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					Tibet Travel Tips and Advice

           Alora Milli
             Tibet Visa Types

• Whenever you like to enter into the Tibet you
  need to get Group Tour Visa from the Tibet
  Tourism Bureau.
• Alien’s Travel Permit – Need to visit restricted
  areas in Tibet.
• China Travel Permit – Needed when enter via
 Best Time / Season to Visit Tibet
1. From May to Sep is the best time for Foreign
   Tourists Because of the Local Holidays and
   Political Situations.
2. Spring and Autumn is better time to see all
   the natural aspects and Everest.
3. Summer is better to Roam around Tibet
4. Avoid March and Oct.
               Travel Permit
• Prepare Travel / Visa Permit on1 month before
  leaving from your country.
• Up to 3 Weeks takes for China Travel Permit
• Tibet Travel Permit can process only by Travel
• You can’t take any Individual Tour Visa to
  Tibet. Military Permit need to visit Restricted
       Things to Have at Tibet
• Keep your Visa, Passport and other
  permission passes with some photo copies.
• Body Temperature Alert Devices.
• Carpets, Yak Hair Jackets, Blankets,
  Handlooms, Bags, Shoes.
• Oxygen Bags, Radiation Blockers, Sun
  Creams, Flasks, Medicines.
• Credit Cards, Enough Currency, Local Map.
     What to Have in Tibet Tour
• Emergency Numbers (SOS), Tibet Disaster
  Rescue Numbers.
• Professional Camera.(In Good Condition)
• Hot Drinks, Foods, Fruits.
• Navigation Tools, Satellite Maps.
• Trekking Tools, Safety or Recovery Tools(if
• Own Towels, Cosmetics and Antibiotics.
      Prepare The Communications
•   Local people may not good with u at all time.
•   Learn some communication Techniques.
•   Understand the Basic Signals and Attitudes.
•   Avoid Misunderstandings with People.
•   Obey and follow the rules of the Nation.
•   Co-operate and follow your Guide.
•   Be Grouped and Shared.
              Choose the Best
•   Find out a suitable travel guide.
•   Hire from the Local List(Tibet).
•   Avoid inexperienced guides.
•   Plan your tour trip.
•   Prepare the Route Map.
•   Estimate the Cost.
•   Negotiate with your Guide at begins.
•   Altitude Sickness.
•   Undated Packed Foods, Cool Drinks.
•   Hard or uncomfortable accessories.
•   Unnecessary Things.
•   Lateness.
•   Misunderstandings or Communication Gaps.
     For Help and Tour Packages

• Don’t think to contact us for your Needs.
• Find the suitable, experienced and Friendly
• Select your tour packages with star hotel
  lodgings and foods.
Thank You

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Description: Useful Tips and Details about the Tibet travel and tour permits. Things to do, to avoid and to keep with you ever when roaming in a Tibet city.
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