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SocialJobWorking(TM) for Canada is Released


Recruitment Tool Combines Print, Digital and Social Media for Canadian Employers.

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									PRESS RELEASE                                        Contact:
                                                     Carl Braun
                                                     Cross-Post LLC
                                                     PO BOX 5425, Petaluma, CA 94955
                                                     Tel: 619-575-6577

                SocialJobWorking™ for Canada is Released

     Recruitment Tool Combines Print, Digital and Social Media for Canadian

                                          Toronto, Canada (October 9, 2013) -- Cross-
                                          Post Classified Networks announced today
                                          the release of their SocialJobWorking™
                                          network for the Canadian market.
                                          SocialJobWorking™ is a tool used by some
                                          fifty plus newspapers in the United States to
                                          drive traffic to job postings through social
                                          media. Now Canadian employers can
                                          leverage hundreds of regional and category
                                          specific job channels on Twitter, Facebook
and other social networks through their local newspaper.

"SocialJobWorking™ uses specialized software developed by to
take newspaper postings and push them out electronically to the leading social media
and mobile destinations. Cross-Post has a ten-year history of partnering with
newspapers to increase traffic and drive incremental new revenue." Noted Carl Braun
CEO of Cross-Post LLC.

Until now, Twitter, Facebook and other social recruitment postings have largely been
done manually or with cumbersome and time-consuming web tools.
SocialJobWorking™ automates the process and optimizes the "Tweet" or social
posting for category, job title, location and description. This greatly enhances the
targeted nature of social recruiting. This also allows for the posting to be removed once
the position is filled eliminating unwanted responses and a damaged brand caused by
candidates applying for a job that is already filled. This is an exclusive feature of

Newspapers offering the SocialJobWorking™ option can combine the social media
recruitment with existing print and digital advertising creating a broad and powerful
recruitment tool.
"We are considering partnerships with newspapers in Canada that share an interest in
driving increased traffic for their employers. Some US newspapers have seen average
traffic increases up to 1000%." Added Braun.

Jobs are also posted out to the desktop application and appear on
their mobile tool that utilizes "augmented reality." This allows job candidates to point
their smartphone camera at an employers building and see all the jobs available inside
that company.

Newspapers or media groups interested in exploring a partnership that can
dramatically increase traffic and incremental revenue, should contact Carl Braun, at
1+619-575-6577 or

About Cross-Post LLC

Headquartered in Petaluma, CA and with offices in Austin, TX, Cross-Post LLC, DBA
Cross-Post Classified Networks provides employers, through local newspapers, with
niche classified recruitment options. Serving more than one-hundred newspapers in
North America, Cross-Post has networks like the Diversity-Job Network, Healthcare
Network, Veterans Network, Nursing Network and others. Prominent partners include:
The Washington Post, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, TulsaWorld, The Oklahoman and
The Las Vegas Review Journal among others.


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