Telecom Managed Services: The Market for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Managed Service Providers

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					    Telecom Industry Analytics: Company Analysis and Solutions
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 10th October, 2013 : Global telecommunication service
providers have grown at a rapid pace during the past two decade, driven by private and
government support and initiatives aimed at liberalization and privatization of the sector.
This growth has been driven by various factors such as favorable economic development,
rising disposable income, and a general global culture transformation to embrace a high
tech lifestyle. The number of communication service providers has increased due to service
opportunities, technology evolution, and related new business models related to the global
telecom market introduced.

All of this has resulted in a data tsunami, which unlike those in nature, does not recede and
instead continues to grow. Telecom service providers seek to leverage their data to improve
business operations, minimize costs, optimize service delivery, and identify new service
opportunities and even new lines of business.

This research evaluates the telecom industry analytics segment with a focus on
companies whose solutions and service support telecom service. The report includes
solutions, financial position, and SWOT analysis of leading companies including: Teradata,
IBM, Oracle, SAP, SAS, Agilis International, Tableau, QuikTech, WeDo Technologies, Subex,
TEOCO, and cVidya.

Report Benefits:

• Understand telecom consumer and operational analytics and its significance for
telecommunication service providers
• Learn how to manage M&A, project finance, quality service, IT software & hardware, and
customer relationship with telecom analytics
• SWOT analysis, competition intelligence, telecom strategy, and emerging business models
of telecom analytics solution providers
• Learn about the latest developments from telecom analytics solution providers and how to
derive greater business benefit for network operators, OSS/BSS companies, and others

Companies in Report:

•   Agilis International
•   cVidya.
•   Netezza / IBM
•   Oracle
•   QuikTech
•   SAP
•   SAS
•   Subex
•   Tableau
•   Teradata
•   WeDo Technologies

Target Audience:
•   Big Data and analytics companies
•   Data as a Service (DaaS) companies
•   Cloud-based service providers of all types
•   Telecom customer & operational analytics provider
•   Developers of content, commerce and applications
•   Telecommunication service providers including carriers and OSS/BSS providers
•   Investment institutions including hedge funds, pension funds, and private equity

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Description: Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications may be a technology that\'s reworking the method that business is conducted, impacting everything from ancient telecom and IT operations to ERP, SCM, public safety, Homeland Security, and more.