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									Pellettieri Associates Offers New Hampshire Landscaping Tips for Winter

New Hampshire Landscaping Company Offers Granite State Residents Winter Landscaping Tips

Online PR News – 08-October-2013 – New Hampshire landscaping company Offers Granite State Residents
Winter Landscaping Tips

When people think about landscaping in New Hampshire, many longtime residents of the Granite State think
about Pellettieri Associates – a New Hampshire landscaping company that routinely serves Sunapee,
Newbury, New London, Hopkinton, Concord, Bedford, Pine Cliff, Georges Mills, Bradford, Warner, Hastings,
Sutton, Blodgett Landing, Wilmot, Andover, Danbury, Contoocook, Henniker, Newmarket, Hanover and
Lebanon, as well as all points in between.

As longtime New Hampshire residents know, landscaping is a four seasons endeavor in the Granite State.
Pellettieri Associates has tips available for all four seasons, including the winter – which is expected to be
especially cold this year, even by New Hampshire standards.

• Protect exposed plants with burlap windscreens; these will deflect the chill breezes of December and
 • If snow covers the limbs of evergreen trees, simply use a broom to remove it.
 • If ice or snow breaks limbs from trees, cut off the damaged limbs at your earliest opportunity. When in
doubt, call a professional arborist to help you decide the right course of action.
 • Mark the edges of lawns and gardens before the first snowfall, so that snow removal does not damage the
 • Try not to walk on lawns covered by frost or snow, as this could damage the sod.
 • Prune shrubs and trees; this will protect the structure and ensure the plant is not too top-heavy.

It is entirely possible to maintain the integrity of lawns or gardens during even the harshest winter. Pellettieri
Associates has won numerous awards over the years, and can bring its award-winning skill set to any

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