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									                          Leaky Gut Syndrome
                               What exactly is leaky gut syndrome? It is a health condition
                               where your intestine, the small one, is more permeable than
                               usual. The other name for this disorder is “increased intestinal

                               The reasons why you may have this disorder are mostly due to
                               your diet. Your diet, if unhealthy, can be the reason why your
                               small intestine is irritated or damaged, so much so that, they
                               develop small holes that allow pathogens to enter the

                              Once these holes or gaps are there, there is no way for your
                              intestine to separate these deadly and harmful pathogens from
                              entering the bloodstream. When they make their way to the
bloodstream, you will experience a myriad of health conditions that range from being very
minor to very serious.

The small intestine is there to absorb the helpful nutrients and other minerals to the
bloodstream. They also separate these nutrients from the harmful bacteria so that the body can
properly dispose of them. When you have leaky gut, the small intestine cannot do its job
properly and that’s why a huge number of symptoms appear. You can read more about leaky
gut syndrome at http://www.leakygutrelief.com

The Gut and the Immune System

The gut is part of the immune system and it is actually its largest organ. When the gut fails, it
puts a lot of pressure on the immune system to make up for it. The body’s initial protection
against diseases is the gut so it is important that you keep it healthy and functioning.

The immune system can do its part if the initial protection of the body fails to do so. However,
the immune system can only keep up for so long. When you have leaky gut syndrome, these
pathogens continuously make their way to the bloodstream so it means that the immune
system works non stop.

This can lead to immune system failure because that’s not how the immune system is supposed
to work. They should only work in spurts and the body can develop the necessary defenses
against diseases. If the immune system works round the clock, it will eventually fail and you will
begin to develop auto immune diseases.

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