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									Firmware Update

Release Version : 50-17-081024-15-KFA-403-000 (full update) Release Date : 26 Oct 2008 Comments : Requires NMT apps 00-17-081023-15-KFA-403.nmt Playback

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- MKV HTTP streaming performance improved - MKV Chapters support. - MKV chapter key handling (follows WMP) - use PREV/NEXT key to switch chapter - at each chapter, - pressing PREV once will goto start of that chapter - pressing PREV twice will goto previous chapter - pressing PREV twice at 1st chapter will goto previous clip if in playlist - pressing NEXT once will goto start of next chapter - pressing NEXT once at last chapter will goto next clip if in playlist - Fixed ISO playback over USB occasional hang issue - Fixed some FLAC playback at wrong sampling frequency - Fixed certain TS substream (mostly teletext) incorrectly detected as DTS - Fixed certain TS with mixed Hi-Def and standard audio subtracks losing audio - Audio with new info display and ID3v2 (album art if available) - ID3 parsing for local (HDD, USB storage) content only - Press Info key to display - Added filename and bitrate in video info display. - RMVB support (requires new myiHome v5.1.0 and above to perform transcoding) - Fixed certain microDVD SUB file will cause hang - Fixed thumbnail display issue from WMP servers - Moved Video Zoom option from "Preferences" to "Audio/Video" page, separating into 2 options - Video Zoom [Actual Size | Fit To Screen | Crop | Full Screen] - TV Type [4:3 | 16:9 | 16:10] - Prebuffering control - new HTML extension tag supported, "prebuf=xxx" property tag added to anchor tag to set the size of the pre-buffer - Fixed no dimension information displayed for certain M1V/M2V files - Fixed exception handling for music album art - added handling of FLAC file with ID3 header - DTS-core passthrough fixed - Fixed audio switch between DTS-HD and other codec no output issue - Video playback progressive zoom and pan -press "Zoom" key to cycle through zoom mode, magnify mode and pan mode - use arrow key to adjust value (only left/right key for zoom/magnify)

- moves viewport when panning, instead of the image - added exit zoom mode - change pan step size to 1 - save pan/zoom setting for each zoom profile (FullScreen, Actual Size etc) to RAM. - Audio output fixes - fixed some AVI with DTS 96/24 output - fixed AVI with PCM output noise when set to 5.1 - fixed HDMI no DTS output when AC3 set to PCM mode - Fixed for 24 bit encoded FLAC playback - Fixed playback video_ts over SMB stuttering issue - Fixed Brightness/Saturation/Contrast not applied correctly in DVD playback - Added language selection for DVD subtitle/audio (Danish etc) - Fixed DVD with single subtitle track cannot be displayed - Modified Volume range to improve usable range - Volume range -15~+15, max 15dB, min -28dB. - red number if >0dB, indicating boosted volume - green number if <0dB - white at 0dB - Fixed volume not saved when it is 0dB - Detect .dts as DTS-WAV, starts playback with 0dB to allow uncorrupted passthrough - Fixed WAV header parsing for certain wav file - Fixed HD-DVD remux, DD+ track no audio downmix output - Fixed M2T PMT detection bug - Fixed DTS-WAV output issue when surround mode is set to 5.1 - Fixed inaccurate running video bitrate - Rectified "repeat", "suspend" key mapping in ISO playback - Fixed incorrect playlist OSD display when music playback from myiHome - Fixed decoder crash when playing a MKV without audio track - Fixed incorrect downsampling of PCM audio for HDMI output source sampling rate > 48kHz - Fixed incorrect WAV playback sampling rate (set at 48kHz) - DTS Stereo downmix supported 3. Photo app - New Photo app - added more information on display - eliminate black-out gap between slides - able to display monochrome JPEG - auto rotation for photo (JPEG) - based on EXIF orientation and below 2048x2048 - Brightness/contrast/saturation change ("Setup" + arrow keys) - Slideshow fixes Auto rotation for jpeg 2111 profile - Known issue: Color distortion at the bottom of picture after +-90deg rotate. - Color settings to follow preset value - changed pan to moving viewport, instead of image (same as for movies)

- fixed mis-aligned position when performing zoom - Fixed decoder crashed when displaying certain GIF file through HDMI - Fixed certain JPEG rotation will crash decoder - Known issues: - for GIF/BMP/PNG, will clear screen when manually switch previous/next slide - color distortion at bottom of photo when panning. - no rotation for BMP GIF PNG - no rotation for JPEG >= 2048x2048 - JPEG > 15MB cannot be displayed through HTTP - BMP > 2272x1712, PNG > 4000x2400 cannot be displayed - checking - Note: myiHome will transcode and scale-down BMP/GIF/PNG to JPEG 4. System/Browser - Atheros WiFi WEP issue fixes - added HDMI/DVI colorspace Setup option - fixed wrong navigation flow after adding network share - Modified Web Services UI pages - Fixed when USB drive added/removed, issue with media source page refresh - Turkish, Danish translation added - Browser caching to harddisk - Various translation fixes - WiFi graceful teardown during reboot/shutdown to avoid crash. - Browser modification - pressing SOURCE key at "Media source" page will goto "Web Services" - fixed browser using wrong cached image - added "new folder" and "rename" functions in File Operation menu - faster fileplayer sort - Fixed garbled text at network share -> username/password page - Various new libs to resolve crash issue Usenet download under certain condition - Fixed CD-ROM folders not sorted on top of file list - Fixed occasional inaccurate WiFi auto-scan list - Workaround inaccurate width calculation for some fixed-width character - Cut Browser parsing time to about half (reduce about 0.2s) - Fixed ISO file does not support relative path on fileplayer - Fixed NMT apps start/stop status shown incorectly - Fixed NMT apps status refresh in SEtup page and "Reset Factory Setting" handling - Fixed failure to access Clutch interface - Fixed broken browser history 5. Network - NFS servers browsing supported - SMB client fixes, additional checking to prevent from redirect to invalid/stale share folder - Handling when network lost - proper unmount and page redirection - NFS client fixes, reduce the retry time on NFS mount from 2 mins to 1 min - Revert network IP checking for SMB/NFS share before mount attempt

- Fixed reset to factory settings occasionally failed after network configuration changed 6. Subtitle - Fixed extended character misaligned in MKV embedded subtitle - Fixed bi-direction issue in Hebrew *.SUB - Subtitle menu re-ordered and text modified - A"Time"->"On/Off"->"Color"->"Size"->"Position" - Fixed Subtitle from myiHomeLite bug (QA#495) 7. Casgle client - changed Casgle client name from "Casgle Client" to "Casgle iDVR" - opened Casgle client service for SD mode too 8. Known issues - PNG/TIFF support over myiHome broken

NMT Apps Update Release Version : 00-17-081023-15-KFA-403.nmt Release Date : 15 July 2008 Comments : 1.Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 50-17-081023-15-KFA-403-000 2. Casgle services added - For more information on this feature, please visit - Note that by default Casgle iDVR will be subscribed to some default channels and will do downloads in the background. This may take up some of your HDD space, and network bandwidth during the download. To disable this service, you can Stop this service under Setup->NMT apps->Start/Stop OR you can unsubscribe all channels on Casgle 3. Fixed Casgle when start from index page link, unable to add channel 4. NMT apps page will generate for every access to get latest status 5. Added Casgle UI with help 6. Restart NMT apps after restore factory setting 7. Automatic restart NMT app that fails to start 8. Samba server, remove server information when server is stopped 9. Samba server, upgraded Samba server from 3.0.26a to 3.0.32.

Note: Unzip into the root of your USB thumbdrive. Please DO NOT power off the unit during firmware update, as it will render your unit in operational.

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