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					Yazar                                Makale Adı
                                     Schizo-obsessive and obsessive-compulsive disorder:
                                     Comparison of clinical characteristics and neurological soft
Sevincok, L; Akoglu, A; Arslantas, H signs

Kum, S; Eren, U; Sandikci, M;         A histochemical investigation of different distribution of
Musal, B                              TSH cells in adenohypophsis of female and male rats
Kutlu, T; Karagozler, AA; Gozukara,   Relationship among placental cadmium, lead, zinc, and
EM                                    copper levels in smoking pregnant women
Kilickan, A; Guner, M                 Pneumatic conveying characteristics of cotton seeds
Doger, FK; Meteoglu, I; Ozkara, E;
Erkul, ZK; Okyay, P; Yukselen, V      Expression of NF-kappa B in Helicobacter pylori infection
                                      Effect of weather and soil conditions on yield components
                                      and bread-making quality of winter wheat (Triticum
                                      aestivum L.) and winter triticale (Triticosecale Wittm.)
Erekul, O; Kohn, W                    varieties in north-east Germany
Ceylan, E; Ozkutuk, A; Ergor, G;
Yucesoy, M; Itil, O; Caymaz, S;
Cimrin, A                             Fungi and indoor conditions in asthma patients

Yavasoglu, A; Sayim, F; Uyanikgil, Y; The pyrethroid cypermethrin-induced biochemical and
Turgut, M; Karabay-Yavasoglu, NU histological alterations in rat liver
                                      The possibility of two compensation points in a
                                      ferrimagnetic mixed spin-1 and spin-3/2 Ising system using
Ekiz, C                               Bethe lattice approach
                                      Incomplete Currarino triad as an embryological variant -
Turgut, M; Cullu, E; Ulucan, H        Case report and review of the literature
Basak, O; Basak, S; Gultekin, B;      The prevalence of allergic rhinitis in adults in Aydin,
Tekin, N; Soylemez, A                 Turkey
                                      Filum terminale ependymoma with intraturnoral and
Turgut, M; Ak, H; Ozkara, E           spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage
                                      Effect of different extenders on motility, viability and
Ceylan, A; Serin, I                   acrosomal integrity of frozen dog semen
Aslan, H; Songur, A; Tunc, AT;        Effects of formaldehyde exposure on granule cell number
Ozen, OA; Bas, O; Yagmurca, M;        and volume of dentate gyrus: A histopathological and
Turgut, M; Sarsilmaz, M; Kaplan, S stereological study
Kadikoylu, G; Meteoglu, I; Aybek, Is amifostine effective on the protection of mitoxantrone-
H; Kalak, M; Demir, S; Balkaya, M; induced acute cardiotoxicity? A biochemical and
Yenisey, C; Bolaman, Z; Arat, M       histopathological experimental study.
                                      Effects of tibolone on abdominal subcutaneous fat, serum
Odabasi, AR; Yuksel, H; Kafkas, S; leptin levels, and anthropometric indices: A 6-month,
Demircan, S; Karul, A; Kozaci, D;     prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-
Koseoglu, K; Onur, E                  blind study
                                      The role of accompanying sinonasal abnormalities in the
Eyigor, H; Unsal, AI; Unsal, A        outcome of endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy
Sen, S; Ozmert, G; Turan, H;          The effects of spinal anesthesia on QT interval in
Caliskan, E; Onbasili, A; Kaya, D     preeclamptic patients
Aktug, H; Ozdedeli, K; Altay, B;      Postpubertal testicular/epididymal epithelial thickness
Cureklibatir, I; Yilmaz, O; Albay, S; alterations in unilateral epididymal/vasal obstruction of
Ergin, K; Turgut, M                   prepubertal rats
                                      Anti-mitotic and anti-genotoxic effects of Plantago
                                      lanceolata aqueous extract on Allium cepa root tip
Celik, TA; Aslanturk, OS              meristem cells
                                      Cross-sectional geometry of the metapodial bones in the
Sevil, F; Ocal, MK                    calf and ox
Taskin, F; Akdilli, A; Karaman, C;    Mammographically detected breast arterial calcifications:
Unsal, A; Koseoglu, K; Ergin, F       Indicators for arteriosclerotic diseases?
Aksit, M; Yalcin, S; Ozkan, S; Metin, Effects of temperature during rearing and crating on stress
K; Ozdemir, D                         parameters and meat quality of broilers

                                          Metal complexes and solvent extraction properties of
Gup, R; Giziroglu, E                      isonitrosoacetophenone 2-aminobenzoylhydrazone
Akar, H; Yurekli, Y; Yavasoglu, I;
Kadikoylu, G; Meteoglu, I;                Intense oropharyngeal uptake of Tc-99m aprotinin in AL
Yenicerioglu, Y; Bolaman, Z               amyloidosis: A case report
Discigil, G; Gemalmaz, A; Tekin, N;       Profile of menopausal women in west Anatolian rural
Basak, O                                  region sample
Tuncyurek, P; Yenisey, C; Doger,
FK; Soyder, A; Bicakci, T; Cevikel,       Nitric oxide as an independent regulatory factor in
MH                                        regenerating rat liver
                                          Spinal brucellosis: Turkish experience based on 452 cases
Turgut, M; Turgut, AT; Kosar, U           published during the last century
                                          Conditions for convergence and subsequential
Canak, I; Dik, M; Dik, F                  convergence

Turgut, M; Yenisey, C; Bozkurt, M;        Analysis of zinc and magnesium levels in pinealectomized
Ergin, FA; Bicakci, T                     chicks - Roles on development of spinal deformity?
Tanzer, F; Ozgur, A; Bardakci, F;         Analysis of a 1-year-old cystinuric patient with recurrent
Cankorkmaz, L; Ayan, S                    renal stones

Savk, O; Savk, E                          Reverse sural artery flap for distal lower extremity defects
Kozlakidis, Z; Covelli, L; Di Serio, F;
Citir, A; Acikgoz, S; Hernandez, C;       Molecular characterization of the largest mycoviral-like
Ragozzino, A; Flores, R; Coutts,          double-stranded RNAs associated with Amasya cherry
RHA                                       disease, a disease of presumed fungal aetiology
                                          Evaluation of antigenic variations between two virulent
Delibas, SB; Ertabaklar, H; Ertug, S      toxoplasma strains
Gurcun, U; Discigil, B; Boga, M;
Ozkisacik, E; Badak, MI; Yenisey, C; Is remote preconditioning as effective as direct ischemic
Kurtoglu, T; Meteoglu, I             preconditioning in preventing spinal cord ischemic injury?
                                     The application of an electrophysiological
Turan, E; Bolukbasi, O               bulbocavernosus reflex test in. male dogs
                                     Plasma disposition and faecal excretion of netobimin
                                     metabolites and enantiospecific disposition of
Gokbulut, C; Cirak, VY; Senlik, B    albendazole sulphoxide produced in ewes
Calis, I; Birincioglu, SS;
Kirmizibekmez, H; Pfeiffer, B;
Heilmann, J                          Secondary metabolites from Asphodelus aestivus
Aldemir, OS                          Incidence of ovine sarcosporidiosis in Turkey
Kilic, N                             Effect of femoral head and neck excision in dogs
                                      Botulinum toxin A as an intraoperative adjunct to
Ozkam, SB                             horizontal strabismus surgery - Reply

Ocal, MK; Ortanca, OC; Parin, U       A quantitative study on the sacrum of the dog
Aynaci, M; Tuncyurek, P; Nart, D;
Zeytunlu, M; Ozutemiz, O; Ersoz, G;   Does matrix metalloproteinase activity predict severity of
Yilmaz, F; Mayer, J; Coker, A         acute pancreatitis?
Sen, S; Ugur, B; Aydin, ON; Ogurlu,   The analgesic effect of lornoxicam when added to
M; Gezer, E; Savk, O                  lidocaine for intravenous regional anaesthesia
                                      Alterations in biochemical components of extracellular
Kozaci, LD; Guner, A; Oktay, G;       matrix in intervertebral disc herniation: role of MMP-2 and
Guner, G                              TIMP-2 in type II collagen loss
Derin, H; Aliyev, MI; Aliyev, IM;     Temperature dependence of optical absorption in In1-
Ibragimov, GB                         xGaxAs solid solutions

                                     Severe limitation in jaw movement in a patient with
Sendur, OF; Gurer, G                 fibrodysplasia ossiticans progressiva: a case report
                                     Polymeric absorbent for water sorption based on
                                     chemically crosslinked poly (acrylamide/2-acrylamido-2-
Uzum, OB; Kundakci, S; Karadag, E methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid sodium salt) hydrogels
Erkus, M; Meteoglu, I; Culhaci, N; Does thymidine phosphorylase correlate with
Meydan, N; Erdogdu, I                angiogenesis in intraductal carcinoma of the breast?
Hierro, JL; Villarreal, D; Eren, O;  Disturbance facilitates invasion: The effects are stronger
Graham, JM; Callaway, RM             abroad than at home
Aktug, H; Uslu, S; Terek, MC; Terzi, Effects of ovariectomy and tamoxifen on rat bone tissue -
H; Turgut, M; Ozsener, S; Bilgin, O Histomorphometric and histopathologic study
                                     The impacts of organic acid and essential oil
Aksit, M; Goksoy, E; Kok, F;         supplementations to diets on the microbiological quality
Ozdemir, D; Ozdogan, M               of chicken carcasses
Kizilkaya, K; Balcioglu, MS; Yolcu, Growth curve analysis using nonlinear mixed model in
HI; Karabag, K; Genc, IH             divergently selected Japanese quails
                                     The relationship between conventional and tissue Doppler
                                     echocardiographic findings and plasma N-Terminal pro
Ceyhan, C; Unal, S; Tekten, T;       Brain Natriuretic Peptide levels in hypertensive patients
Yenisey, C; Yilmaz, I                with left ventricular diastolic
                                     Immunohistochemical profile of transforming growth
                                     factor-beta 1 and basic fibroblast growth factor in sciatic
Turgut, M; Oktem, G; Uysal, A;       nerve anastomosis following pinealectomy and exogenous
Yurtseven, ME                        melatonin administration in rats

Seferoglu, S; Seferoglu, HG;          Biochemical composition influenced by different locations
Tekintas, FE; Balta, F                in Uzun pistachio cv. (Pistacia vera L.) grown in Turkey
Kok, F; Oksuztepe, G; Ilhak, OI;      Chemical and microbiological quality of fermented
Patir, B                              sausages made from camel meat

Evci, ED; Ergin, F; Beser, E          Home accidents in the elderly in Turkey
Atli, MO; Aydilek, N; Cetin, H;       Oxidant/antioxidant status of plasma in Arabian mares
Guzeloglu, A; Ipek, H                 with uterine lymphatic cysts
Tekten, T; Onbasili, O; Ceyhan, C;     The use of B-Natriuretic Peptide and ultrasonic backscatter
Unal, S; Kaya, M                       in detecting diastolic dysfunction in hypertensive patients
Ulutas, PA; Bayramli, G; Ulutas, B;    Oxidative stress and non-enzymatic antioxidant status in
Kiral, F; Atasoy, A                    dogs with aspirin induced gastric mucosal injury
                                       Status of the genus Macroramphosus (Syngnathiformes :
Bilecenoglu, M                         Centriscidae) in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
Sen, S; Doger, FK; Sen, S; Aydin,      The protective effect of nitroglycerin on gastrointestinal
ON; Karul, A; Dost, T                  and renal side effects of lornoxicam in rats

Kadikoylu, G; Yavasoglu, I;        Treatment of solitary gastric carcinoid tumor by endoscopic
Yukselen, V; Ozkara, E; Bolaman, Z polypectomy in a patient with pernicious anemia

                                       Synthetic polymeric absorbent for dye based on chemically
Uzum, OB; Karadag, E                   crosslinked acrylamide/mesaconic acid hydrogels
Kaya, HK; Aguillera, MM; Alumai,
A; Choo, HY; de la Torre, M; Fodor,
A; Ganguly, S; Hazir, S; Lakatos, T;   Status of entomopathogenic nematodes and their
Pye, A; Wilson, M; Yamanaka, S;        symbiotic bacteria from selected countries or regions of
Yang, HW; Ehlers, RU                   the world

                                       Protective effect of lycopene on ethyl methane sulfonate
Sultan, AO; Celik, TA                  induced chromosome aberrations in Allium cepa
Dundar, SO; Topaloglu, A; Dundar,      Effects of sildenafil on blue-on-yellow and white-on-white
M; Kocak, I                            Humphrey perimetry in 3 months regular use
Sarierler, M                           Diagnosis and treatment of perineal hernia in dogs
Ugur, B; Yuksel, H; Odabasi, AR;       Effects of intravenous lidocaine on QTd and HRV changes
Ogurlu, M; Onbasili, A; Aydin, ON      due to tracheal intubation during sevoflurane induction

Turgut, AT; Unsal, A; Ozden, E;       Unilateral idiopathic hydrocele has a substantial effect on
Kosar, P; Kosar, U; Emir, L           the ipsilateral testicular geometry and resistivity indices
Kaska, Y; Ilgaz, C; Ozdemir, A;       Sex ratio estimations of loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings
Baskale, E; Turkozan, O; Baran, I;    by histological examination and nest temperatures at
Stachowitsch, M                       Fethiye beach, Turkey
Bingol, M; Aygun, T; Gokdal, O;       The effects of docking on fattening performance and
Yilmaz, A                             carcass characteristics in fat-tailed Norduz male lambs
                                      Plasma disposition and faecal excretion of oxfendazole,
                                      fenbendazole and albendazole following oral
Gokbulut, C; Akar, F; McKellar, QA administration to donkeys
                                      Effect of Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica infection
                                      on acute-phase proteins and some mineral levels in
                                      colostrum-breast milk-fed or colostrum-breast milk-
Ulutas, PA; Ozpinar, A                deprived sheep
                                      Frequency of hypermobility in young females and relation
Sendur, F; Gurer, G; Odabasi, B       of hypermobility with body mass index
                                      Effects of oral continuous 17 beta-estradiol plus
Yueksel, H; Odabasi, AR; Demircan, norethisterone acetate replacement therapy on abdominal
S; Karul, A; Kozaci, LD; Koseoglu, K; subcutaneous fat, serum leptin levels and body
Kizilkaya, K; Basak, O                composition
                                           Effects of constant lightness, darkness and
Turgut, M; Kaplan, S; Metin, K;            parachlorophenylalanine treatment on tail regeneration in
Koca, YB; Soylu, E; Sahin, B;              the lizard Ophisops elegans macrodactylus: Macroscopic,
Ateslier, ZBB; Basaloglu, HK               biochemical and histological changes

Misirlioglu, OZ; Turkyilmaz, S;            Report on isolation and identification of Ornithobacterium
Hafez, HM                                  rhinotracheale from broiler flocks in Izmir, Turkey
Gunay, ME; Aygun, M; Kartal, A;            Rh(I) and Pd(II) complexes of methoxy functionalized
Cetinkaya, B; Kendi, E                     heterocyclic carbene: Synthesis and characterization
Ertugrul, MB; Baktiroglu, S; Salman,       The diagnosis of osteomyelitis of the foot in diabetes:
S; Unal, S; Aksoy, M; Berberoglu, K;       microbiological examination vs. magnetic resonance
Calangu, S                                 imaging and labelled leucocyte scanning
Teke, Z; Aytekin, F; Yenisey, C;
Aydin, C; Kabay, B; Simsek, NG;            Effects of PDTC on colonic anastomoses healing in the
Sacar, S; Tekin, K; Tekin, K               cecal ligation and puncture model of sepsis
Sari, I; Kozaci, LD; Akar, S; Birlik, M;   Serum macrophage migration inhibitory factor and leptin
Kavak, T; Akkoc, N; Onen, F                levels in patients with acute trichinellosis
                                           Prevalence of Listeria species in camel sausages from retail
                                           markets in Aydin province in Turkey and RAPD analysis of
Ozbey, G; Ertas, HB; Kok, F                Listeria monocytogenes isolates
                                           Physical properties of sweet corn seed (Zea mays
Coskun, MB; Yalcin, I; Ozarslan, C         saccharata Sturt.)
Meydan, N; Barutca, S; Guney, E;
Boylu, S; Savk, O; Culhaci, N;
Ayhan, M                               Brown tumors mimicking bone metastases
Ulutas, B; Voyvoda, H; Pasa, S;        Clodronate treatment of vitamin D-induced hypercalcemia
Alingan, MK                            in dogs
                                       A multiplex PCR assay for detection of Clavibacter
                                       michiganensis subsp michiganensis, Pseudomonas
                                       syringae pv. tomato and Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.
Ozdemir, Z                             vesicatoria
Copcu, E; Sivrioglu, N; Baytekin, C; How can we decide on orbital exenteration for second eye
Er, S; Koc, B                          in a patient with basal cell carcinoma?
                                       Reconstruction of the lateral canthus with trilobed skin
Copcu, E; Sivrioglu, N; Koc, B; Er, S flap and temporalis fascia graft
Eren, U; Kum, S; Sandikci, M; Kara, Effects of long-term passive smoking on the mast cells in
E                                      rat lungs
                                       Alpha-naphtyl acetate esterase (ANAE) activity and plasma
Kum, S; Eren, U; Sandikci, M           cells in the oesophageal tonsils of chickens
Ozkara, E; Ozkok, S; Culhaci, N;       Sudden death of a young female patient - A case of
Meteoglu, I; Erkul, ZK                 arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasla
Kadikoylu, G; Yavasoglu, I;            Plasma exchange in severe hypertriglyceridemia a clinical
Bolaman, Z                             study
Kabay, B; Teke, Z; Ozden, A;
Yenisey, C; Bir, F; Bicakci, T; Erdem, Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate reduces lung injury in
E                                      mesenteric ischemia-reperfusion
Gokpinar, D; Yaycioglu, S; Yenisey, Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy in lomber spinal stenozis
C; Yilmaz, M                           and TGF-beta1
Kirdar, S; Serter, M; Yuksel, H;
Odabasi, A; Demir, E; Ozan, T;          Correlation between CRP and nitric oxide in patients with
Gultekin, B; Demircan, S                total abdominal hysterectomy
Serter, M; Temocin, S; Demir, E;        The effect of exercise and melatonin administration on
Ergin, K; Kozaci, D; Boylu, T           oxidative stress in rats
Gemalmaz, A; Karul, A; Discigil, G;
Gurel, S; Kavak, T; Setter, M; Basak,Malondialdehyde and nitric oxide levels in metabolic
O                                    syndrome
                                     Determination of iodide ions at poly(3-methylthiophene)-
Titretir, S; Erdogdu, G; Karagozler, modified electrode by differential pulse stripping
AE                                   voltammetry
                                     Unacceptable performance and the lack of reproducibility
                                     results in the report of colorimetric methods for early
Coban, AY; Bozdogan, B; Durupinar, detection of vancomycin and oxacillin resistance in
B; Appelbaum, PC                     Staphylococcus aureus - Reply
Ugur, B; Sen, S; Tekten, T; Odabasi,
AR; Yuksel, H; Ogurlu, M; Onbasili, Effects of sevoflurane on QT dispersion and heart rate
A                                    variability
Siebert, HC; Rosen, J; Seyrek, K;
Kaltner, H; Andre, S; Bovin, NV;     alpha 2,3/alpha 2,6-sialylation of N-glycans: non-
Nyholm, PG; Sinowatz, F; Gabius, synonymous signals with marked developmental
HJ                                   regulation in bovine reproductive tracts
Ayaz, D; Turkozan, O; Tosunoglu,     Morphologic and serologic comparison of two Turkish
M; Tok, CV; Cihan, D                 populations of Mauremys rivulata and Mauremys caspica
                                     Pinealectomy stimulates and exogenous melatonin
                                     inhibits harmful effects of epileptiform activity during
Turgut, M; Uyanikgil, Y; Ates, U;    pregnancy in the hippocampus of newborn rats: an
Baka, M; Yurtseven, ME               immunohistochemical study
Gurer, G; Sendur, OF; Ay, C          Serum lipid profile in fibromyalgia women
Sendur, OF; Gurer, G; Yildirim, T;   Relationship of Q angle and joint hypermobility and Q
Ozturk, E; Aydeniz, A                angle values in different positions
Turgut, M; Basaloglu, HK; Yenisey, Surgical pinealectomy accelerates intervertebral disc
C; Ozsunar, Y                        degeneration process in chicken
Karaman, GC; Dereboy, C; Dereboy, Androgenetic alopecia: Does its presence change our
F; Carman, E                         perceptions?
Dundar, S; Dayanir, Y; Topaloglu, A; Effect of sildenafil on ocular hemodynamics in 3 months
Dundar, M; Kocak, I                  regular use
                                     Antimicrobial therapy in pneumococcal meningitis: an
Erdem, H; Oncu, S; Pahsa, A          epidemiological assessment from Turkey
                                     Ecological characterization of Steinernema anatoliense
Gungor, DS; Keskin, N; Hazir, S      (Rhabditida : Steinernematidae)
                                     Life forms and life strategies of epiphytic bryophytes in
Kurschner, H; Parolly, G; Erdag, A Quercus vulcanica forests of Turkey
Copcu, E; Yazici, M; Sivrioglu, N;
Koc, B                               Hypospadias with urethral quadruplication

                                        Human leukocyte antigen DR1 in Japanese and Turkish
Ozcan, ME                               patients with schizophrenia
                                        Benign lateral pharyngeal band pathologies as a cause of
Basak, O; Basak, S; Doger, FK           sore throat
Yavasoglu, I; Kadikoylu, G;
Bolaman, Z                             Massive splenomegaly resulting from subacute thyroiditis
Gurer, G; Sendur, OF; Tastaban, E;     Effects of 2-year treatment with calcitonin in
Aydemir, AH                            postmenopausal osteoporosis
Sendur, OF; Gurer, G; Aydemir, AH;     Effects of 2-year treatment with risedronate in
Tastaban, E                            postmenopausal osteoporosis
                                       ADAM-9 (MDC-9/meltrin-gamma), a member of the a
                                       disintegrin and metalloproteinase family, regulates
                                       myeloma-cell-induced interleukin-6 production in
                                       osteoblasts by direct interaction with the alpha(v)beta(5)
Karadag, A; Zhou, M; Croucher, PI      integrin
                                       Water-yield relation and water use efficiency of cotton
Dagdelen, N; Yilmaz, E; Sezgin, F;     (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and second crop corn (Zea mays
Gurbuz, T                              L.) in western Turkey
Demirkiran, AE; Balkaya, M;
Tuncyurek, P; Cevikel, MH; Culhaci,
N; Iyigor, M; Ozgun, H; Aydin, N;      The effects of nitric oxide supplementation and inhibition
Boylu, S                               on bacterial translocation in bile duct ligated rats
Gautier, P; Olgun, K; Uzum, N;         Gregarious behaviour in a salamander: attraction to
Miaud, C                               conspecific chemical cues in burrow choice
Boga, M; Discigil, B; Ozkisacik, EA;
                                   The combined effect of iloprost and N-acetylcysteine in
Gurcun, U; Badak, MI; Dikicioglu, E;
Yenisey, C; Meteoglu, I            preventing spinal cord ischemia in rabbits
                                   Quality assessment of wild European eel (Anguilla
Ozogul, Y; Ozogul, F; Gokbulut, C  anguilla) stored in ice
                                   The role of botulinum toxin A in augmentation of the
Ozkan, SB; Topaloglu, A; Aydin, S effect of recession and/or resection surgery
                                   Combination of altered PBPs and expression of cloned
Bozdogan, B; Tristram, S;          extended-spectrum beta-lactamases confers cefotaxime
Appelbaum, PC                      resistance in Haemophilus influenzae
Karabiyik, H; Gunay, ME; Aygun, M; Crystallographic and conformational analysis of 1,3-bis(2,4-
Cetinkaya, B; Kazak, C             dimethoxyphenyl)imidazolidine-2-thione
                                   The effect of exogenous melatonin administration on
                                   trabecular width, ligament thickness and TGF-beta(1)
Turgut, M; Oktem, G; Uslu, S;      expression in degenerated intervertebral disk tissue in the
Yurtseven, ME; Aktug, H; Uysal, A rat
                                   Determination of aflatoxin contamination in olives by
                                   immunoaffinity column using high-performance liquid
Bircan, C                          chromatography
                                   Prevalence of Demodex folliculorum in young adults:
Okyay, P; Ertabaklar, H; Savk, E;  relation with sociodemographic/hygienic factors and acne
Ertug, S                           vulgaris
Yukselen, V; Vardar, E; Yukselen,
O; Karaoglu, AO; Yenisey, C;       Colchicine in experimental alkaline burns of the rat
Ozutemiz, O                        esophagus: an old drug, a new indication?
                                   Effects of flunixin meglumine, diclofenac sodium and
Erpek, S; Kilic, N; Kozaci, D;     metamizole sodium on experimental wound healing in
Dikicioglu, E; Kavak, T            rats
Ertugrul, BM; Yilmabasar, A;
Ertugrul, O; Ayabakan, HB;           Do C-reactive protein and procalcitonin predict hospital-
Kizilirmak, S; Turkmen, S            acquired infection in patients with trauma?
                                     Family medicine in Turkey. Need for trainers in general
Basak, O; Guldal, D                  practice
Yavasoglu, I; Kadikoylu, G;          Recovery of splenic infarction with anti-platelet
Bolaman, Z                           treatments and platelet-apheresis in polycythemia vera
Aydin, C; Aytekin, FO; Tekin, K;     Effect of temporary abdominal closure on colonic
Kabay, B; Yenisey, C; Kocbil, G;     anastomosis and postoperative adhesions in experimental
Ozden, A                             secondary peritonitis
                                     Upregulation of p38 alpha MAPK activation in patients with
Chikanza, IC; Kozaci, DL             rheumatoid arthritis
                                     Perturbations of p38 alpha MAPK activation in patients
Chikanza, IC; Kozaci, DL             with corticosteroid resistant rheumatoid arthritis
                                     Production and partial characterization of a novel
Ateslier, ZBB; Metin, K              thermostable esterase from a thermophilic Bacillus sp.
Metin, K; Turkozan, O; Kargin, F;    Blood cell morphology and plasma biochemistry of the
Koca, YB; Taskavak, E; Koca, S       captive European pond turtle Emys orbicularis
Onem, G; Sacar, M; Sacar, S;         Neuraminidase decreases in vitro adherence of slime-
Sakarya, S; Turgut, H; Ozcan, AV;    forming coagulase-negative staphylococci to biosynthetic
Baltalarli, A                        ovine collagen vascular graft
Atalay, H; Aybek, H; Koseoglu, M; The effects of amifostine and dexamethasone on brain
Demir, S; Erbay, H; Bolaman, AZ;     tissue lipid peroxidation during oxygen treatment of
Avci, A                              carbon monoxide-poisoned rats
Sen, S; Ugur, B; Aydin, ON; Ogurlu, The analgesic effect of nitroglycerin added to lidocaine on
M; Gursoy, F; Savk, O                intravenous regional anesthesia
                                     A new approach for the salvage of unsuccessful cleft lip
Copcu, E; Sivrioglu, N; Baytekin, C; nose repair: Application of porous polyethylene implants
Koc, B                               to the alar cartilage
                                     Anonychia and maxillofacial anomalies: An undefined
Copcu, E; Sivrioglu, N; Oztan, Y     syndrome?
Akyol, A; Kiylioglu, N; Ozkul, A;    Neuropathic complications of type 2 diabetes Mellitus in
Guney, E; Copcu, E                   the Mediterranean region
Ozkisacik, EA; Discigil, B; Boga, M; Effects of cyclosporin A on neurological outcome and
Gurcun, U; Badak, MI; Kurtoglu, T; serum biomarkers in the same setting of spinal cord
Yenisey, C; Dikicioglu, E            ischemia model
Bogdanovich, T; Bozdogan, B;         Effect of efflux on telithromycin and macrolide
Appelbaum, PC                        susceptibility in Haemophilus influenzae
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H; Basaloglu, H                      of the foramen magnum
Kadikoylu, G; Yovasoglu, I;
Bolaman, Z; Senturk, T               Platelet parameters in women with iron deficiency anemia
                                     Beneficial effect of low-dose ketamine addition to
                                     epidural administration of morphine-bupivacaine mixture
Sen, S; Aydin, ON; Aydin, K          for cancer pain in two cases
                                     Effects of dietary vitamin C supplementation on
                                     glutathione, malondialdehyde and nitric oxide
Yenisey, C; Seyrek, K; Serter, M;    concentrations in brain and heart of laying Japanese Quails
Kargin-Kiral, F; Bardakcioglu, HE    exposed to heat stress (34.8 degrees C)
                                        Effect of different diluents on motility and viability of cock
Ceylan, A; Serin, I                     semen stored at 4 degrees C
                                        Comparative plasma dispositions of ivermectin and
Gokbulut, C; Karademir, U;              doramectin following subcutaneous and oral
Boyacioglu, M; McKellar, QA             administration in dogs
                                        Control of transient flow in irrigation canals using
Durdu, OF                               Lyapunov fuzzy filter-based Gaussian regulator
                                        Correlation of serum trace elements and melatonin levels
                                        to radiological, biochemical, and histological assessment
Turgut, M; Yenisey, I; Akyuz, O;        of degeneration in patients with intervertebral disc
Ozsunar, Y; Erkus, M; Bicakci, T        herniation
Coban, AY; Bozdogan, B; Cihan, CC;
Cetinkaya, E; Bilgin, K; Darka, O;      Two new colorimetric methods for early detection of
Akgunes, A; Durupinar, B;               vancomycin and oxacillin resistance in Staphylococcus
Appelbaum, PC                           aureus
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Atasoy, A; Eren, H                      coast of Turkey
Toplu, N; Sarimehmetoglu, O;
Metin, N; Eren, H                       Pleural and peritoneal tetrathyridiosis in a peafowl
Ulutas, B; Sarierler, M; Bayramli, G;   Macroscopic findings of idiopathic congenital
Ocal, K                                 megaoesophagus in a calf
Tunc, AT; Turgut, M; Aslan, H;          Neonatal pinealectomy induces Purkinje cell loss in the
Sahin, B; Yurtseven, ME; Kaplan, S      cerebellum of the chick: A stereological study
                                        Uptake of Basic Blue 17 from aqueous solutions by using
                                        chemically crosslinked polyelectrolyte AAm AASS
Uzum, OB; Karadag, E                    hydrogels
                                        Evaluation of varicocele frequency of patients with spinal
Unsal, A; Yilmaz, B; Turgut, AT;        cord injury by color Doppler ultrasonography: A new
Taskin, F; Alaca, R; Karaman, CZ        etiological factor for varicocele?
Tuncyurek, P; Sari, M; Firat, O;
Mutaf, I; Gulter, C; Tunger, A; Yuce, Does pharmaconutrition with L-arginine and/or alpha-
G; Yilmaz, M; Makay, O; Dayangac, tocopherol improve the gut barrier in bile duct ligated
M; Ersin, S                           rats?
                                      Hyaluronic acid/carboxymethylcellulose membrane barrier
Erpek, H; Tuncyurek, P; Soyder, A; versus taurolidine for the prevention of adhesions to
Boylu, S                              polypropylene mesh
Doger, FK; Meteoglu, I; Tuncyurek, Does the EGFR and VEGF expression predict the prognosis
P; Okyay, P; Cevikel, H               in colon cancer?
                                      Intraguild interactions between the predatory mites
Cakmak, I; Janssen, A; Sabelis, MW Neoseiulus californicus and Phytoseiulus persimilis
                                      Biochemical, sensory and microbiological attributes of wild
Ozogul, Y; Ozogul, F; Kuley, E;       turbot (Scophthalmus maximus), from the Black Sea,
Ozkutuk, AS; Gokbulut, C; Kose, S during chilled storage

                                        Biogenic amine production and nucleotide ratios in gutted
Ozogul, F; Gokbulut, C; Ozogul, Y;      wild sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) stored in ice, wrapped
Ozyurt, G                               in aluminium foil and wrapped in cling film at 4 degrees C
                                         The growth stability and sensitivity of parrotfeather to a
                                         reference toxicant (3,5-dichlorphenol) throughout a 1-year
Turgut, C                                period
Ozkisacik, EA; Discigil, B; Gurcun, U;
Boga, M; Badak, MI                       Acute proximal aortic intramural hematoma: A case report
Aydin, S; Yavuz, T; Duver, H; Kutsal,
A                                        Quality of life in the elderly after coronary bypass surgery
Kaan, MN; Odabasi, O; Gezer, E;          The effect of preoperative dexamethasone on early oral
Daldal, A                                intake, vomiting and pain after tonsillectomy
Metin, K; Ateslier, ZBB; Basbulbul,      Characterization of esterase activity in Geobacillus sp HBB-
G; Biyik, HH                             4
Sendur, N; Karaman, G; Sanic, N;         Topical pimecrolimus: A new horizon for vitiligo
Savk, E                                  treatment?
                                         Effects of different herbicides and application times on the
                                         apical development and grain yield of wheat (Triticum
Unay, A; Dogan, MN; Boz, O               aestivum L.)

Akyol, A; Kiylioglu, N; Copcu, E         An unusual cause of trismus: Ramsay Hunt syndrome
                                         Swelling characterization of gamma-radiation induced
Karadag, E; Uzum, OB; Saraydin, D;       crosslinked acrylamide/maleic acid hydrogels in urea
Guven, O                                 solutions
                                         A note on the incidences of Salmonella spp., Listeria spp.
Siriken, B; Pamuk, S; Ozakin, C;         and Escherichia coli O157 : H7 serotypes in Turkish sausage
Gedikoglu, S; Eyigor, M                  (Soujouck)
Oncu, S; Oncu, S; Okyay, P; Ertug, S;    Prevalence and risk factors for HEV infection in pregnant
Sakarya, S                               women
Parham, JF; Macey, JR; Papenfuss,        The phylogeny of Mediterranean tortoises and their close
TJ; Feldman, CR; Turkozan, O;            relatives based on complete mitochondrial genome
Polymeni, R; Boore, J                    sequences from museum specimens
Akyol, A; Ozkul, A; Yenisey, C;          The relationship between protein C, protein S and
Kiylioglu, N                             cytokines in acute ischemic stroke
                                         Vascular Parkinsonism: A case of lacunar infarction
Akyol, A; Akyildiz, UO; Tataroglu, C     localized to mesencephalic substantia nigra
Culhaci, N; Ozkara, E; Yuksel, H;
Ozsunar, Y; Unal, E                  Spontaneously ruptured uterine angioleiomyoma
                                     Swelling characterization of polyelectrolyte
                                     poly(hydroxamic acid) hydrogels in aqueous thiazin dye
Karadag, E; Saraydin, D; Isikver, YC solutions
                                     A new sorbent chemically cross-linked highly swollen
Uzum, OB; Karadag, E                 copolymeric hydrogels for dye uptake

                                         Neurological soft signs and positive treatment response to
Sevincok, L; Topaloglu, B                olanzapine in chronic schizophrenia
Ertugrul, BM; Yildirim, A; Ay, P;
Oncu, S; Cagatay, A; Cakar, N;
Ertekin, C; Ozsut, H; Eraksoy, H;        Ventilator-associated pneumonia in surgical emergency
Calangu, S                               intensive care unit
                                         Domestic violence experiences among medical students in
Aydin, S                                 2 universities
Yenicerioglu, Y; Yilmaz, O; Sarioglu,
S; Ormen, M; Akan, P; Celik, A;       Effects of N-acetylcysteine on radiocontrast nephropathy
Camsari, T                            in rats
                                      Serum lipid profile in postmenopausal women with
Gurer, G; Sendur, OF; Aydeniz, A      osteoporosis or osteopenia
                                      Synthesis of vic-dioxime derivatives with hydrazone side
Babahan, I; Anil, H; Sarikavakli, N groups and their metal complexes

                                    Determination of some virulence factors in Staphylococcus
Turkyilmaz, S; Kaya, O              spp. isolated from various clinical samples
                                    Detection of slime factor production and antibiotic
                                    resistance in staphylococcus strains isolated from various
Turkyilmaz, S; Eskiizmirliler, S    animal clinical samples
                                    Comparison of polymerase chain reaction and
                                    conventional methods for the diagnosis of Listeria
Goksoy, EO; Kirkan, S; Kaya, O      monocytogenes in stuffed mussels

Kirkan, S; Goksoy, EO; Kaya, O;     In-vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of pathogenic bacteria
Tekbiyik, S                         in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum)
                                    The Seroprevalence of bovine herpes virus type 1 (BHV-1)
Tan, MT; Yildirim, Y; Erol, N;      and bovine leukemia virus (BLV) in selected dairy cattle
Gungor, AB                          herds in Aydin Province, Turkey
                                    Detection of Listeria monocytogenes by using PCR in Helix
Kirkan, S; Goksoy, EO; Kaya, O      pomatia
                                    Virulence factors of Enterococcus faecium and
Gulhan, T; Aksakal, A; Ekin, IH;    Enterococcus faecalis strains isolated from humans and
Savasan, S; Boynukara, B            pets
                                    Pathological and immunohistochemical investigation of
Tunca, R; Guvenc, T; Haziroglu, R; naturally occurring systemic Candida albicans infection in
Ataseven, L; Ozen, H; Toplu, N      dogs
                                    Can the effect of antibiotherapy and anti-inflammatory
Erol, H; Beder, N; Caliskan, T;     therapy on serum PSA levels discriminate between benign
Dundar, M; Unsal, A; Culhaci, N     and malign prostatic pathologies?
                                    Evaluation of chemical composition, essential oil and
                                    morphological traits in wild populations of Lavandula
Arabaci, O; Bayram, E               stoechas L. in the Mediterranean environment
Turkyilmaz, S; Turkyilmaz, K; Kaya, A comparative study of detection of Bordetella avium
O                                   antibodies in turkeys by ELISA, SPAT, and AGID test
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FEBS JOURNAL                          1742-464X   JUN       2006   273

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RHEUMATOLOGY                        1462-0324   APR       2006    45

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ADVANCES IN THERAPY                 0741-238X   MAR-APR   2006    23

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ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY           0148-7043   MAR       2006    56

ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY           0148-7043   MAR       2006    56

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EUROPEAN SURGICAL RESEARCH           0014-312X            2006     38

EUROPEAN SURGICAL RESEARCH           0014-312X            2006     38

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FOOD CHEMISTRY                       0308-8146            2006     98
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ENGINEERING                          0360-2559         2006   45
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ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30

ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30

ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30

ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30
ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30

ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30

ANIMAL SCIENCES                   1300-0128             2006   30

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ASIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY        0970-7077   JAN-MAR   2006   18
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Sayı        BP          EP

   2-Mar          241           248

        6         408           411

   1-Mar            7            17
       4          537           546

       12        2306          2309

        6         452           464

       10         789           794

        6         774           780

        1         139           147

        6         504           507

        4         283           287

        6         646           647

       12        1283          1285

                  191           200

       11 169B          169B

        6         926           937

        6         620           624

        5        1250          1255

        6         417           421
    6     693    697

   11     423    428

    2     250    255

   11    1867   1874

3-A pr    719    726

           15     15

    3     247    254

    5     581    587

   10    1033   1044

   10    1042   1045

    1      67     75

   10    1347   1349

   10     700    704

         3113   3117

   10    1333   1335

    2     385    393

    2     270    273

    7     791    805

   10    1304   1310
   10    1057   1059
   10    1100   1102
    5     494    495

    5     477    482

    9     801    804

    3     408    413

    5     431    436

    9     902    905

    3     312    317

    5     703    712

    9    1329   1333

    2     144    156

    4     207    212

    4     168    173

    4     181    186

          980    980

    7     753    758

    5     461    465

    8     893    896

    4     291    301

1-A pr    244    247
          112    112

8-Se p    401    404

 1273      55     64

    3     191    197

   26    4267   4269

    1     405    413

    1     134    155

    3     220    225

    7     810    813
    7     777    779

    4     597    606

    7     837    843

    7     338    343

1-Fe b    101    106

    1     166    172

    5     485    495

          269    269

    7     381    387
3         155           161

3         134           138

6         615           621

6         649           653

          154           154

          271           271

6         342           344

4         523           528

6         950           953

2         141           145

6 S181          S181

7        2512          2514

7        2514          2516

6         319           322

6         326           330

6         878           880

3         253           257

          155           155

          162           162
          171    172

          171    171

          180    181

    6     592    595

    6    2319   2319

    3     439    445

    5     399    410

    1      10     17

    5     481    488
    3     300    303

    3     304    308

    5     605    612

    5     565    568

    3     282    286

    3     262    263

    1      39     44

3-A pr    331    347

    6    2103   2104

    3     423    428

    5     725    726
    3            142           143

         S261          S261

         S267          S268

    8           3271          3278

1-Fe b            63            85

    2            202           205

    6            836           841

    4            366           372

    3            458           465

    2            124           127

    4            747           749

    4            243           248

    3            357           363

    2            126           138

    4            474           476

    4            363           368

    4            185           192
4         560         562

4         566         568

2         199         202

4         612         619

    I32         I32

    I58         I58

5         628         635

1          49          56

2         256         262

2         332         341

3         916         920

3         349         350

3         350         351

3         351         352

2         243         249

3         893         898

2         326         330

3         398         402

2         166         169

3         149         152
    3    303   305

3-A pr   347   354

    4    491   509

    2    123   134

    2    580   582
    1     94    96

    2    113   119

    3    102   103

    1     26    27

    1     95   102

    1     77    88

    1    154   157

    1      4    10

    4    414   417

    6    540   544

    1     33    46

    4    752   758

    1     76    84
 5         462           464

 1 E528          E529

 1          59            65

 1          73            79

 5         400           409

 6         338           342

           795           799

 2         206           207

 7         576           584

 1         177           181

 1 CR36          CR39

 1          50            64

 4         187           193

 7         459           461

 1          50            51

 6         729           734

12        1277          1283

 1         141           143

 1          52            57

 1         125           127
1    63    69

1    95    96

5   563   571

1   127   132

2   201   206

2   229   234

3   337   341

4   353   357

4   375   380

5   477   482

6   545   551

1    20    26

1   371   380

2   165   169

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