6 Steps For Dealing With a Complaint

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					6 Steps For Dealing With a
You're having a wonderful day,
 everything's going well, until suddenly -
 oh lord, a customer has just slipped on
 some milk. The man in a wheelchair can't
 get into the hotel and is riled.
You can hear someone yelling because
 they have been left on hold for too long,
 and what's this? Your till has run out of
 notes and the customer won't accept
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Phew, burnout.
Thankfully, dealing with complaints is
  only a small part in the lively and
  energetic job of Customer Service. But
  when they come, a complaint can hit you
  pretty hard, so always make you take
  these 5 steps to diffuse the situation
 You see there's listening, and there's
 LISTENING. It's easy to just let the
 complaints trickle into your ears, but
 really taking it on board takes a whole lot
 more. Stand in your customer's shoes
 and understand where they are coming
 from. Nod your head and try not to
 interrupt or answer back, at least at first.
 Letting your customer see you are
 sensitive to their concerns can almost
 immediately smooth the situation.
After the initial confrontation, it's good to
  ask one or two questions about their
  situation, primarily to clarify what the
  exact problem is so you can get it sorted
  ASAP. Asking questions and showing
  your understanding is also another good
  way to show you are sympathetic to your
This should be the pivotal moment in
  your confrontation. Whether the situation
  has been diffused or not, you need to
  make sure to crowbar an apology in
  there - and not just for the sake of it
  either. It can be easy to say sorry
  without meaning it, or to forgo it
  altogether and blame it on another
The thing you need to remember though
 is that YOU are a representative of the
 company, meaning that any problem
 with the company is also your problem.
Put yourself into your customer's shoes
 and show them you are genuinely sorry.
Accept the complaint....
Working in a team alongside the general
  public does tend to foster an 'us or them'
  atmosphere, which can lead to you
  taking personal offence at a customer's
  complaint, and even outright
  disregarding it. It is important that you
  never let this kind of hostility enter your
  Customer Service and that you remain
  focused and attentive at all times.
 ...or don't accept (occasionally)
 Okay, admittedly there will be times when
  your customer is making a mountain out of
  a molehill or simply being unreasonable. At
  these times though you should never lose
  your head - stay calm, collected and
 Explain the situation carefully, but never be
  led into an argument. By not blowing your
  top, your'e not only the bigger person, but
  you are proving the strength of your
  Customer Service skills in adverse
Solve the problem
...and do it yourself if you can. Just
  telling your customer "yeah, I'll get Gav
  to look at it later" isn't going to cut it.
  Show your customer you respect their
  input by either sorting out the problem
  yourself straight-away, or fetching
  someone who can. Not only will the flaw
  in your business be mended, but also
  your customer will appreciate you taking
  their concern seriously.
Customer service is essentially a simple
 process of putting yourself in the
 customers shoes and working with them
 to solve any issues they have. It isn't
 rocket science, but getting it wrong can
 cause serious problems for you and your
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Description: You're having a wonderful day, everything's going well, until suddenly - oh lord, a customer has just slipped on some milk. The man in a wheelchair can't get into the hotel and is riled.