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Codemark Financial (http://www.codemarkfinancial.com) has been operating in the Houston area since 2009. The offices are located in the Greenway/Upper Kirby area of Houston. Loan representatives offer services to borrowers and lenders during the entire process of the loan.

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									Houston First Time Home Buyer Authorities, CodeMark Financial, Make Home Ownership A Reality

Houston, TX, 10-OCTOBER-2013 - CodeMark Financial, the recognized Houston first time home
buyer specialists, is pleased to announce a that it has available programs for those individuals who are
seeking financing for the first home purchase. Home ownership is one of the largest financial decisions
that most individuals will face in a lifetime. The assistance provided by the knowledgeable
professionals at CodeMark Financial eases the pathway to a successful transaction.

According to a spokesperson for the Houston first time home buyer firm, "We have several programs
and educational tools that are especially useful for those individuals who have never before purchased a
home. The process for novices in home buying can seem very complicated and lengthy. With the
assistance of professionals who are able to guide you in the best sequence of steps, the process doesn't
seem so overwhelming."

He continues, "We help you to determine the level of debt you are realistically able to assume, and the
range of house prices which will not cause you to be house-poor. Many new buyers don't think about
anything beyond the price of the structure and what the monthly payments would be. We offer
interactive tools on our website to help the buyer be more realistic about the true cost of home
ownership. Once the guidelines and income requirements are identified, we help the buyer find the
right loan package, including rates and terms, that will best fit his or her budget."

Avoiding payments that are too high, or that do not take into consideration the additional costs that
home ownership involves is likely to be a disaster in the making. The pros at CodeMark are
knowledgeable about various loan programs and about the changing face of regulations and
requirements which go along with loan approval. Preapproval is the recommended status before
beginning the process of shopping for a particular home.

The CodeMark firm doesn't charge loan origination or application fees. There are no mortgage broker
fees or credit report fees. This allows the buyer to receive the lowest possible cost in closing costs. The
most competitive interest rates around are also part of the benefits obtained from the Houston first time
home buyers firm.

Learn more about the help available from the mortgage firm by checking out the website at
http://www.codemarkfinancial.com today. Members of the press and others who have further questions
about the contents of this press release are invited to contact the company at the location which follows.

Contact Person Name: Mark MacInerney
Company Name: CodeMark Financial
Address: 2626 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77098
Contact Telephone Number: (713) 527-9999 (Office)
Contact Fax Number: (832) 201-8338
Email: lending@codemarkfinancial.com
Website: http://www.codemarkfinancial.com

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