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									               Oracle in Telecom | Market Research Report
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 10th October, 2013 : Oracle Corporation is one of the
leading providers of software, computer hardware products and services and is
headquartered at Redwood City, California in Unites States. Though primarily known for
concentrated focus on databases, it also assists companies in areas such as managing
business data, collaboration and application development, customer relationship
management and supply chain management.

 Oracle has expanded into telecommunications through a series of selective acquisitions
including Sun Microsystems (2010), RightNow Technologies (2011), Taleo and Collective
Intellect (2012), Acme Packet & Tekelec (2013). Among other goals, it is positioning itself to
be a preferred provider of the core technologies for cloud computing, communications,
content, commerce and applications. This includes database and middleware offerings, in
addition to its virtualization, clustering & large-scale systems management services and
web-based applications.

Report Benefits:

 • Understand why Oracle is venturing into telecom and what it means for their existing
 • Learn about the significance of Oracle's recent M&A activity and what is next for
 • Identify the impact of Oracle in telecom from perspective of carrier, infrastructure
provider, and OSS/BSS company

Questions Answered in Report:

 • Why would Oracle want to enter into the telecom market?
 • What synergies can Oracle realize with existing lines of business?
 • What potential product integration can occur between non-telecom and telecom assets?
 • What does Oracle gain from recent acquisitions, most notably Tekelec and ACME Packet?
 • What should we expect Oracle to do with new assets, old assets, and new products?
 • What could be next in terms of acquisitions for Oracle as it seeks to expand further into
 • What Oracle venturing into telecom means for carriers, infrastructure providers, and
OSS/BSS companies?

Target Audience:

•   Telecom infrastructure providers
•   Oracle, their partners, and competitors
•   Cloud-based service providers of all types
•   Developers of content, commerce and applications
•   Telecom service providers including carriers and OSS/BSS providers
•   Investment institutions including hedge funds, pension funds, and private equity

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