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            Portfolio Theory
                  (Jones chapter 7)

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                  Investment Decisions
    nInvolve uncertainty
    nFocus on expected returns
        - Estimates of future returns needed to consider
          and manage risk
    nGoal is to reduce risk without affecting
        - Accomplished by building a portfolio
        - Diversification is key

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           Dealing With Uncertainty
    nRisk that an expected return will not be
    nInvestors must think about return
     distributions, not just a single return
    nProbabilities weight outcomes
        - Should be assigned to each possible outcome to
          create a distribution
        - Can be discrete or continuous

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        Calculating Expected Return
n Expected value
   - The single most likely outcome from a particular
     probability distribution
   - The weighted average of all possible return outcomes
   - Referred to as an ex ante or expected return

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   Example: Given the following probability distribution,
      calculate the expected return of security XYZ.
  n Security XYZ's     Potential return      Probability
                              20%                   0.3
                              30%                   0.2
                              -40%                  0.1
                              50%                   0.1
                              10%                   0.3
  E(R) = Ripri = (20)(0.3) + (30)(0.2) + (- 40)(0.1) +
  (50)(0.1) + (10)(0.3) = 22 percent

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                  Calculating Risk
    nVariance and standard deviation used to
     quantify and measure risk
        - Measures the spread in the probability
        - Variance of returns: σ² = (Ri - E(R))²pri
        - Standard deviation of returns:
                              σ =(σ²)1/2
        - Ex ante rather than ex post σ relevant

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           Portfolio Expected Return
    nWeighted average of the individual security
     expected returns
        - Each portfolio asset has a weight, w, which
          represents the percent of the total portfolio

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                      Portfolio Risk
n Portfolio risk not simply the sum of individual security risks
n Emphasis on the risk of the entire portfolio and not on risk of
  individual securities in the portfolio
n Measured by the variance or standard deviation of the portfolio’s
   - Portfolio risk is not a weighted average of the risk of the
      individual securities in the portfolio

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         Risk Reduction in Portfolios
 nRandom diversification
     - Diversifying without looking at relevant investment
     - Marginal risk reduction gets smaller and smaller as
       more securities are added
 nCorrelation drives the diversification benefits
 nA large number of securities is not required for
  significant risk reduction
 nInternational diversification benefits
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        Portfolio Risk and Diversification
 sp %
   35                   Portfolio risk

                   Market Risk
              10   20      30         40   ......   100+
            Number of securities in portfolio
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               The benefits of diversification
   n Come from the correlation between asset returns

   n The smaller the correlation, the greater the risk reduction
     potential  greater the benefit of diversification

   n If r = +1.0, no risk reduction is possible

   § Adding extra securities with lower corr/cov with the existing
     ones decreases the total risk of the portfolio

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          Markowitz Diversification
    nNon-random diversification
        - Active measurement and management of
          portfolio risk
        - Investigate relationships between portfolio
          securities before making a decision to invest
        - Takes advantage of expected return and risk for
          individual securities and how security returns
          move together

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           Measuring Portfolio Risk
    nNeeded to calculate risk of a portfolio:
        - Weighted individual security risks
           uCalculated by a weighted variance using the
            proportion of funds in each security
           uFor security i: (wi × i)2
        - Weighted comovements between returns
           uReturn covariances are weighted using the
            proportion of funds in each security
           uFor securities i, j: 2wiwj × ij

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                  Portfolio Risk and Return
  n Expected Portfolio Return

  n Standard Deviation of Portfolio Returns

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           Calculating Portfolio Risk
    nEncompasses three factors
        - Variance (risk) of each security
        - Covariance between each pair of securities
        - Portfolio weights for each security
    nGoal: select weights to determine the
     minimum variance combination for a given
     level of expected return

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            Example: NOT on the EXAM



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                   Learning objectives
 Know the concept of uncertainty
 Know how to calculate expected return (probabilities)
 Know how to calculate portfolio expected return (weights)
 Concept of risk, portfolio risk
 Firm and market specific risks; correlation; diversification
 Know the concepts of correlation and diversification
 NOT on the EXAM:
        - covariance section p. 176-177
        -calculations with standard deviations p. 178- 183

 End of chapter 7.1 to 7.5; 7.23; 7.26; problems 7.1, 7-2


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