks/bakers/crafters
items Bethlehem members donated. A big thank        donate items to sell at this event. We also plan
you goes out to all of you who were so              on using this opportunity to sell our Bethlehem
generous!                                           cookbooks. More information to follow.

The donations of money during the Sunday                  Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity
Fellowship hour on September 9th and 21st will                    Benton County Chapter
be given to the Benton County Food Bank. The                   INFORMATION SESSION
donations given on Mission Cookie Sundays of               Tuesday, October 2, 2012 @ 6:30pm
September 2nd, 16th, and 30th will go to the                 Wesley United Methodist Church
Sunday School. The Sunday School uses this                    Join us and learn more about:
money to cover their expenses and they decide                  • New Construction Homes
when and where they give additional charity           • A Brush with Kindness exterior           repair
donations. It was previously stated that all                               projects
donations during the month of September would            • Applying & qualifying for programs!
go to the local food bank. Thank you to all food           (see flyer on bulletin board for more
providers, workers and money contributors for                           information)
helping with this ministry.
                                                    As you enjoy fellowship hour after worship on
VAMA Winter Warmth Project
                                                    Sundays, please listen for the “bell” to
Bethlehem will again be helping with the Vinton
                                                    ring……If you or anyone should have any
Ministerial Association’s “Winter Warmth”
                                                    announcements to make, such as birthdays or
project. We have received the information on
                                                    anniversaries, team announcements, etc., please
children that need outer garments for the
                                                    feel free to ring the bell to grab everyone’s
upcoming winter season. Please look on the
bulletin board in the narthex for the information
of what is needed. We have a short amount of
                                                    Some hospitality items:
time to gather these items. Please pick up a slip
                                                             • Please let the back pews be for
if you wish to purchase items for this project.
                                                    families with young children who may wish to
Perhaps more than one family could go together
                                                    sit there. Sometimes they are distracting or need
to purchase these items. Donations need to be
                                                    to be taken out and some prefer to be towards
back at the church by Sunday, October 14 as
                                                    the back.
they will be given to the children the week of
                                                             • Please watch for traffic flow during
October 15. If you wish to donate money to this
                                                    fellowship hour and allow people to get their
project but do not want to purchase all items on
                                                    refreshments. Move away from the serving
one person’s need list or do not want to do the
                                                    areas, please.
shopping, talk to a member of Team Christian
                                                             • Please make a point to speak to people
Life about how you can help.
                                                    who may not have anyone to talk to. Introduce
                                                    yourselves to people you don’t know, talk to
Bethlehem to join in the Vinton Community
                                                    people you don’t often talk to. Help make
Craft/Bake Sale scheduled for November 3:
                                                    everyone feel like they are noticed, valued, and
On another topic, there has been some interest in
                                                    welcome. It is everyone’s job.
Bethlehem having a fall bake sale. The decision
has been made to join the Vinton Community
Bake and Craft Sale on November 3rd at the
Vinton Skate Center. The sale is from 8 a.m. to     Thank you’s……..
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Ladies,                       ◦ Monday, October 15th 6:30p.m. Augustana
The family of Linn Bearbower thanks you for             Hall
the exceptional lunch you prepared after his            If you have any questions, please contact Marta
funeral. We appreciate all your fine efforts and        Bauer for further information.
food. Thank you.                                                                +++
Peg Bearbower, Michelle Thomsen, Eric                   Step Into the Stillness, A Silent Retreat at
Bearbower and families                                  Lutheran Lakeside Camp – October 11-14
                                                        This retreat provides a time and place of respite
Dear Bethlehem Lutheran Church,                         and solace. Spiritual direction is provided by
Thank you for your recent gift of $500.00 to            Pastor David and Marsha Bergstrom. They use
ELCA World Hunger. Your faithful generosity             the Myers Briggs Temperament Inventory to
makes a life-changing difference for people in          help you develop a prayer life and deeper
need around the corner and around the world.            awareness of your own spirituality. Stepping
Your gift is greatly appreciated.                       into the Stillness provides access to experiences
In the United States, congregations learn to run a      that can bring to life that essence of God within
micro-enterprise program that will help                 you. Eucharist and Compline will combine to
neighbors work to lift themselves out of poverty.       balance your daily life while you are on retreat.
In India, a widow learns how she can use her            Common meals accompanied with Lectio divina
special recipe to earn a living, and neighbors line     provides a path to reading scripture, meditating
up to buy her wares. In Tanzania, a farmer              upon the Word, praying and contemplation
learns how a small pond can be not only a               increases knowledge of God. Cost of the retreat
source of fish to sell, but fertilizer for his crops.   is $80.
To neighbors near and far who live hunger and
poverty, gifts like yours bring not only help, but      Women Up – October 19-20 at Lutheran
hope. Thank you. Your gift brings us another            Lakeside Camp
step closer to ending hunger in our world.              Renew, refresh, relax, meet new friends, gain
As the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America           new insights, strengthen your faith at this event
(ELCA), we do more together than any one of us          for women only. Leaders are Pat McGill,
could ever do alone. We are a church that               National Inspirational Consultant; Pastor Lauri
believes God is calling us into the world –             Boysen, United Lutheran Church, Ringsted;
together. Thank you for your support.                   Willia Mueske, Quilter/Consultant; Carolyn
In Christ’s service,                                    Fritsch, Executive Director, Lutheran Lakeside
The Rev. Daniel Rift                                    Camp. Participants will be discussing When the
Director, ELCA World Hunger                             Heart Waits by Sue Monk. The weekend will
                        +++                             include many activities such as: worship, Bible
            Women’s Bible Study                         Study, hands on activities, and faith sharing.
The theme verse for the October Women’s Bible           There is no charge for this retreat. All of the
Study is Mark 4:1. “Again he began to teach             leaders are “paying it forward” by providing
beside the sea. Such a very large crowd                 meals, lodging, and consultation. There will be
gathered around him that he got into a boat on          a freewill donation recommended to be used for
the sea and sat there, while the whole crowd was        camperships for Lutheran Lakeside Camp for
beside the sea on the land.”                            children.
Jesus’ favorite teaching method was to speak in         For more information on these two retreats, call
parables. For his listeners, the parables were          712-336-2109 and ask for Becky or visit our
often difficult to understand and yet they kept         website:
gathering around him again and again to listen.
What might happen if we were to do the same
Please join us at one of these times:
◦ Monday, October 15th 11:30a.m. Pizza Ranch
From Lutheran Services in Iowa………                            “Since my sons are both nonverbal and can’t
                                                             communicate with me through speech, I was
Focus on abilities strengthens communities                   afraid to let someone else get involved,” she
                                                             said. “I’m so glad I gave LSI a chance because
October is National Disability Employment                    our experience with our caseworker, Stephanie,
Awareness Month. This is a month to celebrate                has been so positive.”
and recognize the contributions and skills
millions of Americans with disabilities bring to             LSI helps children and adults with disabilities
the workplace and our communities.                           and chronic mental illness learn life skills for
People with developmental disabilities have                  independence and lead lives of meaning and
many amazing strengths and talents to share                  fulfillment.
with our communities across Iowa. Lutheran
Services in Iowa’s services for people with                  The Lahey family has a long road ahead as Kyle
disabilities (SFPD) is part of helping people with           and Derek enter their teenage years, but with
different abilities shine. LSI’s services empower            the support of LSI they are enjoying the journey.
persons with disabilities to learn skills they need
to become active members of our communities.                 “I believe that my children are individuals, just
LSI supports individuals as they gain                        like everyone else,” Trisha said. “I want to focus
independence, and gives parents and caregivers               on their abilities rather than just worry about
a break through respite services. By focusing on             what they can’t do. We celebrate each
abilities and strengthening families LSI helps               accomplishment that they’ve made and love our
those with a disability succeed and allows them              boys for who they are.”
to share their talents with their community.

For information on Lutheran Services in Iowa,                Increase your IMPACT on the lives of
visit Visit us on Facebook at                children and families                                   Through our shared ministry, you and your
                                                             congregation have an incredible impact on the
Enjoying the Journey                                         people LSI serves across Iowa. By responding
                                                             to the love of Jesus Christ, together we are
Kyle is a 12-year-old boy who loves to jump on
                                                             changing the lives of children, families and
his trampoline and can’t get enough of his new
                                                             individuals every day. Carrying out this mission
iPod. Like all preteen boys, Kyle is learning the
                                                             is only possible through the support of people
basic skills of growing up, like shopping at the
                                                             like you.
grocery store and doing laundry. For Kyle, who
was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2,                   Did you know that making a gift that takes
completing these tasks is a huge breakthrough.               advantage of LSI’s Responding to Love
                                                             matching gift campaign helps LSI make an even
Kyle’s mother, Trisha, remembers when her son                greater difference for our Iowa neighbors in
wouldn’t even go into a grocery store. Now                   need?
thanks      to   the    help     of   his    LSI             Here’s how it works. Because of the generosity
caseworker, Stephanie, he can handle the                     of several donors, all new and increased gifts
stress of being in a public place and can use a              are matched $1 for every $2 above and beyond
picture schedule to find items and pay for them              the amount given in 2011 – up to $150,000.
at the register.
                                                             Thank you for stepping up to help LSI create
Trisha’s 10-year-old son, Derek, was also                    results that produce happier, healthier children,
diagnosed with autism at a young age. Derek                  families and individuals across Iowa. To make a
and Kyle are both nonverbal and can speak only               gift to LSI and be part of the Responding to Love
a few words. When Trisha discovered LSI’s                    matching gift campaign, give via our secure
services for people with disabilities she was                online giving site at or call
hesitant to get involved.                                    us at 866.584.5293.

                                       Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church
                              Consolidated Fund Activity Report for August 2012

                                  Beg.                       Disburse-     Transfers/       End.
            Account Name                      Receipts
                                 Balance                      ments           JE’s         Balance
          Building Fund               0.00      7,166.00       1,046.32     (6,119.68)          0.00
          Cap Campaign Fd      (184,965.13)           0.00    49,000.00       6,119.68   (227,845.45)
September 24, 2012
ELCA effort toward controlling malaria yielding successful results 12-63-MRC

    CHICAGO (ELCA) - Ackson Chisaka, a Lutheran pastor in Zambia, is witnessing first hand how education
about malaria, prevention and treatment of the disease is making a life-saving impact.
    Enoch Shidola, a clinical officer at a health center in the same town where Chisaka serves, agrees and went so far
as to report that, by a conservative estimate, malaria cases in Kashima, in Zambia's Mufumbwe northwestern region,
have been reduced to half.
    Chisaka and Shidola attribute this turnaround to the anti-malaria campaigns and programs of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church in Zambia and the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Africa (Zambia Diocese). In partnership with
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) -- particularly through its ELCA Malaria Campaign -- these
churches and others across Africa are contributing to the prevention, treatment and control of malaria, as well as
considering how poverty further complicates alleviation of the disease.
    Lutheran churches in Africa have reached thousands of members and community residents with information
about malaria. In early 2012, more than 4,670 people in Zambia took part in "awareness sessions" designed to stress
the importance of malaria testing and understand clinical treatment options, particularly in the first 24 hours after the
appearance of symptoms. Church and community leaders were trained to lead awareness sessions, and more than
1,160 rapid diagnostic tests were distributed. More than 2,030 people with malarial symptoms were tested in several
open clinics in the northwestern part of Zambia.
   Prior to these campaigns, malaria symptoms often went untreated, according to Chisaka, and many people were
unaware of what dangerous effects the disease can have, especially on children. Pregnant women would seek care
from "traditional healers" who administrated herbs that induced labor instead of seeking care from health clinics, he
said. Every 60 seconds a child dies of malaria, a treatable and preventable disease that kills more than 655,000
people a year, mostly children in Africa.
    To help bring an end to malaria-related deaths, the ELCA has partnered with Lutheran churches, organizations
and projects in 11 African countries through its ELCA Malaria Campaign. Rolled out following an action of the
2011 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, the ELCA Malaria Campaign is uniquely positioned to provide mosquito nets,
insecticides, medication, health care, education and more. A goal of the campaign is to raise $15 million by 2015 to
support the anti-malaria efforts of Lutheran churches and organizations in African countries. From January to June
2012, 58 awareness sessions in Zimbabwe were carried out by "Malaria Focal Persons" about one every three days.
More than 690 community members throughout Zimbabwe were trained in malaria treatment methods, including
rapid diagnostic testing, intermittent preventive treatment and early treatment-seeking behaviors.
    "The statistics are compelling, even more so when we realize that each awareness session, each rapid diagnostic
kit, each dose of malaria medication represents entire lives that have been changed and enriched by the work of the
ELCA Malaria Campaign," said Jessica Nipp Hacker, coordinator of the ELCA Malaria Campaign. "Gifts to the
ELCA Malaria Campaign have empowered our Lutheran sisters and brothers in Africa to provide necessary training
and resources to their communities and to accomplish their malaria-control goals for 2012," said Nipp Hacker. "The
continuing support of ELCA members will mean additional life-changing programs in years to come."
Monday, October 1        Revelation 1                Nehemiah 1-2          Psalm 96
Tuesday, October 2       Revelation 2                Nehemiah 3            Psalm 97
Wednesday, October 3     Revelation 3                Nehemiah 4            Psalm 98
Thursday, October 4      Revelation 4                Nehemiah 5:1-7:4      Psalm 99
Friday, October 5        Revelation 5                Nehemiah 7:5-8:12     Psalm 100
Saturday, October 6      Revelation 6                Nehemiah 8;13-9:37    Psalm 101
Sunday, October 7        Revelation 7                Nehemiah 9:38-10:39   Psalm 102
Monday, October 8        Revelation 8                Nehemiah 11           Psalm 103
Tuesday, October 9       Revelation 9                Nehemiah 12           Psalm 104:1-23
Wednesday, October 10    Revelation 10               Nehemiah 13           Psalm 104:24-35
Thursday, October 11     Revelation 11               Esther 1              Psalm 105:1-25
Friday, October 12       Revelation 12               Esther 2              Psalm 105:26-45
Saturday, October 13     Revelation 13               Esther 3-4            Psalm 106:1-23
Sunday, October 14       Revelation 14               Esther 5:1-6:13       Psalm 106:24-48
Monday, October 15       Revelation 15               Esther 6:14-8:17      Psalm 107:1-22
Tuesday, October 16      Revelation 16               Esther 9-10           Psalm 107:23-43
Wednesday, October 17    Revelation 17               Isaiah 1-2            Psalm 108
Thursday, October 18     Revelation 18               Isaiah 3-4            Psalm 109:1-19
Friday, October 19       Revelation 19               Isaiah 5-6            Psalm 109:20-31
Saturday, October 20     Revelation 20               Isaiah 7-8            Psalm 110
Sunday, October 21       Revelation 21-22            Isaiah 9-10           Psalm 111
Monday, October 22       1 Thessalonians 1           Isaiah 11-13          Psalm 112
Tuesday, October 23      1 Thessalonians 2:1-16      Isaiah 14-16          Psalm 113
Wednesday, October 24    1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13   Isaiah 17-19          Psalm 114
Thursday, October 25     1 Thessalonians 4           Isaiah 20-22          Psalm 115
Friday, October 26       1 Thessalonians 5           Isaiah 23-24          Psalm 116
Saturday, October 27     2 Thessalonians 1           Isaiah 25-26          Psalm 117
Sunday, October 28       2 Thessalonians 2           Isaiah 27-28          Psalm 118
Monday, October 29       2 Thessalonians 3           Isaiah 29-30          Psalm 119:1-32
Tuesday, October 30      1 Timothy 1                 Isaiah 31-33          Psalm 119:33-64
Wednesday, October 31    1 Timothy 2                 Isaiah 34-35          Psalm 119:65-96

The                     Bethlehem Star
                                Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                1206 C Avenue
                                Vinton, Iowa 52349

                                Return Service Requested

The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
(319) 472-3784

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