P2ES9NC by Levone


									Level: Pri 2 Class code: P2E/S9/NC A Strange Dream JEANETTE CHEN Last night I dreamed I went to Bugs Bunny Land. I was carried by bunnies of all kinds. They took me to the Bunny Palace and dressed me as a beautiful princess bunny. The bunnies called me "Princess Bunny." I thought "They should not treat me like this. I should do something to repay their kindness." Then a bunny said "Tomorrow is the Princess Bunny's best day!" Princess Bunny heard what the bunny said and quickly ran out of the Palace. The next day came. The bunnies were shivering because the Princess was missing. When it was noon the Princess came back. The bunnies were relieved. I announced that there was a surprise in the palace garden. The bunnies came out and there it stood, lots of carrots and presents. The bunnies thanked me and ate the carrots and opened the presents. We went back to the palace and had a wonderful buffet. Now the garden was a mess. I said "I would like some bunnies to help me clean this mess." Some of the bunnies came out. They swept and swept until the garden was sparkling clean. I thanked them and they thanked me.

"Excellent Jeanette"

Level: Pri 2 Class code: P2/F4/NC My Holiday BERNICE FONG During the holidays, I went to Malaysia. I went to K.L. I played over there. One day, I went to Genting. I ate French fries and hamburger. It tasted very nice. I liked the food over there. I went on the flying dragon and the ghost train. I visited the hall of mirrors . I slept there for three days in the First World Hotel. After the three days I went back to KL. I hate that place because there are too many motorcycles driving very fast. I slept there for one night. Then, I went back home by taxi. I had a pleasant holiday.

"Well done, Bernice. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday".

Level: Pri 2 Class code: P2/SU11/AGN The Enormous Crocodile NUR DIYANAH

Once upon a time, an enormous crocodile lived in a muddy river. He was very hungry so he went to the jungle to look for some children for food. Then he met Humpy-Rumpy the hippopotamus, Trunky the elephant, Muggle-Wump the monkey and the Roly-Poly bird. They did not want the enormous crocodile to eat any children and said that he was very nasty and greedy. At last he got out of the jungle and went to town. Many children were there. They always like to climb up the trees to pluck bananas. Sometimes they picked up ripe bananas that had fallen from the tree. The enormous crocodile picked up some bananas from the ground. He gathered them around. Many children climbed up his body and the crocodile ate them. Then he thought of another trick. He went to a picnic area and pretended to be a bench. He tucked in his tail and his head and he looked exactly like a bench. He gathered some flowers on the table. Then 2 boys and 2 girls went for a picnic. The boy said "Which table shall we sit on?" "Let's sit on the table with the lovely flowers on it," said the girl. They sat on the Enormous Crocodile and he ate them up. He was very full and went back to the muddy lake where he belonged.

"Well written, Diyanah. You made your own story. Very good."

Level: Pri 2 Class code: P2/S4/PMN The Story of Wizards & Witches BRISTAN WONG One fine morning, our teacher, Mrs. Chew made us do a lot of problem sums. Suddenly, Mrs. Chew jumped up and said, "Oh! Class, I need to go somewhere now. I'll get a teacher to take care of you." and rushed out of class. I had just one sum more to go. At last, the sum was done. At that moment, a teacher came in. "I'm Miss Kon," she said. "Just Miss K will do." It did sound like the Man In Black, that Agent K. "How about doing some work," asked Miss K. We moaned like sad ghosts. "No," she said. "Not hard work. But a bit of squizy work." However, there was something odd going on, every word she said had a different tone. For example, 'No' was a sqeaky tone and 'Not' was a puffing tone and 'hard' was a soft tone. It certainly was weird to us, and yet she spoke extremely fast. "Open the windows," ordered Miss K. "But Miss K," said Thomas. "This window can't open." "Be gentle with it," she said. "She is only a baby!" We thought she was mad. Miss K walked to where the window was. She touched the window gently. And the window opened! "Mrs. K," asked Betty. "Are you a witch?" Miss K ignored her. "Miss K!" whispered Kenny to Betty. "Sorry," said Betty. "This isn't witchcraft," said Miss K. "This is 'Science'. You see, all of you think if you do everything fast, it will be done fast. No! Not everything is the same. It's because you doing it so fast that you yourself don't even know what you're

doing. For example, writing, you're writing extremely fast, but when you hand it to your teacher she will say: "Oh! Redo it, what disgraceful handwriting!" Am I right? Well, let us have some peace, and think about what I have just said." Everyone in the class agreed with Miss K. "Well," Miss K. "I'm going to teach the other classes! Good luck! Remember that method. 'Bye." We did not even have time to say goodbye. It wasn't long before Mrs. Chew came back. It was getting close to the exams. We studied hard using Miss K's method. Mrs. Chew was surprised by everyone's good behaviour, neat handwriting and willingness to take on any job or do any favour she wanted. After the exams, everyone in the class received at least 1 prize for a subject! It was unbelievable! Everyone in our class, 43 people squashed together as a group. Last year, we had only 6 prize-winners in our class, compared with 43 people this time. It was fantastic, incredible, splendid. However, the next day wasn't as good as we had expected. It was incredibly sad and it happened on Friday, my favourite day of the week.. I heard that Miss K had died in a car crash. I asked everyone in the class to meet downstairs the next day. "What do you want?" they asked. "Miss K died," I said. "We know," said everyone. "They said that she was wizard," I said. "Then we must disprove it," said Bryan. "Tomorrow we'll see if we can persuade people. If we can convince them it's science, if not, she's a wizard." Everyone agreed with Bryan's plan. "But if not," said Bill. "Why would she tell a lie?" The next day, everyone tried to convince people, but we couldn't. Later, we found out that all wizards are very secretive people.

Level: Pri 3 Class code: P3E/M9/DC A Strange Dream NEO BOON SIONG Last night I dreamed I was in an old, haunted mansion. I was just about to sit down when the chair started floating into a woodpile which suddenly blazed with a cold fire. It burned an icy blue which made the room even colder. Suddenly, the fire glowed as it turned a fiery red. It formed into the shape of the Lava Ghoul, a ghost which developed a strong liking to fire until he burned himself into a flaming ghost. He carried a flaming sword which emitted large fireballs when he commanded it. Strangely, he aimed it at a skeleton. It came to life when the fireball hit it. The skeleton's eyes were shining with blood. It hurled a huge blue ball at me. I felt as though I had received a huge electric shock and I fainted. When I woke up, all I could hear was the alarm clock ringing and doing a mad dance on the shelf. "I love it"

Level: Pri 4 Class code: P4E/M4/DC

A Real Remote GOH BIN This morning, I accidentally dropped the remote control in the sink as I was washing up. I left it on the window sill to dry while I was at school. When I returned, I picked up the remote and returned it to the television but it was stuck to my hand. It was packed with superglue. I went to wash it away. All the plates were stuck together. I found that the water pouring out of the tap was glue and quickly turned it off. Then, I washed the glue away. I found that when I pressed the remote's forward button, lasers shot out. When I pressed the reverse button, a gas came out. I pressed the button again but it broke. I went out of the house and pressed the remote control's laser button; lasers came out in a beam and turned the water in the pool into steam. I gave it to my friend. The friend was curious and pointed it at the Principal and pressed the laser button. The Principal evaporated in a cloud of steam!

"You did have a lot of fun, Bin. A well written story"

Level: Pri 4 Class code: P4/S11/AGN Panic At The Circus ELAINE PANG It was a beautiful day. My mother had promised to take me to the circus as I had passed my piano exam with good marks. I could hardly wait to get to the circus as I rode in the car. When we arrived, I saw crowds of people queuing up for tickets. When we finally found a seat, I let my eyes stray around the circus. I was amazed at how they had set it up. There was a colossal ring to stage the events in the centre of the tent. I clung on to my mother’s hand fearfully as the ferocious tigers’ eyes stared at the audience. I felt better when I saw the gigantic elephants lumbering across the ring. The mischievous monkeys were grabbing fistfuls of bananas from their trainers and the graceful horses were tossing their beautiful long manes that glinted in the light. All of a sudden, the ringmaster stepped out of nowhere wearing a top hat and holding a whip as his voice boomed at the audience for the show to start. We were very excited as the show was about to begin. The velvet curtains opened and the gigantic elephants were standing on a ball & rolling to and fro. We applauded loudly as the elephants rocked back and forth on the glittering balls. After the elephants had done their tricks, they disappeared behind the curtains again. Then soft, flowing music came from inside a wagon. We stared at it & all of a sudden, a magnificent horse burst out from inside the wagon & stopped near a woman wearing a glittery tutu. She took her balance on the horse and her body was swinging gracefully to the music. I felt thirsty, so my mother bought an ice-cold Coke for me. I happily slurped my cola as I saw the monkeys throwing sticky, gooey custard pies at the painted clowns. I laughed until my sides hurt. Very soon after the act, the

ringmaster stepped out again. He was holding a whip and said “Now for the tigers’ act. Applause please!” Everyone applauded loudly as the trainers lifted the velvet cloth that covered the tigers’ cage. Everybody gasped as they saw the tigers prowling in the cage, with their yellow, evil eyes looking at the audience as if they were a feast. The ringmaster opened a door to the cage and said that the tigers would attempt to leap through a hoop of flames. The first tiger jumped through the hoop and we applauded loudly. The second tiger jumped through and again we applauded loudly. As the third tiger jumped through the hoop, the second tiger strayed to a dent in the cage. It stuck out a paw and to its surprise, it went through. The audience didn’t take any notice as they were too busy watching the tigers jumping through the hoops. “Here comes trouble.” I thought. Suddenly, we heard the ringmaster shout, “Hey! Come here you rascal!” Our heads whisked around and to our surprise, we saw the tiger coming out of the cage & roaring at the audience. “Aaahh!” went the audience, running for their lives. The tiger leapt onto a boy called Jimmy. It was about to bite his hand off when its trainer coaxed it with a tender piece of red meat. Luckily no one was hurt. Sadly, Jimmy fainted on the spot when the tiger leapt onto his body. It was a day I will never forget. Neither will the audience. “That was a super story, very well written and planned! Well done Elaine!!”

Level: Pri 5 Class code: P5E/SU11/JC My Nightmare TEO SIEW CHI "Boom!" The thunder roared loudly in the sky. I was looking out at the rain through my little bedroom windows. It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder roared and lightning flashed. Suddenly, I saw the faint outline of a gigantic chick. I slapped my forehead and thought, "No! It's not a chick. Chicks do not grow as high as a twenty storey flat!" I blinked, I saw the faint outline again, but this time, it was slightly clearer. I rubbed my eyes, but I still saw it. It was trotting towards me! I was scared out of my wits. I rushed to my bed and pulled the blanket over my face but I saw two beetle-liked purple eyes staring at me. I tried to scream but no sound came out of my throat. Instead, the big creature picked me up in his claws and put me into a pipe. It was going to smash me into yucky human paste! I tried to wriggle free, but the more I struggled the tighter the big creature held me. I made many attempts to escape but to no avail. But as the pipe drew nearer, I knew my death was drawing nearer too. All of a sudden, clouds gathered and a huge hen appeared next to the big chick. The big chick looked really small beside the big hen. "Are they going to share me?" I thought. But the big hen seemed to

read my mind and answered, "Sorry, Miss! My son has scared you badly. He crept out of our world, the Giant World and strayed into your world to scare you people. I'm really sorry!" She took me out of the chick's claw and put me back into my bed. Next, she and her son vanished in a thick mist of smoke and only apologies were heard from the fearful chick. The next morning, I woke up and found myself in my bed and my window was still open. I asked myself, "Was that a dream or what ?"

Level: Pri 6 Class code: P6E/T4/JC Being an Ant for a Day Kenneth Tan One day, as I was cleaning the attic,I found a bottle. After reading the label I decided to try it. When the first drop entered my mouth, I could feel my tongue on fire. In the next second, I felt the bones in my body tightening. I closed my eyes, and shut them tightly. When I opened my eyes, I saw the ceiling was at least 2 kilometres away from me! I looked around, and saw all the furniture legs had become high-rise buildings. I realised that I had shrunk! I took about half an hour to reach the main door. Out of the blue, a strong gust blew at me, and before I knew it, I had been blown away. I did not know how far I had flown, but I knew I had landed on a piece of earth. I felt attracted to a nearby hole. I ran towards it. That was when I realised I was an ant. I was at the opening of the hole, when two soldier ants came out. They smelled me before letting me into the hole. I was walking about aimlessly, when a whole troop of soldier ants jostled past me. I was forced into the march. We were walking out of the colony. I asked one of them, and they replied quietly "We are going to war with the termites." When we entered the termites' colony, I suddenly felt the pain again. I thought I was going to shrink some more, but I started growing. My head burst out of the nest. When I had overcome my shock, I found myself standing in a pile of dust. There were lots of ants and termites scuffling about. I found myself in my neighbour's garden. I ran all the way home. I was very dusty. My mother scolded me for playing in the mud. When I told her about the story, she shrugged her shoulders and walked away. I stood in front of the mirror, and saw two extra pairs of legs sticking out of my chest. That confirmed my thoughts. Within an hour, the extra legs were gone.

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