development cycle by SergioF


									The team assessment and development cycle

The diagram below demonstrates the stages of team assessment and development as well as the skills needed to
assess and develop your team. The TCA provides you with some of the answers to the questions ―Where are we
now?‖ and ―How effective are we?‖ (the current team performance) and to some extent ―Where are we going?‖
and ―What is expected of us?‖ (the importance). This workbook is intended to give some guidance on ―How will I
get there?‖.

The Team Characteristics Assessment (TCA) questionnaire

The TCA questionnaire is a diagnostic tool which is designed to help teams identify their strengths and areas for
improvement. The 14 team characteristics measured by the questionnaire have been adapted to suit the United
Nations environment.

The TCA report does not analyze the questionnaire results nor recommend actions to be taken to enhance team
performance. It is up to the individual teams to decide which characteristics to develop.

First of all you will need to study the TCA report in some detail. Which areas have you identified as areas of
strength for this team, and which areas need more work and development? Also look at the biggest gaps between
what the team thinks is important and the actual performance of the team.

Having used the TCA to identify those characteristic that require attention, this workbook can then help you by
providing a set of different activities which the team can use to reflect on and practise new skills in each area of
competence identified by the TCA.

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