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									Bryan W. Shaw, Ph.D., Chairman
Carlos Rubinstein, Commissioner
Toby Baker, Commissioner
Zak Covar, Executive Director

                                  Protecting Texas by Reducing and Preventing Pollution

                                                                                                 December 6, 2012
    Mr. Tom C. Langford, Sr., VP and General Council
    Milagro Exploration, LLC
    1301 Mckinney St., Ste 500
    Houston, TX 77010-3089

    Permit by Rule Registration Number:            104475
    Location/City/County:                          From Weesatche go S on FM 884 for approximately 5
                                                   mi to just past Amecke Rd take first R and site is on L.,
                                                   Weesatche, Goliad County
    Project Description/Unit:                      Simmons Production Facility
    Regulated Entity Number:                       RN106470685
    Customer Reference Number:                     CN603315029
    New or Existing Site:                          New
    Affected Permit (if applicable):               None
    Renewal Date (if applicable):                  None

    Milagro Exploration, LLC has certified the emissions associated with the Simmons Production
    Facility under Title 30 Texas Administrative Code 106.352(l) (2011-FEB-27)-27 and 106.512
    (2001-JUNE-13). For rule information see:

    Planned MSS emissions for engine blowdowns have been reviewed. These authorized MSS
    emissions are included on the emissions table. No other planned MSS emissions have been
    represented or reviewed. The company is also reminded that these facilities may be subject to
    and must comply with other state and federal air quality requirements. In addition, under the
    General Requirements for all Permit by Rules, § 106.2 states that particular requirements only
    apply “where construction is commenced on or after the effective date of the relevant permit by

    This certification is taken under the authority delegated by the Executive Director of the TCEQ.
    If you have questions, please contact Ms. Rian McMorris at (512) 239-1327.


    Anne M. Inman, P.E., Manager
    Rule Registrations Section
    Air Permits Division

    cc:   Air Section Manager, Region 14 - Corpus Christi

    Project Number: 180324

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                                                      Emission Sources - Certified Emission Rates

                                                             Registration Number 104475

This table lists the certified emission rates and all sources of air contaminants on the applicant’s property covered by this registration. The emission
rates shown are those derived from information submitted as part of the registration for PBR.

Estimated Emissions
Epn / Emission Source                    VOC              NOx         CO                   PM10            PM 2.5             SO2           CH2O
                                     lbs/hr tpy       lbs/hr tpy lbs/hr tpy            lbs/hr tpy       lbs/hr tpy       lbs/hr tpy      lbs/hr tpy
Comp-1/ Compressor Engine 1           0.03  0.13       5.59 24.48 0.93   4.07           0.03   0.13      0.03   0.13      0.002 0.01      0.03  0.13
Comp-1-BD/ Compressor                 0.98  0.03
Engine Blowdowns
Fug-1/ Site Fugitives          0.58           2.52
TK-1/ 210 Bbl Condensate Tank   0.71          3.12
TK-2/ 210 Bbl Water Tank       0.02           0.08
TK-3/ 210 Bbl Water Tank       0.02           0.08
TK-4/ 400 Bbl Water Tank 2     0.02           0.08
CLD-1/ Condensate Loading      23.26          0.17
WLD-1/ Water Loading           0.23           0.02
        Total Emissions (Tpy):                 6.31            24.48            4.07             0.13             0.13            0.01             0.13
          Maximum Operating                     Hours/Day               Days/Week                Weeks/Year              Hours/Year                8760

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