Heroes and Anti-Heroes

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					      Heroes and Anti-Heroes
• An idealist            •   A realist
• A conformist, peace    •   The rebel
  keeper                 •   Stands up to authority
• Stand up to the bad    •   Will try to get around
  guy faces great odds       conflict, sneaky
• Faces conflict             strategy at times
  bravely, head on
      Heroes and Anti-Heroes
• Is motivated by pure   • Is often driven by
  intentions (light)       basics urges (dark)
• Is classically           but may turn to a
  handsome or              higher calling towards
  beautiful                the end
• Always gets or loses   • Can possess no
  the girl                 beauty or has unusual
                         • Is not that interested
                           in love’s rewards
      Heroes and Anti-Heroes
• Is extraordinary,        • Can be plain an
  possesses gifts and        undistinguishable, no
  talents                    special talent
• Has conventional         • Has his own
  moral values               idiosyncratics moral
• Is always on the right     compass
  side of the law          • Is often the criminal,
                             thief or “the end
                             justifies the means”
       Heroes and Anti-Heroes
• Is always pro-active,        • Can be passive, or
  makes decisions                pushed against his will
• Is stereotypical Knight on   • Is often the Fallen Angel
  White Horse                  • Can swear, drink, sleep
• Looks the part of the          around, drugs
  hero, clean lines            • Often fails, or is
• Succeeds in his goals,         redeemed by story
  unless the story is a          events, or remains
  tragedy                        unchanged
      Heroes and Anti-Heroes
• Wants to overcome         • Is driven by self-
  his flaws and find true     interest or self
  purpose and destiny         preservation
• Learns a lesson and       • Is unchanged
  is changed                • Can be mysterious,
• Can be complex but          unfathomable and
  is usually never            unpredictable
      Heroes and Anti-Heroes
• A conventional code       • Quirky and an
• Somehow                     individual
  extraordinary             • Often passive
• Protective and striving   • Indecisive and
• Decisive                    pushed into action
• Knight in shining         • Tarnished knight,
  armor                       sometimes a criminal
         Heroes and Anti-Heroes
•   Hero concludes story on      •   Propelled more by self-interest
    upward arc                       but at times motivated by love
•   Faces monstrous opposition       and compassion
    and faces it based on        •   Can be mainstream person but
    principles (precepts)            will not always change
•   Simple good guy              •   Battles authority but not always
•   Can be complex but is            by precepts
    generally unambivalent       •   Can be bad guy but audience
                                     sympathizes with him
                                 •   Complicated character who
                                     reflect real people
                                 •   Forces reader to think about
                                     issues and ask difficult
• Hero or Anti Hero

• WHY?
• Atticus Finch –To Kill A Mockingbird?
• Lisbeth Salander – The Girl with the
  Dragon Tattoo?
• Hermione Granger in Harry Potter?
• Edward Cullen in Twilight?
• Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley?
• Dexter Morgan in Dexter?
• Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

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